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    Yeah ok. Pay $200 for a couple tickets, $50 for parking, $50 in beers and food in the stadium, spend an entire day in Raljon MD. For this suck? **** outta here. The only redeeming thing is the tailgate.
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    If you cheer louder the team will be better
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    Thoughts on the game: 1. Ultra conservative. Looked like they had been reading the paper this week about how dominant they were in ARI. Figured the Colts for easy, and got manhandled up front on both sides of the ball. Played to not make mistakes rather than to make plays. (Edit: reading DJ Swearinger comments, he said they probably paid too much attention to media praise this week.) 2. Manhandled up front on both sides of the ball. it is not often that our offensive line gets ripped like that. but shredded they were. and i think it is because... 3. The snap count is unbelievably predictable. This cannot be overstated. The Colts knew it and tee'd off on it. "Rhino Rhino Ready go" isn't making anyone wonder. Their DL was moving forward before our guys were out of their stances. Proof: we got two hard counts that easily drew them offsides. The second one .. Trent false started.. So if the snap count is SO unchanging that an obvious attempt at a hard count caused Mr. all world LT to jump... it's the SNAP COUNT. seems to me we had this problem with Kirk as well, so I will now look at JAY. Change the snap count. Change the cadences. The Colts were jumping so fast that we probably could have hard counted 6 or 7 offsides out of them before they backed off. 4. Everyone is going to be screaming to sign a wide receiver again. So our entire WR crew underperformed again and could not get separation again. Last year our entire WR corps underperformed and could not get separation. I have to look hard at WR coach Ike Hilliard. When all of our receivers show the same problem,,, and then we change them out and the new batch shows the same problem.... sign all the WRs you want. If they are taught bad habits they play badly, and for 2 years they have played badly and have exhibited bad habits... you have to look over their heads. 5. Josh Doctson plays weak. Not just yesterday. Just in general. The boy is weak. Smith's first long pass to him went right through his fingertips, and a LITTLE effort to extend probably results in a catch. (Feet down, well maybe not,, but ball in hand is the first priority, and he made a very weak attempt at it.) 6. The Defense tightened up after getting gashed early. but had NO answer for the little crossing routes and rub routes. Thoroughly confused them all game long, and it was pretty much ALL the Colts did in the passing game. Their last TD was a prime example.. they left TY Hilton alone and 3 of them followed the 'rub' guy to the outside.. Hilton just waltzed across the line with no one covering him at all. 7. Credit to the Colts,, even if the Redskins did complete a pass,, no matter what they did, the Colts defense flowed to the ball and gang tackled fast. rarely did you see fewer than 5 or 6 Colts around the tackle. YAC was non-existent. 8. But you take a defense that is teeing off on a snap count, crashing SO hard on the line of scrimmage, moving so fast to the ball, there are ways to exploit that with misdirections, nd other tactics,, and we didn't do anything. we stuck to the same old gameplan throughout, and never adjusted to what they were doing. (and as i said above,, when a hard count causes a false start.. you aren't changing anything up to meet the defense.) They better tighten up. ~Bang
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    In the mid-nineties, GM Rich McKay put together the most talented defensive roster in the NFL in Tampa Bay. The team's Achilles heel was the lack of a competent QB to manage the offense. Failure to reach a Superbowl convinced the Glasers to pressure McKay into firing Tony Dungy and hiring an offensive minded coach. Jon Gruden came in, replaced Shaun King with Brad Johnson, and a year later became the youngest coach to win a Superbowl. Convinced of his own genius, Gruden demanded full control over personnel and pushed McKay out in order to bring in his favorite lackey from his time in Oakland - Bruce Allen. Over the hill Johnsons went to Dallas. Drafts went horribly wrong - Gaines Adams at # 4? Within a few short years, the roster was garbage and the team floundering. Gruden got fired, along with Allen and his merry men. Gruden found life on MNF, whilst Allen was left on the street, unwanted by anyone. In the meantime McKay, the guy Gruden pushed out, turned the Falcons into a playoff contender. Fast forward to 2009... Embarrassed by the Zorn debacle, Snyder ran off in a drunken stupor to Mike Shanahan, a guy who had won one playoff game in the last ten years and was barely over .500 following the retirement of Elway. Like Gruden in Tampa, Shanahan was convinced of his own genius and demanded full control over personnel. Like Gruden, he wanted a lackey to do his bidding and convinced Snyder to scrape Allen out of the bottom of a dumpster. The results were predictably dismal, but, thanks to his family name, Allen survived Lobsternado. Not only is Allen void of any personnel evaluation skills, he is also incapable of discerning front office or coaching talent. Perhaps the only accurate assessment he has determined is that Snyder is so preoccupied with accusations of meddling that he will allow Allen to do as he pleases. Thus empowered, Allen has used the Redskins as a means to distribute the spoils of conquest amongst the fellow failures of his tepid Tampa tenure. Not genius, not qualifications, nor even competence are prerequisites; familiarity supersedes all. Gruden, Haslett, Barry, and, forgive me, Doug Williams. Membership has its privileges. Two considerable talents have appeared during this period. The first, Sean McVay, left for greener pastures in LA, where I expect him to soon surpass Jon Gruden as the youngest coach to win a SB. The other is Kyle Smith. If this draft class pans out, he will likely