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  2. December 15, 2017 Head Coach Jay Gruden On injuries: “Out will be Zach Brown, toe/ankle/Achilles/hip. [Montae] Nicholson will be out, concussion. Questionable – [Morgan] Moses, [Trent] Williams, [Ryan] Anderson, [Ryan] Grant, [Maurice] Harris, [Terrell] McClain and [Chase] Roullier.” On if T Trent Williams joined the team at practice today: “He did join us, by golly. It was nice of him to grace us with his presence. He showed up.” On if Williams did any work at practice: “He did. He spotted the ball a couple times, gave me some water. Had a good day. Very productive for Trent.” On what a win would do for this team: “Well, it would get us out of the doldrums a little bit. I think everybody’s moved on from the last couple of games. We lost three in a row, two bad ones, and now I think people are excited to get back to the field and try to change course a little bit. A win does a lot for your mental state of mind – everybody – coming to work and practicing and all that good stuff. Guys are hungry right now and hopefully they’ll go out and show it.” On the plans at linebacker: “We’ll have a couple in there. Obviously [Martrell] Spaight and [Zach] Vigil will be playing. We’ve got Josh Harvey [-Clemons] ready to roll and Otha [Peters] is up and ready to go.” On how LB Josh Harvey-Clemons is doing: “He’s doing good. He’s doing good – coming along nice for a young guy.” On what position C Chase Roullier would play: “Center.” On if Roullier at center would leave G Arie Kouandjio at guard: “Yes.” On why they have not run many trick plays this year: “There’s a couple reasons for it, situationally. We have some up every game plan usually, we just haven’t got to them for whatever reason. Situations, field position, time of the game – all that plays into it – the defense you’re playing against. We’ve got them up, I just haven’t called them. I’m not very creative, I guess.” On how much he has had to scale back on third downs because of the injuries at running back: “Well, that was an issue last week for sure just because third-down back is a very unique position. It’s very important – pass protection, routes, all that stuff – and when we lost [Byron] Marshall, it kind of hurt us because Samaje [Perine] is not that guy really and obviously LeShun [Daniels] has never done it. But, now we have Kapri [Bibbs] working at it and Samaje’s getting more and more experience at it where he can sit in there for the protections at least and run the routes. But you have to scale it back a little bit, without a doubt, especially some of the formations and all that stuff.” On if the game plan adjusts because of the number of sacks Cardinals QB Blaine Gabbert has taken in recent weeks: “Well, we try to get sacks every week. I think they’ve had some issues with the offensive line also, so it’s our intent to make sure we have to A) stop the run, because I know Coach [Bruce] Arians likes to run the ball. They have a staple running game that they like to run and if they’re successful with it, he’ll keep pounding it and then that’s where the play-actions with the max-protection play-actions come into play where you can’t get sacks. It’s important for us to stop the run and get them in third down to let our rushers rush against an offensive line that hasn’t been playing together for very long. We know the struggles that you can have when you’re in third-and-eight and third-and-nine all the time, so that’s the game plan. It’s not that hard.” On if he has commiserated with Cardinals Head Coach Bruce Arians about offensive line injuries: “No, I have not. No. [Laughter]” On how CB Josh Norman looked at practice today: “Today’s his birthday. He looks good – a couple interceptions at practice today.”
  3. The Force can have a strong influence on the weak-minded. And that's why I was hoping for a double turn in Snoke's throne room.
  5. , I said, Blue milk, shaken, not stirred.
  6. I was thinking the same thing as I watched it. Especially that trench scene on Crait. And that casino scene, tell me I wasn't the only one waiting for Bond to make an appearance. What's hard to believe is thqat Disney has done so well with the animated Rebels show, yet when it comes to the actual films.....
  7. Pretty much fully agree with @codeorama but I want to add this little bit. The second chapter in a trilogy should end on a down note. I really don't feel this one did that with the way it ended. Instead to me it seemed like it ended as if it might be a stand alone flick with hope being restored as the kids were telling the Legend Luke story.
  8. Broncos fan here

    Quite Bruce.
