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  1. Cousin's already signed the tag sheet. Redskins can't remove it now. They can can however replace it with a long term deal.
  2. Cousin's on Adam Schefter Podcast.. Just posted. I haven't even listened to it.
  3. Anyone else enjoying Ghost Recon? I'm just getting started and I actually really like it. Who has it here on Xbox One, that wants to jump in the Hummer with me and kill some cartel members?
  4. The Redskins did put a porta potty out there for them. Dual use. 1) for bathroom use 2) it's the marker you're not allowed to cross
  5. ***protest update*** Five people showed up. Can't get anywhere near the facility. Way to go! Saw some guy brought his kid! It's 35 degrees and raining. Way to endanger your child for something so stupid!
  6. In Virginia, you can't fire someone because of alcoholism. It's considered a disability. You can fire someone for drinking on the job however. But those lines are blurred, if he is allowed to drink in the owners suite during games, when he technically is "working". Once his agent came out and said "he isn't drinking", the team could fire him and did so, because Scots agent publicly said he wasn't.
  7. By this rate, I'll be sitting 3 rows from the 50 this year!
  8. No. I used to walk around FedEx with a megaphone.
  9. Robert Henson, with his two career tackles and his infamous Twitter post, calling out Redskins fans for booing the team at FedEx Field, surely is too involved with the Redskins for my liking. Ironically, it's he that is most likely working at McDonalds right now....
  10. Our cap could handle it, but at what cost? Paying a 33 year old receiver back loaded money, when you have up and coming players that we need to secure, isn't good business. Crowder. Scherff. Maybe Breeland? Maybe Cravens. The proof is we didn't pay them. It didn't make sense. You can think it didn't. Our GM until he or she Redskins say he isn't our GM, is still our GM. Reports are, he already outlined our FA plan. Maybe he is working from home. People do that. Again, what are people actually protesting against? We didn't fire our GM. We didn't trade Cousins. We are addressing our defensive line. We aren't overpaying aging players. We are actually drafting players and giving them the chance. I stand by my statement, if you're ready to turn your fan cards in, based on media reports and NOTHING from the team confirming them, then go for it.
  11. I know how NFL contracts work. I also know how money works. I know Pierre Garcon was given $16 million cash, upfront and we cannot match it. With Jordan Reed, Trent Williams, Ryan Kerrigan, Josh Norman, and possibly Kirk Cousins salary all having higher cap numbers, year after year, do you honestly think we were in a position to give two 30 year old receivers, back loaded contracts? Maybe you are the greatest salary cap projector on this message board! But with your terrible math, I seriously doubt it! And it's your right to protest. I don't think it's reasonable and I do the think you get past the guard at the gate tomorrow. If you do, and you and 20-30 Redskins fans get on the property, don't you think your presence will put off potential free agent signings?
  12. There is certainly a difference in getting $16 million that first year, and getting it spread out in three years. Again, he is making $16 million dollars next year and we could not match it. Not if we would rather have T. Pryor, who is on his way to Redskins park now.