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  1. For Immediate Release October 16, 2017 REDSKINS MAKE ROSTER MOVES LOUDOUN COUNTY, Va. – The Washington Redskins announced today that they have made the following roster moves: The Redskins signed the following player to their practice squad: OL Andreas Knappe The Redskins released the following player from their practice squad: OL Jerry Ugokwe
  2. TO FANS OF OPPOSING TEAMS This is a website owned by the Washington Redskins, maintained by Redskins fans, and primarily devoted to Washington Redskins football. While we enjoy visitors, we did not leave the door open hoping to have people drop by intent on changing our way of thinking. We are quite happy (some might argue "miserable" at times) being Redskins fans. We continue to believe that each Sunday marks a new beginning and that eventually we will return to our days of greatness. You, of course, can laugh at that notion, but if you do it here, it probably won't be taken too kindly. If you're a fan of a rival team, please don't make the mistake of thinking this is an always-friendly environment. When you are here, your screen is burgundy and gold for a reason. We’re ExtremeSkins. Nothing about this site should suggest to you that we are interested in being all things to all football fans. We have many knowledgeable fans here who know quite a bit about Washington Redskins football in particular and the NFL in general. We allow a certain amount of Redskins machismo here, because that is part of the Redskins experience. So be advised you will likely encounter critical and disparaging statements related to your chosen football team from time to time. As with all issues, moderators will determine what is or isn't allowable independent of anyone's team affiliation. We welcome well-behaved rival fans and enjoy other perspectives in the form of solid football discussion, along with the typical banter expected in such venues as long as it is within our Forum Rules. Do enjoy your time here, but don't let your activities interfere with our ability to enjoy your time here.
  4. If you love Tailgate, don't lose your privilege

    Nah. Since we're a FOOTBALL board, we're gonna put the Tailgate crazies in the Stadium. Should be fun.
  5. If you love Tailgate, don't lose your privilege

    Child's play, really....
  6. Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: Who Is For Real?

    Well that certainly didn't take long. Go figure.
  7. Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: Who Is For Real?

    There’s a good chance that you won’t make it long enough to come back. Especially if you & bird brained little green buddies continue to break the Rules here. You’ve got 2 days to study up on them until you’re use back. For how long? Well that’s up to you.
  8. Hello - Eagles fan here

    Well Burger King, you might wanna go take a look at the Rules here. And from you’ve demonstrated so far, you may also want to find a literate adult that will read them to you. Otherwise you’re going to end being sent back to your nest real quick.
  9. If you love Tailgate, don't lose your privilege

    Look at the flowers.
  10. Time to be responsible

    THIS. My god so much THIS. I finally cut the cable cord a few months ago. I watch the Skins on an over the air HD antenna. added an Apple TV (I've recently gone all Mac) though Roku's & firesticks are cheaper. I actually have a $30 Roku in the bedroom so... Anyways I went with Sling TV's Blue package -$25 Hulu -$10 That's $35 a month versus the $165 a month I was paying for cable without internet charges. I rotate other streaming channels/apps. HBO-$15 when the one show there I watch os over, I'll cancell it. Just like I did with STARZ when Power was over. Still with a base of $35-50 a month is still WAY better then nearly $200 a month.
  11. Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: Who Is For Real?

    Well let's see...Last time I was at a night game at the Linc we clinched the East & they turned the lights out mid presser on Chip Kelley. Time before that was a Monday Night game in '07 & the philly fans egged Joe Gibbs' bus on the way into the stadium. Joe responded by beating them 20-12 in front of a nationally televised audience. Guess who's field I'll be standing on again this Monday Night?
  12. The

  13. October 16, 2017 Head Coach Jay Gruden On injuries: “Jonathan Allen has a Lisfranc sprain. He’s seeing Dr. Anderson for the review. It could take some time. [Dustin] Hopkins has a right hip rotator muscle strain – he’ll be week-to-week. We’ll probably work out some kickers tomorrow. [Stefan] McClure has a knee hyperextension – he’ll be week-to-week. [Bashaud] Breeland has a knee sprain – hopefully we’ll get him up this week. [Montae] Nicholson has shoulder aggravation. Other bumps and bruises we’ll update later in the week.” On how long DL Jonathan Allen will be out: “If I would guess right now, it would probably be three to four weeks probably. Hopefully.” On the impact of Allen’s absence: “It’s an impact. He’s been playing well. We have a good group of defensive lineman. We had a good, strong rotation going. Now we’ve just got to get Anthony Lanier as part of that.” On when K Dustin Hopkins’ injured his hip: “He was dealing with a little bit of a… I don’t know. I don’t know what it is. I just found out about it this morning and he’s pretty sore so he got an MRI and we’ll have to see how it is later in the week. We’ll have to work out some other kickers just in case.” On if Hopkins could miss this week: “Yeah, it’s a possibility. If it’s his right hip rotator muscle strain, then I’d imagine it’s pretty significant for a kicker.” On if CB Bashaud Breeland’s injury is severe enough to keep him out of Monday’s game: “Yeah, I don’t know. I think Breeland’s always been a fast healer. He’s like Gumby. I mean, he took a pretty big shot on that play and I thought he was going to be out for a little bit of time but he recovers quickly. We’ll see.” On his confidence level in the young defensive backs against QB Carson Wentz if Breeland can’t play: “Well, it’ll be a great challenge because he’s playing extremely well. They’re 5-1 for a reason and he’s a major part of that. He’s got a great rapport with the receivers right now. They’re playing at a high level, so our guys will have to step up. That’s just the way it is. There’s a lot of teams around the National Football League this time of the year that are dealing with key injuries at certain positions and we just had a couple of them at the corner spot. So Fabian [Moreau], [Quinton] Dunbar – they’ll have to step up and play well – [Joshua] Holsey, [Kendall] Fuller.” On trying to finish teams after strong starts: “Yeah, we started fast, which was good. It was a big emphasis coming off the bye to start fast and we did that. We had a little lull there – we had a third-down-and-one that we didn’t make and convert on. A couple third downs offensively that looking at the film we had opportunities to make some plays and we didn’t. And then defensively, at the end of the half, the fourth-down-and-two penalty was critical. Gave them a touchdown and then the fumble. I don’t know if it has a lot to do with play calling or what, but we’ve just got to execute a little bit better and perform a little bit better when we have the lead.” On why the pass rush wasn’t as strong as he’d hoped Sunday: “I don’t know, I just… We had the young quarterback in the game. [C.J.] Beathard is starting or playing for his first significant time in the National Football League and I was hoping we’d get a little bit more pressure on him, make it harder on him but he made some good plays. We had some people around him from time