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  1. What is a "conservative" anyways? I know we've had many people run on that word, and even more vote for them. But in real practice, where has it worked anytime recently? Or ever?
  2. Curious to see what feckless cowards on the Hill are first to run out and parrot this nonsense.
  3. 2018 Washington Nationals - Weak Cheese

    Just got home from the Derby. Great event. It was cool hanging with fans from different teams just talking about crazy HRs we've seen and then cheering for most hitters. Then the Bryce Minute happened and the place went nuts. He was way into the crowd after.
  4. Screw Walsh. He knows that after last weekend, his current career is in trouble. He has been nothing but a C-List wannabe who is trying to stay afloat. Oh, Fox and Friends. Get bent.
  5. Election 2018 Thread

    After today if the DNC doesn't have enough material from whatever the **** that was, and the bat**** crazy from Cohen's new show. They should just disband. Just play clips with "Wtf?" at the end.
  6. #1. Huntsman follows in the line of seemingly sane Republicans who now work for Trump and look stupid when their lies for him and done in by him. #2. No matter how well I do, the fake news media will something something great city of Moscow something something.
  7. Pfft, that's what Walsh does. He wants attention. So, he tries to get everyone upset with him. "Who's side are you on?". When the Right and Left ignore him, he tries to piss them both off so he can claim he's open minded. He's not. I do enjoy how he calls everyone snowflakes, then demands a boycott of Showtime when Sasha Baron Cohen tricked him like Palin. He knows WHY there is condemnation from Trump. Because why would you blast people who were actively supporting you? So, he goes after the Witch Hunt again....which has caught a bunch of witches already.
  8. Anthony Kennedy announces intention to retire from SCOTUS

    Conflicted here, but I see your point. On the flip side, there is a difference in say....nominating a Dem Governor from Montana who is more of a center-left white guy than voting in favor of this nominee. I do get that you want to protect what you have. But if you do, is that more of "taking the high road" only to lose again for being soft? No idea. Just thinking out loud.
  9. Anthony Kennedy announces intention to retire from SCOTUS

    Here is a serious question. Say a President is impeached for treason and/or a bunch of other crimes. Is there really nothing that can be done about all the appointments this person did not just on top level. But Judges all over the country?
  10. Jesus, when this is all over. The cost to take everything this admin touched apart to make sure it hasn't been compromised. Tours of AF1, who knows what people who should have never had access to the WH, State Dept, EPA, etc, did in there. Next admin should be worried about bugs.
  11. Election 2020 Thread

    I don't agree. I think if a guy like Steve Bullock were to run and win the primary and to add a more progressive running mate. That would be a winning combination. A Dem Governor from a Red State in middle America would look good compared to a pushing 300lb "Coastal Elite" who isn't going to get less crazy.
  12. Election 2018 Thread

    If it wasn't so believable i'd be shocked.
  13. He's on a roll this AM. North Korea, The Economy, MS-13, Etc. I'm wondering on days like this if he's getting his amphetamines through a different method (injection 💉 vs pill 💊) or if it's a different ****tail mix because he's been feeling low energy.