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    As a Skins fan since the 1970's (Northern VA boy), I moved to San Diego in 1976, and after a few years became a Chargers fan (this was before one had the ability to follow a team via TV, Internet etc...) Pretty exciting times with Coryell, Fouts (and Joe Gibbs :-). I still followed my Skins when possible, especially the Gibbs era of the 80's......Well now the Chargers are gone and it's taken me a few months of grief to even figure out what to do, but I love football, always have and always will and it seemed natural to return to my old Skins and get my head back into new team. Sooooo I got Dish network so I can watch the Skins every Sunday, and am gonna look for a bar where Skins fans hang out. I look forward to socializing here and learning what the skins need to make it to the top of the NFC East again. By the way.... if you ever wondered what its like to lose your team after 40 years of devoted following...it sucks. I hate Spanos...it's all greed, greed, greed with these guys. Feels like someone died.... I loved Rivers and will miss him, but most of the other guys are gone now anyway so screw the Chargers, never thought I'd say that but this became personal...... Anyway, hope an old fan is welcome back to the fold.....
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    Welcome back. However, if you ever ever leave us again you will suffer the consequences. Like, we'll totally forget about you and stuff. Maybe even snicker at you. It will be terrible.
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    Heading out for several days, so I'll miss the rest of the draft talks, and some of the draft. Go in tomorrow at 5:30 am at Anne Arundle Medical Center in Annapolis (90 mile drive for me or so). Getting a double fusion done, again. Went in from the front 13 months ago and the bone grafts were rejected, and completely reabsorbed. So now, we go in through the back. I hope to get home sometime Friday evening, if there are no complications. The last one was pretty easy, but this is supposed to hurt for a while. I've already had lumbar surgery, so I know what to expect, but not really looking forward to it. Wife says I can have puddin' whenever I want, so that helps. PUDDIN'! Any suggestions for movies? I have the recliner and the 55' plasma, which I'll basically live in for a while. Mods, if you don't want this here, that's cool. I know it's not the "proper" place for it, I'm just never really in other parts of the forums, so no one really knows me there. Ok, I'm outta here in a few. HTTR!!
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    Your treachery in the 1970s will not be so easily forgiven. You're like the man who dumps his loving wife for a younger, more exciting model, only to find, when the floozy bolts one day and leaves town with no explanation or apologies, that you never knew how good you had it. And then you come back groveling. And now you think you can just pick up where you left off? After the wife has endured years of hardship? The Norv era ... the Spurrier experiment ... the one year of Marty Ball ... the Zorn Invasion ... she endured all of it. Where were you? Sitting in the sun somewhere watching your franchise QB while she went from man to man, always hoping she'd find true love again, but always falling short. Friez ... Frerotte ... Ramsey ... Banks ... TONY FREAKIN' BANKS! ... Grossman ... Beck ... George ... JEFF FREAKING GEORGE ... Wuerfell ... Matthews ... they all failed her. She finally thought she found someone she could count on a few years ago, but turned out he was batting for the other team. Metaphorically speaking. And now you want back in? Now? After all you've done and all you left her to deal with on her own? OK. Welcome back!
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    It's a weak DL draft. If we go picking worse players to fill needs thats when a draft goes balls up. BPA is the way to go. We aren't loaded enough in any position to for it to make sense to do any different.
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    I'm throwing hands at the next cat I catch working at a Footlocker.
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    I remember Will Compton being very good and I remember him being really terrible. I think a lot of it has to do with scheme (and the ability of D linemen to absorb blockers). Will is the kind of player who because of limited athleticism and speed uses preparation, study, and anticipation to make plays. That can lead him to being on or getting burned depending on if he guesses right or wrong. I think the big problem last year is they schemed him to play as a sideline to sideline linebacker when everyone knew he didn't have the speed to cover that much ground. He was set up to fail. You have to know your chess pieces. Don't expect your knight to move like a queen.
