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    TO FANS OF OPPOSING TEAMS This is a website owned by the Washington Redskins, maintained by Redskins fans, and primarily devoted to Washington Redskins football. While we enjoy visitors, we did not leave the door open hoping to have people drop by intent on changing our way of thinking. We are quite happy (some might argue "miserable" at times) being Redskins fans. We continue to believe that each Sunday marks a new beginning and that eventually we will return to our days of greatness. You, of course, can laugh at that notion, but if you do it here, it probably won't be taken too kindly. If you're a fan of a rival team, please don't make the mistake of thinking this is an always-friendly environment. When you are here, your screen is burgundy and gold for a reason. We’re ExtremeSkins. Nothing about this site should suggest to you that we are interested in being all things to all football fans. We have many knowledgeable fans here who know quite a bit about Washington Redskins football in particular and the NFL in general. We allow a certain amount of Redskins machismo here, because that is part of the Redskins experience. So be advised you will likely encounter critical and disparaging statements related to your chosen football team from time to time. As with all issues, moderators will determine what is or isn't allowable independent of anyone's team affiliation. We welcome well-behaved rival fans and enjoy other perspectives in the form of solid football discussion, along with the typical banter expected in such venues as long as it is within our Forum Rules. Do enjoy your time here, but don't let your activities interfere with our ability to enjoy your time here.
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    You must be new to watching the Redskins ...
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    Take a moment and think back to 2013.... Okay. Remember what happened that year? The Redskins finished the season with 8 straight losses. The starting quarterback was throwing picks at a rate of one per game, basically. Then the backup came in late to mop up the season and threw 7 INTs in 3 games. The coach and OC were both fired. Do you remember how you felt after the 2013 regular season came to a close? I bet you do. It went something like this: (Spurrier + Zorn + meddling owner + narcissistic QB)2 ÷ 2 Shanahans = I'M SENDING BRUCE ALLEN MY FAN CARD At that very moment, if I told you that the Redskins would hire a coach who, after one predictably bad season, would: right the ship and coach the team to 2 consecutive winning seasons, take that same shaky backup QB and coach him up to achieve over 9,000 passing yards and 63 total TDs over those 2 winning seasons lead the Redskins to a 3-2 start the season after that ...would you have taken that coach? Of course you would have. Compared with the Browns-esque nature of the Redskins in December 2013, that would've seemed like the football equivalent of skinny dipping with frisky underwear models in a pool of champagne. I'm buying Jay Gruden for the foreseeable future, warts and all.
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    I have been perplexed by many things over the years regarding what I read on ES. Perhaps some of you feel the same about things I've written... But for the life of me, I can't quite figure this Ryan Grant thing out. Lots of talk about how our WRs are hurting the offense right now. And then you look up and we really aren't having any trouble moving the ball through the air. We aren't having trouble converting 3rd downs. We aren't having trouble making big plays. It's not who we thought would be doing it before the year, but for the most part, the passing game is working quite nicely. The Raiders game we didn't need it-- but in our other three most recent games the offense was called upon for game-winning drive in the 4th quarter-- the offense came through each time (although in the Chiefs game resulting in a tie and not a go ahead TD). So while I would certainly love to see more production from the WRs, I honestly don't really care as long as the job is getting done. Which brings me to Grant. It's like Redskins fans watch the games and if there's a big 3rd down catch, they go "Yes!" and when they realize it's Grant it's like a letdown and they go "Oh, it was Grant, blech." The guy has been a valuable player for us this year-- he has made some really key/clutch catches. And he plays WR you know. So that's a WR making plays. It's as if some have pre-ordained that he isn't good, so therefore when he does good things it almost doesn't count. It's baffling. Maybe Kirk throws him the ball because...he gets open? Which means maybe he DOESN'T suck like so many have decided? Maybe he should even play a little more than he does? Currently, we have the following realistic options to catch passes: Grant, Crowder, Pryor, Doctson, Reed, Davis, Thompson. In that case, it's really hard to fully involve 7 guys each week. Kirk is spreading the ball around. At some point you'd like to see a little more production from your top 3 WRs, but again, if other guys like Davis and Thompson are making big plays while the defense still has to account for the others, then it's really the same (positive) result. And then maybe if a defense determines that they are NOT going to let Davis and Thompson beat that might be precisely when things open up for the others. I think we'd be better of worrying about what's worth worrying about on offense (getting the running game untracked) because pass catchers really aren't a concern to me at this point. Has the NFL gone back yet and rescinded the third down conversions Grant made yet?
