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    Where the Constitution grants rights to pregnant pigs, and denies them to homosexual humans
  1. Well, then, the next check or balance in the system is the voters. (We're screwed.)
  2. No, it wouldn't. All that happens, if he does that, is that he's publicly confessed to obstruction of justice. (Again). If he does that, and Congress doesn't impeach him, then well, that would be a serious blow.
  3. Tell him he can't. That should guarantee that he'll do it.
  4. Can he do the Fandango?
  5. Isn't that often the case? That the most colorful characters are the "minor" ones? Sometimes I wonder if that's because such characters are simplistic, one-purpose, objects. They were designed to perform one (dramatic) function. They're "specialists", so to speak. Are caricatures more fun? One of the ones I considered was Col Flagg, from MASH.
  6. "Yeah, but they only do it to people who they think are guilty, so it's OK."
  7. You've certainly got some good ones, in there. As to Frasier and Niles, I've often wondered if Niles wasn't created so that he could be who Frasier was, on Cheers. I assume (never watched it) that on Cheers, Frasier was supposed to do the egghead weirdo bits. But when he got his own series, then he had to be the medium guy. The straight man. So, they needed somebody who could out-Frasier Frasier. And props for including Max Smart and Adam West.
  8. Spock. (I bet y'all are shocked, huh?) Control - The Equalizer Garak - Star Trek DS9 Both of the above are regular guest stars. My criteria for including them as "favorite characters" is simple - every time I saw their name in the opening credits, I knew this was going to be a good episode, because they were in it. Archie Bunker. Sgt Schultz
  9. I was thinking more the opposite. To me, EPCOT should be for things that are REAL. (Or at least, believable future things). I've got no problem with a Guardians ride. But it belongs at Hollywood Studios. Then again, I assume that a big part of where to put things is based on where they've got rides that need updating, and trying to load balance the parks. Might be more important than theming.
  10. Just FWIW, I think I would have a problem if Trump gets run out of office because a special prosecutor found something he did, before he ran for office. Maybe things before 2015 shouldn't be off limits for the investigation. But I think they should be off limits as far as impeachment. Maybe they might be considered, if a case can be made that something that happened back then, is affecting his job performance. (To invent a hypothetical, say the Russians gave him a bunch of dirty money, 20 years ago, and they're using the debt to blackmail him now. Maybe that would make it grounds for impeachment.)
  11. OK, recently saw a whole bunch of new things coming to Disney. Didn't think they belonged in the Marvel thread (although that's kinda Disney, now). Made the title vague, so that it could be used for other Disney things, too. Coming to Walt Disney World Resort A list of things which Disney recently revealed are coming to WDW. (There's lots of things coming in California, too, but I don't have a link to a place listing them.) Some highlights: (The things I thought were most important): Information about the new Star Wars lands opening in Florida and California. They promise interactive adventures, which will supposedly follow you outside the ride. I think I mentioned that I read, a year or so ago, that Disney has applied for a patent for technology in which guests will wear goggles that allow VR images to be superimposed on reality. Guests will carry lightsaber handles (with the blade being drawn in by the goggles). And positions inside the park (including overhead drones) will fire blaster bolts (also drawn by the goggles) which will be deflected by the lightsaber blades. Information about the new Star Wars hotel, opening at WDW. They promise an interactive experience, including issuing costuming to guests at check in. And check out the artist's drawings of the rooms. A new space station themed restaurant adjacent to Mission: Space will feature a view of the Earth, from space. And they're bringing back the cable cars (or whatever you call them), which will link some of the WDW hotels to some of the parks.
  12. Oh, I think we've always known that. When ISIS loses, they will simply hide the AKs in the closet, take off the scarves, stop pretending to be an army, and start pretending to be the Mafia, instead. (And, as messed up as this country is going to be, after all this fighting, it will probably work, too.)
  13. OK, maybe I'm bending over too far to try to see a good side to this. but I've been wondering for some time if maybe part of the reason why things are so ****ed up in Syria is because all of the people fighting ISIS are also fighting each other, because all of them are using the fight against ISIL as cover for a secondary objective. I've been wondering for some time if maybe having the US abandon their position of "We're fighting ISIL, but we're also fighting Assad" might be a mission which puts us at conflict with our "primary" objective. In short, I can at least see the possability that this might actually be the right thing to do. Yes, it's shafting an ally who we've been fighting along side of for some time. One who, frankly, we've been using for our own purposes. (Just as they've been using us, for theirs.) And granted, when combined with all of the other Russian **** of this administration, it does make me wonder if Trump is going to say, 3-4 days from now, that he did this because Putin asked him to. Just saying that I'm not certain that this is a completely anti-American move.