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    Yesterday was...frustrating to say the least. I had to really take time to process it. I know people want blood, fire people, get rid of Gruden and Cousins, etc. but after sleeping on it and thinking about it, I think our best plan is to stay the course. Here's the thing: we're not a bad football team. In fact, I think we're actually a pretty good football team that has just been hit hard with injuries, a rough schedule, and some bad luck. Our 6 losses have been to the Eagles twice, Saints, Vikings, Chiefs, and Cowboys. The first three of those I mentioned are currently top 5 teams in football. The Chiefs at the time were, and they're still very good(in their house). The Cowboys we lost to them when they were fully healthy and had Zeke while we were just hitting our absolute bottom of the barrel in terms of injuries. Imagine if, instead of playing the Eagles twice, we played the Giants twice. We're probably 6-4. We have quality wins on the road vs. the Rams and Seahawks. We crushed the Raiders who were at the time flying high. The 49er game, okay that was a weird one, but we did still win and were by far the better team for most of it. In fact, in our losses to the Chiefs and Saints you could argue we were the better team for most of it. We haven't really been crushed in any game. The two Eagle games we lost by double digits but the first one was a one score game until the very end. The second one was close until Wentz just went God Mode on us in the 2nd half. Even then, no shame in losing to the best team in the league twice. I mean, look at what they did to the Cowboys yesterday. Our games against them were never that bad. Everyone wants to kill Gruden for some of the moves yesterday, and I agree he did make some mistakes, but with that said, we're fielding a MASH unit on both sides of the ball and are still competing against the best teams in the league. We aren't losing to the likes of the Browns and Colts. Everyone wants to kill Cousins for the very end of the game, but for the second week in a row against a really good defense we've put up 30+ points. When your QB stakes you a 15 point lead with 5 minutes left, its up to everyone else to close it out. One guy only does so much. We need to make more moves of course, but I think we're closer to being good than being bad. In a way all this bad luck this year is a good thing because it most likely means next year we'll be lucky and win these close games. Luck tends to fluctuate like that. A good example is the Panthers. In 2014 they lost a bunch of close games and went 8-8. In 2015 they won those games and went 15-1. Then last year their luck turned around and they went 7-9 but are now back as a playoff team. The Cowboys have alternated good season and bad season largely based on health. I see us finishing somewhere around 8-8, but we'll be looked at as one of the good 8-8 teams with our arrow pointing up, assuming we keep Gruden and Cousins. People are whining and crying like we're the Browns, but we're not. Its just been one of those seasons but I think in the long run if we stay the course we'll look at it as kind of a year to base any future success off of.
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    This thread is hilarious. Norman is awesome—he gives up like one pass per game and it’s always surprising when he does. He is EXACTLY what you want from a #1 CB and he’s been an excellent signing
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    Just some thoughts. The offensive line is playing guys you'd see in the 4th quarter of preseason game 2. There is no way to expect they can stop anyone's pass rush. The best success they had was driving forward off the left side as we ran the ball. No dancing, no sweeping.. driving forward off the ball. Was nice to see. Perine ran like the type of back we need. Second half in particular,, i loved the cutback runs, looked like Shanahan designed them. Smart, Giants D was pushing our OL around, they overpursued and Perine made them pay. Perine hit holes FAST, no hesitation, no dancing, full speed at the point of the handoff. It makes QUITE the difference. THAT is the play we need from the RB. Tight ends did well in creating small seams he could slam and push. A nice halftime adjustment! Run game changed at halftime, and dominated in the second half. Cousins played alright.. considering we are depleted to the point that Niles Paul has to be a serious option in the passing game, a new center, his blindside protected by backups, and a brand new first time running back on passing downs, he did alright. His pick was a high throw, but the back should have caught it. Bad luck. I don't think the turf caused the bad throw, although the stumble did.. i just think he tripped himself with skittery footwork. But overall, he found the guy who had the mismatch all night long, and Crowder stepped up and took it. The turf looked bad, but i don't think it was. It's just brown grass,, but on many slow motion replays, you can see that underfoot it's just fine.. It is NOT like it was when RG3 got hurt vs Seattle.. that was painted dirt.. this didn't look the same, wasn't loose like that, Vernon Davis didn't have a catch, right? Using just my early morning memory, he didn't.. even if he had one, he was zero factor in the passing game.. I have to think it's because of his hand injuries. He blocked well. I like Sprinkle.. the kid's a good blocker and I think can grow into a real force as a blocking TE. Morgan Moses is putting out one of the most courageous seasons I've seen out of a Redskins player. All respect. Secondary played great. Defensive line played well. Backup linebackers played well. Kerrigan dominated, and really, by now he and Eli could be considered married in some states. The refs could have called holding on probably 80% of the giants pass plays. (blatant holds, not the old 'you can call it on every play" cliché) BUT, the giants are terrible. This is the biggest factor in our good defensive performance. Terrible offensive line.. awful