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    http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/06/19/supreme-court-rules-trademark-law-banning-offensive-names-is-unconstitutional.html The US Supreme Court ruled 8-0 that the Trademark Office cannot deny a trademark because a name is considered offensive. Although this case involved an Asian American Band called the Slants, this will force the Appeals Court hearing the Redskins Trademark case to rule in favor of the Redskins. So anyone who doesn't like the name, go pound sand. Hail to the Redskins! This was a whopping unanimous decision.
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    Actually that would turn out to be a $36.8 million. Allow me to explain.: 30millionx 5years =150. Now add in the rising cost of childcare vs that of 1987. Subtract the number of black voters in Calis post. Multiply by the square root of Jenny phone number 867-5309 and you get a real world salary of 36.824 /year. If you don't follow this math, there's no hope for you.
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    We're gonna build a wall and the Sun will pay for it.
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    I am utterly shocked that a completely unqualified 36 year old real estate slumlord with precisely zero experience in international affairs and geopolitics, let alone in the Middle East, is failing at brokering peace there.
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    Football outsiders article on the very best teams of the best 30 years. Not a surprise to us, but your 1991 Washington Redskins were ranked #1 overall. http://www.espn.com/nfl/insider/story/_/page/Outsiders30OverallTeams/football-outsiders-30-best-nfl-teams-30-years-2017 If you don't have ESPN insider, John Keim did a writeup as well. http://www.espn.com/blog/washington-redskins/post/_/id/31726/redskins-1991-team-deserving-of-top-billing-over-last-three-decades Best team of the Super Bowl era, bar none. HTTR.
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    I received the biggest paycheck of my life today. Pretty tight.
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    I actually read that Colt wore the wrong colored cloak to Kirk's D&D party. The two have been on the outs since.
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    Arguing over details is what must be done at this point, republicans must be opposed on this farce of a plan, but the democratic party needs to distance itself from any form of private health care moving forward. They'll never convince the public by arguing over this provision or that cap, and in the end all of this still leaves us stuck under a private health system. Insurance through private companies is worse and more expensive than a government run system and that's been proven in several democratic nations all over the world. Every bill democrats support should either create a public health care option or eliminate any protections private companies have that allow them to remain in business. Tear the current system down completely. No more compromises.
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    Plenty of room in Steph's mouth for another couple of d****.
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    OH **** we've gotten to the point in the thread where someone accuses Califan of not actually lol'ing, shut her down. I remember being obsessed with his lol'ing in our disagreements in probably 2010 or so. Drove me ****ing nuts back then
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    You just know how jealous Trump is that he can't just appoint one of his boys as the Crown Prince of the Presidency.
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    Maybe the confusion about the point relating to Jay is that I didn't put the blame on Bruce squarely for Jay's challenges. So to clarify, I was just using the Jay analogy to bring home that it was a small sample and not enough to judge him (and even in my criticism of him back then I expressed that small sample point), and I also expressed the value of personnel. I brought up the small sample concept in context of the big sample that we have about some of the current players in the FO. And I also wanted to express the idea that personnel isn't some sidebar function in the organization but the lifeblood of it. Hence the reasoning for bringing up Jay. To each their own. For my taste, this sounds a bit over the top as to Bruce. This is going to come off sarcastic and its not directed your way but just going for some hyperbole to make a point. That is, I don't see Bruce as some sort of Rocky defy the odds story. I don't see it as he got here doing it a different way and now we are saying he doesn't belong and Bruce will show us wrong, cue the violins. Bruce has been a GM before. Go google among other things his GM tenure in Tampa. And people don't paint a pretty picture. And as for here, the drafts were so so at best IMO with him and Shanny. People seem to want to ride on 2014 as his career defining draft and all the rest is thrown out the window but IMO its silly its just one year among many during his stints. The idea that Bruce made some good moves. No one is arguing that. If you read the FA thread I've complemented him. I didn't hate everything Vinny did either. He did some really good things, too. But Bruce doesn't have a scouting background. And its unusual to have a GM like that in charge of successful organizations. That's all. I like Bruce as president and helping along with money issues. The fact that Bruce doesn't fit the typical GM-personnel profile I don't think it makes him a Cinderella story. And like I said its nothing against Bruce. I'd feel that way about ANYONE in the GM spot without a personnel scouting background. I don't care if its Rudy from Notre Dame. I'd feel the same way. I bet Bruce is a wonderful guy with a great backstory. It's irrelevant to me. It's just my belief. My take. If you see it differently, and clearly you do. It's all cool. However, as to the debates here. I've yet to see anyone address head on the point most of the skeptics here are making. The idea that Bruce or Doug or considered among the best in the business. The subject isn't: B. Bruce doesn't get much right. Give us examples of what he does well. The subject is: A. Are Bruce or Doug considered among the best in the NFL at making personnel decisions? The subject isn't A. You can hire someone from a scouting background and still fail. The subject is: A. Are Bruce or Doug considered among the best in the NFL at making personnel decisions? Yeah there are no guarantees in anything. I could cross the street carefully and still get hit by a car. I could cross the street with reckless abandon and manage to get across the street safely. It's about increasing the odds. What some of us are saying here which is go get people who are considered among elite at their game and let them call the personnel shots and get out of the way and let them do their jobs. Yep, it doesn't guarantee anything. Life naturally doesn't work that way. Our point is it increases the odds.
