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  1. Kilmer17

    US Soccer thread.

    Come on Yedlin. That’s pathetic. The US needs a euro coach. None of the MLS clowns can demand the respect needed. Or a South American I suppose. But Berhalter? Yeah. No thanks.
  2. I’m perfectly happy for it all to be exposed. I’m not the one dismissing the idea.
  3. I'll just sit back and patiently await the full investigation and it's findings. I'm really confused about what most of the left-wingers here are wanting. Do you folks want an investigation or not? Not do you think there will or should be one, but do YOU want one? And if it's limited in scope, why and where is it to be limited?
  4. I really wasnt trying to attack the Dems with that. If I was, that was pretty weak on my end. Do you think the Dems will open up a real investigation or will they limit the scope to only the findings that would beneficial to themselves? I dont.
  5. Kilmer17

    US Soccer thread.

    I was glad to see Bradley didn’t play after all..........
  6. Kilmer17

    US Soccer thread.

    I refuse to ever watch the US play if Michael ****ing Bradley is on the roster. **** him
  7. Kilmer17

    The Non-Winter Weather Thread

    Oh dear god.
  8. Kilmer17

    WaPo Journalist killed in Saudi Consolate

    Can someone give us the crib notes version of what happened and why this matters?
  9. I appreciate this honesty. It's what I believe as well. The Dems didnt want an investigation to help Ford, they wanted it to hurt BK. THere is some crossover in the two ideas, but they arent the same thing. There were a few people here, and int he national spotlight telling people that what the Dems were asking for, and ultimately what Flake gave them was going to be worthless. But when I pointed out that Ford (and Ramirez, et al) should file a police report, I was blasted. Even though everyone now sees that filing a police report was going to be the only way the Dems got the type of investigation they were going to need. And the thing I think everyone should remember is that DiFi could have started this process months before and chose not to do so. I want that investigated as well.
  10. I'm afraid you will learn that Dem controlled House has about the same level of interest. Maybe they'll prove me wrong. But I'm guessing they will have very targeted, limited and politically motivated investigations.
  11. I thought Holtby looked really good for all but a minute or two. But those two? he looked lost. It was strange.
  12. Then we have an accord. Now what?
  13. Kilmer17

    The Non-Winter Weather Thread

    I have a client with a total loss in Mexico Beach. IE- The house is completely gone. Nothing left at all. Just sand where it once was. Crazy. I'll post pics if I get permission.
  14. Absolutely. I'll caution though that said investigation into perjury should really matter with regards to his time on the Starr team etc. If we are going to get stuck on whether his claim that he never drank until he was "passed out drunk", we're going to get caught in a loop of "His friends saw him, yeah but BK said he was regular drunk and tired etc etc". I hate it when Larry's right before 930 in the morning. Is anyone here worried that an investigation that includes the Avenatti/Swetnick allegations will come back to haunt the Dems?