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  1. Well let's see, why. Ultimately, elections are about perceptions of the economy. That's usually been a factor in most elections. If people perceive things are doing well on election day; then they are likely to reelect the President. Even if that President is an asshole. Trump's election has thrown out old conventions. They don't apply to him. His behavior and his crimes, would get rid of anyone else. If things are doing well, he will probably get more votes for and against him. The blue states, the anti-Trump vote will be high. In the Swing and Red States, Trump would get more votes than he did last time. He would be able to win the same states again. If things aren't doing well, he will lose some voters. His core supporters will stay with him, regardless. It's the rest of the GOP voter that won't. Some may vote for the Dem, Some may vote third party or some may not vote at all. The difference will be , fewer votes for Trump and that will tip the election to the Dems. Trump won several states with less than 1-2% of the vote. Trump and the GOP, in what states they still control after 2018; will make it harder to vote. I also expect full interference from Russia; with the GOP's blessing. Will the opposition to Trump be United? A third party candidate to the left, would definitely tip the election to Trump. Can the establishment and Bernie wing of the Democratic party be united; especially if their preferred candidate doesn't win the nomination? Can the Democrats even nominate a candidate that can beat Trump? If the Dems to impeach Trump next year; will that backfire and spur even more voters for Trump in 2020 and lead to his reelection and maybe even giving GOP full control; if they lose it in 2018? It will be hard to defeat Trump. Even if all his crimes are out there. SHF maybe right, at least right now; Trump wins reelection easily.
  2. I want the evidence of all his crimes to come out. I just know removing him for his crimes will be painful and deadly. He already has primed his followers to commit violence; if he's impeached and there's an attempt to remove him from office. The best thing to happen is all this comes out. In 2020, he gets defeated either in the primaries or in the general election.
  3. So. Anyone really think that if there's 1000% proof; it's going to lead to Trump being gone. Nice and pretty. The only way Trump is gone peacefully, is if he gets defeated for reelection. Anything else, even with 1000% of his crimes exposed and expect blood to spill before he's gone.
  4. SyFy's "Wynonna Earp" is pretty good. The first 2 seasons are on Netflix. 3rd season currently airing now, on Fridays and it has been renewed for a 4th season.
  5. All Good Things "Star Trek"

    'Star Trek: Discovery' Casts Ethan Peck as Spock
  6. Easily defeated? No, it's going to be hard to defeat him. I'll post why I believe that.
  7. Saw "BlacKkKlansman" today. Very good movie, about the true life story of a black Colorado Springs police officer; who infiltrated the KKK. Movie gets an A+. "Mission Impossible: Fallout". Another A+ movie. Probably one of the better Mission Impossible films. "The Spy Who Dumped Me". Solid B. Funny female, action comedy. Mila and Kate were great together.
  8. All Good Things "Star Trek"

    Sad news, Nichelle Nichols has been diagnosed with Dementia. 'STAR TREK' STAR NICHELLE NICHOLS DIAGNOSED WITH DEMENTIA I met her a couple years ago at a con, that was not to long after her stroke or heart attack.
  9. No More Starters in Preseason???

    Preseason isn't changing. Too much money for the owners. IF anything, the owners would prefer going to an 2 and 18 format. 2 preseason and 18 regular season games. Players won't agree to that. You'll just have to live with injuries. That's just part of the game. It's how you adjust to injury to a key player that matters. After all, look at the Eagles. They lose their starter late in the season and their backup, a one-time starter for them, helps them win a Superbowl.
  10. Just get well Guice and hopefully in 2019, you can start over again. Losing Guice for the season while devasting, is still no excuse for a poor run game in 2019. The other players have to step it up. If we need to sign or trade for someone; then we do it. Injuries are part of the game, you have to be prepared to have good replacements; in case of injuries. So, if the Redskins let's Guice's injury ruin the run game in 2018; those people need to be shown out the door.
  11. Actually, Trump's poll numbers would go up. The racists would say, see, he's one of us.
  12. So, I am going to be stripped of my citizenship because I get my health insurance through the ACA. Good luck with that.
  13. Multiple Media Outlets: Redskins W-L Predictions

    I posted the 4 predictions from the Football Annuals here: NFL 2018 Predictions from the Annuals Nothing has changed my mind for my prediction. We are mediocre, even with the changes. We still have a mediocre head coach. We have a tough schedule; even tougher if Luck and Watson return to form. Alex and the team will need time to adjust to each other. So many questions on the roster. If they are answered in the affirmative; then a good season can be had. If not, then expect some changes in 2019. I say we are at best, an 8-8 team and at worst, a 6-10 team. Gruden can't get to 8--8; then send his sorry ass to Vegas.
  14. Election 2020 Thread

    Kamala Harris now betting favorite among Democrats for 2020 election