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    Sure man and then we all wake up from the dream and live the nightmare all over again. 23 plus years without a competent QB. Everyone is on how Prescott is such a find in the 4th. Really? Well guess what we also found Cousins in the 4th, he has put back to back seasons of 9000 yards passing and he has done it with a very average to bad running game. But no, lets trade him and then go see if a rookie QB can become da man. In my book called wishful thinking of the horrid teams.
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    As much as I love Crowder? It is blasphemous to put any other receiver in the same sentence as the great Gary Clark.
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    ------- From Peter King. 25. WASHINGTON (from Houston)Jarrad Davis, LB, FloridaI hear Washington is divided on Dalvin Cook; Davis is the pick over Charles Harris here. My opinion: Would take Davis over Harris any day. I would guess that Cook his background and fumble issues (Matt Jones all over again) make him hard to sell to everybody in the FO. Think Jay loves him. I really hope we can get that trade down because the guy you take at 17 is probally the same as you pick at 25.
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    Great job by the commish and all GMs! Thanks for all the hard work! As I said earlier, but bears repeating, last year finished with several teams not having a GM as they either bailed or in at least one case got banned. This year there were some skips but none was because the GM just blew this off. They were all either due to unlucky timing or life - which has to come first. Last year was my first and I had a great time. So I was really looking forward to participating again this year. It did not disappoint. Thanks to all involved!
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    This has been a fun follow as an innocent bystander (some might argue 'collateral damage'), thanks for all your effort guys. It put a lot of names on my radar and I feel 100% primed for the draft now, rather than just knowing the top 100 prospects the mainstream media never stops talking about and the offensive skill player sleepers that I absorb on my own. Hats off.
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    This is what happens when you don't read all of what a person said. You overreact big time. One of the top threads in the stadium is Scott Campbell's actual whole transcript, where he makes mention of moving up, BUT says overall they want a lot of picks and also talks moving down. Calm yourself. On having 10 picks: "Yeah, I don’t know if you can have ‘too many guys.’ I think the main thing to get better is you want to add competition to the team and anywhere you can add competition, even positions where you think you may be set depth-wise, you know, add more competition. Get the best players in here and I think it pushes each other and makes everybody better. In terms of using the picks to acquire more picks, moving up or down certainly, having three rounds with two picks in them this year is exciting and I hope we can add more. As we talked about earlier, it’s not an exact science. You’re not going to hit on all the guys. You’d like to think you can, but I mean that’s not reality, no one’s ever done that. Just increasing the odds of adding the more players, the more guys that can help us, that’s great. I certainly hope we can maybe take the two fours and move up or gain more picks and that allows us maybe to drop more if we see a little pocket of players there that we’re interested in."
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    When something does happen to negatively impact Trump supporters they are just going to blame it on someone else anyway so it wouldn't matter.
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    If this happens, and we draft a QB, amongst the stiffs that are in this draft, I am not sure I could find enough scotch in my house to calm down after I smash the TV in 3 pieces.
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    Yeah, I thought I might catch some grief.....deserved.....but in my own defense, there was no way to keep up with your old team back in the day, nowadays it might be different. Although the Bolt were a crazy fun team to watch, well,, once in a while, there were all the ups and downs any team has, and in some ways, more than most teams..there were some horrible years..we had Marty ball and Norv too don't forget....(although I still don't get Marty being fired after going 13-3 and then 14-2..?) And there was always the SD/DC connection, starting with Gibbs and then Beathard so i always felt like they were both my team.... Great post, Dissident! I think I picked the right forum, and thanks all for letting me back! Where is the appropriate thread for me to learn and comment on the Skins position needs etc?
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    Surgery is in a few hours and I can't sleep. I'm sitting in the hotel lobby checking here. Thanks for the kind words everyone. @Momma There Goes That Man I've actually been talking about Mixon. @Koolblue13 No kidding, right! Thank goodness they are using titanium! @Burgold Books are good too. @Stormy Thanks man!
