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  1. Watching some of these spring games. He's sticking to a script of pulling guys and putting in minor leaguers. So, he might want to "win". But it hasn't changed anything.
  2. That's the rub. Right? The Admin and Majority have promised to get rid of the ACA. If they aren't going to move from that to improving it. Then how do you start?
  3. That's fair. But they should be upfront about improving it. Not repealing or replacing anything. If that's a non-starter for the admin. Then that's their problem. There is already something in place that is better than the two proposals which have been pulled.
  4. Heard that Nunes actually got his information from some gold discs he found on the White House grounds. Once done transcribing those plates, he had to return them to the Angel "Don".
  5. People like Spicer or Conway. You expect them to go the extra mile to redirect this Trump/Russia stuff. But when you have people in Congress or the Senate gambling their own careers to defend him. That's surprising to me. Guys like Nunes and Chaffetz are going to get primaried. Wouldn't be shocked if one of them lost too.
  6. It was time. He wasn't improving on his game anymore. Doesn't feel like they made a huge effort to keep him. If anything. This frees up a scholarship to go after MJ Walker....or a transfer.
  7. "This committee believes the Chairman has been compromised and cannot continue in his role due to x,y,z"
  8. He's scared. Any type of hearing will flip to being about him.
  9. agreed. This is why the Dems were stupid to not replace leadership after the election. It wasn't a matter IF something would happen. It was a matter of WHEN. Now when you need to dump a guy like Nunes. Trotting Pelosi out there already hurts any point they are trying to make. Right now the Rep who openly says they are not comfortable sharing information with Nunes because he might be a security risk to the House and their Committee, wouldn't sound crazy.
  10. https://twitter.com/JayWhiteSports/status/846417394121756678/video/1 Video of the 3 strikes. I like Clint Robinson. Wish there was room for him.
  11. Not sure. But again, the committee should boot or suspend or something with him until he at least tells them what he has, and how he got it.
  12. This Devin Nunes stuff is crazy. http://www.cnn.com/2017/03/27/politics/devin-nunes-white-house-donald-trump/index.html https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/chairman-and-partisan-the-dual-roles-of-devin-nunes-raise-questions-about-house-investigation/2017/03/26/2c95ade2-1096-11e7-9b0d-d27c98455440_story.html?utm_term=.ab71d9c53e55 Even the GOP on that committee should want him booted. At best, he's just incompetent. At worst he's undermining the process to help Don.
  13. All for giving Glover a chance to take the job. Yeah, having a vet closer would have been nice. But we've seen that not work also. Nothing is promised.
  14. He'll never get away from this story if true.
  15. He'd quit first. Blame everyone except himself. Then tell his supporters to revolt.