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  1. Am I just imagining things or does the picture above looks like Leslie Nelson.
  2. grego, yes, they are the same size. The only real difference in looks is the skinny pig has only a small tuft of hair on his head. Otherwise he is hairless. There is a difference in activity levels as the skinny pigs tend to be more active. Without hair to warm them, they move around more and burn more calories as a result. So they eat a bit more and as always, some of what goes in comes out... Alternatively, because they don't have hair they are even more apt to huddle together with others, regardless of whether the other is a person or skinny pig. Let me know if you are interested in taking him in, even if only on a trial basis.
  3. Yes, Skinny pigs are a real thing. They are hairless guinea pigs. They are very social animals who love attention both from people and other skinny/guinea pigs. We had three for about a month after being given them. Then one died. Last month another died of a funky pretty gross cancer after we had them for approximately 2 years. Now we are down to 1 lonely skinny pig. We have been told he will die unless he is reintroduced to other guinea pigs. That leads me to my next question, does anyone want to rescue a lovable skinny pig? With my wife's torn rotator cuff surgery recovery and four kids, we simply can't take more into our house. So we are looking to find a home for him if anyone has an appropriate place. Think of him as a very miniature hogette with appropriate male pattern baldness...
  4. gbear

    The Politics Sexual Assault Thread

    More and more, I think our politicians should have to watch this. I think they need it every bit as much as our teens.
  5. gbear

    Election 2018 Thread

    I have to admit I like a lot of hogan's gov in MD, but I have to say that against a Republican gov during the drawing of Congressional districts (but state legislature likely still Dam and they have role too) and his terrible school schedules where we give up all vacations to get a longer summer. I dont know many parents who like that, and it sucks for us. I want to support a liberal republican, and I voted cor him last time. I just dont know whether I will again.
  6. I just laugh/cringe reading the comments on some of the Twitter feeds. That goes double when I notice a number of them have odd handles: Nikita, Niki, Norris, etc or just abrieviations and characters not on an English keyboard. It's not like it is most of them, but it is not trivial either. Do we learn nothing? Ever? I feel like/ worry we are being massively trolled and hope it is just because I am tired. I dont want to think feeling like both witnesses were equally compelling is a sentiment most share. So maybe I just dont read enough twitter feeds to know those names and symbols in the names with abrieviations is normal for Americans.
  7. gbear

    What Motivates You? and What's Your Why?