be lured elsewhere with a promotion to GM. If the Redskins fail to make the playoffs this year, there must be a complete purge of the Tampa refuse. Only Kyle Smith, Bill Callahan, and perhaps someone amongst Gray, Tomsula and Manusky should remain. A new team President should be hired, but better that it be someone with no connection to the Skins' glory years, lest Snyder become too enamored with a past and thus blindsided. The Niners hiring Lynch might be a good template. That president should then either promote Kyle Smith, or hire a new GM. The GM should subsequently hire the next coach, thus establishing a hierarchy and eliminating our dysfunctional system of no-one held directly accountable for personnel. Unfortunately, this is a pipe dream. Empty seats and mediocre records might get Allen fired, but the Dan is more than likely to revert to his familiar failed pattern of hiring a big name coach (Harbaugh, or more likely Cowher) and handing over to him complete control over personnel.
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    If dude was trying to help, he'd have brought BBQ.
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    I wonder if it is obvious yet that NONE of us can do anything about hiring and firing so WARNING us is pretty stupid. I mean, unless trolling was the goal, which i believe. Because why else show up right after the game to say "hey, your guys sucks"? Worry about yourself. Try not to have another major meltdown like last year, and before you go caterwauling about smith, best check Andy Reid's success record when it isn't the regular season. You can warn us about Smith, but it's clear you haven't figured out that guy yet. Now click your red slippers and get the **** back to Kansas, Dorothy. ~Bang
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    Don't set your beers down if this guy is near you!
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    Hello all, I come from a Chiefs message board. Today is the first day that I have ever visited this board and I do not come to this site to troll, only to warn you all. When Alex Smith was traded to the Chiefs there was an influx of new posters, people who were 49er's fans and for some reason decided they were going to follow a completely mediocre QB to his new team. During his time with the 49er's Alex Smith played 7 seasons and 80 games in those 7 seasons. When you take his numbers and avg them out this is what his season looked like; Yds - 2040 Tds- 12 Ints- 10 Comp %- 59% Sacks - 28 I guess I was wrong by calling him mediocre, because he was actually terrible. So, why does a QB who was pretty well awful have such a following? I am not sure and I cannot give you an answer. I'm sure you all noticed an influx of ASS11 (nickname given by Chiefs fans) fans. We call fans of the ASS11 Alexsexuals, due to their undying love of their now mediocre QB. The one that caught my eye when looking at this site is Sandy Monk, he claims to be a Redskins fan since 1980, but that is just not the case. Sandy came to this site less than 2 weeks after ASS11 was traded to the Redskins. He also joined the Chiefs board Chiefsplanet shortly after ASS11 was traded to the Chiefs. He started on the Chiefsplanet as Sandy Cheeks, but his name was later changed to Sandy Vagina. Sandy is a disease and is the ultimate white knight for ASS11. One thing you will notice will Alexsexuals is that they are full of excuses. In the eyes of an Alexsexual nothing is his fault. The excuses were endless; his WR cant catch very well, he needs a better O-line because he is sacked too much and has too many balls batted down, needs more time in Reid's offense to fully comprehend it because of it's complexity, the defense isn't good enough to win a playoff game, Andy Reid was holding him back, the WRs needed to get more seperation. I could keep writing, but I'm sure you see the point. As you will see over the course of the season or if you look at Sandy's post history (I have not looked at it yet, so I'm only giving an educated guess) but I'm sure he has posted numerous excuses already. Some people that were Alexsexuals surprisingly believed the excuses (even people in the media) and thought if everything fell into line that ASS11 would lead us to the promise land. Well, that didnt happen, as some of you may know Alex won 1 playoff game in his entire time with KC and to no one's surprise the Alexsexuals blamed everyone but ASS11. Thankfully the Chiefs did something they didn't have the testicular fortitude to do since 1983 and that is draft a 1st round QB. Now that Patrick Mahomes has taken over it has caused a mass exodus of the Alexsexuals, but a few have stayed behind to become trolls and Sandy is one of them. Another thing that has happened since the Messiah has taken over for ASS11 and that is all of the excuses that we were constantly fed were shown to be complete crap. Mr. Mahomes has pretty much the same supporting cast as Alex and no excuses need to be made. His WRs don't drop balls, he has only taken 2 sacks so far this year (Alex was the queen of running from faux pressure and running into a sack), I believe he has only had one ball batted down, he seems to have a better understanding of the playbook than Alex ever did, and Andy Reid has no problem letting Patrick throw it down the field (something Alex was terrified to do). So, I come here to thank you all for taking him off of our hands and for giving us a really awesome corner and a draft pick. But I also come to say that I am sorry that your board is infested with Alexsexuals and you got rid of a QB that was better than what you traded for. Alex will never have the type of year that Cousins had for you guys. He's only surpassed 3500 yards one time in his career (well I guess two times 3502 yards one year) and that was when he was surrounded with a top 2 tight end, the rushing title winner, and what I consider the best WR in the game. I would urge you all to try to rid this place of the alex lovers. P.S. - Sandy is obsessed with how much Alex makes P.S.S - The game Alex had today is going to be a very common thing, so might as well brace yourselves for it. Good Day!