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    Maybe. But "There is no such thing as an elite QB" seemed pretty straightforward.
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    But that would mean putting very rich people in prison...sorry, but haven't you been paying attention? Please get the notes from a classmate.
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    You'll have to excuse me if I don't give your opinions on QBs much relevance due to some of your previous QB predictions.
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    A few big takes from this. #1, Scott is acting as the defacto GM, and clearly seems to have the last say on who they draft. The way he talked it seems pretty obvious. #2. Interesting to see the comments on Crowder, and how Scotty Mac telling him to be more specialized was such a huge help. Hopefully Snyder sees that and hires a few more people so that people can really focus on just doing one job. Also important to show you that Gruden should NOT be responsible for personel decisions. If the scout cant even handle both pros and college talent evaluation, how is our HC supposed to? Hes not, thats why teams have a GM.
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    Good luck and praying for a speedy recovery!! GOD Bless!!!
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    I was going to joke our soon to be drafted rookie.
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    They did bring it up.. the taliban attacked an afghan base and killed a bunch of people over the weekend. Oh, you mean bringing up where they got the weapons to do it?... my mistake. So if the enemy of my enemy is my friend, then my friend who supplies my enemy with weapons while trying to disrupt elections among my friends around the world.. why, that must be my BESTEST buddy. This whole thing reads like an end-of-the-free-world spy novel. Probably because that is what it is. ~Bang
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    Half of his time happen night time for @Sea Donkey so that would be a kind gesture from @jsharrin55. And I can understand wanting to pick Mr. Irrelevant. It's always cool
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    I would believe his poorly written point was more along the lines of "Elite QB can't do it all by themselves." They still need a decent team around them. Especially on Defense because they can't help much here.
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    It's when you have more likes than anyone else for a day. I don't remember what my number is, but it's greater than zero, so I'm not a loser.
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    Stopped following him a while back cause he doesn't interact with anyone. If you're a beat guy or a radio personality and you don't interact with the fans then I have no time for you. It smells of petulance on his part. Shame, cause I think he's a talented kid especially with baseball. His football knowledge is wanting and he's just a fan in hockey and doesn't really know what he's talking about.
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    How many days you've won at life. Naturally, my counter shorted out at 99 #AllIDoIsWin
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    R.I.P. City Dont forget your crossword puzzle
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    I've got the split screen with the game on mute and Matlock re-runs. Warriors are a bunch of chuckers. So are the Rockets. A bunch of long range Vinnie Johnson's.
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    Hey You don't have to watch it. You can always just check the scores in the morning while reading the newspaper a 5am with your oatmeal and prune juice.
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    I love basketball and the NBA, but it has become a chucker's league. Can't wait to watch the Rockets and the Warriors jack 75 threes per game. It also seems like it just makes for more lopsided games. One team gets hot from 3 and all of a sudden it's a blowout. I kinda miss post play, the runners, the mid range game. Oh well...I'll add some more tequila to my Metamucil.
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    I'm fine losing 3 of 4 here. I just don't care about playing in Coors field. We have more important things to worry about.
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    Don't know when the next opportunity to rib GHH will come my way. Here's video of GHH and best mate heading to a L'pool match: Be safe everybody.
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    It was good to see a coach acknowledge his mistake and not let it happen again. Nothing worse than a stubborn coach when a team loses.
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    Man if we had another starting caliber ILB I'd feel pretty good about the LBs/S/CB... depth wise I'm not sold on us in the secondary... but I'm more than okay with Foster and Compton as reserves. They'll be VERY valuable in that role. DL is a question mark. I feel like we signed talent... but talent doesn't equate to success automatically. Schematic fit, work ethic and tenacity are far more important. and even with some talent, depth on the defensive front scares the snot out of me.
