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    This is what’s missing from this entire conversation far too often. It’s not just about Kirk. This is as bad of an organizational failure as it gets. There are aspects of it that will linger no matter what happens, but if Kirk ends up elsewhere the damage is even greater. I believe it was @Tsailand, last year, who even posted a compilation of posters saying the same thing right after the 2015 season. There was a bunch of us. That’s not to say we’re some geniuses with impeccable foresight, it’s quite the opposite. There were a bunch of us because it was friggin easy to see! My view at the time was simple. Kirk was doing things at the QB position we hadn’t seen as Skins’ fans in a long, long time. It wasn’t gimmicky. There wasn’t any crazy athletic plays or much in the way of off schedule stuff, where you could question its sustainability. It was mostly on schedule, operating within the scheme (one that is tried and true at the pro level, wasn’t suddenly going to be “figured out”, and has concepts that apply to every offense ran in the NFL), and he was deciphering defense’s properly the vast majority of the time which then enabled him to nullify the pass rush since he’d get the ball out quickly. To assume he’d fall off at that point and regress to bad enough levels not to warrant a long term deal was silly. There was enough tape on him. He didn’t come out of nowhere and teams had already went through a phase of figuring out what he likes to do, punishing him for it, and then he was able to overcome. The likeliest outcome was that he might regress a little bit (which wasn’t a slight, had he kept pace with those numbers the last month of 2015 it’d be Hall of Fame worthy), he might not, but there was an obvious floor you could see at that point. It didn’t take much foresight to recognize that. But even IF you were legitimately worried he would severely regress, it wouldn’t change a thing because, to put it simply, the team’s two best shots at contention at that point, if that’s the goal, were: 1) Build a team around Kirk, who doesn’t regress and continues to improve as he had shown to that point, through the draft. Trust the coaches you hired who felt the same about him. Yes, it’s harder with an expensive QB contract on the books, but that’s why you hired Scot and finally recognized how important having top personnel guys running that side of things is. If he does regress... 2) Draft a QB (or two). Heck, do that with late round picks even if Kirk doesn’t regress. Continue to build through the draft. You could do this even with an expensive QB contract on the books since it’s likely the young QB will take time to develop anyway. If he doesn’t take time, great. Seahawks signed Matt Flynn to an expensive deal and then drafted Wilson. Cowboys had Romo’s expensive contract on the books when they hit on Prescott. A QB on a rookie deal emerging mitigates the other expensive contract. To think that the potential cap space saved by not spending it on Kirk at the time (remember, that’s whatever money subtracted from the tag itself, so not much, maybe about 7-12 million a year in cap space) would be used on FAs of whom would be enough to put the team over the top was laughable. Especially knowing where our roster was. Furthermore, the people within the building get to see him everyday and should have a handle on whether or not he’d continue on the trajectory he was on. By all indications, his coaches felt he would. So it was obvious to me that the worst possible outcome was to let him play on the tag. This isn’t hindsight. I just didn’t see how that was in the best interests of the FO. Since I believed the likeliest outcome was that he’d play at a similar level to 2015, then all it meant was that his cost would only shoot up. The risk of that was far greater than the risk of him severely regressing. Not to mention letting him flirt with the tempting idea of Unrestricted Free Agency. When it actually happened, I was stunned. Shocked. Dismayed. But I went along with many here who argued it wasn’t that crazy. I allowed myself to accept it with the one caveat that they’d better get it done the next offseason were it to make any sense (basically, be 100% sure Kirk’s 2015 wasn’t a fluke - as silly as I thought that was - at the cost of maybe $3-5 million more per year). Fine. I let my homerism take over. Then we did the unimaginable, tagged him again, and let him play on it. Unbelievable. That’s $44 million now spent, money that could’ve been rolled over and/or used on our own soon to be FAs and/or other FAs, on a guy WE DEVELOPED for some other team to benefit from at the most important position in the NFL. It’s simply maddening. It makes no sense. It’s so stupid, so damaging on an organizational level it’s mind numbing to think about. It goes against so many sound philosophies regarding football team building, like developing your own and building through the draft and having stability at QB, that it’s astounding. IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT KIRK. Look around the league, do you see players getting tagged because their respective FO “needs to see more”? That is utterly moronic! You use the tag on your best players. Guys you simply don’t want to even see getting near FA while you hopefully work out a deal. Not someone you’re unsure about. It is insanity to pay the average of the top 5 positional contracts to someone you’re “unsure” about, let alone at the most expensive position. And what the hell are you getting paid to do in the personnel department? Disgusting. Just because it was a “unique situation”, which I’m not sure I buy considering these people had him in their building for years, doesn’t justify being indecisive to the detriment of the entire team. They wanted their cake and to eat it, too. Cowardly stuff. If you don’t believe in the guy enough to sign him long term, let him go. Trust your assessment. But they were scared he’d succeed and they’d look like idiots. So, really, deep down, they actually DID believe in him long term. It would’ve taken two seconds of self-reflection to recognize that the reason you feared he’d go elsewhere and succeed is because you actually recognize his skill. So they tag him to keep him from doing that. Not to win. Not to build a contender around him. But to keep him, in the moment, so that he wouldn’t make them look bad just in case. That’s their priority, and I don’t see how any other explanation makes sense. They were indecisive because they believe they’re not good at what they’re doing. Scot had a little bit of foresight initially and they ignored him, because that’s what the top brass does. They undermine their own hires at the very thing they hired them to do. At least Scot recognizes they made a big mistake (notice how he makes