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    Well not to brag but I did play Division 3,... in the worst conference... on the worst team. I was our worst player. I blocked no one 🙁
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    I give Josh a pass for last year. People remember that big drop against KC, but I see a lot of people fail to acknowledge the huge catch against Seattle. He had what amounted to a normal rookie season: plenty of frustration, but plenty of glimpses of potential and hope for the future. Also:
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    You really think none of the positional coaches, head coach, coordinators or front office executives had any idea whatsoever what to do when they decided to let Breeland go? They just picked up the depth chart and said "Can't we use one of these guys here?" lol...
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    I dunno, dude. Silly RBs actually never succeed in the NFL.
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    Nugget time kiddies. IF Fitz & Derwin there it’s slam dunk one of them. They like Payne over Vea, but if Edmunds slips & the Safety’s are gone, it’s a toss up between him & Payne. There's an internal debate over RB. They love RoJo & Guice though they are way different in style.
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    My perfect scenario involves Margot Robbie and me in a hotel suite all weekend long, and after I emerge Monday morning exhausted and smiling, I find out that we traded back and picked up 12 additional picks all in the first 5 rounds, Jordan Reed and Chris Thompson are 100% healthy and ready to play, Kirk Cousins decided to retire and start up his own ministry in Utah, and unbeknownst to me someone bought me a lottery ticket that hit the $300M jackpot. Fingers crossed!
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    Just having some fun. This isn't pointed at anyone. The witch hunt is getting out of hand. Bruce's competence and character is as pristine as it gets -- that's why what's going on has to be the most confounding thing I've seen in sports in a long time. It would be interesting when we find out who the leader was of the conspiracy because they really cooked up an intricate plot. The number of people they got involved in this -- it must have cost a fortune to put together. I know W. Buffet is supposedly a Redskins fan. He has the resources and connections to do this. I'll think about other suspects. A. You got both the local and national media for some reason liking certain people around the Redskins but not Bruce. I am gathering it just happened randomly when some local media guy said, look Schaffer, Jay, Kirk, Bruce a lot of these guys who are centered around stories relating to the Redskins are all great guys. Wouldn't it be funny though if we just cherry picked one of them and turned around their reputation to the opposite of what it really is. Maybe inspired by the classic movie Trading Places from the 80s? They found backers to finance the plot and the rest is history. B. The level of detail it took though to get people from competing radio stations to be involved and get them on the same page. Then the newspaper guys. Then, national guys. Heck now they are even getting rival beat reporters from other teams goofing on Bruce. C. Getting agents in on the act, too was a stroke of brilliance. Who saw that coming? D. Those national types ranking Bruce as one of the worst GMs in their surveys. They are in on it, too. Even the draft geeks who do mocks. E. Getting someone from Redskins Park to leak things about Bruce, too that hits the radio and the WP. Guys there that know only good things about Bruce but are in on the joke and saying the opposite out of sheer vindictiveness. F. Somehow getting to both Scot's camp and Kirk's camp and getting them to say nice things about everyone save Bruce. G. The press release about Kirk, leaks about Scot -- normally fans would embrace. But the evil media made us see something that looked classy-competent as something that isn't. This plot goes so deep and so wide with so many players involved its going to be one heck of a story when the plot is finally unraveled.
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    Did we play more than 3-4 games last year with at least 4 OL starters? Just curious. When healthy, our OL is excellent. Our OL was not healthy last year.
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    Yawn... Great job by writer to find a new angle (anonymously of course), but this matters none in my view. Fantastic material for April. The Skins have had zero issues resigning their own and landing highly coveted big time free agents when wanted (Jackson & Norman). Cant wait for this years team to make playoffs and quiet the nay sayers. Don’t like the arrogance of Bruce, but he’s helped build the roster the correct way and I’m one who believes it’s a playoff roster. We all can agree, no matter which side you fall it’s a monumental year for all parties.
