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    So true. And without a game next weekend to get everybody focusing on that starting around mid-week, ES will be doom & gloom until AT LEAST Wednesday of the following week. Please, skins. Please. Win this one for the sake of Cooleyfan and zskins 😂
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    The thing that sucks about all of this is that no coach is going to want to come here because they’d be stuck with mediocre-ass Alex Smith for the next 2 seasons. Had we had Josh Allen or Rosen it would have been a selling point; a young talented QB to work with. But it’s likely nobody is going to want to work with Alex Smith because of how limited he is.
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    Um, no one has testified, all that's happened is people have sent lawyered up letters all saying "I don't recall." Does some committee guy calling you up and talking to you on the phone count or sending a letter in count as far as false statements go? Even if it does, this isn't a standard the GOP wants to set, that willingness to make a statement on the record = credibility. Because by that standard, Ford, who is asking the FBI to be involved, is more credible than Brett, who is not.
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    It will be the longest bye week ever. Sitting here waiting to see our season decapitated, we can't lose to the packers. Go down swinging, Goddammit, gimme something worth defending.
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    CNN is a joke channel for those stupid panels with sad Trump supporters.
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    yes it is, and no He won't, ....He'll be aight tho.
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    I think this game will end up creating a player who really makes a name for himself. Unfortunately it will most likely be on the Packers team. There has been so much talk about Aaron Rodgers; will he play, will he be sat down; will he be able to play good enough to win. But there's no talk about anyone else. This game has the makings for someone to be a star, at least for the week. It could be one of their WRs, a RB, the defense, but someone will step up and make this game not about Aaron Rodgers, and it will leave Gruden blank with no answer. I hope like crazy it doesn't happen this way, but these weird thoughts cross my mind at certain times, and more often than not they come true. So let me go ahead and say it, this IS a desperation game for the Redskins. If they fall behind early while not looking better than last week, the crowd will turn on them, with booing billowing across FedEx field, and it will be the beginning of the end for the coaches.
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    I can say with assurance that "some" of the Alex is great crowd -- and we had a share of people who described his play that way even if they didn't use the term -- indeed said that Alex is an aggressive QB "when he needs to be". The argument was a variation of the dude is just a winner, he's conservative when he needs to play that hand to win a game and can gunsling with the best of them and be aggressive when he needed to do that to win a game. And I'd add if you don't agree with them than you are a hater. That's why I sarcastically every now and then use the Alex is all things to all people line -- that line is specifically directed at that crowd because that's how he was described. And, that was the nature of the argument that was shoved at me and since I didn't buy it I supposedly hated the dude. So I of all people remember it very well. 😄 I am not going to call anyone out but I've seen some tapering off of some of the positions from some from before. The idea that Alex is a conservative-good-game managing QB doesn't seem now like a hater position but instead plays into what we've seen so far. And that's cool. When the sample size increases or in this case you start seeing things for yourself opinions evolve. Having said that, just like I told the Alex is aggressive when he needs to be and can gunsling crowd --my mind is open to that but I need to see it and I wasn't going to just take their word for it especially when people who covered Alex described him differently. I still feel that way. I've been ok with Alex's performance in the first two games but haven't loved it either. It comes off to me that we got 4 years older at the position AND downgraded. And for my taste that's a bad combination. I understand some others don't feel that way or obsess over the salary differences as if it were out of their hands -- to each their own on that. But, its only 2 games. I think its silly to paint the brush, yet. For me, if we are going to get 4 years older at the position, we need to upgrade at that position or ANY position -- otherwise "meh". And I am not ruling out that we haven't upgraded -- but I didn't think we did when the trade was made, I am even more solidly in that camp after watching the NFL the first two games. And if anything I am giving a lot of rope on this because my point was never squarely on Alex but the match of him to the full roster -- if that combination adds to mediocrity or worst, it was IMO a wasted trade. If however, they have some really good seasons, I like the trade, irrespective if Alex lights it on fire. For me I always think the Kirk-Alex argument is very relevant to the season because it will likely color the future of the FO so I am interested and judging by twitter and here plenty of fans are interested, too, As for Kirk I've thought for awhile he's a good to very good QB and with the right supporting cast I think he can emerge for good in the category of very good. I think we are seeing the very good version of Kirk so far in Minny. But that's a sample size of 2 games. So that story also remains to be told. The NFL can switch in a dime. And the GB game is the perfect set up for Alex to kill it and get some hero worship on this thread again like the off season. And I suspect some might think I am rooting against that. But far from it. I am 100% in on any player on this team to rock especially Alex. If he kills it and they beat GB I'll be giddy. As much as I'd like to see change in the FO, its psychologically impossible for me not to root for them to win every game. Felt that way when Vinny was here, too.
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