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    TO FANS OF OPPOSING TEAMS This is a website owned by the Washington Redskins, maintained by Redskins fans, and primarily devoted to Washington Redskins football. While we enjoy visitors, we did not leave the door open hoping to have people drop by intent on changing our way of thinking. We are quite happy (some might argue "miserable" at times) being Redskins fans. We continue to believe that each Sunday marks a new beginning and that eventually we will return to our days of greatness. You, of course, can laugh at that notion, but if you do it here, it probably won't be taken too kindly. If you're a fan of a rival team, please don't make the mistake of thinking this is an always-friendly environment. When you are here, your screen is burgundy and gold for a reason. We’re ExtremeSkins. Nothing about this site should suggest to you that we are interested in being all things to all football fans. We have many knowledgeable fans here who know quite a bit about Washington Redskins football in particular and the NFL in general. We allow a certain amount of Redskins machismo here, because that is part of the Redskins experience. So be advised you will likely encounter critical and disparaging statements related to your chosen football team from time to time. As with all issues, moderators will determine what is or isn't allowable independent of anyone's team affiliation. We welcome well-behaved rival fans and enjoy other perspectives in the form of solid football discussion, along with the typical banter expected in such venues as long as it is within our Forum Rules. Do enjoy your time here, but don't let your activities interfere with our ability to enjoy your time here.
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    Narrator: The Sixers won 27 games that season.
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    Long-Stroker walks into work and she's standing there like Then she approaches him in the break room like Then when he gets off and walks to his car, she's in his passenger seat like ] And if you continue to deny her more of that sweet dick, you're gonna be filing an insurance claim
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    An Eagles fan mocking our team name as though it's offensive is pretty hilarious. While you may be a very rare-bird (pun intended) amongst your kind, let's not act like your fanbase gives a damn about political correctness. And yeah, you're not very good at this... Just like your team isn't very good at sustained success. Allow me to burst your little bubble that has you and your fanbase pea****ing and puffing your chest out: First off, you beat us the first game because you got hooked by scheduling, that's it. You caught us week 1 in what was basically an extension of the preseason for a Redskins team with a ton of new starters including many rookies, 2nd year players, or players simply new to the team. I'm confident we would have blown the doors off you if we had played the following week. Simple as that. You're 29th against the pass. I think you're mistaking gel for the thick kool-aid you're drinking directly from Carson Wentz's man-spigot. Let me remind you that the team and Quarterback you are facing on Monday isn't the same you faced week 1. Your pass defense doesn't have Kirk shaking in his boots. If he limits any damage it will be via kneeling in the victory formation. Lol. We have one of the best pass blocking offensive lines in the league and you barely got home against the Giants. Even if Kirk does get rid of the ball quickly, it will be after he checks at the line to pick up your blitz before he proceeds to pick apart your secondary with greater ease than Eli did. On the other hand, Wentz will not catch us by surprise with his mobility and off-schedule plays out of the pocket like he did the first go-around. Expect his passing yards to be hard-earned and for him to be hit on the chin early and often. Our ball-hawks (including Josh Norman who will not be missing this game) will be waiting when Wentz inevitably starts making mistakes this season. Because again, like the rest of your team, his level of success is not sustainable week to week. What Eagles fans have been watching this season is a team that has gotten very lucky in every game I've seen you play in. Every ball and call is going in the Eagles favor right now, and I'm sorry to break it to you, but the play of your young inexperienced team will come crashing back to earth sooner rather than later. The Eagles heads are inflated. Even your coach is worried that they think they are better than they actually are. Similar to how you are disrespecting the Redskins, I suspect your team to do the same and get caught slipping in this game and realize they are doing so too late. Our team hasn't forgot the smack you talked in the off-season and are still pissed at themselves for losing to you week 1. Expect a team motivated to avenge that loss and get the last laugh. Unlike the Eagles, winning is less of a new-feeling to our team and we will be prepared to come out swinging to shut up your redneck, yank & classless fans in that stadium as soon as possible. Monday will be a huge wake-up call that you aren't the Superbowl favorites you think you are. Realistically, It's safe to say that the Eagles (like most teams) aren't going to win out the rest of the year. Your cupcake schedule the rest of the season may be cause for false-optimism for you and your fanbase, but regardless... your next loss will be at the hands of the Redskins come Monday. In your house. You say you don't see your letdown happening at home on a Monday night, but I can assure you that nights like these are the exact stage in which they happen. We know. Others may have welcomed you with open arms, but I don't play nice with Eagles fans. Not in my stadium and not on my teams message board. Before week 1 we had beaten you 5 straight, but even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while. Be happy you managed to sneak out with a win last time, because after this let-down game your fanbase will be back to the usual: Berating your own team, coaches, and front office on local sports-talk radio before cryin yourselves to sleep every night clutching pictures of Andy Reid underneath your pillows.... Only to wake back up to your reality that your super-bowl win was just another cruel dream. Die, Eagles, Die...L-O-S-E-R-S, Losers!