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    That voice will change the first night in prison when the lights go out
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    3 or 5 year deal, signed or extended there will still be a sect of the fanbase clinging to the dysfunction narrative. Any relief we get from the constant "pay the man" posts will simply be replaced with "our ignorant GM/Owner overpaid Cousins and now we are doomed"...or better yet the classic Skins fans trying to create a QB controversy out of thin air after any game in which Cousins throws an interception, ie: "Bench Kirk, Start Nate Sudfeld/Colt McCoy!" threads. With that said, I'd be over the moon to get ANY deal done. 3 or 5 years, I could care less. Gives us a break from beating the dead horse and allows the team to focus on the rest of the roster.
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    I'd be fine with a 3 year deal. 2 years free of constant "pay the man" posts. Haha, yeah right. We wouldn't make it a week without someone starting a thread about contract extensions.
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    Before what? 6? Skydiving? Operating heavy machinery? ~Bong
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    The difference between us is you wish he'd put his hands on the steering wheel, and I wish the cop wasn't a flaming ****. We can't keep coming up with every little thing the black male needs to do to not get shot to death, and not put the onus on these officers who are unfit for the job and consistently make mistake after mistake. At a traffic stop, I shouldn't have to do EVERYTHING right in order to make it home alive. That should be HIS responsibility. And so far, there is no accountability being held for them. Like in Cincinnati, where the cop shot a black man in the head and then lied about it. People were still trying to find fault in the dead black man for trying to get away from the crazied white cop who just pulled a gun for no reason.
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    I think it is possible for him to be a gifted comedian and have dark demons, but I think you lose your standing to preach morality when you're engaging in immoral behavior.
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    Well, as long as they get rid of Obamacare while not touching the ACA. They'll be happy.
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    I really have a hard time with Christians who don't live what Christ taught, specifically the Beatitudes. I learned those precepts in Sunday School when my parents forced me to go. As an atheist, I still think that these are universal teachings on how human beings interrelate. One can believe in universal moral precepts without religion attached. I think of religion as men manipulating universal moral precepts to their own advantage. Anyway, my point is that certain people who identify as Christian don't really follow those moral teachings for the betterment of humankind
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    Well this about confirms it, Trump colluded: His rate of projection via tweets is 100%. Cuff him Mueller.
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    Bryce threw us the sinking liner he caught in the top of the 10th, right before his walkoff. Our seats from last night.
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    Not only was it a great team, but it demolished the AFC champion which fielded several future HOF'ers (QB, RB, WR, DE, HC) and had a bunch of other stars on the roster, and which had its own dominant run during that era. Unlike the '87 Broncos, the '91 Bills had no holes other than the ones we kicked in them. Yeah, that '91 Skins team could win any way a football team could win. The '83 team, as much fun as it was for a 15/16 y.o. to watch, surrendered points on a regular basis.
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    Where's the option for I'm smoking right now?
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    MLS you gonna take that, cuz?! They're trying to say you're 6'7 with a bull**** ass haircut. Lookin' like Crimson Tide Denzel
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    Got out of a conversation in the break room with a co-worker and a manager about people they know that smoke pot. Did best I could to not give away that I smoke, too, no good would've come from it, not at all.
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    Well adding a D league team is a very important step. Yes it should have happened a million years ago but Ted continues to spend to turn this into a better organization and that's good. Now if he could just fire that GM...
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    2 things about the hogs. They were very big compared to other olines. So, if today's NFL has 310 lbs linemen, then the hogs would be 320 lbs linemen. Second, the hogs worked together like the gears of a watch. Everyone in the proper place at the proper time. That is the sign of a great line and that is what works in the 80's, 90's or now. So, transplanting those dudes into today's NFL would be tough on them. The game has changed. Give them the $, a season to prep and a supporting cast like Kirk, our RBs and WRs and they would do fine.
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    Thank you. Where is the outrage?! An innocent man exercising his 2nd amendment rights (even had a carry conceal permit) was shot and killed by police. Where is the support from the right?! Where is the outcry?! But if some asshole in rural America that walks around McDonalds with an AR-15 slung over his shoulder was gunned down by police, the response from the NRA, "conservative patriots," and gun-loving America would be unprecedented.
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    Still waiting on the NRA to comment on the Philandro Castile case. And they say it's not about race....