to time, but I still think we can get more. Junior [Galette], Preston [Smith], Ryan [Kerrigan] – those guys are very good pass rushers and they did get around them at certain times of the game, but from a consistent pass rush standpoint, it probably wasn’t up to par for any of those guys but they did OK.” On the hit Breeland took: “It was out in space and the lineman just caught Breeland off guard a little bit. His leg was planted in the ground. I didn’t think it was an illegal play, no.” On areas in which DL Anthony Lanier II has made progress: “He has gotten progress in the weight room, that’s for sure. He is a lot stronger and that’s a good thing. [He’s] a small college guy and he came in and got some experience last year and then hopefully parlays that on to a good strong preseason and training camp. We will see how it translates on game day. He will be a part of the rotation, not just on third down. He might have to play some early downs. He is a guy that hopefully is getting better not just at rushing the passer, but playing the run.” On things Allen was doing that were above his expectations: “I think just playing the position like a veteran, really. He is a young player, but he plays it like a veteran. He has got great fundamentals. He’s got a great idea of run/pass, how to get off blocks. He has got strong hands and he was getting a pretty consistent pass rush push. He doesn’t have a lot of sacks obviously, but he was getting push in the pocket which was critical for the interior guys so the edge guys can get home. Just all around, he has played well.” On the run game: “We put some of our guys in tough situations. Our tight ends were trying to block some of these big defensive ends and hold up for a long time and it didn’t work out quite as well. We had our receivers try to crack down a couple times on the defensive ends and it didn’t work out a couple times. But the linemen played pretty well. Not to say the tight ends and receivers didn’t play well; they just were put in some tough situations against some very big men. But overall I think there are some things that we can clean up and get our running game back to where we need it.” On if he has noticed offenses attacking S Montae Nicholson differently: “No, not really.” On if he is looking to actively expand WR Josh Doctson’s role: “Yeah, we are going to actively expand it, without a doubt. He didn’t get as many reps as I would like at the end of the day when you look at the numbers, but it’s our job. We have got to get him in there more and expand it.” On the decision-making process for determining Doctson’s role: “Yeah, we have personnel groups where he is definitely in for sure, and other ones he needs to sub in and out of. So we just have got to do a better job of the personnel groups that he is not a starter in to get him in.” On if the team lacks intensity when it has a big lead: “No, I mean obviously you want to close them out and put your foot on their throat, but it doesn’t always work out. They have 46 guys on their team that are trying not to allow that to happen. They just made some plays. We made some unfortunate penalties and turnovers. The turnover was huge. You’ve got the ball at the 44-yard line, second-and-three, instead they’ve got the ball on your two-yard line. It’s a huge difference. We just have to do a better job of protecting the football in those situations and when we do have a turnover – sudden change like that – do a better job of trying to hold them. And we have to do a better job on defense of getting more turnovers. We had the one at the end of the game, which was huge, but we are not forcing any turnovers, sudden changes, in our favor.” On the improvement by DL Matt Ioannidis and LB Preston Smith this year: “Well, Matt is getting playing time. He didn’t play a lot last year. He was playing basically in base and he is playing a different position. Now he is playing defensive end. He is playing some three-technique in nickel, getting some opportunities to rush where he didn’t get that last year. He mainly was a base player playing the run. Now he is actually in sub packages rushing the passer. So he is getting more opportunities. Preston, I think the good thing about Preston is I think you’re seeing him more fresh this year. I think with the rotation we have at outside backer with Ryan Anderson, he, [Ryan] Kerrigan and Junior Galette, I think they’re all getting their rest and they’re getting their reps and they are being effective.” On the importance of this week’s game against the Eagles: “Obviously anytime you play a division team it is significant, especially when they’re ahead of you in the standings and they already beat you. So it is a big game for us, without a doubt. We have to do a much better job than we did the last time we played them handling their pressure. It wasn’t just blitzes. It was four-man pressures with [Brandon] Graham and those other guys. They have Fletcher Cox. They have a very good pass rush, very strong defense. They are well-coached on defense. From an offensive perspective, we have to do a better job handling the pressure, and then defensively, we have to figure out a way to contain [Carson] Wentz. He killed us with the off-schedule plays and he has been doing that consistently throughout the year. That is why they are 5-1. It’s a big game for us. We know that. A division game on the road, Monday Night Football. We are a game-and-a-half behind them so it’s important for us to try to get this one somehow to get back in the race.” On RB Samaje Perine and his usage on the final drive: “He had some good catches, which I was happy about. He had the big catch on the third down touchdown play and he had a nice screen pass that he popped out of there. I think there are still some runs – the more he sees, the better he is going to get. The more opportunities he gets, the better he is going to get. He is not a finished product by any stretch. He is a rookie. He is feeling himself through it, but I am just looking for more decisive cuts by him and more physical runs. That’s just what we expect from Samaje and I know he expects that himself. The last three plays, the first play I don’t know if he missed the cut or not. He probably could’ve kept that inside. The second play he had a nice run getting it to third-down-and-five. Then the last run wasn’t much of a chance. They blew it up.” On trusting Perine in that situation: “We knew we were going to smash them between the tackles pretty much and that is more Samaje’s style.” On CB Josh Norman: “Josh Norman will increase his exercise and running and be reevaluated mid-week.” On the ideal number of carries for RB Chris Thompson: “Ideal? I don’t know – eight, probably? Seven or eight, and then get about seven or eight catches, would be nice. I would like to get him about 15 touches somehow, 10-15.” On if he worries about wearing Thompson out: “You do from time to time, but I think we gauge him on the sideline, too. Randy [Jordan] does a nice job of seeing how they are physically, talking to them, making sure they’re OK. Chris was handling the workload very well so we kept going to him.” On what Cousins spreading the ball around indicates: “I think it’s an indication of people doing their jobs, number one. I think any time we have a route combination, I think he trusts everybody involved in the pattern and he’s seeing things pretty clearly, getting to his right reads and right progressions. There was a couple errant throws he had but for the most part, I think he was making good, sound decisions and getting them to the people and the players were making good plays for him after the catch for the most part. It’s all about reading the defenses, going