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    To celebrate the moon landing, watch Buzz Aldrin cold-**** a moon landing denier. Buzz keeps his cool until the dip**** calls Buzz a “liar, a coward, and a thief.” BTW the guy pressed charges against Aldrin. The judge threw out the case.
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    Who's in favor of not letting Jordan Reed even step foot on a field for the entire TC and the entire preseason ?
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    Funny, you as a stalwart of transparency from the Presidency would accept 33 million deleted emails. But really, I don’t expect honest dealing with you so it’s not funny so much as it is sad that you envision yourself as a reformer within the Republican party aren’t honest enough to admit your own hypocrisy. But then, now you’ll shift the topic to some other justification for your continued goose-stepping.
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    It absolutely wasn’t fair and just and that excerpt is another example of it not being that. He effed up and will have to live with that. He probably wants to parlay this into a political run but no one should forget his actions in 2016. He is not a hero.
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    Playing with other people's money, a game Trump knows well. Except he loses other people's money.
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    First is Klopp coming over to ask us to not bother the players for selfies, and they’ll come up in the stands to take a group photo. Absolutely boss! Second, the bloke who sat just in front of me! Klopp walking off donning a Charlotte Reds scarf. Couldn’t get my phone out quick enough to get him holding it up. Last, Big Virge’s signature on my new shirt. Tapped him on the shoulder and asked, he said, “um, no, we’re not supposed to...ah, okay, give it to me quick.” As if I didn’t love that guy enough already! 913EC6B1-E10D-4471-A1CB-36525749555A.MOV One for GHH!
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    When Obama was President, only 30% of white evangelicals said they would accept immoral personal behavior by an elected official. With Trump as President, that number is 72%.
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    My how times change: The left was always criticized for being too lenient or nice to Russia for trying to establish and improve diplomatic relations. We even gave them a hard reset. Look what happened afterwards. They annexed Crimea, invaded the Ukraine, shot down a Malaysian airliner killing 298 people, support and fund Assad and Isis against us, murdered a citizen on our ally’s soil with nerve agent, hacked our election, and continuously attempt to subvert and destabilize western democracies. Now the right suddenly wants to be friends with Russia and thinks they aren’t so bad after multiple terrorist attacks against us and our allies? Weird...
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    My How Things Change I was reminded about how much the Evangelicals loved righteousness and integrity and candidates who shared Christian valyes until Trump was nominated, and thought about how much the American Evangelicals and demanded righteous living from their candidates and would demand impeachment over lying about Presidential affairs. The Evangelicals and the GOP demanded a religious litmus test of all of their elected. Then I thought about how much the American Evangelicals and GOP were loudest supporters and advocates of law and order and the law enforcement agencies only now to reject them as enemies of the state. Then I thought about the American Christian Evangelicals insistence upon truth, and justice only now to see that they have embraced full blown narrative based relativism. You get the feeling that Satan is living rent-free in a lot of heads, and controlling their brains. Mind games.
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    Well, if anyone knows that the path to immediate success is a bunch of free agents and a new head coach, it's us. Based on our experience, it's safe to assume the Giants are going undefeated. Last year the giants were only slightly less injured than the Redskins, who's players lost the most games to injury in 2017. The Giants won 3 games, and the Redskins won 7. To me that shows a distinct disparity and it isn't even close. With the most injuries, the Redskins more than doubled the giants output.. Now they are back healthy, upgraded, with a veteran QB who will run this offense like it can be run. The real question is, who the hell is calling Ben McAdoo for opinion? Goofiest **** out of NYC since Rich Kotite. ~Bang
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    mercy https://gfycat.com/RegularMemorableBarnowl
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    I bought a deep fryer from Wal Mart the morning of the season opener (Skins) specifically for frying after I smoked several pounds of wings. It sits on a shelf in the basement only to be used for that purpose. I actually plug it in on the deck near the smoker because I can’t stand the smell of fried food in my house. Immediately after they come out of the hot oil, I season them with a mix of brown sugar and old bay so it sticks real nice. It’s making my mouth water just typing about it.
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    Sounds great! It's not possible to slow smoke wings, or any chicken, and get crispy skin. Temps aren't hot enough. 325° is where you need to be at. The smoke, then flash fry, is genius. We made some lifestyle changes, and rarely eat fried foods, but will definitely try that, next time we have a hankering for wings. Thanks for sharing.
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    God drunk af last night and ended up a strip club. Lucky the bank blocked my card for security purposes or else I would of payed for a strippers tuition.
