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  1. This game can sort of be looked at as a reverse-statement game, yeah? Considering the level of competition the 'Skins have played week to week, this is finally an opponent that is a serious level below the pack. If the 'Skins had gone 3-for-3 or even 2-for-3 in their last three games, I could look at this as a trap game, but at 4-6, this feels like a team that is better than their record suggests that also happens to now have their backs up against the wall with the any playoff relevance for the remainder of the season on the line.
  2. Stay The Course

    The MASH unit on offense seems to have more depth, especially along the O-line. I think the reason people tend to not give the offense credit is because the running game is so awful....however against New Orleans we got an idea of what the offense would look like as a complete unit (well, besides short yardage rushing..uuuuuugh). The passing offense is not based on feeding a superstar the ball, it is based on getting people open and Kirk finding the best option, and he has been doing that well for the most part. The MASH unit on defense is where the lack of depth is more exposed. It shows just how great of a pick Jonathan Allen was/is because he transformed this pass rush from day 1. He was getting push and already demanding double teams at times. When he went out the ordinary guys went back to being ordinary and suddenly the interior D-line went back to being mediocre. The lack of consistent pass rush will forever plague a secondary, regardless of who is in the secondary. The linebacking core outside of Zach Brown needs upgrades as well. D-Hall being in the game is a bad sign that injuries have taken out starters and backups.
  3. Your team is good. Almost there.

    For what it's worth, I hope Philly loses another game or two so they have to play New Orleans in the dome come playoffs time.
  4. How do you feel about the Receiving corps?

    I agree that it could be more than "Pryor sucks." However with 6 games to go in a season where he hasn't produced a whole lot (regardless of the reason) you have to question how much the franchise can dedicate to him monetarily going forward. Now if the coaches are seeing something on the game film that suggests he is doing his job and the issue is elsewhere, so be it.
  5. I think the back to back losses will have the team fired up. Swearinger basically called out the defense two weeks in a row, while continuing to look like a beast in this defense the more the season goes on. I don't see the Giants defense stopping this offense that has put points up on some of the better defenses in the league over the past few weeks. If our defense can't contain the Giants offense, in a game where our offense might very well score 30 again? I won't even know what to say. Redskins 31 Giants 20
  6. The Skins RB situation....

    Good luck to the young man. If he has anything spectacular waiting to show the world, he is in the right situation to let it come out.
  7. How do you feel about the Receiving corps?

    Pryor's stats on the Browns seem like a case of a player being targeted so much that the stats are kind of inflated. Rod Gardner was a 1000 yard WR on the 'Skins for a season and virtually turned into a ghost when he left and was pretty much out of the NFL. I am thinking due to Pryor's size and physical ability, if the QB throws the ball to him 20 times a game, he is going to come down with 50% of those balls and the stat line will look good, however that is different than being on a team where you are asked to do specific things within a scheme and it is imperative that you run routes well and actually catch the ball the 4-5 times the ball is thrown your way. Also, Norman did lock Pryor up pretty well in the 2nd half of the game.
  8. How do you feel about the Receiving corps?

    I am not sure how ready Jeremy Sprinkle is to get an increased workload, but with 6 games left, it'd be nice to see him in the game more along side Vernon Davis, because it really looks as if the Jordan Reed injury issues are never going to go away, and with Vernon Davis's age, you never know when that wall is going to hit. I loved the Vernon Davis signing and think it has turned out fantastic, but all things considered he wasn't really signed to anchor the TE squad the way he has had to out of necessity. He has been a nice luxury while Reed continually misses games, but a long term solution at the TE position is needed sooner than later.
  9. The Skins RB situation....

