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  1. Rank the Skins' head coaches over the last 25 years

    Some folks are just gluttons for punishment.
  2. All Time XI: NFC East (Redskin Related)

    Any sports media site that did that, they would just fill it with Cowboys (with the exception of Lawrence Taylor and Reggie White).
  3. Yeah, Galette was disappointing this offseason. The Redskins stuck by him the whole time when he blew out his achilles, then blew out his other one the next year. He is able to play this year, but didn't really "wow" anyone. Then this offseason he starts mouthing off on twitter like he is the greatest OLB in the NFL and saying stupid things like the Redskins only offered him "slave money" (which turned out to be a generous 2 year/$10 million deal). I think we see now why New Orleans kicked him to the curb.
  4. All Time XI: NFC East (Redskin Related)

    I think he means the comments in the article. They certainly imply that Monk doesn't deserve all the accolades he gets in Redskin Nation. However, they did put him on the all-time list, so there's that.
  5. Congrats to Bugel and Thomas. Zimmerman must be having a fit, people from the Redskins getting an award named after him.
  6. These two analysts put out their lists of the all-time greats from each NFC East team. To see the full article with all the lists, go here: However, here is their all-time Redskin lists: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Washington Redskins 1) Sammy Baugh, QB (1937-1952) 2) Darrell Green, CB (1983-2002) 3) Sean Taylor, S (2004-07) 4) Chris Hanburger, LB (1965-1978) 5) Charley Taylor, WR (1964-1977) 6) Art Monk, WR (1980-1993) 7) Sonny Jurgensen, QB (1964-1974) 8) John Riggins, RB (1976-1985) 9) Russ Grimm, OG (1981-1991) 10) Joe Jacoby, OT (1981-1993) 11) Ken Houston, S (1973-1980) Coach: Joe Gibbs (1981-1992, 2004-07) I always try to refrain from going too quarterback-heavy with these lists. It's like when somebody asks you what your favorite movie is and you reply, "Empire," because it is. But it also just seems too easy. So I'm really trying to be a little more even here. But I have to make Sammy Baugh the top pick here. He's another one of those dudes who has so many bold stats (to denote league leader) in his Pro Football Reference profile. He's a six-time passing leader. Two-time champion. It's kind of easy. I'm putting Sean Taylor at the No. 3 spot. I'm not going to get into the debate about whether Taylor should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame because that's pointless. But he really was one of the best players in Redskins history. I know his life was tragically cut short. But when I think of players and how well they performed on the field, he was clearly a difference maker, even though his time was limited. This isn't a knock on Art Monk. But Monk was consistent over a long period of time and people kind of make those players better than they are. It's like old punk bands. Bad Religion has been around forever, so people just buy into them being great. They were good, no doubt. But not the greatest. Taylor certainly was. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Not a bad list, but I don't think I agree with Sean Taylor being on it. He was a great player, but tragically, he just wasn't around long enough to make an impact the way other Redskin players that might belong on that list did. What does everybody think of the list?
  7. Kellen Winslow II Accused of Serial Rape, Kidnapping

    He's a ****ing soldier. If he is guilty, hopefully they toss him in the darkest, dankest cell, under the jail, and throw away the key.
  8. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Well, we are all crazy (or extreme ). For me, I just don't buy that Cousins was seemingly detached and held himself apart from the team simply because he didn't have a long term deal. He was on tags, but these were very VERY hefty tags. He couldn't find it in himself to be more of a leader? He was certainly making enough money that he could've tried. To me, I think Alex Smith will be a better leader here, and not just because he has a long-term deal. I think he has the better personality for it. It reminds me of back that season when Gibbs won his second Super Bowl. The Redskins had two QBs, Doug Williams and Jay Schroeder. The players could've rallied around either man. They ended up rallying around Williams because he was a natural leader and committed himself to the team. Schroeder, meanwhile, according to players who were on that team, was aloof and detached. He kind of held himself above and away from the rest of the team (Bostic in the "America's Game" documentary referred to it as "Me, myself, and I" syndrome). This had nothing to do with money. It was just the very different personalities of these two players. Will Cousins suddenly become a natural leader because he has more money in his pocket and a couple more years on his deal instead of one? I don't know. But I'm more comfortable (right now) with Smith in the leadership role for Washington than I was with Cousins.
  9. I think it was the latter rather than the former. Galette is the kind of guy would have no problem blaming his agent in his tweet if that is what happened. He seems pretty blunt and outspoken most of the time. Most likely, it was his own pride that got in the way. So was this 2 year/$10 million offer was what Galette was referring to as "slave money"?
  10. Nice of Galette to admit his shortcoming and failure in this situation in the offseason. What the Redskins offered him WAS very generous, considering all the time he had missed (two seasons worth), and the fact that he didn't exactly blow anyone's doors off last season. But it is probably too little, too late. The Redskins went and got McPhee, so they probably wouldn't offer Galette that deal now.
  11. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    I think his intangibles, like his leadership and his bringing the team together, will be an upgrade. I think the players will be more committed to Smith because he is committed to being here. I never got the impression Cousins was fully committed to being here. He seemed to keep himself separate from the team, and always had one foot out the door. At least in that one way, I think Smith will be an upgrade.
  12. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Always starting something.....
  13. How about making your point better next time?
  14. Random Thought Thread

    Johnson just finished the day by bogeying the final hole. Now there is a four-way lead at the top of the board with all of them at +3.