  9. Exactly. All that's supposedly know is that Snoke came from the Unknown Regions where remnants of the Empire fled to regroup after the end of ROTJ. But Palpatine was aware of his presence as he had sensed him & was terrified of it.
  10. He had expended his energy. That projecting trick while showing off just how strong his power was, drained him. Same as Yoda vs Dooku when Yoda immediately went back to using the walking stick. Same as Vader at the end of Rogue One being a total badass & being slow & lumbering vs Obi Won in ANH.
  11. All Things Star Wars Thread

    Left thinking I hated about 90-95% of it. Hamill should have been insulted by it. I sure as hell was. Hopefully they at least backed a Brinks truck up to his house for this one. I thought they left a lot of details out. And that they did some really stupid **** as well. (I'll expand on it in the Spoiler thread) Chewie's camping dinner scene I liked & the shoulder brush spot I go back n forth on liking & not caring for.
  12. Initial thought is I think I hated about 90-95% of it.
  13. December 14, 2017 Head Coach Jay Gruden On injuries: “The only changes to the injury report will be limited [were] Morgan Moses and Josh Norman. Everybody else stayed the same.” On if LB Zach Brown is the type of player that could potentially play in a week in which he only practices once: “He would be a guy that would probably be OK, yes.” On if S Montae Nicholson is still in the concussion protocol: “Yes, he is still in protocol.” On the severity of Brown’s injuries: “They’re hindering him quite a bit. Sickness is starting to clear up a little bit but he’s still a little sore. We’ll see if he makes any progress tomorrow. It’d have to be pretty significant, but we’ll have to wait and see.” Defensive Coordinator Greg Manusky On if he attributes recent struggles to execution or communication: “I think it’s both in both situations. When we [were] supposed to have a post safety, that wasn’t there. From our standpoint and I told you early on even in training camp, we all have got to be on the same page across the board and that communication is vital. When it comes down to technique and fundamentals, I mean, that is the basis of any football game. I think you have got to go back and you have to retrain that each and every – probably every week – that we go into practice. We are talking about guys’ splits, where they are aligned, technique of, ‘Where is our help?’ and that’s what we failed to do the last couple weeks.” On LB Zach Brown potentially being unavailable this week: “Well, I think with any player that gets hurt or injured, we have backup players and that’s what they are supposed to be there for. I was as a player more of a backup player, and guys went down and you have got to show up and you have got to go in there and you have got to fulfill the requirements that everybody wants you to fill. From my standpoint, those backup players are going to be in a position to get the calls, get them right and then go out there and play their butts off.” On if losing Brown would be a big loss: “Yeah, definitely when you have got a guy like that that is playing very well and then all of a sudden, he is hurt. It’s going to hurt us defensively but those backup players are going to play the best that they can play.” On how the turnover at linebacker has impacted communication: “Well, I think basically the biggest thing is communication on the back end to the front end. That’s the biggest thing. They have got to be all on the same page and I think at times we weren’t on the same page. Like I said early on in training camp, it doesn’t matter what call that I call as long as we are all on the same page. So it has got to be from the back to the front and then to the front to the back.” On how he is able to reiterate the importance of communication: “Walkthroughs, walkthroughs, walkthroughs, walkthroughs. And keep on just repetition of going through the calls that we have and having those players see it during practice. Jay gives us enough time during the meeting time and also during the walkthroughs. We actually go out early before practice to get through walkthrough sessions.” On S D.J. Swearinger’s comments: “I think across the board, being with the fourth linebacker, we’re going to have some communication and just not-fits that sometimes don’t fit up. I think from our standpoint and D.J.’s, I mean, we’ve got to play better and we’ve got to communicate better. Every week that we play, that is the prime essence that we go into any game – to make sure that we communicate from the back to the front. We’ve got to do a better job in going through walkthroughs and going through it. That’s how we learn and build the process from there.” On if he has more responsibility as a coach to prepare younger players: “I think we had young guys early on in the year – with Matt Ioannidis and Jonathan Allen and some of those guys. From our standpoint, it’s communicating better. That’s going through walkthroughs, going through practice and just getting those fine details of each call and make sure that they understand exactly what it is.” On Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald: “I mean, he’s just a veteran of the game – a great player that still has talent. The quarterback trusts him and he knows where he’s going to be. He knows exactly where to run the routes and then from a leverage standpoint, he does a great job of setting players up. Larry does a great job. We’ve got to defend him along with the other receivers and tight ends that they have.”