sure to say “organizationally” every time) that offseason, whether it’s easy for him to say now or not since he’s not a part of it. On a side note, I don’t know why we keep bringing up Scot now and how it was handled after that, because there’s so much we don’t know. There’s certainly plenty of evidence to suggest he was undermined pretty quickly, and likely more and more as time went on. It’s not as simple as “he wanted to trade Kirk in 2017”, because it could’ve been as a result of understanding that Bruce wouldn’t pay what it took and that the tag was idiocy in that case. There’s a lot of context missing here. Same is happening to Jay now. When you’ve got people above you making mistakes behind the scenes, while you operate on the surface, surprise surprise, you look like the mistake-prone fool. Guess who eats **** in the return department when the boss decides to change the policy to two weeks instead of a month? And you’ll likely make mistakes trying to mitigate those other mistakes. Especially if they then make you take on other roles you don’t or can’t excel at. Anyone who’s worked for bad people before will attest to this. But I digress. The reason you don’t see franchises applying the tag on QBs is because it’s super expensive and that’s the one position on the field you want to have stability at. It is the least “plug and play” position on the field, and is pretty much on the same level as coaching since it requires so much understanding of scheme and implementation of scheme, which takes time. It’s simply the antithesis to the idea of franchise tags, hence why you almost never see it applied to QBs. You use tags to bide time while you do everything you possibly can to sign him and/or ensure your stud player never hits FA. Not to “see more”. And not on the most expensive position in the friggin NFL. ABSOLUTE CRAZY SAUCE. The moment you felt like you weren’t going to sign him to whatever amount you thought he was worth (they were wrong), you let him go and begin to develop someone else. People say, “it’s just a one year deal, one year cap hit”, but that’s ignoring basic economic principles. The cap can roll over. It can be used elsewhere. To spend that much money on an asset, invest time in developing that asset, drive up its market, and then get nothing in return for it because you were just renting the entire time? Lol. You could’ve saved that money and used it on something that would benefit you long term when the opportunity arose, whether it did sooner or later. I wonder if anyone here who’s okay with how the FO has handled this rents an apartment or whatever on a yearly lease. They should spend a ton of money remodeling and renovating that apartment while they’re in it. Fix everything at your own expense, too. Heck, don’t even let your renter’s insurance help if something goes wrong. Pay it right out of your own pocket. Same logic. Landlord will be happy, at least, when your lease expires and you go elsewhere. So what do we do now? It boils down to two things, and one of them doesn’t make much sense as it stands: 1) Do whatever it takes to sign Kirk. Yes, it’ll probably take too much. Yes, it’ll likely hamper the team in terms of FA and retaining who they want. But you’ve already spent a crazy amount of money developing him and he’s good enough, and has shown that he keeps improving, to negate the fallacy of sunken cost. You hope that you hit on a draft just like the Saints did while Kirk continues to improve, making you an immediate contender. 2) You let him go and you go nuts in FA, building up a defense and stout running game that mitigates any likely issues at QB. You draft QBs when you can, don’t reach or trade up. If you’re stuck with one that sucks, oh well. Hope your team is strong enough to overcome it. The problem with pulling off the second option? You want a great personnel department lead by someone who’s unquestionably qualified and has the authority to shape the roster as he’d like without unwarranted interference. Which we don’t have. The other problem is we’ve got a Head Coach whose main strength is the passing game. Might as well save him the embarrassment and let him go if that’s the idea because he’s being set up to fail. Putting the position most vital to said strength in flux going into his fifth year is just a wonderful recipe for disaster. He might not think so himself, as he should be confident in his abilities, but he’ll be wrong while he should never be placed in a position like this. He’ll end up the target of enraged fans who continue to misplace their anger. And that’s just it, isn’t it? Nothing we do is with rhyme and reason. With foresight. They set up those they hire to fail, minimizing their strengths and highlighting their weaknesses. There is no balancing act, no ability to provide support as necessary, ensure everyone is suited for their supporting roles and are enabled to excel at them. The bigger issue? The rest of the league knows this. The only people who will come here are those who will demand major dollars, so their priorities will be off. The entire league is laughing at us about the Kirk situation, and it’ll only get louder if he goes elsewhere and we get nothing for it. That’s why I don’t think number 2 should be on the table. It’s not just about Kirk. If we go with it then the likeliest outcome, in my mind, is that Jay will crash and burn to the delight of the idiots (and Jay has a ton of connections and respect around the league, so that’s another ding on Dan’s resumé). And you know how we do it as Redskins when our coaches crash and burn. It’s epic baby. Dan will pacify said idiots with a new and exciting HC who’s mainly in it for the money. Maybe we’ll be fortunate and Dan will finally structure the FO properly, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Even if he does, it’s unlikely we’ll get anyone truly qualified here. It’s going to take a while to overcome the perception around the league, if we ever do, something I thought was happening when we hired Scot two years ago. :/
