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    Nah man, they just have "economic anxiety." Which is why they have voted against their economic interest...every 2 years...for the past 20+ years. It's alllllll 'bout those economics.
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    a blatant racist and the dumbest sum**** to ever hold the office this world is not my home
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    The man is a lunatic. This reminds me so much of watching Hitler documentaries and wondering how tf he brainwashed so many people. Sad to see it happen in my country during my lifetime.
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    These rallies are basically klan gatherings without the robes or just another alt right rally.
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    When Trump was running, I didn't think he would win because America rejects the cult of personality type. I was wrong. Next election will be interesting -- why do people think these rallies are OK?. I listen to CPAN and Republican and even Independent lines parrot the whole, "mean media" BS. This guy is the embodiment of the narrcistic image GOP projected on Obama for 8 years.
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    Aside from not being a Muslim from Kenya, Trump is pretty much doing everything the Obama haters complained about for 8 years. Funny and sad how these same people would talk about the decaying of American values and now they love someone that acts like a dictator, is the antithesis of American leadership and lies constantly.
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    Let's first just caveat that Kelley was playing against the ones, and Perine, the twos- But upon further investigation, there is much to compare and contrast, and much to learn about how this all will more than likely shake out, so let's discuss... Here's a video compiled of Kelley vs. Perine from week 2 (note- much watch on youtube): On Fat Rob's very first run of the game, we can see his indecisiveness; that stretch play was blown up by their LB #50; note the backside 'bend' is more or less there, meaning with better vision, a quicker cut could have been made here instead of running right into Lavauo's back. That said, Lavauo was pushed backwards on the play... but he did manage to block/chip the penetrating LB. Actually Fat Rob tries to cut back late, but then doesn't commit and ends up getting gang tackled. Im not going to comment on any other of his runs, because to me, the same sort of issues are on display throughout; indecision, and lack of burst. There were for sure some missed blocks as well, so it's not totally his fault, but he has to create where he can. Feel free to comment on other Fat Rob runs if you guys want. I don't think he did terrible- had some decent runs, and again, against the ones and the blocking is still coming together... but to me- love the guy- but he's a backup. The last play I want to mention is- @ :27- positioning out of the backfield and the ability to pose a threat/keep defenses balanced in coverage is key. in the red zone, Kelley goes out into the flat and Cousins is in trouble; Moses eventually handles Matthews and Cousins spins out, but at that point the play has broken down. Fat Rob continues to 'back up' and move further away from Cousins, casing him to throw it in the ground. That was a chance for the RB to get something positive (in the red zone) with the check down and it was UGLY. Now- Perine showed up, like I knew he would. proof is on the film- decisive, solid vision, finishes runs. Dual threat. Looks like a pro back. One play in particular, @ 4:06 in the vid, a 3rd and 2, same LB for GB on the field (#50) that blew up first run of Fat Rob. Perine reads him and beats his angle, turning the corner and benefiting from solid downfield blocking. Best run of the night though? at 4:34, 2nd and 4, this is vintage stuff!!! Sammy Perine sort of gets real choppy with his feet, cuts upfield and friggin PUNISHES #37. This is what you want from your RB- to be a physical presence that comes alive at the end of the game. Gonna see a lot of that this year. I'm calling it right here- Perine is the starter by week 4. You wanna scrutinize the run game, gotta consider RB performance...it's not just the line.
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    I disagree. He brings nothing to the table as a part-time player. If I were WWE, I'd want the belt out there every Monday, whether the champ is fighting or not. All he does is come out, bounce on his toes, clench his fists and put that stupid smirk on his face, while his fat, bald advocate spews the same lines over and over. He's BORING (at least to me).
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    I am thinking the "problem" with McClain or McGee is simply the emergence of Taylor, Ioannidis, Lanier, and the selection of Allen. That there is really no problem at all, and those 2 are as advertised, or close. There are only <2.5 spots (3 when in base, 2 all other downs), and we have those 4 hungry guys, while the Mc's are already fed. Fat cat vets, or maybe vets that know better than going 100% all summer long. Part of football is staying healthy. Throw in Mbu showing flashes, Ziggy's Stardusts vet leader status, and then easy to see why the McNoobs are suddenly close to the bubble. I'd keep whichever Mc is a better nose over the other if forced to choose one. Or say thank you to Hood, and hope for Allen to take over leadership duties - leading by example. The battle may come down to McClain vs Hood.... in which case the cap must be considered.