receivers. yeah yeah, rookie sensation TE,, dropping passes like the ball was greased. Even on run downs, our patchwork backup DL crushed the line of scrimmage. Don't expect that again until we play them again. Good special teams except for happy boy charging into the end zone with the ball on the first punt. A lot of folks bristle when injuries are named as a factor in a loss,, but here in victory, i hope it is apparent just HOW beat up this team is. When Moses got his leg hurt,that was it.. there's no one left for OL Catalina.. then what,, Sprinkle moves to tackle? We are literally scraping the bottom of the barrel. Trying to remember 56 name. our starting ILB.. who? But this is the point. Wednesday practice is now turned into a meet and greet. Players wear "Hello, My Name is _____" stickers. I have NEVER seen a Redskins team hit with so many injuries, and even one more is devastating. We have guys playing significant snaps who weren't on a team a week prior, and we've been doing it for a month. I think the coaching staff deserves a lot of credit. Even with this, we're competitive in every game, and are within a play or two of beating some of the best teams in the league. I think this has to be considered when grading Gruden and some of the WTF playcalls we have seen. ~Bang
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    When I arrived at ES the staff presented a clear message that the point of the site was to offer improvement over the level and quantity of intelligent and informed conversation while actively discouraging the more typical kind of low-information, obnoxious, annoying, trollish food fight manner of dialogue. That would be the kind generally led by spazzy emoting, silly egotism, and often various "personal issues" for which these forums can be another dumping ground while talking football. That was a type of activity the OGs here had decided dominated too many such forums and drowns out the better material. One familiar term used here for many years to describe that kind of posting was "white noise." To that end, there were usually 6-8 moderators and a sizeable number of like-minded ES'ers regularly posting in volume with that goal in mind and an active energy applied here daily in that pursuit, which definitely helps achieve the goal. Now as to judging how those old mods and members---some still here---did in that pursuit, laudable or laughable in individual execution, is up for grabs. But there was that premise of a higher standard in play. That premise was a key reason for this place to exist and that hasn't changed. The reality today is we do not have of a bunch of mods posting daily to help set tone----not spin, or push a team or personal agenda football topic wise, but set a tone--i.e. reasoned, fun, knowledgeable, sane, informative, etc. But they all do what they can and a number of our posters also still work to serve that premise in both their positive and negative assessments. Given the reduced staff presence in posting, what members bring to the table these days has even a more significant impact on the site overall. If you like this place my suggestion is to consider---really evaluate---what it is you're bringing to the forum. And I sure don't mean just your football acumen, which in forums like this is greatly exaggerated by most people who tout such. TK & I have spoken on the issue of too much self-indulgent repetitive dumbassery, again, in here in recent weeks but most of the major purveyors take no heed, as is typical. Let's make clear a couple things: to use some fuzzy but familiar terms, haters (which here will mean extremely and consistently critical of 'x' to an excess) and homers (the other end of the spectrum) are not held as equal on ES. While both usually suffer from a lack of depth and higher level of football smarts in their posting, one provides "stupid" (and often annoying) in pursuit of being overly positive, and the other provides "stupid" (and often obnoxious) in pursuit of being overly negative. If both are set on endless-loop repeat and both detract from better conversion, one type still tends to be more irritating and to a larger percentage the regular membership than the other by a wide margin, rationally enough. And this specific kind of excess some folks indulge---mega-repetition of exaggerated negativity with big attitude--serves little or no redeeming purpose to offset. Never lose sight of the fact that in internet forums Captain Obvious is a needed crossing guard. Team-wise, staff here obviously are very critical of 'x' when they have such opinions, and the site obviously has no avoidance issues regarding harsh criticism of the team. Over the years I have even been quite harsh on Dan and other f.o. execs for instance, with zero blowback. In our history here we have had epic topic-wars worth remembering for how stupid a lot of it would get. Not just the rg3/kc/jay stuff, or brunell/campbell/ramsey stuff, or even zorn going from wunderkind to idiot in less than one season stuff, but also iconic examples like the landmark flailing in the long-running betts v. portis thread (keep one, trade the other). We still encourage and support "better posting" standards and discourage the other. I am taking the time to write this post to have available at one time in one place for awhile, to both inform in general and so I don't have to repeat this stuff with any individuals who may be addressed on these matters. So if you get a link to this post in your PMs, it means you're an issue and you're going to have to figure it out based on, well, everything available to you to date. There will be no extended tutorials, hearing of confessions, or therapeutic massages available via pm. No reply or acknowledgement is required or even advised. Actual ongoing posting will determine decisions on this end. To those who have always been, or will become, willing to even bother to try, thank you very much. Your work is noted and appreciated by staff and membership alike. For those capable, but who choose otherwise, we'll deal with it. Oh yeah....**** the cowboys.
