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  1. Game Day Thread - Cards at Skins

    Not great,but not horrible. Energy at the field was low,but the fans that are here got in to it. Okay. Need a run game and no turnovers 2nd half.
  2. Random Thought Thread

    Thanks. Currently sitting at a Mcd's with my Mrs.,(sleeping). Checked in and waiting for the flight to board. So far so good after the BS hiccup earlier. Hopefully that's it. Staying at a bed and breakfast in D.C. and they've been way cool with the delays. Crossing fingers and toes.
  3. Random Thought Thread

    Well now this is an inauspicious beginning to the trip back to D.C this weekend. We cut things a little close,but got to the airport in time,(according the printed out rules),and were promptly quoted a different set of rules along with the old deicing excuse. Rescheduled our flight for 41/2 hours later and really gave us little time in making the connecting flight. To quote a phrase,"I have bad feeling about this."
  4. My Christmas gift this year from my lovely bride is a trip to D.C. for a few days with tickets to this game. We'll try to stop by and maybe catch up with some friends. That is if I don't get us lost trying to get to the game.
  5. I'll do that. Looks like I'm going to need one of those 45 rpm adapter things too. Centering that **** on that old thing isn't working.
  6. Again? Yet just another drive by? Dude. Tell you what. If that's the most substantive thing you have to contribute in this thread and any others like it,then I'd highly recommend not posting in them at all. That's the only warning you're getting here for the trolling.
  7. Yeeeesh. It's almost routine now with these dirtb....people. Member of administration or other asked about something dealing with Russians. Shown otherwise
  8. Yeesh. This is beginning to resemble an old WAC,defense optional game.
  9. https://wtop.com/local/2017/11/popular-therapy-dog-program-walter-reed-contracted-halted-patient-care/ *click link for more*
  10. Sigh. I am old. I'll stick to the consoles going up to the PS1,( I gamed on the 64,Amiga,and PC as well. The original DOOM and Dark Forces being the favorites there). I remember losing a lot of hours of my day playing Excitebike and Tyson Punchout. Years before that there was my second console,(first being the pong one),the Intellivision. Dungeons and Dragons and Tron Deadly Discs were my clear favorites and two of the tougher games to play for that one. Had the Sega Genesis and the Strike series were my hands down favorites,(NBA Jam being the second because the mother ****er cheated. ). PS1. Medal of Honor followed by the never completed Metal Gear.
  11. Redskins @ Seahawks Game Day Thread

    Skins tried. Tried to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory,but just couldn't do it. And I'm glad.