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  1. Rdskns2000

    Redskins vs Cowboys Prediction Thread: Who Wants To Be On Top ?

    Jay is still the coach and it's time to lose again. Boys 23 Skins 10 Game is close for a half but Dallas pulls away in second half.
  2. Rdskns2000

    Redskins vs cowboys for First Place in The NFC East

    It's time to lose again, Dallas will crush us.
  3. Recently saw: SmallFoot- Solid B. Nice toon for the kids. Venom- B-. Tom Hardy was good. It was too slow at first but picked up once Venom got busy snacking. actually, Venom was kind of funny towards the end.
  4. Rdskns2000

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    The #1 person responsible for the Skins failures, is Dan Snyder. That's pretty obvious. There really is no more evaluation of Jay to be done. You have 4 1/4 years to know what you have with Jay. Regardless of how this team finishes, you know what you have in Jay. i know some here think Jay will somehow gets us 10 or 11 wins. Maybe even win the division and go on a nice playoff run. So, you chide us for judging Jay already. There is nothing in Jay's coaching DNA to suggest he will win that many games. Jay has a ceiling and that's 9 games. If the Skins make the playoffs this year, it will only be because of the rest of the NFC East being down. Just like it was in 2015; when he last made the playoffs. The Skins aren't the type of team to seize things and take a division. The division just happens to collapse and they are able to take advantage of that. Jay can be coach for the next 5 years and you will get the same result, mediocrity. The end result of 2018, playoffs or not; is moving on from Jay. Jay isn't the only problem but he's the most obvious change that will be made. We know Dan isn't going to have the front office, we all know he needs to. So, we've reached the time for a new coach in 2019. Another 4-5 years until we do it again. That will be the permanent cycle under Snyder.
  5. Rdskns2000

    Revised Season W/L Prediction

    Nothing has changed. I said 7-9 and he gets fired. I still am sticking with that.
  6. Rdskns2000

    The Race to Black Monday 2018: 12/31/18

    Which coaches have their job security tied most closely to the rest of the season?
  7. Rdskns2000

    Redskins vs Panthers Prediction Thread: Here We Go Again

    It's time to win again, so we win 31-30.
  8. Rdskns2000

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    There's no point to go through a point by point evaluation of Gruden. You don't need to see anymore from to make a decision on his future; even if the team makes the playoffs. Gruden can go no further as head coach. He doesn't have the ability to go beyond; what we have seen for the last 5 years. If this team makes the playoffs, it's basically a repeat of 2015. The Skins only made the playoffs that year because the NFC EAST was down. This year, the NFC East looks to be down. So, the Skins will probably be in playoff contention all season and may even make it. If we make the playoffs, it will be a quick exit. There's literally nothing more to evaluate with Gruden. The Skins in 2019 need to hire a new coach.
  9. Rdskns2000

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    The evaluating is over, even if thus team makes the playoffs. Gruden will do Jack, if he makes the playoffs. If the Skins makes the playoffs this year, it's only because the Nfc East sucks this year. The Skins will never be consistent under Jay. We blow out Carolina, we we will get blown out the following week. Sunset needs to start looking at potential replacements for 2019.
  10. Rdskns2000

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    Considering the NFC East looks to be the NFC Least this year, the Skins will probably be in the division race all year. Thing is, even if we make the playoffs; this team will be making a quick exit. Whether that's being a division winner or wild card; the GrudenSkins playoff run will be quick. Snyder needs to start looking at his potential candidates for next year's coach now. Playoffs or not, Gruden needs to be sent packing once the season is over.
  11. Rdskns2000

    Game Night Thread- Redskins at Saints

    Considering the NFC East sucks; tonight's loss doesn't hurt us in the division. We still have a 1/2 game lead. Thing is, even if this team makes the playoffs; they will be making a quick exit. Whether that's as division champs of a mediocre NFC Least or a Wild Card; this team will be doing nothing in the postseason. Snyder better start looking for Gruden's eventual replacement. Gruden should be gone after the season; playoffs or not.
  12. Rdskns2000

    Game Night Thread- Redskins at Saints

    Congrats on Brees breaking the passing yards record. This game is definitely over now. I'm not watching the second half.
  13. Rdskns2000

    Game Night Thread- Redskins at Saints

    this game is over.
  14. Retaking isn't a blue wave. They need 23 or 24 to have the majority? A wave is 40+. A tsunami would be 60+ House seats plus winning 10 + governorships and getting the Senate back. The Dems should regain the House and win at least some of the governorships back. I think the Crooked GOP keeps the Senate and maybe win a seat or two more. In the Senate, you could see a couple of Dem seats go to the GOP and a couple of GOP seats go to the Dems.
  15. Rdskns2000

    All Good Things "Star Trek"

    >>Star Trek: Discovery, starring Sonequa Martin-Green, Doug Jones, Shazad Latif, Anthony Rapp, Mary Wiseman, Wilson Cruz, Anson Mount, Ethan Peck and Rebecca Romijn is set to return to CBS All Access in the US on January 17, 2019<<