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    Matt Ryan is about to get a long-term contract extension. This will be his 10th year in the NFL. At times they've been one of the best teams in the NFC, let alone the NFL. They've recently endured a 3 year stretch where they went 18-30 only to flip it around in one year and see New England in the Superbowl. These things take time. You need continuity in the NFL. NEED IT. Kirk is totally capable of being the a QB who can win one. Can he do it alone? Nope. Guess who's came close or actually done it? Favre, Brady, Peyton, Aaron Rodgers. That's about it as far as recent history goes. You can't find those QB's. We have Kirk Cousins, he fits right in with the likes of Matt Ryan, Phillip Rivers, Joe Flacco, etc. You can get to and win a Superbowl with this caliber of QB. An extra $5,000,000 laying around is not going to make or break your team to the point of being 7-9 or 11-5. You build the draft, you acquire FA steals, you compete. You give a QB like Kirk some serious time to go at it. Go study any Superbowl Champs of the past 20 seasons, you either have defense, a QB, or both. You found your QB, go build a defense. We're about to enter a period of time in the NFL where the best QB's are on the verge of retiring and this fan base is willing to hand over the keys to a QB who is in his prime years. The lack of even attempted foresight here is insane. Literally not seeing what they have in front of them. Let me repeat; THE NFL IS ABOUT TO BE WITHOUT Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Drew Brees, Ben Roethlisberger which will create an unprecedented time for teams to actually have a chance to compete and WIN. There will be opportunities for serious runs at rings that teams never had before. Take these next 3 years and harvest young hungry ballers to compliment what we have.
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    Deep down, whether they admit it or not, kirk bashers are basically just the bitter leftovers from the rgiii fanboy club. They go to great lengths to camoflauge but it always comes out
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    The guy who has projected images onto the entrance to the Trump International Hotel in DC was at it again last night: https://www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/local/twitter-shows-****hole-projected-on-trump-hotel-here/2018/01/13/9f73fb3a-f8d4-11e7-a9e3-ab18ce41436a_story.html The poop emojis were a nice added touch.
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    It's pretty simple. Franchise QBs have MUCH to do with the offensives output. It's on their shoulders mostly but not completely. Franchise QBs have NOTHING to do with the defensive's output. Zero. Only 4 defenses gave up more points than the Redskins. How many teams from the top 10 worst defenses in points allowed made the playoffs? Zero. 10 of the top 12 defenses on points allowed -- made the playoffs. And yes most of the teams that made the playoffs had really good QBs. The outlier being Jax. So dumping the baby with the bathwater and creating what would likely be a below average offense is unlikely to be counter balanced with a better defense than we got now.
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    Trent Williams has 0 playoff wins, we should probably cut him
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    Hell, I've wanted out of here since Cousins was playing high school football. There is no end to the idiocy of a Daniel Snyder ran football team. I knew what Allen was going to turn out to be and spelled it out here almost a decade ago in 2009. It wasn't me going out on a limb. Bruce Allen continuing to be Bruce Allen under Dan Snyder was too predictable. When you are a Redskins fan you should have an innate ability to smell out a dumpster fire as it's being stoked up. Cousins just gives some of us a reason to go to another team and he makes the reality of this dumpster fire more clear to people like myself. Hell, for years and years we've all said "just get us a franchise QB and it'll make up for the rest of the idiocy and we'd compete every year at least." (And I know for a fact that Cousins is just as good as 7-9 x3 Brees on a bad team) But see we underestimated the power of Doofus Dan and his idiot machine. We had no idea that they'd actually sabotage Cousins by removing the liittle bit of offensive talent we had and that his Tampa Bay crew were going to be Spurrier level dumb ****s who actually believe that their offense can win by itself with no talents such as Grant, Kelly, Perrine, and 15 other guys that can't stay on the field. Hell, our two best offensive weapons, Davis and Thompson, no other team in the league even signed when they were available. We have a running game that put up 1269 yards and 6 TDs. Tom Brady would look like Kirk Cousins without his annual 1800-2100 rushing yards and 19 rushing tds and 2 or 3 clutch receivers. Hell, Gronk misses 1 game and they lose it almost every time it happens. http://www.weei.com/blogs/ryan-hannable/patriots-offense-missed-rob-gronkowski-badly-vs-dolphins 0-11 on 3rd down. Receivers couldn't get open without Gronk? But they have Cooks, a guy that they traded a first rounder for. Oh, and Brady tossed up 2 dumb ass picks. Gruden and Allen both actually believe that the Redskins will not miss a beat with McCoy at QB? I really want to see this next year because it's going to be hilarious. Just because the Eagles have built a team that can still win playoff games without their franchise QB does not mean that the Redskins can still win anything at all without theirs. Because the team and coaches suck, just look at the end of halves for evidence of the hilariously bad coaching. I really hope that Cousins signs with Jax. I always thought that the Redskins should have grabbed up Coughlin but then they pulled Gibbs out of retirement instead which looked like the smart move at the time, but Coughlin was available again 2 years ago, same with Wade Phillips who has been available repeatedly while we're going with bums like Haslett and Berry and Gruden and Allen signing off on all of this buffoonery. It's kinda hilarious. It's never ever going to stop being a dumpster fire, which apparently many Redskins fans have grown to have a particular fondness for. They reminisce of the days of Spurrier announcing to the world that Danny Weurfel and Trung Candidate are core guys on his Redskins football team. I won't begrudge them that and when Cousins is gone you can try to convince yourself that Alex Smith or Bortles or Dalton or Bradford or even McCoy or some mythical Snyder draft wonder Qb is going to be enough but no franchise QB will be enough. This team is no better than 8-8 or 7-9 or 9-7 with Tom Brady and in the very unlikely occurrence of a 0 injury year they might just compete but that'll never ever ever happen. This team exisits only to make you scratch your head and laugh out loud at the dumb **** that they do to themselves so I'll be doing that. Like a wise man once said years ago on ES, "they should play Benny Hill music in the background while showing Redskins games"
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    Mark Schlereth weighing in... “He completes 65 percent of his passes every year. Four thousand yards. He doubles his touchdowns to interceptions [ratio]. He’s smart, he’s prepared, he’s a great team leader. Why then? Why with Kirk Cousins? “Well, because he doesn’t quite have elite level athleticism and arm talent. It’s not quite elite and maybe there’s something better. Well, good luck.” Prettt much echoes my thoughts.
