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  1. SOLD But still have an extra green pass for both preseason games
  2. I will go to $100 for the whole package, in interest of getting rid of them today or tomorrow. Thats a pretty solid deal for any ES member.
  3. Best Madden ever. Still getting the hang of it. Defense is much better and Pryor and Crowder both have 91 speed, same as D Jax had last year. I start Fabian as #2 corner cause he has 92 speed.
  4. yes
  6. Release date is August 25th August 22nd for G.O.A.T. Editions August 17th for EA Access
  7. Will sell the entire package of 4 lower levels and one green pass for $120
  8. Because I want to win.
  9. I meant week 7 (first game he misses, against us. Last game he misses, also against us.)
  10. Hopefully the Cowboys legal team sets the start of his suspension back until week 6, then he misses both games against us.
  11. I hear there is an awesome Packers tailgate setting up here: 800 Shoppers Way, Largo, MD 20774 It is basically a "stones throw" away from the Stadium.
  12. Trent Murphy is suspended the first 4 games of this season. Healthy, injured or a Free Agent. No matter what, he is suspended on September 2nd until the Monday after game 4.
  13. Also, keep in mind, a suspended player doesnt count again the 53 man roster. Putting him on the PUP would not help the team whatsoever.
  14. He cannot be put on the PUP list until his suspension is over. This is an NFL rule.
  15. Medical records are private. It is not out of the question that a player has "faked" and injury for some reason or another in the history of the league. Zeke Elliot is about to be suspended 4-6 games. He is better than a B rated player. He could fake an injury in two weeks and use team facilities while on suspension if they allowed suspended players whom were injured to be in contact. Murphy cant be put on PUP list, because being suspended for any reason, makes him ineligible for PUP until his suspension is over. Also, suspensions carry on even through injury. See Silas Redd.