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  1. ****ing ugh. 21st century and still seeing this bull**** white supremacist ****. . Heavy,heavy sigh. Twitter feed started by jjmacnab dealing with the goings on in Charlottesville. https://twitter.com/jjmacnab/lists/charlottesville-rally?s=09
  2. Some of the recent face swaps making the rounds are funny,(and maybe scary). I need some type of humor in all this ****.
  3. Well that's it. The youngest was accepted in to marching band at college. Leaves Monday. Empty nesters just like that,(well it seems anyway).
  4. *Get's done catching up with today's episode of "Keeping Up With The Dumpsters" White House Reality TV.* Well... I just.... I mean....... *
  5. RIP Sam. Great writer and actor.
  6. Donald not getting his way again.
  7. When you come back from work and see that you're 5 pages behind in this thread. When you see Visionary with posts with latest tweets. When seeing "uh oh" or something similar before after Visionary posts a tweet. After reading all this on a day like today.
  8. Last of the Mohicans was mentioned already so I'll just say that one is right up there at the top. Love that one. That and the Good the Bad and the Ugly. Also up there. And of course,(since Star Wars was taken as well That'll do. For now.
  9. http://www.ladbible.com/more/viral-animals-huge-angry-huntsman-spider-intimidates-couple-as-they-try-to-cook-20170726 *Click Link For more*