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    I've made a similar point before. The only thing for me as for the two drills, the draft I think is more essential because of you do it right, you get young-cheap talent. You can't build IMO with FA as your primary tool. But its a great complement if you use it wisely. So I do like both. And the other thing is use FA to buy some big talent in the mix. Quality beats quality. If you are overpaying for other teams JAGs like Bruton, A. Roberts, K. Reyes -- I am not in love with FA. But if you are adding a very good player, that's a different game. People bring up Haynesworth but that's on scouting -- it wasn't exactly a big secret what type of dude he was before the signing. And you are going to get FA signings wrong just like you will with the draft but its nothing to panic about. Bruce has been here almost 10 years now. Zimmer for example went to the Vikings and turned around a bad defense within one season. We saw how the Rams turned around a bad offense within one season. The defense and special teams has been mostly bad during that whole Bruce era. Running game has tanked since Shanny left. Only thing that's been above average was the passing game when they've had good QB play for 4 of those seasons. They've failed on QB in every major way you can. Going for the retread - Beck/Rex. Trading picks for a veteran on the downside of his career - McNabb. Trading the moon for a guy in the draft -- RG3. And the kicker is they can't even figure out how to judge their in house QB so at best they lose millions they could have saved and keep him and at worst he just walks out the door for just about nothing. Just because the dude doesn't overspend on FA, doesn't mean he's been hot at FA. He's been as hit and miss as Vinny or anyone else. Only difference is his misses aren't as devastating to the team economically as Vinny's mistakes. But as for getting signings right -- mediocre. During Bruce's tenure, we've tried the JAG at QB and lets build the rest of the roster drill. 2010 version of the Redskins. And 2011. In 2012, we had good QB play and surprise, surprise they won the division. 2013 back to the formula some people here love -- a cheap JAG play at QB. We were terrible. Ditto 2014. And the teams were really really bad in the years we are talking about. Kirk became the guy in 2015 and all of a sudden the team wasn't bad. But the rest of the units were still mostly bad. That's what some are shouting about hey lets see what these guys can do AGAIN with a JAG at QB. It's not like in all of the other Dan years they were saying to themselves we don't have a QB -- but we really don't want to have a good defense either. Where now Bruce is going look, look, look lets do this elite defense thing. Anyone who wants an elite defense, just makes it happen. Simple and boom. We just didn't realize we wanted an elite defense back when we had Jags at QB. But now we do. Doug lets go get Redskins One rolling and lets go get ourselves an elite defense! Sarcasm isn't directed at you. I am just saying this model in essence going back to old school Dan Snyder. But somehow counting on Bruce being the game changer-difference this time -- I really really doubt it. Bruce has been here for a big chunk of the QB failures.
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    Over the next 3 years we are spending over $25M per year on Norman/Reed combined. If we had a playoff game tomorrow are we more likely to win with Norman/Reed playing and Colt at QB or are we better off with Cousins at QB and Norman/Reed out? That's a rhetorical question, which I have to mention because the anti-Kirk takes are approaching satire. Blake Bortles sucks, guys. Are there going to be any anti-Kirk posts that actually get specific? Anything beyond arbitrary feelings like "I feel like this will destroy our cap" without actually proving it?