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    Earlier I asked rhetorically how much reality needs to be ignored in order to hang on to some of these stances...I didn't actually expect it to be answered lol... So ignore what they say, on record, multiple times and in numerous ways....and instead stick to how you imagine they must really feel. Yeah....I can't do that.
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    No lie, this entire post should be in a psychology textbook under projection. I swear my biggest issue with the right wingers is that I alternate between feeling empathy (that they are so delusional, brainwashed, dense and dumb) and anger that those same traits are impacting my life. It's all just so tired. I mean is it possible to quit with the bull**** for two seconds? Good lord.
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    Believe them when they tell you who they are. If someone uses racist, misogynistic, violent language, they are telling you who they are. Some of us on the we on the Left call out the people who use racist, misogynistic, and violent language. We're not giving these people a pass any more. We are not remaining silent any more. And because we are calling it out, now we are accused of being violent because of a few people's violence. The Left isn't organizing militias like the Far Right has done for decades. We're not trying to call for a Constitutional Convention so our Constitution can be rewritten to include a state religion (Christianity of the Far Right kind), outlaw mixed race and same sex marriages, inculcate racism, sexism and all the bad isms. This is the goal of the Dominionists. So to demonize the Left is laughable considering what the Far Right has been doing for decades. Dominionists, the John Birch Society, and other groups have been working behind the scenes to hijack the Republican Party, and they are succeeding. The Tea Party was a successful movement to push moderates out of the Republican Party.
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    This is clearly false. There is a lot to not like about Dan Snyder, but let's keep it to the facts. The fact is this is exactly how every other team in the NFL - yes even the great ones, handle these negotiations. Not going to waste my time going through each one of them. You can look them up. Last years Von Miller negotiations are the perfect example. In fact those negotiations were not handled as professionally as the Redskins and Kirk's team are handling them. The negotiations played out in the media, unlike this where both sides are keeping it behind closed doors. At exactly this point last year, The Broncos were $38M in guaranteed money away from Von Miller with the Broncos threatening to pull their offer and make Miller play on the tag. They actually gave him an ultimatum. Below is an article with the details. Yet, the offer never did get pulled and on July 15th they all made nice and Von Miller signed a very nice contract. http://www.9news.com/sports/nfl/denver-broncos/mike-klis/broncos-break-off-contract-talks-with-von-miller/237274687 They have until July 17th to get this done. Deadlines force deals. It's a pretty fundamental part of business negotiations. Based on the known deadline, I am just not sure why people continue to ignore the plain fact that there is absolutely no reason for either side to get a deal done sooner. If I were Kirk's agent, I would not let him sign any contract offered right now. That offer only gets better as the deadline approaches. The team knows that so why would you throw your best or even a close offer now? You have backed yourself into a corner. It's not a complicated concept. It's business negotiations 101.
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    So Trump is there with the leader of Panama, and he says (paraphrasing) "The Panama Canal is doing very well. We did a good job building it." He sounded like a guy that showed up at book club and hadn't read the book. Not sure why, but I thought it was hilarious.
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    So the NFL has prolonged our agony another 2 days! http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000816363/article/nfl-moves-deadline-to-sign-franchisetagged-players Franchise Tag signing date has been moved to July 17th. I am sure some will need to get additional meds to make it....
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    Not really. They will just have to learn to live with disappointment. Wait, they are 49ers fan, I guess they are already there.
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    "OK, you have fun with Nate, I'm going to the 49ers."
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    An innocent man that did nothing wrong was killed by a cop. No charges, the family gets an "our bad," and that's it? How is that okay? Because the cornball ass cop "feared for his life?" If the "broken taillight" he pulled Philando over for wasn't enough for the cop to fear for his life, I'm sure the scary 3-year old girl in the backseat probably was. I'm not an unreasonable person. Yes, I realize that the cop probably feels terrible for what happened. And no, him spending years in jail won't bring Philando back. But what the ****, man. Something's gotta give.
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    Just booked my ticket to Bordeaux. Headed to France on 7/22 for a week. Gonna be in Cap Ferret to be exact, right on the Atlantic Ocean. Gonna be lovely.
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    This is what it boils down to for me. To put it as simply as I can: I want the guy at the head of the personnel department to be the BEST at it. There hasn't been a single argument made here that can even remotely convince me that either Allen or Williams are those guys. And that's a crying shame in my mind. Talking about Scot at this point is arguably deflecting from the main issue. His (perceived or real) failure doesn't change that evident truth. Doug saying something like "we had a GM and that didn't work" absolutely blows my mind on so many levels, it's maddening. It's akin to a gigantic corporation, after firing their head accountant for whatever reason, saying "we had an accountant and that didn't work". What!? It's really as simple as that. I'm not advocating for some sort of super complex, intricate system of hiring and organizational structure that is beyond the grasp of most humans. This is friggin hiring/organizational principles 101.
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