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    Kirk Cousins. Handle this situation carefully. Historically we have not done this. The first chance we had to do this, we didn't re-sign a youngster named Trent Green. He finally got to play in his last year when he threw for almost 3500, 23 TDs and 11 picks. Green was clearly better than any QB on the roster, just like Davis was clearly the best running back... but I digress. What happened to Trent Green after he left the Redskins, who underbid him and he ended up with the Rams? Remember, he was NOT good enough. Now, I'm not stupid - I know he didn't play that season, but I think he would've played pretty well and he did for a the rest of his career. After Trent left we decided to make a trade. We traded for Brad Johnson. Who went on to have a pretty good season with the Redskins. Throwing for 4,000 yards, 24 TDs and 13 picks... We won a playoff game and were a bad snap away from making it to the NFC Championship game that year... How did we reward Brad? Well, for you youngins out there... we ACTUALLY tried to "undo" the trade. We then signed Jeff George.... and just about everyone else the following off season. We totally ****ed up the team chemistry and went into the ****s of the NFL for the next decade plus... only occasionally finding our way out. For Brad... he again, was obviously NOT good enough to be here despite having one of the best seasons in the history of the team. Then he linked up with a Gruden and here was the result: Kirk isn't Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers. He's also not Jason Campbell, Patrick Ramsay, Mark Brunell (who also has a ring as a FG holder), or Robert Griffin III. He's Trent Green. He's Brad Johnson. Give him a good team around him on both sides of the ball and he's good enough to win you a Championship. Sometimes that is good enough. Sign him to a long term deal. Show him you believe in him. Then move on and build the rest of the team around him. History shows us that we **** this situation up. And at this stage, we can't afford to.
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    Last night, I (along with a number of other season ticket holders) had a chance to attend a tour of Redskins Park, followed by a Q&A session where we were able to ask a multitude of questions to Coach Gruden. I wanted to share an overview of that discussion here, as Jay was extremely candid, and addressed many of the issues which we are currently debating here. I'll just bullet point the summary below, but I want to preface that by sharing how impressed I was by Coach Gruden's participation in the event. To the degree that discretion allowed, he was open, honest, accessible, and exuded a narrowly focused passion to build upon the foundation of the past two years, as well as a confidence in their approach/system to do so. Jay had already won me over prior to last night, despite my initial misgivings about his hiring. However, last night's exchange only made me feel even more comfortable with him at the helm. So, onto the points of interest which he discussed... • He plans to do 100% of the offensive play calling, while relying heavily upon Coach Cav (as well as Bill, Randy, Ike, Wes for the weekly game planning). • I asked him about the potential advantages of the size and skill sets of Pryor and Doctson to his offensive sets, given the departures of Desean and Pierre. He praised his departed players, but said he anticipated improved run blocking on the perimeter sans DJax, and a greater ability to prolong drives and convert in the red zone with the improved size on the outside. Also said he anticipated much more diverse use of Crowder, on the outside as well as the slot. He said it 'killed him' not to have Crowder on the field last year when in 2WR sets. • When asked what to expect for the remainder of free agency, he said mostly 'depth signings' unless something fell in their lap, and even mentioned adding a vet WR for depth (which already has happened today). Got the impression that they have no plans to add any impact DL/ILB unless something unforeseen happens. • My other question to him was how they anticipated improving Run D issues, and getting off the field on 3rd Downs, given that there hasn't been a quantifiable upgrade to the DL/LB corp this offseason. He agreed that both were major issues, going so far as to say that the very first thing they plan to address when the team hits the practice fields this spring is the 3rd down defense. He candidly said that there were major schematic defects in last year's coordination. He said that there were unacceptable lapses in communication, alluding to former DC and DB coach in particular (and Jay is not one to throw a coach under the bus lightly). He said this was bad to the point that they weren't even getting defensive signals in on time with great frequency. He thinks that Manusky will fix the schematic, execution and energy flaws, while playing a much more aggressive style in coverage and blitz packages. On the personnel side he indicated that some DL were low in giving consistent energy, and inconsistent in their assignments. He likes McClain's motor and penetration skills and think McGee will help bolster against the run, while giving some push from DE spot. Hopes to see promise from a return to health for Phil Taylor, and a step forward by AJ Francis. Over the moon high on Lanier's development and potential. Otherwise, noted it's a great draft for D help at DL and ILB early and among DBs throughout. • He was asked numerous questions about the draft which he obviously couldn't answer. The interesting aspects which he did address, in addition to the D focus were as follows... - Asked about taking an RB early: He loves Fat Rob and would only consider taking an early RB that is a big game changer. Doesn't expect Fournette to fall to their spot. - When asked about OL, said he liked their unit as much as any in the NFL, only saw a need for depth. - When asked about areas of need to be addressed early in the draft, he mentioned every unit except TE/OL. Thought it an interesting omission for those who love the idea of Howard or Lamp. • Lastly, as for the Front Office. Declined to speak poorly of anyone on either side of Scot's departure. Said that since he has been here, every draft and roster construction move has been a group collaboration. Implied that with very few exceptions there has been no such thing as a purely Scot pick/Jay pick/Campbell pick etc... extremely confident that the people who have built the current foundation are still in place to do just that. Just wanted to share this info with the forum, for whatever it's worth. I was very pleased with his areas of focus and with his approach. I miss Scot, but have hope with Jay at the coaching helm. My only concern, aside from my disagreement with ideas like we don't need FA help at DT/ILB - we do - is the increased frequency with which Coach alluded to the numerous roles and involvment of Bruce Allen in the personnel side. Otherwise a great message and a great time. If I recollect any more details, I'll post them later.
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    Join me in congratulating Haphazard on a big milestone. His work on here should be commended and he provides a service that all of us on here should appreciate. Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Hap on their 50th Wedding Anniversary!
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    Photo by TK The GM & the Team President are in a power struggle. False. It's long been established that both the GM & the Head Coach answer to the Team President. The President not only hired the GM but also used his scouting service before hiring him. In fact, the Team President was the one sending him the teams original scouting work ups, so it's not like wasn't already familiar with their work. And here's a quote from the GM the day he had his hiring press conference that negates any sense of a "me" type ego: But what about Chris Russell & 106.7 saying the GM was sent home Well for starters, Scot's agent said it wasn't true & Scot's wife started a new Twitter account to shoot that down. But the last time she was on Twitter... Yeah & if you think she started this one up without the team's PR Department okaying it, you should think again. Her tweet has been there for about two days now & not deleted. Nor has her new Twitter account been shut down. If you want to dig a little more, go check out Chris Russell's Twitter to see how far away from this he has went since she shot it down. But the GM has to be at the Combine to do his job. No, not really. In the year that Scot was out on a farm running Instinctive Scouting, it was said by Seth Wickersham in his ESPN ARTICLE that the only flights Scot boarded were to watch his son play football in Northern California. So he was able to scouting reports for several teams, not just one single team. But he can't talk to the players if he's not at the Combine. So. He didn't talk to his first pick for the Redskins at the Combine either. The team can still bring potential draft picks in for a face to face. They can still go to a player's Pro Day as well. Or they may have someone in mind and not talk to them simply to not tip their hat to the other 31 teams. Brandon Scherff is on the record the day he was drafted saying he didn't really talk to the Redskins after the Combine. Romo in a three way tra... Stop. Just stop. This is beyond stupid. Two words should make anyone with a brain realize this is just dumb. "Donovan McNabb". The Redskins are a team that are getting younger, not older. Besides, on what planet is an old, broken down Romo (who has played five games in the last two years) worth the second pick overall in the Draft? C'mon man!