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    I mean seriously, Trump could actively lead us into a pre-emptive nuclear war with England and those freaking morons would still shrug and say, “Well, still better than Hillary.” Because they’re ****ing Pavlovian morons who are conditioned to respond when they hear the dog whistles.
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    In the end.......YAWN
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    I think this doesn't get started enough. Leaders don't always know how something will play out. They make an educated guess based on circumstances in front of them. EVERYONE thought Hillary was a lock. It would have looked fishy if it came out after the election and people found out they knew beforehand. Imagine if Obama had gone after Bin Laden but failed. He got caught essentially invading an ally and didn't have anything to show for it. Things are only a good decision when they work out the way you hope they will. But it can't always work that way.
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    Anyone else realize that this is the last Sunday without some sort of redskins football for the rest of 2018?
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    It depends on what they're saying. For example, if they're saying he's racist b/c of the name, I'd disagree. Personal attacks are over the line too: ie allowing players Redskins One for personal reasons. If they said he was the worst owner in the NFL, I'd partially agree. I think there are worse owners, just not many.
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    "MORALITY" tired of people talking about morality. Fact is that almost 100% of humanity are completely full of ****. Morality is defined by how i can judge YOU, because almost everyone fails utterly to live up to the 'morality' they pretend to believe in. (Some take it to the extra step os pretending they are 'forgiven' for their mortal failings, but they scream and point louder than everyone else.) Most people keep their indiscretions hidden very well. Liars, cheats, thieves, adulterers, drunk drivers, drug addicts, you name it.. utter depravity is much more common than anyone wants to admit. The chances are the louder someone screams about morality, the more they ignore it themselves. We scream "hypocrite' as if it isn't something we're also guilty of. The difference between most people and those they are screaming about is that no one has discovered their secrets. I've always thought it is most difficult to lie to one's self, because unless you're chemically imbalanced, it's impossible. You always know when what you say is true or not. But apparently I am dead wrong. people lie to themselves on a regular basis, and consequently, scream about everyone else. In this country, it has been my distinct impression in almost all of my dealings with people that the overall attitude is "if you're not cheating, you're not trying." People pride themselves in how they got over on someone else. Tired of hearing about morality from people who pretend to be moral. Liars. ~Bang
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    I see you Tiger!
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    The way I see it, every year about half the teams that make the playoffs are teams that missed it the previous year. Take a look at last year's field: Eagles, Vikings, Saints, Panthers, Rams, Jaguars, Titans, Bills. All made playoffs after missing in 2016. There's gotta be some new blood. Why not us? #elevenwins
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    The biggest myth in sports is that more scoring = more entertainment.
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    The GOP gets away with this because they know how to play mainstream media. All of their outrage driven scandals have amounted to nothing. The US media is almost entirely reactionary. The GOP has perfected the art of exploiting this.
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    Comey had information that Russian intelligence was actively supporting Donald Trump, and attempting to penetrate the election systems of multiple states, and kept quiet about it. (He told the current President, who kept the information strictly classified.) He had information that the FBI had discovered some emails that might or might not be new Hillary emails, and gave that information to Hillary's political opponents. (Who immediately went public with false claims about what had been found.) Now, in Comey's defense, there's at least rumors that Comey "went public" with the Hillary information, because a bunch of subordinates were about to leak it anyway. He was kinda blackmailed by his own subordinates. But let's not pretend that the two pieces of evidence were equivalent. Nor was the way one of them was handled for political advantage, and one wasn't. And Comey was probably the second biggest hero on the Right, following the election. He was practically being carried around on the shoulders of gleeful Trumpers for the way he defeated The Evil Hillary. He became hated by the right, when he refused to protect the White House from an ongoing national security investigation. He "sat in on some meetings" with the Kremlin? Sure glad that's not the same as "collusion".
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    Still can't believe this is the guy the Republicans chose to rally around.
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    For the adults in the room, regarding the FISA warrants and the Nunes memo. Trump is trying to change the topic this morning, but by god he picked the wrong issue to swing into play.
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    Comey was as indepenent as he could be, the proof was that he was hated by Trump AND Clinton. Did the timing suck? Yes. But was it fair and just? Yes.