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    I feel like a lot of people (not necessarily on ES, just in general) are, in their outrage at Trump's comments about former presidents, losing sight of the fact that Trump only said that other POTUSes didn't call gold star families because he had just been caught not doing it. So yea, his lies about former presidents not making calls is an outrageous lie, but the original sin here is the Trump literally failed to make the calls himself, for a week. During that week he had plenty of time to twitter fight with NFL players and Bob Corker, play several rounds of golf, and head to his hotel for dinner. Couldn't squeeze in some time for the parents/wives of 4 soldiers who died on his watch.
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    This has been a challenge to me---to extend any generosity in conservation to people whom I don't think are "POS's" yet have found one of those common paths of argument as to why they voted for him. Of course I get negative drives (hating left/dems/clintons/hillary) that are heavily infused with "haterade" and so the vote would be partisan no matter who the dem candidate was (same as uber-partisan folks on the left). But little of that is of acceptable logical, rational, or reasonable merit and is mainly emo in a matter where emo should be subjugated by reason as much as possible. And the presentation of hillary as an especially super vile form of lefty is weak enough logically/rationally before we even get to the farcical aspect of holding trump up as superior to anyone on any moral/ethical/judgemtn/principle grounds (the heart of hillary hate as most often started by gopers). Bottom line, don was a well-known and obvious POS human, to use a phrase, from his real estate and tabloid life in NYC and certainly via his presence as the birther king. I get the variety of reasons people voted for him---from actual racist/bigot to lefty hate to economics to religiosity of a type to the "browning of america" etc---I just find the vast bulk of them reflective of shortcomings in rational intelligent thinking based on solid information and precious few solid arguments.
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    Twelve plus years ago when I found this site the upper hands(management/I.T). Called me in for a meeting to discuss the use or I should say the overuse of the computer and the i.t lady was especially concerned about the extremeskins website I was going to she of course thought it was some porn site lol. Go Redskins
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    and thanks to the mainstream media, don and co have again been busted and now his wannabe drug czar is uncovered...cosmic level **** show again and again....imagine if flynn remained in position what we'd have and the only reason this nation doesn't have that is because of mainstream (non-fox rigthwing nutter radio) reporting, for all its myriad foibles and real biases...........to me it's long been at a point where there's very little oxygen reasonably and rationally available for any deflecting or endorsing commentary regarding this admin/"movement", its base supporters, and its overall nature...really imo it merits little other than contempt, loathing, and desire for removal asap...while there's a place for countering dialogue, it should be a very minor priority to any stable decent intelligent mind imv
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    Everyone I know hates you except mary. She loves everyone. Like some hippy. I'm worse. I love the vast majority of ya. But I love like Carol on WD loves with a little Madison from FWD mixed in, so keep your left up.
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    Dub$ be at work like this...
