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  1. It's one of those things that continuously puzzles me. That one of our political parties can consistently support any measure that will lower the wages of American workers. And will get more than 2% of the vote.
  2. Well, assume that there's a bidding war going on, right now, between the Sunday morning talk shows.
  3. Oh, I think that's a big part of the plan. He knows he can't bully the guy into lying for him. So he fires him. And then, when the guy tells the truth, he'll say "well, he's only saying that because I fired him." And one of the many sleazy things about this is that a great many people will openly pretend to believe it.
  4. Does Trump actually think that firing every person who knows about his obstruction will get him off from an obstruction charge?
  5. Don't forget "After previously firing the #1 at the FBI (A man who literally helped him get elected), for failing to promise he would protect the President's buddies from an ongoing FBI investigation."
  6. I'm certain that this won't cause anybody in the FBI to do anything unprofessional towards Trump or his administration, or anything. (Actually, I'd personally prefer it if it did not in any way affect the behavior of a single person in the FBI. But I'm aware that we don't live in a perfect world.)
  7. Perhaps your post should have identified which "the student" you were referring to, genius.
  8. Thus demonstrating more honor and integrity than the "adult" administering it. Somewhere, Rosa Parks is nodding in agreement.
  9. Meaning, he's going to impose tariffs on everybody, and then remove them from your country (for a fee).
  10. I'm still finding jewels in that article. There are times when I'm convinced that, to be a Republican, one must not only have a lobotomy, but that one must also have the part of the brain responsible for detecting irony removed. Reading the article, it makes me rather angry at how many things these yahoos got away with. Makes me kinda wonder if the cops intentionally laid off of them for some reason. (Because they were right wing terrorists?)
  11. Yeah, we all know how much he hates turmoil and distractions.
  12. I wouldn't read anything into this at all. They're initiating a divorce, and the couple (or at least, some of the businesses the couple jointly own) are under criminal investigation. It makes sense for each of them to have a criminal attorney to represent each of them, in any criminal matter. (Now, if she makes a deal, then maybe that's something.)
  13. Part of me (the evil part) is thinking that, say, George Soros should immediately begin paying her lawyers. They should immediately demand all communications Trump has had, during the affair or since. During his deposition, they should ask him, under oath, whether he has ever cheated on any of his wives. Part of me is ashamed for thinking that.
  14. I would think it's much more likely that she's receiving threats from loyal Trumpettes, acting on their own. (Well, unless you count them being "inspired" by the right wing spin machine.)
  15. Really think it's simply a distraction. The Supreme Court has already ruled that the only justification for the death penalty is for crimes that cause the death of the victim.