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    I think I'm on Norman's side here. So far, every time this season I enter ES after a victory it feels like a loss. There's nothing but ****ing and complaining. There's almost not a shred of happiness. It's all handwringing and focus on the bad. The negativism and determination to "keep it real" is insane. There's a segment of the fan base determined to be miserable and poke holes in every half full glass. If I didn't watch the games and know the standings, I'd swear we were a one win team this year based on the tenor and nonstop misery. Sure, fans have had a tough history with this team. My faith that the Redskins will continue succeeding is about as fragile as crepe paper during a tsunami, but we're 6-3, finally have a defense that is not losing every lead, and an offense that is letting the other team make the fatal mistake! I don't know that we should feel good about this team. I don't know that we should be leading parades, but I do think we should be high fiving and sharing a beer instead of crying into them. Right now, the fanbase sucks. It's the teams fault, but our fanbase deserves a round of boos.
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    Redskins have a garbage fan base. If you boo your team, you're an asshole. The ****ing browns got more respect from their fans in a winless season than the division leading skins do during a victory.
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    He shouldn't have said it. He's right, but he shouldn't have said it.
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    That was actually @Jumbo who initially brought that up (well, openly, it’s always a topic among us). As for me, I have repeatedly warned @bobandweave and others about bringing Kirk up directly or indirectly, then throwing a fit when others counter by saying something like “let’s move on” or “why are we bringing him up, he’s a Viking”. Essentially, it’s “yeah, we’ll talk about him only when we want to and in the context we prefer, otherwise everyone shut up and stop it”. It’s an attempt to stifle discussion which is the antithesis of the board. It’s something you see all over the place in other social media outlets. Straight trollish behavior. Similarly, posters will “like” certain posts about Kirk, then when the discussion turns away from the context they prefer, they make posts or “like” posts telling everyone to shut up and move on. As long as we allow it, Kirk can be brought up with regards to Alex and/or Bruce. There is a legitimate and healthy discussion to be had there. And so long as it maintains some semblance of that, we’ll continue to allow it. Until that changes (there’s definitely evidence to suggest it has or it will) we’ll put a stop to it per our role as mods. Otherwise, we don’t need anyone attempting to do so when it suits their agenda. Bobandweave should not have said he was warned not to talk about Kirk. It’s actually quite the opposite. That’s a gross misrepresentation and I’m glad you guys noticed that. ———————————————- As for this thread, you know, it’s really odd. I’m super happy and enjoying this season overall at 6-3 (though the losses have absolutely sucked, lol, they’re not even anywhere near a “moral victory”, yeesh). The defense has been fun to watch for the most part and our special teams (particularly our kicking game) has been excellent. Magnificent even! Of course, AD has been wonderful as well. Good times. I’m also extremely concerned about Alex’s limitations thus far and the very legitimate possibility that he ends up being the biggest hindrance to real playoff-level contention. And, yet, I have absolutely zero cognitive dissonance regarding that and feel perfectly fine with airing those concerns in a thread about, uhm, Alex. In fact, the concern is there specifically because I want to keep enjoying myself. Which is really weird, right? Because I keep reading posts, in this thread about Alex, telling me that (because of those perfectly reasonable feelings) I’m not really happy about our record and I need to enjoy this. That one coming into a thread about Alex and discussing the presently obvious flaws in his game is indicative of being miserable overall or something. That extreme conflation of QB performance to a team’s win/loss record is perfectly fine and acceptable and not utterly nonsensical as proven a thousand times over. I mean, am I in another thread that’s about celebrating our season as a whole or even a particular unit playing well, where many are unjustly airing those concerns about Alex? The mind ponders. 🧐 I must be crazy. Enjoying this season and having fun while largely being frustrated, disappointed and rightfully concerned regarding a major team strength in the past that has now become a glaring weakness due to QB play from someone we heavily invested in. That’s impossible! Can’t be! I must be lying to myself and deep down I’m absolutely miserable. Thank you ES for waking me up to how deeply unhappy I truly am, all this time I’ve been blissfully asleep. 