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    Redskins playing on Thursday November 22 and not playing again until Monday December 3 will make a a nice break for the stretch run almost like another bye
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    Edmunds isn't a slam dunk. He's way too raw to be. But he does have a ludicrously high ceiling. He has things he really needs to work on in his game to be a star in the NFL but if he has the smarts, motivation, and dedication to do it then he can become a perennial All Pro sort of player. IMO he's the Derwin James of Linebackers while Roquan Smith is the Minkah Fitzpatrick. Edmunds and James have crazy high ceilings but are still raw and will need to be coached up to be able to maximize their freakish talents, Smith and Fitz are both extremely polished and "pro-ready" with super high floors but not as high ceilings. This is all just IMO of course.
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    Every true slacker knows you have to regularly change what’s on your monitor to look busy. Damn, Bruce can’t even slack properly.
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    At least nobody asked him how long he has been a black GM..........
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    Nothing short of complete legalization should be the goal. Medical marijuana is a half-measure that does nothing but create unnecessary red tape, even for people interested in it only for medicinal purposes.
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    As the shooter was reloading. Further evidence that magazine limits, or even banning detachable magazines, would save a lot of lives.
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    Well no **** sherlock. The kid is 20 years old. And covered in Scooby Doo tats. Of course he's going to need structure & should eventually outgrow the immaturity issues.
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    To be fair, is there any reason you might think you could block even a practice squad defensive lineman?
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    That's hilarious! It's unfortunate that he didn't see the humor in it. I suppose he'd rather be disappointed that a billionaire owner didn't take a stranger's advice on how to run his company. Or even take the time to offer an explanation! The scoundrel!
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    G.Carmi21‏ @Gcarmi21 FollowingFollowing @Gcarmi21 More "Eight days out I contend that the Redskins pick Tremaine Edmunds, Roquan Smith, Derwin James or Minkah Fitzpatrick if they are available at 13. And I believe one of them will be there" -- JP Finlay
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    That was an awesome post @HTTRDynasty , thank you. I'll be honest, to me, every time I saw that guy jump it was like watching someone using a cheat code or a madden card. The talent is there, what he chooses to do with it is up to him.
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    This is pretty much the point. Nobody stopped Bork from firing Cox, or Nixon from engineering it. Under a strict reading of the Constitution, he had that power. The consequences came in the form of reputational damage, political fallout, and eventually, Congress moved to exercise their power to impeach. The independence of the Justice Department isn't really Constitutional or even legal, it's based on precedent from within the executive branch itself. https://www.lawfareblog.com/independence-and-accountability-department-justice The problem here is that technically, a President could move to change these precedents, norms, and practices, and unless the courts move to stop it, or Congress impeaches, I'm not sure anything could be done. In my view, this is the true danger of Trump. His policies can be overturned or reversed. I fear that the damage will be done to our institutions, precedents, and practices. This is why it's so important that Democrats maintain the high ground, and NEVER use Trump as an excuse for doing something. That leads to a slide we may never recover from. We can't let Trump define normal.
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    I'm excited for all the "Welcome to the Redskins..." threads that pop up after the draft.
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    I really don't want to drop back. There's maybe 10 elite players in this draft and we have a shot at one. We don't have that kind of talent on our team and it shows.
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    No way homeboy was getting laid. "I don't believe in the G Spot or Male Orgasm. That's just a fairy tail the government invented to convince people sex was fun. Open your minds, people!!!"
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    I'd root for ISIS against the Cavs in the ECF....
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    Perfect scenario is Hankins signs today or tomorrow, four QBs go in the top 12 and we have our pick of the litter at 13.
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    That was actually the entire point of promoting Doug. Mission accomplished.
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    I'm sure we'll both be here regardless : ) Hail. Edit: As for Jay, he's the best coach I've seen us have not named Gibbs. He's not perfect, but I like him, I hope a new GM gives him a fair shot versus cleaning house.
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    It hasn’t been a factor for those with a certain amount of melanin in their skin.
