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    Where the Constitution grants rights to pregnant pigs, and denies them to homosexual humans
  1. Well, of course he admits it. Havent you heard? twa is an independent. Because he did not actually vote for Trump. An independent who has never once, in his entire history on ES, failed to recite every untrue claim ever put forth by the Republican Party. No matter how untrue, deceptive, illogical, or immoral. To argue every issue from the position the Republican Party advocates. (Even changing positions whenever the Party does). In fact, he's doing it here. He's taking the fact that pretty much every person in here has concluded that the guy he staunchly supports, including in this post, is an ongoing threat to the future success of this country, (and have pointed out why and how that's so), and trying to pretend that he's the sole neutral person, trapped in a sea of rabid partisans.
  2. The party in charge of the House, the Senate, and the White House? Just a theory.
  3. Yes, it will make it cheaper. (At least, cheaper compared to the fantasy that the suckers thought Trump was going to deliver).
  4. (Looks at the Republican agenda). I'm good with that. Edit: Frankly, if the only point of difference between you and what the GOP has done in the last year is that you occasionally express disapproval of Trump, personally, then you're scum.
  5. Apparently, a small portion of them will draw the line at decades of soliciting for underage sex. Some of them. For now.
  6. Remember when the Right was outraged that foreign nationals were giving money to The Clinton Foundation? (And The Clinton Foundation was spending the money on actual charity things?)
  7. And by not counting domestic terrorists as terrorists.
  8. Yep. The only crime he has committed is, well, 1). being in the country illegally. 2). Working in the country illegally. 3). I strongly suspect that he's been violating at least one tax law, when it comes to his taxes. (Which one will depend on which scam he uses, on his taxes). 4). Wonder what he had to do, to get a driver's license. I had to show proof of citizenship, (passport, in my case), to renew mine. But different states might have different rules. (Wonder if he HIRES any illegals?) And he has every intention of violating them again, tomorrow. And profiting from them. (Just as an aside, I remember being told that our tax law says that the tax on any illegal activity is 100%.) Now, I can certainly see the argument that it is not in the national interest to deport this person. (At the very least, that there's got to be bunches of people who ought to be higher on the priority list). Just pointing out that no, that doesn't ENTITLE him to go ahead and plan his life around the assumption that he will always be allowed to keep violating the law. If you want to say that this case shows that the law is stupid, then I think you've got a good argument.
  9. Every single day he was illegally in this country. You want to claim that he's not responsible, when he's a juvenile? I could see that. He hasn't been a juvenile since when? Like I said, yeah, I can certainly see why it's an option that sucks. But the fact that following the law sucks does not grant permission to spend the rest of your life, not only immune from punishment, but literally immune from anybody preventing you from violating the law again, tomorrow.
  10. Yeah, part of me does sympathize with these stories we hear about every so often. I could see myself doing the same thing. (And probably not as well). BUT, part of me also points out that the "tragedy" here is that a career criminal (I love the irony of using that phrase for these people) who has built an entire life around the assumption that he can continue breaking the law forever, and he was wrong.
  11. Yeah, it does not in any way justify the shooter. Or make this less of a tragedy. But part is me IS thinking "famous last words".