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    So I watched this vid... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2U2hW31KD9g Then this happened
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    Well that’s because Trump isn’t the problem. It’s the entire GOP... And their idiot base.
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    You know what, all credit to the front office for not going into panic mode and also not jumping right into the pool in free agency. Being patient and sitting back has been beneficial for us. If we sign Hankins, I’ll remove my sig; for now. Edit: The avatar stays until we see sustained success.
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    I sense a lot of obsessive checking of this thread and Twitter over the next day or two for details on Hankins
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    Fake memos written to promote an agenda...you mean like the Nunes one?
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    Cofield doesn't get enough love. Yes, he was undersized, but despite that, he still managed to be better than what we've put at NT ever since.
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    I thought this was appropriate for tonight!
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    @Destino I just saw your comment over at Bullets forever about the idiots suggesting we trade Sato... Any trade talk involving Sato and Oubre, I want no parts of. You need some ballers like that on your bench. They're pretty much perfect fits.
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    Yes, but the Chicago Cubs went over a hundred years without a world title. If their fans can deal with a century of no World Series, I can deal with the reality of a quarter century of no Redskin Super Bowls without ripping up my fan card at every perceived grievance with the team.
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    Sorry chief, but you’re not the bouncer at Club Redskins. Folks are free to be as happy or mad as they want about how things go down here. So you’re just going to have to accept the criticism and you can deal with it. What I find strange is this belief we’re so awful because we believe Bruce Allen is the definition of mediocre. I might see your point if we were constantly in here crapping on most of the players and coaches all the time. But we’re not and never have. After all the actual Redskins that I think of actually play or coach the team. They don’t sell Bruce Allen jerseys for a reason.
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    Smith, Brown, Richardson, get Hankins and a slot/depth CB, draft a top 3 RB prospect, draft OL or get a vet in that doesn't want a 10mil p/y deal, have a couple of comp picks lined up for 2019. Decent enough job lined up so far in my eyes. Must be easily pleased
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    My first movie in theaters was Superman '78 when I was 3 years old and that's my only memory from that age. My boy was already a big Spider-man fan and I took him to see Spider-man Homecoming for his 3rd birthday last year to hopefully give him the same kind of memory I had. I was nervous about taking him because he's a little chatterbox so we sat near the exit just in case. That kid's eyes were glued to the screen the entire time and he didn't say a word, even during the parts that had no action. I enjoyed watching him react to the movie more than watching the movie itself. It took his Spider-man love up several notches and any time we went to the park he had to have his Spider-man hoody so he could climb on rocks or anything else so he could pretend lol.
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    Maybe we need Putin to be angry at Trump. We see how Putin takes care of people, he doesn't like.
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    We'd be a lot worse. Trent is our best player. We're not trading him. The FO and coaching staff think we're close and they're not going to tank for draft picks. You don't trade your best young defensive player and a third rounder for Alex Smith and then sign him to a 24 million per year extension unless you're trying to win now.
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    If I remember correctly, the last DT we signed who was originally drafted by the Giants was Cornelius Griffin. Heck of a player. Get Hankins!
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    Another example of a gun nut who thinks his firearm is his manhood.
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    I truly hope the brain dead traitor in the oval office, and every one of his pathetic, anti-American sycophants end up in federal "**** me in the ass" prison. What an absolute disgrace every single one of them is. As far as I concerned, pending the results of special counsel, the Republican party, who is enabling this traitor, is an enemy of the United States.
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    Saw this on Twitter: "Wow. Worst defeat for Virginia since they lost half their state in 1863."
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    Pretty sure I got this from Toys R Us back in the day. And sitting in the back seat of my parents car on the way to visit my grandparents and annoying the **** out of them with it.
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    Two things: 1) Anyone recall where Hankins ranked last year in our FA wish list? Especially in comparison with the other FA DL? 2) If Hankins signs, I'd really like to see us drop back in the draft and then target Will Hernandez Edit: I just perused the 2017 Free Agency thread, it seems the consensus was that Hankins is a stud. So...sign the guy for 3yr/$26.74m and be done with it. Then, c'mon Hernandez!
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    I almost laughed myself into a sciatic episode. 😂😣
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    If we get Hankins... my top draft target will be Roquan Smith or if he gone then now I would rather get Payne over Vea if Hankins is already on board
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    Just saw the Michigan shot. Wow. Best sporting event in the nation. Nothing comes close imo other than NFL playoffs.
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    Guice is a reach at 13. I like him a lot, but Lamar Jackson Minkah, Roquan, Payne, Nelson, Ward, and James are all better than him. One or more of them is going to be there because at least four QBs are going to go top twelve and Saquon and Chubb are top ten locks. Guice looked fast at the combine, but that doesn't mean he's the player he was in 2016. Royce Freeman never got his sophomore speed back.