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    The point of this post is not to gloss over the loss to the Panthers or overlook any of the deficiencies on the team. It isn't to pump sunshine over our flaws. Instead the point is to discuss that I consider the Redskins to be on the verge of a fairly significant breakthrough. And I hope it doesn't get lost in the chatter about what has gone wrong over the past month. First, over the course of being a sports fan for 35+ years now, I've changed my mindset considerably. I no longer define the "goal" of a pro sports season as being "winning the championship." That is too narrow-minded for me these days. Now, I believe the goal should be to create a roster/staff/culture where you can reasonably CONTEND for a championship consistently-- perhaps some seasons here and there where you reload, but for the most part, creating a fun, watchable, product for your fans. Fun. That's a word that I think often gets lost. In addition to the Redskins I am also a fan of the Cincinnati Reds and a season ticket holder for the OKC Thunder. The Thunder have zero titles since they moved here in 2008 and many would consider the fact that they never won a ring with KD in OKC to be a major failure. I do not. Those 8 seasons were so FUN. It was awesome to be a part of it. Every game mattered and the post season was incredible. The wins were exhilarating, the losses were painful. The city was engaged; and even now with KD gone, the organization has regrouped around Westbrook and brought in some interesting young players and it is still... fun. It was a bummer realizing the ultimate goal had changed, but this season is still highly enjoyable-- they are very competitive-- and they will almost certainly make the playoffs again. The notion of "it don't mean a thing if you don't win the ring" is ridiculous. I wonder if those people ever rooted for a really bad team before. After the Gibbs I era, I was so ****y. I was young and felt that it was a Redskin fan birthright to be a title worthy team basically every year. Then, he leaves and we go down a 20+ year path of real misery. What I missed during those years wasn't necessarily being in the Super Bowl-- I missed being INVOLVED. I very, very much missed games in mid to late December that mattered. I gives on those as a kid and didn't even know it. I desperately missed it when it was gone. Not even being in the discussion was painful and frustrating. And there is nothing worse than feeling hopeless-- which was a common emotion during that period at the end of many seasons and the end of many regimes. If 1992 is the cut off point that separates the old from the new Redskins fandom, let's take a look at this: 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014. That's a lot of seasons. What do they all have in common? In each of those seasons we were out of playoff contention before the final week of the season. In 1997, we still had a little life, but it was a long shot and we had crashed down the stretch that year-- after having also crashed down the stretch in 1996. In 1993, 1994, 1995, 1998, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, and 2014 we played no games in December that mattered at all-- many of those seasons were toast by Thanksgiving and some were done by Halloween. You can add in a season like 2008, where we were pretty much done with 2-3 games remaining as well. Along the way, we lacked continuity and we lacked many homegrown players. We weren't very good, we weren't very interesting, and being a fan simply wasn't very fun. And to be perfectly honest, what I care about MOST in this whole thing is a selfish pursuit-- my OWN enjoyment. I hear some people say things like "I don't even want to make the playoffs because we will just get beat anyway. What's one more week?" Well, for me "one more week" is HUGE. You can poo-poo this all the way-- who cares if you win the wild card round if you just lose the divisional round? Who cares if you win the divisional round if you don't go to the Super Bowl? In the end, the teams that lose the championship games will only be playing 2-3 more weeks than the Browns. But for me, CARING this time of the year is a huge thing. Winning this week in Chicago is a major, major game for the Redskins in my eyes. I understand the team is limited-- if they beat the Bears they still might miss the playoffs and even if they make it, I agree that they aren't a threat to go very far. But even just that extra week is a big stepping stone in my eyes. If we win this week, we stay alive until Jan. 1st. That means a full holiday week covering Christmas where the Redskins are still relevant. I will care all week and look forward to the games week 17. Even if we need to win and get some help that week, I'll be excited about the day and hopeful things fall our way. And I will be ECSTATIC if we manage to sneak in and guarantee that first week in January as well. We are also one win away from back to back winning season for the first time since 1996-1997. It's been since 1991-1992 since we had back to back seasons where we were alive going into the last week of the season-- and of course that was also the last time we made the playoffs in back to back years. Following our runs in 1999, 2005, 2007, and 2012 we were unable to crack .500 the next season in any. We were eliminated from the playoffs prior to week 17 in all of those subsequent seasons. And by the time the NEXT season rolled around we'd either moved on from a coaching staff or it was clear we were headed into the dumpster. Now, despite our flaws and areas we need to fix, things feel stable. This year our record feels like what we are-- we are 7-6-1, perhaps just a touch above average and if things break our way the last two weeks, we can sneak into the playoffs. I think that is a reasonable/acceptable place to be with where this regime stands and what they inherited. For 32 straight games now (including a home playoff game) I have cared about the Redskins at kickoff. I've been at the worst interested, and at best completely excited to watch them play. If they win Sunday, the streak extends to 33 and gets us to next year... at least. So I really, really want this game on Sunday. Not because I believe it will ultimately translate to a parade or even a playoff appearance-- but because it will symbolically represent a a fairly significant change in what it means to be a Redskin fan. Back to back years where week 17 matters. And even if it doesn't matter to some, I really don't care. All that truly matters in this "relationship" is me. And for ME, this would be a big breakthrough and return to some of the way I used to view being a fan of this organization.
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    We got our butts kicked all over the field. I just wanted to tip my hat off to you guys on the win. Happy Thanksgiving to you guys and I hope you have a great rest of your season and injury free. Much love and respect.
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    Several of you have asked about my medical condition. I have to sadly state that it is at this time incurable and I'm in stage 3. Its a cyclic situation that happens every year at this time, however this year it seems to be much worse. There is no March of Dimes, or any charity dedicated to the cure, since it effects only a small portion of the World Population. This dread disease, while disabling is not fatal however it does create severe stress on many of us. Its called "Redskins Optimism". It begins to build about this time of year, just after OTA's and Mini-Camp. Articles on how the Redskins have the best receivers in the NFL, how the defensive line will improve just tend to increase the symptoms. Signing Josh Norman #11 in the NFL top 100 only adds to the stress. Then I read an article on how the Special Teams have improved from worse in the league to close to the top. I look at Cleveland winning the NBA. then see Coastal Carolina winning the NCAA championship, and begin to think it can happen here. This is the offseason for crying out loud, why am I stressing about a football team in the offseason? Friends, as I say its incurable, there are no magic pills to take to relieve the symptoms, no powders or infusions to lessen the pain. This is the year we become respectable and go deep into the playoffs. Yes I said it. You see there is no cure.
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    Really incredible stat they reported on the broadcast today and I'm not sure I even believe it, but even if it's exaggerated, the point remains. THIRTY players from our 2014 roster are OUT OF FOOTBALL today. That is astonishing. Over 50% of that roster had less than two years left in their careers either due to age or ineptitude. Basically is shows that the roster Gruden was handed and that Scott was tasked to rebuild was a total and complete mess. No real strengths and big question marks lingering at QB. We began a rebuild more or less in the off season prior to the 2015 season. Our rebuild continued this off season. Michael Wilbon had a great line many years ago which I love: "First you win, then you get good." We won last year in large part because things fell our way. But we also won last year because we were competent. We had lots of holes and were exposed by superior teams, but we did certain things well, played hard, generally played smart, and utilized what strengths we had to our advantage. We were on the upper end of a bunch of mediocre teams and it landed us a division title and a home playoff game. Ahead of schedule for sure. We didn't let that success go to our heads and deter course this past off season. We held off on major FA commitments save Norman, who fell into our lap and appears to be an incredible signing. If you don't believe me, just ask Panther fans who watched Julio Jones go for 300 yards today. Scott stuck to his "football player" philosophy which I love. Just get good players consistently. Then we worry about making them fit. Yes we knew the middle of the D was soft going into the off season and it's still soft today. It really hasn't been addressed yet. But you can't do it all at once. You see our OL? That unit looks darn good. Now we have guys like Spencer and Arie coming off the bench and at least looking like viable NFL a players. We've spent a bunch of picks and resources on the offense and that unit is VASTLY improved from 2014. VASTLY. And the secondary is better on D. Special teams are tight. The Redskins are a competent, watchable football team. They have some big weaknesses still and probably won't be able to take the extra step until those are addressed. For now they remain in a jumble of mediocre teams. But I like "our mediocre" better than most. We are relatively young, have a proper organizational structure in place, and have built a core strength. We are in year two of a rebuild and playing competitive football along the way. Given our 25 year history, I am THRILLED with this situation right now. Yes, the ultimate goal is to become an organization that is a SB contender more often than not. But let's crawl before we walk here. What we've done over the past season and a quarter is take games that were previously bad/frustrating losses and turned them into ugly wins. This has moved us from the dregs of the league to Mediocre Land. For now, 8 am very happy to be here. Rest of the way I think our ultimate high end would be 8-4. Our low end would probably be 5-7. So depending on how things go, I think we finish 7-9 to 10-6, likely meeting in the middle at 8-8 or 9-7. Regardless of if that equals playoffs or not, I consider this progress and I am enjoying it week to week. Maybe year next we can re-route focus to wanting a bit more. But right now I see a team that is either ahead or right on course. I see stability. I see competence. Lest we forget where we came from, please remember these are welcome sights.