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    None of this is groundbreaking, but he's well spoken and clearly has an idea on what to say and what not to say. He even added a smoke screen to the discussion with the #17 talk. Clearly we're going BPA (meaning overall talent, college system, schematic fit, personality fit, character, intelligence, health, and positional need weighted in). Though I never thought otherwise.
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    I agree. And I think another reason speed at EDGE rusher is a major focus beyond just having a guy who can run right by a LT (which causes them to overcompensate and overset, thus leaving their inside shoulders open to pass rushers smart enough to counter an aggressive outside step taken by the LT) is the fact that Dak Prescott and Carson Wentz have both made fools out of Kerrigan, Murphy, and Smith at different times with their ability to evade our pass rush and extend plays. We face those guys 4 times a year. And if we get to the playoffs, Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton, Russell Wilson, etc. have done and will do the same. We need a guy who can run step for step with those QBs and chase them down so we stop getting these "almost" sacks from Kerrigan and company and get a guy athletic enough to finish the play.
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    I dont care about a pass rushers 40 time. Look at his first 4 steps and his get off at the snap of the ball. If anything his speed and getoff have caused him some problems with running by the QB. The last gif is great because it shows his smarts as well. Taking care of his assignment before going after the QB. And when he decides to go he gets there very fast. I agree about his long range speed. But it would have no effect on me picking him because thats not how you are going to use him. He will live within an 8 yard box in the NFL. Like I said he is polished. You know what you are getting with Barnett. Reddick is still a relative unknown. Could Reddick have more upside? Possibly. But I wouldnt pass on Barnett to find out.
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    Watt late 1 to late 2? Big range. I'd lean earlier on that one. But boy would a Jonathan Allen fall to #17 paired with Watt at #49 ... How funny would it be if Allen fell to 17 and we drafted him ... then Anderson / Tomlinson with the next 2 picks. Won't happen. Nor should it necessarily. But loading up on Bama defense couldn't hurt
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    Hmmm gone back and forth on this pick so many times - a pick at the bottom of the 7th round should not need this much agonising over but everyone wants to find that diamond in the rough .. and despite the offers of 2018 picks to try and save my grading---- i think my grading is beyond saving so we are going to swing for the fences and hold on to this pick.. And to do that i am going to have to resist the urge to make this final pick purely based upon the most amusing games remaining in the 2017 class (sorry Money Hunter and Weston Steelhammer) and I am actually going to have to go off my board.. (such that it is) I really wanted to go ILB but i am not sure there is anyone who really stands out. I agonized over taking Donnel Pumphrey but I see his game might be maxed out at the College level .. I am concerned about his durability, power and elusiveness at the next level but he was very special at the college level... So with some trepidation the Detroit Lions go back to the defensive line and with the 250th pick in the 2017 draft Joe 'JoJo' Mathis DE/OLB University of Washington (Sr.)
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    Damn it Comey, you broke the rules one time and doomed us all. You better make this up to everyone. You have until November to take down Trump and his whole cult. You can never make the US totally whole, but you can at least mitigate the damage for your mistake.
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    Those polls of Trump vs Hillary are meaningless. Nothing has really happened yet to negatively impact Trump supporters because none of his terrible policies have been put in place to this point.
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    So I just saw that we won the series last night. How about that? All of you naysayers thought they were going to lose but I was the only one who stood by them. I'm the only real fan. I'd say that I can't wait to find out who we play and when the first game is for the next round but it really doesn't matter... We're gonna get our asses kicked.
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    Holtby and I were playing great on the ice after our 7 pm games started tonight. He knew I'd be top notch tonight so he knew he had to match it.
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    Joke's on you, Putin. We're rolling back environmental regulations so fast there won't even BE an Arctic. So there.
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    I'm telling you this Caps team is ready for those assholes in Pittsburgh. Used to the speed, overcame unreal bull**** puck luck, won OT games and in the most important period came out flying and rammed it down the leafs throat for the win. Caps of old it's the exact opposite.
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