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  1. Did George Allen Make or Break Larry Brown's Career

    No, the primary factors were bad luck and playing in an era were the solution to injuries was often to just rub dirt on it. Truth is, there were a lot of 1-3 year wonders in the early 70s. His relatively small frame with a running style that matched a bigger back had more to do with why he faded so hard after injury as opposed to why he got injured. Also, Larry Brown was not a guy who could dominate half-assing, he had to leave it all on the field. When his best became less than what an OJ at half-speed could do...
  2. The problem with comparing current cap $ to current cap $ is that is a bit of an oranges to apples as the cap is an accounting fiction. Guys on their rookie deals are going to be cheap, FAs, even those with huge contracts, are often relatively cheap cap-wise in the first year or two of their deals and usually you only need 1 or 2 elites on your oline if you can identify a few other just able to consistently do their job no more. Our biggest problem running the ball is really about the way we run and not having WR/TEs who set the edges. Finally, following the leader is why we keep missing the wave.
  3. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    The number 1 thing for a NT is to do his job which at 'Bama is to allow the defense to overload the POA. No one should care much about how the job gets done, just that it gets done. First question should be which of the teams had a better defense. Also, the player who is mentally and emotionally capable of doing what the coaches need him to do given their defense is likely the better option as a good coach can work around some slight physical issues. Look at George Allen's and Petitbon's defenses while running Redskin defense, Dave Butz was probably the only elite talent that played DT for them, and even then, Butz put up elite numbers only a couple of times.
  4. You could also argue that the Redskins, Giants and Eagles all pretty much were starting to go down hill. There was also Walker trade. Since 1996, with a few exceptions, Dallas has pretty much only been high-end mediocre since then and suffered their worst period of suck (the Campo era) since they were a new franchise.
  5. From a pure resume standpoint, 1978 Bobby was pretty much what a 1989 Casserley was but had never been a major player in building a winner (from a personnel stand point, CC was the main person responsible for the replacement players). Beathard joined the Dolphins as Director of Player Personnel in 1972. While the Phins did win the next two SB, the team that did so pretty much had the players in place and at most only needed the seasoning that would have been the responsibility of Shula and his staff. He never really had good drafts there though interestingly he did make his first Redskins pick while there (Karl Lorch) and the great backup QB, Don Strock.
  6. @Voice_of_Reason Knowing what I know now, I would take Scherff over Williams every time. Especially since if we took Williams, Morse would have been our 2 pick. I cannot understand why anyone would prefer Williams(1 pro bowl, 12 sacks)/Morse(solid but not great C now) over Scherff(2 pro bowls)/Smith(20.5 sacks).
  7. Did George Allen Make or Break Larry Brown's Career

    Larry Brown was also a top receiver out of the backfield. Of his top 5 runs from scrimmage, 4 were of the catch and run variety. He was a good blocker. He was small, even for the standards of his day. If you want a type of RB who'd fit what Gruden wants perfectly, Larry Brown would hit all the marks except for size.
  8. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    7-8 seasons is actually getting to the higher end of how long you can expect from a bell cow RB who was the main weapon for 4 years in college (especially at Texas in the 70s) during a period when the main medical advice for players was to rub dings with dirt. 3 consecutive all-pro seasons is pretty good for a RB who is your only weapon. Campbell did not leave football until he was 30 and actually played in over 95% of the games available to him while starting just over 88% of the time. Guice does not have 4 years as LSU's prime back and has 300+ fewer rushing attempts than Campbell.
  9. If Dez never plays another down in the NFL, he is set to receive about 45k a month starting at age 55 (assuming he never took advantage of the NFL's 401K plan and not including any social security). The value of that is probably a lot less than what he would make even playing another year or so at vet minimum (plus he'd increase that pension to about 50k a month and may more if he goes 2 more) but he'd have a much better chance of being healthy then.
  10. About the same using any comparable bench marks. Any other thought is just based on assumption. Few RBs actually create the running game, they just can elevate it or drag it down. Kelly does not elevate our run game but doesn't drag it down. Anderson doesn't elevate Denver's run game. he just doesn't drag it down. I don't know if we can actually find a back who could truly elevate our run game via FA. I know D. Murray or even Alfred Morris did but I don't know if they could do it anymore. Anderson would not be an improvement on what we got.