through your progressions and the line giving him time and then trusting the guys to make the plays for you.” On if the team could activate S DeAngelo Hall’s practice window soon: “Yeah, that’s a possibility. We’re talking about that here today with our strength coach and our trainer. We’ll decide on that either this week or next week. Could be a possibility.” On the determining factor on the decision to have Hall potentially start practice: “We want to make sure when he starts practice, he’s ready to start practice. We don’t want to have him start out practice at 80 percent. When he starts practice, we want him to be at 100 percent because we want him to get the reps. You can get guys 21 days to get himself in football shape. We want to make sure he’s in football shape before we start the 21-day clock and make sure he’s 100 percent, which I think he’s pretty darn close. So I think it could start Wednesday, actually, could be next week. We’ll see.” On if Doctson has expanded his role beyond just the Z receiver position: “We still have to realize he’s in his second year and last year he didn’t practice a lot. Before we start throwing more on his plate, we’ve got to make sure he can handle the little bit that’s on his plate already, which I know he can. I know he can play some X and Z now. Now it’s a matter of getting him out there at practice, making sure he can handle the workload and the mental load of it. We will definitely put him out there at X at some point here soon.” On RB Rob Kelley: “He is to practice this week – ankle.” On S Deshazor Everett and T Ty Nsekhe: “Everett is to practice this week – hamstring – and Nsekhe is week-to-week. He’s getting close.” On if he thinks T Trent Williams would have played yesterday if Nsekhe had been available: “That’s a good question. I think he probably would have. He played extremely well. And I know he didn’t feel like himself, but I’ll tell you what, he was impressive. He played really well. We’re glad he played.” On if there’s any chance Norman is available this week against Philadelphia: “I think there’s a chance, but we’ll see. I think that’s up to the doctors and Josh, see how he’s feeling. We don’t want this thing to get re-injured obviously, but if he can go, I’m sure Josh will go.” On if the team will practice Wednesday: “We’re going to probably walkthrough Wednesday just because of all of the injuries that we have. We have some other ones that aren’t on here that we have to monitor. I don’t think we’ll have enough guys to practice on Wednesday anyway, so we’ll give them an extra day here to rest, recover and go Thursday, Friday, Saturday, leave Sunday.”
  14. REDSKINS HEAD COACH JAY GRUDEN On injuries: “Jonathan Allen has a foot sprain. We’re getting an MRI on it tomorrow. [Bashaud] Breeland has a knee/MCL issue. We’ll get an MRI tomorrow. Could be a sprain, could be whatever. We’ll get an MRI on it tomorrow. [Montae] Nicholson has a shoulder [injury]. [Stefan] McClure has a knee sprain and [Fabian] Moreau has hamstring tightness at the end of the game. That’s it.” On if he thought the team let up mid-second quarter: “I don’t think so. I think we got up 17-0, they scored at the end of the half, put a nice drive together and then they got the ball coming out in the third quarter. Got to 17-10 and then we had the big turnover and let them back in it and next thing you know, it’s 17-17. I knew after that it was going to be a dogfight. I mentioned before they have a lot of good players. I think it’s their fifth game in a row they’ve lost by three or less points, so hats off to them. They’re well coached and played hard, but fortunately we came out with the victory.” On how he thinks QB Kirk Cousins played: “I thought he played efficient. He had the one pick on third-and-long. It was bad play design by us, but it was like a punt so it didn’t hurt us at all. Other than that, I think he threw for over 300 yards, had a touchdown run and a huge scramble for us again so I think he’s doing well.” On the call on TE Vernon Davis’ fumble: “I thought the wrist was down, but they had the luxury of the replay and talking to New York and everybody else who had an opinion on the play. Since it was called a fumble, I imagine that’s why they called it a fumble. I’m sure that’s the rule we’ll get.” On the performance of the younger defensive backs: “I think they all stepped up. You’re talking about not a lot of experience back there. With Montae [Nicholson] playing safety, Fabian [Moreau], and you saw [Joshua] Holsey back there and Kendall [Fuller]. Obviously, [Quinton] Dunbar had a big day today. Very impressed with all of them. There was a coverage mix-up there that gave them a touchdown to get it back to a one or two-point game, but overall, I liked the way they competed, covered and played.” On WR Josh Doctson: “Josh, I think he had a big play early in the game for a touchdown. He’s still coming on, but we’re going to spread the ball so much that it’s going to be hard for us to sit in here and say that he did great or he did better. I think at the end of the day, most of those guys, if they’re great competitors, are going to be disappointed in their stat production but I like the way that Kirk [Cousins] is spreading the ball out. Chris Thompson had some catches, Josh, Terrelle [Pryor Sr.] had some early, [Jamison] Crowder showed up a little bit more today. [Samaje] Perine had some catches. That’s what we’re all about on offense. Vernon [Davis] had a couple.” On what he saw from the team being able to make the plays to get the win: “I’m excited about it. You start to feel better about your team when you’re not as happy after a win as you normally should be, but you have to understand that this is a great competitive sport, the National Football League. Everybody has great players. You can see we’re starting to turn a corner a little bit when you’re not quite as ecstatic as you normally would be after a win. I think there are a lot of things we can correct, clean up obviously, but I’m impressed. Any time you get a victory on a Sunday afternoon at home, it’s special. I know we can play a lot better.” On what he noticed on defense in two-minute situations: “They made some plays. Carlos Hyde hit us on a couple runs. We had a couple penalties that were uncharacteristic. A personal foul to give a touchdown at the end of the half was third down and three I think or third and four the way the personal foul gave an automatic first down and a touchdown. When you talk about Pierre [Garçon] and [Marquise] Goodwin had some big catches and Aldrick [Robinson] I think showed up and made some big catches. Quarterback played extremely well. Probably didn’t get as much pressure on the quarterback as I’d like to see so we have to try to fix that. Overall, don’t know the exact reason so I’ll have to look at it.” On what he liked about the team’s response after the 49ers tied the game: “I did like that. We did respond and hats off to Kirk for making them all happen with some scrambles. Ryan Grant had some big third down conversions. Vernon had the big play down the seam again. A little bit of everybody, but it can’t happen without the offensive line’s protection. Trent Williams, I can’t say enough about him playing with the pain that he played in. Morgan [Moses] was beat up a little bit. Spencer [Long] of course. [Brandon] Scherff and those guys and [Shawn] Lauvao played extremely well. It enabled Kirk some time and spread the ball around and got the key points.” On how much thought he put into throwing on third down after recovering the onside kick: “Oh, man, a lot of thought. I wanted to throw so bad. But I thought the right play, based off your guys’ decisions would be to run the ball. Had