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    Looking at the final 4, one could make the argument that a smart team might decide that two very big inefficiencies exist in the NFL economy right now 1. The market for QBs is overvalued... NFL teams are paying too much. 3 of the 4 teams in the final have average to below average qbs. 2. Running games, defense, and free agency in general are undervalued. Teams are too heavily focused on QBs, WRs, pass catching TEs A dynamic front office might look at that and spend a fortune in free agency and draft as many players who are not QBs or WRs as humanly possible. Field a team that can run the ball efficiently against anyone and field a defense that can keep opposing offenses to less than 15 points per game. So maybe dont sign Kirk, and spend 60 million in free agency on defense, rb, and more oline. Draft similarly. Let colt be the qb But, that wont happen. Whatever decision the redskins make, it will be the wrong one. Guaranteed since 1995
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    Will Fox News have to close during the government shutdown? Presumably not as they would be considered an essential government service?
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    So.... President alone in Oval Office with Russian official and Russian TV crew.. OK. President alone with Democrat... reason for concern. Anyone else still wonder? ~Bang
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    If bradford was worth a first and a fourth, what is kirk worth? 2 firsts? More? Hell, we trade 3 firsts for bambi
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    I know there are clearly still some bent feelings about Robert - from both sides - but seriously we need to move on. If we can't move on let's at least not revise history. That Oline was total ****. It was just as ****ty when Kirk played and he did not transform them into gold when he came in. The difference is Kirk threw interceptions and Robert held the ball too long and got sacked. Kirk was an interception machine. He combated the poor line play by getting rid of the ball, which is fine but you have to know when to throw into tight windows and when to just throw it away. He still struggles throwing it away sometimes but is getting better. He is starting to take a few more sacks but that has reduced his Ints so I am happy with that. There were less times each year where I was yelling at the screen - Get rid of the ****ing ball!!!! Thehe idea that Kirk cannot throw a long ball is just plain false. He led the league in 2016 for both air yards thrown and air yards per att. He has been in the top for both of those categories every year. It's just we live and die by every throw so we remember every missed opportunity. This past year he had two new guys - one that turned into a bust as he had iron hands and one still learning and while he made some great plays also dropped some key passes. Yet he still put up more than respectable numbers and we were still in the PO hunt well into the second half of the season - despite all the changes and injuries. As for Robert, he was not looking for TDs, he didn't know where to look and was mostly confused. He came from a one read system. Once they gave him progressions he struggled mightily. As for long balls, Robert had a stronger arm but was not as accurate. The other difference between him and Kirk is that Kirk continued to get better. He self scouted and continues to work on his craft and each year you can see improvements. Something Robert just would never do. It was always the people around him that had to get better. That's why he is unemployed right now and Kirk will be getting at least a top 5 salary either here or elsewhere. Back to the "winning record" BS. Here are both records as starters. You can't just isolate when both were here as one was the named starter getting all the reps the other was a back-up.: Robert 2012 - started in 15 games - 9-6. 2013 - Started 13 games - 3-10 2014 - Started 7 games - 2-5 Kirk 2012 - 1-0 2013 - 0-3 2014 - 0-5 At this point, there was no indication he would turn into a quality starter. So anyone thinking he was not the answer was justified. However, it's a good thing we had Jay Gruden and Scot M. 2015 - 9-7 2016 - 8-7-1 2017 - 7-9 So as the named starter: Robert - 35 starts - 14-21 - winning % - 40% Kirk - 48 starts - 24-23-1 winning % - 51% - Even if you and his spot starting, including the throwing to the wolves end of 2013 bull**** - it's still 25-31-1. winning % - 45% As for the sacked question - Robert 35 games - 101 sacks or 2.89/gm Kirk - As a back-up (2012-2014) 9 games - 16 sacks or 1.78/gm - As the named starter (2015-2017) 48 gms - 106 sacks or 2.2/gm. - Overall - 57 gms - 122 sacks or 2.14/gm. So as I said, early on he was throwing ints instead of getting sacked. Since then he has self scouted and is taking a few more sacks but not as many ints. It should also be noted that until this year when the Oline played more than 22 different combinations due to injury, Kirk's sack rate was 41 gms - 81 sacks or 1.97/gm. No matter how you slice it Robert took more sacks because quite frankly he either held the ball too long out of confusion (mostly earlier in his career) or pulled it and ran too early (more later on). Not even wasting my time with the team with a winning record bull****. For both guys, it's still a team game. Both Kirk and Robert were let down by their defenses. Again, this is not to take either side but to quite frankly say that both of the arguments above have real problems with accuracy. Just get's really old coming in here to read about Kirk and you get the extreme sides continuing to recycle dead comparisons between Kirk and a guy who has been gone for 3 years now, and I mean that from both sides of this argument!! They are two different guys playing with completely different players for the most part and a different coaching staff. Let it go! OK rant over. It will not likely change anything. But it made me feel better. So anyone who got this far - good on you. I would have probably given up after the first few sentences. Ultimately, as I have made clear for a very long time, I would like to see Kirk with more support around him and they need to offer him a true market deal, not these low ball garbage deals. He is not an elite QB - at least not yet. But he is very good. And despite some people really just not understanding (or choosing to ignore) the QB market, really good gets paid elite when it comes contract time. It's just a fact in the NFL. You can not like it. You can think it's unfair. You can even hate the player and assume they are greedy. But none of that will change the fact that to get even good QB play you will need to pay for it unless you are lucky enough to draft one and not be stupid enough to do what Bruce has done. Thank you Bruce Allen for this complete mess! May your penguin die in your bath tub! Kudos to anyone who reads this far AND gets the reference!