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    Browsing ES this week, I cannot help but notice that many of us want the Redskins to make drastic changes. We have threads about letting Kirk walk, letting McVay go, firing Barry, letting Garcon and/or Jackson walk, not having confidence in Scott McCloughan, not having confidence in Gruden, etc. Not that Gruden, GMSM, Kirk, Barry, or anybody else on this team is above criticism after a somewhat disappointing 8-7-1 season, I certainly have my share of complaints, but I think we're getting a bit carried away with the "fire everything!" mentality here. This morning I woke up thinking of the Redskins recent history of "fixing" teams that weren't broken. The 1999-2000 Redskins had a pretty good team with a productive Norv Turner offense led by Brad Johnson and Stephen Davis. But we weren't quite there yet, so we made drastic changes, brought in every big name free agent including Jeff George, fired Norv before the 2000 season was over, let Davis walk, and let Brad Johnson go win a Super Bowl for somebody else. How did "fixing" Norv's team work out? In 2001 we started out 0-5, and rebounded to finish 8-8 under Marty. A pretty good coaching job there, but not good enough, so we brought in the old ball coach to be the next big thing. Remember Osaka? Did "fixing" Marty's team work out? In 2005 Joe Gibbs had one of the best Redskins teams in years, but we thought his offense wasn't good enough in the modern NFL, so we brought in Al Saunders and the 500 page playbook to help him. How did "fixing" Gibbs' offense work out for us? Before we go wishing that Dan Snyder fire everybody and replace them with the next big thing, maybe we should be careful. This team has put together back-to-back winning seasons for the first time in well over a decade, and if history is any indication, any changes we do make in an attempt to fix things could very well be changes for the worse. If I'm to choose between making drastic changes like firing coaches and letting our big free agents walk or staying the course, then put me down for staying the course. This team is not great, but they are pretty good, and pretty good is something we haven't had much of in the past two decades. I don't think blowing it up is the right move. Those of you wishing we would fire half the staff and gut half the roster should be careful what you wish for. Let's not make better the enemy of pretty good as we have almost every other time we've had pretty good teams under Snyder's tenure. I'm not saying we should settle for pretty good or lower our expectations, I want to be great too. I just think the path forward is building on the success we have had, not hitting the reset button and starting over.
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    First of all, even as I am now officially less than a year away from 40, I still find myself as excited about game day as I was when I was kid. GETTING to game day is much harder these days of course, but I am always excited for the skins except during those awful times (like 2009) when they make it impossible to even manufacture excitement. And when I get to actually attend some games? Well, I light up on those days. Football probably is better on TV in terms of actual viewing, but I always like being able to soak up the live atmosphere and some of the things you can't get from the couch. So here are my random thoughts... --Baltimore as a city? Eh, it's alright. We've explored quite a bit the past couple of days and our hotel downtown is really nice. Federal Hill is pretty cool and the Inner Harbor has some nice views (albeit very touristy). Seems pretty dirty though and the overall vibe is just sort of meh to me. In fairness we've only been in the more mainstream areas and I am sure there are lovely parts of the city, but from what I've seen I'm neither horrified or overly impressed. --Walk to stadium was nice. They open Camden so you can cut through, which was cool. Ballpark seems very nice. --Tailgate scene seems pretty typical. M&T is really nice. Good sight lines-- I was on the Redskins side, lower level, around the 5 yard line-- about 30 rows up. It was the corner where most of our best action took place. Both Crowder and Garçon scored their TDs there and the last play of the game was right there as well. Concourses and such seemed well kept and bathroom line moved quickly. --I find the whole "you're gonna die if you go to an NFL game" stuff to be kind of a myth. As usual, I had no issues today. Literally not one negstive comment before, during, or after the game. Guy next time was a Ravens fan and could not have been more friendly. The only issue I even witnessed was started by a loudmouth female Redskins fan who really talked smack after the game. That got a few people fired up, cussing at her. But it was was over as fast at it started and honestly, she was asking for it. --There were Redskins fans everywhere, but I wouldn't call it an "invasion." With it being so close it only made sense to me that we'd represent so well. Every row I could see had multiple Skins fans and our fans were pretty loud. Didn't find the Raven fans to be overly loud. Got up there on a couple of third downs, but nothing that stuck out. --Got down low pregame and saw Doug Williams, Bruce Allen, Gruden, and GMSM. The latter was chatting with fans hanging on the rails. Coach Callahan was pretty animated with the OL in warm ups-- really amazing how big those guys are. Nsheke is a mountain of a man. --As for the game itself..... weird, just weird. First of all, the wind was crazy and it absolutely affected the game. It was funny, the LAST thing we did in pregame warm ups was attempt and extra point. Hopkins doinked it off the upright. It was the EXACT same spot he hit in the actual game. Wind was gnarly and it also affected both QBs. Balls sailed and then they seemed reluctant to even try to air it out. And it was really strange because by the second half, in the stands it was HOT and you really couldn't feel the breeze, but the goalposts were both swaying wildly all game. I won't rehash the play by play. You all saw it just as I did. Obviously my heart sank on the apparent TD pass, but our guys seemed adamant on the field that it would be overturned and it was clearly out of bounds. I was pretty darn nervous on that last play. When it was over I let out a yell and took my hat off and beat it on the chair in front of me for some reason. Stuck around to get a pic of our victory formation. Great feeling walking back to hotel. This was an ugly but gratifying win. No doubt the Ravens handed us some absolute gifts. Both through lack of execution and some questionable coaching decisions, they handed out some charity for sure. The biggie of course was the interception-fumble-touchback. What an incredible swing. Shocking really. Kirk made a terrible decision there, but I'll say this... when you get a gift the polite thing to do is accept it, and then use it for its intended purpose. We got that gift and then made four first downs on four straight plays which led to a FG. --Our short yardage offense needs a ton of work. We don't seem confident there. Feels like on 3rd and 1 we either run a play designed to get 1.5 yards or a play designed to get 50. Just run a normal play. I think we make ourselves one dimensional and predictable in those situations. And it almost cost us today because we left a bunch of points on the field not being able to convert on short yardage. --Defense stepped up. After that first drive it looked like it was going to be a long day. To only give up three more points the rest of the game was really fantastic. Ravens offense isn't very good and losing Smith really hurt them, but still. Thought Foster played very well and Compton had some big stops on the last couple of drives. --GMSM was off by himself on the sidelines the entire second half. Maybe that is his standard practice but I found it interesting. He gave out some fist bumps but mostly kept himself. He did look nervous as heck befor that last play with his hands on top of his head. Its over folks, I really believe that. The Redskins are no longer a dysfunctional mess just praying for a random good year now and then. We are stable. Competent. Maybe in another year or two we can complain about not being able to take that next step, bit for now I'm just thrilled we don't suck and that the players we bring in are generally productive. We went from a total mess at the end of 2014 to average at WORST a year and a half later. Gruden drives me crazy with some game management issues, but he is getting the job done overall. Team is generally prepared. They are tough. They seem confident. They are opportunistic. And they beat teams on their level more often than not. It's a welcome sight. The Redskins appear to be (gasp) a normal football team. Glad I was there for this one-- not necessarily memorable because it was a great game or anything. But memorable because, well, because we won. I will be there next week as well and the results today certainly add to the anticipation of the next one. From 0-2 to 3-2. Nicely done Redskins.
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    Wanted to say congrats! This game killed me. Lots of work to do for the Giants. And the Redskins made the plays. Kirk Cousins looked much better than he has. You don't even realize how good the Redskins' offense is. Congrats! The injury free game I was hoping for went out the window.