I thrown it on one of those downs and not converted or had an incomplete pass, they would have had a chance to use their timeouts. They would have gotten the ball back with about 1:40 as opposed to a minute. We ran off some time, thought of a play-action or a boot or a keeper or something like that, but it crossed my mind, yes.” On committing to the run: “We knew it wasn’t going to be that easy to run the ball. They have a big, gigantic four-man front, and Eli Harold is an outside backer and they bring the safeties down inside the box a lot. It’s not easy running against them, but we did try to stick it out and get some different personal groups and try to help matters, and increase them with some runs and some pulls and some gaps. It just didn’t happen for us today, so next week will be another week. We’ll focus on it again and try to get better.” On if this was a potential letdown game coming off a bye and facing an 0-5 team: “I made that point right when we got there. I don’t think I really had to talk about a letdown in the National Football League when Pierre Garçon is coming back and Kyle Shanahan coming back and Logan Paulsen and all these guys, and they’re trying to get their first win. People know if you play long enough in football, whenever you put the pads on, it’s going to be a competitive day. And our guys responded, competed, let them back into the game, unfortunately, but you know, they’ve got good players too. We responded and got the victory. That’s all that matters.” On using the read option throughout the game: “I don’t love it, but I do like it. It gets the numbers back in your favor a little bit. You turn around, hand it to the back, you can pluck six guys, maybe seven guys, and you know the eighth guy is always right there free, and that allows you to block one less guy free and that allows you to block one less guy, you read him. Obviously, Kirk [Cousins] is not exactly the read-option quarterback that you would be looking for if you were looking for a read-option quarterback, but he’s very effective at it. You know, those are huge plays for us. We can zone block the front side and just read that backside defensive end. If he doesn’t come on the quarterback, we hand it off and if he does, we keep it for a nice big play. Kirk’s been pretty good, pretty effective really.” On deciding to increase RB Chris Thompson’s touches: “It was a little bit pre-determined, but you know, Chris was in a flow throughout the game early. We’re going to have that screen up early – getting ready to call that and we just kept him in the game. [It] was either going to be on a no-huddle or not, but we got to it and he made a big play and Chris is a guy that in some of these – when we have three receivers and one back, he is usually the back. So we were allowed that personnel group today and some other runs we had in two-tight end sets were very good for him. So, just happy that he was part of the game plan a little more than usual.” REDSKINS QB KIRK COUSINS On his performance: “I think we did a good job as an offense. I think we moved the football. There were a lot of good decisions, a lot of good plays made, a lot of third-down conversions in big moments, a lot of crucial drives where we had to churn the clock and come away with points. So, I was proud of the way our offense played today. It wasn’t perfect, there were a couple mistakes, but all in all we did a lot of good things.” On his comfort with the read-option and what he likes about the play: “It’s always been there because you know – I would credit going back to my rookie year with Robert [Griffin III] here, we did it a lot. It’s always going to be a part of our offense because it does give defenses something to think about. Kyle [Shanahan] told me when he left, he said ‘I’ve learned after working with Robert that this is a really valuable play no matter who the quarterback is and I’ll always carry it with me.’ So, when Jay [Gruden] arrived, we kept it and valued it, and as I started playing, it can still be a great play. You just have to pick your spots, be smart with it, call it at the right times, and read it correctly, and then usually you can get some yards.” On importance of next week’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles: “It’s a great opportunity. It’ll be a very charged atmosphere. It’ll be a tough environment, very good football team. I think that’s why you play in the NFL – for games like this coming up, to play against a really good team at their place and have a chance to put yourself in the hunt for the division and the NFC. You know, we have to measure ourselves against really good football teams and the Eagles certainly are one. So, we’ll look forward to that challenge.” On not sliding on his long run: “No, I wasn’t just trying to be a hero, I just got caught. You know, I felt like Jimmie Ward broke down and I was like, ‘If I slide, he can still pop me’. So, I probably should’ve slid feet first or head first and just gotten down. Not only that but he was able to put his helmet on the football which can always cause a fumble. So, we’ll go back and make the point that, ‘Hey, get down there, slide.’ Trent Williams reminded me I need to slide. It was kind of funny because Trent said, ‘Hey man, you have to get down and protect yourself. That’s a valuable arm, don’t get that hit.’ And Spencer [Long] and Brandon Scherff go, ‘We kind of liked it.’ So, they said that but they understood. I do need to slide, absolutely.” On WR Josh Doctson’s role and his recent performances: “He’s done a great job and he’s going to continue to get better. We’ve only scratched the surface with what Josh is going to be able to do for us. You know, I don’t handle the substitutions or personnel or who goes in when. I just execute the plays that are called with whoever is in there. But, Josh is doing a really good job and he’s going to continue to get better and show up more and more for us in this offense.” On WR Ryan Grant’s development: “Well, he’s come to the forefront because we need him to. You know, we need a guy like him to step up and he has. There are times when I can keep watching the film and I’ll go back and feel like he could’ve caught two or three more passes but I didn’t do a good job of getting him the football. So, I was glad today that on a third down over the middle and on a third down in the high red zone that we did get him the football because he proved us right. That pass interference at the end was also big. So, we have to continue to get him opportunities. He has all the tools, and now in his fourth year there’s a lot of confidence and experience there, so he’s going to keep getting better as well.” On T Trent Williams’ injury status: “I wasn’t really sure until warm-ups and even then, I felt like if it’s fragile enough, he could be out quickly if he wasn’t feeling good, so you never really know. So you prepare for the worst and hope for the best and Trent did a great job playing through his injury. I’m a little spoiled having him as a left tackle and when he’s in there it makes a big difference.” On if he thought about 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan giving his team information on Cousins’ style of play: “I didn’t but I was aware of that possibility. This offense has evolved and a lot of nuances have changed through the years where I think it would be harder for him to know a lot of our X’s and O’s or how we do things or how I’m coached after this many years have passed. He certainly knows what quarterbacks need to do and not do and I’m sure he got them prepared as well as they could, but ultimately they just have to go and play. We felt that against the Rams as well but ultimately you just have