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  1. I have never wanted to deny anyone the freedom to speak nor thought anyone should be prevented from speaking. That said, there are plenty of people whom I wish would shut up (Richard Spencer, Ann Coulter, etc.).
  2. It's always been that way as long as they're "OUR" celebrities it's okay. If they say anything WE disagree with then they should stick to acting, singing, telling jokes, or whatever. The one that got me yesterday was Trump saying he would try to shut down government if he had to build his wall. Will that at least get Congress' ears? I can imagine Trump trying to declare marshal law. He's hinted at it many times.
  3. There was a discussion a while back on whether or not states have been trying to suppress voting rights. I came across this review published by NYU's Brennan Center and thought it might make for an interesting discussion on what's happening now in terms of present legislation and which states are impacted. Overall, there is both good news and bad news on the voting front in 2017. https://www.brennancenter.org/analysis/voting-laws-roundup-2017 Overview of Legislation to Restrict Voting Access Overall, at least 99 bills to restrict access to registration and voting have been introduced in 31 states. Thirty-Five such bills saw significant legislative action (meaning they have at least been approved at the committee level or beyond) in 17 states.
  4. America goes through phases of welcome and anxiety when it comes to the issue of immigration. Some groups seem to be welcome with open arms as Cubans were or people from Eastern Europe during the Cold War, but most groups Irish, Italian, Chinese, Latino, Jewish, Muslim etc. face varying degrees of hostility. Most seem to acculturate and/or the culture adapts to fit them within its weave. Today, we seem to be in a period of anxiety. After a prolonged recession, there was already talk in some corners about building the Great Wall of America. Now, with the Syrian refugee crisis we are seeing resistance both because of religion and a fear of terrorist extremism. The question is not only what we should do and where we should stand, but what type of nation do we want to be. Are we the nation that turned away boats full of Jews fleeing the Holocaust or are we the nation that embraces those struggling and fleeing harm and despotism. It's of course not a simple question there are economic, safety, and other factors that need to be weighed and measured. At it's heart though is the question. What is America and are we the America we want to be?
  5. Robert Kelley vs. Samaje Perine, Preseason Week 2

    Kelley is a great guy to root for. He's a try-hard guy and everyone loves Rudy. Still, the reason he was our starter last year was not because he the best back, but because they fear using Thompson as an every down back and he was the other guy on the roster. Kelley did a great job of breaking tackles to get two yards out of nothing. In fact, he's a pretty good singles hitter, but ultimately you do want more than that in your starter. You need someone who can leg out a double and pop the occasional homer. I will still root for Kelley. I love the underdog, but there is a good reason why he's an underdog. Perrine will likely be the starter once they trust him in pass pro.
  6. Fixing the The United States Democratic Party

    I dunno. Was Hillary an extremist? Is Schumur, Warren (okay probably), Kaine... I don't see extremism infecting the D party like it has the right wing. I do see some Bernie Bro movement, but is that the party or still the fringe of it? On the GOP side, Extremism seems to be mainstream. Proof in point, Paul Ryan who four years ago was considered ultra right is now considered a moderate or soft Republican.
  7. He's the President. By definition, once he signs off on it it is his plan. In a vacuum it was a good speech. I watched probably the first half. It was well-considered, coherent, and somewhat cleverly tried to spin what he said about hate in Charlottesville in a better fashion. The problem he may face is that life is not a vacuum. We remember all the bits, wire, string, and dust that accumulate. So one good speech is one good speech, but it doesn't erase fifty horrific ones or giving aid to Nazis or failing on healthcare etc. Still, it was a well-crafted and decently delivered script.
  8. Doing his best to be a role model. The President prefers everyone to follow him blindly.
  9. 2017 Eclipse Thread

    Stepped out and saw a neighbor with eclipse glasses. So, I got to see a live eclipse. For us, the sun looked like an orange crescent with a solid black orb in front of it.
  10. 2017 Eclipse Thread