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    Obviously, I'd feel better had we won and I was definitely frustrated yesterday in the first half when I thought we went WAY too conservative and left far too many opportunities on the field. That said, woke up today with a very strange/foreign feeling-- honestly it's a feeling I haven't really felt since the Gibbs I days: We just lost our last game in November and I'm A. Not Crushed B. Not Apathetic Over the past 25 years or so around this time of year a loss would almost always result in one of the two above feelings. Either we would have been clinging to playoff life and suffered a crushing loss or we'd already be pretty much out of it and a loss would just sort of cement the apathy. It's amazing how LITTLE this loss bothered me. I was invested in the game itself and of course disappointed we lost and no doubt would have been on cloud 9 had we won-- but it's less than 24 hours later and I am 100% over this loss already. The Redskins are good. I am very comfortable saying that. At WORST they are above average with an up arrow, but I am now comfortable saying they are actually "good." Not great by any means. Not as good as Dallas currently. Not as good as Seattle or New England. We have holes and flaws that need to be addressed. But we are good. I don't expect a 5-0 finish, but I don't expect a collapse either. Now our "path" this year is clear. Any hopes of repeating as East champs are out the window. Dallas appears headed to a 13-3/14-2 type of season and hats off to them for that. They've drafted well the past several years and got some good fortune with Dak and the Romo injury as well. I'm not worried about them. Maybe we will see them again this year and if not, I think with a few tweaks would could be right with them next year. For now, we are focused on the 5 or 6 seed and really which one doesn't matter. It's all about just getting in now. If we win 3 of our last 5, I think that will do it. So that's why I'm not down about this loss-- had you told me we'd win 2 of 3 vs Minn/GB/Dal I would have said that's perfect-- and that's exactly what we did. We are now in positon to earn a wild card without having to go bananas down the stretch to do it. The team isn't old. It isn't capped-strapped. Where we are good-- we are REALLY good (and deep too). We have played the last three games without arguably the best LT in the NFL and our offense hasn't missed a beat. Now when we draft in the middle rounds or pick up undrafted guys, we are talking about how terrible they are. Almost EVERYTHING has changed. It feels really good.
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    It's a long season for sure, plenty of good teams start 0-1 not to mention the 2015 Redskins. However the team we saw tonight was a **** show. -cousins continued his prime time tradition of looking like a bad QB. -run game was bad -scheme sucked on both sides of the ball. Our offense has never seen a soft zone? And our defense looked like the same one the Packers victimized. -DLine looked as bad as I've seen in week one. Just no talent whatsoever. Nobody that can get off a block or make a big play - penalties. Really bad offensive penalties the coaching staff has been too easy in these guys this offseason. They looked sloppy and ill prepared all around. Some of this can be fixed but I think a lot of it can't, specifically the DLine. And I'm just not sure how you scheme to make up for such a woeful lack of talent. On a related note the Steelers love playing the Redskins that's for sure. Hope all the travelling Pittsburgh trailer trash enjoyed their stay in the nations capital. Record amounts of jorts, tramo stamps, and mullets milling around the mall yesterday I'm sure.
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    The Thursday before July 4th weekend, I came home so full of myself. I had a long weekend ahead of me, was going out to play racquetball, cornhole, and drinking with my buddies. Great night to be sure. Got home to see my 20 year old daughter weeping on our front steps (I figured it was a problem with her boyfriend), but she looked up at me and said the 3 words that changed my life - "Mom's got cancer". I felt like I just got punched in my gut. Diagnosis was a lump in her left breast and testing on the right. The next week we were told they found cancer in the right side too. Not very common. Talked to doctors and decided on double mastectomy, with earliest surgery on August 24. Yes, this summer has sucked as we waited and waited. Seemed to be longest summer of our lives. Last week she went in and right side went great, but left side showed trace in lymph node. They took rest out and put them in for biopsy. Take a week to get results. That was the worst week of my life. Got the call last night and it was NEGATIVE!!!! May still need some local radiation treatment, but this was the best possible result. I finally feel like a great weight was lifted off my chest. Now I'm on a crusade. Do NOT let your doctor tell you that your wife/sister/daughter/etc can skip a year without having a mammogram (and ask for the 3-D). If they are like my wife and have "dense breast tissues" - means they have non-cancerous fibers - make sure they do additional testing on any lump you feel. Even one year can mean the difference between large surgery and easy treatment. Don't wait too long, it's not worth it, trust me. Save the Ta-Ta's!!!
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    I think this goes a lot deeper than you realize. Let's consider the agents in play and map them. First we've got Detroit and Green Bay. They are colluding, in this to keep us out. But to think it's only those two is insane. This whole thing is league wide, and includes even certain agents in our own house! Now of course, John Mara is in on this, but even though they're keeping the leaks tight, my lack of sources points to Dustin Hopkins being the agent. So let's look at that map now: Notice the triangle that forms when we draw straight lines between Green Bay, Dustin Hopkins' secret base in Washington, and John Mara's lair. You'll notice on the lower line that Detroit and Cleveland fall perfectly in line. RG3 is in Cleveland, and has been acting as a go between using his contacts in Washington, and passing on the information to Detroit. But that's not all.... Also notice that when we form another triangle with it's base set between Detroit and Cleveland, it points towards Hamilton. This can only mean one thing: The information is handed off by RG3 at Hamilton musicals: Last but not least, we must take notice of the placing between London and Hamilton. We tied a game in a city named London, in no small part due to Dustin Hopkins' scheming. When we form one last triangle, with it's base set between London and Hamilton, it points directly to...... Pittsburgh. "How can Pittsburgh possibly be related to this?" you ask. Look no further than Tampa Bay's past staff. Mike Tomlin, a famed member of the Bucco Bums, the most feared society in American sports. And there you have it, people. Let it not be lost on you that three triangles have been used to find the bottom of this conspiracy. The three triangles represent three sides of a triangle, proving that Mike Tomlin, Bruce Allen, and Jay Gruden are indeed parts of the Illuminati. Thank you, xavmit, for bringing this conspiracy to light.
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    Some of you guys in here are insufferable. Blaming that INT on Cousins is hilarious and shows your football IQ to be in the negative numbers. Graham drop two TDs pass from Cousins, the INT being one of them. Totally decent ball, right on his hands, same with the throw in the endzone the last series. The dude had over 150 yards in two series of play and the OL was getting him maybe 1.8 seconds to throw the ball. Von Miller was making that line his b*tch. But somehow its KC, the INT machines. If nothing else I want Cousins here for the next 10 years so you guys suffer each and every year seeing him become great for this team
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    Jim Schwartz and Wade Philips were both unemployed when Barry was made DC.
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    In a related story, all females in attendance at Monday's game are warned about Ben Roethlisburger's "antics"
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    As some of you know I was married for 10 years. We struggled for 6 to have a child. When he finally came, his mother changed. When he was 2, his mom left. I have raised him on my own for the past 9 years. As some of you know, his mother filed in court for 6 weeks in the summer. My son was devastated. He did not want to visit her at all, let alone 6 weeks. I had to hire a lawyer. I'm just a teacher, I'm not rich. Before I hired a lawyer, I talked to my son about visiting his mother. How he felt, what he wanted. He wanted no part. At that point, I couldn't hire a crappy lawyer, I had to go with the best, even though I couldn't really afford it. As things went along, we won each small battle. I'm not going to get into all the details because it's a lot of stuff, but it has been an extremely hard 4 months. Finally. Yesterday. She gave up. She is withdrawing her court case and said that she can't afford to proceed and that she will honor my son's wishes. If he wants to visit her, she will do what she can. If he doesn't want to, he doesn't have to visit her at all. (I just have to give up the Child Support). No brainer. I told my lawyer. Its over. My son cried for a long time. He was so happy. He has been so stressed out and worried over the past 4 months. I'm so happy. Thanks for listening and for all the good wishes.
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    The right whining about how bad this country was under Obama, where we've seen 8 years of job growth and economic prosperity the left whining about how they live in a fascist state when, by any account, they simply decided not to vote in this past election every country in the world wants to be us. Okay, maybe not Switzerland, but every significant country. Anyone in this country who wants a job can have one. Period. We have the most powerful military in the history of human kind. We have a legal system that, while not perfect, is among the best in human history. We all have a say in how we are governed. We all have property rights and personal freedoms. We have not been invaded by a foreign army since 1812. Even the poor have smartphones. In short, sack the **** up. Go outside, take a deep breath, and look around and give thanks that you live in the greatest time in human history, in the most powerful and greatest country in the history of the world. No it's not perfect, but it is pretty great and never stopped being great.. If you want to change something 1. Get off your lazy ass 2. Get off social media 3. Stop acting like a ****. Thanks have a nice day
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    Murphys Law (apologies everyone, that was awful)
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    See?...For everyone who constantly moaned "We need a new owner! Snyder has to go!", it could be worse lol...
