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    Why does anyone think the government can do anything about this? Seriously, this isn't "PC" amok, this is people with a voice,, and what do you know, people REALLY enjoy making life miserable for as many people as they can, and have decided every little offense requires instant judgment of death or outrage beyond any reason shall follow. we're a nation of victims, convinced every single wrongdoing is not our fault, and not only are we blameless for anything, we WILL find blame, and we will exploit it for ANY amount of satisfaction. we live in a society where we had to pass laws to stop people from suing people who tried to help their relative or whoever after having been in an accident. Our court systems are cash machines, and we have an overly litigious society driving us to view each other as nothing more than the Cause of All of Our Problems. And if it won't get you money, some internet infamy is just as good, because from my ****ing chair in my ****ing living room i know everything about every goddam thing, and godammit, you BETTER not piss me off, because I will obsess over every little slight there is until i get my pound of flesh. PC isn't the problem. People are. You cannot get PC enough for anyone to ever stop ****ing complaining. Because even if the thing you're asking is perfectly reasonable, the general response is "**** YOU", because you ain't tellin' me nothin' about nothin'. And we have a media who thinks "College Student called a bad name" is ****ing NEWS, and touts up every indiscretion into as much full blown hysteria as they can,, and what do you know, we have hysterical people everywhere believing that every single incident is indicative of "what's wrong with this country", rather than being an isolated incident played into clicks on facebook. Typical exchange on facebook over "story" on DailyClickWhore.com "Boy harrassed by student for wearing blue shirt" (Actual story: boy says, yo man, that's too much blue! You look like a football field in Idaho! Other students laugh.) Ms Busybody: Oh, i think that's terrible. His father's uncle was a police officer! Why shouldn't he wear blue?! Shirley Overreaction: the teacher knew somebody who's father got killed by a cop! It's insensitive, ****! L'Enfant Provocatuer: Trump is going to stop ALL of this ****! **** these Mexicans and their disrespect for America and so on. People. ****ing SUCK. and no leader can change that, ~Bang
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    Jones has all the potential to be a top back in this league. That said, **** losing roster spots to potential. We're not that team anymore. Win and keep playing. Fail and sit the **** down til the bus comes. Breeland might be the last big baby on the roster now. No more old guys, no more draft position getting you starts, just earn it and keep earning it. About ****ing time. Run the ball and attack the QB.
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    Didn't Sessions once say "Good people don't smoke marijuana" ? Do good people lie on an SF86 and get thrown in jail, Jeff?
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    Very excited to read all of the new, original arguments in here.
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    We have to stop trying to assign blame in every situation. Neither of them should be charged, but neither of them should be proud to tell this story to Grandma at Thanksgiving. It's not a cop out to recognize that two ****ty people did ****ty things to each other.
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    No fair, @FrFan. Now I've gotta go downstairs all teary-eyed, hubby's gonna think twa pissed me off again...
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    Gil Brandt - respected my many, MANY people within the league, put Skins in his top 10 of most talented rosters. I've been saying in different threads the last couple weeks, this is the most complete Redskins team in the Dan Snyder era. Our division is tough, but if we sneak into playoffs I have no doubt we will be playing divisional round weekend.
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    The mentality it takes to accept this is truly staggering in it's reasoning. They had no evidence in January, so of course by May they can't have any. Basically, this person should accept that unless a murderer sticks around and explains how they committed the crime, there is no need for a detective, because after the first cop decided they could not solve the case on first glance, then it must not be a murder. Hannity and his audience are a cancer on this country. ~Bang
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    Trusted with nuclear codes, but not twitter Sleep well
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    Long ago, had an attorney tell me that one of the rules they taught him in law school, about a witness on the stand, was "Never ask a question that you don't already know the answer to".
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    Found this extremely interesting: I wonder who pushed for this? Who out there was possibly struggling to get candidates to interview for their top personnel position that doesn't include final say? Hmmm... one ponders.
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    Well, age and money are 2 of the reasons you mentioned. The 3rd, one you didn't is the "why are they trying to unload him" thought. They might see a decline and want to get rid of him before it becomes real obvious and they can't get a ham sammich for him. So, he's a 29 year old CB that is going to want way more money than we have to spend and is probably declining. I'll add this. We had the 26th ranked pass defense in 2015. We added Josh Norman, and had the 26th ranked pass defense in 2016. IMO, you wanna fix the pass defense, get a better DL and LBs that make the QB make faster decisions and get more sacks and more INT's because the QB is rushed. If Phil Taylor is healthy (and this is a big if) he's a very good NT and we would be in excellent shape there, better than Dan Williams. Let's hope he is.