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    I like Holland as Spider-Man and I like that he’s still a kid in high school. I’m glad they skipped the origin as well and enjoyed that the movie was grounded with smaller stakes. The movie was unquestionably entertaining and good. My only two problems with it are that I like Spider-Man alone. He’s a big enough and exciting enough character that he doesn’t need the Avengers in his movies. I want Spider-Man alone dealing with his own stuff. The secong and biggest problem is that he basically had an iron man suit, not a Spider-Man suit. He’s got computer systems talking to him, weapons systems, missiles etc. I mean that’s all bull****. Peter Parker is a genius and designs his own web shooters, suits and any tech involved. He doesnt need tony stark Holding his hand thru everything, giving him suits and tech etc. it cheapens the Spider-Man character. That suit was beyond ridiculous
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    If we are being fair, Gruden's record in the beginning of the season is abysmal, even without Cousins. Though, there have been some close calls, like week 1 last season when an obvious arm-moving forward incompletion was called a fumble and ended the very realistic chance of a game winning drive against the eventual SB champions. But, I'm sure several folks in these parts will be excusing Alex Smith if we start off 0-2 this season and find some other excuse (of course not Bruce Allen), but will completely blame Kirk if Minny starts slow, or credit the rest of the Minny roster if they start out the season on fire. It's just the way things are.
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    If we sign Hankins and either Scandrick or DRC ... I think 13 is wideeeee open Question is ... Derwin James or Derrius Guice? Or trade back and hope Guice is there ... and if he isn’t, take Wynn/Hernandez or Harrison Phillips and grab your RB at 44 (Chubb, since the early 2nd run on RB is likely) amazing how much a Hankins signing would change the direction of the draft. Could completely write off Vea and Payne
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    Amazing thing about Hankins, DRC and Scandrick? All cut. So no comp pick cancellations. Btw, Hankins is 25. Turns 26 this month. He makes our DL elite. Add a slot CB and you go into the draft in excellent shape. Get it done. Pay the man
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    I'm always amazed by the sudden inability to get the records when stuff like this is discovered. Every time one of these corrupt sheriffs gets caught they are being "sued" for records, and that's a process that takes a lifetime. Yet when an average citizen slips up, a cop can pull a warrant out of his hat faster than a hungry street magician. Why is it that the public and media have to investigate officials and basically build a case for so long before some official investigation actually does anything? Seems like the government has worked long and hard to make holding any of their own accountable, let alone seriously punished, is as unlikely as possible. Poor people are rounded up and rot in jail because they can't make bail until they are forced to plead guilty, meanwhile cops aren't fired for lying in court or beating people. As if being fired would even qualify as punishment, and they don't even get that. Jails get caught abusing inmates and nothing changes, no active oversight just some half assed finger wagging. Prosecutors hide evidence and nothing can be done because no one can prove intent. Corruption charges against politicians become more narrowly defined and harder to prosecute while other laws, not aimed at the powerful, become more broadly defined.
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    Only pro football fans care about the poor owners having to pay the players more money. Last I checked, nobody buys Dan Snyder jerseys. Its strange because these same folks whining about greedy players will be the same people hating on the CEO of the company they work for.
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    Do we really need to argue BPA vs drafting for need every single year?
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    It was a thrill going there in the mid to late 80s and early 90s. The one on Rt 7 in Tysons. I went in one a few years ago, and the smell of plastic was intoxicating. Associating a smell like that with a memory of being a kid, going in there and getting an action figure like a Transformer or a GI Joe was great. Or going to where the Nintendo games were, picking the game, getting that little slip of paper and taking it to the window in the front where they'd give you the actual game. Well, mom or dad would but you know what I mean. Sounding like an old man here, but it's kind of a bummer that kids growing up now won't know what it's like to go to a toy store and how fun that was.
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    1. Reed is our best receiver but he has trouble staying healthy. 2. Crowder is awesome, started slow last year and somewhat injured but I can count on him. 3. Thompson is special but he too has an injury history 4. Vernon, great back up. You don't want him playing too much due to age, but guy is awesome. 5. Doctson, could go either way. Had flashes but I'm not counting on him yet. 6. Richardson, basically same stats as Doctson also has injury history. 7. Everyone else are JAGs, and I have little faith they will be anything other than JAGs So with that said, no our receiving corp is not shaping up nicely. We have several injury prone, unproven or JAGs on this team. They could turn out to be awesome, but I see nothing that screams wow.
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