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    By any account SM has been hailed as some kind of savant/guru who is here to save our franchise. Defense sucks? SM has a plan. Cousins' contract a distraction all year? SM was smart to franchise him!. We have the two worst inside linebackers in the history of football? SM has a plan!!!!. Our starting safety is a corpse? SM has a PLAN!!! A few observations, from the point of view of someone who doesn't think he walks on water. 1. We got bounced from the playoffs last year by a Green Bay Team who thought it would be pretty damn funny to spread us out and run the ball straight down our throats. (no, seriously, Aaron Rodgers was literally laughing in between snaps). They knew it was a pillow-soft defensive front, and if they cleared the traffic out they could get yardage in 7-10 yard chunks. They were not wrong. What does GMSM do? He signs Ziggy Hood and Cullen Jenkins. I can only assume he did it with a straight face, but who really knows. Also, Will Compton and Mason Foster are not even given any competition in camp. That is inexcusable - we are talking about the worst starting pair of ILBers in all of football, and we don't even bring in competition. 2. The 2016 draft class was historically bad. Josh Doctson - LOL Su'a Cravens - When not injured, just a guy. Too small to play LB and too big to play safety. Will have to change his entire game to find a home in the NFL. Kendall Fuller - awful Matt Loannidis - I'm not even sure if he's on the team or not. I think I saw a white guy take a few snaps against the Giants today. I can only assume that was him. Nate Sudfeld, Steven Daniels, and Keith Marshall round out this group. What does it say that an undrafted guy from a non-football school comes in and takes the starting RB job? 3. The 2015 draft class isn't looking too great either. He hit on his #5 overall pick in Scherff, but let's face it, my dog could hit on a #5 pick. It was Leonard Williams or Brandon Scherff. Either would have been fine. Jamison Crowder appears to be the gem. Preston Smith, at this point, appears to be Trent Murphy 2.0. JAG. So, that's 2 contributors, Scherff and Crowder, out of two years of drafting. Vinny called, he wants to know why he was fired. 4. The Cousins' contract has been mis-handled. Despite what happened today we will be paying him a lot more money than what we could have paid him last year, and we could have avoided the year-long distraction. This franchise cannot afford to start over at QB and the Cousins' camp knows it. Not sure what kind of cards GMSM feels like he has in his back pocket but so far it appears to just be a turd. I mean, if you want to franchise Cousins and play that game, bring some competition in and apply leverage. What does GMSM do? He actually brings more weapons in for Cousins to throw to and improve his numbers. Doctson, Vernon D, etc. Interesting way of negotiating what you think will be a better price. What has happened in 2015 and to a lesser extent in 2016 is not a GM that has filled our club with talent. What has happened is we've finally had a QB step forward and, while not play GREAT, has been competent enough to put up points and win games. That's really about it. Jordan Reed, DeSean Jackson, Pierre Garcon, Trent Williams, and Morgan Moses have nothing to do with GMSM. Our defense is as bad as it's ever been. Can GMSM save the Redskins? Who knows. Maybe, but most likely not. In the meantime, no thanks on the kool-aid.
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    Signed off the street, making plays every week. Fumbles, interceptions, punt returns, you name it. Willing to learn a brand new position on the fly for the good of the team. Holding down the safety spot despite losing Hall for the year. Providing veteran leadership for the young guys. Never hear his name mentioned unless it's making a play on the field. All for the price of a ham sammich. Doesn't get nearly enough love from the fan base. Epitomizes our coach's and GM's "football guy" mentality. I think he deserves his own thread. Plus I'm biased cuz I went to school in his hometown - Providence, RI. Will Blackmon I salute you. Keep up the good work dude, it's not going unnoticed. An important cog that's helped our team jump up to the next level earlier than expected.
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    And we're off....one bad pick away from back to back playoff appearances and suddenly we're regressing.
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    You know, that often gets lost on us fans here since we're so hardcore. We get so caught up in the desire to win we forget that the core of our fanhood is to simply root for these guys, the team, the organization. Some years that's hard to do. And it's not the losing that causes that for me. I've never had a problem accepting we're not a good team, because my fandom isn't based on wins or losses. If it was, I'd root for the Pats or whoever is the best at any given time. Like, in 2006 when we were terrible under Gibbs, I had no trouble rooting for the team. There wasn't an ounce of anger in me. I mean, losses suck... but I still liked the team. I was emotionally attached to them and genuinely enjoyed rooting for their success. I never struggled more to "like" the team than I did in 2013. There was so much not to like. The way our FO was structured. The way Robert and those around him were acting. The way Mike handled that. Jim Haslett. The way Mike ignored Special Teams to the point of it being historically bad. The PR war at the end between Mike and the FO. The way the scouts, whom after 2012 were all jumping at the opportunity to talk about their roles in the team's success, completely betrayed that and acted like it was all Mike. Just, so incredibly ugly. Very few things to sincerely like, really. And it's not that I didn't want those guys to succeed... it's just emotionally taxing to root for them when there's all that ugliness. When you get the sense that they themselves aren't together, so why should you be "together" with them? Why should you care about their success when they seemingly didn't care about each other's? And that lead into 2014 for me because it was many of the same people involved, starting with Dan on down. It took a few games into the 2014 season for me to start really "liking" this group again, at a deep level. Part of that had to do with the way fans were questioning Jay's every move with Robert, but what I saw was someone who was just being honest and just so happened to echo the sentiments I had for some time myself. He separated himself from that "stuff" for me. I really started to like Jay and root for his success. Had always been a big Kirk fan and really wanted him to do well. Still, Jim Haslett, though. Lol. But with adding Scot last off season, all these young developing players, some top notch coaches at every position, a very likable guy in Joe Barry at D Coordinator, etc... Man, it's hard not to really really really want to see this particular group succeed. Like, if they lose, it'll suck more than anything because of how enjoyable it is to see them happy and successful. They're a group I'll root for simply because I like them, not necessarily because I believe they'll win (though I believe I can objectively conclude they're moving in the right direction). It's nice to say that again. It's like Gibbs 2.0 all over again for me. And 2011-2012 up until the Browns game. The losses never really stung for a long time, I just liked those teams too much. I wonder if this makes any sense.
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    So as you all know, one of the biggest arguments that the anti-Kirk crowd tries to make is the "Kirk can't win big games!" argument. Unfortunately in today's era of fake news, this just goes unchecked as if its actually a stone cold fact, but it actually couldn't be further from the truth. Lets take a journey through Kirk's career, starting from the beginning... Okay, so we begin with 2012. In Cousins's first ever regular season game action, he comes in with the team trailing against the then undefeated Falcons after RG3 gets hurt. Trailing, he immediately throws a TD pass to Santana Moss. Unfortunately, he also throws two picks later. So yes, perhaps you can say he did choke this game away. BUT, he also got the team the lead in the 4th quarter, but the D couldn't hold it(hmm sound familiar?). And putting the pressure on a rookie 4th round QB to win the game against an undefeated team is a little unrealistic. Still, he gave us a shot. Move ahead a few weeks, and once again Cousins is tasked with coming in late to save the team. This time down 8 against an elite Ravens team(that went on to win the whole thing that year). Cousins completes two passes, including a clutch 4th down, and a TD pass to Garcon. For the 2 point conversion he takes the ball himself and runs it in to tie the game. Pretty clutch performance if I must say so myself. In OT he didn't have to do much, PR and run game set up the winning score. But, if not for Cousins's clutch play on the final drive, the game is over. Fast forward one week, and Cousins is now making his first ever start, on the road against a Cleveland Browns team that had won three in a row. Another big game, considering the team was in a win out or go home situation. After an early pick, Cousins plays brilliantly, putting up over 300 yards and 2 TDs to lead us to a blowout 17 point win. Cousins's 2012 ended in relief duty against the Seahawks. I'm going to throw this one out, the game was basically over when he got in the game. In totality, Cousins had two good clutch performances in 2012, and one bad one(the bad one being literally his first ever NFL game but, whatever I'll give the anti Kirk people that one). Now, onto 2013...Cousins's first two games this season were in mop up duty in blowouts against the Broncos and Chiefs. These games serve no purpose, both games were over when he got in, so just throw those out. His first start of that season was on the road against the Falcons. In that game Cousins threw for over 350 yards and 3 TDs, and down a TD he led a TD drive to get within 1. Unfortunately Shanahan decided to go for 2 and we didn't convert, but in normal game situation we would have tied the game and gone to OT. The very next week, we play the Cowboys in a game they need for their playoff hopes. Statistically, Cousins didn't have a big game, but he does lead two 3rd quarter scoring drives to give us a 23-14 lead in the 4th quarter. Unfortunately as has been the case his entire career the D gags it away