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  1. This is why blowing some of those big leads and losing those games really sucks. Occasionally you are going to run into a pitcher dealing like Santana. I guess the AL central is this years version of the AL West from last year. I think the O's were 10 games under against AL West last year.
  2. Am I the only one thinking we need this guy to be in a room with Trump and every time he says something dumb this guy slaps him and runs out the door? Or just have him slap Trump if he reaches for his phone to tweet.
  3. The best part of the video was what somebody said to her at the end. "Shouldn't had called him a...yo. What's up with you." QFT
  4. There is no reason at all Asher doesn't take Ubaldo's spot in the rotation. He's had two quality starts and been solid in the bullpen. It would be a new level of stubbornness from Buck if he doesn't make a change.
  5. I don't have any issues with the O's giving UJ a chance this year after his second half last season but enough was enough 3 or 4 starts ago. Heck, the moment he pitched well out of the bullpen, they should have made the switch. If Buck is serious about the O's putting their best foot forward, he doesn't start again. I think he gets put in the pen for at least a shot at being the long man based on who can currently be brought up and who can't.
  6. Also losers, every one of his friends that didn't do a damn thing/laughed about it. At least the woman seemed to yell at him and hit him.
  7. Buck sounds like he wants to DFA Ubaldo.
  8. There is no reason for Ubaldo to get another start. Give the job to Asher and see what happens. There is no reason for Tyler Wilson to get called up again. I have come to hate the "shuttle." It's been way overused and they keep over thinking it. Verrett has had more success this year than Wilson yet they don't call him up. Castro had some quality innings so they send him down.
  9. Just shows how meaningless the NBA season has become and will likely stay until Golden State breaks up and Lebron regresses. How many years in a row will it be Cleveland and GS in the finals?
  10. Huge bounce back by the Ducks cause they melted down in the third. Though the second goal shouldn't have counted if the refs called the obvious penalty.
  11. Beating the crap out of people shouldn't get a pass. I wonder how much this is abused by American representatives in other countries because what happen shouldn't every be permitted.
  12. What's the purpose of diplomatic immunity in this country?
  13. This guy not being in America any more would be worth a major celebration.
  14. I don't think any of us are ever able to be as objective as we think when talking about the O's. I know my orange shades get in the way at times. I think a lot would have to go wrong for this team to not be a 90 win team. I mean, 6 more runs over the course of 3 of these games and the O's would be 13 games over. I would be more concerned if they were getting killed and not hitting. I think we are seeing signs that Crush is going to have a monster year and that Trumbo is going to hit 35-45 homeruns. Need to get Manny on track sooner or later. My biggest concern right now is how much harm did the O's do to their pen in the first 35 games. Hopefully the rest over the last few days will get guys back on track but Buck really hammered Brach, Givens, O'Day and Hart. I think he finally had that realization about a week ago but he was running guys out there far too often with a 6 man pen. I feel like a 6 man pen cost the O's at least 3 or 4 wins this year. BTW, Asher should start for Jimenez next time around. There is no reason Jimenez can't be the long man to clean up games and there is no reason not to see if Asher can't have more success than UJ at this point. Heck, even if the O's kept switching up the 5th starter, that would be good by me. Might as well find out what a guy has that can help the next 5 years than pitching a guy that will be gone come October and has one quality start.
  15. Do you watch the O's with fear or in concern constantly?