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    Which guy among Trent, Moses, Scherff, Roullier do you want to replace? Jay supposedly loves all 4 of them. It's LT that's the remaining issue. 2 years ago I asked Scot about the O line directly (and he's a big guy about the trenches) and he said yeah just LG, he was very happy otherwise with the O line. If its purely about these short and goal situations as Cooley likes to say, get a TE who can block (versus what we have now) and a RB who can make people miss. We got neither right now unless Sprinkle develops. I was at the Saints game during the infamous 3rd and 1 that essentially derailed the season. Perine was stopped because a player from their secondary blitzed in from the edge -- Niles Paul actually played FB on that play and was supposed to pick up that player and just whiffed on him and Perine had no wiggle to him and couldn't dodge the defender. Cooley knows a thing or two about the TE position and talked regularly about the problem with the running game - the running game is basically a power Duo based running scheme and it often requires the TEs to hold their ground at the point of attack. But they are comically bad at doing so. And their RBs sans Chris Thompson don't have the cutting ability or quickness to dodge the DEs who typically come crashing in on the play off the edges because of the poor TE blocking. That's probably part of the reason why Cooley is a take Hurst guy if he falls to the 2nd since the dude can block, too. Take Derrius Guice. As Portis likes to say, you need two guys to take him down -- one guy isn't enough. He can make something out of nothing. That's what the best backs do. Perine seems like a great guy and I like him as a backup but he's not actually a make something out of nothing kind of guy. Moses -- stud. Scherff -- pro bowler - stud. Trent -- pro bowler stud. Jay supposedly thinks Roullier is an up and comer and will be the center for years. LG though is a hot mess. So yeah don't get me wrong, I'd love to get a beast in that position. Like I said, I'd actually rather go LG early than DT just based on where I think the BPA map is going to fall. But O line isn't the position that's been ignored over the years in the higher rounds -- its been RB.
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    Actually I think Guice's 2017 film is fine. It obviously wasn't as impressive as his 2016 film though, since he was banged up all season. 2017 I saw an excellent RB, 2016 I saw an elite RB. He didn't have the same burst as 2016 but it seems like he got by that a bit by relying on his vision and shiftiness in 2017 as he still managed to produce good numbers. Another thing to remember about Guice is that, BY FAR, he faced the most stacked boxes of any of the other guys. Someone posted the article a while back and it had a table with each top RB and the % of snaps they faced stacked boxes with yards created as well. Guice faced stacked boxes 73% of the time. That's an absolutely ludicrous number. I think the next nearest guy was at 60% or something. Barkley was at about 55%. So Guice was banged up, faced stacked boxes on 3/4 of his snaps, and was on a team who's offense was essentially stuck in the 1980s (they ran 12 and 21 personnel groupings at almost twice the average of other teams). Everyone knew what was coming but they still weren't able to shut him down. In the NFL there's no way he'll be facing stacked boxes 73% of the time...offenses nowadays are just too spread out and more pass happy (in general) so stacking the box that much would be suicide for any defense facing a semi competent QB and offense.
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    The Guice stuff is idiotic. There's never been anything on him at LSU that would make you think he's antisocial, weird, or immature even. Everyone in this generation plays a lot of video games, and he's right that it is better than the alternative. I get that we just had the ultimate millenial scare with Su'a Cravens but I don't get that vibe that Guice and his issues have been covered for in college like Cravens' were. What happened with Guice was he was asked some inappropriate questions at the Combine, he talked about it to the media, and now certain scouts who are salty seem to be trying to smear his character with what little they have on him. Guice is a beast of a player who was dedicated enough to make his mark even playing behind/with a full grown man in Leonard Fournette. I don't get the concerns about him at all and its come almost out of nowhere.
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    I had a blunt of som goodie good twisted up and snuck in stadium for later for anybody that linked up since it was 420, jus want to put that out there : ) One day...
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    Oh I've heard something. But there's moving parts involved so no idea if can be pulled off. Though if they do, I might have to start liking Bruce. At least for the weekend. The scenario I've heard was trade back out of 13 & packaging some combination picks with those comp picks to move back into the 1st & nab both Guice & Payne or a Safety & Payne if it looks like Guice would still be there when they pick in the 2nd.
