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  1. NFL Top Jersey Sales: No Redskin In The Top 50

    Well, the Giants kind of have that with Barkley but they have a recent past were they've gone from bad to a playoff contender that then got better. As far as young potential studs with Washington, which one? Allen? Payne? Guice?
  2. NFL Top Jersey Sales: No Redskin In The Top 50

    Noticed that almost all of the top selling jerseys are for players that are real good and are likely to be on that team for several more years or have been good to great but are probably near the end of their career. A few are the new hope of a team backed by fans that believe their team is on the cusp. The top one is for the SB winner and might allow one to wear a Foles jersey (unless he goes to Dallas, Washington or the Giants, you can wear that jersey for the team he ends up with in a year or two) and claim you were a Foles fan before it was cool.
  3. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Selfishly I want quality football, there are several professional sports that one can play longer and/or don't seem to have as big a health risk. I'd much rather have my son put in just a few years in the majors as a solid utility guy than 8 years as an all-pro RB. Heck, if they earned crap, I steer him away from the NFL period. Many of the best NFL players could also be top performers in other professions if they had decided to go that route. They went football because it paid both in terms of money and personal pride.
  4. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Yes, its not as fun knowing several of your favorite players will likely be gone in a couple years. However, the last bad year for the Steelers was 2003 and you have to go all the way back to 1971 to find the last season of a long-term suck. The Pats sucked long term last between 1989 and 1993. While they've mostly had mediocre seasons since the hey day of Aikman, Dallas has only suffered through three periods of long term suck since 1960. Since before Lombardi, the Packers have only had a bad year here and there plus some stretches of mediocrity.
  5. Well, we disagree big time then about Allen. Remember, Terry Allen was one of the best goal to go guys in his era running behind a line that had only one guy of note, Tre Johnson (although, he was probably one of the best during his time). You might have an argument for Portis although only Samuels should be considered as good as what Riggins got to run behind. Riggs always had issues with ball security which was not a good problem to have, especially on a Gibbs team. He was not a young pup when he came here and had injury questions.
  6. Allen, Davis and Portis were all pretty consistent short yardage backs. Over one year, it was probably Riggs in 1991 who was the most consistent ever. Byner's best individual season as a Redskin (1990) and his best year in terms of YPA as a Redskin (1989) both had just a few 20+ runs (22 was his long in 1990 and 24 was longest in 1989). You don't get over 1200 yards at 4.1 yards a pop with no monster runs unless you are deadly on the short runs. I'd add that neither Allen or Portis had the greatest offensive lines.
  7. Thing is, most people KNEW the Redskins defense was going to be a good one even going into 1981 as it was one of the best in 1980. Still, many experts doubted us until late 1983. We talk about how great our roster seems now, but in 1996, Richie Owens was looking like Dexter Manley 2.0 and Sean Gilbert had yet to talk to God.
  8. In 2000 we lost what I call the 'THONK game' (the thonk when Murry missed that final FG attempt). After that loss, Snyder fired Norvous and we'd end up finishing 1-2 which included a loss to the 4 win Cowboys. We were also the first real match up win that started the Giants on the road to the SB. Against the Giants in game 3 in 2001, we should have had touchdowns on our first two possessions plus we missed a FG. We'd have just ended up 6-10 anway but who knows. In the first game of 2004, they set up their first score off a fumble and their second TD was a fumble return. While starting the season 2-0 may not have helped much, a 5-8 Redskins going into the Dallas game would have had a serious shot at the playoffs (yes, the NFC sucked that much). In 2007, we let a 17-3 half time lead slip away and ended up losing 24-17 after having a first down at the Giants 1 yard line with just 25 seconds. Probably would have meant a 17-0 season for the Patriots!
  9. No, I mean I first heard it during the Parcells era. Heck, they almost beat us in DC in 1983! But as I stated, it seems to have started off as more of a way to fire the NY Giant team and fans as good team you should beat, kind of like how Allen used the Cowboys.
  10. The "Remember That Time..." Thread

    I thought at 7-1 we had arrived. The back half of our schedule was generally considered much easier than the front half of our schedule. We had 3 games against two opponents that were not very good and the we disagree about the first Eagles game. In 1994, we plain sucked. In 1995, we were competitive but were still finding ways to come out on the short-end. Now, it looked like a WC was a sure thing and the division was quite possible.The Norv tenure at that point reminded me of Johnson's tenure. Suck the first year, a competitive loser the next, a playoff season the third and then go on to be dominate. Offensively, Terry Allen was tearing it up and we also had a rookie RB that was looking good while our QB looked like he'd become the measuring stick of late round flyers at QB for the future. The offensive line included the best guard of the 1990s. On the defensive side, Sean Gilbert was young and looked good, God had not yet talked to him. Ken Harvey and the ageless one were kicking ass. Rich Owens was looking like Dexter Manley 2.0, and Tom Carter was finally looking like he might live up to his draft status.
  11. The New York Giants all see "Washington as Washington". It has actually been a large part of their culture since Parcells, maybe before. Of course, I think that the view then was more akin to how George Allen got us 'Skins fans considering Dallas the big enemy and morphed to what it is now during the 90s and early 2000s. Last two seasons have really given them even more reason to believe the "Washington is Washington" thing!
  12. Rewatched Highlights from Last season, what stood out

    The main times I saw hits in the backfield was because there was no seal on the outside, not due to O-line fail. The main fail that might be put at the o-lines feet was that it didn't look like it could force issues.
  13. Rewatched Highlights from Last season, what stood out

    @skinsOLfan Kirk threw 2 pick sixes last year, neither of which changed the game outcome (one was during desperation time). The only red zone interception that may have negatively effected game outcome was the one in the first game. He threw just one more the entire season but it was the Crowder fumble that opened the floodgates.
  14. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Nobody started saying he was a marked upgrade until the haters started complaining about a downgrade. The main people I've seen claiming people say that are the Alex haters.
  15. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    The red zone is a relatively large area. 1 down at the 11 is significantly different than 1 down at the 10. 1 down inside the 5 is significantly different from first down and goal outside the 5. We did not score with Cousins running ROs occasionally. For the last 3 years, it has our best way to score in the red zone via the run game. I don't understand why people are so enamored by Alex as a runner, Cousins was about as good at it (not as big a threat to make the long run is pretty much the main difference) and seems much better using his legs to score. I think you may be right about Reed being underrated, in 2015 we were a top 10 red zone team when he was healthy. I also think respect of our run game opened up a lot of short area passing opportunities in 2015. In 2015, Reed and Crowder caught an awful lot of passes where LBs or safeties should have been had they not respected our run game. Guice looks to be a better crease runner, watching the tape there were several runs by our backs that would have been TDs if the back would have just rolled off the tackler (something both Morris and Portis did well and Guice looks good at too) as opposed to just running square into him.