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  1. The purpose of Kelley and Flood being at the briefing was not to glean information, but to re-impress on them that the boss is watching and what the expected result better be. It's a strong arm tactic.
  2. I'm a firm believer of freedom of speech and protest. That said, I think not standing during the Pledge or during the playing of the National Anthem is wrong. Now, I support your right to stand up silently and not say the pledge (for religious or other reasons). I can even get behind you not putting your hand over your heart, but I do think you should stand. I think part of it is that I look at some of these issues as a matter of harm. As a young Jewish boy, I wasn't harmed in being asked to sing Christmas songs during the school assembly. I remember being invited to be part of a Presidential prayer breakfast during an inauguration. When the priest asked everyone to rise I did. I didn't say the prayers, but I did stand. These are the little slights we bare as being part of the community. So, when I read about Kaepernick choosing to sit during the National Anthem, part of me gets it and most of me doesn't. He says he's doing this because he's frustrated with racial inequality. Is not standing a good gesture to announce that disquiet? I don't think so because no one knew why he wasn't standing. They just saw it as a sign of disrespect. More, as a QB in the NFL he has a tremendous platform to use his voice or his money to make an actual difference. That makes the act of sitting seem hollow as far as gestures go. If you believe that police abuse is one that deserves action and comment than ACT and COMMENT! As a side note, I see this police abuse issue as more of a local issue than a national one as it doesn't involve federal abuse of power, but local ones. If that's true it makes protesting America by sitting even less effective as a statement. I suppose Kaepernick's action did generate some attention and so I may be wrong, but I think it garnered a lot less than the NBA and WNBA players who wore protest t-shirts and got fined for it. I respect the latter statement more if for no other reason... their actions were unambiguous and clear. In other words, stand up for your beliefs and your country. Don't sit on your arse and sulk.
  3. Why do I feel like I've heard the name Isiah Williams bandied about before? Does anyone know anything about him?
  4. The China deal. The North Korea deal. A lot of concessions on our part. No winning.
  5. On the nitpicking side, I kind of wanted Alex Smith to mention a teammate by name. Not a big deal, but it would have been fun for him to say "So and so really surprised me" or "I didn't realize so and so could do that"
  6. America goes through phases of welcome and anxiety when it comes to the issue of immigration. Some groups seem to be welcome with open arms as Cubans were or people from Eastern Europe during the Cold War, but most groups Irish, Italian, Chinese, Latino, Jewish, Muslim etc. face varying degrees of hostility. Most seem to acculturate and/or the culture adapts to fit them within its weave. Today, we seem to be in a period of anxiety. After a prolonged recession, there was already talk in some corners about building the Great Wall of America. Now, with the Syrian refugee crisis we are seeing resistance both because of religion and a fear of terrorist extremism. The question is not only what we should do and where we should stand, but what type of nation do we want to be. Are we the nation that turned away boats full of Jews fleeing the Holocaust or are we the nation that embraces those struggling and fleeing harm and despotism. It's of course not a simple question there are economic, safety, and other factors that need to be weighed and measured. At it's heart though is the question. What is America and are we the America we want to be?
  7. Yeah, I saw the Kushner news just now too and that was exactly my reaction. Boy, standards are low and backbones are weak these days.
  8. What happened to him? Is he hurt or last for the year? He was a long shot to be a contributor, but still!
  9. Fair enough, Buzz. (smart ass )
  10. I don't think this is one of those where "both sides of the same" argument holds up at all. Look especially at the laws of blue states or cities vs. red states or cities. Look at what the blue side has proposed. Yes, the blue side needs more courage and possibly a greater willingness to take a political hit for the ultimate good, but the fault here really lies pretty much on one side... or in one set of pockets. Obama struggled and failed to get any kind of gun control law passed. On the federal level, the problem is almost entirely, that the Republicans have owned Congress for eight years and in those eight years and this epidemic of mass shootings their only solution has been either "thoughts and prayers" or to reduce gun laws and increase access. Follow the money. Both sides have not failed. Both sides have not had equal power to fail. If nothing else, when the blues had power, they passed Obamacare which provided resources for mental health care, services, and medication. Even that, the red side has tried its damnedest to strip away. I wish the blues had bigger balls, but right now, and for at least eight years, they have been blocked out almost entirely... Often, not even being allowed into committee meetings or any serious planning meeting (see Tax reform and a dozen other efforts... including today with the Russia probe).
  11. Seems like they are trying to streamline and become more efficient. Bruce has done okay at managing the cap with Schaffer's help, but I'm not sure how well he has done in figuring out how the rest of it should work and how to maximize the Redskins' profits. I think they have made some misses on that side. In addition, I think they have failed to maximize the fan experience at Fed Ex. It is interesting to me how the Redskins have shrunk. For many years, you could find Redskins stores in shopping malls. I think they're all gone. The Redskins seemed to want to control messaging and use radio as their major means of communicating. Now, that's gone. So, what are we seeing outside the core business? Honestly, I'm talking without having done any research so I might be wrong about everything, but I think they are shrinking themselves to their core business. That might be very smart, but it also could be a sign that the coffers have shrunk.
  12. I doubt Lafemina is behind the sale of 980AM as these things take time to do, but a couple of pretty interesting business stories happening simultaneously.
  13. Hmm... this is an interesting move and further suggests that Snyder's bankroll is getting smaller. I personally like the sports media outlet not being owned by the local sports' team, but I'm not sure why Snyder would want to drop that asset (even if radio isn't extremely profitable controlling the message is).
  14. At this point, I think we'd only be interested in him at vet min plus incentives. I'm not really kidding either. I mean we could cut the other Mc for some cap pain, but it would be a one year rental with almost no chance of re-signing him because of the salary cap next year and the fact that we need to have a place for all the pups (assuming Settle pans out and Lanier continues to progress).
  15. This is a big season for Smith for a couple of reasons. First off, his contract is up. Second, he's been inconsistent sometimes being very good and sometimes being invisible, but the most important might just be number 3. If Allen, Payne, Settle, Ionadis, etc. form a good defensive line then the excuses disappear. If there is push in the middle then I want to see the linebackers getting home against the QBs and I want them containing and stopping the running backs. Both Smith and Kerrigan should flourish. There's every reason for Smith to have a great season. If he does, then you need to reward him because this DL is going to be around for a while. If, however, he has another up and down yo yo season, then you have to ask yourself if you can do better.
  16. I'll agree and disagree here. I think that you are correct that the US being one of the only developed countries without universal healthcare is probably a contributor to the number of violent incidents due to mental health issues, but while mental health is a factor it's also a red herring. It happens enough that it needs to be dealt with, but it is not the common factor. In fact, the number of shooters with diagnosed mental health problems are relatively small. The number of people with mental health issues who do not engage in these kinds of activities is enormous. Mental health has become an easy scapegoat.
  17. Exactly. Besides, does anyone really believe there are no instances of bullying in Canada, the UK, Spain, France, Germany, Japan, Australia, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc.? Are Americans uniquely more violent and insane than every other population on Earth? Maybe it's something in the water? It couldn't possibly be the one factor that's different in the US than in all other nations? It couldn't be the ease of access to firearms, could it? But, it's worse than just different than every other nation. It's different than every other nation AND different from the US twenty or thirty years ago. This was not the reality of America in my childhood. We had the Second Amendment back then too. What changed? The NRA for one thing has changed its stance on what they advocate for. They represent the gun industry now and not hunters, collectors, and people interested in self defense. The more important change is that gun laws have been weakened by legislation, by NRA court victories, and by the continual underfunding of agencies meant to police the laws on the books or benign neglect of said agents (because of misguided and incorrect Second Amendment sympathies). But no, the plenitude and ease of access to firearms couldn't possibly be a factor. The deregulation and undercutting of agencies missions to defend and deter couldn't matter. The refusal to even allow study of this issue couldn't be a difference. Rather, it's the mental health issues we refuse to fund. It's the bullying we refuse to address. It's the fact that we don't increase access even more and demand that all teachers carry and SRO agents aren't upgraded to full wartime levels. Thank goodness, we're willing to discuss everything but guns even if we don't do anything to address those other issues. Thank goodness we don't get sidetracked into thinking that nearly weekly mass shootings have anything to do with the instruments of the shooting or are deluded into thinking that our nation is different because of something we are doing. I mean if we did something to make it harder for kids to access guns they would just go on killing sprees anyway. Remember the paperclip massacre of 1974 when that boy realized he could unfold a paperclip and get all stabby? Hundreds died before anyone could stop him. The only thing that can stop a bad kid with a paperclip is a good kid with a stapler!
  18. I disagree. In real terms, the entire Republican wing of Congress, NRA, and Gun Lobby has argued against any limit on firearms for the last twenty years. They refuse any controls whether it's based on the gun itself, mental health, sharing of info between agencies, etc. The only time they have conceded any change is when they've been out voted. They're like religious fanatics. Fair to an extent, but Obama tried (on guns) and I think he pushed pretty hard. There was no way in hell that Congress was going to give an inch. They pretty much refused to give an inch on anything no matter how much Congress' inaction harmed the country.
  19. 2018 Washington Nationals - High Cheese