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    NFL has made me happy this morning. I hope they bring back "The Fun Bunch".
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    All female pilots for the reboot, with Tom Cruise as the bumbling instructor.
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    Nothing new to talk about and the only place this is inevitably going to go (after our initial collective preponderance of whether or not this thread should exist in the first place) will be a regurgitation of every point that's already been made a million times while each of us making it believes we're incredibly clever in the process. So @Jumbo's original reasoning for closing the other thread still stands and this is getting closed. Posters have found some legitimate outlets for QB talk within the existing threads here, as is. If you feel that's too limited, well, that's the point. The info out there itself is limited and has been overly discussed to the detriment of all mankind.
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    You got me what Bruce is really thinking or what's really going on. If you buy into what multiple reporters are saying they are suggesting that Bruce and company aren't dumb but they have a lot of ego invested in the Kirk deal. Depending on which version/which reporter -- they don't love Kirk's agent and don't want to give in to him and or they don't want to look that they blew it in 2016 by not getting it done, then. Then you kick in Scot getting his side of the story out about him urging Bruce to get it done in 2015 and he didn't want to do it. Maybe all of it is untrue. I hope its all untrue. I'll give Bruce this if this is him bluffing -- he's really good at bluffing considering every beat reporter and radio personality (aside from Galdi and JP from the Junkies) believe its no bluff and its a long shot that a deal happens. I am sticking to this deal gets done. But I admit that's with me ignoring people saying their sources are suggesting otherwise. I am sticking with logic and the power of self preservation as the pervading points. I don't see how it behooves the Redskins or Bruce personally for this not to get done.
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    A follow up on my earlier thoughts: I'm a martial arts instructor. I've trained with many women that could do some very real damage. Women that, if they came at me with intent to harm, I'd have to really hurt in order to protect myself. I defend against a threat regardless of gender, because women can absolutely be a threat. And to me, the reason domestic violence should be framed as a women's issue is because women are disproportionately affected, not because women are delicate flowers with some magical aura that they should never be touched. That said, I also train one very important tenant above all else: always look to de-escalate a situation, especially if it has yet to become violent. So with that: ~ It is NEVER okay to use physical force if none has been used against you ~ I will not feel bad for her just because she is a woman. She antagonized someone who, unfortunately, did not agree with my first point, and paid the price. Again, just two assholes being assholes to each other.
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    And spooks just casually throw around the T-word, right? And of course this is in the context of him saying at the same hearing that he saw evidence of communications between campaign and Russia. If you really spoke spook you'd know these guys choose their words carefully.
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    Best thing I found to recover from emotional response
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    Mesmerizing time-lapse captures rare cloud phenomenon in Grand Canyon https://vimeo.com/217407298
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    In honor of the recently passed Roger Moore.
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    Wow, that is a good list,, i picked the Goonies for no other reason than why not. I couldn't pick a single movie on that list. Many underrated ones like The Witness, Pale rider, and Weird Science. Good year for movies. These threads are fun, if for no other reason than I remember where i saw them and with who. Nice trips down memory lane. ~Bang
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    things that should happen don't apply to this administration apparently
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    Not gonna get worked up about the reports of the defense getting torched during the summer. This will likely be the best Skins offense since Gibbs first go round. They will be a tough out for anybody
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    GOP just gonna watch this dude destroy everything as long as they get paid. I should have been a politician, man. I'm good at not giving a ****
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    I can't believe this hasn't come up: **** I watched this on mute, and my...allergies acted up.
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    the slime at Fox are not journalists. They have convinced these people that their enemies are their fellow Americans, to our actual enemies eternal delight. It's all just sour grapes and lies. They are a cult. There really isn't any other way to view them at this point. ~Bang
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    I think it's even more severe. I think these people will not accept a murder that takes place in a courtroom in front of their eyes. It really doesn't matter what the weight of evidence is. They refuse to acknowledge it. Manafort being forced out of the campaign because of Russia relations has nothing to do with Russia. Flynn being the first NSA director ever to be forced to resign because of Russian and other foreign entanglements has nothing to do with Russia. They know these things and declare there is no evidence of a relationship between the Trump campaign/administration and Russia. It's baffling. I can understand why a Congressman might take that position or even the White House, but no journalist should, and certainly no citizen should. You can say there's not enough evidence or let the investigation play out... but there is enough out there that we know about to demand inquiry.