  14. Broncos fan here

    Lookin at you Brucie
  15. All Things Star Wars Thread
  16. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Made from recycled Coors Lite cans? Asking for a friend
  17. This one's novelization won't be out until next year.
  18. It’s Always Sunny In LA

    Greetings from San Diego which means Whale’s va.... Wait. The Chargers moved to LA so there goes the Anchorman joke. Take 2. Greetings from the StubHub Center in LA. Because, you know, StubHub is the official NFL ticket resale spot. It’s currently a delightful 70 degrees with it to be in the 80s by kickoff. Be jealous snowy East Coast. Today’s match up features the Burgundy & Gold going up against the Bolts. The Bolts should just permanently wear their powder blue while the Skins should never ever wear their all burgundy again. It’s not that I don’t like the all burgundy look, it’s that they’ve never won while wearing it. Meanwhile, 15 minutes down the road at the LA Coliseum you’ve got the Eagles at the Rams. And their kickoff is 20 minuets after the kickoff here. Who scheduled this? You’ve got the East Coast Skins & the West Coast Skins playing in the same city at the same town. Oh & I was hearing last night that the Rams/Eagles tickets were going for $200 as of last night. Plus the hotel & everywhere went last night in El Segundo seemed to be infested with imported iggle fans. Let’s hope our guy McVay puts the Eagles on the L train outta town. On paper, both the Chargers & Redskins seem evenly matched. However, the Redskins have seen this before in KC & New Orleans along with the Rams & Seahawks. Hopefully this game is more Redskins/Rams/Seahawkish then the other two. The Redskins will need to do several things to get the W today. First is to protect Cousins against a nasty pass rush. Second is the WRs need to catch every ball. These dropped passes from the last few weeks need to be eliminated. And thirdly they can’t get away from the run even if it’s not working at times. They’ll also need to keep their Defense off the field so they have time to actually dissect what Rivers is doing on Offense & make the proper adjustments.
  19. The most wonderful time of the year: Leak Season!!

    Did someone say Woken?
  20. December 13, 2017 Head Coach Jay Gruden On injuries: “Did not participate: Zach Brown, illness/toe/Achilles/hip; [Morgan] Moses, ankle; [Montae] Nicholson, concussion; Josh Norman, knee; Trent Williams, knee. Limited were: [Chase] Roullier, hand; [Ryan] Grant, ankle; Ryan Anderson, ankle; [Terrell] McClain, toe; [Maurice] Harris, concussion. Then full were [Martrell] Spaight and [Matt] Ioannidis.” On if the decision to place TE Jordan Reed on Reserve/Injured was related to his hamstring: “Yeah, that, and I mentioned his toe [injury] that he had before training camp, which kept him out of the OTAs and he tried to play with that thing and, in turn, hurt his hamstring. So we’re going to try to get his toe fixed also and make sure his hamstring is better.” On if surgery is required for Reed’s toe injury: “Could be, yeah. They’re looking. He’s going to go see Dr. [Robert] Anderson here. I don’t know if he went today or tomorrow or whatever.” On the severity of RB Byron Marshall’s injury: “Pretty good hamstring [injury]. You saw he couldn’t hardly walk off the field. Anytime you see somebody get carried off almost, with a hamstring, you know it’s pretty bad. It’s a three-, four-week deal. We needed to get Kapri Bibbs up.” On if Reed’s surgery is needed for his toe injury: “Yeah, possibly. He’s going to see Dr. Anderson.” On if CB Josh Norman’s injury was a result of the game: “Yeah, I think so. Maybe a little wear and tear, too. I don’t think it’s anything serious. More of a rest day, so to speak. But he is a little sore.” On if K Dustin Hopkins could return this season: “Yeah, it’s a possibility. We’ll take a look at him, see how he’s feeling, make sure he’s got his strength back and his motion and timing and all that.” On if K Nick Rose’s performance this season could competition at the position: “Yeah, you know, we’ll see. I think injuries happen, you have somebody come replace you, then when you come back off the injury, there’s going to be some competition there. That’s what it’s going to be like.” On if S Montae Nicholson returning late in the season would be worthwhile: “No question. He’s obviously showed a lot of promise and we love him as a player and an athlete and the more we can get him to play this year, the better. We’ll be patient with him, obviously his health is number one, and we want to make sure he’s 100 percent. We have to make sure he’s 100 percent, and he has to feel right for him to be comfortable