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  1. According to NFL bylaws, we know the Browns pick will be out of football within 4 years, and the Jets pick will barely hang on as a career backup. Bad news for Mayfield (for whom I had high hopes) and Darnold (who seemed rather "meh"). I will go with Josh Rosen...although his situation looks drearily sumilar to Matt Leinart. The football gods have probably still not forgiven Buffalo for benching Flutie for Rob Johnson, which is sad news for J.osh P. Allen. Lamar Jackson is a joke. I think one of the mid-round picks (Lauletta or Mason Rudolph) will emerge as the best in a couple years (I would take Russell Wilson or Kirk Cousins over Luck [or obviously RG3] now, though that might have seemed crazy in 2012).
  2. Riggo-toni

    Emerging Technologies

    I am so glad for software that protects us from words like Han****, sal****er, ****pit, and such. Cazzo, sheise, merde, foutre, va te faire enculer, va fa' 'n culo, stronzo....
  3. Browns would be 3-0 if Huey Dewey had had enough brains to sign a healthy kicker. Baker Mayfield looked like Russell Wilson in his debut...which means Jackson will name Tyrod Taylor the starter....
  4. Riggo-toni

    Who will be the best QB of the 2018 draft?

    Well, it's only one game, but Mayfield looked better than Darnold.
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    Random Thought Thread

    I miss Scrubs...
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    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    https://i.imgur.com/HMXctig.mp4 Love it!
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    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    When the cruel overlords make you dance for your dinner... https://i.imgur.com/8An9i7E.mp4 When your friends ask how you can score with all the girls.... https://i.imgur.com/IenZyqX.mp4 Which is more desirable - the woman who pours or the woman who drinks? https://i.imgur.com/kXNHQ5G.mp4
  8. Schothead won because he was always playing in the worst division in the NFL. The AFC was a joke during his prime, and he still couldn't win. If he had been in the NFC during the eighties, he woould have been fired within 3 years. He had by far the most talented roster in the NFL his last year in SD, and still couldn't win a playoff game - Norvo the Clown won more playoff games in SD than Schotferbrains won in his previous 15 years! A competent coach would have coasted to the Lombardi with the talent on that team.
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    Some Hard Truths

    If Brad Johnson, Trent Dilfer, and even ack...Jeff Hostetler can win a SB thanks to an elite defense, maybe Cousins can too. But let's remember, even journeymen Case Keenum and Sam Bradford put up all pro stats with that receiving corp - and that was with the starting RB on IR. Cousins wilted in prime time and must win games. We didn't lose the next Drew Brees; we lost the newest Andy Dalton. Ultimately, as long as Lord Farquad or his minion Smithers are picking the coaches, we are doomed.
  10. 2001 when we hired Schotferbrains. That's when I realized our owner knew nothing about football. Reinforced by hiring Allen (I started a thread at the time equating it with the Niners disastrous hiring of Nolan, and all the ESers at the time trashed me for it) and then Shanahan.
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    Some Hard Truths

    Losing Sean McVay will end up hurting more than Cousins.
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    Let's Talk about Pets

    They're the spawn of Satan.
  13. So among other things, inbreeding also causes depression....
  14. Riggo-toni

    Here is to a Good Game

    If Rodgers had the same personnel Favre was given by Ron Wolf in the nineties, you guys would have more rings than the Pats. Sucks that they have wasted so many years of his prime with a weak supporting cast. I want either the Packers or the Rams to won the SB this year.
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    2018 Packers Look-a-Like Thread

    The Jake Ryan / Jan Brady is hilarious!
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    Yom Kippur and the new year

    Thanks man! A beautiful story that is desperately needed in these times of vitriolic hyper-partisanship and identity politics.
  17. No it doesn't. Nor are they anything remotely close to how they are portrayed onscreen. Two of the most honest people I know have both failed them. In fact, most people fail the first time. The agenda of lie detectors is not to detect lies, but rather to extract confessions from people who believe they are being caught. Polygraphs are about as accurate as a 10 day weather forecast. If I were accused of a crime of which I knew I was innocent, I still would refuse to take one.
  18. Riggo-toni