and the Cowboys rally to win 24-23. Not really a clutch performance either way since it was a meaningless game, but Cousins put us in a position to win with 23 points scored and a double digit lead in the 4th. Cousins's season ends the next week in the Meadowlands. Meaningless game and it shows, nobody played well. Throw this one out, it means nothing to the argument one way or another. Entire team knew Shanahan was getting fired and no showed. So as far as the clutch count goes, well in fairness Cousins didn't play much in 2013. No real bad clutch performances really, and I give him credit for having a good clutch performance in Atlanta(all around he played well in his first start of the season, a big spot for him personally even if for the team it didn't mean anything). Overall still: 3 good clutch, 1 bad clutch. Now its 2014...not gonna lie, a rocky season for Cousins. He starts off well though. After coming in in relief for RG3 in Week 2, Cousins lights up the Jags for 250 and 2 scores. Considering we were 0-1, you could argue this was a big spot for us. I won't count it as clutch though. The next week in Philly Cousins continues his hot play, putting up a whooping 400+ yards and 3 TDs and leading the team to 34 points and at one point a double digit lead. Unfortunately the D and ST suck and we lose, but in a big game spot Cousins came up big. Sure would be nice if the guy had a D right? The rest of 2014 is rocky for Cousins. He plays awfully against the Giants at home on TNF, then actually puts up a decent statistical performance on MNF against the defending champion Seahawks(283 yards, 2 TDs, 0 INTs)but we were never really a threat to win that game. He puts up 354 and 2 TDs in Arizona the next week, but also has 3 picks, then gets benched the next week against the Titans. I don't know if any of these are really considered clutch moments, considering we had 1 win going into the Cardinal/Titan games. Going back to the clutch count, I'm going to give Cousins a clutch point for the Eagles game, and give him an anti clutch point for the Giants game. So far the count is: 4 good clutch, 2 bad clutch. Finally time for some good stuff...2015. Unfortunately it doesn't start off great, as Cousins plays poorly in the first national TV big game spot of the season, Week 3 at the Giants. But after that it gets pretty good. He leads a game winning TD drive to beat the Eagles the very next week. The week after in Atlanta is a very up and down game however. Against an undefeated Falcons team, Cousins doesn't light it up statistically, but does get us a late 4th quarter lead. Unfortunately once again the D can't hold and gives it up, Falcons take a 3 point lead with less then 30 seconds left. BUT Cousins once again steps up big in the clutch, leading an excellent last second drive to send the game to OT. Then in OT garbage ass Ryan Grant falls down, leading to a Cousins pick 6. The anti Kirk people will scream "CHOKER" but it was obviously not his fault in that spot. The up and down-ness of 2015 continues. Cousins doesn't play great the next week at the Jets, but in fairness, we had NO D Jax, NO Reed, and NO Trent Williams, against a good Jets team(they finished 10-6)on the road coming off a bye. But after this one is the BIG one, the Buccaneer come back. In a game the coach himself said was a code red game, Cousins rallies us from 24-0 down to lead the biggest comeback win in franchise history. Lets fast forward a few weeks(the next few weeks aren't really eventful: we blow out the Saints, get crushed on the road by elite teams like the Pats and Panthers, nothing really worth discussing). We get the Giants at home in a big game spot(FOX 4:30 primetime slot). Revenge game against a team that has tormented Cousins. Big game too, as losing would basically end our hopes of a division title. Cousins plays really well, throwing for over 300 yards and a TD. This game would begin a trend of Cousins playing really well in the clutch down the stretch to win this team games. Having to win four in a row to end the season to win the division, Cousins plays at his absolute best. He eviscerates the Bills, leads a 4th quarter go ahead scoring drive to win at the Bears(Bears weren't great that year but they had won a few in a row and Cousins had a good statistical game, 300 yards and a TD), and then of course in the absolute biggest game of the season and of his career, Cousins goes into Philly and absolutely destroys the Eagles, winning us the NFC East. Unfortunately he doesn't end the season well, playing poorly in the playoff game against the Packers(in fairness, the entire team played poorly, we had no answer for Rodgers and the run game). So lets go back to the clutch count: going into 2015 it was 4 good clutch to 2 bad clutch. But in 2015 I'll give him two negatives in the clutch(Week 3 at the Giants and the Packer playoff game). As far as good clutch/big game moments: Eagles at home, Buc rally, Giants at home, Bears on the road, and Eagles on the road were all good clutch for sure. That makes the count a whooping 9-4! In 13 big games/clutch moments, Cousins came through 9 times. That's a pretty damn good %. But we still have one more season to go... So 2016. This one is still fresh in our minds so I won't really give the same types of summaries I did for the previous seasons. Instead I'll just go game by game and state which games Cousins played well in what I consider to be big game or clutch spots. Looking at 2016, its kind of tough to truly evaluate, because the 0-2 start kinda made every game almost a big game, and we played so many good teams/defenses(more on this later). Steelers-big game(MNF at home). Cousins plays poorly. Bad. Cowboys-big game(home vs. a rival.) Statistically Cousins was good, until that last pick in the end zone. Still, we have the lead in the 4th. D can't hold. No good or bad. @Giants-big game(rival, 0-2, on the road, Cousins has never won here). After falling behind 14-0, Cousins rallies us to a win. He puts up nearly 300 yards and 2 TDs. Good. Browns-not really a big game but with a chance to get back to .500 it kinda sorta is. Cousins plays very well, we beat a terrible Browns team. Whatever. @Ravens-big game(on the road, good team, really good D). Not a great statistical game but down 10-6 in the 2nd half he does rally us to the lead. Good. Eagles-big game(rival who started the year hot). Cousins lights up the Eagles to win our 4th in a row. Good. @Lions-Not really sure if I'd classify this as big game but in the clutch we were down 10 in the 4th and Cousins rallied us to take the lead with around a minute left. Can't say he wasn't great in the clutch here. Unfortunately the D can't hold(recurring theme). Good clutch performance? I think so. Too bad the team lost. @Bengals-Pretty much mirror image of Lions game for the most part. Down 10 in the 4th, Cousins rallies us, but the D can't hold and in OT the K misses a chip shot. Once again Cousins is actually very good in the clutch, but other guys let us down. Not sure if this is a big game but it was a nationally televised game in London. Vikings-Semi big game. Vikings had a winning record and a really good D, but Cousins torches them for over 250 and 2 TDs. Good. Packers-Huge game. Primetime at home against the team that KO'd us from the playoffs last year. Cousins absolutely destroys them for 375 and 3 TDs. Biggest game of the season to date and Cousins comes through. Good. @Cowboys-obviously big game. Cousins plays great but unfortunately the D can't make a stop. Red zone issues plagued us here. I won't give him a good but he certainly was anything but bad. @Cardinals-not really sure if big game. Cousins plays well enough to win, until the final drive over 250 yards and a TD, and rallies us to a lead in the 4th quarter. Unfortunately the D once again can't get a stop, and Cousins throws a pick on the final drive. Don't think its fair to say he "choked" here considering he put up a damn good game against I believe the top ranked D in the NFL on the road and generated 23 points of offense. @Eagles-big game considering its a rival and were coming off two losses. Cousins plays very well, 234 yards and 2 TDs against a good statistical D, and we get a win. Good. Panthers-MNF and playoffs are in play so big game in that respect. Cousins plays terribly. Bad. @Bears-big game because were in the playoff hunt. Cousins lights them up. Good. vs.Giants-obviously biggest game of the season. Cousins chokes. Such a shame. Bad. So, the clutch/big game count going into 2016 is 9-4(9 good 4 bad). For 2016 I'll give Cousins a bad score for Steelers, Panthers, and Giants. He gets a good score for @Giants, @Ravens, Eagles, Vikings, Packers, and @Eagles. Truth be told he SHOULD get good grades for the @Lions, @Bengals, @Cowboys, and @Cardinals also but because the team lost I won't. Still, for 2016 thats 6-3, and his overall count is: 15-7. Yes that's right, in 22 big game/clutch moments, Cousins has come through 15 times. And now for some advanced stats(from Al Galdi's article http://www.espn980.com/2017/01/27/the-truth-about-kirk-cousins-2016-season/) Total EPA – This is Total Clutch-Weighted Expected Points Added, which is essentially a measure of how much a player contributes to winning. EPA is the measure of a play’s impact on the score of the game. Kirk was fifth among NFL quarterbacks with a Total EPA of 97.9 during the 2016 regular season. He was seventh among NFL quarterbacks with a Total EPA of 82.6 in 2015. DYAR (Defense-adjusted Yards Above Replacement) – This is a Football Outsiders metric that gives the value of a player’s performance compared to replacement level, adjusted for situation and opponent and then translated into yardage. This is essentially to football what Wins Above Replacement (WAR) is to baseball. Kirk was third among NFL quarterbacks with 1,342 DYAR during the 2016 regular season. He was seventh among NFL quarterbacks with 1,023 DYAR in 2015. Kirk did all of this while facing the toughest schedule of opposing defenses that any quarterback faced during the 2016 regular season. Yes, you read that right. Kirk did what he did this past regular season despite facing the hardest schedule of opposing defenses per Football Outsiders’ DVOA metric. Nine of the Redskins’ 16 games were against teams that finished the season in the top 11 of the NFL in total defense: Pittsburgh (no. 11), the Giants twice (no. 2), Baltimore (no. 6), Philadelphia twice (no. 4), Minnesota (no. 9), Arizona (no. 3) and Carolina (no. 10). Kirk Cousins is a damn good QB, top 10 in the NFL, and guess what? He's a CLUTCH QB. Pay him and lets win games.