out there. But if he is by Wednesday, by Thursday, he’ll play this week, or next week, we’ll play him next week.” On how difficult it is to stay committed to the run game with the injuries at running back: “Well it’s tough, tough… it’s very tough. That’s a great question. We’ve got a lot of backs in here, a lot of linemen. But I think the one thing you just want to try to get, try to stay a little bit balanced. You can’t be throwing it 100 times a game, although sometimes you want to. But I think [we’ll] try to get some Samaje [Perine] some looks, try to get our offensive line to come out of their stance and try to get some movement on the defensive line – it’s necessary for us to be successful. But last week, for instance, we had five or six negative runs on first down, left us in second-and-long, and you know, in the NFL, second-and-long is not good. So we did not overcome our horrific early-down struggles. It is something that has to be looked at.” On CB Bashaud Breeland today: “Yeah, he was good. He started. He did a good job today.” On addressing the team’s preparation last week: “Well, we didn’t spend all week last week playing checkers. I mean, we have a lot of meeting time, a lot of practice time, a lot of walkthroughs. They have iPads. They are prepared. They are mentally prepared, physically prepared, they should be. They have a weight room in here, plenty of water to drink. We just didn’t go out there and perform in a way we would like to have. And a lot of that has to be… give credit to the Chargers, too. You know, they played extremely well, Philip [Rivers] did. But as far as being prepared, I don’t really buy into all that. I think it’s my job to make sure they’re prepared and obviously they didn’t look prepared, so that’s on me. We have to do a better job to give them a better game plan to sink their teeth into. What we did last week didn’t really work that well, but it’s not because it was a lack of preparation.” On successfully translating preparation to the field: “Well, you have 16 winners, 16 losers every week. The losers did not successfully transfer the preparation to the field, and we did not. We were one of the 16 and that’s unfortunate. In a way, we got beat, too. You know, I think that really looks… a negative light on how we prepared because we got beat pretty handily. It was 30-13 or whatever it was, and the week before wasn’t very good either. But, you know, I do feel like we’re giving them enough to get themselves ready to play from a mental standpoint. Got enough plays, enough defenses. We’ve just got to do a better job of coaching them and making in-game adjustments and go from there.” On if he spoke with S D.J. Swearinger about his comments: “Not really. I felt like everything that’s been said has been said already and we’re not going to hit the rewind button. So we’re just going to move forward and try to prepare the best we can for the Arizona Cardinals. Got a whole new game plan and we’re fired up to play the Cardinals in front of our home fans and go from there. Put the last two games behind us and the reasons why we lost, you know, there’s millions of them we can point to. But the fact of the matter is that we’ve got to let it go and move on.” On DL Jonathan Allen: “I think if he’s got any kind of doubt or the doctors have any kind of doubt whatsoever, we’re going to hold him off. So we’ve got to make sure that they’re sure, and they’re not quite sure yet. They want more time.” On if it’s a matter of balancing a desire to play Allen versus wanting to make sure he’s healthy moving forward: “Without a doubt.” On Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald and the numbers he posts despite people thinking he’s going to retire: “I wish he would retire [laughter]. He’s a great player. The thing you like about Larry is obviously his production and stats, his hands, his clutch plays, but he’s one of the best blocking receivers I’ve seen on tape. He goes in there, he blocks defensive ends, he blocks linebackers – very physical. It’s just great when you see a Hall of Fame-type player like that put that kind of work in in the blocking when he doesn’t have the ball. I think that’s the most impressive thing, personally, about Larry. Aside from all the stats, he’s a very unselfish player and a very physical player in the running game. He obviously paved the way for a lot of yards for Chris Johnson when they had him and David Johnson when they had him and [Kerwynn] Williams they’ve got now, so he’s a big reason for their running game success.” On how to play defensively against a receiver like Fitzgerald in the run game: “You’ve got to match physicality with him. He’s a