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  1. Agreed. 20+ years of constant investigations, producing little to nothing. Who are the obsessed ones?
  2. What VeryOldSchool is describing sure sounds a lot like the GOP's attitude towards Hillary. Hell, she didn't even win the election and they still aren't over her being alive and breathing somewhere far away from the White House.
  3. WaPo: Dying at your desk is not a retirement plan

    Yeah my wife & I bought our home after the last bubble popped. The value has been climbing steadily since. (Just over 2 years as home owners). We didn't necessarily buy the house with investment in mind, but it sure doesn't hurt.
  4. WaPo: Dying at your desk is not a retirement plan

    That is probably true for previous generations, but I could see the way the real estate market is so volatile now, bubbles constantly inflated, then pop. Home values rising so fast then tanking. There is risk in that too.
  5. Not to mention cutting regulation for the sake of cutting regulation isn't a good thing. It all depends what regulation is being cut and who it benefits vs who it hurts. This "regulation boogeyman" is ridiculous.
  6. WaPo: Dying at your desk is not a retirement plan

    I can see both sides of the coin. For some, traveling in their 20's when they are young, vibrant, more adept to participate in the physical activity aspect of going to foreign countries for extended time. It is a great experience you can't necessarily do in your "retirement years." the downside is it costs a lot and it makes it hard to save money if you live that life in your 20's. There are also a growing number of young folks who are simply not getting married, starting families, buying homes. They aren't saddling themselves down with the same debt & obligations as others, so it could mean by the time they get to retirement age, the money they do have set aside will stretch further.
  7. Trump runs things like an ad agency. Everything he puts out there into the public sounds like it is planned easy-to-repeat phrase. He comes up with nicknames for everybody that disagrees with him and/or is critical. He is sort of like the Luntz guy, in that he never has anything of substance to say it is all about being a word smith. Also, I think in the past because all Presidents put out a certain degree of spin when trying to sell or defend policy, the press has always been hesitant to just come out and call the President a straight up when it comes to Trump they are trying to hold that same line, however in Trump's case, the fact that he seems to just make things up as he goes along, it's got to be tough with each passing day to not just call him what he is.
  8. You know it's kind of weird how social media itself has sort of changed computers from a place for society's castoffs to find solace in, to now being one huge popularity contest and vanity showcase. When I was a teenager I had a small circle of friends, but I also had just gotten the internet and could find myself getting lost on there for hours at a time. It was new, it was so primitive compared to now, but it was still a crazy new world of unlimited information and potential. I don't remember anything about it making me isolated or sad, but there was no social media outside of message boards and chat rooms. I think websites like facebook & instagram in a way have brought a lot of elements from the "mainstream" teenage experience onto the computer. Hell, remember when computers were pretty much for the nerds? It's a wild world out there.
  9. Trump doesn't seem to realize or just wants to not talk about the fact that he can put an end to this by himself. It doesn't need to be part of a bill, let alone a bill to fund a stupid wall. If the folks crossing the border are asylum seekers, why doesn't the gov't send more judges down there to review the asylum cases and either accept them in or send them back *as a family* I don't see the necessity of separating families besides to be cruel & unusual? Trump continually blaming the Democrats for this is severely testing the "Trump can repeat anything 3 times and half the country will believe it" abilities.
  10. Has he mentioned the tax rates of the 50's?
  11. One thing you gotta be amazed with Trump is his ability to just fabricate things. If you didn't already know he is pretty much constantly lying about everything, I swear. It's almost like this is all just a new TV show to him where the only rule is you go out there and put on a smile or grunt in his case and just say whatever you have to say....wait for the real stuff behind closed doors, except in Trump's case, from what we hear, he is still in fantasy land when the camera stop rolling too. I was watching that video about how he was talking about how everyone wanted to work in his White House. The best of the best...they all want a piece. The way he was delivering those lines, I think he actually believed it himself. Of course news hit today that the Oval Office is having a job fair for positions because no one wants to work for him. Man......I marvel at his ability to lie with no bounds. It's like that is his X-Men mutation.
  12. As far as the Trump saluting the General thing. Put me in the same boat as "meh...whatever" however yes, if Obama had done it, it would basically be 24/7 coverage on Fox about him committing treason or some other sign of weakness blah blah blah. When it comes to the "separating children from their parents" immigration issue. Am I wrong in thinking that the President unilaterally has the power to tell the DOJ/ICE to stop enforcing that part of the law, sort of like Obama told the DOJ to stop raiding Wellness centers? It's real slimy the way Trump is trying to blame Democrats and even more slimy the way The Huckster tries to regurgitate it.
  13. What's interesting to me is that if all these lawsuits against Trump were happening while he wasn't President I have no doubt 90% of the population would believe he was guilty of all of it. Let's say in alternative universe he had lost the election and he was merely still just a rich a-hole....I can almost guarantee a lot of the people who support him now and cry out "fake news" about anything related to Trump breaking the law, would be part of the "of course he is guilty" choir had he never entered the political arena. It says a lot how politics have morphed Trump into a good human being to half this country.
  14. Part of the reason why consistency & chemistry are so important and why building and developing players around each other is usually the better way to go as far as units on a whole. No problem adding a piece or two through free agency, but ideally you want a unit on either side of the football to not only be good individual players, but to also have trust in each other that they know and will execute their assignments so players don't feel the need to have one eye on a part of the field they aren't technically assigned to.
  15. All Things North Korea Thread

    It's basically gotten to the point that the phrase "fake news" is really code for "you're 100% correct"