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  1. Redskins Denver Post Game Assessments

    At this point, it is called analysis, identifying what things you really need to fix. Is there even reasonable hope for 2018 or should I not even bother? There are only a couple of teams (whose records also suck BTW, that have had more critical injuries anyway). Why are we 7-8 and not 10-5, needing a win to lock up the wild card? Next season (as now, that is pretty much all that matters), what can we do to avoid or minimize this issue?
  2. Official 2017 Redskins Playoff Tracker Thread

    At this point last year, we were 4-3-1. Minnesota was in a slump but there really was no good reason to think they wouldn't pull out. Green Bay? Slump but Rogers was not on IR. We came out of those at 6-3-1 with a 'cakewalk' schedule and we only needed to go 3-3 and went 2-4. The losses to Az and Carolina were not skin of the teeth losses. At 5-5, we'd have to go 4-2 on those back 6 minimum.
  3. Redskins vs Vikings Prediction Thread: CK vs KC

    Our defense is good but goes brain dead sometimes while our offense likes to give away points (either directly on indirectly). Seattle indirectly gave us 11 points Sunday and for one of the few times this year, we only arguably gave them 2. This is unlike Dallas where we gave them two TDs (though the last one was a bit irrelevant to the final outcome), two FGs and an XP at least while arguably they gave us only 3. This has been a major problem for us for years. Is getting more free points from the other guys a trend or a fluke? I would love this to be a new trend for us because I haven't seen that be a consistent thing for us since 1991. Who do we actually get back? Are they really back or just playing because half a Trent is better than anybody but Ty? If we get enough guys back, we have stopped giving away points while the other team has started to give us points and the defense never goes brain dead: Redskins 30 Vikings 10 If not, things might go badly...
  4. Redskins Seahawks Post Game Assessments

    A thing about our offense performance: Seattle's defense is the only one that has kept the Rams from scoring 20 or more.
  5. Thank you Josh Doctson..Thank You!!

    ODB jr second best year was as a rookie and by some standards might have been his best. Boldin had a crazy good year as a rook.
  6. Time To Bring Back The Fun Bunch.

    I'll agree that you should use original nicknames. Hogs 2.0 was not creative and probably will be lost to history anyway even if the line turns into something. Most people think of the Hogs as one unit but only Bostic and Warren were starters in all the SB seasons at the same position (Jacoby started but was on the right when Lachey was brought in).
  7. Time To Bring Back The Fun Bunch.

    When the Fun Bunch was established, the only receiver active (it was formed when Monk broke his leg) that could be called good was Brown. The other guys? Got them off the NFL trash heap or were guys more known for their blocking skills and being good check down guys. Brown only had a couple of good seasons. When the Hogs were first called the Hogs, they were also an unknown quantity. In fact, in their first year known as the Hogs, they gave up over 3 sacks a game and led a rushing attack that was in the bottom half of the league in terms of efficiency.
  8. Redskins Seahawks Post Game Assessments

    4 of our 5 starting OL were out and several of the guys who did play were on the street a couple of weeks ago. 2 of our best pass threats were out (Crowder probably makes the screen game real dangerous while Reed probably is sort of our most consistent run threat -- good with forward handoffs). On defense, we only had 3 active safeties and Harvey-Clemmons was only playing his second NFL game. With Paul out and Spaight not 100%, he needed to focus on teams anyway. Ioannidis was out. Breeland was not 100%. I find it a bit interesting that Preston Smith seemed to disappeared a bit now that Allen is out. That is probably a bit of a coincidence as Smith's performance over the first four games was probably unsustainable for 16 weeks,
  9. Welcome back, Deangelo Hall

    Don't really know but probably.
  10. Welcome back, Deangelo Hall

    Nicholson was not active today for injury reasons. Had Hall not been reactivated, I think we'd have had only two active safeties today. The move was a no-brainer because two active safeties is a very bad thing. Even when Nicholson is healthy, we'll only have four.
  11. Welcome back, Deangelo Hall

    I actually kind of wondered why so many of us thought he was done. Figured that he was coming back (esp with the Cravens thing) if we had injury issues (injuries ALWAYS are a big issue and Hall being PUPed sort of allowed us to have a 54 man roster) or were in the middle of a playoff run (both seem to be true now).
  12. Redskins Seahawks Post Game Assessments

    No. The sack was the call in the field and Seattle was about to clock it when the officials called for a review. Had Seattle been allowed to clock the ball, they'd still have had time to pull off the hail mary. Problem would have occurred if the call had been overturned and then seconds would have had to be added back. Don't think it would have helped though.
  13. Redskins Seahawks Post Game Assessments

    So far the only ways I've seen our pass rush stopped is to hold or break contain. I suspect it could also be stopped if you got an awesome run game going with a defense that is stopping our offense. Seattle was able to stop our offense but could not get their offense to take advantage
  14. Thank you Josh Doctson..Thank You!!

    A big fallacy, especially for round 1 guys. You can't really come to any conclusions about a WR until their 3rd year and sometimes it'll take 3 years before they are actually the best option. Only top guys to develop that late usually do it for a team other than they started with. There have been some who took that long but very few.
  15. Official 2017 Redskins Playoff Tracker Thread

    6-2 on the back end almost certainly gets us a playoff spot while 5-3 puts us on the cusp. So I would say it we go 1-1 or better over the next two games and actually get reasonably healthy (and stay reasonably healthy), playoffs are as sure a thing as can be in the NFL. If our defense can stop going brain dead, we may even do some damage.