😝 Alright, no more tongue in cheek silliness. This particular win has me extra pleased because, with the Eagles losing as well, it gives us some big time cushion. It also came against the type of opponent our formula usually fails against (and you can clearly see why that is during the game, but man were the Bucs stupid), which was great. We obviously have a bunch of things we need to “get right” as a team, with the most important thing being Alex Smith and the passing offense. Will it ever happen? I’m not sure. And with every week that passes by the hope is diminishing it will. It’s just... anemic. But the cushion, record-wise, is there and we can afford a little more patience now. That’s massive. We’re distancing ourselves from the organizationally pervasive “panic” atmosphere (that Jay has actually overcome very well during his tenure here) where catastrophic decisions are made and the inevitable, total collapse follows. The one that we’ve seen far too many times as fans. Is the formula (great running game and defense, ball control, win the TO battle, etc...) that got us here sustainable in the modern NFL? Extremely doubtful. It works, you can win, but even the rare teams that pull it off during an entire season too often fall apart the next season, since it’s so hard to maintain the many moving parts in terms of personnel required to do so. We really do need Alex to improve. We simply paid too much. It’s damn near impossible to win with the amount of resources invested there with the type of production we’re getting now. It was oft-repeated here how moving on from Kirk would mean we could save all that cap space and use it elsewhere to build a stronger team. Well, we moved on and “all this cap space saved” hasn’t resulted in much. Furthermore, we lost a draft pick in a spot we’ve actually been effective in finding players as well as a key young piece on our defense. It’s a minor miracle that we’ve attained a record like this with this type of resource management from our FO. You just don’t see that around the league, few can ever overcome it. I give major credit to the coaches as well as our college scouts for that. But Alex has got to do way more if we’re ever going to truly contend, and that’s a damn shame considering how close we’ve been the last couple years. There are a few big plays to be made every game that he’s missing. They’re easy. The scheme works. Hit those, and suddenly we’ll be rolling. Suddenly, the formula won’t be so one-dimensional and rigid, we’ll be able to succeed in answering the dynamic questions various opponents present. I’m happy that possibility exists while we’ve got some decent room for error now. How awesome would it be if we really capitalize?
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    Fitz has very good pocket presence. Always has. The joke is "he's a Harvard guy" but it's true. The guy is just freakin' smart. But he also has a gun slinger mentality, so that intelligence is kind of offset when he tries to sling the ball into spaces it doesn't belong. Our tackling left something to be desired, yesterday, for sure. But lining guys off makes sense. The Skins were banking on holding Tampa to three points on drives. So they were aggressive with the front, but sat back in coverage. They were protecting our rookie/2nd year corners and letting Norman/Dix/Swearinger be aggressive. I actually can't get mad at that. I'd rather the rookies were protected from getting abused deep and their psyche's getting destroyed. Keep everything in front on the young guys and let the vets and front 7 go.
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    The throw to Vernon Davis was not hot. But I am not going to hang on that one throw. They dont throw deep much and when they do Alex so far doesnt throw it well, even that Richardson complete deep ball weeks back was poorly thrown even by Alex's admission. The passing offense looked lethargic 2 weeeks in a row against 2 of the worst pass defenses in the NFL. Watching Alex on the bench, if he is this big leader, as some contend, its not in the form of talking to players on the sideline. Colt was the social guy doing that some. And no I am not a Colt guy. The more I watch Alex the more I think the winner label is a bit silly. The better label is develop a really good roster and he wont make it better but will not spoil the party. You take last years roster and schedule and i think this team would look like a disaster with him at the helm. Great things have to be done by OTHERS for Alex to win. 4 turnovers in the last game or Peterson looks great in another game, etc. The more I watch him the more I think the dude is limited. But I will stick up for him on one point which is I got no doubt he would play better with a better supporting cast. While this cast is better than 2017, it still is mediocre. I am not one of the Doctson haters and I think he is coming on. But he is not a Yac guy. You need Yac guys for a checkdown style QB. Will Colt play better? Not sure. Colt plays with more moxie and guts. And is more inspiring to watch. He is somewhat like Fitzpatrick, he plays with gumption but without the arm to match. And I think Fitzpatrick is still better than Colt. Finlay said last night, he talked to someone in the coaching staff last night and to quote them, they are pulling their hair out for what Alex continues to miss and leave on the field. Finlay said in another segment that the coaches are very frustrated with Alex but no talk about starting Colt.
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    I'll be happy when that putrid stadium property becomes some kind of business park, outlet mall or other complex and the team moves back to DC where it belongs. Can't go back in time, but I've been to RFK and I've been to Fed Ex. No comparison in terms of the fan experience or the ratio of Skins fans to opposing team fans. Part of it has to do with the terrible teams/coaches/mgmt we've had (each a function of the other elements).......but Norman is not saying something here that I haven't heard a lot of fans say, and that hasn't been said on this forum many, many times by frustrated fans who get sick and tired of going to a home game and seeing other fans, especially those damn Eagles, coloring our stadium with their jerseys. And a lot of the players feel the exact same way. But after a victory, don't ask the man that question. And to Norman, don't answer the question that way after a victory. And just to put a little perspective on it: Reporters have a narrative whenever they interview somebody. They already know what they want to write or broadcast, and they're just looking for you to support that narrative. Just can't fall for the bait.