    Yom Kippur and the new year

    Andrew, I am relatively certain I could count the number of people you have wronged on no hands...you are a righteous dude. Speaking of righteous dudes, refresh my memory about how your grandparents were saved by a soldier from the holocaust. That would make a nice addition to this thread, and the newbies I'm sure have not heard the tale.
  19. As someone who was telling the truth but still failed a polygraph, I can tell you that they are complete bull****. Serial killer Mark Hoffman and the CIA's worst traitor Aldrich Ames both passed their polygraphs with flying colors.
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    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

  21. In the mid-nineties, GM Rich McKay put together the most talented defensive roster in the NFL in Tampa Bay. The team's Achilles heel was the lack of a competent QB to manage the offense. Failure to reach a Superbowl convinced the Glasers to pressure McKay into firing Tony Dungy and hiring an offensive minded coach. Jon Gruden came in, replaced Shaun King with Brad Johnson, and a year later became the youngest coach to win a Superbowl. Convinced of his own genius, Gruden demanded full control over personnel and pushed McKay out in order to bring in his favorite lackey from his time in Oakland - Bruce Allen. Over the hill Johnsons went to Dallas. Drafts went horribly wrong - Gaines Adams at # 4? Within a few short years, the roster was garbage and the team floundering. Gruden got fired, along with Allen and his merry men. Gruden found life on MNF, whilst Allen was left on the street, unwanted by anyone. In the meantime McKay, the guy Gruden pushed out, turned the Falcons into a playoff contender. Fast forward to 2009... Embarrassed by the Zorn debacle, Snyder ran off in a drunken stupor to Mike Shanahan, a guy who had won one playoff game in the last ten years and was barely over .500 following the retirement of Elway. Like Gruden in Tampa, Shanahan was convinced of his own genius and demanded full control over personnel. Like Gruden, he wanted a lackey to do his bidding and convinced Snyder to scrape Allen out of the bottom of a dumpster. The results were predictably dismal, but, thanks to his family name, Allen survived Lobsternado. Not only is Allen void of any personnel evaluation skills, he is also incapable of discerning front office or coaching talent. Perhaps the only accurate assessment he has determined is that Snyder is so preoccupied with accusations of meddling that he will allow Allen to do as he pleases. Thus empowered, Allen has used the Redskins as a means to distribute the spoils of conquest amongst the fellow failures of his tepid Tampa tenure. Not genius, not qualifications, nor even competence are prerequisites; familiarity supersedes all. Gruden, Haslett, Barry, and, forgive me, Doug Williams. Membership has its privileges. Two considerable talents have appeared during this period. The first, Sean McVay, left for greener pastures in LA, where I expect him to soon surpass Jon Gruden as the youngest coach to win a SB. The other is Kyle Smith. If this draft class pans out, he will likely be lured elsewhere with a promotion to GM. If the Redskins fail to make the playoffs this year, there must be a complete purge of the Tampa refuse. Only Kyle Smith, Bill Callahan, and perhaps someone amongst Gray, Tomsula and Manusky should remain. A new team President should be hired, but better that it be someone with no connection to the Skins' glory years, lest Snyder become too enamored with a past and thus blindsided. The Niners hiring Lynch might be a good template. That president should then either promote Kyle Smith, or hire a new GM. The GM should subsequently hire the next coach, thus establishing a hierarchy and eliminating our dysfunctional system of no-one held directly accountable for personnel. Unfortunately, this is a pipe dream. Empty seats and mediocre records might get Allen fired, but the Dan is more than likely to revert to his familiar failed pattern of hiring a big name coach (Harbaugh, or more likely Cowher) and handing over to him complete control over personnel.