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  1. Might not take money... DJ may just be a huge Cowboy's fan.
  2. If that's whats he's going to be doing at 2:48 in the morning then we made right choice. HTTR!
  3. Never been a Dion guy, but it was pretty cool watch him just talk a Guy high on emotion down just like that… He'd be a great bouncer
  4. Ya know...sometimes I wonder if I curse people... 30 minutes before I found out Sean Taylor had been shot, I had just been discussing how the Skins needed him (he was on injury report if you recall), Then awhile back I was talking to a guy in a bar about Leonard Cohen and 2 days later HE was dead. Anyone wanna discuss ISIS/ Daesh top brass???
  5. No doubt... and I thought we were done with lame Twitter mantras when Griffin III left town.
  6. No, that's what his attorney for this case is aiming for next (he wasn't on the Odin Lloyd case) and since it's the same guy who got Casey Anthony acquitted, it may happen.
  7. Guilty as charged... I'd love it if turned out something like this happened and that smug p.o.s. Mara ended up with a little egg on his face. I'm still salty about that 36 million dollar penalty.
  8. I'll use this opportunity to say that I hope beyond hope that this Eli Manning Memorabilia story has legs... http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/19153348/eli-manning-new-york-giants-accused-fraud-court-documents
  9. He's got all summer to change my mind, but this is pretty much a JAG signing in my opinion.
  10. 1.Because he WAS a Brown, And the fact that Cleveland almost simultaneously cut Griffin makes me wonder if might try to keep BO around? 2. The whole post was rooted with sarcasm.
  11. Nah... put him at Cornerback and see if he delivers a hit any better than he takes one. At least I could wear my 10 jersey again😖
  12. I take it you don't remember John Elway getting Dan Reeves fired...
  13. Day and a half ago...
  14. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/18873606/robert-griffin-iii-released-cleveland-browns Should we.. (turns over trash can and runs out of room)