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    The Redskins totally deserved the lack of home crowd they got today. They earned the absent seats. You want to fill the stands at least have the team come to play.
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    Just taking a random day of Cousins' career - today. Cousins went 35/48 for 425 yards (8.9 y/a), 4 TDs, 1 INT, and 2 sacks (9.6 AY/A). His team tied because his kicker missed 3 FGs, including a 35 yard chip shot that would have sealed the comeback win. Alex Smith is 1-8 when throwing 45+ passes in a game, has never thrown for more than 400 yards, has just 3 games where he's thrown 4+ TDs, and has just 3 games in his career where he's attempted 35+ passes and achieved 9+ AY/A efficiency. In contrast, despite a much shorter career, this is already Cousins' 4th time over 400 yards, 4th time of 4+ TDs, and 6th time throwing for 9+ AY/A on 35+ attempts (essentially his 7th - he has one game of 8.97 on 36 attempts). If Smith had the game that Cousins did today, it would have been the second or third best performance of his career. For Cousins, this game will soon be forgotten. Cousins and Smith are polar opposites - I am tired of them being thrown in the same category. Cousins is an elite pocket QB who has had the misfortune of playing for the Redskins for most of his career, dampening his overall career W/L. Smith is a journeyman QB who has had the privilege of playing with stacked teams for most of his career, but who unfortunately now has to face the reality that he's with the Redskins. Unfortunately for him, he has enough talent at the skill positions (top 3 TE, upper tier receiver at RB, top tier #2 TE, top tier slot WR) where there really shouldn't be any excuse to not put up numbers on offense. The real weakness of this team is the defense and run game, both of which have little to do with QB.
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    Impeach snyder, move the team, open up a microbrew, ES becomes a porn site.
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    I just got tix for Section 12 ROW 1!! Thats very front row in the endzone. (think" Lambeau leap "seats) I should be up close and personal on every scoring play. Could not sleep a wink last night and have a 3.5 hr drive to the game. Taking a buddy and his 2 year old daughter, so I'll probably have to skip the tailgate. I'm so stoked that I've been an insomniac, but not by choice. Let's get this thing started!
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    25 years of ****... and we are discussing whether it is appropriate to boo.
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    If you expect me to cheer when you do well, deal with me booing when you suck. If I mess up at work, I hear about it.
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    Impressionist piece I did over the weekend when not suffering from the game.
