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  1. Winning produces full stadiums. We haven’t won consistently in forever so our stadiums are typically full of errbody else’s fans since the dmv is full of transients. Ofcourse, through it all, the diehards remain. They get out cheered during losses by opposing fans and boo the team during grind it out times. Skins havent been the same since we sold our souls to move out of dc. Alienated the fan base and provided an inferior product...every stinking season since. The entire franchise needs consistency included
  2. Stone Cold

    Safety Clinton Dix to the skins

    I love this move!!! For a 4th?’s a steal! Nicholson is now our 3d safety or we can slide haha in the Harvey-Clemons role. This is an awesome acquisition.
  3. Stone Cold

    In defense of Martyball

    We’re 5-2 and you can tell Jay Gruden ain’t happy. He wants to throw the ball better so bad he can’t stand it lol. We’re not going back to Marty ball by any means. He’s gonna get the passing game goin. Love how we’ve built the team around the defense though. I wouldn’t be mad if we got another Bama lineman next draft lol. been preaching to any fan that’ll hear pressure any qb in his face early and often, you win. We can finally do that. Pressure without a blitz is a luxury we haven’t had since Mann, Manley and butz. That’s a long time jay Gruden isn’t going to rest on the laurels of ap. We know ap can carry us. That is important. It’s allowed us to win in spite of injuries to key players on offense...which has had an impact on the sync Alex Smith has with the offense now. The stove is warming up folks. 😎
  4. Stone Cold

    Is this the best Defensive Front we've had in years?

    Not since the days of Mann, Manley and Butz have we had a defensive line capable of dictating the flow of a game. We now have that. If you pressure a QB in his face early and often without consistently stop the run...your team will win a lot of football games. We now have that. ...we just turning on the stove folks...
  5. Settle, the bama boys, et al...our back 7-8 should eat