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    Take a moment and think back to 2013.... Okay. Remember what happened that year? The Redskins finished the season with 8 straight losses. The starting quarterback was throwing picks at a rate of one per game, basically. Then the backup came in late to mop up the season and threw 7 INTs in 3 games. The coach and OC were both fired. Do you remember how you felt after the 2013 regular season came to a close? I bet you do. It went something like this: (Spurrier + Zorn + meddling owner + narcissistic QB)2 ÷ 2 Shanahans = I'M SENDING BRUCE ALLEN MY FAN CARD At that very moment, if I told you that the Redskins would hire a coach who, after one predictably bad season, would: right the ship and coach the team to 2 consecutive winning seasons, take that same shaky backup QB and coach him up to achieve over 9,000 passing yards and 63 total TDs over those 2 winning seasons lead the Redskins to a 3-2 start the season after that ...would you have taken that coach? Of course you would have. Compared with the Browns-esque nature of the Redskins in December 2013, that would've seemed like the football equivalent of skinny dipping with frisky underwear models in a pool of champagne. I'm buying Jay Gruden for the foreseeable future, warts and all.
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    I haven't really seen anyone saying he was uber impressive yesterday. At the same time, if he hits one of those deeper shots or TD to Pryor and he'd be all-world. He certainly wasn't chop liver. He drove the team down to go up ten, errrr 9 (Hopkins). He used his legs when he had to. We couldn't run the ball for crap but kept at it. It wasn't the prettiest game but he's at the top of the list for reasons why we won and didn't squander yet another win like we've historically done in similar situations. The bottom line is that a lot of the criticism Kirk takes around here is for stuff that I see other qbs, even the 2 greats, do every Sunday as well. I fear using this example because it typically gets twisted into some ridiculous Brady vs. Cousins discussion. But Tom Brady is not impressive on every drive or every Sunday. He misses throws. Has bad games. Certainly not always impressive...and he's probably the greatest to ever play the position. The majority of other QBs playing miss throws, take sacks, throw picks, miss reads, you name it. Every Sunday. I get the impression the QB they deem worthy of paying big $ too is merely a mythical figure that doesn't actually exist.
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    Well let's see...Last time I was at a night game at the Linc we clinched the East & they turned the lights out mid presser on Chip Kelley. Time before that was a Monday Night game in '07 & the philly fans egged Joe Gibbs' bus on the way into the stadium. Joe responded by beating them 20-12 in front of a nationally televised audience. Guess who's field I'll be standing on again this Monday Night?
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    Relationship done. She was really not what I imagined her to be. Not a bad thing, simply thought she'd adapt to a new start having grown from past relationships. Here's a hint, don't have a short attention span and a short fuse. You think I'm boring? Ya damn wall with drying paint ass. Philosophically shallower than her damn jayjay. Hittin' back wall, making her look like that dude that got trucked by Garcon this weekend. Of course I mention it to my best friend at work, and she, in jest, tells EEEvveryyone that I may be available. I have a stalker now. A receptionist. She is very attractive, but I definitely don't want to be with her in a relationship. 0% chance. RTT FAM. I shouldn't do it... Should I.
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    All- Be advised that the Mod Squad has a new tool in their bag of ban hammers. In the past, all the Mods could do was either ban a trouble maker or put them on read only. Now, there's a new tool which will allow them to simply remove your ability to post here in tailgate while allowing you to continue to post everywhere else on the board. You'll still be able to read the Tailgate forum, you just won't be able to make that over the line post or whatever it was that originally got your privilege revoked. It hasn't been used on anyone yet, and there's no one currently active in particular that it was implemented for. It was actually designed on the off chance that currently banned member might be able to earn their way back to an active status. However in designing the way this works it seemed like a better idea to keep it as some of you are continually getting in trouble here in Tailgate and we like you enough not to completely toss you off the board. It's really simple. If you don't want to lose your Tailgate access, behave and respect each other.
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    Checking in... no issues so far from me. I'm not looking to change anyone's opinion on your team or mine... but I do think ExtremeSkins is an interesting choice of name for your forum. I'm pretty sure my BT and HR departments are marching to my office right now based on my visiting this site.
