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  1. Hey, at least unlike NK, they don't have nukes a few hundred miles from Japan.
  2. No, the EC is not rigged. "Rigged" says that it was designed for the purpose of producing a result. And it absolutely was not. Maybe it has the effect of being tougher against Democrats. (Although, more accurately, being tougher against candidates who are popular in highly populated states.) But that's not rigged.
  3. Well, the people who voted for Trump can't very well accept responsibility for their own decision. (Which they continue to insist was the right one. But need somebody to blame for it, anyway. Somebody else.)
  4. Because, as we all know, the only reason Trump won, in fact, the only people responsible for Trump, are the Democrats who lost their minds and went far socialist left by nominating Hillary.
  5. I compare it to the decision whether to go for it on fourth down, or kick a field goal. I think too many people judge the decision based on whether the play worked. But the person making the decision doesn't have that hindsight.
  6. "But - Obama promised that my employer wouldn't change insurance companies!"
  7. I'm seeing a whole lot of posts here where I don't have a clue what they're about, because the posters are attacking other posters without referencing any posts the person made. It's not not only hard to read, I think there's a rule against it. (Intentionally not quoting individual posts because 1) I'm lazy, and 2) giving people the opportunity to hide the evidence.)
  8. Comey had information that Russian intelligence was actively supporting Donald Trump, and attempting to penetrate the election systems of multiple states, and kept quiet about it. (He told the current President, who kept the information strictly classified.) He had information that the FBI had discovered some emails that might or might not be new Hillary emails, and gave that information to Hillary's political opponents. (Who immediately went public with false claims about what had been found.) Now, in Comey's defense, there's at least rumors that Comey "went public" with the Hillary information, because a bunch of subordinates were about to leak it anyway. He was kinda blackmailed by his own subordinates. But let's not pretend that the two pieces of evidence were equivalent. Nor was the way one of them was handled for political advantage, and one wasn't. And Comey was probably the second biggest hero on the Right, following the election. He was practically being carried around on the shoulders of gleeful Trumpers for the way he defeated The Evil Hillary. He became hated by the right, when he refused to protect the White House from an ongoing national security investigation. He "sat in on some meetings" with the Kremlin? Sure glad that's not the same as "collusion".
  9. "I was just reminded about how much The Right used to accuse everybody on the Left of doing all of the things that I'm cool with, now that it's helping My Team get power".
  10. Election 2020 Thread

    No I didn't
  11. Election 2020 Thread

    18 months ago.
  12. All Good Things "Star Trek"

    Or do like some content producers do, when they license their shows to Hulu or similar streamers - only allow the streamers to watch the 5 most recent episodes. Still. I have to confess. Die hard, original Trekkie, here. (I watched Captain Kirk when it wasn't reruns.) But I haven't subscribed to Paramount, because 1) The trailers I've watched don't look that attractive to me. 2) And my older streaming devices don't have the app for Paramount. And I don;t feel like going out and buying new streaming hardware just so I can then sign up for their service, just so I can decide whether I like the new show or not. The barrier to entry is just too high. (And I don't want to watch TV series on my desktop computer.)