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    “How do you feel about your team’s execution?” ”I’m for it.”
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    Saints fan here that went to the game. Few thoughts: 1. Your team is good. Very good. You just had a brutal schedule, and your team has been hurt, so really hard to gauge. Looking at your remaining schedule, you guys can easily run the table and make the playoffs. I wouldn't want to play you guys again. 2. Cousins is good. Every time he dropped back to throw, he was money. I had endzone seats so I saw those passes that he threw. It was pinpoint accurate. Your receivers didn't break stride. He killed us. Basically, I figured that if we didn't get pressure on him, it was a 1st down. You guys need to keep him. Compared to qbs in our division, he's better than Matt Ryan, 10x better than Cam, and 20x better than Jameis. He's like Brees, and could have a similar path to Brees if you build around him. In our division, when Jameis or Cam throws, 1/2 the time its gonna be overthrown, so I don't care much. Cousins, on the other hand is different, that guy is pinpoint accurate. 3. Your pass rush is good when you know what the other team is going to do. During the win streak, nobody really got to Brees, but watching this game, for 54 minutes, Redskins defense pretty much stopped us. I think they were just gassed by OT. 4. I don't think there is too much difference from you guys and the top teams in the league. Tweak a few things and you guys are there. The Skins fans in my section were pretty cool. Lots of red in the stadium on visitor's side. If you guys don't want Cousins, I'd gladly take him if Brees decides to retire.
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    That judge was an idiot. Here are the correct answers to those questions in case anyone was wondering... Q. When's the last time you read the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure? A. Nobody knows more about the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure than I do. Believe me. Q. When's the last time you read the Federal Rules of Evidence? A. When's the last time Hillary read the Federal Rules of Evidence? Q. Can you tell me what the Daubert Standard is? A. The Daubert Standard is a disaster. Other countries are laughing at us. We're going to replace it with something and it's going to be so much better. Believe me. Q. Do you know what a Motion In Limine is? A. I know more about it than all of the experts who have dedicated their life to studying the American justice system. I have a plan and it's going to take care of all Motions in Lemonade right away but I'm not going to tell you what it is. I'm like, a smart person. Okay?
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    Two things happened in the sports world yesterday. Nothing else.
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    yeah, they're called black people
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    https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/football-insider/wp/2017/12/06/pride-in-protecting-kirk-cousins-pushes-redskins-tackle-trent-williams-through-injury/ When you've got Trent Williams on your side, standing up for you, pushing through injury for you, you've got the locker room's respect. Trent is THE guy. Smokes too much, but I can say with more confidence that 71 is respected by 100% of the locker room than I can that the sun will come up tomorrow. I don't buy this **** for a second.
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    I bet they will put cuffs on Trump unannounced, other than arrangement with key Secret Service, and have a cameraman recording the event. Then it will be immediately downloaded to the networks. Then Fox News goes off the air for 6 days and nights but then comes back on the 7th with Alex Jones replacing Sheperd Smith in the hard news group, Michael Savage hosting a nightly Modern Nazi Hour, SHS and KAC doing a daily morning show called Christ Hates Democrats with featured videos of regional evangelical leaders preaching politics from their pulpits, Sen. Roy Moore will have a weekly program on restoring our national glory by revamping all institutions, basing them entirely on the old testament, Steve Bannon hosts a Sunday conservative-celebrity interview show focused on pop culture, and Sean Hannity remains as the token liberal.
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    Don’t forget the Steelers brought in Todd Haley years ago for the main purpose of installing more of a quick pass game to get the ball out of Ben’s hands so as to avoid all the hits he’s taken. They’re smart enough to recognize it’s not something you want to live and die by, and at least attempted to fix it or limit it. Ben’s style of play has changed over time, it’s pretty neat to see how a solid FO develops their people. He still creates, but it’s not nearly to the degree it used to be. They are an FO that’ll set up whomever they bring in for success. They will absolutely adapt to Kirk’s style in an instant and might arguably prefer it based on the above. They don’t insist on anyone within their organization fixing their every weakness but instead try to mitigate or limit said weaknesses while accentuating their strengths. They support whoever is there properly, from their personnel department to their coaching staff to their players. They squash division/factionalism whenever it rears its ugly head instead of enabling it like our wonderful owner who consistently rewards/punishes some at the expense of others. Now whether I think they’re a legit contender for Kirk’s services or not is a different story. I don’t even know where I stand on that, I’m just so disgusted this is even a thing at this point and we don’t have our franchise QB locked up like an even somewhat normal friggin organization. I don’t think about it really, it’s too depressing. But I’m 99.9% sure Kirk would absolutely thrive there. You know who else would’ve thrived there as HC? Jay Gruden. Alas, we have fools who willingly plunge themselves into another Snyder Cycletm and target the only good things going for the organization because, yes, they’re humans and have weaknesses. How dare they have weaknesses to go with their litany of strengths! How dare they!
