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  1. The State of the Roster

    In drawing, it's important to look at negative space as well as positive space. By looking at the negative space, I think we can put Allen at least into tier II. After all, look what happened to our run D and overall D as soon as he left. It can't be a coincidence. Middle linebacker losses also play a role, but I suspect Allen was much better even as a rookie than we suspect.
  2. Is Jay Gruden a quitter?

    This isn't the first time I've thought this, but I think that Jay Gruden is a quitter. I remember being miffed at Jay asking Kirk to kneel down at the end of the fourth quarter when his team was down, but trying to talk myself out of hating it because the game really was lost. Still, it irks me. Today, it felt like Gruden threw in the towel at the after the opening kickoff to the second half. Each of those drives that started with the first down run that had been largely ineffective the whole game felt like a play caller going through the motions. He wasn't going to adapt his game plan, he wasn't going to try anything different to win... he was just going to get through this disaster. Then, with 2:38 seconds left Breeland intercepts for a pick 6. Does Gruden go for two to bring it within two touchdowns? Nope. He goes for one which negates even the possibility of the miracle finish. To prove he has no interest in miracles, he then kicks off. So, given what we have seen this game and what we have seen throughout his tenure here I don't want to ask the question "Is Gruden a winner or a loser," but is he a quitter.
  3. The Politics Sexual Assault Thread

    I can dig that. An age limit might do exactly what I would want term limits to do. There are ethical problems with age limits too though and we all know some truly sharp 90 year olds and cognitively impacted 70 year olds, but if the answer were simple, easy, or clean we might have done it. Question would be, I guess, whether an age limit would be discriminatory. I guess a secondary question is whether it is possible to design, administer, or grade fair competency test (if one went that route.)
  4. I'm okay with Reed being IRed given the fact that the season is functionally over, but he ought to be ashamed of a hamstring strain taking him to IR or an inability to get over one in ten weeks (basically since the preseason). Now, if there's other stuff I don't know about then I apologize, but he has been milking that hamstring strain for a long, long time.
  5. The Politics Sexual Assault Thread

    What you say makes sense to me and yet I do think that some of these super entrenched politicians who have served for thirty plus years may have been at it too long and have either lost their effectiveness, succumbed to corruption, etc. It seems to me that there is a healthy lifespan for public servants. Maybe that's on voters to individually enforce, but we've seen a few Senators who kept their seats years after they became cognitively... well... absent.
  6. Election 2017 Thread

    I think @Zguy28is right. We must not forget the victims. I don’t think Z meant just Moore’s victims, but all of em. The Dems should not treat them as props during an election and forget about them. They should work towards a real cultural change. For that matter, so should Republicans.
  7. Election 2017 Thread

    Heck, even Oliver Twist finally said, "Please sir, I've had enough of Moore."
  8. Election 2017 Thread

    That's why I call it an American victory. Most likely, any other Republican would have won. Moore depressed the vote which was probably as close as Alabamanians could get to voting for a Democrat. The Democrats didn't win. Moore lost. I'm not sure if the Republicans won or lost.
  9. Election 2017 Thread

    I see this more as an American victory than a victory for the democrats. After Trump, one had to wonder if there were any lines of decency left. By the thinnest of margins, it appears there are.
  10. Election 2017 Thread

    Trump: I thought you said it was in the bag. Moscow Hacker: It was. Trump: You said you were going to rig the vote just like last time. Moscow Hacker: I did. I even put a little extra sauce. Trump: Well, we lost. Moscow Hacker: Impossible. I rewrote the program so that sixty percent of Jones votes were deleted upon input. Trump: Moore lost. Moscow Hacker: How bad a candidate did you run! Trump: Well, he was a better candidate than me! Moscow Hacker: I see. I should have put it to 80%.
  11. To switch jobs certainly... to bias their studied... hopefully not. Though there certainly are some such as all the ones who posit climate denier claims (without having even done any research)
  12. Election 2017 Thread

