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  1. Awesome result. First heard the highlight on the radio which is by far the best way to hear O's games.
  2. No surprise by the GOP leaders in NC. NC has a law protecting confederate monuments from local governments that wish to have them removed. Hence what happened in Durham as there was no other way of removing a statue. It was passed only a couple years ago as the NC legislature has swung way right. Um, you could start by letting local governments decide whether to keep or remove confederate statues for starters.
  3. I'm surprised Buck didn't pinch hit for Davis. Even if they didn't want Jones to play, Castillo is there to hit.
  4. True but now they have a spectacle and a buzz all week. I know my friends and I normally wouldn't talk about during the week but now we certainly are.
  5. If you are HBO, are you really upset by the leaks? I mean, GoT leaks gets more coverage during the week than every other show out there. Plus, we are probably all going to watch again Sunday night.
  6. Hunter Harvey pitched tonight in Aberdeen. Matt Harvey was making a rehab start for the other team. Hunter: 3 innings, 1 hit, 0 run, 0 walks, 7 Ks.
  7. Well put. They need to go ahead and leak episode 7 now if it isn't already.
  8. Mass resignation would end his Presidency.
  9. He is a full blown Donald Trump supporter and he seems to be as big a snowflake as Trump. He got called out on his company not having made in Detroit stuff even though it is called Made in Detroit and he responded just like Trump does.
  10. The vast majority in the counter protest didn't show up looking for a street fight.
  11. And many of them got exposed as ******s.
  12. I disagree. Not all GOP supporters of Trump really believe he is a racist or incompetent. Those people hate the white nationalists too and were no doubt disgusted by it. It's good for them to see Trump not respond in any way. I don't know why anyone thinks a hate group needs conflict to exist, but I'm open to seeing research/studies/etc on that. I also don't know why galvanizing people on the other side is not a bad thing for them. We all see examples of racism in the country and we are reminded of it dramatically with the Dylan Roof's of the world, but it's powerful for people that oppose these people to see it on the campus of a major university.
  13. Totally disagree. Trump (and other politicians) get exposed because of it, more attention is paid to the fact the the administration moved to divert funds away from investing these groups and it galvanizes/unifies people on the other side of it.
  14. It's tough do to when state governments passed laws specifically to protect confederate statues from being removed by local municipalities. As someone that went to JEB Stuart, I can say I was against changing the name. The primary reason being is that nobody cared when we were in HS what the name of the school was and Stuart is one of the most diverse HS in the country. Secondary reasons: I have a problem with nobody talking about the quality education at the school currently, what can really be done to help students coming out of the school to achieve success and that it seemed to be a crusade by suburban white people. (One of whom accused me of being a bigot simply for asking how far people are willing to go when it comes to removing statues and monuments of slave owners. She also invoked Hilter and Germany right away.) Don't get me wrong, I get the symbolic aspect of it, but if one is going to crusade against changing the name of a HS, that should just be the tip of the iceberg if you are really concerned about equality. Anyway, I do think the conversation needs to take place about how far this is going to go and what are the reasons for it.