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    The number one reason that ANYBODY should have voted for Hillary is that she was, of the two, far and away the better choice. If they were looking for the more religious candidate, that'd be Clinton as well and again, it's not even close. Trump is, by far, the least Christian president we have ever had. I'm a better Christian than he is and I'm atheist.
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    Interesting. First round pick hit rates from 2007-2017: Team Rd 1 Picks Pro-Bowlers % Hit Washington Redskins 8 6 75.00% Minnesota Vikings 12 8 66.67% Dallas Cowboys 11 7 63.64% New England Patriots 10 5 50.00% Atlanta Falcons 11 5 45.45% Buffalo Bills 11 5 45.45% Houston Texans 11 5 45.45% Kansas City Chiefs 11 5 45.45% Pittsburgh Steelers 11 5 45.45% San Diego Chargers 11 5 45.45% Tampa Bay Buccaneers 11 5 45.45% Philadelphia Eagles 9 4 44.44% Carolina Panthers 10 4 40.00% San Francisco 49ers 15 5 33.33% St. Louis Rams 12 4 33.33% Detroit Lions 13 4 30.77% New Orleans Saints 13 4 30.77% New York Jets 13 4 30.77% Green Bay Packers 10 3 30.00% Seattle Seahawks 7 2 28.57% Miami Dolphins 11 3 27.27% Cincinnati Bengals 12 3 25.00% Denver Broncos 12 3 25.00% Tennessee Titans 12 3 25.00% Baltimore Ravens 9 2 22.22% Chicago Bears 9 2 22.22% Oakland Raiders 9 2 22.22% Cleveland Browns 16 3 18.75% Arizona Cardinals 11 2 18.18% Jacksonville Jaguars 11 2 18.18% New York Giants 11 2 18.18% Indianapolis Colts 9 1 11.11% Mind you, RGIII and Laron Landry are included in our "hit" rate.
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    I reviewed every pass thrown to Doctson last year in the coach 22. I also reviewed the pass plays where he won and didn't get the ball thrown his way. That's not to say that I know the read should have went his way - I don't. Maybe he wasn't the primary. But based on what I saw, I officially rescind the 50/50 title for him. First off, coming off an injury (regardless of the level), does take a little time to get over mentally. I remember catching a bad hop to the mouth playing baseball. A year later, I found myself having difficulty seeing the ball off the bat which is extremely important for an outfielder. Maybe its a confidence thing. But its maddening as hell, I will tell you that. Particularly if you're used to playing at a high level. If you follow baseball, Ryan Zimmerman now plays first base because he never got over whatever it was that caused him to sail balls from third base. Some call it the yips. Some that suffer from this crap have depth perception issues too. Playing in somewhat of a cloud is part of too. There's a feeling of disconnection somehow. Anyway, if any of you have ever had the yips or have lost a little confidence playing a particular sport, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Bottom line is, you just have to get over it to get your swag back. And the only way that happens is if you play and if you're involved. Last year sucked for Doctson because he wasn't involved enough. Its documented that the guy in minnesota had issues with throwing the ball in tight windows as well as throwing to open receivers he didn't trust. Coming off injury is important for any player to get back in the swing of things. Its no different than giving the ball back to a RB after he fumbles. You gotta touch the ball; take some hits; get some success under your belt. I hope Alex understands that necessity and get's Doctson more involved. I'm not saying coddle Doctson. I'm simply saying to force the issue with him. But make no mistake.....he's got to play in the preseason this year. The Redskins have got to help him get his swag back before the season starts.
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    No fractures. I'm good to go for Mexico ☀️
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    Now that I'm older, I don't think I would be all that phased being around most celebrities. I would absolutely melt into a puddle in front of Halle, though. Been wanting that woman since I was in like 2nd grade. I don't care how crazy she's rumoured to be. It would be an honor to drive her so wild with pleasure that she knifes me in the aorta. That would be a good death.
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    Popping a cap in somebody's ass isn't a racial thing. You're racist for saying that. I make the Pillsbury Doughboy look like Kevin Garnett and I can't even count the asses that I've popped caps in.
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