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  1. Larry

    Election 2018 Thread

    ". . . based on nothing but the fact that that's what it's designed to do".
  2. And I pointed out that they already are. And you agreed.
  3. Wow. What was it, two posts to go from claiming that the GOP will never get rid of abortion to claiming that they've been doing it for decades therefore we should just do it more. I thought twa was the only person who could move a goalpost that quick.
  4. It is happening. Been happening for a decade. No, the Right has not specifically had a ruling that Roe is specifically overturned. Theyre using ither methods. They're passing laws that abortions can only be performed if the clinic's street address matches last night's lottery numbers. And only if the woman posts her name, and the name and photo of every person she has ever dated. After spending a week confined in an anti-abortion education center. They havent successfully made abortion illegal. But they're proudly holding press conferences to announce that there's only one provider left in their state.
  5. And the independent group who's job is to decide what does and does not need to be classified said it needed to be. But well, when two Fox News talk show hosts want him to leak classified information (so they can use it to attack the FBI), ......
  6. Larry

    Election 2018 Thread

    And there you have the go-to defenses of dishonest racists. "Well, somebody else can use that word in a completely different context. And being racist was OK in the Good Old Days".
  7. Or unibtainable because the entire GOP is actively attempting to protect a President they don't even like, from the consequences of the multiple crimes which he continues to publicly commit, by trying to create the belief that the entire FBI is composed entirely of radical anti American hippies, unanimously attempting to frame an innocent man, because they just can't stand conservatives.
  8. Dang. HuffPo is accusing the WaPo of, well, let's call it "fake news"? (We all know that's what Trump is going to call it.) Hard to write that one off as right wing media attacking political opponents.
  9. Larry

    Election 2018 Thread

    Please, Donald, do not start attacking DeSantis. I don't want you to give him a boost.
  10. Well, that does happen. To all kinds of people. In the US and elsewhere.
  11. You'd prefer it if they were running in the streets announcing that "We must ban all foreigners, so they don't get killed"?
  12. Just observing that the one and only story I've read about this doesn't show any link to immigration other than the fact that the victim was Spanish.
  13. Larry

    Election 2018 Thread

    They didn't say they were erasing her from the list of untrue right wing talking points.