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    You know the only person NOT under investigation? Hillary Clinton. Just saying.
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    Hard to take you seriously with your second-to-last sentence. If everything were so easy, then why would he be near the top? His stats aren't elite, but he's number three in yards (just to pick one), while the only other guys north of 4,500 (Kirk had 4,900) are Brees and Ryan. Those guys are elite, but Cousins isn't because oh wait, he is. Tied for fourth in game-winning drives but he sure does suck when the game is on the line. Come on, man. How can you, with a straight face, say that things taken care of after the season (play caller/RB) now retroactively make the negatives of last season his fault? And nobody ever blamed McVay for anything but the red zone. Guy was lightning in a bottle and unless Gruden was fired and replaced with McVay, he was going to be a HC somewhere else. You also argue that he can't be given credit for the numbers he put up, but then again cherry pick "stats" about the offensive line and his receivers. I don't think that Cousins is GOAT, but he's worth keeping around long-term and we've been doing it wrong.
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    I admire the sheer stamina and fortitude some of y'all have to keep arguing about this subject. Me? I'm just here for the snark 'til something tangible goes down.
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    "Hey, before you lie on your incident report. Look at the bodycam footage, and use THAT to form your lies."
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    People in the financial industry should face jail time when crap like that is pulled.
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    Honest to God reading this story got me thinking, he really might be the first human being that I can recall that grosses me out on a non-physical level. Not anger or hate or anything like that. But gross. Normally that's reserved for someone smearing **** on a McDonald's window while they swing their used tampon at passerby's. With Trump though, as this story perfectly illustrates, the level of fraud, phoniness and bull**** is just so beyond the pale while also being so goddamn hinky and schlocky that it's honestly nauseating to consider the such a person not only exists but resides in our White House. I swear I'd rather take a used tampon upside the head any day. But yeah, that story might not be world altering but I think it's a good look at the character of Trump. And it's from recent Pulitzer winner David Fahrenthold. It's not just clickbait bull****. Recommend.
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    I have spoken to many in regards to Redskins and Cousins...told there isn't a real price that will make Kirk Cousins happy...this is deeper — Dianna Russini (@diannaESPN) June 27, 2017 Umm...what? lol 1) There's ALWAYS a price that will make everyone happy 2) What, exactly, has the Redskins done to Cousins for him to harbor some deep resentment?
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    It's really amazing that we are tolerating this kind of buffoonish behavior from the leader of our country. More disturbing is that millions of people see this and aren't alarmed at all. You had 16 other conservatives to chose from and you picked this?
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    I'm failing to see how CNN immediately pulling a bogus story and firing the people behind it makes them look bad. I can't be the only one? Or am I missing something? **** happens in life. Personally I like it when people own it. Is accountability bad now? No wonder Trump doesn't admit to ****. Telling you water isn't wet and treating you like a dumb **** is the smart move I guess.
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    Lets not forget that James Dolan is also a trainwreck.
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    Fundamentally wrong? You and I operate on entirely different definitions of right and wrong if you believe that. There are few things as clearly right as providing health care to those that need it and not financially ruining families because one of them got sick. We as a people collectively spend money on a lot of things, and few of those things are more worthy and more necessary than health care.
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    This whole thing is completely stupid. Those tweets from that woman earlier today, she said they've talked to many outside GMs/team personnel, who all think the same thing, that no deal will be done, that Kirk doesn't want to be here. First, are they part of our front office? No. Are they involved in any way in negotiations? NO. Why do their idiotic thoughts matter? Nobody in our front office has said anything yet about a deal not happening. The media should wait until then to report anything.
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    You mean Luke and Leia. Luke and Laura was General Hospital. Lol But I agree.
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    Except for when Kirk, himself, said that he was excited to help get the Redskins back to their glory days of winning championships and being annual contenders. He said that in two separate interviews back in January/February. And, I'm not sure where this "boatload of money" spending idea came from. They signed a couple of WR's in the off-season to team friendly, one year deals, but let two of Kirk's three biggest weapons walk. I'm not trying to argue whether or not Garcon and/or Jax should have been retained, especially for the prices they were asking (that would have been spending a boatload), but other than Trent Williams, there isn't one offensive starter currently on the team that would fit the definition of getting a "boatload of money," unless you are counting Kirk's $24 million FT salary.
