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  1. Think Donny will frame this one and put it up on the golf course office wall?
  3. WaPo: Dying at your desk is not a retirement plan

    I know. But the SF Bay Area market is boosted by limited space and Prop 13 that severely limits the # of houses on the market. Plus it's a desirable (to most) place to live and has jobs galore. It ha traditionally been the outlier of housing price bubbles bursting.
  4. Still ****ing badass at 61. First look ar Sarah Connor in T6. Grandma is going to kick your ass.
  5. They may already be. Digital goods are already taxed in some states. Not sure if ebooks fall into that realm though.
  6. It does put the onus on online retailers because many addresses have different tax rates as little as 1/8% difference between them even if they are in the same county/state. Coding the checkout process to account for those differences (for mom/pop sellers online) will probably be a burden.
  7. WaPo: Dying at your desk is not a retirement plan

    Apply the same to buying a house. No one looks at the interest they pay over 30 years...until they are 2-3 years into the loan and realize they've only paid down a few thousand from the principal. 😮
  8. I love Amazon and online sellers..but i think this is the right choice.
  9. Not that many in WV would help. They've been to busy blaming everyone else for the past 20 years. Which is why Trump is so popular there. 😠
  10. If not, both Major and my folks live near Harper's Ferry. Viva la revolucion! 😁
  11. WaPo: Dying at your desk is not a retirement plan

    I chose my job based on the retirement and other security despite the lower than private sector wages. I'm blessed that I can possibly retire at 55 with 2% of my salary times the years served. For me, that will be roughly 58% of my salary. If I stay to 63, it goes to 2.5% (the max percentage) times years served. That would be about 91% of my salary. People who came here 5+ years after me are on a reduced pension plan (from mine) where they get 2% times years served starting at 60. To pay for that, the state will have taken 8-10% every pay check for 29+years. I do wonder if I could have done better with that extra 8-10% each paycheck (and the additional money from salary/bonuses/raises) had I gone private sector but I also acknowledge that I am bad at saving. I do have an extra 457 that I've been contributing to each month but it's more of slush fund money post retirement. None that pay highly I suspect. We're the same age right? Edit...Wife is a Fed and I believe she only gets 1% times years served. Edit edit..more importantly to our long term health financially, we own a house in a lucrative market who has seen about 120k+ rise in prices since we bought 2 years ago. I suspect that will eventually be a nice windfall when we sell because this market doesn't go down here.
  12. WaPo: Dying at your desk is not a retirement plan

    I'm confused as to why everyone here doesn't get public sector jobs. It's obviously not that hard, pays well, had great bennies, you don't have to work hard, and you get to retire early. So what keeps you from signing on?
  13. The numbers. By country. By year. Pls provide the link to the data.
  14. We are now? Don't you mean we continue to be (for a little while longer)?
  15. 2018 Fantasy Football

    WR Marquise Goodwin. Seemed to have a good connection with Jimmy G and would be their deep threat. Is it too early to recommend Guice as a keeper target? 😁
  16. Not just the left. Reagan and Dubya too. Amnesty is and should always be the first step (imho).
  17. Under the old rules, I believe DHHS was required to relocate kids within 3 days of arrest (of the parents). Not hold them indefinitely.
  18. Or I need to get better at expressing my sarcasm. 😁
  19. Current polling shows 2 out 3 disapprove of the policy. We'll see if voters have a long memory.
  20. Not putting them in cages. Not separating them from their families. Not closing the legal ports of entry for asylum seekers. Beyond that, I would defer to immigration experts.
  21. Space Force.... coed showers with Dina Meyer and Denise Richards though...