to go and play and execute. Kyle knows me well and I guess he wouldn’t believe in me too much if he thought he could just tell them something and then I was no longer effective.” On his rhythm with Terrelle Pryor Sr. as compared to Grant: “This is why we say attention to detail and fundamentals and all that. I mean, the ball just landed a yard or two out of bounds. If the ball was kept inbounds, I think Terrelle did have a step on the DB and maybe catches the touchdown there and we’re talking about how he had an amazing game and did a lot of great things. The margin of error is so small. I told him on the sideline as the defense was on the field in the last 30 seconds that if we could have left that ball inbounds, we could have probably scored there and how he did a good job and how those are the things that the people don’t see. The ball just fell a yard or two out-of-bounds and it changes the stat-line or the perception of how Terrelle is playing and how much he’s fed the football. He’s doing good things for us and that play is good example of it.” On Head Coach Jay Gruden’s feelings after the win: “I think what he’s pointing to is holding ourselves to a high standard and expecting great performances week in and week out. It is a good thing that we have high expectations, but I feel pretty good. I think we did a good job and I did believe that that 49ers team was 11 points away from being 4-1 and arguably could be 5-1. They’re a really good football team and they just haven’t found a way to win a game but they’re an NFL football team. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy and [I’m] just proud of the way that we found a way to win.” REDSKINS RB CHRIS THOMPSON On the offensive performance: “I thought, as an offense, we started off fast, which is something that has been a point of emphasis for us –was to get started fast. The 49ers have a good defense. We had to kind of set the tone in that first drive. We were able to do so and then second half, we just got to play better. We just got to execute better, not put our defense in a situation like that in the end. Then we start having a few three-and-outs. It’s putting the defense in a bad situation. We’ve just got to look at film and continue to get better.” On gaining yards after catch: “They are all blocking their guys great and I’ve been given some one-on-one opportunities and just winning those matchups. That’s pretty much the key to it. I had three screen plays today, my first three catches. And my O-line did a great job downfield, Jordan Reed, the receivers, all those guys did just a great job blocking for me. It’s on me to make plays and be a playmaker, be a difference maker on this team.” On takeaways looking toward next week: “We won the game today. Just kind of keeping that momentum going, looking back at film, looking where we went wrong, looking at what we did well. We’ve got the Eagles coming up. It’s going to be a dogfight. For us, we’ve really got to be on it, have to have some good practices this week. Some of the guys that we have injured, hopefully they can come back and help us out.” REDSKINS DL MATT IOANNIDIS On the injuries that the defense had: “Yeah, some injuries happened and things got a little chaotic, but we had the right 11 out there at the time and we got a win.” On his performance today and how he was able to get to the quarterback: “I think the defense played lights out today. Every game is never going to be perfect, but I am really proud of the way the whole defense played, from the secondary down to the D-line.” On the last drive: “It was good to get a two-minute stop to win the game and I think it helps solidify an identity for our defense. I am really proud of defense for going out and doing just that.” REDSKINS C SPENCER LONG On QB Kirk Cousins: “Ever since I was a rookie when I came here, Kirk has really been helping. He comes down here and really cares about this team, cares about winning, cares about his performance. He just keeps getting better and better and he’s a hell of a leader out there.” On his relationship with Cousins: “I think Kirk is hilarious. Just a smart, witty guy, knows a lot of movie quotes and stuff like that. I don’t know. Also genuinely a really good guy. But when you see him under the lights, out on game day, you see a sort of intensity and focus in his eye, and he has leadership qualities that are rare. He shows them every Sunday.” On Cousins’ performance: “I see a guy that’s intensely focused in his game. And he wants to improve. That’s a quality that we should all seek to have.” REDSKINS CB QUINTON DUNBAR On the play of the defensive backs down the stretch: “Yeah, I commend those guys. We practiced throughout the week so I feel like there isn’t a drop off with Fabe [CB Fabian Moreau], Hols [CB Joshua Holsey] or when anybody comes in; we expect no drop off, man. That’s the standard we hold.” On the last drive and the intensity of the game: “I don’t blink, man. Like I was saying during the week, football is pleasure for me and what I have been through growing up. It’s fun and I just love to play. That’s all.” On how the defense has thrived through injuries: “No drop offs. We prepare – everybody prepares like starters. Coach [Torrian] Gray helped us during the week to prepare everybody like starters. So when you get in, you are expected to play like a starter.” REDSKINS CB KENDALL FULLER On the play of the defensive backs: “I think it’s just always the way we’ve worked since training camp and since OTAs. We are as strong as our weakest link and we always talk about not having the drop offs. Anybody who is in there, we trust to make plays.” On the injuries of the defensive backs and the game coming down to the last drive: “We know the depth that we have in this secondary. Everybody can come out there, everybody can make plays and everybody is smart. That’s just how we have to do it as a group.” On what they were told as a defense with the game tied 17-17: “We just have to keep on fighting. I think they played four or five games where it came down to the end with three points or less. So we knew it was going to be a dogfight and we just had to go play by play and keep on competing.” REDSKINS RB SAMAJE PERINE On his touchdown: “It felt good. Didn’t really feel real. I felt really well, I was just really excited to get out there and help the team.” On his game ball: “Probably going to give it to my mom. I give her all of my football stuff. I give it to her, she collects it.” On the team’s mindset during the game: “We knew they were a great team. We knew they were never going to quit and we just had to come out there and string some plays together. And we did that and we came out on top. We knew they weren’t just going to lay down just because we came out fast. We knew they were going to stay in it and they were going to stay fighting. We just had to match their intensity and hope to come out on top and we did that.” On what he learned about the team: “Everything that I already knew. We faced adversity fairly well and of course there’s some things that we’ve got to work on – penalties and such. But we came out and they did exactly what we thought they were going to do. We stayed together, kept our heads down, and kept fighting.” 