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  1. SkinsGuy

    Gameday Thread

    Good for Crosby. Last week he was the goat. This week, he is the hero with the winning kick. The NFL is like that.
  2. SkinsGuy

    Gameday Thread

    I think Witten has been hit too many times on the head.
  3. SkinsGuy

    Gameday Thread

    Nah, the Jaguars offense just sucks. Dallas is going to come into next weeks game all full of themselves after this game. We'll submarine them.
  4. SkinsGuy

    Improved Rush Defense...(Shoutout)

    Or maybe the Panthers fell behind because they couldn't get the run game going. The defense held them to 80 yards rushing. The offense moved the ball with 140 yards rushing. The special teams made plays. Sounds like a team effort to me
  5. SkinsGuy

    Improved Rush Defense...(Shoutout)

    The Panthers, I believe, are the #1 rushing team in the league. The Redskins held them to 80 yards rushing today while the Redskins rushed for almost 140 yards today. I say good job defense.
  6. Better for them to **** slap a team this week than next week.
  7. SkinsGuy

    Gameday Thread

    Without Fournette, they are. It's a week to week league right now.
  8. They are hot this week only. We'll cool them off next week.
  9. SkinsGuy

    Matt Millen appreciation thread

    Get well soon Matt. He was a great player. I remember him on the 91 Redskin team. He wasn't a great GM but he is a good color commentator. I hope he beats this.
  10. Maybe because a win is a win. If the Redskins do win this weak division this year or make the playoffs, it won't be with an asterisk next to its win-loss record saying 'Yeah, but they only beat the Panthers by six'. I really don't get the fussing. The Panthers are a good team. With a dangerous offense (and a dangerous QB) and a good, though not spectacular, defense. I don't know why folks are acting like the Redskins should've handled them easy. A close game shouldn't be a surprise. This is a great win against a team that is considered a playoff contender. Enjoy it.
  11. Don't waste your time. The gameday thread is just its usually stinking gutter self today. If you had no idea what happened in the game today and came to this thread for your info, you would think the Redskins not only lost, but got DESTROYED. You would be shocked when you turn on the TV to find out the Redskins won against the Panthers. I say don't get upset by it and just enjoy the win. Even if they can't.
  12. Probably like "Damn. We lost to the sorry ass Redskins!".
  13. SkinsGuy

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    Yeah, the "Win or lose with dignity" clause. Unfortunate if true. Removing opposing team apparel isn't going to change the crowd ratio numbers. It will simply change what they are wearing.
  14. SkinsGuy

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    It may be a lot of things, but it isn't a violation of the first amendment. The first amendment only protects you from government censure. It doesn't protect you from your favorite team's front office acting like over-sensitive twits when it comes to fan attendance and removing opposing team apparel to mask fan turnout.
  15. Time to get back on the winning track. LETS GO REDSKINS!!!! HTTR!!!!