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    If Norman and Breeland play: Redskins 74, Eagles 3. If Norman and Breeland are out: Redskins 74, Eagles 3.
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    After reading the convincing arguments from all the visiting Eagles fans I am going to change my prediction. Eagles 3, Redskins 74.
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    I've been debating posting this for a while because I thought this might be over the top, but I've told you guys and gals some of my highest high's and lowest moments (mostly this) within the last however years I've been posting here, so why not This? Bottom line, I'm a little over 18k in debt from helping my ex-girlfriend over the past 3 years. I don't think it's necessary to get into specifics, but long story short I pretty much bought a false relationship. Yes, I'm very embarrassed about this but I've concluded I'm never going to meet you wonderful people in person so why not be honest about things? The reason I'm making this thread is because I want to hold myself accountable so that I won't slip up again. After paying all of my bills every month I should have roughly 11-1400 leftover that I'm going to throw into a savings account and since I pretty much live paycheck to paycheck I'm going to throw it at one of my 4 companies that I owe money to every three months. Eventually I'll add screen caps so that you'll see that I'm actually doing this instead of blowing money on useless ****. Where does ES come in? If by next December I'm not within 2k of paying this mess off, I'll request a permanent ban from this site. I just don't trust myself, so I have to take away something that I really enjoy. To be extra honest, my mother is talking about giving me a large sum of cash within the next few months but this is no guarantee. If I do get this cash my goal will shift to instead save a certain amount towards retirement and/or living expenses, not sure how to handle that one just yet. Now I don't want to be selfish so if anyone would like to throw their own personal goal into this thread, feel free Time to do this!
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    Well let's see...Last time I was at a night game at the Linc we clinched the East & they turned the lights out mid presser on Chip Kelley. Time before that was a Monday Night game in '07 & the philly fans egged Joe Gibbs' bus on the way into the stadium. Joe responded by beating them 20-12 in front of a nationally televised audience. Guess who's field I'll be standing on again this Monday Night?
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    We know it won't be the Eagles. They never do.
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    He lives in Phoenix and runs a kicking coaching school/ One of the boys who plays soccer with my younger son also plays football and attends. In a semi related anecdote my eldest son is now a freshman at a big football High School here in Chandler. He plays soccer but was messing around in a PE lesson doing some kicking and punting. He can punt it miles apparently and they asked him if he would punt for the football team (which is a big deal locally). As per him the conversation went something like "if they run it back do I have to tackle" "Yes" "I will stick to soccer". I have officially disowned him.
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    Pop & Kerr have killed trump in the press, and Trump hasn't mumbled a word against them I wonder why.............
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    This thread is a relic. I love it. It's first page is the beginning of the John Wall era. I say we end it when John's career here ends.
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    ****ing Chris Long. STICK TO SPORTS YOU SPOILED OVERPAID ATHLETE! Donating his entire salary to help kids go to college in Charlottesville.. who does he think he is! http://www.nbcsports.com/philadelphia/eagles/chris-long-donate-final-10-eagles-game-checks-play-free Chris Long is now basically playing for free this year. The Eagles' veteran defensive end, who had already pledged to give away his first six game checks of this season for scholarships in his hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia, is now giving away the final 10 to his three NFL cities. This season, Long had a base salary of $1 million. All of that money is now going to fund the education of others. Still want him to stick to sports? Long, 32, on Wednesday morning announced he's giving away his final 10 checks this season to four organizations he has identified "whose missions focus on making education easily accessible to underserved youth while also providing students the support they need to develop strong social and emotional character." Athletes should never 'stick to sports". They have the ability and means to make change, and should be encouraged. ~Bang
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    Get up. cheap breakfast. cheap dinner. Sleep. Poor people do it every day. You'll be back on track before you know it, especially with a K to burn. Sheez. Don't make me beat your ass.
