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    Spencer, to my shame, has a degree from my alma mater, the University of Chicago. When the University of Chicago recently released a statement indicating that free speech was its central value, that it would not permit censorship or have "safe spaces" etc., it got a lot of publicity. Spencer immediately wrote the University asking to speak there. The response: "we believe in free speech, but we only invite speakers with something useful to say, who add value to serious and reasoned discourse. You aren't one of them."
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    My politics should be obvious at this point. However, for reasons I can't explain, my favorite political writers are almost always on the Right. I've become a particular fan of Kevin Williamson lately (who is probably more libertarian than Conservative). He's probably the best pure writer working in this field right now. His article today is pretty spectacular. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/450501/white-nationalists-alt-right-vague-grievances-what-do-they-want
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    Meh. I'm retired. For now.....
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    It's been a good run but... We'll be down for short period of time. Hopefully not longer than hour, maybe two. It won't be a major overhaul like the last time. We're upgrading from v4.1.19.4 to v4.2.2 Most of it will be under the hood type stuff that you won't notice, though there will be a few new features. Here's a peek at Reactions, an upgrade to the "Like" button: Reactions offer more fine-grained sentiments towards content than a simple up/down or 'like'. They are now in common usage on social networks, and so users expect to be able to be more nuanced in their response to something they see. Once we're back up, use this thread to post any questions, bugs, glitches, etc that you may have.
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    Yeah. Nothing is changing. All the assholes can resign or be fired. The giant tweeting mcnugget snowflake is the same.
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    I thought he was great. I stand behind everything he said.
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    For those of you who around the world who won't see it, here's a totaled eclipse.
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    Bannon getting tossed on my birthday, whoopie. Thanks for the present, Trump. Now if you could resign that'd be the best gift.
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    Compton is the classic "football player" that should be able to always earn a roster spot, shine in spot duty, help on teams, step up for injuries and be a "true redskin", but he's no starter. As much as I bash him, and I do, I still want him on the team.
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    I believe so. When historians look back on the affects of 9/11 on our culture the results will not be flattering. The idea of "Homeland" as if we weren't all immigrants, the rise of Nationalism both religious and racial followed. The long dormant ideas of "America First" rekindled by the national self interest. The squandering of American influence abroad coupled with a growing resentment of the United Nations and our foreign allies. A growing demand for a more authoritarian leadership, and militaristic pride that has over-reacted into righteous hero worship of all who serve in the military, to the point that ANY legitimate criticism or any diminishing of focus or praise upon the military is met with open hostility. America abandoned her moral compass in favor of self centered chest thumping ill-informed egotism.
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    I've been struggling with how we (i.e. real Americans) treat these hate groups. Violence begets violence, too much tolerance can equate to no tolerance, peaceful counter protests are difficult to keep that way, ignoring is almost tacit complicity, relying on the vote is problematic when one side is essentially rigging the game, and so on. That method above though... that's some genius level stuff.
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    the president said some of the people marching were fine people, treated unfairly by the press. nah bro, fine people don't march down the street alongside nazis. fine people show up to their rally, realize nazis showed up to support the same side as them, and then those fine people change sides. because those people are ****ing nazis.
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    For me, Trump proving himself to be a Nazi sympathizer and apologist is a deal breaker. I would hope it would be for every American. I listened and watched his news conference five times yesterday. To me, it's inescapable. He's defending and making excuses for Nazis. He's drawing false equivalencies to shield them. For the most part, I've considered him uninformed and self-serving. He is so much worse than that. I don't use the word Nazi readily. I have on this board and in real life chastised people repeatedly for falsely labeling or making ridiculous comparisons of G W Bush, Obama or others to Hitler. I would continue to argue that Trump is no Hitler, but he is a sympathizer. If you listen to him and his passion in trying to defend these people especially in comparison to his sullen passionless "read" condemnation and conjoin that with everything we know about him the idea becomes inescapable. So no... Trump is not better than Hillary Clinton. I'm not sure it is possible to find a person more morally unfit to be President.
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    The 2 biggest exciting things I saw in thr game were: 1. Jonathan allen playing strong on the line for the second game in a row and more importantly doing something that lineman just can't usually do. When he was stuck in space on a swivel during that screen pass he spun, pursued the RB at a perfect angle and broke down like a linebacker to make an openfield tackle. 300 pound men usually can't do that. (last game it was the leaping shoe string sack that saved a 5 yard plus run) 2. Fabian effin Moreau. He looks like a blue chip first round corner in his first game. GMs are going to be killing themselves for not drafting him. I thought he would be way more raw in technique than he was. Played physical and looked like the fastest guy on the field everytime he wad on it.
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    The media "the worst human being ever to hold the position of white house chief stategist has been fired" Trump- "Hold my beer"
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    ^^ is it me or is "white trash" in that tweet pretty funny?
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    I think the reactions are a great addition. Sometimes I like a good post but not the content (like an argument I disagree with that's really well thought out), and sometimes things are just funny. Of course if our season goes to **** I am blaming it entirely on this upgrade, though.
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    Back on topic please, everyone. @twa no more trolling, it's best if you stay out of this thread. @AsburySkinsFan it's not lost on me that you basically summoned TWA to this thread just to beat him over the head.
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    Night king needs to go pro. He's got a hell of an arm.
