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    Along these lines, i have to admit a part of me died when i learned that Ian MacKaye's biggest influence was Ted Nugent But have to post this account of Bad Brains recording at Inner Ear...
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    I’m not trying to convince y’all of anything. Warriors in 4.
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    The reason he does that is because he's bothered by the underlying claim I made: that the NBA is uncompetitive and predictable. That the Warriors are going to wreck shop on everyone until it's time for the 76ers to do so. And these predictions can be made years in advance. LKB truly loves the NBA. I do too. But unlike him, I can do so while also accepting the fact that it's a second rate league and a farce. Watch, ten years from now that idea is going to be mainstream. BTW, I got some more NBA reform ****posts coming for you guys when the offseason begins.
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    You're 3PT dunk idea still sucks, before you get too carried away : ) He is, but not well enough to make up for missing Kyrie's offense. His team is worse now, they scored 87 in an elimination game and went 25% from three. What exactly are ya'll trying to convince yourselves of again on this one?
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    Unfortunately, according to a recent article in the WaPo, when the Caps had their only other Cup run 20 years ago, they had trouble selling out MCI Center for playoff games and the SCF games played here were overrun by Red Wings fans. Why was that? It seems like the Caps had developed a solid fanbase at Capital Center. Did they lose some of that when they moved downtown (I assume that ticket prices increased with the move)? Just curious to hear longtime Caps fans take on this.
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    Once the Stanley Cup final starts, it will be like the NBA finals aren't even taking place.
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    Cue LKB coming in here tomorrow and pretending like he expected this all along and that you guys are all idiots and that he's never a prisoner of the moment like you peons and nevermind that he never actually makes predictions.
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    I couldn’t handle jail brother. I’m softer than Al Horford’s face.
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    There’s a double entendre about the ball washing station in there somewhere.
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    Agreed 100%, it would be a fairly easy article to write. The appearance of less meddling last few years, no more leaks, hiring a real personnel guy, being ok with a more patient approach by building team via draft and less big free agents signing. That article will be very predictable if they win. It's also very predictable Redskins fans will refuse to give Snyder an ounce of credit until he wins a super bowl. I understand the level of hatred and distrust of Snyder, he has certainly earned it over the years. But I am viewing this thread solely in terms of Snyder as it relates to football product on the field, not as a person or business decisions not related to the on field product. Admitting Snyder is maturing as an owner is not the same as saying he is a mature competent owner. Just because a very short person grew an inch and is now taller, does not mean they are now tall. So I feel there is a large contingent of skins fans that won't entertain the thought of him maturing towards being a competent owner, because Snyder still remains far short of a competent owner in their eyes. And since we don't want our owner to meddle with drafting players, or deciding who starts, and God I hope he isn't calling plays from the owners box, so considering that, isn't it very hard to prove you are maturing as a competent owner, considering the best owners are hands off and delegate responsibilities to competent football men? Then they sit back and watch and hope for the best. It reminds me of Billy Beane in moneyball saying how he felt his job was to put together a team that makes the playoffs, then after that it's out of his hands. Whether they get the rings depends more on players making plays and in game decisions by coaching staff. I feel it's the same principle as an owner, there is only so much you can control. And it's a process that takes time. So if you think the last few years we have been seeing a different approach, results aren't going to be immediate. It takes time. Many people on here have liked the last couple drafts and the way the roster has been built. He hired GMSM to get that true football guy, he is responsible for Kyle Smith and Eric Shaffer being employed and retained. I think most fans would say the roster overall is heading in the right direction and is steadily improving. Isnt that because of the less meddling, more patient approach that Snyder has obviously called for? But until they get the ring, Snyder won't get much credit for his growth towards being a competent owner, and I disagree with that. But I also think he still has some work to do. Now as far as his personal life, and business not related to the team on the field, it's hard to formulate an argument that he is on the right track.
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    Someone tell me again the Celtics are better without Kyrie and Hayward.
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    My hangovers are lot more tolerable when caused by beer.
