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  1. 2017 - 18 Washington Capitals Thread

    Who is Connor Hobbs? Agreed about MadBow, but he’s been better. I feel like at times he plays with no confidence out there. Djoos is definitely the better of the two so far.
  2. Tax Bill

    Except things received related to the ACA votes were directly related to health care as it related to their own states. See the “Cornhusker kickback.” It wasn’t something random. I would agree that items totally unrelated to a bill to get a vote is more sketchy to say the least.
  3. Tax Bill

    It’s a representative government and a rep/Senator doing something for their district/State isn’t a big deal to me. Now doing something for a handful of rich donors is distinct difference to me. Getting rid pork barrel projects was only an optics thing but not really good for government.
  4. Tax Bill

    One of the biggest differences is that most congressmen would get pork projects for their constituents or something for their state as opposed to what is going on here.
  5. Now this is legitimately a fake news story. Shame on those pushing this garbage. Congressmen going down this road are all traitors.
  6. Did you see the broom part at the end this time?
  7. 2017 - 18 Washington Capitals Thread

    Trotz did a good job rolling the top 2 lines out there a lot in the 3rd. The young defensemen continue to look better though occasionally you still see the rookie mistakes. Orpik is now barely playing more than Djoos and MadBow is creeping up in TOI. BTW, Where is Burakovsky? He just disappears for such long stretches. I thought he would get back on track this year and work his way to being a 20 goal per year guy.
  8. We also found out, though it was in the previews so not a surprise, that Rey is uniquely powerful. I also don't get the complaint about Rey coming out of nowhere. All these Jedi temples that have been built in the past had all sorts of kids that didn't have Jedi bloodlines. The best thing about the running out of fuel plot was the destruction of Snokes ship. Might have been my favorite scene of the entire movie. That would pretty much become my entire strategy now for destroying the entire fleet of the Empire. Wasn't the planet at the end salt and not snow?
  9. I noticed it immediately and it's why they showed the kid holding the broom as if he was holding a lightsaber.
  10. That's fair. I just think it's a lot to ask to get into his back story in this particular movie. Perhaps we will hear more about it next movie if they delve deeper into Kylo going to the dark side to begin with.
  11. Why do people care if we know the back story of Snoke? Personally I don't as he isn't a central character though it wouldn't surprise me if his back story is told more in a spin off or side story like Rogue One.
  12. Net Neutrality 2017

    Is this real? I entered names from my household and while my address didn’t come up, it was pretty obvious some fake letters were up under a name. Easy to tell.
  13. Tax Bill

    It really is amazingly stupid that they are cutting taxes to create bigger deficits in the middle of a good economic period. We should be rebuilding the country now and actually paying for what we need. The all time biggest of lies is that the GOP has ever been a fiscally responsible party.
  14. Kylo was thinking with his lightsaber. Guys make irrational decisions when thinking this way but he also hated Snoke was doubting him.
  15. Trash to you. That's cool. For me, as I've gotten older, the music of star wars along with the characters I grew up with just gets to me so it may bias my opinion. Wait, are you saying @codeoramaloves the prequels?? I can't type for **** today.