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    I know a few of you differ from the mindset I’m talking about here, but the majority of you will be in the same boat. For me, as a sports fan I’ve always found it a necessary survival mechanism to separate what I THINK will happen from what I HOPE will happen. Meaning, if I spent my sports fan-life only really being interested when I had a deep belief there was gold at the end of the rainbow, well, maybe I’d be more stable, but I’d also be far more bored. So for me it’s all about the technical possibility. In 1992 I had very, very little hope we could beat the Cowboys in a potential NFC Championship game in Dallas... I am quite sure we would have gotten slaughtered in that game. However, that didn’t matter to me— I was (and remain) crushed we didn’t get the opportunity when we fumbled away the 49ers game. In the Norv years I knew the odds of wining in the playoffs wer gonna be REALLY slim, but I still wanted to get there... You get my point. So here we sit at 5-3 at the midway point of the season. First place in division. And I think the WORST grade you could give the Redskins for the first half is a solid B. And that’s the WORST grade you give give them. In other words, we’ve played half a season and the results have been quite positive. Now, the path they’ve taken to get to 5-3 is far from pretty... but I’ve seen 3-5 enough to know that 5-3 is ALWAYS better, period. And now the crushing news about the crazy injuries and signing half an OL off the street. It’s really frustrating and deflating. Of course my head is telling me we are in big trouble and our first place status won’t last much longer. But here’s the deal. As long as the games matter when they kickoff, they will still matter to me. Consider this: let’s say we hit rock bottom and this one game losing streak turns into a four game losing streak. Yep, let’s say we lose to Tampa, Houston, and Dallas. And let’s say the Eagles WIN two out of three... The reality is that our game on MNF in Philly would STILL be for first place in the division that night. Yeah sure, if we do lose four in a row to fall to 5-6 will there be a feeling of impending doom heading to Philly? Yeah, no doubt. But at the same time I’m a Redskins fan. And if the Redskins are playing a game in December for first place in the division I am GOING to care no matter how much my brain tells me not to. And understand I’ve laid out what is likely the worst case scenario (this is also assuming Dallas isn’t running the table at the same time). In other words, there is really no escaping this season as a fan at this point. It’s probably going to take a five game losing streak to do that. Especially when you consider things are setting up much more likely this year that at least one 9-7 team gets in the NFC playoffs. So, while it might be nice to say “eh, we’re screwed” and check out for the year, I certainly can’t do that. The whole “well we’d be one and done in playoffs anyway” mentality has always been crap to me. Always felt those dudes must be a blast at parties. So here we sit in an odd position as Redskins fans: The Curse of First Place.
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    So this is gonna sound really cheesy, but me and my 18 yo son just voted together. Its his first election, and he was soooo excited lol. I'm so proud of him and glad I got to share this experience with him! Proud mama moment 😀
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    Scott Walker losing made a sort of pretty good evening into a great morning. Also, a friend of mine who our locate state house district by 44 votes, beating an incumbent R. The story of the night for me is Beto's coat tails. If he had been the typical sacrificial lamb with 40 percent of the vote none of this happens in Texas. Two House seats flipped - including seat that had been Republican since George HW Bush won it..10 state house seats flipped, ending the supermajority there. Dems won every single office in Harris County where I live, including all the judgeships. It was a total wipe out and the Republican Party basically no longer exists in the third largest city in the country. I think we gained a state senate seat. Basically all the state-wide offices - except governor which is kind of meaningless here anyway - were close enough for the Democrats to really think they are all winnable in the future. 5 and 6 points versus the usually 15 to 20. The Democrats in Texas have a path forward now. All the big cities are completely Blue. San Antonio just tossed out a "Tough on Crime" prosecutor for a "sentence reform" prosecutor. The border area is blue. The suburbs around Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin are turning purple. That's where the future is. Start winning there and you can win statewide office again. The state House and Senate are always going to be tough, because rural texas is so vast and so deep red. But turn the suburbs blue, and we are suddenly Pennsylvania politically. And if that happens, the national GOP is dead. Texas can't be up for grabs if NY, CA, and IL are solid blue. The electoral math no longer works. I think it's time to declare Missouri a full-fledged red state. Virginia, Colorado, and Nevada are now full-fledged blue states. I can live with that trade, I think. The upper Midwest was really good to Dems. Michigan and Minnesota were cobalt blue. Wisconsin finally kicked out Walker. That's good for 2020. A Trump toady in the statehouse in Florida is bad. I wish I understand Ohio better. This prick in West Virginia who I've been harassing on Twitter for a year lost his state senate seat.
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    Don't put funny stuff and sad stuff in the same post. I am unable to accurately express my emotions unless I can choose a single smiley from the drop down.
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    I love the spin that "OMG DEMS WILL BE INVESTIGATING SO MUCH" is a knock on the Dems and ignores the fact that there IS SO MUCH to investigate about Trump and his cronies that the Republican-controlled Congress has completely abdicated its duties on for the past 2 years. Investigate the **** out of these people, do it fairly, make it public.