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    Yes it was, Manusky's game plan worked well and some posters are still calling him out. Stroman is a raw, 22 year old rookie CB playing against a veteran QB with the highest yards-per-pass average in the league. He was obviously told to play off of his man, keep everything in front of him and don't get beat deep. This is the epitome of bend but don't break and it worked perfectly. He gave up a lot of yards, but no TDs and even got an interception. Glass half empty = The next time that we get gashed for 500 yards, we won't only concede 3 points. Glass half full = The next time that we only concede 3 points, we won't get gashed for 500 yards. I think that Manusky should be praised for his game plan.
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    Tip of the cap to our coaching staff. Took that rag-tag group on the road with a very sharp game plan and basically executed it to perfection. A couple key penalties and some early tackling issues kept the game from being a total blowout. NEXT!
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    One look inside either of the Alex Smith threads is all you need to see. I’m with Norman on this one. And Ill do my part at the stadium this Sunday.* *Full disclosure: We are bringing two Texans fans with us.
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    Pros: -Tampa played clown music when the Skins took the field. Skins went on to clown the Bucs. -Mr. Cooper might actually be an upgrade at LG for the team. I can't believe they fell into him. I was watching the game while doing some other things, so I may have missed some stuff... But the way he was comboing and slipping on/off blocks was awesome. The dude looked great out there. And Bergstrom looks BETTER at RG than LG or C. I don't know how much of that is going to stick, but those guys stepped up big time. Kudos to Nsheke, Roullier and Moses as well. -Josh Doctson had his best game as a pro, in my opinion. -Alex Smith played his best game as a Redskin, in my opinion. Needs to play like he did in the second half more often and we're in good shape at QB. EDIT BEFORE PEOPLE START PUTTING WORDS IN MY MOUTH: Smith is by no means lighting the world on fire. Even yesterday, where I feel he played better than he has in any other game. When I say the team could be in good shape at QB, I mean they can continue to have the ability to win football games. I think quarterback win/loss stats are a bit of a misnomer, but when the QB wins so much more than he loses there IS something to that. Alex Smith is 94-65-1 as a starting QB in the NFL. He wins 60% of the games he starts. Coincidentally, that's roughly where the Skins are so far. 66%. I'm not advocating he's a great QB, just he is what he is. -The Defense. Not much else to say there. They were attacking and aggressive. Norman had an outstanding pick and played Evans well. Mason Foster is getting better in the hook zone and forcing QBs to lead their receivers more, which opens chances. The passrush is getting there. Love the punch drill by the D. Manusky was aggressive again this week after sitting back last week. Cons: -Jordan Reed is hot and cold. Wouldn't say this was bad, necessarily, but he's streaky. And, uhh... Don't have much bad to say. I could go in on the offense a bit, because they weren't great yesterday... but it's similar to what they've been all year. So its just beating a dead horse. They did it differently than they have previously, though, which was halfway encouraging.
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    Well Eagles fans were booing their team last night. But yes, they're assholes I wrote this in the game thread last night, I'll re-post it here.
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    I’m not going to stop pretending. Sure we don’t have the Saints, the Rams or the Patriots here but I’m encouraged with what we do have: a decent team with heart. These guys are not just giving up the way they used to do (Aints game excepted) and that means there could be times here and there when they squeak out a win that the Skins we’ve grown used to wouldn’t. If the cards fall right that could lead to a playoff win. OK. I will leave all the Debbie downers and naysayers to this thread. Enjoy your misery!
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    Josh is right, not gonna make friends here with this comment but i have to say it. We have alot of lousy fans, 5 or 6 weeks ago people were calling for both Norman and Ryan Kerrigan to be benched, BENCHED! We let the best QB we have had since Mark Rypien won us a Superbowl walk and most of our fans were fine or even happy about it, sad. Read through the game-day threads and its a sea of negativity, We could be up by 2 touchdowns and multiple people will be complaining how a real football team would be up by 30 right now. Our Home games are a complete joke, every game looks like 50/50 fan split. When you are getting blown out by 30 points or your team just dropped their 5th game in a row by all means boo, but when you are leading the division and winning games STFU. Sorry if anyone is offended.
