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  1. I'm a firm believer of freedom of speech and protest. That said, I think not standing during the Pledge or during the playing of the National Anthem is wrong. Now, I support your right to stand up silently and not say the pledge (for religious or other reasons). I can even get behind you not putting your hand over your heart, but I do think you should stand. I think part of it is that I look at some of these issues as a matter of harm. As a young Jewish boy, I wasn't harmed in being asked to sing Christmas songs during the school assembly. I remember being invited to be part of a Presidential prayer breakfast during an inauguration. When the priest asked everyone to rise I did. I didn't say the prayers, but I did stand. These are the little slights we bare as being part of the community. So, when I read about Kaepernick choosing to sit during the National Anthem, part of me gets it and most of me doesn't. He says he's doing this because he's frustrated with racial inequality. Is not standing a good gesture to announce that disquiet? I don't think so because no one knew why he wasn't standing. They just saw it as a sign of disrespect. More, as a QB in the NFL he has a tremendous platform to use his voice or his money to make an actual difference. That makes the act of sitting seem hollow as far as gestures go. If you believe that police abuse is one that deserves action and comment than ACT and COMMENT! As a side note, I see this police abuse issue as more of a local issue than a national one as it doesn't involve federal abuse of power, but local ones. If that's true it makes protesting America by sitting even less effective as a statement. I suppose Kaepernick's action did generate some attention and so I may be wrong, but I think it garnered a lot less than the NBA and WNBA players who wore protest t-shirts and got fined for it. I respect the latter statement more if for no other reason... their actions were unambiguous and clear. In other words, stand up for your beliefs and your country. Don't sit on your arse and sulk.
  2. Overall: God damn refs! There's no way that Vernon Davis catch was a fumble. Absolute screw job. Wait a minute... Offensive PI??? Good game refs! C+ Offense: Very uneven. Way too many Chris Thompson inside runs. Wanted a better mix of Brown and Perrine too. Obviously, Gruden doesn't really trust them. Cousins had an up and down game. Accurate on the short and middle game, but way off with the long ball. Delivered when it counted. C Defense: Stellar first half. They let their foot off the gas when it was 17-0 and had a really tough time getting it back. Another game with way too many guys getting dinged up. I think the second half was a matter of lost focus and injuries. The final stand was just barely good enough. Whew. C Special Teams: That missed extra point probably should have cost us the game. Great job grabbing the onsides kick. Nothing really impressive in the punt or kickoff game, but we really let them have one scary return. C- Coaching. Up and down. Manusky went soft at times and we paid. What I did like was that instead of reacting to injuries with a super soft zone like Barry and Haslett, he upped the pressure. I think it's a better strategy and meant the thinner secondary didn't have to cover as long. It did result in some scary runs by the QB though.
  3. @kleese You should know better than giving Mara ideas! I bet right now he's chatting up the competition committee so they can pass a rule saying that if any one of our receivers catches a winning touchdown it doesn't count because it goes against the spirit of the rules.
  4. America goes through phases of welcome and anxiety when it comes to the issue of immigration. Some groups seem to be welcome with open arms as Cubans were or people from Eastern Europe during the Cold War, but most groups Irish, Italian, Chinese, Latino, Jewish, Muslim etc. face varying degrees of hostility. Most seem to acculturate and/or the culture adapts to fit them within its weave. Today, we seem to be in a period of anxiety. After a prolonged recession, there was already talk in some corners about building the Great Wall of America. Now, with the Syrian refugee crisis we are seeing resistance both because of religion and a fear of terrorist extremism. The question is not only what we should do and where we should stand, but what type of nation do we want to be. Are we the nation that turned away boats full of Jews fleeing the Holocaust or are we the nation that embraces those struggling and fleeing harm and despotism. It's of course not a simple question there are economic, safety, and other factors that need to be weighed and measured. At it's heart though is the question. What is America and are we the America we want to be?
  5. If the risk is that high, I hope we err on the side of caution. This doesn't feel like a Superbowl year. Shelve Allen if there's doubt. Give him the Strasberg treatment.
  6. Redskins 49ers Post Game Assessments

    I think the other thing we fans ought to consider today is that the 0-5 Giants beat the 3-1 Broncos. Thankfully, we didn't go splat. Mind you, I think some are being unfair. This is a thread about post game assessments and it is fair to be critical in this thread. The game turned very stressful after half time. I think a large part of that had to do with injuries, but it also had to do with the Redskins thinking the game was over and letting their foot off the gas. It was way too early to start coasting. So, some criticism and negatives are warranted in our analysis. The other thing is, this thread started right after the game ended and so the first blush of emotions were still coursing through our veins. The win certainly did feel like an escape vs. a triumph. It also felt like a C+ effort (which was my initial grade). We have room to improve, but ultimately we can smile, because while we can improve we won. Imagine how we'd feel if we were Denver today. Actually, none of us have to image... recent Redskins teams have been the one to give zero win teams their first win all too often.
  7. Ryan Grant is kind of having a breakthrough year. Maybe it's just because he's getting more looks/opportunities with Jackson and Garcon gone, but I don't think so. I think he's made a jump in play and his expectations for himself. He knows that he's a counted on contributor this year and so expects the ball and mostly has made good with it. The other side of the coin is that Grant is a victim of expectations, not his own, but everyone else. People were excited to see what Pryor and Doctson could bring and they've been underwhelmed. People were expecting Crowder to continue to be very good/great and Reed to be great and they've been all but invisible. So, Grant is a very good story among a receiving group that feels like it's struggling. I love underdog stories and so if Grant can continue to be good that will make me happy in the way I loved when Rock Cartwright or any other underdog rose from obscurity to become a contributor. At the same time, I do want to see Crowder make a come back, Reed to start producing more, and Doctson and Pryor to find their way. If Grant becomes a hero and pushes the others down the depth chart that's great, but we do need the others to step up their game.
  8. Do We Suddenly Have a Dominant Defense?