big, strong guy and if he gets his hands on you, if you’re a little defensive back, you better be ready because he’s… and if you’re a linebacker, he blocks linebackers and defensive ends, so he’s just a guy you’ve got to match physicality with. He’s a very big guy.” On the current mentality of the team: “Mentally? Well, after a game when you lose 30-13 or whatever it was, you feel like the world’s going to end. But come Monday afternoon when you watch all the film, you move forward and you try to be positive and look forward to the next game and that’s what we’re going to do. We have three games left. We’re blessed with three games left and we’re going to coach the heck out of these guys and I know they’re going to play hard. It’s our job to make sure that everybody’s positive and moving on. We cannot – cannot – dwell on the past of the last two games. We can’t. You’re going to wallow in it and you’re going to continue to suffer. We’ve got to move on and we will.” On if Swearinger’s comments show leadership: “I think sometimes, after a loss, you get a microphone stuffed in your face and sometimes you get emotional and say some things that kind of you mean well, but they get taken out of context from time to time. It’s happened to me once or twice, by golly. I mean, I can’t even believe that. I don’t really see a whole lot into it. I know that D.J. plays his heart out out there. He’s not perfect, nor am I, but I love his passion for the game.” On offensive struggle beyond first down: “Second down and third down we’re struggling too. Red zone, short yardage, goal line – we’ve just been struggling. I think, not to make excuses, but we’ve had so many different line combinations that we’re almost back to the OTAs fundamental-wise. Some of these guys we’re trying to teach certain aspects – the backs, the pass. You lose Byron Marshall, your third-down back, which you have a lot of plays for on the second kickoff of the game … he doesn’t even play any offensive snaps. It makes it hard. Samaje [Perine] is not a third-down back. He’s never been a third-down back and he’s running stuff out of the backfield and a very integral part of our offense was gone. We have to just make sure we get the guys up to speed and coached and they are ready to play – the guys who are available – and we’ve got [Kapri] Bibbs up. He’s more of a third-down back hopefully for us. LeShun [Daniels] – he’s more of a first- and second-down back along with Samaje. As far as pinning down what went wrong, just pretty much everything. We didn’t do really anything that well. We had some opportunities to make some big plays, we just missed them and we didn’t capitalize on the opportunities. That’s the big thing. We had protection from time to time and we missed some throws. We didn’t have protection and we had guys wide open, so it’s just a matter of taking advantage of the opportunities and we failed to do that last week.” On the most reliable offensive playmakers available right now outside of WR Jamison Crowder: “Yeah, I think it’s up to everybody else to step up. Ryan [Grant] got hurt a little bit, but Ryan’s been playing pretty well. Josh [Doctson] has done some great things I think from playing his first full year with us. Vernon Davis still is a great weapon for us. Niles Paul is still a great weapon for us. So we have some weapons. We’re not totally deficient in the talent area. We have some good players. Kirk Cousins is a heck of a quarterback and we’ve just got to utilize them a little bit better and try to stay in positive down-and-distances and stay somewhat balanced. Last week, we were down 10-0, 17-0, 17-6, got a little bit of hope and then it was 24-6 like that. The second half, we got down 30-6 and it was just pass, pass, pass, pass and that’s not how we’re built. Stay close in the games and stay balanced and I think we’ll be OK. We have enough weapons.” QB Kirk Cousins On his performance last Sunday: “Well, I just felt like third downs were tough. We didn’t convert enough and only ran 51 plays. It’s hard to have a very productive game as an offense when you only have 51 plays but we have no one to blame but ourselves because you’re not going to run many plays if you’re not staying on the field and you’re not converting third downs. I think that was the challenge and that has been a bit of a challenge much of the season and we are going to have to be better these last three games in situational football in order to have a chance to win and come away with a better feeling.” On the protection on Sunday: “I thought protection was pretty good. I thought… I can’t remember all the hits or sacks. I know that there was a sack late in the game that