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  1. The Dems have been talking about ways to improve it in their caucus. That has been made public so the WH knows.
  2. I also disagree with the idea that the Dems shouldn't work with Trump to improve/fix issues with Obamacare. They absolutely should be willing to fix issues and if things improve, keep referring to it as Obamacare.
  3. 100% disagree. Health care/health insurance is the one issue that will change enough votes that it would switch the direction of the country. When it comes to actually living and dying and getting care, this is the issue above all other issues that are tangible and impact people's lives directly. It's the reason why Trump is at 36% approval, it's the reason their bill got pulled because people are irate over it. You'll see more and more Trump supporters become disillusioned because he massively over promised on health care and people losing health insurance will impact Trump voters.
  4. What goal had an off-sides call? Missed the game and totally forgot to DVR it. Good to see they got the win.
  5. I hope the green party is proud. **** Jill Stein.
  6. The closer Trump keeps Jared, the more Trump gets to see Ivanka. Plus, he can send Jared away on trips.
  7. The amount of alternative facts being spewed by some in the GOP attempting to defend this mess is staggering. I'm pretty sure Tom Coburn just said we won't know what's in the bill until it's passed cause health care is complicated.
  8. Why do you hate freedom? If people want to have terrible health insurance that covers virtually nothing, that's there right. Especially since when they get really sick those cost can just be passed to everyone else since there insurance won't cover it. USA, USA.
  9. That was a good hockey game. I really hope the Pens and Blue Jackets have to play each other in the first round.
  10. You better complain about this tripping call. That was terrible.
  11. Rangers will play the first place team in the other division. Caps will get the Islanders, Bruins or Maple Leafs
  12. If Nunes has real intelligence, how does he not share it immediately with his committee? This is extremely sketchy.
  13. Not those illegals. The other ones. Geez, get it right already.
  14. This seems like a way to effectively ban some people since many visitors would normally bring at least a phone.