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  1. The Politics Sexual Assault Thread

    Did anyone else catch John Oliver's interview with Anita Hill last week. It is rather sobering that we have been saying the same things about sexual harassment of women for decades. In any event, I thought the interview was very well done. I am aware the difficulties of relying on a comedian to do a serious interview on a show whose calling is humor, but I am not sure of a better way to get people's attention to the subject and our history. I recommend watching the segment. Time's write up:
  2. People forget watergate took years. The Washington Post put a comparison timeline together a month or two ago showing how fast this investigation has moved compared to all previous special council investigations of former presidents nixon and Clinton. Expect years as I think there is more to unravel in this than the previous ones.
  3. Can immunity be used to prevent someone from taking he 5th?
  4. I have to laugh some at the people sick of the cost of cars rising making them against emissions reforms. Last year, I bought a hybrid Honda accord. The difference in price between the hybrid and the normal was $600. I get 20 more miles to the gallon (50 vs. 30). I am rounding to keep the numbers easy, but I filled my car up every 300 miles with 10 gallons of gas with my old corolla that had comparable gas mileage to the accord. Every 3000 miles, I put in 100 gallons ($250). Now I get 50 mpg, and every 3000 miles I put in 60 gallons ($150). I have only had the car a year, and I have already more than paid back my investment as we put just under 20,000 miles on the car. I don't understand why non hybrid accords still sell. Couple the consumers' benefit from the gas savings with the environmental impact and any desire to make us less dependent on fossil fuels traded on international markets, and I am left with the question, "Why wouldn't a state look to push us in a better direction?"
  5. I assume "Fall" would be Sept - through Nov. So how close to the mid terms will it be?
  6. I am curious how pissed off many Republicans will be with Putin coming here in the fall. I mean they kind of have this little thing in November to worry about. I don't imagine having Trump and Putin together that close before the election was on their wish list.
  7. I am quite enjoying Magicians, a Sci Fi channel series that is available on Net Flix.
  8. I knew the timing was close, but I didn't know about the 27 min between access Hollywood tape and Russia dropping the Clinton email. I also didn't know about the date of Trump's call for somebody to release Clinton emails and the Russian hackers attempts within a day. At a certain point it starts to feel less like a crazy conspiracy theory to think collusion and more like a crazy conspiracy theory to believe it all mere coincidence.
  9. TWA, the gov running Medicaid for many states came to realize dental, vision, and normal health insurance are all connected. Separating them out is silly and harmful for our country. A doctor explained the need for dental to me like this: When you inspect a horse for health, one of the first things people look at is the teeth. The teeth tell us a lot about how the horse is living. People's teeth and breath can tell us a lot, and it can be a very low cost diagnostic tool. I know I have to smile for my neurologist every time I go. He is looking for symmetry in my face. Why we separate out the mouth and eyes as if they aren't part of the body needing care is beyond me.
  10. By the time the doctors did that, it was too late. When you don't have access to proper medical care, things tend to get worse, and sometimes it can take too long before the seriousness of a situation is realized. What you and I may take as a reason to get care imediately at all costs is often not seen the same way by people who either don't know better or feel there is no alternative. Remember common sense isn't common. Heck, a kid for whom my wife and I recently cared died because parents left three messages on a social worker's phone describing the worsening condition of their son rather than call 911. People's ignorance, hopelessness and lack of awareness can be heartbreaking. The decisions we make under stress are often less than optimal too, and a sick kid is one of the more stressful situations to endure. The parents of the kid who died from rotten teeth should never have been in the hopeless position they were, a fact MD has tried to rectify for parents now.
  11. Does anyone wonder why dental is included in Medicaid? I did...until a Maryland child died from an infected tooth in 2007. I point this out as a cautionary tale for those who may cheer the Kentucky decision to halt vision and dental insurance. Remember all who are covered and/or denied along with our responsibilities toward them. Flashback:
  12. While I see a lot made of the Germany/Russia pipeline, I think it misses a huge point. I think a lot of the people worrying about this are the same ones who believe the U.S. can be energy independent if we just take out more oil than we use. Oil is a commodity. Unless you are willing to cut off exports and or restrict imports, your best way to reduce dependence on a commodity that somebody else can influence your ability to access is to reduce your reliance upon it. We act like Russia stopping the sale of their oil to Germany wouldn't impact our prices here. Of course, it would. It is like squeezing a water balloon. The water goes to the other part of the balloon. However, Germany has gone further to insolate itself from oil demands than we have. They have done a far better job going green and recycling than we have. Much of their power is from renewable resources (wind and solar), and the percentage is increasing quickly. Contrast that with our economy and easing regulations on fossil fuels. It is also easy to look at the chart of percentage of GDP spent on military to think we pay so much more than anybody else. We do. However, we are largely paying our own military industrial complex. We benefit economically from our military spending, and I don't just mean the money our troops get paid and then spend. We buy least for now...until America is no longer investing in the science to make the biggest baddest military hardware available.
  13. As the clock runs out on this July 4th, I am left with this question which seems so simple, but none of my answers seem satisfactory. The first obvious answer is the U.S. is the 50 states that make her up. However, that answer has some obvious and some only slightly less obvious problems. The most obvious problems with the answer are the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam, CNMI, and American Samoa. After all, are our territories also the U.S.? An only slightly less obvious issue, are the problems of reliance on a map to define us. Lines on a map have a very poor history in defining any country long term. They are often arbitrary deliniations for peoples to fight. Did the drawing of lines on a map define Israel? The only answer I have come up with to give me even the slightest satisfaction is "America is a social contract agreed upon in principal by our forefathers and renewed with each successive generation. This social contract recognizes people born within certain geographical limits as belonging to and protected by these shared ideals. Principal amongst these ideals is the idea the contract is a living deal, allowing for change through the expressed will of the people. The strength of this American ideal is the adaptive nature of our country to change as we have need whether it be due to war or changing values. Nothing need be permanent, not slavery, not prohibition, not even internment camps. So as I look around at the last couple years with increases in mass shootings, increases in racial tensions, separations of families for immigration issues, and all the other self inflicted ills I take some heart in that last thought about the adaptability of America. My wish for America is may we live the Samuel Beckett quote, "Ever tried. Ever failed. No Matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better." It may be frustrating at times, but...
  14. Election 2018 Thread

    I want the Dems to run a Moto to answer MAGA. I suggest, "Make America Better (than it ever WAS)." MAB if you need simple. Alternatively, I prefer "We Aspire to Better." I want a simple answer to the endless corruption that seeks to bring some sense of positivity. Dems need to combat how we are being conditioned to expect so little of our politicians in terms of morality or reasoned governance.
  15. Ok. So you believe they attempted to influence the election. What now? Will you start by saying these findings on TV, including networks who have openly questioned any who represent this as a possibility? I think if you truly want to educate the public so as to make us aware of these pernicious attempts to undermine our democracy, you should start with those who claim it never happened. I suggest Fox news.