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    Hello, dum dums. It's been too long, but I don't really like any of you any longer. So, I don't write as much. It's nobody's fault. Except yours. The Skins have once again done what they do best: give you 13 weeks of meaningful football in a 16 week season. Frankly, the team should go into the building trades. They would finish every project weeks early - if with some major problems in the foundation. (That's a metaphor. Or possibly a pun. I don't know). Regardless, the season is all over but the shouting (just a waste of time), but that's the boring part anyway. Now, it's time for when the Skins really excel. It's Leak Season. When do the great leaks start, um, leaking. It could be tonight at midnight. It could be next week. It's sort of like Hannukah. No one knows the date, but everyone knows it happens shortly before Christmas. What will the leaks be this year? I assume that Kirk Cousins is going to get absolutely buried before the New Year in the Skins' ham-fisted attempt to drive down his market value. Of course, that will also drive down his trade value, but who cares? We have an exit interview to win. I think Gruden is going to survive, but he's been at Redskins Park long enough to have enemies. So, someone is going to drop a haymaker on him in order to lay the groundwork for his firing next week. Those are the obvious targets. Who else? Here is my #1 pick in the non-obvious category. Terrell Pryor. They are going to hang everything this offense did poorly on him except for the stuff they hang on Kirk even if those two things contradict each other. I can't imagine he will be here next year, and the Skins live to destroy your reputation on your way to another team. There is also always the star whose relationship with the team suddenly dissolves violently for no clear reason. Come on down, Josh Norman. He's bound to take some shrapnel, because he's owed a lot of money and kind of sucked the last few weeks. There's a bottle of Crown Royal that's just dying to trash this cat. Who else? Place your bets.
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    This has been on my mind for awhile now, and every week, week by week, one or more players goes down with an injury. Now, every team has injuries, and that's not disputable because they do. But this many? I'm afraid to look at the number of players who are either injured or done for the season, but its gotta be around 20, if not more. So, I did a little looking while Dallas was mopping up the stadium with Gruden's 'we gotta play better' guys, and unless I am way off base, but isn't a strength and conditioning coach's job getting players healthy, eating certain foods, staying away from others, proper use of the weight room and training facilities, charting and developing programs for players based on position and physique, and monitoring these players? Well, obviously, the Washington Redskins S&T team couldn't keep a turtle healthy. Their experience alone should jump out and startle some people, and make them question why. 1. Chris O'Hara: outside of looking 15 years old and as intimidating as a butterfly, this is his first season with the Redskins, after spending 3 years as an offensive assistant [ phone holder ] for the Jaguars. BTW, he's gone and the Jags look much better built than the Redskins do. 2. Chad Englehart: Experience? Florida Tuskers. Need I say more? One of Gruden's lackeys. 3. Kavan Latham: started with the Redskins in 2013, went to the Jets and we all know how THEY did in that time, let alone their injuries. 4. Jake Sankai: hir resume' is with the Cleveland Indians; a BASEBALL TEAM! 5. Deuce Gruden: shaking my head, we all know why, no point in discussing any further. 6. Malcolm Blacken: he's been with the Redskins off and on since 1996. Nothing impressive, certainly can't pick S&T coaches worth a crap. The reason why I'm bringing this up is because this injury thing has gone on too long, and it must be corrected. This current group of S&T coaches isn't exactly loaded with talent, actually quite the opposite. Players are getting hurt too often, and recurring issues with players reflects directly on these guys' jobs and responsibilities. Last year there were quite a few injuries as well, and somehow they overcame a lot of them. Next year will be more of the same. The injury bug has taken up residency in Redskins Park. Nutrition is a big, vastly under-rated thing in sports, especially the NFL. Linemen have a totally different aspect; and looking at both lines, they look somewhat trimmed and healthy, which is obviously creating issues with different players' abilities. Yes, skill is one aspect of any designated player, but their health dictates how this team plays. It was a few years ago, where there were an abnormal amount of injuries that hurt this team, nothing like this year, but still note-worthy. Its a continuing trend, and it has to come to a stop. The qualifications of these guys COMBINED may equal 1 person on another team's staff, and they just aren't doing a good job. There are numerous changes that either should or need to be made, and this should be one of them. This team cannot afford to continue to lose players left and right, year after year. Is it a fluke, perhaps? I dunno, the Jaguars team overall is looking a lot better, and the Indians did get to the playoffs, so it can't be a coincidence... SIC
