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  1. I was generation X for most of my life, since the original cutoff was 1960. Still Gen-x when they moved it up to 62. Then they moved it again to 64, and now it's 65. So suddenly I'm a baby-boomer, even though I wasn't even in first grade when Woodstock happened...even though I am younger than Billy Idol, who was the original Generation Xer.
  2. Sacha Baron Cohen Dupes Political Leaders

    Holy ****....
  3. Is Donald Trump a racist?

    Reagan, the guy in college who brought all the black players on his football team to stay at his parents' home when they were refused service at a whites only hotel. Reagan, the guy who as President insisted on taking in and welcoming the "boat people" from Vietnam into the US. Reagan, who said we shouldn't think of latino immigrants as undocumented aliens but rather willing workers, and pushed for sweeping reforms that gave millions of them a path to citizenship. Yeah...so much like Trump. I can see the direct line.
  4. Is Donald Trump a racist?

    (Proof that this thread was superfluous - it has devolved into an evaluation/ranking of previous Presidents.) Trying to find some depth beyond the usual yes/no of the poll, let me point out a few things. First, Trump is an absolute narcissist. As such, not only is he void of empathy, but he has a propensity to blurt out whatever he senses will be appealing to the crowd he is in (or will excuse, deflect from, or justify his deeds when facing criticism). Such being the case he will often make vile statements, including racist or racially charged utterances. Likewise, his racist housing policies in the past were likely more motivated by profits than animus. Even if Trump were a racist (which I believe he is), if he believed could make more money selling real estate to persons of color, he would. Secondly, Trump is profoundly ignorant. He reputedly hasn't read a book since college, reads no news stories unless he's in them, and limits his news coverage to Fox propaganda. One characteristic Trump fervently shares with his disciples - he does not see how the world has changed since his youth. It is human nature I suppose to have one's perception of reality shaped primarily by the experiences and situations of one's youth. For those bereft of intellect or curiosity, such perceptions remain forever static. Trump still believes the world is how it was, or at least should be, the world of the 1970s. For all the protestations and denunciations of globalization, it has dramatically lifted much of the world out of poverty in just a generation. Pakistan, for example, was once far wealthier than India, but over the last twenty years, India has abandoned socialism while Pakistan teeters between militarism and fundamentalism. India is now one of the fastest growing economies. Nowhere has the change been more dramatic than in Africa, despite horrific setbacks like Boko Haram. But - to someone like Trump, he cannot conceive of such a phoenix rising...hence the perception that such countries are all ****holes. During his heyday, such a description, while repugnant, might not have been so far off the mark. I think there should be no question that Trump is an enabler of racism, and that he has no conception nor empathy for the lives of African Americans, but if the left overplays the "he's a racist" card, such denunciations may prove to be counterproductive. If he can get away with mocking McCain for being a POW in a political party that pretends to be more patriotic, his racially controversial statements and actions are liable to be even more ignored. And yes, I do think he's a racist...
  5. Is Donald Trump a racist?

    I thought he was a very good President, but I don't see him making it quite that high. Top third for sure.
  6. Interesting...I like the sax solo on that version even more than the Classics IV version, but nothing compares to the ARS version for me. Since someone else posted a Popa Chubby tune, here's one of my favorites (I was briefly in a band that did this and several other Popa Chubby tunes. The three guys who founded the band were big fans and named the band the Fat Daddies. I have seen him twice in bars in NJ and even got a chance to talk with him a bit).
  7. Game of Thrones Season 8

  8. Is Donald Trump a racist?

    Was this thread necessary? Not trying to be a self-righteous jackass, but aren't there enough Trump/ White dudes/ immigration/ Trump supporters threads already.
  9. Random Thought Thread

    Believe it or not, it wouldn't do any good if the results proved she wasn't his daughter - the law in most states would still require the "recognized" father to pay child support rather than shifting that burden to the actual biological father. Sad and sick, but true.
  10. Random Thought Thread

    http://i.imgur.com/wO0lqPxh.gif The moment when you realize that you forgot to bring snacks for your friends.... A better hostess: https://i.imgur.com/emX4Oau.mp4
  11. Game of Thrones Season 8