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  1. One thread dealing with 9/11 at the time
  2. Got high once. Puked for about 3 hours. **** ain't for me but it's cool for others.
  3. LOL. Uh no. Tempting,but no. Though I will admit to telling some coworkers that there were a few times I missed the days of bouncing and such. After being told to **** off at the big orange store a few weeks ago,was one of those times. Too old for that ****.
  4. Ya know. As a doorman/bouncer,bartender,bar manager,those times living in the big city,and even times in the military,I got used to being called all kinds of names and to "FO". Interesting how that's stretched in to the world of retail. Good thing I'm used to it by now.;)
  5. "BANG" "You get 'em?" "Hold on eh?" * "Okay yeah got 'em." Helluva shot.
  6. Couple of examples of Kefka in what was then known as "The Bleachers."
  7. Strawberry Milk and a Mop
  8. Well some good news for a change.
  9. Well lets just make sure we make it official. No more about the b.s. conspiracy theories and more about the actual thread topic Thanks.
  10. That "directive",if you will,could be the most telling response by GOP members so far.
  11. Didn't take long for #covfefe to start trending big time did it?
  12. Actually,I'm saying nothing of the sort and you're more than likely smart enough to know that. No points for the attempted diversions. Rage,like fear and love,can make people do all kinds of things. It's the source of said emotions that comes to mind. Racism has been and will be,(unfortunately),a good source for those reactions. Rage. Fear. Even love,can be fleeting. Racism not so much.