  11. How Long Does Trump [The President] Have Left?

    From the little we know of the Russia investigation there is at minimum obstruction of justice and almost certainly collusion with a foreign power to tamper with an election. I also suspect we will find that the Trump family conducted business with Russian Oligarchs who were on the naughty list and that Americans were not allowed to trade with. The question with some of the above is can you find Trump's fingerprints on it or only Jared, Don Jr. etc. I suspect we have plenty of impeachable material what I doubt is whether we have the will to do it. In terms of incompetence, you can't impeach a Pres for that, but there are mechanisms that allow for his removal if he is truly mentally incompetent and a danger to the US. His own White House staff has already effectively stated that he is incompetent and the only reason they are staying is to rein in the madness and put out fires. In addition, several GOP Congressmen (like Corker) have openly and publicly questioned his competence. As to the President doing fine, beginning to get his agenda out, etc. How? Where? What? Yes, he has made a ton of signing statements and EOs (something I thought Republicans were vehemently against), but otherwise, what has he done? He's gotten us out of a treaty, I suppose. He's reduced our influence in the G20. As to the economy, nothing that he has done has been felt yet. It takes a while for macro changes to be felt on the micro level. The stock market and economy is still Obama's... even moreso because Trump hasn't done anything. There hasn't been tax reform or trade reform or health reform or... Hell, he can't even get infrastructure off the table or keep his corporate boards from quitting. In fact, he 8 months in, he has had to replace more high level staff and appointees than we see in some full terms. He's already on his fourth Comms Director, his second NSA, his second chief of staff, etc. As the Republicans on this board have said previously, Trump is wasting a grand opportunity. The GOP controls the Executive, Legislative, and even the Judicial Branch and has no major and very few minor achievements. He did get a Justice through so that's a big deal, but that's about it.
  12. Someone replies to one of my Nazis are evil tweets by saying commies are just as evil. I say there is a different history in America. He says that Soviet Communists are responsible for millions of murders too. I ask him how he feels about Putin and Russia. He says he So, he's condemning Americans protesting Nazis and KKK protesters calling them commies all the while defending actual ex-KGB leaders and real commies. Oh, and saying that US Intel agencies and the leaders of the Army, Marines, Navy, US Senators, and Reps are all probably wrong. How deep under the muck are these people? Do they even realize how far they are bending backwards?
  13. That's true and Gorsuch is a pretty terrible ideologue... though it's a little early to make final judgments on him.
  14. I think it's also because not only are we transitioning to a new receiving squad, but so many of the people we expect to be counting on are hurt or are recovering from injuries. For example, Doctson and Crowder both got their first snaps this week and the offense looked a bit better, but there's the rust.
  15. Ah, missed that. Still not sure it's absolutely true. Though it very well may be.
  16. I don't think that we can know that they followed Scott's draftboard to a tee. I think they relied heavily on his scouting, but he was booted before the rookie combine. I suspect there had to have been changes since then and the actual draft.
  17. How Long Does Trump [The President] Have Left?

    I'm sticking with one full term. I just don't have faith in Congress to do what's right. Now, how long should he have been President? Zero days.
  18. It may not be a good look, but it is a believable picture. The price for their souls was very, very cheap. So far, they've gotten nothing.
  19. I am not really surprised at the growing pains. He really has (especially in these two preseason games) a brand new receiving crew and Gruden's playcalling has got to be at least a bit different than McVay's. Hopefully, they can all get on the same field soon. After that, hopefully they can get on the same page.
  20. I'm not sure I want this to happen, but a large part of me would love if: * When the President appears every Marine does an About Face and turns their back to him * Every Marine shows up in drag ala Klinger from MASH
  21. Go out and talk with Americans? Trump doesn't have the courage to face the raucous, unruly crowds at the Kennedy Center.
  22. Game Day Thread - Redskins vs Packers

    Yeah, but his receivers didn't help him out much either (though Davis had a couple of nice grabs)
  23. Game Day Thread - Redskins vs Packers

    Yeah, I think you could give it to a defensive player maybe. Didn't one of our second stringers get a couple of sacks?
  24. Game Day Thread - Redskins vs Packers

    kind of a blah game. A couple of things to build off of. No third stringer really jumping up and saying "If you cut me you're a fool and will regret it."
  25. Game Day Thread - Redskins vs Packers

    I think you guys are being a little hard on the team. This is a glass half full/half empty kind of game so far. The good. The Run D and Special Teams. The Bad. Penalties. Drops. Run blocking. The medium. We got a little better each drive. Some of that was the Packers, but some of it was Kirk making some nice throws like the one to Thompson and the one to Davis. Those were good throws no matter who was covering.