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  1. A forward like Oshie should age well in the NHL. He skates well and has good hands so this won't be a Brooks Orpik situation.
  2. What an insane statement. He admits what it is and really has no problem with it. If that isn't in an ad for the Democrats...
  3. They need to cut the Ubaldo cord. Tillman is next in about a month or two.
  4. There is a big difference in competing for voters that were a core Democratic constituency and voted for Trump this time and those that are Trump supporters. However, all those people still need to feel the negative impact of Trumps agenda before they can be reached.
  5. Which tax related item are you referencing?
  6. You aren't going to change/influence the behavior of Trump voters no matter what you talk to them about. There is no engaging with them right now. Until jobs don't really come back and health care gets worse, you won't reach them. Even at that point, Trump will simply be claiming Dems are to blame by obstructing and some will parrot that claim. Presently facts and reason do not matter.
  7. It won't matter to Trump/GOP supporters until they actually are impacted negatively from his policies. In the meantime, just keep deporting people, bash the media, claim democrats obstruct and keep ****ing over America.
  8. I'm not going to shy away from the fact that I'd like to see some non-white people in party leadership. I also want to see younger leadership within the party. I like that fact that she, in particular, apparently intimidates civil war racists like General Sessions. Non-white people that kick ***.
  9. I have no problems with the trade they made for Shattenkirk. It sucked that he ultimately sucked for the Caps but it happens. What I don't really get is that the GM said this was the last ride for this group, putting unnecessary extra pressure on the team, only to now seemingly be bringing back most of the same team. We will see what happens shortly with Oshie, but I don't get things like keeping Orpik. I feel like I watched a different playoffs if the team doesn't think speed matters. I would love to see more youth and hopefully they can add to it from Hershey but also with some creative moves like a Grubby trade for someone. I don't know, I get why it's tough to break up a team that lost two years to the ultimate champions, but gotta shake something up.
  10. She absolutely needs to go because my party needs more Kamala Harris types out front. She's done good things and she sure as heck keeps the party in line, but everyone's day comes. Having said that, I'm not naive enough to think that simply changing leadership will change the basic attack by the GOP. They do an effective job demonizing Dem leadership. It's time for a new generation of leaders in Congress to be leading the charge against these terrible bills.
  11. Obama should have been on the campaign trail every day after Obamacare was passed talking about it in these terms. Not selling the good has been one of the Dems biggest failures.
  12. I agree that losing Schmidt isn't what closes the window on the Caps, but I do view it as poor short and long term planning. I would rather have a younger, fast defenseman I can contractual control longer and cheaper than a guy that will likely only be here one more season in Carlson and would certainly be expensive to keep beyond next year. Keeping in mind also the salary cap restraints and the need to sign guys like Bura an Kuzy. Also, Alzner is a UFA now.
  13. Gotta trade Grubauer now. No reason to keep him if you can get a 2nd round pick or potentially more. Unless the Caps really want to blow things up and trade Holtby, but we know that won't be happening. Caps already don't have any picks in the first three rounds this draft. Just bad planning by the Caps.
  14. I was a little disappointed in Jonesy that inning. He didn't come up firing on the 4th run thinking the guy wouldn't go. If he threw with some urgency, the guy is out by a couple of steps.