    The deck was stacked against a Republican in Alabama? Could anyone possibly buy that load of Trump.
  13. Election 2017 Thread

    I am very surprised. It ain't over yet, but I'm very surprised. Now, Roy Moore should act like half the man Hillary is and graciously concede.
  14. The Politics Sexual Assault Thread

    My understanding is, forgiveness is given only if they repent the sin/ask Jesus for forgiveness for the wrongs that they have committed.. In denying the sin they also deny Jesus. At least that's what I was told once. I certainly am not an expert in this area.
  15. The Politics Sexual Assault Thread

    Should Roy Moore win I think the headline tomorrow should be "Alabama Evangelicals Reject Jesus Christ"
  16. America goes through phases of welcome and anxiety when it comes to the issue of immigration. Some groups seem to be welcome with open arms as Cubans were or people from Eastern Europe during the Cold War, but most groups Irish, Italian, Chinese, Latino, Jewish, Muslim etc. face varying degrees of hostility. Most seem to acculturate and/or the culture adapts to fit them within its weave. Today, we seem to be in a period of anxiety. After a prolonged recession, there was already talk in some corners about building the Great Wall of America. Now, with the Syrian refugee crisis we are seeing resistance both because of religion and a fear of terrorist extremism. The question is not only what we should do and where we should stand, but what type of nation do we want to be. Are we the nation that turned away boats full of Jews fleeing the Holocaust or are we the nation that embraces those struggling and fleeing harm and despotism. It's of course not a simple question there are economic, safety, and other factors that need to be weighed and measured. At it's heart though is the question. What is America and are we the America we want to be?
  17. The Politics Sexual Assault Thread

    I'll give them credit. Positive Reinforcement of low occurring behaviors can eventually create better habits. I still will be shocked if they don't elect Moore, but if they reject him I will applaud their decision even if it is only baby steps.
  18. Is Jay Gruden a quitter?

    I'll put this in Kirk Cousins' terms. The Front Office predetermined that there was no way that Kirk would sign a long term deal so they never reached out to him. They faxed one low ball contract and sent out a franchise agreement. Did never approaching him or trying to hold serious talks benefit the team? Wouldn't have been better to have ongoing, continual dialogue? Maybe fire up Redskins 1 and get Kirk some good steak at the very least? Was quitting the best way to get Kirk to sign a LTD that was team friendly? Given that it's Hanukkah... Such favors, I don't need. Phah!
  19. The Politics Sexual Assault Thread

    Good post. The idealist in me disagrees as I think the Democrats are best served by a strong Republican party (and vice versa). Both sides need to up their games, but from all appearances, the GOP has to up its game just to climb out of the lowest gutter on the lowest tier of hell.
  20. The Politics Sexual Assault Thread

    I believe you're right. I also think actions speak louder than words. If they elect him then he represents them and they represent him.
  21. The Politics Sexual Assault Thread

    Alabama knows the truth no matter what they say publicly to save face. They know. Still, I have no faith that they won't elect a pedophile, racist, homophobe, and jurist who was so bad he was kicked off the bench twice.
  22. Season Ticket Renewals

    Trent Williams has been playing on one leg the entire season. Don't tell me he doesn't care. You paint with too broad a brush.
  23. Is Jay Gruden a quitter?

    The one thing that bugs me about this (and I'm willing to believe I'm almost entirely wrong about it) is how many times that Gruden has announced that his team is too hurt to practice and so they will only do walkthroughs and skip practice this week. It seems to me when you need to rely on guys brought up from the practice squad as starters or primary back ups or worse, if you have to rely on guys brought off the street who've been on the roster for three days that those guys absolutely need practice. I can see running practice using skeleton drills or even doing seven on sevens, but the lack of practice may very well be the reason why our team's precision and sharpness has fallen off a cliff. Now, I don't really expect Trent Williams to practice just as I didn't expect Riggo to back in the day when he was in traction for half the week before playing, but somehow you have to get everyone up to speed.