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    Smash & go. As long as you sing HTTR on the way out, you all good.
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    No mercy. Unfortunately, this is the right answer. Playing in the workplace can go south really fast. Especially if you toss her the top shelf D but not looking to get serious.
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    Not super impressive? But who played better? Oh yeah, just about nobody. Brady almost lost to the freaking Jets (but the refs had his back) You know, the team everybody said was going 0-16. Rodgers is on a stretcher, Ryan lost at home to the pathetic Dolphins, Checkdown Alex lost at home to 5 pick Ben, like he would have to us if not for our defensive penalties. Who are the top 5 QBs now? We
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    It has started, European invasion of the Redskins. 3:) Moewhaha
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    Pop & Kerr have killed trump in the press, and Trump hasn't mumbled a word against them I wonder why.............
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    I remain grateful that there's still some very football-smart and relatively mentally regular folks who post (this one's for you, spiro) determinedly through the daunting din of doddering dotards (<---- a word btw i been using here a longass time---and no politics in the stadium ). Seriously though, I was reading three of my faves, SIP, tso, and Randy i'm right every now and then Holt...and i was thinking "cool, i never really have to step in and say the smart thing cuz these guys cover it all between them and plus, they don't say the dumb stuff i do".....saves me a lot of clumsy keyboarding....now there are numerous others i think do really well here too of course, like warhead, connskins, goskins etc etc and that's why i don't usually name names... but thanks to you guys... as a short overall take---giving the actual accurate criticisms of still-evolving kc and jay---my pov is that those two are and long have been among the least of our weaknesses, but of course, most of the white noise occurs on those matters....i think jay is also growing a solid pro staffs....we'll see....but yeah, every other team issue is a worse prob then the competency of the hc and qb...yes dummy they are open to critique...figure it out...
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    You're still a virgin so you don't understand what it's like to love a woman, which is why you probably didn't cry actual tears.
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    I've been debating posting this for a while because I thought this might be over the top, but I've told you guys and gals some of my highest high's and lowest moments (mostly this) within the last however years I've been posting here, so why not This? Bottom line, I'm a little over 18k in debt from helping my ex-girlfriend over the past 3 years. I don't think it's necessary to get into specifics, but long story short I pretty much bought a false relationship. Yes, I'm very embarrassed about this but I've concluded I'm never going to meet you wonderful people in person so why not be honest about things? The reason I'm making this thread is because I want to hold myself accountable so that I won't slip up again. After paying all of my bills every month I should have roughly 11-1400 leftover that I'm going to throw into a savings account and since I pretty much live paycheck to paycheck I'm going to throw it at one of my 4 companies that I owe money to every three months. Eventually I'll add screen caps so that you'll see that I'm actually doing this instead of blowing money on useless ****. Where does ES come in? If by next December I'm not within 2k of paying this mess off, I'll request a permanent ban from this site. I just don't trust myself, so I have to take away something that I really enjoy. To be extra honest, my mother is talking about giving me a large sum of cash within the next few months but this is no guarantee. If I do get this cash my goal will shift to instead save a certain amount towards retirement and/or living expenses, not sure how to handle that one just yet. Now I don't want to be selfish so if anyone would like to throw their own personal goal into this thread, feel free Time to do this!