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    I feel like there is a 15-20 percent of the population that has secretly hated the idea of an African American president for the past 8 years. They fed off the anti Obama rhetoric not as political attacks, but at a racial element.. and Donald J.Trump is the only person who politically channels this, even still (well, him and some GOP). The GOP openly courted them and I don't see how they will self-moderate away.. any GOPer denounce his anti immigrant BS from last night? It is not like this stuff is new.. yay "anti PC" and "telling it like it is"... immigrants are ruining the.country plstform also press is ruining the country. Is this America?
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    Just woken up and buzzing already for tonight's game. Anfield, under the lights, on a big European night. NO place like it. And we won't play a bigger or more important game of football all season with what's at stake later. IMPERATIVE we're in tomorrow tea-times draw on so many levels. Not being is just not an option. To all intents and purposes, last weeks fantastic win in Germany should see L'pool as good as qualified already. But these are a real tidy outfit and this won't be an easy game by any stretch of the imagination. We'll have to work our behinds off for everything and any team that's reached this stage, with all that's at stake, deserves our utmost respect. Not least one as good as these who came within a game of finishing 3rd last year in the Bundesliga and automatically qualifying for the groups. Just adds that the absolute unadulterated excitement among Hoffenheim fans at both being in Europe for the first time in their 118 year existence, with the perfect bonus of pulling the 5 time European Champions to boot; lead to their 2,700 tickets being sold in no time. So having them in the City this week is brilliant and should add to a bouncing atmosphere. Champions League footie. NO competition bigger. Up the European Royalty Reds! Hail.
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    Paul Conner @P_ConnerJr Matt Ioannidis with some presumed back-ups and is the only one creating. Sheds block, cant get there but looks a step above others. 0:10 3:23 PM · Aug 20, 2017 Paul Conner @P_ConnerJr Great effort by Matt Ioannidis putting heat on QB on screen but look at Jonathan Allen, who went outside on backside and ran play down. Hot. 0:13 2:50 PM · Aug 20, 2017
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    £101m up front-- in 101 annual payments of £1m. The last offer was crap- Barca used to getting their way. 'Pool's right to turn it down then and again. Honestly, if Phil wanted away, why sign an extension without a buyout 7 months ago. He knew Barca'd be calling soon. (same can be said for VVD-- I smell agents more worried about their % than their client.) tough to know what to believe though. Transfers are like a British soap opera. He signed a massive extension; now wants away for his dream club; but they manipulated him into acting surly; but he wants away again, this time for reals. lets go redmen! The spoils of Europe await!
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    The Giants were one of the few teams who could do that because their Dline, alone, could matchup with the Cowboy's Oline. So they didn't have to sell out to stop the run, which meant they weren't biting on PA, which meant their LBers could occupy those short-to-intermediate zones with patience, which lead to them getting him into enough 3rd and longs that he couldn't just work that area. Dline. Dline. Dline.
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    A new level of stupid. ESPN removes Robert Lee from calling U-Va. game in Charlottesville because of his name. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/early-lead/wp/2017/08/23/espn-removes-a-commentator-from-calling-u-vas-home-opener-his-name-robert-lee/?utm_term=.28be032e672b Picture of Robert Lee
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    That's one of the best plays I've seen our defense make in a very long time. Allen breaking off to catch the back was a thing of beauty. Full play was in the twitter thread. No, they're not good and that is the problem. They have a lot more competition than they thought they would have and they can't hang. That's very disappointing. We tried to get some talent in there, bidding on Campbell, but nope, we went with two bargains and it's going to bite us. It's the same way we've tried addressing safety for years. By plugging back ups in and hoping they blossom. It's dumb.
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    Seems to be a common part of political thinking these days. Things are always worse/better depending on whether we somehow identify/align with them. simply not defending a person is adequate for not supporting a position/action/etc for the side you usually like, but the people for the other wise will crucify you if you don't stand on your desk and loudly denounce their action/position/etc. to me, it's just a fundamental lack of honesty
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    https://www.newyorker.com/humor/daily-shouts/trump-2020-potential-campaign-slogans?google_editors_picks=true Trump 2020 Potential Campaign Slogans That’s One Small Step for White Man, One Giant Leap Backward for Everyone Else Who Else Will I Ban? Stay Tuned to Find Out! 2016: Twitter President; 2020: Snapchat President (You Know You’re Curious) To Err is Human; To Collude, Divine With Great Power Comes Great Reprehensibility
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    Well, that's one way to look at it and hopefully the case. But it's never a good look when the first guys you brought in and gave GTD $ to in FA are on the outside looking in.