I was trying to find a play down the field. I had Niles Paul open over the ball and in a tighter game you probably just take him for a completion, but at that point you’re down. I’m looking for something else and ended up taking a sack. The point is that the protection didn’t break down. That was more me holding onto the ball a little too long. I thought they did a good job and they held up pretty well.” On negative plays on first down and how they can avoid them: “When we run the football on first down, it would help to be able to get to second-and-five, or like you said, second-and-four and more manageable situations. It doesn’t always happen and that’s OK. But we just didn’t have a lot of productive runs, a lot of runs that got us into better situations and we need more of those going forward. Whenever we call play-passes on first down – drop backs, screens, whatever it may be – we want productive plays. I just think it comes down to execution. The plays are all designed and have a reason for why they are being called. All 11 guys have to go out there and make their block, do their assignment, all fire off at the same time and be on the screws. It doesn’t take much for a play to not work. If we miss one detail it can be the difference. We just have to be very locked in and I think that’s where the challenge lies because you have got a lot of new players, a lot of new guys who haven’t been playing together for a long time and it can be tough to all be together at all times. But that’s what we have to work towards.” On the challenge of getting new players up the speed: “I think the challenge certainly lies with the position coaches trying to get those guys ready as well. Just communicating in the huddle is key to make sure everybody knows what they are doing, but I found during the Chargers game that any new players who came in, if I did communicate and over-communicate they nodded back that ‘I’ve got it. You don’t have to tell me.’ So they were on top of it and some of it is just that familiarity. You can say, ‘Run a choice route,’ but if you haven’t banked 100 reps of choice routes it’s hard to really… They can still run a choice route but the difference between running a choice route after doing it 100 times and running a choice route doing it for a second or third time, there is certainly a big difference. So get as many reps as we can, get as much familiarity as we can and then go play. It’s part of the game. It happens.” On Head Coach Jay Gruden saying the team cannot dwell on the past: “I agree. I believe that you learn from the past and you certainly want to make sure it doesn’t repeat itself but there is no doubt that you do need to wipe it, you need to hit the reset button a little bit. You need to just move forward and not allow anything emotionally to linger and that’s where we talk about being mentally and emotionally tough. Mentally and emotionally tough people are able to do that. It’s human nature to kind of let stuff linger or get yourself in a pattern that’s negative and we can’t just do that. We have to rise above it and I think that is why we are professionals is because we have to be able to do that and it is not easy.” On determining his comfort with newly installed plays going into a game: “Hindsight is always 20-20 because there are times where I’ll say to Jay before a game that he’s put in a play that’s in the top 15 plays called in the game and I’m still kind of uneasy about it. Then we’ll run it and we’ll hit a big 30-, 40-yard gain or a touchdown and I’ll kind of laugh at him the next day on the sidelines saying, ‘I doubted you and you proved me wrong that that was a great play and I’ve just got to trust you and go play.’ There are many times where you may not feel totally comfortable with it, but it’s still a great play and you just have to go play. It doesn’t mean you’re not going to ask questions and come to own it, but I just found that the way that I read the play and then coming off the field, I realized that, ‘Aw, man. If I had just read it differently or had a greater mastery of it, I don’t think I would have just thrown it there.’ That’s what I was trying to say after the game, but I still would say you’ve got to have your eyes down the field. You can’t allow a defensive back to fall off like that and make that play. You learn from it, move on and there’s always that constant dialogue throughout the week with every play and the game plan about, ‘What are you comfortable with, what do you like and what do you want called?’” On moving forward with the season while processing criticism: “I move forward with the season regardless. I don’t really know that I need to process it. We just go to work every day. I still enjoy playing football and I’m having fun regardless, and a win on Sunday at FedExField will be a great feeling. That’s what we’re shooting for, and I feel just fine about where we’re at as a group and where we’re headed. Though we’ve had some close, tough losses this year and the results may not be what we wanted them to be, I think there’s brighter days ahead and I’m excited about that.” On if negative reports bother him: “I don’t read it enough to know how much is out there. It doesn’t bother me because probably I’m not aware of how much really is out there. People can say what they want to say. If it helps them and gets more clicks and gets more traffic, then great. That’s good for them and that helps them and I’m not going to lose sleep over it. We’ve got to win football games. That’s our job and we haven’t done that enough this year and so hopefully these last three games we can do that.” On the Cardinals’ defense: “Very good defense. Patrick Peterson is a Pro Bowler, I think six times and counting. Tyrann Mathieu is one of the better safeties in all of football. Chandler Jones is an outstanding pass-rusher. They’ve had some injuries on the defensive side much like any other defense, but still a lot of good players out there that are making plays. I think there’s a lot of smart players – crafty guys – and they’ll provide a good challenge.” Arizona Cardinals Head Coach Bruce Arians On S D.J. Swearinger’s leadership on and off the field during his time in Arizona: “Never had a problem off the field. I mean, he was a model citizen here. [He had] great preparation, really studied the game and was a really solid player.” On Swearinger’s personality and why players gravitate to him: “Well, he plays the game so hard. He is very passionate about the game and I think that the players respect that a ton.” On how his time at Virginia Tech shaped him as a person and a coach: “Oh, gosh, I learned so much from Coach [Jerry] Claiborne, Coach [Charlie] Coffey, and then the most, Jimmy Sharpe and his staff. Coach Sharpe was a huge, huge part of my coaching career and why I got into coaching.” On Coaches John Devlin and Jimmy Sharpe: “Coach Devlin, I would’ve never got to Virginia Tech without him. You know, I was expelled from high school and he was the only guy to keep recruiting me, and I owe him everything. Then later, I was very fortunate to have him on my staff as assistant head coach at Temple, and learned so much from him, how to do things right and how to treat people right. Coach Sharpe was just… he was the master motivator. He took a bunch of guys that… he just kept telling us that we were good and we tried to believe it.” On when he realized that he wanted to be a coach: “It was actually my fourth year and I had been relegated to the scout team and Terry Don Phillips was the head freshman coach. He asked me if I’d call plays in the JV game and, I mean, I fell in love with it that day. I always knew I wanted to coach. I wanted to be a guidance counselor and a high school coach.” On if that’s when he realized that he had a talent for coaching: “Yeah, it was kind of easy and I was like, ‘I don’t think this is that hard.’ Then I found out about all the hours you had to put in, but that was worth it.” On his relationship with James Barber: “Yeah, it was just one of those things. You both come in, you’re naïve, you don’t know anybody and you gravitate to your roommate. I had the best roommate there possibly could be at Virginia Tech in James Barber.” On the challenge of shuffling players on the offensive line: “Oh, man, Harold Goodwin and Larry Zierlein have done an unbelievable job just putting pieces together each week. We finally had a little cohesiveness – that group that had played together for about a month – and now we’re going to have one, maybe two of those out. So it’s hard. That’s the one place that you really need cohesiveness, for guys to play together, especially going on the road in a stadium like FedExField.”
  21. For Immediate Release December 12, 2017 REDSKINS MAKE ROSTER MOVES LOUDOUN COUNTY, Va. – The Washington Redskins announced today that they have made the following roster moves: The Redskins signed the following practice squad players to their active roster: RB Kapri Bibbs LB Otha Peters LB Pete Robertson The Redskins signed the following players to their practice squad: LB Alex McCalister RB Dare Ogunbowale S Orion Stewart The Redskins placed the following players on their Reserve/Injured list: LB Chris Carter RB Byron Marshall TE Jordan Reed
  22. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

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