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    He had in fact spent 2 years turning the roster over into players he wanted. And since we have all heard the montra that it takes years to turn over a roster - the current reason for Bruce taking 9 yrs - then 2 yrs is barely time to build much of anything. I do agree 2 yrs is no where near long enough. I also agree 9 yrs is entirely too long. But it looks like the roster is finally getting there. Let's hope they stay healthy and we have a good year. Despite being accused of the opposite with backhanded broad comments from some of Dan's biggest cheerleaders, those of us who are not ready to jump on the Dan is great band wagon are not rooting for the team to fail. I want this team to win 19 gms (at least get to and win the 19th game) just as much as anyone else. That does not mean we cannot be critical of the process and the steps taken. Seen this movie too many times to buy into the "this year it's different!" At least not yet. Being a sucker for a happy ending I will probably get there by September - especially if our rooks look good in PS. The statement: "Shanny turned on him when Griffin ignored his declaration the season was over" makes zero sense." You are saying that when shanny threw in the towel, he wanted his star player - the one you believe he coveted and fought to get, that everyone in the building wanted - he wanted him to shut down and give up too??? That when Robert took a leadership role and led the team to 7 wins to get the POs, that's when he turned on him? You can't possibly really believe that. The rest is not directed solely at you - just building off the initial comment to a broader group: The entire thing is much more nuanced than people are trying to make it. Was Dan 100% responsible? Did he demand Shanny trade for Robert? I seriously doubt it. Why have a HC at all? On the other side, was Shanny super excited to trade for Robert and convinced Dan and the rest of the FO it was the best move? Lose 2 firsts and a second for a QB he has to install a new offense for when there was one he already liked that he could get without trading up for and he does not have to change his offense, just add a new wrinkle? That also makes no sense. How much better could 2013 looked with 2 solid starters on the team from a 2012 2nd and a 2013 1st? Not saying the Redskins take those exact players - but imagine how much better the Defense would have been with Janoris Jenkins and Desmond Trufant in the backfield. It is somewhere in between. I believe - and can follow a logical path - that Dan and Bruce along with some of the scouts really liked Robert. After much discussion, Shanny reluctantly agreed to the deal taking Cousins as insurance. He played along until he got to know Robert and Dan started playing Jerry Buss to Robert's Magic (I believe this happened much earlier than game 9), causing a lot of drama in the locker room and undermining his authority as HC. As time went on shanny became more and more resentful also wishing he had stood his ground - cowards always do that after the fact. But instead of standing up like a man he didn't protect Robert or the franchise as he was heading towards leaving the team. In the end - they are both responsible. They were both running the team. The idea that either were just innocent bystanders just makes no sense. Bringing this back to Dan - I personally think this entire thread was premature, although it's been a great source of entertainment. A few winning seasons and a few deep PO runs, then we can start really making the case that the team is really turned a corner and therefore he is a better football owner. Still a douche as a person but a better owner in terms of football. But a few signs of improvement that have led to a few average seasons and a PO appearance, could also be in spite of him, not because of him. Too early to tell.
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    Really fancying Arsenal to return to the top 4 considering not only the bounce of a new manager and fanbase that has no option but to be bouncing and supportive after finally getting what they wanted. But they’re the only club, along with ourselves, who’s got their business done early with the window shut in less than three weeks.’Spurs are in a wholly mess with most all their top XI in question the start the season after all going so deep the WC. Not to mention not a single move the market. Chelsea are just weird. Hell knows what’s going on there? And Utd, as yet, have done nottin’ to inspire anyone with time running out.With most everyone there all pre-season having that major jump on rivals for a chance at a quick, solid start, I’m liking Arsenal’s chances of being one of the four again this term. You doubtless won’t have seen it being at the ground but Klopp was gushing about Pulisic again last night. Telling yer lid, be it this summer or next he’s only going one place. He also confirmed this will probably be the last pre-season he puts out two different XI’s each half. So you guys will get to see a good mixture of 22 players. Hail.
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    It's not really Trump that they're scared of... It's Republican voters. They thought it was a good idea to pander to the most easily misled citizens, intentionally cultivating a base of of ignorant, unprincipled voters who can't think for themselves. Guess they didn't have the forethought to realize that when your base is a bunch of **** forbrains assholes, a total dickwad like Donald Trump can come in and take over your party. But whatever... they're in power and rich people are getting even more rich so I guess they got what they wanted.
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    BTW, don’t know if the indictment against the 12 Russian GRU operatives has been posted yet. Read it, and then marvel anew at Trump’s disgusting display in Helsinki, knowing he had this in hand. https://www.vox.com/2018/7/13/17568806/mueller-russia-intelligence-indictment-full-text
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    Fox loved Trump after he was nominated. The “American press loved Russia” while he was poisoning journalists, annexing Crimea, invading Ukraine and shooting down passenger airliners?!? That trashy blog link can get Deez nutz. Try harder, folksy troll.
