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  1. As a foster parent who has seen first hand some of the abuse of our foster care system, I can sympathize with those saying, "our ability to deal with the immigrant children is already taxed too far." Heck, my oldest son was born to two El Salvadorian illegal immigrants. I have some idea what our state and federal government has spent on his healthcare, foster care, etc. I have long maintained my extreme pride in our culture's willingness to give him the chances he now enjoys. "Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me." However, the pride I fee for how our culture has treated my family (for the most part and in comparison to treatment other cultures would give) cuts both ways. Truly I am embarrassed for how we are treating immigrants today. My shame is multiplied manifold for how we treat entire families. Who could be hurt more than the members of families torn apart...and all to make a political point? TWA posted a picture that was meant to be a comedy with "Shame. Shame. Shame" I say truly, I feel his implied point, only without a sense of jest or irony. Shame indeed.
  2. "Fake news" goes back a lot further than Trump. I read it used in the 19th century by religious cults to isolate their practioners from news painting their religion in a bad light. This is still a common use. Then in the 20th century the phrase was used a lot by the KKK for much the same purpose. I note those claiming "fake news" are rarely the people with whom I would want to associate myself.
  3. I would add this bit of context to make the point Trump doesn't know what he is talking about a little clearer: Of the countries at that summit, the U.S. has the smallest problem when it comes to an aging workforce. My guess is the smart leaders from the countries would have immediately countered his brash, off the cuff comment by simply asking how many they would be able to employ like our agriculture industry does because they too have industries in need of labor?
  4. ES Soccer Thread

    You know that Ronaldo guy is actually pretty good at the whole scoring goals thing. Lol This game has been great to watch.
  5. Election 2018 Thread

    " Racecrats always refer to a list of favored groupings including women, blacks, latinos, etcs, not the American people." I am surprised to see the people you listed as "favored." I'm not sure I would describe their history in the U.S. as an indication they have been favored. Perhaps just as telling is your drawing a distinction between them and "American people." Are they not American too? I ask this as a white male with Hispanic and Black children of both genders. I always thought my entire family made of Americans.
  6. US Soccer thread.

    Will all three countries automatically qualify?
  7. I love hearing, "Let's go CAPS!" Over the TV while the game is in Vegas. Our fans are representing!
  8. Oshie has been masterful at keeping the puck in the offensive zone. I think that is a defensive contribution which may be understated. It is very hard to score if you can't get out of your zone. The number of reboots on the power play without having to re-enter the zone is critical too.
  9. If somebody had told me the Caps would have a play-in game for the cup at any point save maybe up 2-0 in this series, I would have thought they were smoking crack. They showed they wanted it more last night. Now they need to show us again tomorrow evening.
  10. This has to kill the vezina winner's GAA for the playoffs.
  11. Not what we needed. Doh. Lucky only 2 min.
  12. The fact that they only scored on 2 power plays that were the result of bad calls can't help either. Nice to see ovi get that one. Washington has done a great job cleaning up the trash on both ends of the ice getting to all the rebounds.
  13. In seasons past, it felt like we gave up the goals off wierd bounces or bad calls and then just folded. Regardless of the outcome of this game, I feel like this team plays with more confidence than past caps teams, even pres cup winning teams.
  14. I think that translates in any language to "Get out of my zone!"
  15. Heels? Who cares? Win baby win! 1-0 That is the only momentum one can take to the next game.