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  1. I think the metric most are using is which is the best "fun" movie. That's why you are seeing action movies and comedies on top. That's okay with me... some of them were extraordinary movies (Besides, as an author of fantasy novels who am I to look down on genre films)
  2. I'm sensing a trend with these threads... either that or market research. As for the movie list, I don't think I'd pick it number one, but Ghandi was an amazing movie. Really, really well done.
  3. America goes through phases of welcome and anxiety when it comes to the issue of immigration. Some groups seem to be welcome with open arms as Cubans were or people from Eastern Europe during the Cold War, but most groups Irish, Italian, Chinese, Latino, Jewish, Muslim etc. face varying degrees of hostility. Most seem to acculturate and/or the culture adapts to fit them within its weave. Today, we seem to be in a period of anxiety. After a prolonged recession, there was already talk in some corners about building the Great Wall of America. Now, with the Syrian refugee crisis we are seeing resistance both because of religion and a fear of terrorist extremism. The question is not only what we should do and where we should stand, but what type of nation do we want to be. Are we the nation that turned away boats full of Jews fleeing the Holocaust or are we the nation that embraces those struggling and fleeing harm and despotism. It's of course not a simple question there are economic, safety, and other factors that need to be weighed and measured. At it's heart though is the question. What is America and are we the America we want to be?
  4. Random Thought: I wonder how much the US government is saving by Trump being on this road trip? No ludicrous bills from Mar a Lago or other Trump Resort for almost two weeks! Trump on the road may save the taxpayers tens of millions of dollars!
  5. The most interesting (and positive) tidbit is that they may be expanding the Front Office and hiring multiple people. I think we need more bodies, more scouts, etc. Maybe, that will be McCloughan's legacy? Maybe they finally realized the benefits of boots on the ground and scouts watching things in person instead of solely on tape?
  6. I don't entirely disagree that whistleblowers should be prosecuted even if they are doing a good. After all, they are knowingly breaking the laws. The stipulation here is that the whistleblowing must be about top secrets. and I'm not sure everything leaked is. For example, I wouldn't think something said by the President in a meeting between him and diplomats would be top secret unless he's spilling top secrets. Overall though, I don't mind that whistleblowing be prosecuted. It's a dangerous act and the whistleblower ought to believe that the value outweighs the cost (jail or at least termination). Still, Chaffetz is missing a step. He's bypassing the courts. That's pretty dangerous too.
  7. I agree. He may be suffering from what Powell did. Powell was a man of integrity and intelligence, but he was also very much a good soldier who developed an unhealthy degree of loyalty and misplaced duty.
  8. I don't think it's a tight circle. I think there are three adversarial camps. There's the Bannon camp, the Priebus camp, and the (for lack of a better term) professional White House staffer camp. The pros certainly hate what's going on and recognize all the difficulties and mess being made. I'm sure, these professional bureaucrats, some of whom out last a President by many, many years are used to working around a President's peccadilloes, but even though every new boss presents difficulties, I'm sure Trump is uniquely frustrating. Add to that the fact that Bannon camp keeps trying to backstab the Priebus camp and vice versa, you have a wonderfully toxic atmosphere where many people distrust each other and really dislike each other.
  9. I remember liking Lieberman when he was running for Pres. He seemed the careful, calculating mind that might be able to plot a good strategic course. The McCain endorsement didn't really do anything to change my mind. I thought McCain a pretty good guy. I did not like him flipping on torture and preferred Obama ultimately, but wouldn't have been all that upset if we'd gotten a President McCain. That said, I'm not sure about Lieberman for FBI chief for two reasons: 1) as you said, he has a long relationship with Trump. That's not really a killer though. The FBI is a lot bigger than the Trump/Russia investigation. I could deal with a Trumpee as FBI Chief as long as they recused themselves from that one case and dealt with all the other issues that the FBI works on. 2) is bigger-- He has no real law enforcement background. This isn't his forte or strength. It's not a principle area of knowledge. The FBI shouldn't be political. It needs to be run by someone who understands and has lived the mission in some capacity. Lieberman is not that guy.
