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  1. CNN was stupid for saying Trump admits there are no tapes instead of Trump now CLAIMS there are no tapes. There is a difference. To bend over backwards the way the GOP would need to keep his supporters without him (meaning that he's blaming them or he's no longer around) would require the same spine removal surgery that Rubio had....but on a national level.
  2. Well, Rush tells them all day that it's not their fault. Even if they are on welfare. It's the black single mother in Chicago. That's who fault it is. Again, if you have progressive-minded states who think they can make the ACA work better. They should do it for citizens of that state and at least try to save those people from Trumpcare. Build a figurative wall around them from whatever is being pushed through. If folks in states that want to be like Kansas go through with these cuts and breaks that amount to Wealthcare for those who need it the least. So be it. They won't admit anything is wrong anyway.
  3. Agreed, We've seen some folks needing things to fail and still refusing to believe why. The same folks who would take the employment numbers from this time last year and say they are junk, then numbers that are not as good this year and say "See, he's getting it done".
  4. I'd bet he leaked it himself knowing that once Trump heard, he'd want to do the opposite.
  5. Exactly, they don't care. States with people that do care should do what they can to keep the ACA on their level as much as possible and opt out of whatever this thing is. Then those who don't want it can not have it.
  6. Optics matter and old white people fighting old white people stand out on TV. I don't want to be ageist, but she's pushing 80 years old. I know Bernie fired up his people for rallies, etc. But if the Dems are a party of diversity. It needs to show. Yeah, the GOP attacks will be the same. But they don't even need to fire people up about Pelosi. The same way they didn't with Clinton. They were known "enemies" of whatever Clickservative/Conservative thing we have going now. If you have to spend time and money educating these people who your new boogieman is. Then the other side is doing something right.
  7. That's a fair point. But that messaging is selfish and a loser. I'm sure it was leaked by those who were ready for her to not be in a leadership role. At the very least her foresight is poor because this wasn't hard to see.
  8. This is why she needs to go. She doesn't deliver. She is the poster-child for how to run against somebody other than your opponent (her) and win.
  9. I actually thought the same thing.
  10. It doesn't matter. She's an easy target and it works.
  11. It's true. They need different names running their party right now. If your name can be used by the opposition in election after election with success. Then you're a problem.
  12. Rings more true this AM. If you have candidates running against Pelosi while not even having to mention the leader of their party until after the election. The Dems are idiots for trotting her out in front of the camera a few times a week.
  13. If the DNC doesn't realize this by now. They never will.
  14. OK. I mean what does he want to do that's realistic?