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  1. This is precisely why when Minnesota called, you just listen. Not that a trade would've been made with them but maybe a 3 team deal could've developed that gets the Wiz picks and an expiring deal. A realistic rebuild means getting out of Walls contract even if you don't get back much in the way of picks. Beal is the one that probably returns the most given his contract is better than Walls and Beal will fit with more teams. After that, you spend the next couple years trying to get Otto to rebuild his value as a player with hopes of maybe trading him.
  2. Its a W tonight. Copley is getting in a rhythm. Ovie, Ellers, Niskanen and 4th line player get goals.
  3. Just found out some I know is an anti-vaxxer after her son had a reaction after a shot. The mindset is identical to global warming deniers. Doesn’t matter that major autism nonprofits say there is no link and huge studies have been done.
  4. Hersh

    2018 NCAA Football Thread

    Notre Dame deserves to be in the playoffs and they are legit good, but let’s not pretend they have a bunch of quality wins. Great win against Michigan, played at ND and their best road win was at four loss Northwestern.
  5. So why didn’t it work this election cycle? I’ll wait. Take out Pelosi’s game and insert Democrat X, Y or Z and the strategy will still be the same. Next election won’t have anything to do with Pelosi. It will be all about the top of the ticket. Seriously, the Dems could put the most vanilla person as speaker and the GOP will make the same argument about that person being just another liberal that wants to take away your everything. I’m not even a Pelosi supporter, I just think you are loud wrong and the last election just proved that.
  6. Totally disagree. Doesn’t matter who is in the leadership of the Dem party, the GOP will attack that person endlessly and make them the next evil liberal. Plus, the GOP tried to make Pelosi a meaningful part of this election and still got run over. Having said that, the Dems need to elevate some younger members to leadership positions. The good thing is that more younger members are on TV more than the more senior members
  7. I remember when we heard speculation of Obama replacing Biden. Given the massive turnover, this is one POTUS I could see doing it but they are mistaken if they think putting a woman on the ticket solves that.
  8. Hersh

    Election 2018 Thread (Blue Wave in Progress)

    There is always going to be a percentage, be it 35% or something around there, in which it would be nearly impossible to draw districts to give more representation to the minority. Do you see the problem when one side wins 51% of the total vote for a state legislature chamber but the party that won fewer votes wins 65-70 percent or more of the seats?
  9. Hersh

    Election 2018 Thread (Blue Wave in Progress)

    Completely wrong. In NC, the GOP won 51 percent of the state wide congressional ballots yet won 10 of 13 currently unconstitutional (already been decided) seats for Congress. I believe in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania the Dems had the most votes state wide but the GOP retained supermajorities at the state legislature level. Pretty sure these results prove the exact opposite of your claim.
  10. Hersh

    Election 2018 Thread (Blue Wave in Progress)

    How the **** is Hyde-Smith a US Senator? She’s a dumbass.
  11. Hersh

    California's Wildfires Thread

    and the missing list is now 631. I'm sure some don't know they are on the missing list but damn. I feel like this story is somehow under-reported or maybe people just becoming immune to major tragedies in this country. It's crazy what happened.
  12. Hersh

    All Things Boxing

    What channels are these fights on? In general.
  13. I can’t wait until beards are back out of style. I always like having mine when almost no one else had one.
  14. Hersh

    Election 2018 Thread (Blue Wave in Progress)

    It's the only reason the GOP didn't lose 50+ seats. Wisconsin, Ohio and NC are insanely partisan gerrymandered and it was a shame, though not surprising, that the SCOTUS didn't put an end to it. It's terrible for democracy.
  15. If the NHL cared about safety and wasn't totally hypocritical in suspensions, both of those plays would be suspensions.