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    Cousins continues to be a confounding player. Individually his stats are really fine and have been really fine. And every once in a while he does something that appears to be so great an impact as you can point to him being why we won a game. And every once in a while he does something that appears to be so great an impact as to why we lost the game. And most of the time he's just on the field playing QB. Generally fine. But generally never better than the opposition's QB. Just look at this year. Eagles visit. Wentz outplayed Cousins and this was the one game this year Cousins lost on his own. Missed passes. Ugly play. Mistakes. One game I'd rather have the other team's QB. We go to the Rams. Goff threw for more yards on fewer attempts and completions. But also had an interception. Generally you'd say neither QB played better than the other in this game relative to the defenses they played against, but give a SLIGHT edge to Goff in game and generally if you could have either, right now, who would you prefer? Two games I'd rather have the other team's QB. Raiders visit. Our high water mark as a team for sure. Cousins clearly outplayed Carr. One can fairly debate if they'd rather have Carr to Cousins in a straight up pick. The general consensus is probably on Carr's side. But it's probably close. One game I'd rather have had our QB based on performance on the field in that game. We go to the Chiefs. Smith outplayed Cousins in a direct comparison. We were gritty and could have won. But on the whole Smith was better that day. People would prefer Cousins in a straight pick, but would probably prefer Smith for $15 million than Cousins for $30. Three games I'd rather have the other team's QB. Niners. Cousins gets the nod though we did make Beathard look way too good. This is one of Kirk's better games of the year. Two games I'd rather have had our QB. We visit the Eagles. Cousins played really well. Over 300 yards. Three TDs. 30 of 40 passing. Wentz had 4 TDs and only 268 yards, but, 13 fewer completions for just 35 fewer yards. Though on the field this is a close one, because they won, their QB had more TDs and their offense was FAR more explosive, you nod with Wentz. Four games I'd rather have the other team's QB. Cowboys visit. Kirk outplays Dak insanely, made more clear by the superior Cowboys running game. Some would argue they'd take Dak over Kirk generally, but in this game it was Kirk's day...in a bad loss. Three games I'd rather have had our QB. Seattle time. Kirk's KEY plays win this game. His throws in pressure against odds in a tough environment are a high water mark for him as far as individual influence on a game. Yet he was the second best QB on the day. Wilson was far more dangerous in every way. And generally you'd rather have him to Kirk. Five games I'd rather have had their QB. Vikings. This is really the start of the downfall for the season. They out manned us and pushed us around. Kirk played really well against a good defense generally putting up solid numbers. But as is the case with Kirk, numbers rarely translate into a difference and while NO ONE would pick Keenum over Kirk Keenum had a superior game and greater impact on the outcome in this one. And, again, for $15 million, I'd be fine with Keenum over a $35 million Cousins. Six games I'd rather have had their QB. Demoralizing Saints loss. Cousins again plays GREAT. Over 300 yards. 3 TDs. Solid against a solid pass defense. Brees just played a hair better on the whole because when it mattered he didn't miss. Had OT not happened this would have gone a different way though. And, of course, you'd STILL take Brees over Cousins to lead your team generally. Seven games I'd rather have had their QB. Boring Giants game. Cousins gets the nod in game and probably future worth. But that is not normal in games against the Giants :). Four games I'd rather have had our QB. Visiting Dallas now. Dak gets the edge in on field performance. Still a debate as to whether he's better for a team long term or not. Eight games I'd rather have had their QB. Chargers. Wow. Rivers looked every bit the genius. Cousins did not play well. We're tanking. It's not all on Cousins. But Rivers killed him and probably would be considered as good a leader for a few years as Cousins long term. Nine games I'd rather have had their QB. Generally what I am struck by is on the field Kirk is rarely the best player at his position compared to other top QBs. Do the same thing for the Pats. Smith outplayed Brady in game one, two more like that? Ben had a dog of a game with five interceptions, but has three 500 yard games. Remember how he torched us a year ago? Kirk just never seems the reason, that often, his team wins. He's a fine player. Productive. Solid. And worth every penny of less than $20 million on a yearly basis. He doesn't provide enough benefit to those around him to pay him more and lose players around him. That Green Bay game a year ago was him being awesome. But there are just not enough of those where he's that guy for THAT price. Now, if we assume we go 5-11 or 6-10 we can achieve that with anyone at QB. We don't need a Top 5 paid player to hit that mark, UNLESS that player IS the sole reason you even hit that many wins. If we hit 7-9, like the Saints for several years, you still don't look at our team and say we are 7-9 BECAUSE we have Cousins while all else is horrific. The Saints hit 7-9 BECAUSE Brees was still so good in spite of everything else being atrocious. I really actually like and respect Cousins. I think he's a hell of a productive, fine player. He's just NOT a guy you can sink that much into as he won't lift your team when other things suck. We are beaten up like crazy. Worn out and down. Cousins isn't making anyone better and it appears his play is bolstered remarkably by the play around him. Which is fine, but means sink money in to that. We can achieve 6-10 with Keenum at QB. Or Colt. We don't need a $35 million guy. I know, as well, that Kirk doesn't play the opposing team's other QB. He plays their defense and they play ours. So our continued inconsistency on defense seems to make everyone we play have great games, save one or two we jump up and "surprise" by killing someone (see Derek Carr). The point remains if you go through his career you generally always would take the other team's guy over ours. That one game I'd have taken Kirk over Rodgers is so outside the norm as to be something you almost have to ignore, as there are at least as many games Keenum is better than Cousins to be worrisome. I'm now on board with you have to let him go, build more depth and find another QB. And when we keep him, as we will, I'll root for him to be great still :).