  11. From 1932 to 1948, we had just two losing season and played in 5 championship games. From about 1949 to 1970 we only had two winning season and no playoff appearances. From 1971 to 1992, again just two losing seasons and 5 championship games. From 1993 to 2017, 8 winning seasons. While the current malaise has been slightly longer than our last period of suck, we have had a lot more winning seasons. Overall, the evidence seems to indicate more of a cyclical nature in the NFL. Only one team in the NFL has managed to avoid multiple long periods of suck. Only 5 teams in the NFL have better than .550 over their history, two of which currently are going through suck periods, and 10 teams founded before 1970 that have losing records, only 3 of those have never been to a SB. Before the Belichick/Brady era starting about 2001, NE was smack dab at the lower end of the pack. The Steelers do kind of break this cycle as they sucked pretty much from founding to 1971 while with a couple of exceptions have been decent to great since then. Cardinals may be another team as they've usually been mediocre to bad and don't have extended periods of decent to great years. You can break out of those cycles pretty quickly. The 1972 Steelers were coming off a losing season where they were not very competitive. Our own Redskins jumped from a 20+ year period of suck to miss wining the division probably when Charley Taylor broke his leg. No one outside of a few die-hard Redskins fans wearing Burgundy glasses as late as September 1982 thought we had any chance to become the juggernaut we were about to become.
  12. No, it makes the point that our draft fails have very little to do with any issues. From 1969 to 1992, we had a total of three losing seasons, only 1 which saw 10+ losses, only two more non winning ones and were either in the playoffs or in sniffing distance every other year. We went to 4 SBs in that period, twice beating a division opponents in the NFCC game. In 1983, we went 14-2 but did not clinch the division until our last game! We did not do this because we were good drafters.
  13. The highest pick in the linebacker core of one of the best defense in the '80s was a 7th rounder. Truth is, our malaise had little to do with bad drafting in the late 80s. In 1991, we drafted a guy who was supposed to be the best DT in the draft. From what I remember, he was not as good as advertised (though still a decent DT) and his career was cut short by injuries. That was also the year we drafted Keenan McCardell who might have been an OK replacement for an aging Art Monk, who already was not a real number 1, but Joe Gibbs decided we needed to go a different direction. In 1992, we did draft 3 OL but only 1 actually made an NFL team, all were pretty much busts. There was also some bad luck, the first time we got to tap an A QB, our choices were between Schuler and Dilfer and later the NFL made us wait so we couldn't even try to retain Trent Green. We did get Tre Johnson who might have been the best guard of the class if he didn't have injury issues. Raymer was pretty good until his injury. How about Andre the Missing? I do sometimes wonder what would have happened if Joe Gibbs had come back in 1999 instead of 2004. A much bigger factor since 1993 has been that our front office has just been mediocre at best. We picked a couple of coaches in Petitbon and Turner who seemed to have shown the truth of the Peter Principle (you rise to your level of incompetence), our great owner was more interested in his legacy (and it was not the new stadium) than the health of the team, did not know how to handle this thing called free agency and then we got SnyderAtto who promptly blew the boon New Orleans handed us. Drafting is pretty much something we've never done well since I've been a fan. We did have an amazing 1979 and 1981. 1980 and 1983 were also good but not like 1979 and 1981.
  14. Cousins was pretty much gone when we failed to deal with him in 2017 and arguably in 2016 so I'd say that the fall out there can't really be counted against this year. Murphy was the only guy who left that I really would have liked to keep. He's got to look out for number 1, and appropriately, he went for the bucks. it would not have been a sane move to try to keep him given what he got paid (esp. coming off sever injury and a PED issue, though that was in part on us). I also would have liked to keep Paul but his game should easily be replaced. We did retain Brown, who was pretty much the only guy that hands down I wanted back. Given that Docston and Crowder are thought of as starter material, we really only needed 1 top tier WR, which we signed. I keep wondering what all the fuss is about? Personnel-wise, we were only out of it by a razor thin margin. Maybe we can fuss that the FO has never helped Jay get a top quality DC (Bobby helped Joe keep Petibon) or should have kept one of Jackson or Garcon. We also may fuss that the current front office has not found top end guys in later rounds. OK, we probably messed up the KC thing, but I don't think KC was ever going to carry the team on his back and signing him to an LTD probably puts us in a position were we had to hope he could or get lucky (something I don't want to rely on). I do question why Bruce has survived Shanny's suck, out-played Scott and looks like he still has not put together an elite FO.