    They should just play a Madden baseball simulation or some such. Whoever wins the video game scores a victory in the standings.
  20. Didn't Jesus tell the Israelites to put away their swords and spears and go fishing? Jesus is the first recorded advocate for gun control.
  21. I have come to the point where I believe that you are either for gun control or you are pro murder. Now, there are guys who are pro-gun and pro gun control, even the Great Buzz, who advocates for some limits and controls, but the standard GOP/NRA position is not pro-2nd Amendment; it is pro murder. The Supreme Court ruling as interpreted and fought for by the gun rights crowd is pro murder. Every other right is limited and usually limited for safety reasons. This notion that gun rights ought to be unfettered and that thoughts and prayers are sufficient and the only Constitutional solution is, in reality, only a position to support murder. I know this post doesn't really "help" because the prevailing belief is that the gun control side always has to give in and compromise. That something only can only be done by giving in to the gun rights side, but for twenty years the gun rights side has gotten what they want. An unprecedented amount of mass murders is the harvest. The 2nd Amendment is supposed to be about self-defense against government tyranny or assaults against oneself or one's property. This ****ization is nothing but a device to give murderers liberty at the expense of the rest of us. We are the only nation in the world that faces mass killings to this degree. Therefore, we are the only nation in the world unable to limit the danger of its criminally insane, sociopaths, terrorists, and mass murderers. It's time to put away the prayer book and do the work of God.
  22. We have normalized mass murder.
  23. Mass Shooting on the Las Vegas Strip

    Hope you and yours are okay.
  24. Mass Shooting on the Las Vegas Strip

    Well said. How pathetic that a mass shooting at a school is so common it doesn’t even warrant its own thread.