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    Observations:1- Player of the game was very likely Mr. Dunbar. Excellent, excellent game.2- Ryan Grant is still not explosive, but he comes through every time we need him. I think I say something about him every week and it's well earned every single week. Very underappreciated.3- Doctson flashes again, but then went missing again.4- Chris Thompson saw entirely too much action as the primary back for my liking yesterday. He's in on short yardage situation as the only back. I don't mind him there with split backs or as a wing or slot. But as the primary back, and then having him carry the ball? Doesn't make sense on many angles. It's putting mileage on his legs and frame and increasing fatigue which decreases his ability to hit the home run late in the game when the D is tiring. Later, in a short yardage situation, Perine was in there and he got stopped before the marker and he managed to keep his feet moving and picked up the first down. That's what we should be doing in those situations. Letting our power back be the power back. 5- The defense is a walking mash unit and they came out after 17-0 completely comatose. It was scary to watch. They had no bounce or excitement. It was like they thought the game was over. There are certain exceptions for certain players, but all in all I was disappointed in the defense yesterday as a whole.6- The Vernon Davis fumble was the second worst call in all of the games yesterday. The Austin Sefarian-Jenkins fumble call was not only worse, but it lapped it. Twice. Yikes.7- Speaking of Vernon... He continues to be the best receiving tight end on the roster so far this season. Waiting for Reed to show up.8- I have a problem with the timeout prior to the delay of game call on SF. Maybe we missed it and the timeout was called with 6-8 seconds left on the play clock and that's why it looked so strange... But if we called that late in the play clock I am mortified.9- The drive following the onsides kick had me livid. I understand the 'Skins wanted SF to use their timeouts, so they ran the ball. But there are high percentage ways to do that that are much more conducive to picking up a first down and ending the game right there. When there is that much time left on the clock, you need to gain a first down. How about a rollout pass with Cousins, where if there is nothing there he can tuck and go? If he throws to an open receiver and its dropped, it doesn't make the playcall poor, it makes the receiver poor. 10- Even though I stated above that we need to use Perine in short yardage, he clearly missed a few holes/called plays during the game. That is also quite scary. But let’s keep it in perspective... he’s a rookie that was on cruise control in the NCAA due to his size/strength/leverage. Patience is a virtue with him.11- I liked Swearinger getting that penalty in that little scuffle with Garcon. I'm usually not one for that kind of crap, but Garcon seemed to be running his mouth about hurting one of our guys, and DJ let him know he wasn't okay with that. That's the swagger this defense has been missing. An edge that can't be taught. I know it allowed them to score more points, but in that situation, with the D starting to falter, it's okay to show a little fire and grit and show that you've got your guys backs. I wish he didn't cost us that many yards and he only chirped, but you get that with a fiery guy like Swearinger. And I'd rather have him around than not have him around.12- You know who our offense misses? Pierre Garcon.
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    My favorite moment was Kendall Fuller being arrested for stealing from CJ Beathard at the end of the game.
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    Not to butt in on your convo, but whats the deal with Eagles' fans suddenly coming onto ES [ ExtremeSkins for the shallow Eagle fans ] and defending your team on THIS site? I as well as many other Redskin fans here know the Eagles are not a crappy team that just lucked out; but some are acting as if they're repeating the Dolphins perfect season! I'm sure the Eagles' website has their dedicated fans who think they are going all the way, and its fine to dream, nothing wrong with the desire of a headline in newspapers that may one day say Eagles SuperBowl Champions, but they have to actually WIN IT first. Yes, the Redskins haven't been to the big show in a long time, but we do have personnel on staff whose sole purpose is to keep the trophies nice and sparkling; its tedious work, with the intricate designs, the mirror-finish metal of the cup, sparkling in the sunlight. Oh, my apologies, you're not familiar with that, are you. Its nice to see fans of any team coming here and having logical discussions about the different teams, but it seems that you guys only want to come here and beat on your chest. You could do us all a favor and go beat something else, somewhere else...
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    Everyone I know hates you except mary. She loves everyone. Like some hippy. I'm worse. I love the vast majority of ya. But I love like Carol on WD loves with a little Madison from FWD mixed in, so keep your left up.