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    Dear Penthouse.... LoL...sorry that had to be done!!!
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    I think they did catch the spitting. Over the top rope, McMahon wiped his face off. Stone Cold is my favorite character ever. Oddly enough, I didn't watch the WWF at that time. Had to go back and rewatch all those episodes of RAW. WCW and NWO is ALL I was about in the later 90s. Then I started drinking beer, and Stone Cold became my beacon of hope. If he can be a tough sum'b*tch while being tanked all the time, SO CAN I.
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    If I recall, the cameras didn't even catch the spitting. I remember them quickly rushing to end the show, then as they were fding away, you could see Hart approaching Vinnie Mac ringside and making a motion, then black. I do remember the next night on Raw, though, and it was weird. He was just.... Gone. All of them were, even Owen Hart. I think Neidhart was still there. Just a weird place WWF was in for a bit. They also did that weird shoot interview with Vince and Jr, where vince looked like he just took a baseball bast to the face (he had been in a fight with Bret). Thankfully for them, The Rock stepped his game up, Stone Cold got more epic, DX went face, Vince debuted with his "Mr McMahon" character a few weeks later, and the rest was basically history
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    Someone should tell Norman he actually can't do his bow and arrow celebration again lol. Poor guy
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    I don't get the appeal of Ivanka, she doesn't do anything for me. Maybe it's because of all those icky photos of her and Donald from the time she was little on up even during the campaign. She was a child and it's not her fault, but she puts up with it as an adult. It's creepy as hell.
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    I think there's really a very simple way to avoid the whole problem. Shut the **** up. Seems a lot of people forgot this is an option, and since they can't shut the **** up and insist on saying insulting and ignorant things, they get to meet people who will slap the **** out of them. She asked for it. She may not have thought that was the answer to what she asked for, but oh well, once again, the best way to avoid that man slapping her is to shut the **** up, mind her own business, and not be an asshole to the people around her. This isn't "what we've become" this is what we ARE, and now we just see it. What we are "becoming" are people that are tired of taking **** from ignorant pigs. It doesn't matter that she's a woman.. i see this as no valid protection anymore on moral grounds. She stuck herself in harm's way, and what happens after she steps into it is as much her responsibility as his. I've been in many a scrap. And the first rule to not be in one is don't put yourself in a situation in which you are unprepared for the consequence. Opening up your yap like she did put herself in there, and once there, no sympathy for what happens if it fits the crime. In her case an open hand slap right across her mouth was a fine response. I noticed that even though he took off, she shut right the **** on up. Think she'll think about what she's going to say on the bus tomorrow? ~Bang
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    If you don't cry at that and the beginning of Up, you have no soul.
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    Someone at HogsHaven wrote a pretty definitive breakdown on why Perine is the best RB prospect on our roster. It's an informative read, with a lot of data analyzed. More at link, but I'll post the conclusion here. The same author has an article that gives a fairly scathing review of Kelley's 2016 season here: http://www.hogshaven.com/2017/3/8/14845344/skins-stats-is-robert-kelley-the-answer-at-running-back
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    Yeah- seeing as the eagles haven't ever won and Liverpool is one of the most decorated clubs in all of soccer- just fallen in hard times. Kinda like the REDskins. Hopefully fortunes change very soon for both soon! Yeah- seeing as the eagles haven't ever won and Liverpool is one of the most decorated clubs in all of soccer- just fallen in hard times. Kinda like the REDskins. Hopefully fortunes change very soon for both soon!
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    Check out the Gamebooks in the Download Section.
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    back in the 70's in my first gig, i consulted in speaker design projects (for Bowers & Wilkins) involved with developing a then relatively new material called Kevlar (which turned out to be a very versatile item) for use as speaker diaphragm material and the use of laser interferometry for measuring material behaviors (cone break-up modes; surface activity) and this reminds me of that, but "bigger"... i think this will make significant impact... http://www.exeter.ac.uk/news/featurednews/title_581068_en.html ‘Good vibrations’ no longer needed for speakers as new research encourages graphene to talk--A pioneering new technique that encourages the wonder material graphene to “talk” could revolutionise the global audio and telecommunications industries.
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