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    I don't want to throw away money, but I also don't want to throw away a roster spot. What if Mbu continues to show promise? We can't keep 8 DL. Might not even be able to keep 7. My current depth chart is slanted towards defense with 26 guys vs 24 offense. We've still got some awkward cuts. Chris Carter, Josh Harvey-Clemons, Will Blackmon, Joshua Holsey or Quinton Dunbar, Martrell Spaight. Not all of them can make it. DeAngelo Hall on PUP helps a bit.
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    First, I admire your compassion and optimism. I mean that genuinely. I have to admit not signing Kirk to a LTD took a hit on my enthusiasm. I didn't even watch the GB and really didn't care. Now it is pre-season which I have never been a big fan of. But I still always watched as I was hungry for Redskins football. Maybe the season will change that. But back to the point. It's not just about missing a draft choice here or there. It's the construction of a roster. A true football personnel guy looks at things more holistically. So it's also the guys on the back end of the roster, something Scot did not get enough credit for from some. It's the day to day personnel decisions. I get Bruce is not an idiot. And I agree he does not get enough credit for the 2014 draft which has actually turned out pretty well. I have made that point myself before. But for him it all seems to be about winning the negotiation. A true personnel guy will fall on the money sword a few times where it's important. Now I am not advocating we go back to the Vinnie days where they totally over pay aging stars like it's fantasy football. But from time to time you need to step up. The admittedly unfair thing here is had he signed Kirk to a LTD I would have a completely different outlook. But they needed to do one thing for the fans (meaning Bruce and Dan). Just one thing that could have really made the fans feel great about the team and the organization. Just this one thing to show they really care about the fans. But they just could not get past their egos to get it done. They are right and the rest of the ****ing world is wrong. It's exhausting and honestly I am just tired of caring and kind numb. I will use that energy elsewhere for now. Again, the season may change that. Hopefully so. This feels really odd after 48 yrs of never being able to get enough Redskins football.
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    Do we know what our remaining cap space situation is for the season? I know we like to go into the season with a little cushion, but I wonder if we could even eat McClain's 7.5 comfortably if he doesn't come around soon. I wonder if its a scheme fit thing for him, to be honest. I think McGee has shown more than enough promise to be a lock, especially in base/run situations. He also has some pass rush upside, and can play Nose (both traits that McClain lacks). I like him on the roster a lot. It really comes down to the total number we keep, the main decisions being McClain, Ziggy, Mbu, and Francis. I wouldn't be upset if McClain/Ziggy are replaced by Mbu, Francis, or surprise-cut free agents after the big 90 to 53-man cutdown. McClain has the cap number on his side. Ziggy gets heaps of praise from Gruden as a leader on the team, or at least to the DL group. Which is more valuable? My wish list on this front would be: A.) Mbu/Francis + FA 5-Tech kept instead of McClain+Hood [loser of Mbu/Francis to PS] B.) FA 5-Tech(x2) kept instead of McClain+Hood [both Mbu and Francis to PS] C.) Ziggy/McClain [loser is released] + Mbu/Francis [loser sent to PS] I just really hope we don't see Ziggy at NT for a single regular season snap if he does stick around. Its the main reason I want Mbu or Francis to show some ability at End or in nickel to earn a spot on the 53. I want Mbu or Francis playing over Hood if Phil Taylor misses any time for injury. Alternatively we keep one or both on the PS to call up if needed. If we could go 3 deep on gamedays with our NT depth, IE: 1) Taylor, 2) McGee 3) Mbu/Francis ...we can really avoid Phil wearing down late in games and maximize the utility of the DL who dress on gameday. If Tomsula is forced to keep 6 to make room elsewhere on the roster I could see us going with the most versatile 6 that have best shown the ability to play every position/technique on the line. It would make sense, given the heavy rotation/lack of depth chart from Tomsula in the preseason (to figure out who those guys are)
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    Coke Zero > Pepsi Max. Mountain Dew is the only product I can think of that Coke doesn't do the better version of. To be honest I spend more loot on Monsters than I do on soda these days. I really gotta be in the mood for a soda. Otherwise its a Monster, water, or tea.
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    We rewinded the scene so we could rejoice a second time. But yeah...that movie is just not good but saved by a wonderful ending with the Luke/Vader stuff. Even the end is marred by the Care Bears and their slingshots and rocks nonsense. That first 45 minutes is a complete train wreck.
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    I'm not convinced they get out of the NLDS as crazy as that sounds. They're gonna face a division rival. The Rockies in particular would be rough. You drop a game at home suddenly you have to go to Coors where your pitching advantage means absolutely nothing.