49ERS HEAD COACH KYLE SHANAHAN On the offensive pass interference : “I saw a slant route on a flat route and the guy guarding the flat route run into a guy.” On if the pass interference can be a pick play if the player is the intended receiver: “No, absolutely not. It’s a slant on a flat route.” On if QB C.J. Beathard showed enough to take the starting job from QB Brian Hoyer: “Yes, he did.” On what made him feel like this is the right time to replace Hoyer: “Just watching it, especially early. I don’t think we helped Brian. I thought there were a lot of drops early. C.J.’s had a good week of practice. He’s put two good weeks together. I had a feeling going in that if it went like that, I had to make the move to give us a chance to win.” On QB C.J. Beathard’s performance: “I thought he came in and competed. By no means were things perfect but the game is not too big for the guy and he comes in and doesn’t hesitate. He’s extremely tough. [He] came in there and gave us a little bit of spark – gave us a few off-schedule plays which was nice, and the main thing is we’ll watch the film. It wasn’t perfect but when you’ve got a tough guy who makes it in there, I think he’ll learn from that.” On if he told Beathard that he would play: “I haven’t told him. I mean, I tell him each week to be ready and to prepare that way. That’s how you have to think as a backup. You’re only one play away from an injury, so I try to keep the same temperament and mentality with those guys.” On the team’s response to putting Beathard in the game: “It’s hard to say. I mean, obviously we started playing better and we made a couple plays, but did the guys try harder? Did they get a spark? I don’t think that’s necessarily the case. But you get a few explosives and it takes a little bit of pressure off of people and kind of gives them more confidence as it goes.” On what he’d like to see from Beathard moving forward: “I’d like to see him get better – to go look at this film hard. Anytime you get those valuable reps, especially a rookie, you’re going to have some good plays and you’re going to have some bad plays. It’s how you respond to those that makes you a quarterback and gives you a career. So really he should be looking at himself hard and figure out how he felt during the time, how it looks on tape and how he can make those adjustments going into next week.” On finding the balance between playing veterans and young players: “I think each situation is different. I think everyone puts too much into trying to win. You’re trying to build with younger guys. I don’t totally look at it that way. I think you do everything you can to give yourself the best chance to win now without sacrificing the future. I take it all into account. There’s not just an easy answer that veterans give you the best chance to win, but you’re not recruiting the younger guys. Guys compete. They compete every day in practice. They compete on the field and you try to do what’s best for your team that gives you a chance to win every week.” On the 49ers losing the last five games by close margins: “It’s challenging, but it’s better than not being close. So I think our guys – they’re doing some good things. I was real proud of how the guys competed, especially the start we got off to and to sit there and make it that close at the end. But I think we need to do it right and when we get in a lot of those close games, you can only worry about things you can control and you can’t control all of that. What you can control is catching the ball, making those plays earlier in the game and trying to avoid some of those situations where you come in late where sometimes it’s in other people’s hands. I was proud of how they fought, but again, we’ve got to keep getting better.” On DB Jimmie Ward: “From what I saw, and again I’m not seeing it all, but from what I saw Jimmie is a guy that flies around and hits people. I love the way he plays. He’s fun to watch. If I was a fan, he’s the type of guy I’d love to watch and I loved coaching him all summer.” On possibly trying a 58-yard field goal late in the game: “Yeah, we would have tried it. We definitely would have tried it. But I think we had another down too, so I think if we didn’t get that penalty, I felt pretty confident that we would have had a blitz man coverage. I think there was a great chance we would have gotten the next one. If it was just an incompletion, I was pretty confident we were going to get it on the next play.” On the play of Redskins QB Kirk Cousins today: “I didn’t really watch much of Kirk.” On if the rotation between CB Ahkello Witherspoon and CB Rashard Robinson was the plan coming into the game today: “Yes. We had the same plan last week also. Ahkello just went down early in the game.” On if he can confirm reports of trade rumors involving RB Carlos Hyde: “No. That’s absolutely, absolutely 100 percent false. There is nothing true about that.” On how the two-minute offense seems to give the offense a spark: “I’m not sure. Sometimes it depends on the coverages they are playing. I mean, guys made a couple of plays there. I don’t think it’s been like that every time. But today guys got into a little bit of rhythm – made a couple of explosives on the off-schedule plays. Today looked good for the guys.” 49ERS QB BRIAN HOYER On his reaction to being taken out of the game: “Obviously you’re disappointed. I’ve been through it before. I have the utmost respect for Kyle [Shanahan], and I just knew nothing I was going to say was going to change his mind. I just tried to go on and be a good teammate. tried to help C. J. [Beathard] as much as I could. I was happy for him. He played well.” On how he thought QB C.J. Beathard played during the game: “It’s never easy, especially when you’re not really expecting to go in. I thought he did a good job and obviously not getting some reps, there was some stuff like that. But for what he had to do, I thought he handled it really well.” On how to help Beathard moving forward: “I’ve been in this situation before and C.J. is a great kid, so I’ll be there every day trying to help him as much as I can. Also, the other thing is, you never know what’s going to happen – injuries and things like that. Obviously you never wish that upon people but that’s what happened to me in Houston and I was right back in a few weeks later, so you’ve always got to stay ready and just be ready to do your job. Being a competitor, you always want to finish what you started, but I’ve got to come in every day and be professional and do the best I can.” On the penalties and drops on the first four drives: “When you’re 0-5 and start off really poorly, I can understand what Kyle did. He tried to change some things up. I thought C.J. came in and gave those guys some life a little bit. But it is what it is. It’s part of the job and unfortunately, when you don’t play as well as you liked, and your offense doesn’t play as well as you liked, he’s forced to make that decision. I have the utmost respect for Kyle and I knew he was firm on his decision and I just went about trying to support C.J. as best I could.” On helping Beathard even though he is competitive: “I was excited for our guys. They rallied and came back in, similar to the way it was last week. Those are my teammates. Those are my guys. Those are my brothers. So for me personally, it stings, and you’re disappointed but it’s not just about yourself. I think that’s the biggest thing for me. I’ve learned over the nine years, just come in and do your job the best you can and if they take it away from you, stay ready and try to help the next guy up.” On losing by small margins the last few weeks: “When you lose close games, it’s harder than being blown out because you had a chance. So five weeks in a row, it’s tough.” On the change of the team from preseason to regular season: “What I had anticipated just didn’t come to fruition and sometimes, it’s just the collective work of everybody just not being on the same page. We talk about executing one play here, one play there, but one guy is off. It didn’t work out the way I thought it was going to, but it’s still a long season. There’s 10 games left, so you never know