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  1. 1) I've got bad news for you. 2) And, if you're really worried about it, then how about not unanimously agreeing with Trump and Moore? For example, how about not confirming 25 year olds who've never been in a courtroom, but who've spent the last five years blogging about Hillary's child prostitution ring, to lifetime appointments on the federal bench?
  2. Bright, shiny, objects. Not having a Trump property in your state will help, too.
  3. The Politics Sexual Assault Thread

    No, no,. no, no. You missed it. Every single person in Washington who is attacking Moore has done worse. Worse than what Moore has been "accused of supposedly doing". (That's because other people are hypocrites.)
  4. The Politics Sexual Assault Thread

    I also wouldn't be shocked to say that politics is a profession which attracts people with big egos, an overriding need to be liked, the willingness to say anything without regard for truth, and reason to believe that they can successfully fool people. A lifestyle in which a good part of their time is spent in rooms full of people, every one of which came there specifically to act like they're familiar with me. People who will spend money just so they can touch me, get kissed, have their picture taken with me. I can easily see how someone would conclude that "they all want me".
  5. Completely hypothetical spitballing, here. She was present at the back room meeting in which changing the platform in a way which was requested by Russia was discussed. Shes not accused of being pro-Russia. In fact, she supposedly opposed it. And what they want her to do is to say, under oath, that "those people, sitting there at the defendant's table, did it". (If she can say "they said they were doing it because Russia told them to", that would be a bonus). However, she was at the meeting, the change was discussed, and the change did get made. She was a part of the group which did it. I can see why she might be concerned that she's getting close to a mine.
  6. Tax Bill

    1). They absolutely have to cut taxes on corporations and the Koch brothers. It's what they were hired to do. 2). In order to make it look like they aren't exploding the deficit, (they are. In fact, exploding the deficit is one of their objectives), they have to raise taxes on somebody. 3). If they raise taxes right now, on Republican voters, said voters will punish them for it. 4). Therefore, they need some way that they can raise taxes on people, that won't hurt them, politically. Raising taxes on people in California and New York, and PhD candidates, won't hurt them much, politically.
  7. Tax Bill

    Wondering how many of the Congressmen who voted for this bill are hoping that it doesn't actually get passed. And how many actually want it to. And wondering which group I hate worse. So, now that they've actually passed something, is there some place we can get actual details about it? Maybe a CBO score?
  8. What nepotism? Trump's not pardoning kush because he's an in-law. He's pardoning him for keeping his mouth shut.
  9. Not if he thinks he's getting a pardon. (And I certainly think he's getting one.)
  10. News: Keystone pipeline leaks 5,000 barrels of oil. ES: Told ya so! twa; Why so small?
  11. Now, I have to say, I want for things like Las Vegas to be possible. My reasoning is this: Picture yourself a country in which Las Vegas is impossible. (Not rare. Not difficult. Impossible.) And then ask yourself if you want to live in that country. I do think that when we're formulating our laws, that we need to place a value on freedom, too. (This does not at all mean that I don't think the NRA has moved the balance way too far.)
  12. Nothing says "Trump" like selling parts of the corpse of a dead elephant.
  13. Net Neutrality 2017

    Do you want your phone company to have permission to intentionally degrade your phone, if you're communicating with somebody who isn't giving them money? Pointing out that in this case, there's big companies on both sides of the argument.