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  1. The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    Considering how many cops seem to act out of line when it is their profession to protect & serve and try to de-escalate situations. I have concerns about teachers being put into the role of protector alongside educator.
  2. Do you surf ES during work or class???

    Of course at work. Usually when some kind of big news hits.
  3. If the GOP had any guts they'd find someone to run as an (I) merely to split their voting base to ensure Trump doesn't get re-elected. It's what the country actually needs at this point because personally, I don't trust the American people to do the right thing anymore.
  4. My friend Jkam

    Sorry to hear about your friend Jkam. Sounds like a guy who would have fit in well here with all of us. Condolences.
  5. Mass Shooting on the Las Vegas Strip

    It sort of feels like the only way to handle this properly would be to start over from ground zero when it comes to gun ownership period. With how many guns are already out there in circulation, legal and/or illegal, the cat seems to be out of the bag. In a way, sort of like immigration, regardless of what you want in regards to border security, we have to come up with a solution for all the immigrants that are here already, 99.9% who are productive members of society in some shape or form.
  6. Mass Shooting on the Las Vegas Strip

    The "well-regulated" part seems to be a sticking point. A "well-regulated militia" seems to be a bigger sticking point. I had a conversation with my friend once, who is a gun owner. I asked him about that part of the 2nd amendment and his interpretation was that the "well-regulated militia" merely meant the American people in general. For me, that just seems crazy. Perhaps in a nation of thousands of people I could buy that interpretation, but "well-regulated" militia seems to be pretty specific in that it seems to be referring to the militia itself being regulated, not just the regulation of weapons purchasing itself. I am also no constitutional scholar or great historian, but I thought I remember learning in school that part of the wording was put there specifically because the founders did not believe in a standing army in times of peace...(does that even exist anymore?) and that the well-regulated militia, not the military, would be the folks who protected the country from foreign invasion. Does that national guard now qualify as that well-regulated militia?
  7. Mass Shooting on the Las Vegas Strip

    it is based on the things you hear and see the ultra pro-gun advocates say. (Not all, mind you) It's always about how much better they would have "taken out the terrorist" or bad guy. Them and their trusty gun(s) will save all of us. Just go online and read any article on guns or gun control and you will see hundreds of "Jon McClane" types coming out of the woodwork. The people who are actually defending themselves with a gun tend to be a lot more humble about the situation and aren't constantly painting a heroic masturbatory scenario around their circumstances. No one is denying that some people are confronted with the situation of having to defend themselves with a gun. I'd imagine having to use a gun in self defense is a harrowing experience, trained or not. And I was also speaking specifically on mass shootings or similar attacks not a home invasion or robbery.
  8. Mass Shooting on the Las Vegas Strip

    The "good guys with guns" tend to be the ones cowering in the most fear. (Not counting trained professionals, but I suppose when it comes to some police officers? Yeah, them too.) They will post online about their Dirty Harry fantasies and how they will be the ones to save us all, but in real life their gun ownership is just an extension of their overall paranoia and delusions about people and the world at large.
  9. Mass Shooting on the Las Vegas Strip

    I've said as much before. I think "gun culture" might possibly be a bigger problem than guns themselves. The obsession, the almost cult-like worship of them.
  10. Mass Shooting on the Las Vegas Strip

    You're mis-understanding my question. I don't care if AR-15's are the weapon of choice in mass shootings or not. What purpose do they serve to be available to the public, period? Remove them entirely from the atrocities they have facilitated and explain to me what good they have done for the public. I know the answer is probably moot at this point, as is the overall issue when it comes to guns because there are so many out there in the country already circulating that I am not sure if there is a solution to this issue that won't take decades/generations to slowly solve.
  11. Mass Shooting on the Las Vegas Strip

    Still not sure why AR-15's are a legal weapon to own.
  12. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    IMO, there's no shame in drafting a QB you honestly feel is going to be a super star, and then have them ride the bench for a couple of seasons. I know the NFL is more rookie-QB friendly than ever, but it still doesn't mean you need to only draft a QB with the intention of them starting from Day 1.
  13. Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    I am not so sure the Alex Smith trade is a "win now" move as much as it is a "don't go backwards with the exit of Cousins" move. This team wasn't a winner with Cousins. I don't see Alex Smith on his own transforming the team in any way. He will do some things better and some things worse than Cousins, however he isn't going to take a .500ish team and put them in the NFC Championship. I look at this trade more as a "Front office knew Cousins was leaving, didn't want to start from ground zero at QB position. We feel Alex Smith can keep the team a-float maybe slightly improve with/if the rest of the roster improves. Team can be a playoff team under Smith. Smith is a cheaper option to invest in for the next few seasons while we search for the long term solution at QB" situation.
  14. I've never really thought Alex Smith was an upgrade over Kirk. I think they actually have a somewhat similar game, but also because they both have excelled in schemes that allow them to rack up lots of stats with short passes and checkdowns that allow the skill position players to work the field. There's nothing wrong with that really. The main thing is the value difference. Alex Smith because of his age is a stop gap, the huge contract numbers will fool people into believing he is going to be around a lot longer than he likely is. I see him as a 2-3 year option while the 'Skins work on drafting someone they truly believe will be a long term franchise QB. In order to have kept Kirk here (assuming he was even willing to stay in the first place) it would have required a lot more money and the front office basically putting all their marbles into the Cousins basket for the long term. I look at the 2017 roster and had it stayed healthy I think the outcome would have been similar whether Cousins or Smith was the QB. I don't see a huge difference in what they bring to the table. Each guy excels at certain aspect the other doesn't, but I don't look at either one as a huge upgrade/downgrade. It could very well end bad for Alex Smith here, but that wouldn't differ from almost any other QB this team has drafted and/or signed in the past 30 years. I think Alex Smith could be the QB that helps this team become a playoff team, but I have my doubts about what he can actually accomplish once they are a "appears in the playoffs regularly" kind of team. That is where it pays off to have true franchise QB's. The thing is, the Redskins aren't even to that point yet. They need to get there first before people start asking stuff like "Can you win it all with..........<insert QB here>"
  15. Tax Bill

    The GOP is putting into place their plan. Tax cuts and gov't spending cuts (besides Military, which usually gets increased). Bleed the gov't of revenue and then turn around and start gutting. The GOP plan is an easy sell on the surface. "Keep more of your money, shrink the bloated Gov't" It's extremely easy for the common man to be on board with that message in theory, which is why people tend to fall for it over and over. It's once you get into the details of what is being cut and/or how the gov't programs intertwine in every day life often out of necessity when the issue becomes much more gray.