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    So, you came here for the sole purpose of warning us about this awful mean guy sandy who you don't like on your site. Hmm, I call bull****. Let's set this straight on why you are really here and where this is going: 1. You do not give a **** about sandy. You came here specifically to crow about Mahomes so you could somehow make yourself feel superior. I know this because you have brought nothing here that adds to what this fan base already knows about Alex Smith. So please, don't do us any favors. We are actually capable of doing our own research and have. 2. Your obsession with someone on the other side of a keyboard is just a little bit sick to be honest. Not sure what you expect to get out of that. Getting them banned? We have a well moderated site here. The mods do a very good job of weeding out meaningful contributions even if a bit heated from people just here to stir up bull**** - your efforts would appear to be firmly located in the later. More importantly, as long as sandy does not break any rules oddly enough they are allowed to have an opinion. So far since the mods have not gotten rid of them (at least as far as I know), they clearly have done something you have not, read the rules and followed them. It's called extreme skins because we relish extreme positions. So they are huge Alex fan. Who cares. Stay within the rules and post what you want. If they do not, the mods are more than willing and capable of taking care of what needs to be taken care of. 3. This is following a progression. About said mods - it's clear you have not bothered to reads te rules. If you had you would know that calling some a name is a direct violation of the rules. The mods at their discretion can and will do anything from ignore you, give you a warning, suspend you, or just be done with it and ban you. My money is on the last since as far as I can tell you have provided zero value added to the conversation and have violated several rules - including but not limited to calling other posters names, using homophobic slurs and even starting a thread that does not conform to the rules. The entire thread is based on the premise of attacking another poster, that again as far as I know has broken no rules, and to crow about a player on a team not called the Redskins (should have been in ATL no the Stadium.). But hey, I am just another poster. Not my call. Up to you what you do with that information. Since I am pretty sure you will not be here long, let's discuss briefly your main purpose of being here - to crow about you having the better QB between Mahomes vs. Alex Smith. You may have a great one there. But the league is littered with guys that had a few decent even great games and falling into nothingness.Once defenses get some film on them and find what they like to do and take that away, that will decide if he is any good. Even with his good start the odds are against him. In the end it is you who may wish you had Alex back. He may not be elite, but he is solid. But ultimately your problem is your head coach. Yes, he may be better than ours, but you are not hear to talk about our team now are you. The fact is Andy Reid is a great coach to get you to the playoffs but cannot get over the hump. So even with his new toy, expect a PO flame out like he has virtually every other time one of his teams have gotten there. As for Alex, he is what he is and we all know/knew that, The hope is the FO can put a good enough team around him to be successful. So far obviously the reviews are mixed. Let's see how they respond.
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    "Is this the best defensive front weve had in years?" God help us
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    Representing from Grand Cayman and took this pic this morning while at the beach before the game. Thought I'd share cause I thought it was kinda cool lol. Hopefully about to catch the game at this bar.
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    Still going 10 reg. season wins this season. May this thread live on for eternity!
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    Turns out the shape of the receiving corp is in fact, turd shaped. But a shape nonetheless.
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    This is what is so maddening about Jay Gruden's teams since he's been here. There is no consistency except for inconsistency. First, toss out 2014 entirely since I don't even know if the reincarnation of Vince Lombardi would have been able to make much of that train wreck. 2015, we had 1 winning streak of 4 games (a wining steak is 2 or more games). That started on December 13th, and we won the final 4 games of the year to make the playoffs at 9-7 2016 we had the best stretch of his coaching tenure here, won 4 games, weeks 3 through 6, then won weeks 10 and 11, before losing 4 of the last 6, coming off of that Green Bay game, which might be the high-water mark for the team in terms of 1 game. 2017: we had one 2 game winning streak during the season before we were eliminated from playoff contention, weeks 2 and 3. On a positive (?) note, we also don't have a lot of losing streaks, it's mostly win 1, lose 1, win 1, lose 2, win 2, lose 1... Evaluation based on the OP: 1. Quick start - Opening game great, but then lose badly in week 2. Put yourself in a tough situation for week 3 at home against a GB team that can score points. 2. Run game - It was good in week 1, terrible in week 2, and I have no idea what they were trying to do with the running game, it was so disjointed. Fail. 3. End of half/game situations - Nowhere near enough urgency at the end of the game. Fail. 4. Don't blow leads - well, you can't blow a lead when you never have one... N/A 5. Be aggressive with leads - clearly not applicable. N/A 6. No duds: Yeah. This was a dud. Fail 7. You are what your record says you are: 1-1. For those of us who have been critical of Gruden for a while, this is exactly the reason why. Good game, bad game. Looks prepared one week, next week looks like they didn't practice. Play calling was atrocious through much of the game, they didn't seem prepared for stunts on the OL. I personally don't think that Jay maximizes the talent he is given, and certainly not consistently so. There are worse HCs in the league, but more and more evidence points to Jay just not being a good enough HC to take a team deep into the playoffs, or win more than a few games in a row. It's still early, but the problems we have seen for 4 years are still problems, minus winning week 1. The Bengals put up 34 points on the Colts in Indy. We mustered 9 at home. Indy isn't terrible, but they're not the mid-2000 Manning Colts. With this roster, this Redskins team, if well coached and prepared, should beat this Colt's team at home. And the fact we came out flat with low energy and a bad game plan lies with Gruden more than anybody. Overall grade: D-.
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    Burgundy on white today... interesting as they have been wearing gold pants at home since 2012 right? been a while...
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