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    Narrator: The Sixers won 27 games that season.
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    Long-Stroker walks into work and she's standing there like Then she approaches him in the break room like Then when he gets off and walks to his car, she's in his passenger seat like ] And if you continue to deny her more of that sweet dick, you're gonna be filing an insurance claim
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    Checking in... no issues so far from me. I'm not looking to change anyone's opinion on your team or mine... but I do think ExtremeSkins is an interesting choice of name for your forum. I'm pretty sure my BT and HR departments are marching to my office right now based on my visiting this site.
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    An Eagles fan mocking our team name as though it's offensive is pretty hilarious. While you may be a very rare-bird (pun intended) amongst your kind, let's not act like your fanbase gives a damn about political correctness. And yeah, you're not very good at this... Just like your team isn't very good at sustained success. Allow me to burst your little bubble that has you and your fanbase pea****ing and puffing your chest out: First off, you beat us the first game because you got hooked by scheduling, that's it. You caught us week 1 in what was basically an extension of the preseason for a Redskins team with a ton of new starters including many rookies, 2nd year players, or players simply new to the team. I'm confident we would have blown the doors off you if we had played the following week. Simple as that. You're 29th against the pass. I think you're mistaking gel for the thick kool-aid you're drinking directly from Carson Wentz's man-spigot. Let me remind you that the team and Quarterback you are facing on Monday isn't the same you faced week 1. Your pass defense doesn't have Kirk shaking in his boots. If he limits any damage it will be via kneeling in the victory formation. Lol. We have one of the best pass blocking offensive lines in the league and you barely got home against the Giants. Even if Kirk does get rid of the ball quickly, it will be after he checks at the line to pick up your blitz before he proceeds to pick apart your secondary with greater ease than Eli did. On the other hand, Wentz will not catch us by surprise with his mobility and off-schedule plays out of the pocket like he did the first go-around. Expect his passing yards to be hard-earned and for him to be hit on the chin early and often. Our ball-hawks (including Josh Norman who will not be missing this game) will be waiting when Wentz inevitably starts making mistakes this season. Because again, like the rest of your team, his level of success is not sustainable week to week. What Eagles fans have been watching this season is a team that has gotten very lucky in every game I've seen you play in. Every ball and call is going in the Eagles favor right now, and I'm sorry to break it to you, but the play of your young inexperienced team will come crashing back to earth sooner rather than later. The Eagles heads are inflated. Even your coach is worried that they think they are better than they actually are. Similar to how you are disrespecting the Redskins, I suspect your team to do the same and get caught slipping in this game and realize they are doing so too late. Our team hasn't forgot the smack you talked in the off-season and are still pissed at themselves for losing to you week 1. Expect a team motivated to avenge that loss and get the last laugh. Unlike the Eagles, winning is less of a new-feeling to our team and we will be prepared to come out swinging to shut up your redneck, yank & classless fans in that stadium as soon as possible. Monday will be a huge wake-up call that you aren't the Superbowl favorites you think you are. Realistically, It's safe to say that the Eagles (like most teams) aren't going to win out the rest of the year. Your cupcake schedule the rest of the season may be cause for false-optimism for you and your fanbase, but regardless... your next loss will be at the hands of the Redskins come Monday. In your house. You say you don't see your letdown happening at home on a Monday night, but I can assure you that nights like these are the exact stage in which they happen. We know. Others may have welcomed you with open arms, but I don't play nice with Eagles fans. Not in my stadium and not on my teams message board. Before week 1 we had beaten you 5 straight, but even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while. Be happy you managed to sneak out with a win last time, because after this let-down game your fanbase will be back to the usual: Berating your own team, coaches, and front office on local sports-talk radio before cryin yourselves to sleep every night clutching pictures of Andy Reid underneath your pillows.... Only to wake back up to your reality that your super-bowl win was just another cruel dream. Die, Eagles, Die...L-O-S-E-R-S, Losers!