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    I have been married for 20 years and I still don't know what the **** my wife thinks/wants and you as a fan who doesn't even live with Dan knows exactly what he thinks....lol
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    Dude this is stupid... Cousins is going to get paid and it will be by the Redskins... Case Closed!
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    The truth is you need to remove the pic from your post since quoting pics is against board rules. Don't worry, though...if you get a temporary ban for not following site rules I'll start a poll asking if you should be banned for the rest of the season lol *thumbsup*...
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    I could not disagree more. Even if you're getting away from performance and just speaking from an athlete point of view, Cousins is far more of an athlete than Manning will ever be. I will give you that Eli is adept at dipping his shoulders and sliding away from defenders - something Cousins has not shown to be nearly as good at, yet. But Cousins has some speed and scrambling ability even if he almost refuses to use it. The play the other day where he grabbed the ball and chucked it was something Eli has never been capable of. And I think their arms are pretty comparable. Now I KNOW Eli has two Superbowl rings and because of that everyone in the world will give him a long leash. I do too when I think about Eli. But just dive into Eli's performance over his career and rather than look at it through Eli glasses, look at it from a KIrk Cousins perspective because I think way too many on here want the second coming of Brady without realizing how truly blessed we are with Cousins after 25 years of ****ty QB play. This year: Eli: 63.6% completion rate with 1385 yards, 7.4 avg, 5 TD's vs 4 INT's, 5 fumbles w/ 2 lost, 86.0 QB rating. Kirk: 67.2% completion rate with 1432 yards, 7.5 avg, 7 TD's vs 5 INT's, 3 fumbles w/ 0 lost, 90.5 QB rating. So there isn't a single passing category where Cousins isn't outperforming Eli to include wins. One of Kirk's fumbles was the aforementioned snap that was attributed to Kirk as a fumble and he made a great play to save that one. For all those out there complaining about Kirk missing throws and being less accurate than last year, he's still completing nearly 70% of his passes and is close to the tops in the league. We all agree he needs to cut back on the turnovers but as always he's still doing much better than Eli. One more INT, however, he's really only fumbled twice so and that's a big difference despite Eli only being sacked once more. Let's look at career stats: Eli: 59.5% completion rate, 7.1 avg, 299 TD's vs 203 INT's (1.47:1 ratio), 102 fumbles w/ 44 lost, 83.6 QB rating!!!! Kirk: 65.5% completion rate, 7.6 avg, 54 TD's vs. 35 INT's (1.54:1 ratio), 18 fumbles w/ 7 lost, 91.1 QB rating. Weird, once again, Kirk is better in every single category. Again, I get it. Eli has two Superbowl rings and has made some great plays in the playoffs and in the Superbowl to achieve those victories. No one can take that away from him. What I am trying to point out has nothing to do with that as much as it is to calm people down when assessing Kirk's performance. Rather than freaking out every time he doesn't complete a pass, realize other QB's, to include Superbowl winners, miss short throws for first downs or miss wide open deep balls. It's part of the game. For goodness sake, everyone still thinks Eli is a top level QB when his career completion percentage is below 60% and his rating is 83.6! The moral of the story is we need to take a step back and realize Kirk is playing pretty well even this year, just not to the MVP levels he played at the end of last year. The key is while the offense around him is pretty good, he's still missing any semblance of a running game and a formidable defense. He's playing pretty well and is being asked to carry this team and right now he and the team have performed well enough to be 3-2.
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    Barry is who we thought he was. I had low expectations when he was hired, and he's living down to them.
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    ​Last Wednesday we came down to DC from where we live in Albany N.Y. to do a college visit for my son at American University, where he is interested in going to college after he graduates next year. The visit was on Thursday morning and we had plans to go to the National/Phillies game later that day. My wife has a connection from her job with a front office Nationals employee and he got us field passes to go on the field before the game for the National Anthem. We were on the field closer to the Phillies dugout waiting for the anthem, when the announcer comes on and says "Here to throw out the first pitch is Washington Redskin cornerback Josh Norman". This was a complete surprise to us and the about 2,000 people in attendance-- the weather was awful. So he throws out the pitch and we start calling his name as he's walking off the field toward the Nats dugout. After a few yells, he looks over and my son points to his Redskin pullover he was wearing. Josh gives his chest two pounds and points over at us emphatically. He was heading out to exit the field through the Nats tunnel, but then changed his course and started walking towards us. He got over to us and gave my son a handshake and a hug and then took a picture with him. After the picture, I shook his hand and told him we're pumped to have you and are looking forward to you doing big things for us. His response was "Thank you, I appreciate it", before I said 'Wow, you're a big dude, you're bigger than you look on TV", to which he said "I know It". Seemed to be a good guy and I thought it was cool that he changed his direction he was taking out to go out of his way to come over to us. JoshNorman.pdf
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    This type of stuff just blows my mind in its stupidity. You miss two seasons due to injury and constantly tweet about how badly you're dying to play again... then you put yourself into a situation like this that could end in a suspension. Well done.
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    I've come to realize that both parties, over the years, want to impose their will by telling everyone else what to do. Both parties claim they're for "freedom" but love to tell people what their beliefs should be and how they should be living their lives. Liberals: are for pro choice, pro gay marriage, pro weed legalization. Limit the 2nd amendment. And higher taxes, because the government knows what's best for your money. They usually claim to be open minded until the second you disagree with them and then you're a racist or a sexist or some other word to describe you as morally inferior while making themselves feel better. Conservatives: are anti abortion, anti gay marriage, yet somehow think they're purveying the last bastion of "freedom." They love to quote the Founding Fathers but when it comes to "Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," it has to be on their terms. They're usually for lower taxes. They like to wave flags, beat their chests, give thanks to the military a lot and say they're true patriots. People are going to disagree on a lot of things. I think I learned this in the first grade and that hasn't changed. So when I see someone on facebook ranting about how much they love Trump or how Hillary is amazeballs, I just roll my eyes. I truly think social media has done this society a disservice. Now everyone has a platform (twitter, facebook, blogs) where they can spout their beliefs and feel good about themselves when people like their post or re-tweet their clever 140 character rant. They think what they have to share matters. I don't get involved anymore because at the end of the day I don't care what they have to say and I'm pretty sure they don't care about my opinion either. I don't have enough energy to care about others who might disagree with me and why their stance is wrong. You'll never catch me at a protest. That said.... I just want to be left alone and not have to pay a lot of taxes due to the fact that I think the government is wasteful. I'd be happy to pay "my fair share" if the government was at a surplus and running efficiently but as far as I can tell it's not. Each year I look at what I paid in taxes and wonder where the **** it went. The government is like a dumbass 16 year old begging mommy and daddy for 150 bucks for designer jeans. I'll end it on this: The older I get, the less of a **** I give. I don't care who gets married. I don't care who has an abortion. I like my guns. Don't tell me what to do and don't bother me. We don't get 100% control in life on a lot of things. Very few things. But one thing we get to control in life is how we treat each other on a daily basis. It's probably also one of the hardest things we can do, too. I try to keep that in mind each day and be respectful of everyone around me, go out of my way to do something nice for a stranger and hope that despite whatever differences we might have that they feel that way, too. Anyway, feel free to disagree on how I view things but you'll probably understand how I already view your response
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    I was thinking about where to launch this but I figured this is a good starting point. I won an auction which had me meet Scot McCloughan. And I spent 2 hours with him last Friday and I learned a lot. I peppered him with questions. It was amazing. He was a super cool dude. And he took some of the mystery out of the operations for me. It was clear to me listening to him -- he's last say on personnel even if others disagree. Just some tidbits for those interested. The typical day for him is 6:30 am to 8 pm. 2 things that surprised me a little about what he does in a typical week -- he does a lot of help on film study in preparation for the week's game, watches practice on film, etc. He actually does find the time to watch in person college football during the season. Just for fun, I threw some players at him for the upcoming draft, and he had something to say about everyone of them -- many of whom he's already seen play in person. I left it thinking it would be an understatement to say we are in good hands. This dude is Rain Man savant level in terms of knowing college players. I always thought it was comical that a few stragglers on the board challenge Scot's acumen on the draft for choosing this guy over that guy -- and spending some time with him, it makes that all seem even more absurd. I don't care how many times we watch player such and such on NFLbreakdown.com -- its a fraction of what he knows if even that. I asked him when does he go full gear on the draft -- he told me he's been full gear on the draft for quite some time already and already has a strong handle on the top 60 players in the draft. Is Scot getting the type of players Jay wants? Yes and No. But mostly, yes. He talked to me about overruling Jay at times on personnel when it came to the draft. He says they have their share of disagreements. But by and large he aims to please. And he considers Jay in his own right a good evaluator. On threads, I often see two points of view about Scot and Jay. 1. Scot loves Jay as a HC, that's his dude through thick and thin. And for those who love Scot and don't like Jay, deal with the reality of this marriage. 2. Scot is so more competent than Jay -- and some day Scot will fire him and get his guy to be HC. I didn't get the vibe that other point is right on the money outside of Scot really digs Jay as a person and if I had to pick a position I'd go with pro Jay. After spending time with him and asking him many questions, I just didn't get the vibe that Scot is the type who easily gets infatuated (with some exceptions ala some players like Scherff) with anyone whether its a coach or player as to performance. He's looking to improve everywhere and no one is totally safe in that regard. The thing though I took more than anything from meeting him is what a cool guy he is. I met him with my kids -- he was super cool with them, showed us around Redskins Park. He was so forthright and easy going. I can see why one of his niches is reading into player's motivations and digging into their personality. The dude oozes charisma. And to me he comes off so frank (think of the opposite of Shanny who plays politics) that its disarming -- where I can see players reciprocating in kind. Among his draft picks he thinks Scherff, Crowder, Cravens are pro bowl to be studs. Doctson, too. And for a guy who hasn't been here long -- he's very into this team and its history. Got him going on stuff like Dallas fans in the DMV, etc. But yeah he comes off like us as if he's been a fan of this team forever (even though that's clearly not the case). He talked about ultimately winning the Superbowl and when he said it, he said it with resolve -- it didn't come off like hollow feel good rhetoric.
