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  1. As I read a while back, part of their agenda is for the repeal bill to include a lot of big cuts to Medicaid, years from now. They want the cuts to happen years from now, so they don't have to deal with voters who are irate over the cuts. But it the cuts will force the CBO to use those cuts in their scoring. And, once those cuts (which may or may not actually happen) are built into the models, then they can use that "deficit reduction that hasn't happened yet", to justify the tax cuts, which they want to take effect right now. Without those fictional future Medicaid cuts, it's harder to sell a tax cut.
  2. So, your point is that the GOP could have simply decided to deny a sitting President his Constitutional power to fill a Supreme Court vacancy, based on nothing other than the fact that he was appointed by a Democrat, and a rule they just invented. And simply been even more dishonest about it?
  3. Starting with "Mr. Chairman, I demand access to the information which you are concealing from us, while sharing with the people we're investigating."
  4. Oh, it's certainly politics. He's refusing to allow the legislature to get rid of the part that's spectacularly bad, unless they get rid of the parts that are less spectacularly bad, too. Let's face it, his state would be better off with a partial repeal than it will be with no repeal at all. And he's rejecting that option. It's just not "he doesn't want to get rid of the law".
  5. I regret that we're just assuming that it takes 60 votes for confirmation. Can we at least get a cloture vote? See how many people think he should be filibustered, separate from a vote on how many think he should be confirmed? (If nothing else, I assume it would be good politics for the GOP to do things that way. Wonder why they're not doing it.)
  6. Then there was something missing from your summary. Your claim of "doesn't want to get rid of HB2" is 100% opposite to your "he will sign off on a 100% repeal of the HB2 law".
  7. I hope that there's something missing, from your summary.
  8. Grandiose attempts to inflate any action other than full compliance into guilt of what the team I'm trying to defend actually, openly, publicly, did, in -1.
  9. Not sure if that's a rule violation, there. Might want to modify it, just in case.
  10. Yep. Not buying it.
  11. Wow. I don't think I've ever seen the phrases "It's always been this way" and "well, things have changed" used, in back to back posts, about the same topic, quite so blatantly, before.
  12. Re: "It takes a lot of time", . . . . . They've had seven years. Heck, they've had seven years, and the benefit of having seven years to look at Obamacare, and to see what the real-world results of it's components have been. It's not like repealing Obamacare is this notion that just sprang forth, 18 days ago. The GOP has unanimously voted for it, like 75 times. This has always been about nothing more than party politics. It's been "Obama Bad! Rawr!!!"
  13. I think you have your chronology wrong. An opening occurred, the Republicans announced that it would not be filled, and then Obama appointed somebody. The last time a lame duck President with an opposition-party Senate appointed a justice to the Supreme Court, 1) The Senate was Democrat. 2) The President was Reagan. 3) And the appointee was confirmed 100 or so days later, by a vote of 97-0.
  14. Remember long ago, reading a really short society thing, stating that the former members of the Carter White house had held a 10 year reunion, or some such. It said that they all wore name tags that read "Hi! I used to be . . . "
  15. I caught part of that rant on Fox. (While changing a patient.) Her point was that the entire failure was 100% on Ryan, because he supposedly knew the legislative process and how Washington works, and he should have led Trump to something that worked.