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    For me with Dan and Bruce but more so with Dan -- the running narrative for me is could it be possible that some of the narratives are wrong or they are hyperbole? Sure, why not? I have not seen for example any narrative that disputes that going to get McNabb wasn't Dan's baby. That all points his way. As for RG3, yeah competing narratives exist none of them which don't show Dan all in -- but question is who drove that one Shanny or Dan or was it both? But the thing is about Dan its just the volume of things -- just too many things cooking that lead to a narrative that lends to something like this: A. Either he is terrible at hiring people -- he hires incompetent people who lie and have an odd evil streak about them that never manifested previously. or B. Dan is the problem. He is the common denominator. Now to me the obvious answer is B. But heck if some want to argue A than how does Dan come out on top? Either he is incompetent at hiring people or his own incompetence and questionalbe behavior impinges on his hires. There is no winning answer for Dan. We've had: Dan versus Norv Dan versus Brad Johnson Dan versus L. Arrington Dan versus Marty Dan versus Shanny Dan versus Zorn. Dan/Cerrato involved with Portis versus Zorn. Dan involved with RG3 versus Shanny Cerrato versus Zorn Cerrato versus Marty Bruce versus Kirk Bruce versus Scot Dan pals with Arrington, Portis, RG3. All ending with friction with the coaching staffs. And yeah maybe we can say maybe a narrative or two is wrong on some of this but all of it? If people want to make the case that we haven't heard of Dan being pals with anyone on the current roster -- yeah that's true. He's been relatively quiet. The douche like stuff seems to be Bruce's gig now. My take on Dan right now is he still has the same losing FO structure and the FO still comes off douche like -- I do think a Schaffer and Kyle Smith reboot might fix all of that. My hope is that Dan has changed and its just an odd coincidence that Bruce's douche like behavior happens to come off like old school Dan -- and once he's removed from the equation -- all will be improved. I truly think there is a chance it happens but i am not counting my chickens when they are in the throes of all of this.
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    I was actually responding to BFS, not SiP (I had to recheck lol...I thought "Wait...who was I responding to again?). But to answer your question, the short answer is: Shanahan is as self-serving a mf'er as I've ever seen in the NFL, so it's difficult for me to take him at his word when it contradicts earlier statements he's made. I commented in the past about how Shanahan seemingly flat-out lied about Doc Andrews and RG3, telling two different stories on two different occasions about Andrews giving Griffin clearance to play, to the point that Doc Andrews ended up texting a reporter that Shanahan's latest comments weren't true and that he never said what Shanny was claiming he said. I also commented in the past about how Shanahan's interviews after being fired by the Skins all seemed to follow a pattern: he wanted the moves that turned out well, Snyder and Allen wanted the moves that turned out crappy lol. For awhile there the tone of his statements could be summarized as "If only Allen and Snyder had let me do what I wanted to do instead of forcing me to make moves they wanted, the Skins would have been a much better team." Seriously, I don't remember him owning up to a single bad decision...maybe signing Beck? I dunno...don't think anyone asked him about Beck at that point lol... Lastly, I've commented in the past about how Shanahan's actions during his time here seem to undercut the idea that he was constantly forced into moves and decisions he really didn't want to do or make. So, yeah, the guy doesn't exactly give me a reason to take him at his word, especially when those words contradict his earlier words and seem to deflect his errors to being the result of others even though his earlier words were about him having complete control over those decisions. Drafting Cousins? I think he truly loved Cousins and once he fell into the 4th round thought "**** it, I'm going deep" lol...don't think for a moment it was his way of saying screw you to Snyder. Here's a question that rarely, if ever, gets asked or discussed: if Snyder/Allen were forceful enough to get Shanny to go against what he wanted to do either in terms of player drafted or picks used (or both), would they have also been forceful enough to tell Shanahan the Skins will not draft another QB that same year? The argument they would have used--some even said it had validity at the time--was that you don't want to create unnecessary drama and undercut the player you just spent a ****load of draft capital on. So wouldn't they have had that discussion with Shanahan ahead of time?...And if Shanahan actually said "screw you" and drafted Cousins, wouldn't he have said "screw you" earlier as well about Griffin? Something to think about anyway.
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    Ummmm... it is called the back door swing gate.
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    Great article by Kimerbley A. Martin (girl is really going somewhere as a reporter). on the Post if you want to read: And if you've reached your limit of articles there, navigate in private will get you through it.
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    I found this phrase to be a little humourous, considering this thread is exclusively dedicated to Guice
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    You don't convert the first team All Pro LT to guard just because you have a hole at guard. Our back up tackles are good, but far lesser players. If any tackle is to make the switch to guard, it should be one of them.
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