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  1. The Evil Genius

    Random Thought Thread

    RIP Paul Allen.
  2. The Evil Genius

    WaPo Journalist killed in Saudi Consolate

    They brought a ****ing bone saw to the "interrogation". One wonders how anything could have gone wrong. 🙄
  3. The Evil Genius

    Election 2018 Thread

    I read that Jealous's parents (and grandparents) are from Maryland but his parents left the state for California back in the 60's because marriage was still illegal for them in Maryland (his Mom is black and his Dad is white). Hogan will probably get a large share of the registered Democrat vote but Jealous's super progressive platform might attract new first time voters. It's an interesting race. Edit: his site says he's lived in Maryland throughout his career as a civil rights leader and businessman. Not sure how vague that is...
  4. The Evil Genius

    Election 2018 Thread

    I'm sure it's his wife's fault.
  5. From that article (which is what I was alluding to). That said, if she truly claimed minority status (as Native), that is problematic and she should be admonished for it. But overall her claim of Native ancestry appears to be correct. I do wonder at what point it's acceptable to claim minority status? The article I linked talks about an actual current Tribal leader with 1/32 native blood. If the Tribe is ok with it, who are we to judge?
  6. But has she? I was under the impression that she has always said her Mom told her about a Native American that she was a decendant of (not direct as in 1 or 2 generations)...and I didn't think she even claimed to be native, but who knows with politicians. ---- Also... If anyone can watch that Trump 60 minute interview and still think this douchebag is fit for office, then kindly **** off. You are the problem.
  7. The Evil Genius

    2018 Fantasy Football

    Tyreek Hill killed me last night. Down 33 and I have Adams and Crosby...he has Alf. Not sure why Brady was avoiding Gronk until the end, last night. He was open a lot. 2-4 here I come. Sigh.
  8. Not sure what help for her it will be to be proven correct, but this has to infuriate Trumpy. Warren does have Native American ancestry, as she has claimed to be told by her Mom. Elizabeth Warren releases DNA test with 'strong evidence' of Native American ancestry
  9. WVU going to lose too if they don't play better in the 2nd half. Weird **** happens in Ames about every year but this is ****ing ridiculous horrid play by Grier and that offense. They need to get their head out of their ass.
  10. Douchebags. All of them. I'm guessing this is why Trump doesn't want to relaese his too.
  11. The Evil Genius

    Election 2018 Thread

    There a reason for the GOP's ever increasing interest in purging legitimate voters off of the voting rolls. Since 1988, they've won the popular vote one time during a Presidential election. 1 time. Eventually, even the electoral college won't save them if certain demographics continue to vote.
  12. The Evil Genius

    2018 Fantasy Football

    The vampire league that the talented Mr Roto and fellow skins homer, Matthew Berry, talks about is this week's column is fascinating. Sounds like a lot of fun.
  13. The Evil Genius

    Election 2018 Thread

    Ugh. This guy (Scott Wagner) is nuts. GOP racing to the bottom of the barrel in the post Trump world.
  14. If only the military had access to the one TV channel that Trump claims to watch. 🙄
  15. The Evil Genius

    The Official "Marvel" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    Can we undo Killmongers death too? 😁
  16. The Evil Genius

    Anthony Kennedy announces intention to retire from SCOTUS

    The GOP led 6 investigations into HRC/Obama/Benghazi and found nothing. I'd suspect the Democrat led House would investigate any and everything until there is a finding (or lack thereof). Also, hardly any mention here about the ethics investigations that the Chief Justice referred a day or so back. Anyone know if a SC Justice has had an ongoing ethics investigation while joining the court?
  17. Fyi, Trump Twitter archive dot com indexes all his tweets and even let's you search by date or keyword.
  18. No I don't see it in his archive. That said, it's a good fake because it's plausible. There is a tweet from him that day I agree with. I guess that stupid squirrel on his head does have a semblance of intelligence every now and then (even if I'm positive he meant something totally different by it).
  19. The Evil Genius

    2018 MLB Thread

    **** the Dodgers.