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    He is the biggest exaggerator in the history of the world.
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    Okay, I'm convinced...Party Posse is none other than Bruce Allen. Now the guy is taking advantage of the Redskins and the super duper offense they've put around him. My god.
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    Regarding the fake Time cover, here's a simple solution for Donald's golf course decorators. Take down that fake cover and replace it with this more accurate one:
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    So another beautiful summer day dawns and I'll be damned if I will sit here all day............ But I am willing to do the occasional drive-by
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    Adios, Phil Jackson. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
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    There you go GOPers, there's your hero. But then you don't care because Trump doesn't need to understand anything just so long as he is your empty suit.
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    Hey, here's a conspiracy theory to chew on lol: What if Russini's source for all this recent stuff she's been tweeting--Cousins resentment running deep and there not being a "real" number that would make him happy to stay with the Redskins, "lots of water under the bridge" between the two sides (still think she doesn't understand what that phrase means lol), etc--what if her source is McCloughan? lol...Like he's trying to stir **** up for Allen in the media as the deadline draws near because he still harbors resentment towards him. He could be like Jon Lovitz' character of the Liar lol: Russini: "Hello?" Scot: "Yeah...this is Scot....Yeah...guess what, Diana? I just had breakf...er, lunch...yeah...lunch with Kirk Cousins!" Russini: "Seriously?" Scot: "Yeah...thought you might wanna know what he told me...about Allen--er, about the Redskins. Yeah. We talk every week--er, every da--hour...yeah, we talk every hour. All the time, him and me." Russini: "I knew it. What did he say?" Scot: "He said that he would...he would NOT sign with the Redskins! Ever! Yeah, that's the ticket. Said he's still mad I was fired....and that the Skins didn't make him a legit offer last year. Uh, I mean THIS year. Last year OR this year! Yeah..." Russini: "Wow...let me write all this down" Scot: "Oh, and he hates Colt McCoy, too. Hates him. Well, I better go. My wife Morgan Fairchild is waiting for me..." Russini: "You're not married to--" Scot: (click)
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    Yeah, yeah, CNN is not the gold standard Walter Cronkite of the modern era, tough titty If you consider them in a vacuum they leave a lot to be desired If you compare them to the alternatives it's a KO in the first round And oh yeah........
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    You realize both have been saying basically the same thing, right?
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    I hope the CBO report gives enough cover to the GOPers on the fence to not allow it to proceed. Let this turd die on its own merits. Don't save it.
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    Didn't want to respond in the twitter thread, so I am doing it here. I will related my comment to the contract. Kirk cheated in his jenga video. You can't use two hands to pull a block or place a block back on the tower. So Kirk, for cheating, please drop your salary demands down to $24.5 mil a year with $55 mil guaranteed.
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    I for one love it. I hope the rest of the defense takes notice and gets mean too. It is Washington vs everyone. Norman is already starting the mind games early. We all know OBJ is mentally weak.
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    ^^^ Also looks like the dance floor at my middle school sock hop.
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    Adding to your points, no one who has any insecurity whatsoever signs back to back franchise tags and bets on himself to exceed expectations. A player who is scared to show what he can do and decides not to play at all under the tag could be called a "little girl" but not a player who courageously accepts the challenge from a front office that he knew did not believe in him.
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    I bet the Ravens, if they're interested, will appeal this thing of hm being a free agent, saying he was retired and you can't use retirement to escape contract rules
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    Yall keep playing and "Internet Tax" will be the next executive order lmao
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    We're gonna look back at this and I think the most common thought from ex-Trump staffers is gonna be "You know, in hindsight, we really, really should have taken away his phone."
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    Used tampon imagery aside, this is about where I'm at with this miserable ****-stain of a human being. It's not his politics. He's just a crappy person at every level. Except for self-promotion to the gullible. He's got that down pat.
