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  1. I don't believe they ever really tried this strategy. I'm not saying you play nice. I'm saying you need to have your **** together before you go hard after these guys. Blake Farenthold is still in office. How is that not something they are talking about every day? He settled a former staffer's sexual harassment complaint with taxpayer money.
  2. If you want the high ground, you still have to hold yourself to higher standards than the other guy. Yeah, if/when this flips....they'll talk like they never supported Moore or Trump or they guys who used inappropriate funds to pay settlements and are still there. Get your house in order before you accuse the other guys for being corrupt.
  3. The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

    I think we've seen plenty of offseasons. Turg does well there. It's in-season where he needs to coach, adjust, get the most out of his guys. That's where he struggles.
  4. The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

    Probably. He'll get one more season. Even with injuries again, I can't imagine the next AD is going to be patient.
  5. 2018 Washington Nationals - "The Window"

    Don't blame them for trying. I know his stats have been trending down, but someone was to sign him. Only surprising thing to be is 3 years and not 2.
  6. I think I read that in the bible somewhere.
  7. Paternity? I think it's foolish to believe he hasn't paid for many many abortions.
  8. Won't be in time for Wrestlemania, but I'm guessing it'll be at Summerslam.
  9. 2018 Washington Nationals - "The Window"

    Extending him now would be the signing of the offseason for this franchise. Pay him, Lerners.
  10. https://twitter.com/Hadas_Gold/status/971104895976792065?s=19 Kidney beans, lipstick, bourbon whiskey, motorboats, rice, cranberries, orange juice, peanut butter, tobacco, grills, sinks & ladders: Some of the U.S. products EU plans to hit w/ 25 percent duties to retaliate against Trump’s tariffs https://t.co/rnQkYu8uVk via @POLITICOEurope
  11. The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

    Man, Moore won't be there when the Skins draft in the 2nd. He'd be fun to root for. As far as Fridge. Anderson and Edsall both were awful for Maryland.
  12. I think we should eliminate states in a Survivor-style contest based on their contributions to the country. ok, not really cut them. Just put them under the leadership of better run state. "Sorry Kansas, Colorado is going to manage your affairs until we feel you can handle them on your own." j/k