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  1. All Good Things "Star Trek"

    Me, I'd stick with each series in its entirety. They actually tried to keep barriers between the concurrent series, so that one series wouldn't constrain the other. So while there might be some overlap in timelines, it's not important to the plot. Analogy:. Just because two movies might have both happened during WW2, doesn't mean you have to switch back and forth between the movies.
  2. Just streamed the premiere of The Orville, via Hulu. I really liked it. I was prepared not to, if it was purely a Trek parody. But, while I think it does take some shots, I think it's also a pretty good tribute to my beloved Trek, too. Yeah, some of the humor is cheesy and juvenile. But then, I don;t have a problem with cheesy. I watch television to be entertained. And this show achieved that goal. I think some of the effects come off as cheesy, too. (I'm pretty sure that they're actually using CGI for the ship's corridors, rather than having an actual set.) But then, I remember William Shatner wrestling with a guy in a rubber dinosaur suit, too.
  3. "Shifting funding to the states", AKA "block grants", is simply a vehicle for allowing the Feds to reduce funding, while acting like they didn't. That's its sole function.
  4. Which is one reason why all of these proposals to screw people have one trait in common - They don't take effect for years. The people writing the laws know full well, that the results will be terrible, for millions of registered voters. (Including Republican voters, which are the only ones they care about.) They don't want Republican voters to actually experience the actual results which they're intentionally voting for.
  5. Agreed. A good chunk of the problems with Obamacare have been deliberate Republican sabotage. (Although certainly not all of the problems). And there certainly hasn't been any vast voter retribution against them, so far. They obviously believe that they can successfully blame somebody else for their actions. And history says that sometimes, they can.
  6. It's obviously vitally important that this Congress, right now, pass a law, this month, that repeals Obamacare, 10 years from now.
  7. Far as I'm concerned, Obama simply used his Presidential authority to not prosecute some people. An authority which absolutely is not binding on his successor. Whether Trump's decision to go after these people is good for the country may be debatable. But IMO, whether he has the authority is absolutely clear. (Which is why you choose to focus on his authority, and ignore whether it's good for the country.)
  8. She just wants to see the original, long form, ballots.
  9. Because we all know how easy it is to get into the White House with pieces of metal concealed on your body.
  10. Game Day Thread - Redskins at LA Rams

    Oh, yeah? Well have some of this.
  11. Game Day Thread - Redskins at LA Rams

    Note to our team: The Skins at least used to have a tradition: If a RB has a 100 yard day, then he owes the OL a dinner. Fat Rob at 78, and we're playing RBBC. (And we have a lead.)
  12. Game Day Thread - Redskins at LA Rams

    Gee, thanks, Fox. Leave a game during a two-minute drill that just had a sack, so you can take us to the Dallas game, where the players are warming up on the field to get ready to start playing.
  13. Game Day Thread - Redskins at LA Rams

    I'm actually getting to watch the game. (Thanks to a weather delay for the Dallas game). I get to see a Skins lead. Announcers giving props to our dominant OL. A CT TD. Now a D takeaway.