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    What's so interesting to me is that from the day I joined this board, I have read this recurring post, year in and year out, of enduring refrain "I finally have come to the conclusion that the Redskins under Dan Snyder ..." Old-timers I knew who have passed away, my father as one, would utter this about Snyder. Ghostly last premonitions of his reign of suck to never end. Maligned posters of ES who came to the conclusion in the early 2000s were often argued with, labelled. Those who finally came around to the dark truth by the mid-2000s grew in voice, numbers. The others had to take notice and at least acknowledge the Snyder trends were troubling. But maybe even more importantly, there seemed to be a concerted effort by actual employees of the Redskins, whether directed to or not, to target the growing concerns and not just spin the narrative around, but actively take part in engaging on the internet to spread their truth and to label the real boogeymen, the wapo and everyone else, like Mara and the league at large. Put boots on the digital ground. The last group of hold outs who bought back in after each new well packed attempt to rebrand by Snyder, have systematically lost the energy to fight for the honor of the organization they loved before Snyder, before Allen. The cumulative ****ups, one after another, every two to four/five years is like clockwork. Only so many hall-of-fame coaches can come back and not succeed before people realize it isn't the coaches. Only so many gaffes with a franchise QB can occur before the majority of people see that the guys who were here before and after the small period of success were the ones to sabotage things. Only so many legit GMs could accept the Redskins hierarchy of power and still produce positve results, only to be character assassinated before the remaining legit GMs put the Redskins on radio silence. When the mishaps become recurrent and similar in style and execution, what once was the odd trend becomes clear in focus as the operating model, the modus operandi.
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    Can't wait to hear how it's all his fault when he's running an offense behind Joe Whatsisname and Bob Whothefug and Bill Wheredtheyfindthisguy this weekend. Folks above bring up the ravens and Panthers demanding to know who their clear #1 or whatever is. Their offensive lines running out third stringers? StringerS as in plural. No? oh. Carolina has a good run game. Their quarterback is their second leading rusher, only 16 yards behind their top man. Do we want Kirk running the ball like he's a 6'5 245 lb quarterback? Carolina probably runs read option more than anyone, and it's because Newton can run over linebackers. His threat is the catalyst that keeps defenses honest. Opens up passing. Now, maybe i'm off base on this, but making comparisons like this is stupid as ****. All things are NOT created equal. Carolina benefits GREATLY from Newton's ability to be a physical threat. it opens up everything else on offense they want to do. Kirk is not built to do that. the Ravens defense is stifling. They give up 17 points per game.. 4th best in the league. Do we have anything close to that? You know, one of the stats i keep hearing bandied about as a positive for Kirk is how many game winning comeback drives he has. And all that says is how often we're losing late in the game. The defense is wrecked by injuries as well, and it all feeds into the same pot. Basically, our defense allows long drives to score, the offense can't even be afforded the luxury of a punt, and when they have to the defense gets gassed and the circle keeps going. the offense must be perfect, and that isn't a reasonable expectation given the depth of injuries. (No excuses for guys who are underperforming,, just the fact that we're out there with the guys who make up the bottom of the roster... or guys signed within days of the game.) Hurt defense can't get the offense the ball, gives up points, allows no margin of error for an offense with a rotating set of offensive linemen, no RBs, no WRs, and for the last 2 weeks, Niles Paul as our pass catching TE. (3rd on the depth chart. ) Tyler Catalina. Ty Nsehke. Tony Bergstrom. Chase Roullier. These are who trots out and lines up in front of him. Our mainstays? Trent's on one leg all season. Moses on two bad ankles ALL season. Scherff cheap-shot and injured. Anyone who does not factor this stuff in and recognize the significance is missing the single largest factor of success or failure of any team in the NFL. Typically, the ones standing at the end have two things in common. Talent and health, and health is the equalizer, the great trump card. No amount of talent can help from the sideline. Cousins needs to be back here. Otherwise, the only way we do anything moving forward is through miracles. And you can't count on miracles. Hoping for miracles every offseason results in 5-11. 6-10. You can count on guys you draft who perform and get better. Guys who put in the work and just the right amount of insane single-minded drive. He's got it. Y'all read the SI article last week? This guy is DRIVEN. 100% committed to his success. Crazy commitment. Obsessive commitment. THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT. He has Brady-like drive for himself. He will be a winner. It's sort of .. no, not sort of,, it is unconscionably STUPID to allow a guy we drafted and groomed to go when he's showing what he's been showing. All those years of trying to grab it all in free agency and ignoring our draft,, and then all these years of drafting and trying to build the right way,, none of it means jack **** if you let the most important player get away. Its nothing but another load of garbage. Let him get away and this entire saga will go down in sports history as the biggest bungle of this bungling organization ever. Another humiliation, and no one to blame but this team. ~Bang