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    Look. It's not really fair to evaluate a quarterback until his 17th or 18th season in the league. The book is still open on Alex Smith. I just don't get why this is hard. If you run the ball and play good defense like it's 1995, you'll win a lot of games with Alex Smith. If you ever need to score, like 35, because it's 2018, you're screwed.
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    This should be a national holiday. And it should be accompanied by celebrations like it was in the 19th century. Democracy participation should be incentivized and celebrated. I will gladly trade Columbus Day for an Election Day holiday.
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    Saw this quote on fb earlier today and found it to be pretty spot-on... “Trump’s a stupid man’s idea of a smart person, a poor man’s idea of a rich person & a weak man’s idea of a strong man.” ~ Fran Lebowitz
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    No. I'm really tired of the false narrative. It's complete bull****. This is what it's all about. Alex Smith is a QB than can only have any success if the rest of the team is good/great. If there are any other holes, the team is in trouble. He can't elevate a team. He can't make players better than they are. He is literally dependent on the rest of the team being able to excel in spite of him. Kirk Cousins is the QB every team wants. He can elevate a terrible team to average. He can hand the ball off, just like Alex Smith. But even I can do that, so big ****ing deal. However, he makes better, more accurate throws than Alex Smith. If the running game disappears, and the D gives up 30+, he can bring a team back. He throws a lot more TD's. And a few more INT's, usually because he's on a team that can't run the ball and has no defense, and sometimes has no OL either. Sometimes he's the only guy out there than can actually do anything. He is the type of QB every team wants. A few teams have them. Most don't. That's why Minny paid what they did. And when they came up at the beginning of the season and couldn't run the ball or play defense? Kirk kept them alive. Now, both the D and running game are picking up, and they are going to be VERY tough to beat. I mean, how do you think Aaron Rodgers would do if he had a D and a running game? Oh yeah, SB MVP. Guys like Kirk are great for ANY team. He'd be GREAT for this team. Guys like Alex are not great for any team. They work if the rest of the team is really good, but they don't actually bring anything to the table to make it better. They are not actually good for any team. We know now much better the Chiefs look without Alex.
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    Pardon me, I had to laugh at that.
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    Lets get the raiders o-line coach tom cable so he can punch out Bruce Allen
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    It would be stupid for the Dems to just announce investigations. The smart move would be to start with supported things like infrastructure. Load that up with rules that make money going that way to be triple checked against corruption and shady dealings. Then move on to basic rules for all elected officials on disclosure and disconnection from personal gain by abusing their positions. Never mention Trump by name. Steal the whole "drain the swamp" but focus it on protecting the taxpayer. These are easy wins. The last move is...... pick photogenic and lesser know Dems who are strong speakers with positive messages to give as many upbeat interviews on potential ideas that speak to middle America. Every week. Don't pick fights right away. Don't get sucked into the caravan and guns talk. It's a losing topic right now. The GOP wants.....needs a fight right now. Can't do that or the Dems will lose any message. That's a fact.
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    The way our political system was set up was the Senate gave a more equal voice to less populous states and the house made sure that the voices of the total population would be taken into account also. The issue is we don't expand the house any longer. So that means electoral votes are static and not increasing in total. It used to be common to expand the house as the population expanded. That has been stopped. So now you end up with a state like Wyoming with a population of 580,000 having the same number of senators as CA which has 40,000,000 people. This was as the framers intended, however the congressional districts have not grown to account for the population increases so the masses also get correct representation. Basically put, we are giving a relatively small number of people a LARGE say in the direction of our country. All because we won't expand our house, which would also create more electoral votes.
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    I'm very comfortable calling every person who voted for him a racist piece of ****
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    So to highlight the evening, house goes dem, Senate stays GOP, and florida is still dumb. Correct?
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    I'm not going to lie any more. Everyone in this country could stand to hear some ****ing truth these days. And it is no longer within me to coddle right wingers for the sake of being polite. If I hear another freaking "let's hear the salt of the Earth Trump cultist in their own words" story where the moron spouts off a bunch of stupid bull**** to justify their support, I am going to snap. Stupid is as stupid does and Trump supporters are ****ing stupid. Coddling these rubes is part of why we're where we are today.
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    A line you usually save for your wife.....
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    I'm on Maryland's Eastern Shore (Drumpf country). Usually it takes me fewer than 5 minutes to vote even during presidential years. It took me 40 minutes as there was a line at my small polling place. Also, the people are usually older folks this time it was lots of younger folks. I have no idea what this means. I have no idea what is going on in the good ol'USA anymore. I'll get a better idea later tonight. Crossing my fingers. Dr. Joe
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    This is depressing. Instead of paying a proven QB ~$29 million a year for 3 years, we are paying this cluster**** ~$24 million for 5.
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    Dont really know about barely... And if it were the economy, how did Donald Trump get elected? Maybe stupid people who he duped into thinking that the economy was bad? Its the stupid, stupid
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    We can't take anything for granted. The lessons of 2016 and even 2017 are many. The entire VA House of Delegates hinged on a coinflip from a tie. You might not be the only person thinking how you are. If enough people go meh, what should happen might not. Nothing for granted.
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    Never thought I would miss Tom Compton. After Will went to the Titans, we are just straight out of Comptons.
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    Because our FO are a bunch of ****ing morons.
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