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  1. Well played Stormy. All that was missing was a pic of Toad.
  2. And if she claimed that someone in her lineage was native, this contradicts it how? Again, as far as I can tell she didn't claim tribal identity. She said her Mom told her that someone in her family line was native. Trump called her a phony (and worse) based on those comments. Trump (and the GOP) have also accused her of using a minority status for employment at Harvard even though the University has repeatedly stated that it wasn't considered. Tbh, I've yet to see where she actually claimed to be anything but a small part Native. Tbf, I am not a big fan of hers and I wouldn't vote for her in the D primaries should she run. is a direct quote form her yesterday. Not sure how she could be any clearer.
  3. The Evil Genius

    2018 Fantasy Football

    I have no idea what happens with Bell but if I had him I'd give him up yesterday for AJ Green. Green has 55 targets in 6 games. Hard to not want that on your team. The same applies for Conner (his value depends on Bell actually showing up)...but he's been both bad and good. That trade seems more tossup to me (and Njoku seems to be becoming a favorite of Baker).
  4. The Evil Genius

    2018 Fantasy Football

    Waiver claims for Mack and Gabriel, dropping Coutee. At 5th on the waiver wire, I think I have a decent shot at one.
  5. The Evil Genius

    2018 MLB Thread

    **** the Dodgers. **** the Doyers.
  6. The Evil Genius

    2018 Fantasy Football

    52.2 to 0 tonight. Wow...back at .500 after that win. And I scored the highest amount in the league for the 2nd time this year.
  7. The Evil Genius

    Random Thought Thread

    RIP Paul Allen.
  8. The Evil Genius

    WaPo Journalist killed in Saudi Consolate

    They brought a ****ing bone saw to the "interrogation". One wonders how anything could have gone wrong. 🙄
  9. The Evil Genius

    Election 2018 Thread

    I read that Jealous's parents (and grandparents) are from Maryland but his parents left the state for California back in the 60's because marriage was still illegal for them in Maryland (his Mom is black and his Dad is white). Hogan will probably get a large share of the registered Democrat vote but Jealous's super progressive platform might attract new first time voters. It's an interesting race. Edit: his site says he's lived in Maryland throughout his career as a civil rights leader and businessman. Not sure how vague that is...
  10. The Evil Genius

    Election 2018 Thread

    I'm sure it's his wife's fault.
  11. From that article (which is what I was alluding to). That said, if she truly claimed minority status (as Native), that is problematic and she should be admonished for it. But overall her claim of Native ancestry appears to be correct. I do wonder at what point it's acceptable to claim minority status? The article I linked talks about an actual current Tribal leader with 1/32 native blood. If the Tribe is ok with it, who are we to judge?