what’s going to happen. You’ve just got to keep building and I’ll do my job every day when I come into work.” 49ERS QB C.J. BEATHARD On who told him he was going in the game: “The quarterbacks coach told me.” On if he was nervous: “Yeah, a little bit. But when you play, two plays in, they kind of go away.” On the last drive: “That’s something you dream about and unfortunately, we weren’t able to finish there but we had a lot of improvement and keep winning and keep getting better as the weeks go on.” On WR Pierre Garçon’s offensive pass interference: “Obviously, I mean, I don’t agree with it but that’s part of the game. You have to go in as an offense, as a defense, as a team. But you can be the judge of that one.” On if he has thought abou tbeing relied on the rest of the season for offense: “No, I’m just taking it a day at a time. [I’m] going to watch this tape and have stuff to learn from. It’s my first time playing in an NFL game and there’s a lot of stuff I can learn from.” On the legacy of his grandfather, former Redskins General Manager Bobby Beathard: “Yeah, I think it’s really cool. You look up and you see Grand Pop’s name right on the stadium and I think it’s really cool. I got so much from him and I try to be just like him and chase just like him.” On if there were any hints that this would happen: “No, I just know as a backup that you’ve got to be ready and always prepared. Nothing was different this week.” On how his teammates rallied around him: “Yeah, it’s awesome. I think this team showed a lot of fight and battled hard until the end but just couldn’t get the job done. We are going to come back and get back to work on Monday and Tuesday. We have another one this week so hopefully we get a win then.” On the offensive pass interference call: “I thought 100 percent it was defensive pass interference. From my point of view, it looked like it wasn’t a question and then after that we’d be in really good field goal range with the penalty. We needed four more yards and that would’ve given us more than enough for Robbie [Gould] to kick the game winner. But it went the other way and that’s how the game happens sometimes.” 49ERS RB CARLOS HYDE On the change at quarterback: “C.J. [Beathard] is a rookie and some of the other guys try to keep our poise to help him feel comfortable. It’s his first time out there. It’s our job to make sure he’s comfortable right now, not overthinking things and just playing his game.” On Beathard first coming into the game: “He was cool, calm and collected like he’d been out there before. [He] went out there, went through his reads and did what he’s supposed to do.” On the touchdown before halftime: “I feel like we had life at halftime to come back out. I felt like that first half was their best shot. That first half we didn’t play good ball, so I felt like into the second half that was our best shot. You know, turn it up this second half and go get this win.” On establishing himself in the game: “I mean, as a running back, we wish we can establish ourselves early in the game, not late in the game. With those three and outs, we hurt our defense too though because that means they’re playing a lot of football. We can keep our drive on and get some points on the board and give those guys some help so they aren’t playing a lot of football.” On changing the approach after turning to Beathard: “We still approach it the same. We’re still trying to get our first win. Whether we’ve got a veteran quarterback or a rookie quarterback, we’re trying to get our first win. C.J. gave us a chance today to get that win but we fell short again. But that was his first time out there. It was unexpected – him being out there – but I think next week, knowing that he’s going to be out there, it’ll be better for us.” On communicating with Beathard during the game: “I didn’t tell him anything. I didn’t want to be in his ear. I just let him play his game. He came into the game and made some plays for me.” On trade rumors: “I can’t control that. That’s out of my control. All I can do is go out here and help my team get a win.” On improved performance at the end of the game: “I think the sense of urgency got us more urgent getting to the ball, running our routes, quarterbacks, hitting guys on time. I think it’s that sense of urgency. If we’d had that sense of urgency throughout the game, then maybe it would’ve had a different outcome.” 49ERS WR PIERRE GARÇON On Head Coach Kyle Shanahan’s culture impact on the team: “He’s doing a good thing. He’s helping us and a lot of guys who are not familiar with the old offense, but they’re coming along and it takes time. But we’re moving along in the right direction. We’re throwing the ball. We’re running the ball. It’s a Kyle offense – it’s always going to get creative for whoever gets the opportunity.” On any frustration with losing the close games: “It is what it is. Close losses don’t make us feel any better. We’re moving in the right direction I guess, going from three points to two points.” On QB C.J. Beathard: “He did well. He came in and helped us out. We moved the ball down the field, checked some plays and scored touchdowns, which we needed. He just needs more experience.” 49ERS T JOE STALEY On QB C.J. Beathard: “I thought he did great. I thought he came in there and did a really good job. He threw the ball around. We were able to do a better job protecting him early on and we were able to push the pocket early on. He did well.” On if there was any need to motivate Beathard as he entered the game: “No. He just came in there and I told him, ‘Let loose man. You have nothing to lose. Do what you’ve been doing your whole career.’” 49ERS DB JIMMIE WARD On today’s performance: “I don’t really think about the positives. I always think about the negatives so I just feel like I’m getting better each game. I think I can have some better breaks by the post. I feel like I could have made a few more breakups but overall it was OK. I was supposed to score and I was supposed to come down with the interception.” On improving his run defense: “Just always make sure I wrap up when I tackle and keep my head up. I got fined already one time this year so just make clean tackles.” 49ERS S ERIC REID On the NFL owners’ meeting: “My hope is that the NFL will be progressive and utilize their platform to bring awareness to these issues for us so we don’t have to protest anymore. That would be the ultimate goal for me going into those meetings.” On moving past protests: “We just want progress to be made on these issues right now. But when Colin [Kaepernick] and I started protesting, it was to raise awareness. So the goal of the meetings would be to continue to raise awareness but just doing it through the NFL’s platform.” On his playing time: “Yeah, so the game plan was to ease me back into the game. They wanted to keep my reps down because I haven’t been conditioning for four weeks so it wouldn’t have been smart for me to be out there for an entire game when I have only practiced for one week. Kudos to the training staff and the coaches for taking care of my body.” REDSKINS-49ERS GAME NOTES The Washington Redskins defeated the San Francisco 49ers, 26-24, in front of an announced crowd of 75,568 people at FedExField on Sunday. With the victory, the Redskins improved to 3-2 this season, including a 2-1 record at home. Head Coach Jay Gruden won his 24th game with the Redskins to tie Jack Pardee and Mike Shanahan for sixth-most victories in franchise history. The Redskins gained 419 yards, their second 400-yard offensive effort of the season (472, vs. Oakland). Washington entered the day tied for the second-most 400-yard games in the NFL since 2015. Quarterback Kirk Cousins completed 