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  1. Oh, now you're just making things up. It's not like our nation has a history of new administrations getting rid of federal workers and replacing them with party loyalists, necessitating the creation of a system that was designed to make it difficult to fire federal workers without cause, or anything.
  2. The horrible law that the Democrats magically passed the day you took office?
  3. It's certainly a possibility. (You like that contrast? "Certainly" and "Possibility"?) But yeah, raise the price of labor, and the employer's decisions change. Raise the minimum wage, and suddenly getting a robot to make the sodas at McDonald's becomes more attractive. Some jobs that used to be lost to immigrants, instead get lost to automation. Or, if automation is too expensive, then maybe what happens is that that industry simply isn't economical to run in the US any more, and the industry simply goes away. No doubt, a US economy without immigrant labor would be different. Better is a whole lot tougher to predict.
  4. They are. But, lots of businesses business plans are built around the assumption that they can pay their workers less than what it would take to get Americans to do the work. Whether that's a good idea or not, in the long run, I think can at least be debated. (And I'm not really sure I'm qualified to be part of the debate. But I think I'm qualified to sit in the audience and maybe form an opinion.) But at least in the short run, a whole lot of people have made decisions based on the assumption that the current system would continue.
  5. "But, when I voted for Trump, I didn't think he'd get rid of the foreign workers that I've been profiting off of."
  6. Well, now I guess if Russia ever invades Colombia, . . .
  7. I keep remembering something I read decades ago, in the book "Boss", about the reign of Richard Daly, Mayor of Chicago. (And possibly the King of the patronage system.) He said that in those days, the state legislature would occasionally signal to lobbyists that they hadn't heard (meaning, received any money) from them, lately, by introducing legislation which was intended solely for the purpose of calling the lobbyists. He used as an example a fictional bill to require all of the railroads in the state to dig up their existing railroads, and build them again, with the rails six inches further apart. They would have no intention of actually passing such a thing. It was just a signal that they would like the railroad industry to bribe them not to pass it. Sometimes, I look at some of the things Trump says, and I wonder it that's really s signal that he wants somebody to bribe him not to do what he just said.
  8. Oh, I guarantee you Macron isn't buying what Vlad's selling. Even if he does loath Trump. (And I wouldn't trust Putin if he told me he had the pee tape.) Just wondering how neat it would be if Donald viewed this as Vlad turning on him.
  9. Remembering a scene from Law and Order. The cops (I don;t remember the cop's name. Black guy.) arrested a guy (who I thought looked kinda like Neal Boortz, a radio guy I used to listen to), who called him all kinds of names. Then he's in interrogation, and the ADA walks in. White woman. And then the suspect looks at her and says "You're a Jew, aren't you?". Then goes on a longer rant about how some n**** cop arrests him, and now he's got to sit and talk to this lawyer who's not just some liberal woman, but they assigned him a Jew, too. And the world is out to get him, and a guy like him is getting shafted by a system that the n***** and the Jews have taken over, and so on and so on. Cut to outside the interrogation room, where the cop, and his (black, female) Captain are watching through the glass. Captain: Make sure you write down every thing he says. Cop nods.
  10. Well, at least he's got Israel doing his spying, instead of Russia. (Although I suppose it could be "in addition to".)
  11. Yeah, I agree that there might be a problem with too-loose standards. (I think some states have proposed legislation where they'll just get rid of the permits entirely, and just let people carry guns without one.) And I have a problem with the proposal I've seen, of having the feds just mandate reciprocity, too. (Including some proposals which would let CC holders carry in states that don't allow their own citizens to carry.) There was at least the claim made, a year or two ago, that AZ was supposedly issuing permits to anybody who had a non-AZ mailing address, without even any training or background check. (Supposedly under the theory of "Well, they aren't in our state, so why should we care if they carry in their state?") So, yeah, it certainly can have problems, or can be done badly. But I at least approve of the concept.