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  1. It is what Jesus would do...if you let some people tell it. There really needs to be an amendment abolishing peonage. I can’t see how someone hasn’t started suing states over this.
  2. The Sisko

    What do you Believe??? (Religion)

    Sorry, but the Babylonian, Greek, Egyptian, etc. scientists that predated Xtianity in some cases by thousands of years would beg to differ. Besides, Xtianity, among other religions has found itself in conflict with science for obvious reasons. Your boy St. Augustine is well known to have written of just this issue in favor of reconciling the two. Jews don’t believe in the divinity of Jesus and I have yet to hear a Xtian say they don’t worship the same god. Going back to what I said about the possible non-existence of Jesus, I do believe the chances were good that he existed. There is a good bit of scholarly work that generally supports it. However, as was mentioned earlier, the lack of any contemporary writings from neutral parties is what makes me give the historical Jesus the side eye. So, Josephus is the first and his tome was almost a century after the fact. Therein lies the rub. Let’s say some guy comes around doing all sorts of supernatural miracles and caps it all off by rising from the dead. Seeing this, nobody among Jesus’ contemporaries thought it worthy of writing about? Yes, most of them were illiterate, but there’s no contemporary art either. All of a sudden, several decades after the fact, then the books, art, etc. starts up. Moreover, none of these people that saw this stuff kept “souvenirs” of the experience? “Holy crap! That guy just walked on water, healed some dude and fed a multitude of people with just a few fish and stuff. I’m gonna get his sandal!” And yet there are all sorts of alleged relics of other religious figures around. So, my personal take is similar to Ehrmann’s. Jesus probably existed but not at all in the way he’s thought about today. Instead, he was probably just a charismatic, itinerant radical (for the times) preacher who found himself on the wrong side of the religious and political elites and got himself crucified. His followers then sought to keep his legacy alive and gained converts preaching the good news. Over time, with its start as an oral tradition, the miracles and other stuff got added in, and away we go.
  3. The Sisko

    What do you Believe??? (Religion)

    :-D I sincerely hope we get to the point where most of the country are non-believers. I don't have anything against believers per se, other than a tendency to want to legislate their own morality for other people and to see it as a command from Jesus himself to vote for any piece of garbage with an R after his/her name. Those folks that love to pull the blacks on the Dem plantation nonsense out of the hat *cough* twa *cough* seem awfully blind to all the cotton being picked by white evangelicals for the Republic party. j/s Now see, you've gone and opened up a can of worms there. What if I told you that I believe it's only maybe 60/40 that Jesus ever even existed at all?
  4. Who's saying anything about it's our turn? I'm just saying all appointments for everything are an issue for voters to decide in the next election for POTUS.
  5. Lousy Jew...’er liberal media (whoops, almost forgot to sanitize my racism/anti-semitism there) stranglehold on everything. 😡
  6. DAMMIT!!! Beat me to it. This was hilarious....except the joke’s on all of us.
  7. The Sisko

    Israel shells 400 Palestinians, killing 15 during protest

    But, but Hillary and Obama started ISIS!
  8. Not gon happen. They’ll figure out new and more ingenious ways to imprison more people, almost certainly mostly POC.
  9. The Sisko

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    Well, it’s a dangerous job Llevron. Gotta get some to relieve the stress - whether it’s consensual or not.
  10. The Sisko

    The Parenting Thread II - Advice, Tips, Etc

    So after literally three or four years we’ve finally been cleared to look at kids to adopt. **** just got real and I’m terrified! 😬
  11. The Sisko

    What do you Believe??? (Religion)

    I didn’t mean social/political leaders that rise up in response to repression. I was thinking of dictators like Kim, Stalin, etc.
  12. The Sisko

    What do you Believe??? (Religion)

    Humanity is god’s slow kids. 😃 I’d argue in these cases that the dictator is seeking to substitute himself for god as a means to control the populace. A perversion to be sure, but it’s still religion if you ask me.
  13. The Sisko

    What do you Believe??? (Religion)

    Not so. There’s a bit of shorthand involved. Most atheists acknowledge the inability to prove a negative. So in general terms we accept that a god is theoretically possible because we can’t prove it doesn’t exist but very highly unlikely to based on existing science and logic. It’s sort of like my telling you that you’re not going to win the lottery. Of course there’s a tiny possibility you may win it, but I’m going to be right 99.9999999999% of the time. I’ll take those odds every time. The atheist is doing the same as it relates to a god. That’s not faith. It’s drawing a reasonable conclusion based on the evidence. Honestly, I think you’re seeing cynicism as a spidey sense. While I agree with you about the low likelihood of there being a god, I think you need to spend some time unpacking some of your 💩💩. Now, you’ll say you’re merely telling the truth. However, you can present your lack of belief without calling others slaves and such.
  14. The Sisko

    What do you Believe??? (Religion)

    Excellent book. I love me some Bart Ehrman. I’m pretty sure I’ve read all his books. God is Disappointed In You is a really hilarious book. It’s probably closer to your second view of it. However, even though the stories of the Biblical text are related in humorous fashion, the author made a real effort to hold true to the actual text. No historical context, but that wasn’t the purpose. It’s more of a humorous RSV rather than much actual cracking of jokes. Regarding the domestic violence thing, I wasn’t trying to make light of the issue but to point out how I see the actions and explanations attributed to god. We can certainly differ on that though.
  15. The Sisko

    What do you Believe??? (Religion)

    Yeah, I get the whole new covenant thing in the NT. There are a number of problems with it. One of the biggest ones is that it really paints god as the wife beating type. “Look what you’ve made me do! Don’t leave though. I won’t do it again.” The basic premise of either you love and worship me or I send you to eternal misery doesn’t help in that department. If god were a person with the same characteristics as described in the Bible, would you really want to be associated with him? Probably not. I think God is Disappointed in You does the best job I’ve seen of boiling the entire Bible down to its essence so that it’s both simple enough to be understood and succinct enough to be digested pretty much at once. It also has the bonus of being positively hilarious! 😃😃 I believe in people who either by choice or mental or other illnesses do evil things. “The devil made me do it” doesn’t work for me. This concept is pretty much the core of how I try to live my life. I have one tenet, don’t be a putz. If you’re stealing, killing or raping you’re by definition being a putz. However I think it works better for actions that often adhere to the letter of religious law/dogma but not the spirit. I rather enjoy the idea of having the sole responsibility of being good or bad by virtue of my own individual ethical standards. Not everyone will adhere to this kind of ethical code and for them society has its punishments but a god isn’t necessary for any of it.