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    I literally cannot believe that we still have folks talking about upgrading the QB position with a draft pick. You aren't drafting a quarterback that is going to come in and instantly start playing at the level of Cousins. In fact, if we're lucky enough that he gets to Cousins level, it won't be long before he wants to get paid mightily as well. Whats most likely is that the offense takes a nosedive, at minimum for a season or two. By that time many of our key pieces will be a little older. We'll still be tasked with finding players via the draft and free agency, and so on. No way Jay survives you savages with a rookie QB.
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    Gruden inherited a Team with no first rounf draft pick on the roster from 2012 to 2015. Weve had no big spending sprees. Its Gruden and Cousins, only two things keeping the squad competitive. We should have had three straigh 4 win seasons, but instead here we are. Need to lock up Cousins, make some bigger free agent signings than we have, and bring in a solid draft class. This could be a 10 win Team if that happens and they stay healthy
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    Maybe. But Garrett went 8-8 three years in a row with the Cowboys before going 12-4/13-3 two out of three years(the outlier year being when Romo got hurt). Tomlin went 8-8 two years in a row in 2012 and 2013, missing the playoffs, before bouncing back to win double digit games three years(going to be four years)in a row. Wanna know a super schizo head coach? Sean Payton. 10-6 his first year, then back to back years 7-9 and 8-8. Then they go 13-3 and win the Super Bowl and go 11-5, 13-3, and 11-5. After that? THREE straight 7-9 seasons before returning this year to dominance. I don't think the book has been written fully on Gruden just yet. He might be another Norv Turner, but I think its in our best interest to see what he can do with more improved personnel on defense, better health, and just a tad bit more good fortune.
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    He’s got one real negative so far as far as I’m concerned, and that’s the lack of picks. Outside of that he’s been a stud. He had a bad game against the Vikes for his standards, and he’s had some bad plays here and there this last month in general, but it’s no surprise it’s come after his injury. That, and a lack of any consistent interior pass rush from our Dline has affected everyone on the defense, including the OLBs. It’s amazing just how drastic the difference is when we had Ioannidis and Allen destroying it upfront versus what we’ve got now. Everyone was feasting. :/ I know I sound like a broken record, but if there’s any position to go all out on with the defense, it’s interior Dline. They change everything and are a factor in every play simply by virtue of being closest to the ball at the snap. It’s so ridiculously simple and obvious, yet, so easy to lose sight of.
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    Not sure what this point is supposed to mean? Every thing I said about Polian is true. The RG3 drill, the head coaching search complement. Google it. I used to use Polian's take on RG3 on another thread years ago so I recall it very well. My "clear bias" is for the Redskins to be a winning franchise. I am not married to any one player on that count. i am also not married to sticking to a point even when information piles up on the other side -- just so it looks like my initial impression was correct. My positions can change when more information enters the equation that makes me think. For example, my positions have changed on RG3, Shanny, and Jay. And I don't hide it when it happens. So as for Kirk, if the dude laid an egg this season. My position on him would have changed. But he excelled. So my position on Kirk if anything is more hardcore. As for Bruce, I got nothing personal against him. I said in the off season after he fired Scot -- I will have his back if he operated like typical "winning" organizations do -- so if he wanted to get rid of Scot then fine but hire someone else of that ilk and stick to a normal FO structure. He didn't do it. Then, I had Bruce's back for the most part on the Kirk contract (saying it will get done) all off season until it didn't go down. He didn't do it. Then he followed it up with that asinine press release. So now I land hard in not caring for Bruce. More information swayed my opinon. Ultimately, as more information comes in and it points to a specific direction -- then I land hard in that direction. You can call it bias but I call it simple informational processing.