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    Ioan, Lanier, Taylor, Allen, Mbu is really exciting. I'm guessing Hood and McGee make the team.
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    Kamala Jarris has to be the most attractive senator ever. And that hearing has zero chance of going well, if it goes at all.
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    Oh yeah, I'm speaking with a loooot of jest about his "film" Still the point stands and it's pretty funny, but hey, fingers crossed we luck out. He has looked really good.
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    No need to apologise man. Everyones frustrated. I think we'll start to see things move from Thursday. Get the qualification out of the way tomorrow, then that gives us even more money and the extra incentive for players to play with. Leaving it with 8 days to go the window is far from ideal, but nonetheless, I'll be shocked if there's not a few more incomings yet and offloading of the deadwood for the price we want. FWIW, I still have no doubt personally that van Dijk will be here by the end of the month. Hopefully, there's at least one more major name to join him. But first things first, let's put Hoffenheim to bed and get back where we belong! Hail.
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    People increasingly live online and now seem to be embracing the notion of keeping life size dolls for sex. over population is a problem that seems to be solving itself.
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    I'm with @crabbypatty. My position is that Perine Wins the job by Week 9. Him being the better rusher isn't the issue in my mind. The real issue is that it's going to take time for him to adjust to Pass Blocking in The Regular Season. My only hesitation would be to have him in The Backfield on a crucial 3rd Down & him blowing a Blocking Assignment. He needs time & Film Study to get up to snuff. All young backs do. That doesn't mean he won't see plenty of The Field. But Starting by Week 1 would surprise me.
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    Shuffling the deck chairs in preparation for the imminent Wizards takeover of the East.
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    A night game in Morgantown can get a little sketchy occasionally if the team is good and the hillbillies from Bluefield have sold enough shine and/or meth to pay for tickets and gas. Every questionable fan interaction in Morgantown seems to involve a drunk 50 year on disability. Aside from that, I think it's actually one of the more mundane game day experiences I've seen. During day games, the students don't show up until the end of the first quarter. And in the old days, everyone left with 5 minutes left in the half to go drink more in the parking lot. By the way, the most subdued stadium I've ever been in was Michigan. 100,000 people and you could hear Predicto and his accountant have a conversation three sections over.
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    I'd still qualify as "colored" back then, but from a non black perspective, I've always viewed the X/King dynamic as a very simple one. Certain people always get riled up when there is a visceral response to a visceral action. My response (as im sure people have seen me post it before) is always that hate breeds hate. A boy with an alcoholic father who beats his mother will likely grow up to be that very same man that he grows to loath. A child, psychologically abused and locked away several times by their parents may grow up to be emotionally detached from society, still seeing that blank wall everywhere they go, scared and afraid to trust, and angry at the fact that they cannot. A child that was sexually abused may grow up to be a sexual predator themselves. There are many things that I've grown to understand. Two of the most important ones, are "You are the choices you make," which my Dad always used to tell me, and still does. Then there's the one I've learned over time, and that is we are all the product of of our environment, our upbringing, and the times we live in. And both of those intertwine with each other at various sections Malcom X and NOI (and the Black Panthers) would be a very natural reaction to the war being waged on blacks across America. It's an angry and fed up response to the treatment of African Americans. I think King was the much harder path to follow, and im sure a lot of families were having arguments over it. I think it takes a ton of wisdom and courage to do what King did. I can say from my own experience that although hate breeds hate, love propagates love, and although it is an absurdly more difficult path than basically saying "**** all of you, burn this **** down," with love, more can be accomplished than the alternative.
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    Didn't get much of a chance to watch the second stringers, but how did Chase Roullier do? I think he might deserve time with the starters to light a fire under Long. Cuz he's getting blown off the line of scrimmage every play. I wouldn't be at all upset with moving TW to guard and having Nsekhe at LT. That's an interesting idea. Put Roullier at C and I think we have a nasty o-line.
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    The Wizards owners also think DC is a small market in fairness.
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    Doesnt Callahan have a track record of early success followed by a gradual decline or some kind of **** storm?
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    "So what you're saying, caller, is that you only support the Nazis because Trump does?"
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    Little known fact that the Canadian province of Manitoba (French for "Many Tubas") is actually named in honor of a group of tuba playing counter-protestors.
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    From what I recall, Rommel essentially kept silent and allowed the plot to run its course; because after his defeat in N. Africa he knew the war had for all intents and purposes been lost, and likely believed that Germany could negotiate better terms with Corporal Evil gone.
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