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    I feel the argument, definitely during draft period, that we were weaker at the OT position is valid. For starters, our 2 starting Ohs have bum wheels and still undergoing rehab. Our backup is well into his 30's and injured last year as well. Obviously a need is demonstrated. As far as the G position went, we had a full on anchor at RG with an all-pro. Half the equation is solved there. While injured briefly last year, not nearly to the extent of the 2 OT's and fully recovered. The LG spot at time of the draft had a below average vet, a potential peaking player that looked to possibly betaking the next step in development and a 3rd stringer who knows the system and has filled for us. So, yes we're weak at G but the Line was addressed. Given draft needs and positions, I couldn't see a clear role in top 3 rounds for G over the positions we drafted. Fact is, was Lavuo is the weakest link, he knows the system and hopefully is healthy for start of season
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    At this point everyones rooks look great, brand new toys just unwrapped and all, so I tend to look at it this way. If Guice WASN'T w/ the Skins, and I was reading these articles about, how would I feel? I genuinely think I would be taking notice, seeing a kid having fun making it, being an awful lot of the things we'd like to see in our sons at this age. Yeah, he's brash and talky, got his own swagger and all, and is struttin' in the limelight a little right now but I have yet to see one single thing that would darken my opinion of the guy. Happy in and with yourself is an awfully underrated quality, credit his mom for the job she's done.
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    That would be nice. I’m all for it, lol. Garçon has that size though. Just a big, strong body who can absorb impact extremely well. I’d prefer Richardson to not have to be that kind of guy, and I don’t think he has to in this offense. As for the speed question, I think that’s going to show up real fast and we’ll know right away. Gruden will scheme him open deep (even if he isn’t the priority initially, that can change as they line up dependent on the defense) and Alex should be able to spot it and time it right more often than it occurred with the Seahawks. Even the other speedster they’ve got in Tyler Lockett, it can be argued that his skill set is under-utilized there. But Djax was special in terms of his ability to track the ball and adjust his speed while maintaining his balance in ways few can. It’s damn near impossible to defend when he’s running fast, then kicks it into another gear to get under a ball, only to slow down again at the last second to deceive the DB. Or various combinations of that. It’s special. Richardson, on the other hand, was more of a guy who high points and can really twist his body to adjust to the ball, which means he plays much bigger than his size. I’m not sure I saw him use different levels of speed to deceive like Djax, but again, could be a function of the offense he was in. I think we’ll find out pretty fast. Lot there to be fascinated with, honestly. Can’t wait.
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    I just defeated 26 straight players (we ran out of medals) in Destiny 2 crucible (just came back after the recent DLC) last night and it was the highlight of my year. I am almost 40. Guice comes off as the kind of kid who buys movie tickets for 50 fans and their kids on a whim because he knows how much it meant to him when someone gave him something without asking for anything in return. I would have slept very well draft night if we had drafted him at) 13. It is destiny. So psyched for our picks this year.
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    Just saw the picture below on twitter. Guice comes off as a cool dude. I said this on the draft thread months back multiple times -- I think the dude would bring needed personality to the team. Then, I didn't even know about the off field personality as for him being that cool/interactive. But the on field personality was easy to spot -- feisty, energetic, enthusiastic, emotional. The team on the offensive side of the ball have so many quiet guys -- I recall Jay joking about it last year on Doc's show about have you ever seen such a quiet groups of receivers on one team? I think we missed Garcon's personality. I'll never forget when the Giants were handing it to the Redskins at the end of the 2016 season to knock them out of the playoffs. Finally, the guy that got angry was Garcon and just mowed down some defenders on a play and it seemed to energize the team late in that game. IMO, we need a guy like that. Guice to me is likely that guy. The stars on our team are relatively boring. I'd rather win than be interesting. But I missed having some characters on the team -- Portis, Cooley, style. So I think if Guice is who we think he is playing wise -- he's going to be a mega star here. I think he will be the hot jersey seller. More Be you and the real love will come
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    The draft night rumours about this guy being trouble just seem more ridiculous as each day passes. If he has character issues then give me more players with character issues.
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    You know, when he was on the Red Carpet on draft night, I thought, man the Redskins need this guy. Saw his bio and was really impressed. So happy he's on our team!
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