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    A Minneapolis Catholic Church posted this yesterday:
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    What price? Out of curiosity, with Ryan a FA next year, should the Falcons move on if he wants Carr/Stafford money (or more)? What about Russell Wilson in 2020 and Newton the following year? That's the bothersome thing about this - we don't know how much money Kirk expects or if he wants (the FO) over the barrel because of their treatment of him, we don't know if we can reduce the AAV with more guaranteed money, we don't even really know what the market actually is since the last two big deals were extensions, not straight FA. Heck, we don't even know if Kirk wants to be here. It's just such a weird situation and I totally get the inherent frustration. I, like most on here that would like Kirk re-signed, just think 1) he's better than we've had in ages, 2) is still improving his game, 3) has flashed elite level of play, 4) hasn't gotten much support in the way of a ground game or defense, and most importantly, 5) I'm nervous of going back to the potential qb carousel. I see a defense on the rise, a good group of coaches in place, and the possibility that changing out/adding 1-3 players could see our run game take a big step forward. I saw a team with some fight to them, some grit, and I think some continuity could see us take that next step forward. People keep pointing out that Brees lead his team to three straight mediocre years before a defense and run game could help him take them to that next level. I would just like to see us try that before making a change at the most important position. If we struggle building a team because we're paying our qb, so be it... we'll be mediocre (i.e. better and more consistently competitive than we've been since the glory days) for a few more years. Of course, if salaries and the cap continue to climb, and guys Brady, Brees and Roethlisberger retire, Kirk's deal might not look so bad at that point. Who knows.
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    Let Kirk walk...and re-sign RG3. I'm sure he would sign on the cheap and that would leave plenty of cap room to put weapons around him. He is still young and he can throw really really far.
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    Id be more in favor of taking a Josh Allen type in the draft and letting colt have the team in the 2018 season. I think what we see is that qbs really need to sit a year and learn... But that said, Keenum is a good qb and the over the top hate he gets on es is laughable
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    I provided data that showed your analogy was false. In the last 3 years Kirk's comp % is more that 8 pts higher, he has 1100 more yards, is averaging almost a full yd per attempt more, his QBR is 8.7 pts higher and his TD to Int ratio is 34% higher! Those are not marginal no matter how you try to spin it. So you can just blow it off but the data is there and speaks for itself.
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    He gets my vote! He is a winner in the playoffs! Cousins cant win the tough games. Bortles is money! /ImA****ingDumbassSkinsFan
  28. 8 points
    A game in which Bortles is clearly better than Cousins because they've put up 35 on the Steelers. The dude is a juggernaut. 11-23 150 0tds. The Jags have 4 rushing TDs and a Roethlisberger fumble returned for a Td. It is now undisputable. Bortles is ELITE!
  29. 8 points
    to me it's simply a matter of manners, and what we'd call "home training". if you have had the benefit of parents who bothered to teach them to you, you know why the President's word is so appalling. If you think what he said was OK, your parents failed. ~Bang
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    Since I am at least one of the people who said that it's just your opinion as you were stating those opinions as fact, even though you did not respond directly, I will respond. You have clearly missed (or ignored) all the times he has actually said he wants to be here - he didn't come short of it, he actually said the words - I want to be in Washington and build something. But he wants to get paid. And please, let's not go down the - What else is he supposed to say? path. He doesn't have to say anything. Yet, he has been at times effusive in his desire to build something here. As far as reading tea leaves - my own speculation is that based on those comments he likes everything about this organization except Bruce Allen. Kirk has had something very nice to say about every other person in the building but Bruce. You know he and his teammates like each other. He and Jay really get along well, despite some local media trying to paint a different picture and some fans going with it. He even said that Dan Snyder has been great to him. I have to admit I was a bit surprised but he said that recently. But noticeably missing is anything positive about Bruce. And Bruce's stupid blame Kirk press release did not help things. In the end that will either cost the Redskins Kirk himself or money. It's all on Bruce right now. Can he swallow that massive ****ing ego and offer a fair market deal? I really believe he could salvage this thing with a reasonable offer. I don't see it but stranger things have happened. I will add that if he gives Kirk a reasonable offer and Kirk turns it down, then that would be a sign you are probably right in your assessment of him wanting out period. But even then I would still see it as a Bruce thing, not a he hates the entire organization thing. But that's just my take on it. I do not claim to know any more than you or anyone else. Not addressing Lamar Jackson - nothing against your comment at all and honestly understand and mostly agree with your assessment - although people being fearful of a QB with his skill set is justifiable. But I get what you are saying. For me, if they let Kirk go they will pick someone and they will either be good or bad and we can have all sorts of new arguments. I just prefer we not have to find out. If we do, I will process that for myself at that time. For those asking why nothing is happening right now - even if they have reached an agreement with Kirk, it's highly unlikely they announce it before the Super Bowl. I think the CAP fine showed Danny boy he has to work with the other owners. There is a kind of unwritten rule that teams do not make big player announcements during the Playoffs. You can't help the coaching changes but player announcements like this one that will dominate the NFL news cycle is considered verboten. I am in no way saying I think they are doing the right thing as recent FO history shows that is unlikely. But if somehow they have finally gotten their heads out of their asses, I really believe the earliest we would hear anything would be after the SB.