    We don't have a dominant defense, but we have the makings of an above solid/good defense. I think if we can somehow get through the injuries I'd say we can field a good defense. Manusky, a good draft, and some under the radar free agent pick ups have turned this D from a laughing stock into a respectable one.
  9. Redskins 49ers Post Game Assessments

    The way he was limping you have to assume Breeland will be out against the Eagles. Norman, Dunbar, Fuller, and Moreau (Holsely) is still a pretty interesting and talented secondary if a bit raw. Dunbar, Fuller, Moreau, and Holsely is talented but really, really raw.
  10. Redskins 49ers Post Game Assessments

    Every quarterback has a little Rex Grossman in him. Kirk is a QB who seems to preprogram a lot of his plays. I think there are times he launches that pass without using his eyes or brain because of his presnap read, the play call or whatever. On the other hand, it might be a good sign that he's willing to try to give our receivers more 50/50 balls. The problem wasn't necessarily the idea, but that it was such a lousy throw.
  11. A Confidence I Haven't Had in 25 Years

    I can admit that I didn't have much confidence that the Redskins' D would hold up. I cheered when Dunbar made that great play batting away Beathard's pass, but then it staggered me when Garcon tracked it down and caught it in bounds anyway. What a play! I breathed a little sigh when Garcon redeemed himself by getting the offensive PI called against him, but at that point I was all nerves and no confidence.
  12. Redskins 49ers Post Game Assessments

    On the other hand, I really don't have anything against blowouts and cakewalks. Those are so much fun. A game where you are laughing and smiling the whole game and just whooping your voice raw is a good thing. We need more of that. I think we've only done it once this year and ironically it was a team that no one gave us a chance against.
  13. Redskins 49ers Post Game Assessments

    The good news is that I remember us being the almost team. The one in which week in/week out we could see the one or two plays that would have made our misery wins. Those almost teams so often ended in 6-10 seasons or worse. I'm glad to be on the flip side of that equation. It causes stress, but I'd rather have the stress of winning close than the distress of almost winning.
  14. A Confidence I Haven't Had in 25 Years

    That's pretty perfectly said. I'm perfectly happy/relieved with the win. I'mm not really satisfied/proud of how the game played out.
  15. Redskins 49ers Post Game Assessments

    Btw, someone who's better with rules than me (@Kleese maybe) help me to understand why the offensive PI didn't result in a ten second run off. I thought penalties inside a minute also earned a time penalty.
  16. Jay Gruden: Buy or Sell 2017 edition

    The three runs didn't kill me. I would have liked third down to be a safe pass/run option, but I can live with the three runs. I don't understand Jays use of time outs to help out the opponents' offense.
  17. Redskins 49ers Post Game Assessments

    On the luck issue, luck was playing both sides, but that Garcon catch when he managed to track down the ball Dunbar batted away was an amazingly lucky play. How many times do you see that and that close to the sidelines too! On the other hand, we had a couple of fumbles skip safely out of bounds.
  18. Redskins 49ers Post Game Assessments

    Well, if you give them the Davis screw job and the Swearinger gaffe... We survived spotting them 11 points. Thanks to an Offensive PI call
  19. Redskins 49ers Post Game Assessments

    Kerrigan did get that huge sack in the third quarter.
  20. Redskins 49ers Post Game Assessments

    It was a C, but the win is worth an extra half grade.
  21. Redskins 49ers Post Game Assessments

    I'm not pissed, but I do realize we probably should have lost this game and there's no damn way we should have lost this game. We came out to play and then went into coast mode after 17-0. The other team kept playing.
  22. Redskins vs 49ers Prediction thread: A Mini - Homecoming

    **** you refs! Cheating assholes!
  23. Why has a female never played in the NFL?

    That's just wrong, lol. I think if it will happen it'll happen at kicker. I think we're more likely to see a woman from the WNBA make the transition to the NBA than women play pro football... though I suppose there are always exceptions/physical freaks.
  24. Redskins vs 49ers Prediction thread: A Mini - Homecoming

    I'm nervous about this game. I think it's partly about the injuries and partly because we have a pretty bad history after a bye as well as playing down to opponents.
  25. Trump doesn't fear political backlash for two reasons. 1) He figures his Russian buddies will rig the elections 2) He has a God complex. Not sure which force is stronger in him.