    As a senior in high school, my Latin teacher told me, "I've watched you play soccer, and I have taught you for the last 3 years. You are smart enough and athletic enough to be good at pretty much anything you try. Unfortunately, you probably won't be the best at the highest levels." I have always had the utmost respect for her. It would be easy to be discourage d thinking about somebody you trust telling you that you will never be the best at what you try, but I took it another way. It meant I can be good at anything, so I better pick something worthwhile to be good at where just being good is awesome. I look back on those words as a large part of why I ended up marrying my wife. When she said on our first date that she wanted to foster medically fragile children, I was curious what she meant and why. When she said she saw kids in the hospital whom nobody came to visit, I was sold. Here was something where just being good would be a huge benefit even if I am not the best dad ever. Why: A Good Man A man is a lucky somebody who has grown out of the selfish myopic teenage years. He is somebody capable of looking out at his world and what needs to be done, what is being left undone by others be they capable or incapable. A good man is introspective enough to know his talents and his passions. Once he has looked both inward and outward, a good man may plot his path. A good man never stops looking, both inward and outward for the only constant is change. A good man is mindful of others and their perspectives. A good man seeks solace and comfort in his efforts. For if he can take comfort in his work, the fear of starting over need never discourage. A good man is ever mindful of his footprints both in his family and community. His life is marked by joys many who chose other lives never imagine much less enjoy, whether it be pride in the path of those who follow or the true company received only by the honest. A good man does what he can, when he can, until he can’t. At the end of the day, a good man can look in the mirror, see the haggard face of any age and take solace in his life well lived. I endeavor, though sometimes fail, to be the good man. Don’t we all?
  8. Kilmer, I worry you disregard the different levels of proof required for a criminal charge versus a preponderance of evidence to make what they say credible and not likely to be sued for liable. If I thought there would likely be some republican who would refuse to believe any evidence brought forward against somebody the president says is a good guy, I would think twice about going through the "file charges" route. I think anyone hearing how Manafort's trial had one juror who refused to convict on more might wonder if justice was a likely outcome of someone the president supports.
  9. I keep coming back to the claimed attempted assault and the claim of virginity, and my mind keeps coming back to the definition of "is" and the definition of sex with all the different possible answers...going back to Clinton.
  10. So Trump's MO has been to take every scandal and try to choke out the news cycle with some bigger news. For example, Russians have an interest in the election, well grab them by the kitty should make that news go unnoticed. So which is the legit fire, witnesses cooperating with Mueller or BK nomination hitting pot hole w assault allegations? What are the odds Trump knew before nomination of the potential scandal? Too crazy?
  11. I will say I have had conversations w Kilmer for years, before this was a Snyder owned web site and maybe pre Snyder owned skins. He has always been conservative, but a conservatism reached through logic and thought. Even if I frequently disagree with him, I don't think I would ever pass him off as a mouth peace for the Republican party. He is too critical of them for that and too open minded in general. I say this because I get the impression some may only read this thread and think he has blinders on for a Republican nomination. I would encourage anyone who thinks him a know nothing conservative Trumper to read more of his posts over the past couple of years. What conservative wouldnt want a conservative court? I figure there are issues where I undoubtedly come across as a raging liberal whose heart is leaving a huge blood stain everywhere I go, like foster care, healthcare systems and rape. On those issues I probably seem unlistening or dense, and I probably am. However, I know it drives my parents nuts when I said voting for Hillary over Trump was the first time I ever voted for a Clinton because of their refusal to back a needle exchange program. Sorry for the derailment. Now back to regularly scheduled vitriol.
  12. Good question kilmer. Can we turn that around to BK and ask how he and judge know he wasnt at the party in question? Did he go to lots of parties? Which party did he miss that he heard this happened? I just worry when I hear absolutes like "I wasnt there." Makes me want to follow up with where and when questions because they seem to have info the victim is having trouble remembering (also not unusual in trauma victims). Good question kilmer. Can we turn that around to BK and ask how he and judge know he wasnt at the party in question? Did he go to lots of parties? Which party did he miss that he heard this happened? I just worry when I hear absolutes like "I wasnt there." Makes me want to follow up with where and when questions because they seem to have info the victim is having trouble remembering (also not unusual in trauma victims).
  13. Do you wonder why Comey took notes? I know as a manager, I am told to document actions and conversations because it makes my version told years later more believable than just my memory in a he said he or she said situation. So I now submit that is why it is relevant that she told others she hax been assaulted. It is why it is relevant that she seems to have some ongoing issues consistant with an assault survivor. For those saying no evidence, I say you are missing what is being presented to you because you require a semen stained dress. If you think that is the only way a case can be made, rape reporting will become even less frequent after rapes because people like you on a jury will never believe. Whether she has enough evidence or enough can be found is a different question, but I am sick of hearing there is no evidence. For what little it is worth, my friend wont sit to eat at a restaurant with her back to the door. So the need for an exit in every room isn't bazaar.
  14. Where I find myself getting hung up is the level of proof we think we need to influence our decisions. If she went to the police, they would only press charges if they were likely to get evidence of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Is it crazy fir her to think there is no way to get to that point this many years later but still hope people find a perponderence of evidence saying most likely guilty and that changes their mind on whether to give him the trust of a life time appointment? Put it this way, if you had a teenage daughter in the 80's would you have wanted her around him kniwing what we think we know now? If not, why not? It's not like he was convicted of anything, and. He grew to be an upstanding man, right? If you believe the story made up, it should be fine right? That is what I mean by a different level of trust we are giving with this life time apt to the Supreme Court. We should be comfortable with whom we entrust life time positions of power. That's my take, admittedly from the left where people like me wonder how our politicians prosper.
  15. I wish this article rang untrue for me. I went to a different prep school in DC about a decade later, and I remember a lot of girls from the schools mentioned in the article talking about why they liked to hang out with Abbey boys because our attitudes seemed so different from the other prep schools of the area. I think the truth is most of us were too nerdy and nervous to act this way. I don't think any of us had the confidence to be such jerks, and we were mainly a small group of boys from St. Anselms Abbey School. We had Abby Saturdays which were we would have chaperoned where we could mix with girls from local female prep schools like Seton, Stone Ridge and Georgetown Visitation. I know dating a few girls from those schools that we were thought tame and safe where the parties mixing kids from the other schools were drunken danger zones where "anything could happen." I heard enough stories from those times to believe the culture described as accurate.