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    you can't be serious...lol what makes you think the idiots in the FO can build a winning team? i just don't get the thinking of some of you..why get rid of a QB that is capable of winning you games if you get him some weapons and a defense? Do you realize if he leaves that is another huge hole this team has to fill? Instead of wasting a 1st round pick on a QB and take a step backwards,just keep the QB that you got and use that 1st round pick on another player that makes your team better now..
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    I'll go on record that I want absolutely nothing to do with Baker Mayfield. Hopefully another team will save the Redskins from themselves and select him before they can, or god forbid they trade up to secure his services. It would be so Redskins.
  33. 7 points
    Sounds like Carl Higbie and Mick Mulvaney need to be spanked with a rolled up Forbes Magazine.
  34. 7 points
    There is no answer to this. No polite one, at least. (For instance, `there are a lot of really stoopid redskin fans` is a correct answer) Cousins is the only shot that this clown show has at any kind of winner. Otherwise its wait until snyder sells or croaks.
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    I have finished watching tape on the OL in this draft. As always my rankings are based solely on game tape. No off field issues are taken into account. Obviously some of these guys will transition to other positions along the line in the NFL. So I wanted to get my top 15 OL players listed here. Here are my top 5 C, T and G in this draft. WR's and TE's are next. I should have those rankings out this weekend as I watched a lot of those guys while doing QB tape and only need to review film on a few of them. Tackles: 1) Orlando Brown, Oklahoma: I have read a lot about teams thinking Brown should transition to guard in the NFL. But I dont see it. I see a man with incredible strength and size. He is dominant in the running game and pancakes people consistently. His incredible strength allows him to rag doll pass rushers. He does struggle slightly with speed rushers. But he has decent athleticism for his size and is a very consistent player. (Top 15 Pick) 2) Mike McGlinchey, Notre Dame: McGlinchey has great size as well. 6'7 310. And he may be a little bit more athletic than Brown. But he struggles with assignments at times and misses more often. He didnt show very well against the best talent in College either. He had a poor game against Georgia for example. He also has a tendency to commit false starts. He shows great power at the point of attack in the running game though. I think he may have more upside than Brown. But he needs to get his head in the game sometimes. (round 1/2) 3) Isaah Wynn, Georgia: Lacks ideal size. Only 6'3. But Wynn is a mauler. He has that nasty streak you want out of an OL. And he may be the best run blocker at the position in this draft. May transition to G in the NFL. (round 2/3) 4) Kolton Miller, UCLA: Ideal size and length. Played well protecting Josh Rosen this year. Struggles with speed rushers at times. Has limited power at the point of attack. But does have upside. Right tackle possibly in the NFL? (Round 3/4) 5) Martinas Rankin, Mississippi State: Good size and athleticism. I see a player that struggles with the bull rush and lacks ideal power. Will need to gain strength at the next level. But has the ideal frame to mold into a quality starter. (Round 4/5) Center: 1) Billy Price, Ohio State: Great size, strength and smarts. Good but not elite athleticism. Price played well against the best DT's in the league. And did it consistently. He may be the best overall lineman in this draft. (Round 1) 2) Bradley Bozeman, Alabama: Huge for center. Powerful run blocker and vicious at the point of attack. Has good athleticism and is smart. (Round 2) 3) Will Clapp, LSU: Consistent run blocker. Struggles with power rushes on occasion against the best DT talent. Overall a good prospect and should end up a starter at the next level (Round 3/4) 4) Austin Golson, Auburn: Shows inconsistency at times against the better DT talent. Has good size and athleticism. Possible starter in the NFL (Round 4/5) 5) Mason Cole, Michigan: Good size and athleticsm. Lacks ideal strength at the point of attack. Decent pass blocking skills. (Round 4/5) Guard: 1) Quenton Nelson, Notre Dame: Vicious power in the run game. Excellent pass blocker as well. Great size and strength. Overall Nelson is possibly the best OL in this draft class. (Round 1) 2) Braden Smith, Auburn: Great size, strength and athleticism. Performed well against the best players in College. Good all around game. Can run and pass block consistently (Round 2) 3) Will Hernandez, UTEP: Lacks ideal size. But has tremendous strength and run blocking ability. Struggles with speed rushers from the inside on occasion. Starting caliber guard in the NFL though. (Round 2/3) 4) Sean Welsh, Iowa: You cant have a nfl prospect list without at least one guy from Iowa right? Good size, strength and athleticism. Struggles with power rushers on occasion. (Round 3/4) 5) Ross Pierschbacher, Alabama: Excellent run blocker. Has god speed and athleticism. Needs to strengthen up same at the next level. Could really use another at school IMO. But will be drafted in the middle rounds because of the lack of OL talent in this draft. (Round 3/4)
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    Getting back to the original topic, I wouldn't fight Blake Griffin if I were an NBA player. I know he's home-schooled and ginger. But his eyes are too close together. I won't fight a man whose eyes are too close together because it just seems like a man like that can take a tremendous beating.
