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  1. Want to see Roark get the 8th.
  2. That audio is crazy.
  3. Here is a spending cut idea. No pay for these guys during their recess. Ok, pay for townhalls.
  4. "Tony Four-Bags" - FP
  5. Not Shady at all.
  6. Maybe ask him if it's fair one of the Military Shuttles isn't named after him.
  7. Damn. Stupid 1pm meeting. Sneaking downtown for a game at noon would be glorious.
  8. I've wondered since Armageddon if NASA/the US Military have a few Weaponized Space Shuttles ready if needed. Think we can get him to admit it on camera?
  9. They guy has to say stuff in an effort to impress whoever he's speaking with. I don't know if its part of his larger mental illness, or a huge character flaw. What worries me is the stuff he's told people that is even worse than this.
  10. If Cruz could play defense, there would be 5+ less runs this innings.
  11. Hannity is gearing for big money with Sinclair and their Right-of-Fox future plans.
  12. Trump does it from the boat around his own supporters. Flynn looks to be ****ed.