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  1. I can see us taking Brantley this round. Add him to the defensive line rotation and we could actually have a pretty good defense this year.
  2. The minute the draft ends I believe
  3. He is terrible in Madden also!
  4. Technically, he was never fired from the Browns. He was fired by an unnamed Baltimore team. So even had the unanmed Baltimore team not fire him, and he was still their coach, he would be the Ravens coach. Again, the shanahan son/dad team was fired. Nothing "slipped".
  5. 1) When you fire someone, they didn't "slip through your hands". 2) McVay could have been our coach if we wanted. We chose to not deny him getting a chance to be HC. It happens
  6. We don't play base 3-4 enough to need a "true" NT. Phil Taylor could possibly be the NT in the small % we are in true 3-4
  7. My dream scenario is if Allen is at #6, we trade our #17 overall, our early 4th rounder and 3rd round next year to the Jets, for the 6th pick, and Sheldon Richardson. Take Allen at #6 and you have solved your defensive line problem in one swoop.
  8. Looks like the 85th logo/patch has been determined for this season.
  9. Edit-i agree. I just read this wrong the first time.
  10. Like the cowboys did, a la Randy Gregory?
  12. Ruben Foster failed his combine drug test. Pretty sure that takes him off our board.
  13. The Redskins probably withdrew their proposed rule change about color Rush jerseys being "optional", because they learned we would play our Thursday game on Thanksgiving, which means we can wear our 85th anniversary throwbacks on Thanksgiving night.
  14. Define "I was there".
  15. If he is convicted (which btw, he has not yet) of disorderly conduct, it won't even draw a suspension for it. Trent Murphy is missing the first four games of the season and we need him. Keep in mind, we already have two years and three contracts invested in him. It would be downright stupid to cut him even if he did get convicted of these charges. Disorderly conduct is a very broad charge also and it's really not a big deal. The Redskins fans on this thread, crying for him to be cut, have most likely done something in the same misdemeanor section, whether charged or not. Reckless driving? Drunk in public? Disorderly conduct? All misdemeanors. The alleged "victim" didn't press charges. Maybe the "victim" was the instigator? Was the officer wearing a uniform, or plain clothes? Did he know the police were chasing him when he ran? So many invariables here. I would also point out that if Junior Galette, 100% did nothing wrong, and was tasered anyways. It would not be the first time that happened.