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    - Was pleasantly surprised by the o-line play - Think we need to get Bibbs more involved in the offense to avoid ending AP's season early - Everyone was ready to write off Stroman a few weeks ago, this week he makes a huge play. Don't do the same thing with Danny Johnson. He's an undrafted rookie whose been playing through a broken arm. Far from a finished product. - Tress Way should go to the Pro Bowl
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    He's probably reacting because its such a ridiculous contrast to away games. Were you at the game yesterday? I Was and it was amazing. Easily as many skins fans as bucs fans and they were loud and proud. After the game they stuck around and screamed and cheered. Choruses of hail to the redskins all the way out of the stadium. It was unbelievable, and the team undoubtedly noticed it and its probably a little frustrating that they can get that type of support on the road and get so little at home. I do agree that he probably should just keep it to himself but also understand the frustration.
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    Kinda felt like the defensive plan was to keep Tampa's WRs in front of our DBs in a sense in order to keep the big play from occurring due to injury issues, maybe...but once the field became compact it was a different story, with the defense also causing timely turnovers to end that **** at the doorstep. At the same time, though, I have no clue if that's in any way accurate lol... Keep hearing either Sheehan or Galdi saying "more teams lose games than win games". Seems like our MO this season so far is to set teams up to lose.
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    We've been calling our fans the wine and cheese crowd forever. It's a whiney entitled fan base that isnt happy just winning. I've personally been told to sit down and stop being loud by skins fans while we were on defense.
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    I’m a bit stuck in between on this. Norman has been here on a team that’s been pretty much decent his entire tenure. He hasn’t been through the trauma the fans have endured for going on two decades. So I could understand his frustration with that and why it’d come off as ridiculous to him. The contrast for him from his time with the Panthers is likely striking. That being said, he should study the history a bit more and understand where that angst comes from before spouting off about it. The fans have every right to be traumatized at this point. And while there are signs it’s gotten better, there are still black stains emanating out of the highest levels of the Skins FO that rekindle those traumas whenever they’re getting close to being buried. So, he’s right in that it stinks it’s like that but he should recognize that it’s justifiable and not something to complain about. I won’t go so far as to say to him “shut up and fix it”, because it’s not something fixable by any one player. The solution can only come from the top and their decision-making. Just one more environmental obstacle coaches/players who come here have to overcome in a long list of them, albeit a smaller one. It’s unfortunate.
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    neat... if you you want to be angry, your gonna be angry.
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    I feel like they did adjust yesterday in the second half. That's a huge milestone for a lot of reasons: 1) Since when have the Skins changed anything in the second half... ever 2) Smith played the second half yesterday much better than he's played any other half of football with taking calculated risks.
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    Eh. He's not wrong. But neither are the fans who boo the team at times (although, Skins fans [and other team's fans around the league] tend to go a bit overboard with it). Put this in my "Don't care either way" category
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    So now that B&W has been given the nod to say ‘Kirk’ even though he was never told not to, it’s Kirk, Kirk, Kirk, Kirk, Kirk, Kirk. 🤣 Talking about “Alex Smith’s record” after he just put up 16 on the worst defense in football, against an offense that set a record for having 1pt per 160 yards of offense after missing numerous FGs and turning it over 4 times. I’ll give Alex this, he’s Larry Michaels “Skinstangibles” brought to life. Dude literally puts you to sleep looking like a vet minimum QB, yet somehow some way the team ends up victorious.
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    “History is history”... right. I’m pretty sure if someone smacked someone else ten times in a row they’d likely flinch when the other raises his hand the eleventh time. The feeling of dread and/or impending doom is definitely justifiable. It’s been borne out too many times for it not to be there. So seeing that manifest itself on gamedays at FedEx within the fanbase absolutely sucks, but it’s not unreasonable. It’s simply the reality. Would I like it to be different? Yup. But I understand why it’s not and what it’ll take to change it. Hopefully it gets changed. Not sure why you introduced drunkenness into this. That’s always stupid and a catalyst for moronic behavior, whether the fanbase is happy or sad.
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    I’m not so sure about that, game coulda easily been 23-3 if smith hits that bomb and yes they drove up and down the field but if you look at the turnovers they were all great football plays by our guys nobody on Tampa simply fumbled the ball those balls were punched or swatted out so I can’t call good defensive plays a fluke per se but I can see where you’re coming from lol.
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