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    I dont believe the situation is as gloomy as some would leed us to belive I also don't understand where people have this notion the Redskins FO have no leverage in all of this - They have one huge card to play and that is certainy going forwards. To me Kirk is walking and increasingly fine line here - Especially if this is genuinely not about money but personalities he is in danger of cutting himself off from one of only thirty-two potential employers in the world for the next X years. Grudges can work in two directions ... But hey why should he worry? because as we are led to believe he can walk out of here tomorrow and land a $30+ million a year job with one of those other thirty-one teams ... Except not all are hiring - I would say there are least 10 or 11 teams that are absolutely set at QB - add in another 5 or 6 who probably would not be looking at a high price FA to come in because they are developing their own so from thirty-one you are down to thirteen or fourteen teams - One of which is likely the Browns ...- but then of those thirteen or fourteen teams you have to look at teams who know enough about Kirk to want to give him a sufficiently big contract which might price Kirk out the market.. But those thirteen or fouteen teams might include the Rams or the 49ers - both of which might be in the QB hunt and both know Kirk enough to know his value. He could also want to go to a team and not be concerned about money - because he has a relationship with a specific coach and might give that team a signifcant discount - (Kyle Shanahan for example) - but as nice as Kyle Shanahan is he cannot make a silk purse out of a sow's ear - The 49ers are in full-on roster rebuild and are a way aways from being competitive in 2017 and IF 2017 is VERY bad in san fran - who knows what the environment will be like there in a years time - Snyder might have his flaws but Jed York ? (3 HC's in 3 years for those keeping score) - AND John Lynch as GM.... Kirk may also be looking at the Rams as a possibility - But that is assuming Goff is still a disaster - Goff shows anything they are not going to be bringing Kirk in at any price. Sorry ... Although this is Les Sneed and anything is possible... And then there is the small factor of the fact that Kirk has to play the games, prepare for the games and put his body on the line for the future security of him and his family ... The team will always make and have money and let's say Kirk doesn't get a deal done and bridges are burnt and Kirk simply doesn't play well - or worse struggles and sustains a significant injury to his throwing arm late in the season that might linger to training camp the following season - Burns his bridges here and Colt is good enough or Nate surprises everyone and the Redskins have someone serviceable - AND under contract, Kirk could end up doing his rehab while trying to find a new team to play for - and would be under intense pressure to be able to prove himself - that he is the same guy post injury as he has been here for the last few years . So as much as we all want this to go well for Kirk and his family - He does not have all the cards - IF things are as bad as people are portraying and Kirk genuinely doesn't want to sign here for any deal then he is playing high stakes poker essentially and might be finding himself playing for a team where he has no history and support on a one year prove it deal in a situation where odds are strongly stacked against him - I know he will do his damnedest to make it work but every QB in every team works their damnedest To me it makes to much sense for a deal to happen - for it not too . (if that makes sense) from both sides .
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    Why shouldn't they? Putin is winning easily. Unbound by any loyalty to the US or responsibility to our laws and sovereignty, he can pull strings and manipulate while his puppet can have his propagandists ask "what crime"? He is taking down the US without firing a shot. ~Bang
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    Would you also agree that you don't know dick about either plan and that you are only saying it's better because the Republicans rolled it out?
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    Are you aware that the current administration is very much undermining Obamacare?
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    Also worth noting, I reached out to other coaches and GMs in the NFL this week. Almost ALL of them agree with the Redskins tag on Cousins — Dianna Russini (@diannaESPN) June 27, 2017 Umm...what? pt 3 What does that even mean?...That they feel the Redskins should have franchise tagged Cousins? Since the tag was supposedly used to allow them to negotiate with Cousins for a LTD without any other teams being in the mix, is that what almost ALL GMs/coaches agree with? Because the alternative was basically letting Cousins go to free agency. Or does she mean almost ALL GMs/coaches think the Skins should not sign Cousins to a LTD yet and let him play on the franchise tag this year?
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    Dianna Russini‏Verified account @diannaESPN 2h2 hours ago There’s a lot of water under the bridge between Kirk Cousins & Washington. Told a long term deal "doesn’t look promising" by 7/17 #Redskins Umm....what? If there's "a lot of water under the bridge" between Cousins and the Skins, that would indicate it's MORE promising a LTD gets done, not less.
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    Like stated before, Cousins is in the elite, or a notch right below elite level. You should know by now, they did it with Romo as well. They will do anything to anoint Dak as the next Staubach, Aikman etc. it's what they do
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