  10. My newest novel fittingly launches on April 1st. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N5US02T/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1485808234&sr=8-1&keywords=A+Climbing+Stock A Climbing Stock tells the story of John, a man who is forced by his mother to sell the family business, who is tricked instead into exchanging it for 3,000 shares of a stock about to IPO. To everyone's surprise, the stock (Biomicroscopy Endoscopic, Arterial Neurosurgery or BEAN Stock for short) grows. Strangely, no one knows what the company does, who's behind it, or why the price possibly rose from 15 to 4,000 in the space of twenty-four hours. Investigations ensue and because John is the only person anyone can find associated with BEAN, he becomes the target of the FBI, FTC, etc. In order to clear his name, he decides to get to the bottom of the BEAN Stock or perhaps the top. In doing so, he must battle corporate giants, dragons, and figure out how to fit a cow through a rainbow. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To some, A Climbing Stock might seem familiar... well, there's a couple of reasons for that: 1) It's a fractured fairy tale retelling of a Jack story 2) It was first published in 2013, but the darned publisher went bankrupt 9 months in. He kept the rights and all the money until now. Apparently, my book was the only one making him any money. 3) Techboy is still owed a copy. The book is for those who enjoy humor and fantasy. If you enjoyed the Princess Bride, Shrek, the Lego Movies, Muppets, and going really old school Bullwinkle you'll probably enjoy it. You have to like word play though. If you don't this novel may cause pain. It's also guaranteed to make you really, really rich.
  11. Roald Dahl had a fantastic imagination, but I fear he never could have dreamed up Trump. Especially not for his work in children's lit.
  12. Mind you, getting King out of Congress would be a good thing. Could we make his title Ambassador in Exile?
  13. Didn't realize '80 was such a good year for movies. Some really fine choices.
  14. At the beginning of every school year, the kids would test us. They'd begin to see what they could get away with. As a special ed teacher you had to be at your coldest and strictest for the first month at least. Once they realized where you drew the lines and that they are real you could loosen up and be the cool teacher. The kids would then generally only walk up to the line. Right now, countries are testing the "teacher" They want to see what they can get away with. You're seeing this with North Korea beating its chest and doing nuke tests, in the Middle East, and certainly with Russia. None of this is actually Trump's fault. How he and the State Department respond to it will have some impact. Of course, they can't go to off the rails in any case because there are lots of other "teachers" (countries) watching, but the US is not only the teacher, but it has been the principal for a bunch of years, and kids take special care not to upset them. Analogy works pretty well, but not perfectly, I think.
  15. Yeah, and the Rs have the nerve to talk about witch hunts with dozens and dozens of Senate Hearings, House investigations, 10s to 100's of millions spent. Special investigators, Independent investigators and they never found anything other than perjury about Bill having an affair. Meanwhile, you have Trump who just this year had to settle Trump U because the fraud case was overwhelming, you have guys being forced from office, and countless cases of clear and obvious conflict of interest, not to mention the thumbing their nose at the emoluments clause, etc.
  16. That'd be a shock to Turkey. Flynn would owe them a hell of a lot of money for accepting payment without any intention of rendering services.
  17. These kinds of statements probably don't do the White House any good as they can be fairly easily disproven. It is possible the NYTs got it wrong or their sources lied to them, but the WH has been caught wrong-footed so often in recent days, my guess is this denial will be met with a factual accounting that makes them look stupid.
  18. Hyena, weasel, maybe, but the most fitting would probably be a tick, especially one loaded up with lyme disease. If you want to go a different way... a lemming fits.
  19. I think the problem Congress has is that they really want Flynn to be the fall guy, to take the sword, and the punishment. They think if they can just hang it all in Flynn it will soon be business as normal. Flynn, however, doesn't want to play along. He wants immunity and for someone else to hang.
  20. I'd say close to nil. He hasn't wrung enough money out of this yet. I don't even know if he's done enough to satisfy his Russian debtors. Wow. Sigh. Is that a step worse than taking the Fifth?
  21. Cousins is one of those guys who seems to have a lot of good in him. Good mobility Good arm Very good accuracy Good vision Great release Great Spidey Sense (ability to anticipate pressure) That makes me think of him as a Drew Brees light or a Matt Ryan. He's not an Elway, Farve, or Marino that can do it alone (and in the end, they proved they couldn't do it alone, but needed running games and defense), but he is the kind of QB who can get it done and make defenses pay. He actually hits a lot of long balls too. I think he's in that sphere of very good and deceptively good in a way that people underappreciate him.
  22. Thanks for the info. I've only caught that show a couple of times when I was flipping channels. It's so awful. I thought it was about ratings. Looks like it was getting between 5-6 million viewers a week. I'm not sure where that sits in modern TV rankings, but in the old days that certainly wasn't an exciting number. Overall, ratings are about 5% down for the year. http://tvseriesfinale.com/tv-show/last-man-standing-season-six-ratings/
  23. I do. I think he has family members and friends. He's made a lot of careers and a lot of money for a certain set of people. Outside his work, he's probably done some good in charity. On the whole, I think... well, I shouldn't say what I think.
  24. I have been told if you have nothing good to say... Therefore, I will keep my peace about Roger Ailes in respect for those grieving.
  25. Not connected? I pay you a large sum of money and you scuttle plans favorable to me. Nah, I don't see any connection whatsoever.