  38. 7 points
    I tell yall about the time I saw Keef Morris in the gym last year? Saw him coming down the hallway and almost ran the other direction. Didnt know what the hell I was looking at lol. I would never fight a man that size. Ever. He could punch my mom and I would be like "Mom there has to be another solution here"
  39. 7 points
    Bortles is a career 59% passer and has notoriously accumulated a lot of stats in garbage time when the defense is giving you safe throws. Allen Robinson in training camp this year: "keep that **** in bounds, bro." An actual quote. This thread is the only place in the world where "Blake Bortles is an inaccurate QB" is controversial.
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    yes, it's very frustrating to see what this thread has become i think people also forget that a team like the Vikings can have a fairly large cap hit built into their team from a useless player in Sam Bradford, but can still somehow manage to field a defense and pay the light bill too
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    This has been covered ad nauseum, and those that continue to harp on it are either trolling or incapabile of understanding how the business side of the NFL works. Look at it like going to the movies. Several years ago, you could go to a premier theater for around $7 a ticket. Now, the price is more like $11 per ticket, depending on the market you live in. Sure, you can go to the cheap theater on the other side of town and still only pay $7, but there is no surround sound, the projector is dim, and the seats may or may not have lice and other fun friends for you to take home from the crowd that attends the Thursday night Adult Shows. So, the market is around $11. You can **** and moan and say it isn't fair/too expensive, but the fact is that if you want a good to great movie experience in a theater, you are paying that amount. It doesn't matter how ****ty the movie is either; that's the rate. So, harping on the salary KC will get compared to other QB's is senseless. Most of the other top QB's signed the highest or second highest deals when they got their LTD (which was back when the price for the movie ticket was 7 or 8 dollars). If you want to pay someone in the price range that those players signed in today, you are going to be looking at a much lesser experience (the cheap theater). When some of those other QB's resign to new deals, they will beat KC's price. It is how the market works. And, if McCoy plays next year because KC is gone, and he has any sort of success, you can bet that he will be looking for a market value contract the next year. The fact is, no matter who plays QB, if they are worth a damn, they are going to end up looking for a market deal which will be even more than what KC is looking at this year. Like it or not. **** all you want. But it is what it is, and the Redskins are 100% at fault for putting themselves in the situation to have to work on a deal in this current market.
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    The always entertaining Paul Allen.
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    As usual the better QB won the game today.
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    Bottles is my favorite auto correct name since Joe Flaccid
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    Agree with this sentiment. Like, I’m coaching a select travel youth flag football team right now and I have tried, for months, to get the parents to stop coaching and stay off the sidelines. Every time we go out, as soon as we start it’s like “ok, time for us to go right onto the sidelines and start telling the kids what to do again.” So last weekend we’re at the National Championship... same thing. After we have taken a penalty for a parent sending a kid onto the field after we’d taken him off, me yelling at them for telling a kid to stay short when he’s supposed to be covering deep, the tournament directors coming by and shooing them off the sidelines, and then them yelling at one of the players to come off the sideline and telling him to line up on the left when he’s supposed to line up on the right, I finally blew a gasket. So someone comes up to me after and says, “you should try talking to them cause you sound like a jerk...” So basically, the republicans have proven for a decade now that they are immoral, unprincipled liars who have no intention of governing in the best interests of the country and it’s citizens. Democrats finally grow some nuts and now suddenly they’re the bad guys? Hell with that.
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    Adam Schiff was able to get Donald Trump to testify under oath as to whether he called Africa and Haiti ****hole countries. And I got the transcript: Schiff: Mr Trump, did you say "****hole countries"? Chairman Nunes: You don't have to answer that question. Trump: I'll answer the question. You want answers? Schiff: I think I'm entitled. Trump: You want answers? Schiff: I WANT THE TRUTH! Trump: I CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH! I don't even know what "Truth" is! [Pauses] Son, we live in a world that has walls, OK? Big beautiful walls. And those walls have to be paid for. I have a greater responsibility than you could possibly fathom. Lots of moving parts every day. Bing, bing bing bing boom. Huge responsibility. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know, which is that Mexico is not going to pay for that wall. Mexico is a "no", okay? That ****hole. So someone has to keep the bad hombres out. Who's gonna do it? You Mr. Schiff? The Dems? My existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves white lives, and is great for ratings. I beat Hillary badly. Huge victory. I won the popular vote if you don't count the brown people. And I am, like, a genius at building. Many people are saying that. So it's up to me. No wall, and the brown people come in. OK? I am trying to make America white... I mean, great again. So I have neither the time nor the inclination to, like, explain myself to you. I would rather you just say "Make America Great Again" and be on your way. Either way, I don't give a DAMN what you think you are entitled to. Schiff: Did you say "****hole"? Trump: I'm keeping the brown people out. Schiff: Did you say "****hole"? Trump: YOU'RE GODDAM RIGHT I DID!
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