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    I dislike the passer rating stat, as I've said before. ANY/A is far better -- he's 3rd there also this year. He's 5th in lifetime ANY/A. Look at the names on the list. Lifetime completion percentage. 3rd overall. They put a graphic of it up during the game. Brees, Chad Pennington, Kirk Cousins. Eventually the graphic will be Cousins, Brees, Pennington. And the haters will still be hating.
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    Your man is drinking beer through a straw. Tells you everything you need to know about him.
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    All- Be advised that the Mod Squad has a new tool in their bag of ban hammers. In the past, all the Mods could do was either ban a trouble maker or put them on read only. Now, there's a new tool which will allow them to simply remove your ability to post here in tailgate while allowing you to continue to post everywhere else on the board. You'll still be able to read the Tailgate forum, you just won't be able to make that over the line post or whatever it was that originally got your privilege revoked. It hasn't been used on anyone yet, and there's no one currently active in particular that it was implemented for. It was actually designed on the off chance that currently banned member might be able to earn their way back to an active status. However in designing the way this works it seemed like a better idea to keep it as some of you are continually getting in trouble here in Tailgate and we like you enough not to completely toss you off the board. It's really simple. If you don't want to lose your Tailgate access, behave and respect each other.
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    I hope now that you guys win the NFC since we're out of it now. Your a classy team and I hope you guys win it all. God bless Washington and their fans. I hope my Packers can somehow win 7 games but doubtful.
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    Unless you're a GOP politician. Then it's a strategy. That fear stuff is election magic. Good for selling guns too.
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    So, an update on Tazette vs. The Bully Everything has been fine until 3 days ago. She comes home and is clearly upset and tells us that the bully took a hardbound book and hit her in the head with it. I asked her if she told the teacher, she said no. I asked her if she took the book from her and swung for the fences, answer was no. I know she isn't afraid of this kid, so I did some more probing. Turns out, she doesn't want to retaliate cause she doesn't want to get into trouble where the teacher moves her desk up beside hers (happened in both kindergarten and 1st grade). In her words, "Daddy, I don't want to move from my table with all my friends. I'll get moved to a desk beside the teacher. Been there, done that, not happening again!" I tell her that she doesn't have to take this crap from that kid and we will support her no matter what, but that it's only a seat at school. So, yesterday she comes home and tells me the bully shoved her and she knocked her down on her butt and everyone laughed at the bully. I asked her today if anything happened and she said no, the girl avoided her. Like I said, the bully doesn't know who tha **** she messing with, my kid ain't scared and I knew it was a matter of time and she would only take so much **** off that kid and then just unload. Proud of my kid, for trying the peaceful route multiple times and then just taking care of business like a boss.
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    Link To Article Fanrag isn't super far above Bleacher Report on the sports journalism totem pole, but the author (Brandon Thorn) is a pretty widely respected OL guy on Twitter who is constantly breaking down OL play. Not too much I can 'preview' here as there's lots of video clips used as examples in the article, but it's worth a click and a read. Details what makes Scherff a special OG, his unique skill-set, and where he's improved since he got into the league. Argues he should be an All-Pro pick this year.
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    So glad we got Francis back on this team. Was stunned he didn’t make the team as he arguably had the best preseason on the Dline outside of Taylor and Ioannidis. And when Taylor went down he was first to replace him. Either way, glad that’s been “rectified”. I put that in quotes because I don't necessarily think it was a mistake to release him, not after the performance by the Dline without him and him remaining a street FA. So no harm done (Hood has surprisingly not been the massive liability I thought he’d be). Just love that he ended up back here. As down as I am about losing Allen, I am excited to see he and Lanier perform. I’d only be a little surprised if they managed to somehow not miss a beat.
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    Thank God you are not associated in anyway with the front office. I have said this before so many times hell it should be tattooed on my forehead. Its not just loosing a very good QB, even if we get a good rookie (and remember we have to be super lucky because we are not going to be drafting top 10 most likely) it will take at least 2 years for him to get up to speed. The loss of these two years is huge because its the prime of this OL we have, especially Trent. You are basically wasting a top 10 OL on a journeyman QB and then a couple of years of development for a rookie and IF you are lucky maybe you have an good QB. That is very many ifs ands or buts dude.