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    I rarely, if ever, find these funny...not just the Redskins one, but any of them. They go on waaaaayyyyyyyy too long, and lack any intelligent humor. Insults laced with profanity only works when it's used sparingly and is surrounded by humor based on keen insight. These articles are almost nothing but profanity-laced insults and display all the insight of a 9 year old parroting stuff they heard their dad say on Sundays.
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    Some very good people...threatening to kill a woman who had the audacity to let her daughter be murdered. Clearly there are bad things going on from both sides.
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    The President has more access to information than any man alive, yet manages to be as informed as your crazy 24/7 Fox News uncle. Trump is almost impressively stupid. The guy could read any classified document and instead chooses to watch Fox and Friends all day. It's like a little kid at a great restaurant or something, no thanks I'll just have chicken fingers.
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    Now let's get back to suppressing minority votes, legalizing discrimination, building a wall, kicking out people who aren't like us, and not letting them back in. But without the Nazi flag.
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    From Hap in BRBN... Great article by John Keim here, thought it deserved its own thread. Make sure you click on the link, it's totally worth it and there's a lot more than I posted here. http://www.espn.com/blog/washington-redskins/post/_/id/32603/kirk-cousins-jay-gruden-seek-rhythm-with-new-play-calling-setup Click on the link for a lot more I think the change from McVay to Gruden is a bit of an undersold story this offseason. Reading this article, I like what I hear though. It seems like Kirk will not only have more power in general, but he'll also have more time to change things at the LOS. McVay did bring a more structured approach, though. We'll see which one ends up being better.
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    ^ I laughed out loud. I want so badly to like this post but I refuse to hit one of these new buttons. Sorry. edit: Thanks for the sentiment spjunkies but I don't want people littering my posts with hearts or trophies or silly looking cartoons either. I'm really busted up about this. double edit: You guys are real ***holes
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    Republican control of the White House. They will support a Russian Nazi who gropes teenage girls and has mail ordered his third wife, if he has an R after his name.
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    Concerned about the OL and yet again, concerned about how Gurden gets his team prepared to play competitively.
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    IF Reed is the difference maker by that much in this offense, then Kirk isn't worth more than 15 mil a year.
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    My worries about who was gonna start at ILB for us this season walked out the door when Barry left and we signed Brown. In my opinion, I think the coaches were hoping that Brown would call the plays. But when he wasn't comfortable doing it and expressed as much, they let Compton run with the ones until Foster got comfortable making the calls. I will be surprised if they aren't starters for us Week One, and I hope they are a part of a revamped and much improved unit. I think the drama/hand wringing around this whole situation has been overblown. Coaches wanted the guys to earn it and prove it first. They did. Now we move forward.
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    In that hour, Trump will resign, Terrelle Pryor and Josh Norman will collide and be carted off the practice field with no word on what happened, and everyone will lose their minds. Some will throw open their office windows and scream their posts at passing strangers, others will run through the streets, yammering their thoughts on these events at people walking down the sidewalk. I expect several of you will be tased and put in St. Elizabeth's for observation. I predict at least three of you will do these things wearing a wrapped towel, shampoo still in your hair. (Larry, for one.) I predict Jumbo will stand on the moose antler platform that serves as City Hall in his Yukon town to shout about these doings, only to be stopped several times by the gathered crowd to define most of the words he's yelling at them. He will then insult them and they won't know it. I predict Zoony will use the hour to perfect his double lipsnort brown jug blowing technique, and will win a grammy next year for his red hot album "Lets G'wan Down t'the Olive Garden". I predict TK will spend the first hour distracted by a Star Wars movie someone is watching, and then the site will be down for 3 hours. I predict PJFootballer will hate what they do to his hair. Predicto will have time to listen to Bob Seger's "Night Moves" twice. And hey, Andyman is here.. whatcha know 'bout that! He can tell us what really happened ~Bang
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    Mentioned him in my notes from the 1st preseason game. When I re-watched the game (1st time was at M&T) I was keying in on Marley from noticing him flash at the game and couldn't help but notice Harvey-Clemons. It would be amazing if Foster wins the Mike so Harvey-Clemons can occupy the dimebacker spot full time that was vacated by Cravens moving to SS. Would be the ideal fit for everyone. If he can hold up to the rigors of the NFL playing inside I could easily see him faring as good as Cravens did in that role last year. He's still very green, but if the knucklehead stuff is behind him and he focuses on his craft he definitely has all the tools. If Cravens stumbles at SS this year in a worst case scenario, Harvey-Clemons has the versatility to be thrown into a training camp battle next off-season with Cravens for the starting box safety if Harvey-Clemons exceeds expectations and reaches his utmost potential. But that's getting way far ahead of ourselves and I'm obviously hoping that doesn't come to fruition. Just nice to have tons of versatility up and down the roster. As for right now, he's just one of the many reasons I continue to crush HARD on this entire draft class. For both immediate and future impact players. Now all we need is for Montae Nicholson to fly out the gate these last 3 preseason games and win the backup FS spot, haha. Sounds like Everett has the #2 SS job locked down and I'm happy he's getting his opportunity to get on tape running with the 1's the rest of the preseason. Random closing thought: Really hope Torian Gray coached the DBs to get their frickin heads around all this week because that crap was unacceptable.
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    So we're supposed to go a couple hours without screaming at each other On a Monday Great plan
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