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  1. A true conservative. He was never ashamed of his positions and never lacked he skills to explain them. RIP
  2. Good for Trotz. I have no ill will, and really am not that upset that he left. He will always have a place in my heart. As for Marsha, he's a moron if he truly thinks that. The Knights had ridiculous puck luck all series except game 4. They were a minor league team compared to the others the Caps played. It would have been a sweep if the refs hadnt ****ed up game 1.
  3. So somebody ask Dick Durbin what HIS proposal is? **** that guy
  4. There is no answer. There hasn’t been one since Reagan.
  5. Not surprised. The NHL brass has to still feel butt hurt over the Caps winning.
  6. ES Soccer Thread

    I thought it was pretty bad myself. Suarez scored at 20 minutes and then Uruguay let SA run around aimlessly for 70 minutes.
  7. US Soccer thread.

    Exactly! He could dominate ****ty island teams until they all got better playing in mls. But failed miserably against European talent. He paved the the way for other losers like Dempsey Bradley etc to leave Europe for the easy money in the US. **** him
  8. Didnt stop him from the Obamacare boondoggle. But I do agree with you that we know how it would have gone. It would have passed, and the Dems would have gotten slaughtered at the polls worse than they did over the last decade. So I totally agree that the Dems decided that the political risk wasnt worth doing anything.
  9. Less than a decade ago. We didnt have an immigration problem then though.
  10. It's a shame we've gone so long without Democrats in control.
  11. Ask the crabbers in the mid atlantic, the shrimpers in FL, the produce farmers throughout the country what they think. Our country has to have more immigrants now because Joe and Susan Smith dont like paying 18 dollars a pound for shrimp. I think it's wrong in that context to point to the separation of families as proof the system is broken and despicable. That's simply a by product. Will more judges fix that? If so, appoint more (Cruz proposed this?). But when this latest outrage fades, lets not allow the policiticians to claim victory and ignore it again.