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    It's almost like... he WAS a good pick. Crazy since 75% of the board seemed ready to move on from him after a couple of subpar EXHIBITION games.
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    Hey man, you're right, this blows. Just a little thing since you're still relatively new post-count-wise (which doesn't say anything about the quality of poster, since I have over 20K and they're all crap!), the formatting can be important. I know the Dustin Hopkins one didn't have it right, either, so if I were in your shoes then I would've just followed that example. You want to make sure that you say the source and then the title of the article. For yours it would be "PFT: Jonathan Allen to Miss Rest of Season", so you basically got it right, just the source part. Not trying to be nit-picky, it just keeps the board cleaner. You can also check out the injury thread to see if it's posted there, too. Since this is such a big deal I could see it warranting a new thread, but the mods who are Dan Snyder's pets and paid off and eat puppies and spoil Santa Claus might view it differently. Just to be clear: This is *NOT* a passive aggressive post or me calling you a dumbass, just trying to help a poster out and keep the board neat.
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    I feel like a lot of people (not necessarily on ES, just in general) are, in their outrage at Trump's comments about former presidents, losing sight of the fact that Trump only said that other POTUSes didn't call gold star families because he had just been caught not doing it. So yea, his lies about former presidents not making calls is an outrageous lie, but the original sin here is the Trump literally failed to make the calls himself, for a week. During that week he had plenty of time to twitter fight with NFL players and Bob Corker, play several rounds of golf, and head to his hotel for dinner. Couldn't squeeze in some time for the parents/wives of 4 soldiers who died on his watch.
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    and thanks to the mainstream media, don and co have again been busted and now his wannabe drug czar is uncovered...cosmic level **** show again and again....imagine if flynn remained in position what we'd have and the only reason this nation doesn't have that is because of mainstream (non-fox rigthwing nutter radio) reporting, for all its myriad foibles and real biases...........to me it's long been at a point where there's very little oxygen reasonably and rationally available for any deflecting or endorsing commentary regarding this admin/"movement", its base supporters, and its overall nature...really imo it merits little other than contempt, loathing, and desire for removal asap...while there's a place for countering dialogue, it should be a very minor priority to any stable decent intelligent mind imv
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    Allen has been flashing some this season but him being out isn't going to make the difference on the defense right now. If he comes back healthy eventually, he has a long and productive career ahead of him. Do not rush him back for any perceived short term success.
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    He's a ****ing disgrace. An utter ****ing disgrace, a national shame. A disgusting human being, with no redeeming grace. ~Bang
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    I was at the game I saw it. Kirk scrambled to get everybody lined up and everyone did except Pryor. And it was easy to see that Kirk just went off at Pryor. I liked seeing Kirk lose his cool. That incident and the late drive in the game where Kirk took off and ran for 18 yards and lowered his shoulder into the defender - I especially loved. To me the 2017 version of Kirk is an improvement and i already liked the 2016 version a lot. Jay talked about Kirk growing as a player last week. This year, Kirk is grittier and balsier especially in late game drives. Jerry Brewer had a good column about it today.
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    Not a fumble. Absolute turning point in the game. Getting really tired of these New York reviews and watching the commentators and guys like Pereirra scratching their heads. All it does is remove accountability for bad calls so the NFL can control exciting endings and manipulate point spreads. Its becoming unwatchable. The Davis call was bad, the Jets tight end one was even worse. When everyone in the stands, at home, and calling the game sees one thing, and you call it a different way, that's not ineptitude, it's deliberate. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-game-highlights/0ap3000000861385/Jimmie-Ward-returns-Vernon-Davis-fumble-to-the-1-yard-line https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/look-jets-hosed-by-the-awful-replay-reversal-of-all-awful-replay-reversals/
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    Thats great, but why don't the stats support the critics? When someone says he's very inaccurate, the stats should support that statement. Unless of course their definition for "very inaccurate" is "he missed a few passes that I remember" in which case they're talking nonsense. When someone says he's turnover prone, the stats have to support that or it's false. When someone says he's not clutch and he delivers late in the 4th more often than not, they're simply wrong. Stats aren't everything, but when the directly contradict what you think your special eyes are seeing, consider that you might simply be wrong.
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