    On Cooley's show today he said that 3rd & 1 play was a goal line play and that teams don't typical practice goal line plays during the week because it's so rare that a team is lined up on the 1 yard line. He said that they typical will do a walk through of goal line plays, but never actual practices in full pads against the defense. Cooley pretty much railed against using goal line plays in the middle of the field in a situation that you absolutely must gain a yard (or whatever yardage is needed for that matter). I know Cooley isn't the be all/end all, but if there is any truth to seems very idiotic for the coach to call this at a critical moment in the game.
  10. Saints vs. Redskins Post Game Assessments

    I am of the mindset that Gruden & Cousins are sort of a package deal at this point. Cousins survived Shanahan's exit, McVay's exit and now Gruden's 3rd straight season of .500ish football. I think once Snyder and the front office commit to starting over, they will be looking for a brand new HC/QB duo.
  11. How do you feel about the Receiving corps?

    The first half of the Saints game was a positive step in the trust Cousins has throwing to a WR that will go out and make plays. Cousins doesn't normally make those kinds of throws that rely on his WR to come away with a contested ball. The throw into the endzone that Doctson came down with (but out of bounds) is a positive sign too even though it didn't count. I think overall Cousins was much more aggressive then we have seen him in awhile. He was really attacking and not settling. Aikman brought it up at some point too that he passed on a shorter wide open easy pass to Vernon Davis and threw a laser to (I think it was Grant?) who was also open, but for a lot more yards.
  12. Saints vs. Redskins Post Game Assessments

    That's true. I meant to say "Ideally...." as in normally I'd expect that to happen. Pretty much anytime that penalty is called, the QB is pleading their case with officials unless it was so egregious that it isn't even worth the attempt. I'd have to rewatch the sequence of events (but maaaan I don't really want to) but it seemed like a decent amount of time went by between when the initial play was over, the lobbying for a flag took place, the flag was thrown, and the next play was run. I'd have expected Gruden to see Payton lobbying for the flag and do some of his own lobbying along with it, maybe Kirk too. If the refs acknowledge getting the call wrong, they usually always put the time back on the clock that ticked off during the decision-making.
  13. Saints vs. Redskins Post Game Assessments

    Not being able to challenge the play didn't stop Sean Payton from lobbying for the flag in the first place, because there were no flags thrown until he talked to the officials into it. If Kirk/Gruden recognized it was a bogus call they should have said something as almost every QB does when a flag is thrown for that penalty. You pretty much always see a QB point at a player or do some kind of explaining, which is why a lot of those flags ultimately end up getting picked up.
  14. Jay Gruden: Buy or Sell 2017 edition

    Is Jay Gruden the new Norv Turner? The man knows how to design an offense, but is he up to the task of head coaching duties? At first glance, he definitely looks the part, however it seems like there is a pattern developing where he just comes up lame in pivotal situations, in crunch time, when the game is on the line. The head coach really should be the rock in those instances. Other than the QB, the head coach is there to make sure everything is running smooth in the tense moments. When something like the bogus intentional grounding flag was thrown, it could put Cousins and/or the offense in a bit of mental funk. The head coach should be there calming the QB down, having a play ready to go to remedy the situation, letting the QB know exactly what will now happen as far as the clock, and what to look out for. Unfortunately at this point it doesn't matter because this franchise isn't going to get Gruden the O-coordinator without him being the head coach.
  15. Stay The Course

    I sort of feel like this team is being built more in an old-school approach now (well at least when Scott became GM) where they are getting better in stages. Right now the 'Skins are in 8-8/9-7 stage, where they are good but not good enough to overcome mental blunders or errors in games. This fanbase is thirsty for a huge jump when the each season begins. In the modern NFL there is a lot of those "sexy" Cinderella stories where teams go from 6-10 to 11+ wins in one offseason, but often those teams fizzle quickly because they aren't built to last and those stand alone successful seasons were smokescreens. Even during Gibbs 2.0 the team was so inconsistent from year to year, with basically the same personnel. Right now what is interesting is despite roster turnover and injuries, the team has not dropped off in any major way. They are, for the most part, maintaining a baseline unlike say a team like the NYG who lost a few players and suddenly the bottom falls out quickly. The instant gratification of .500 to Superbowl contender might not be there, but the growth and improvement is there and it will hopefully equal lasting power once the team is actually a contender.