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  1. http://www.opb.org/news/series/burns-oregon-standoff-bundy-militia-news-updates/verdict-second-trial-guilty-patrick-ryan-ehmer-thorn/ *Click Link For more* Down in Vegas: http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/bundy-blm/cameraman-testifies-during-bunkerville-standoff-trial *Click Link for More* Info on Domestic Terrorism https://t.e2ma.net/webview/kumijb/9af22fd2399cce1c74429df6b754272d
  2. Back on February 20,JJ Macnab posted this thread on twitter. later in the thread,she posted this comment. This stuff about the wire tapping could be the beginning of it for Trump. Oh boy.
  3. Sigh. Speeches like this have always had a touch of political slight of hand. Where Trump is concerned,it's more than a touch,(take a look at those tweets). Those solidly in his corner will be like Wallace and others and say how he "nailed that one" and those very much on the other side will seek medication for the nausea. Overall,it was about what I expected though a bit more nicely delivered than anticipated. For Trump that is. And as already discussed,the bar for the man is so low that he was bound to get something right or at least stick to the wall. It was a speech. Lot's of words that when taken with everything that's happened so far,mean very little.
  4. Tell you what. There's the "old" guy that works out in the gym I do who's a bit...different. Doesn't listen to music,kind of has a scowl on his face half the time,wears the same couple of shirts for each workout,and can be a bit noisy with his workouts,(especially when using chains). Does some weird,crossfit kind of stuff sometimes along with some what he calls old school things too. * Wait a minute. I workout in garage gym. Ummmmmmmm.
  5. Agreed. That said both members got off pretty easy considering what was said. Emotional,but solid posters overall and would prefer not to have anyone push things too much. No doubt these are emotional times but let's try to keep cool in here. Enough over the top,out of control responses in these type of discussions in the real world as it is. Have a nice day.
  6. Need to decide if it's worth your time patching the holes you make to see what's there. Could be hiding duct work,electric,ect. I have one that wraps part of my kitchen. Part it is there to hide the roof framing above then the rest is there to provide a visual balance. Though it would look silly to take out all but one part of it for essentially a space I probably wouldn't end up using. As for the FlexVolt,I have to walk past the display all the time at work. It's an unfair temptation.
  7. Weekend warrior type of drill. Should be okay for the smaller projects. That said. Go big or go home.
  8. Soffit. Otherwise known as a bulkhead. Drop. Fir down. Horizontal chase. That kind of thing,(hopes).
  9. Nope. Not going to choose. Enjoy movies from both of them. Though as iconic screams go. Hmmmm.