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    Well, now we got the Rams' second-round 2012 pick. We at least won 1/4 of the trade now!
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    I take my fandom where i want... Not where some dickhead at a newspaper tells me too. Out of bounds imo
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    I wish Snyder was legitimately fascinated with the idea of selling the team.
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    Our defense hasn't given up a TD in the second half for 4 straight games. They have given up 0 TDs in the last 6 quarters. We are on a 4 game win streak and right back in the mix. Damn guys. Let them have some fun. We are starting to sound like the NFL and TD celebrations in here...
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    Wow. Here we are again already. Cool. Most of you know the drill. For those who don't,here it is in a nutshell. This thread is an information hub if you will. It will provide quick info of each Redskins Draft pick,links for more info,and links to the threads here discussing the picks. If any of you find information and/or videos of the picks not already here in this thread,go ahead and post it here and I'll edit it into the op. That was fun. Thanks. Draft day discussion thread. Yay or nay there. http://es.redskins.com/topic/400794-official-es-2016-draft-day-discussion-thread/ Twitter thread: http://es.redskins.com/topic/398548-london-calling-martins-house-of-commons-official-offseason-twitter-thread-crumpets-and-biscuits-extra/page-134 Draft Database thread. (Note: Closed until after draft). http://es.redskins.com/topic/391982-2016-comprehensive-nfl-draft-database/page-97 Draft Pick prediction thread: http://es.redskins.com/topic/400743-what-position-will-the-redskins-take-with-the-first-pick-traded-or-not/ Who would you have drafted? http://es.redskins.com/topic/400939-for-the-record-who-would-you-have-drafted/ Press Release: Redskins Quotes- GM Scott McCloughan http://es.redskins.com/topic/401006-press-release-redskins-quotes-gm-scot-mccloughan/ Football Gameplan's 2016 Draft Grades: Redskins http://es.redskins.com/topic/401133-football-gameplans-2016-nfl-draft-grades-redskins/ Press Release: Redskins Quotes-Gruden,Doctson,Craven,Iodannidis,Sudfield,Daniels,Marshall http://es.redskins.com/topic/400943-press-release-redskins-quotes-grudendoctsoncravenfullerioannidissudfelddanielsmarshall/ Press Release: Redskins Select 7 Players in 2016 NFL Draft http://es.redskins.com/topic/400944-press-release-redskins-select-seven-players-in-2016-nfl-draft/ ------------------------------ The Picks 1) Round 1 Pick #22 Josh Doctson WR TCU 6'2" 210 lbs http://www.nfl.com/draft/2016/profiles/josh-doctson?id=2555343 *Click link For More* Welcome to the Redskins http://es.redskins.com/topic/400814-welcome-to-the-redskins-josh-doctson-wr-tcu/ Gif Breakdown Josh Doctson http://es.redskins.com/topic/400847-gif-breakdown-josh-doctson-wr-tcu/ Press Release: http://es.redskins.com/topic/400718-press-release-redskins-quotes-gm-scot-mccloughan-cb-josh-norman/ ********************* Round 2,(Pick #53) Su'a Cravens OLB USC http://www.nfl.com/draft/2016/profiles/su'a-cravens?id=2555345 *Click Link For More* Welcome to the Redskins http://es.redskins.com/topic/400859-welcome-to-the-redskins-sua-cravens-olb-usc/ Highlights: ********* Pick 3,(Round 3 #84) Kendall Fuller DB Virginia Tech 5'11" 187 lbs http://www.nfl.com/draft/2016/profiles/kendall-fuller?id=2555349 *Click Link For More* Welcome To The Redskins http://es.redskins.com/topic/400873-welcome-to-the-redskins-kendall-fuller-db-virginia-tech/ Highlights: Press Release: #Redskins Quotes-Gruden, Cravens, Fuller http://es.redskins.com/topic/400894-press-release-redskins-quotes-gruden-cravens-fuller/ Pick 4,(Via Trade with Saints), Round 5 # 152 Matthew Ioannidis DT Temple 6'3" 299lbs. http://www.nfl.com/draft/2016/profiles/matthew-ioannidis?id=2555240 *Click Link For More* Welcome to the Redskins http://es.redskins.com/topic/400906-welcome-to-the-redskins-matt-ioannidis-dt-temple/ Pick 5 Round 6 #187 Nate Sudfeld QB Indiana 6'6" 234lbs http://www.nfl.com/draft/2016/profiles/nate-sudfeld?id=2555427 *Click Link for More* Welcome to the Redskins http://es.redskins.com/topic/400917-welcome-to-the-redskins-nate-sudfeld-qb-indiana/ Pick 6 Round 7 #232,(Trade with Bucs) Steven Daniels LB Boston College 5'11" 243 lbs. http://www.nfl.com/draft/2016/profiles/steven-daniels?id=2555521 *click link for more* Welcome to the Redskins http://es.redskins.com/topic/400920-welcome-to-the-redskins-steven-daniels-lb-boston-college/ Pick 7 Round 7 # 242 Keith Marshall RB Georgia 5'11" 219 lbs. http://www.nfl.com/draft/2016/profiles/keith-marshall?id=2555459 *Click Link For More*
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    Cowboys fans after our pick: "nooooooooooooo!!!!!" "Damn docs gone to wash crap" "Great pick for the hated Skins." "Skins just got a stud." "Really good pick for the Redskins." "Our cbs just said ffffffffdddddddnnnn really" "Hate that pick from our standpoint. Would have rather them have taken a DT because I think our line can handle any DT. Don't think our secondary can handle many WRs." "I hate the Redskins." "Damn...foreskins pulled the trigger on Doctson. Another weapon for Cousins. Yikes" "Cowboys and Redskins with damn fine picks....Eagles and Giants very questionable IMO"
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    When you have front office, head coach, and QB stability, you win. Its pretty simple.
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    I'm happy I didn't vote early. I was set to vote against amendment 2 in Fla that would legalize medical pot. But after spending time with some doctors and patients at Moffitt Cancer center I've changed my mind.
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