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  1. For now. Trump will be putting an end to it, once Cohen flips and that will be it, unless the Dems win the House.
  2. What happened to Steven Miller? There's a guy who should have no service anywhere. Heck, where he's living; he should be kicked out.
  3. Better watch out, Trump may send you to his new buddy: KJU's gulags.
  4. The Michael Cohen/Trump SDNY Investigation Thread

    Nothing will happen. When it's known that Cohen is flipping; Trump will fire everyone he needs to, to end the Mueller investigation. Cohen also, will probably mysteriously die.
  5. We know Everything Trump has been doing is to reverse everything Obama did. Obama did it, well i has to go. I wonder why he chose not to run in 2012 against Obama, the man he so despises. Did he think, he couldn't beat him?
  6. He probably just got fired for saying that He's right though. The GOP is morally corrupt and needs to be taken out of power at all levels. So, for 2018, 2019,2020,2021 elections; the Dems need to win. You can argue about 2016 until your blue in the face. It's over and done with. Most people thought Hillary was winning, including the winner: Donald Trump.. Learn from the mistakes of 2016. For those who made the mistake, you can correct that in elections for the next 4 years. Hopefully, the Dems nominate someone that can beat him in 2020. I was wrong for not seeing how much of threat Donald really was, if he won. I was just as arrogant as the everyone who though Hillary had in a bag; so I could go with my third party dream. I still have that dream but it's postponed until 2022. I was in denial that the GOP would go along with everything Donald said in the campaign. They nominated Trump; should've been all I needed to see but I didn't. Only thing I can do is change what I do in the future, to correct my 2016 error. I now some feel, I have no right to speak. I helped Trump win. I'm not going to rehash past arguments. You think, I am full of **** and should shut up; then block me and you will be fine. There's only one way to fix the mess and make the changes that are needed. You have to vote against the corrupt GOP out of power and right now, the Dems are the only option. Hopefully, that changes but for 2018 and 2020; the Dems need to win.You can't change the past but you can change the future. How many laws need changing because of the Trump presidency? How many amendments to the constitution do we need? The GOP has rigged it, so they win; even if the lose the vote overall. You can't get of the Electoral College until the GOP is gone. You can't get fairing districts drawn, until the GOP is gone.
  7. Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    Nothing has changed. There's only one thing Jay will ultimately be judged on and that's his final overall record. If he can't win at least 8 games, then his tenure here is over. How he gets to at least 8 wins is up to him. If he can't do that; it's over for him.
  8. Steve King singles out Somali Muslims over pork
  9. I saw Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom today. Go Blu. There's a brief underwhelming clip, after the credits. I thought the movie was okay, definitely inferior to Jurassic World and it felt like it was more of a setup to Jurassic World 3. I felt their was some parallels to "The Lost World". I'll give the movie a B- .
  10. The only reason ABC is doing this, to attempt to cash in on Rosanne's popularity. The show will fail and will be canceled after one season. It probably was cheaper for ABC to push for a spinoff.
  11. NFL 2018 Predictions from the Annuals

    Pro Football Weekly's 2018 Predictions Nfc East: Eagles: 10-6 Nfc North: Vikings: 12-4 Nfc South: Saints:10-6 Nfc West: Rams: 11-5 Nfc Wild cards: Falcons:10-6, Packers:10-6 NFC Champs: Vikings over Packers Afc East: Pats: 11-5 Afc North: Steelers: 12-4 Afc South: Jags: 10-6 Afc West: Chargers: 12-4 Afc Wild cards: Ravens: 9-7, Texans: 9-7 AFC Champs: Pats over Steelers Superbowl 53: Vikings over Pats NFC East: (1) Eagles: 10-6, (2) Cowboys: 8-8, (3) Redskins: 7-9 (4) Giants: 6-10 So, if their predictions come true, Kirk wins a Superbowl. Dan Snyder would love that.
  12. Timeless got cancelled. Contracts expire 6/30 - so that's the deadline to find a new home.
  13. Rip Charles. I never knew he was in a wheelchair most of his adult life.
  14. They are 4 potential Trek series in development. If they asked you for an appearance; would you do it?