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    Lived in Pennsylvania and Delaware for a year a piece. Couldn't disagree more with you. For one, I made a jab about Pat's and Geno's based on a stereotype. Innocent smack talk. I'm aware that both spots are tourist traps and better steaks can be had at other places in PA. The only thing I will agree with you about is them having a better stadium than us. The Comcast center of whatever it's called is a great pre-game/tailgate experience and it's cool that they have their Hockey, Basketball, and Football teams all located in the same big complex. While there are knowledgeable, educated fans in every fanbase, they are the exception not the rule when it comes to Philly fans. The majority are giant A-holes that take pride in the fact that they are bullies and are unwelcoming to opposing fans. I've seen and been at FedEx field tailgates where opposing teams fans are welcomed with open arms and treated with respect. I'm talking complete strangers feeding and giving free booze to Cowboys, Eagles, and Giants fans. It's pretty awful that even the nice Philly fans acknowledge how ignorant the majority of their fanbase is and would recommend that I not wear Redskins/Wizards/Nats colors to games there. I think it's pretty delusional to excuse their fanbase and actions as simply being "passionate", but to say they are "no worse than any other fanbase" is a huge stretch. The only fanbase you could even make an argument for being as classless is the Raiders and it's not even close, imo. Listening to their local sports talk radio regularly for a year blew me away with how ignorant they are. They put our cynicism to shame.
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    Just add a stock photo of people in lab coats and "This post has been brought to you by Science™" at the end of every post and you automatically win every argument.
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    It does kinda feel like Interstellar where we landed on some weird ass planet for a hot minute but 20 years went by.
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    The former captor: One of their captors did reveal that Donald Trump had won the United States presidency, but Boyle said he didn’t think that was real. “It didn’t enter my mind that he was being serious,” Boyle said. Me: Hahahahahaha. [Sob.] Hahahaheeheeeheeeheeehahaha. [Sob.]
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    Phone and debit unlocked for international travel. Reykjavik Pub Crawl and Metallica/London begins in T-Minus 48 hours and counting...
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    Going back to work after 3 days off sucks. I feel like... You people better order normal **** today, don't make me or my chef make **** up for you.
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    No, he wasn't super impressive but you know what? I guarantee every guy on that roster feels like they have a chance to win with the ball in his hands and they play hard for him because of that confidence. That's what I want in a franchise quarterback.
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    THIS. My god so much THIS. I finally cut the cable cord a few months ago. I watch the Skins on an over the air HD antenna. added an Apple TV (I've recently gone all Mac) though Roku's & firesticks are cheaper. I actually have a $30 Roku in the bedroom so... Anyways I went with Sling TV's Blue package -$25 Hulu -$10 That's $35 a month versus the $165 a month I was paying for cable without internet charges. I rotate other streaming channels/apps. HBO-$15 when the one show there I watch os over, I'll cancell it. Just like I did with STARZ when Power was over. Still with a base of $35-50 a month is still WAY better then nearly $200 a month.
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    Yep. A point I made in a rare appearance in a political discussion on social media. Guy posted about Trump with all of it being negative. Mentioned how he didn't have any faith in the man's ability to lead the nation. At which point several Trumpflakes came in and "advised" said fellow not to listen to fake news. That put me over the edge,(briefly). I basically informed the Dumpster Defenders that Trump didn't just pop on the scene when he announced his candidacy. That he had in fact,been in the public eye for quite some time. Mentioned that my first impression hadn't changed since I'd first read an interview with him. Man's a used car salesman and a pos as a human being. Proved that himself a long time ago.
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    Allen has been flashing some this season but him being out isn't going to make the difference on the defense right now. If he comes back healthy eventually, he has a long and productive career ahead of him. Do not rush him back for any perceived short term success.
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    Get up. cheap breakfast. cheap dinner. Sleep. Poor people do it every day. You'll be back on track before you know it, especially with a K to burn. Sheez. Don't make me beat your ass.
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    It does go along way. That attitude is why the Ravens and Steelers defenses of the 2000's were so good. Lots of teams have a lot of good talent. Hell our defense in 2005 was loaded, but we didn't have that kind of toughness and accountability to put us over the top. Swearinger is a good player, but that leadership is what makes him special. He has gotten a lot of credit for being a culture changer, and it's deserved.
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    1) "No need for a source, look it up." You realize that requires a source, right? 2) So by your data, fourth and fifth years, not the third. Got it.
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    My 100 lb pit bull and my wife's 10 lb dachshund sharing a water bowl in a South Carolina hotel room when we evacuated during the recent hurricane.
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    I'm flagrantly using my likes in this thread
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