25-of-37 passes for 330 yards with two touchdowns and one interception for a passer rating of 102.3. Cousins added to his team record for career 300-yard passing games (21, including 20 in regular season play). Cousins has now thrown multiple touchdown passes in three consecutive games for the first time since a four-game stretch in Weeks 8-12 of the 2016 season. Cousins finished a third consecutive game with a passer rating of 100.0 or better for the first time since Weeks 10-12 of the 2016 season. Cousins also rushed four times for 26 yards, including a seven-yard touchdown run late in the fourth quarter. With the 26 rushing yards, Cousins eclipsed 100 rushing yards on the season (103), giving the Redskins four players (Cousins, Chris Thompson, Samaje Perine and Rob Kelley) with at least 100 rushing yards in a season for the first time since 2011 (Roy Helu Jr., Evan Royster, Tim Hightower and Ryan Torain). On his touchdown run, Cousins tied Sonny Jurgensen (10) for the second-most career rushing touchdowns by a Redskins quarterback. The rushing touchdown was Cousins’ first of the season and his first since Week 16 of the 2016 season at Chicago. Cousins added a season-long 18-yard run in the third quarter. Cousins started his 37th consecutive regular season game for the Redskins, already the third-longest streak by a Redskins quarterback since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger behind Joe Theismann (60 from 1980-84) and Mark Rypien (41 from 1990-93). Cousins connected with wide receiver Josh Doctson for an 11-yard touchdown pass on the game’s first drive. The touchdown pass to Doctson was the 80th passing touchdown of Cousins’ career. The receiving touchdown was Doctson’s second of the season and second of his career. The touchdown pass from Cousins to Doctson was the culmination of an eight-play, 75-yard touchdown drive. The Redskins have now scored touchdowns on their first possession in three consecutive games for the first time since Weeks 13-15 of the 2004 season. In the second quarter, Cousins’ 18th pass attempt of the game was intercepted, snapping a streak of 107 consecutive pass attempts without an interception, dating back to Week 1. Cousins’ career-long interception-less streak is 187 attempts, set in Weeks 8-13 in 2016. Running back Chris Thompson recorded 105 receiving yards on four receptions. The 100-yard receiving game was Thompson’s second of the season, making him only the second Redskins running back with multiple 100-yard receiving games in a single season in records dating back to 1960 (Dick James, two in 1962). Thompson joins James, Craig McEwen and Larry Brown as the only Redskins running backs since 1960 with multiple 100-yard receiving games in a career (two each). Thompson recorded a 49-yard reception in the second quarter. He also registered receptions of 23 and 20 yards, giving him a team-high seven receptions of 20 yards or more this season. Thompson also gained 33 rushing yards on a career-high 16 carries, eclipsing his 12-attempt game in Week 7 of the 2016 season at Detroit. Rookie running back Samaje Perine recorded his first career touchdown of any kind in the second quarter on a three-yard pass from Cousins. With Perine scoring his first career touchdown via reception, three of the four running backs (Perine, Rob Kelley, Chris Thompson) on the Redskins’ active roster have scored their first career points on a reception. Mack Brown is the only running back on the Redskins’ current roster to have scored the first points of his career via rush. Perine also caught a career-long 16-yard reception in the first quarter. Running back Mack Brown recorded a career-long 11-yard reception in the second quarter. Tight end Vernon Davis played against the San Francisco 49ers – the team that selected him with the sixth overall pick of the 2006 NFL Draft – for the first time in his career. Davis appeared in 149 career regular season games with the 49ers, posting team records for a tight end in receptions (441), receiving yards (5,640) and receiving touchdowns (55). Davis recorded a 51-yard reception in the fourth quarter. Including a 69-yard catch against Kansas City, Davis has now posted a reception of 50 yards or more in consecutive games for the first time since Weeks 5-6 of the 2013 season as a member of the 49ers. Nine different Redskins players recorded at least one catch. It marks the first time the Redskins have had nine different players finish a game with a catch since Week 12 of the 2016 season at Dallas. Wide receiver Jamison Crowder recorded a career-long 11-yard rush on the game’s first play from scrimmage. The Redskins recorded a sack in a 29th consecutive regular season game, dating back to 2015. Washington’s active streak of 29 games ranks first in the NFC and second in the NFL (Cincinnati, 34). The Redskins recorded three sacks and have now posted three or more sacks in three straight contests for the first time since a five-game stretch in Weeks 5-10 of the 2016 season. Linebacker Preston Smith and defensive lineman Matt Ioannidis split the Redskins’ first sack of the game, dropping 49ers quarterback Brian Hoyer. Smith has now registered at least half a sack in each of the Redskins’ first five games this season. The half-sack pushed his season total to 4.5 and his career total to 17.0. His 4.5 sacks through five games match his full-season output from 2016. Smith joined Marco Coleman (2000), Fred Stokes (1991) and Charles Mann (1989) as the only Redskins to record at least half a sack in each of the first five games of a season since the NFL adopted sacks as an official statistic in 1982. Ioannidis has registered at least half a sack in four of the Redskins’ first five contests this year. Ioannidis registered a full sack in the third quarter, giving him the first multi-sack game of his career. Ioannidis has now recorded full sacks in back-to-back games for the first time in his career. Linebacker Ryan Kerrigan started his 101st consecutive regular season game, the longest active streak among active NFL linebackers. Kerrigan has not missed a start in his NFL career. Kerrigan recorded a sack of 49ers quarterback C.J. Beathard in the third quarter, pushing his career total to 62.0 and his season total to 3.5. Kerrigan has now recorded at least a half-sack in four of the Redskins’ five games this season. Cornerback Kendall Fuller sealed the victory with an interception with three seconds remaining. The interception was Fuller’s second of the season and second of his career. Cornerback Quinton Dunbar earned his first start of the season and recorded a career-high eight tackles (six solo) and matched his career high with two passes defensed. The Redskins pushed their record against NFC West competition this season to 2-0. With wins against Rams Head Coach Sean McVay and 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan, the Redskins are now 2-0 against former Redskins offensive coordinators this season. The Redskins have now earned two straight wins against NFC West opponents for the first time since defeating the Cardinals and Rams in Weeks 2 and 4, respectively, of the 2011 season. The Redskins secured their 14th victory in games directly following a bye since byes were instituted in 1990. The Redskins snapped a four-game losing streak to the 49ers, earning their first win against San Francisco since a 52-17 victory at FedExField on Oct. 23, 2005. The Redskins evened their all-time home record against the 49ers at 8-8, including postseason play.
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  17. Their D is also HORRIBLE on 3rd Down. Kyle's O ran by Hoyer is the worst I've seen since John Beck attempted it.
  18. SF is HORRIBLE on 3rd Down