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    I'm stunned there are people out there who want to can Gruden. I get its after a bad loss to the Cowboys and that we have hovered just over .500 even in the best years under him so I am not saying he should be bullet proof but this season he and his staff have done a great coaching job just keep this team competitive. Injuries matter. We are ranked 12th in the NFL in scoring and 11th in yards. Thats miraculous when you consider - 1. We have done it without consistent production from any WR (Crowder perhaps excepted but even he has been up and down this year) 2. Jordan Reed has been injured all year and a shell of himself even when has played, which has not been often. 3. The O'line is a MASH unit. We have had I think 22 starting combinations along the line and are currently starting people who were on the street 3 weeks ago - those who are playing from the original line Williams, Schreff and Moses are all hurt and way less than 100%. Moses might be done for the year now anyway and its likely Trent gets shut down at some point. 4. One of the few bright spots is/was Chris Thompson. He's on IR. Him and an ageing TE in Davis are the only guys Cousins has really been able to consistently count on to make big plays for him. Gruden has done more with less this season than any Redskins coach I can recall. In past years this level of offensive 'talent' would have resulted in a 3 or 4 win season and us being toward the bottom of the league in just about every statistical category. Gruden (along with Cousins) has done a wonderful job this season getting production from not a great deal. On defense we have also been hammered by injuries as well. How many ILB's have started, 6? 7? We lost Allen our best DE and Ioannidis who was having a great year is playing injured. Zach Brown is having achilles issues and is less than 100%. Norman and Breeland missed time.We have started about 5 safeties next to Swearinger. A defense that started the season looking good has gradually fallen away. No team could survive the level of injuries we have had and been a real contender. That we have stayed even competitive is to the credit of all concerned. It might get ugly down the stretch with even more injuries and nothing for guys to really play for apart from pride. But Gruden absolutely should be back next year. He's a very good offensive coach who has grown into the HC role. He's not Joe Gibbs or Bill Belicheck - but I'd much rather have him as my head coach than say Jason Garrett.
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    Really? Tell that to the folks talking about Carson Wentz. Cousins has put up good #'s three years in a row, this one being the best of the three with a revolving door at 90% of the positions around him on offense.
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    kinda hoping they give to Kaepernick or Mueller just to see 45 flip his ****
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    The 4th and 1 people are leaving out a critical piece of information: The player that was due to go in had been injured on the previous play. He went straight to the medical staff and had taken his shoe off. With all the new faces it was hard to know. It is just one of those things - not anyone's fault. **** happens. It looked bad but in the end it meant nothing. You take the penalty and punt. Your D has been playing well. Those of you with all these complaints are really missing a great job of coaching. Only 3 starters on Off have started every game and one of those (Moses) is on not 1 but 2 bad ankles and now has a rib problem - which he went out and played with. Another has a bad hand (Davis)! Top 2 RBs out. Top TE - one of the best 5 in the NFL - out. Pryor a bust - also now out injured. There are 3 guys starting that were on various practice squads a few weeks ago (2 Oline and an ILB). Crowder has been injured and even got hurt covering the punt he thought hit one of our players. Yet he came back and made some great plays. And with all the adversity they come out and play hard every game. Yes they make mistakes - a lot of them. But between the offseason changes and the injuries there are a lot of moving parts. Guys are developing. So many were ready to let Ioannidis leave. He was a "bum" by many accounts. Same with Fuller and others. Yet these and othe guys are making plays and working hard even if they do make some real head scratching plays. That is the sign of a very good coach. This was a division rival with a $200M defense that has started playing like it of late. This idea that the Redskins should be cake walking anyone is fantasy. The difference between winning and losing in the NFL is very small. And division rivalries you can throw out the records. Most importantly it was a win!! On to dallast!!
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    "Smh"? "Very disappointing!"?? You just want to be miserable I guess. At best, I'll give you the last month, he's seemed invisible (then again that can mean the db is shutting his side down). But the team has been a mess. He had huge plays last year, and this year he's been tops in some stat about his side of the field or something ( the one that says you don't hear his name much cuz no one goes at him). Please don't lump him in with haynesworth and company, That's absurd.
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    Ross Tucker wrote this column -- he's coming on 980 at 8 am for those interested http://www.sportsonearth.com/article/262807420/kirk-cousins-washington-contract-appreciation Every once in a while, a report comes out regarding a prominent NFL topic that just makes me shake my head. That was the case most recently when NFL Network not only reported that the Washington Redskins would not place the transition tag on quarterback Kirk Cousins this offseason but also that his "play down the stretch will have a huge impact" on his future in our nation's capital. Seriously? First, the guy has been one of the 10 best quarterbacks in the NFL for over two-and-a-half years and over 40 consecutive games. Even his detractors would admit he's been one of the best 15 signal-callers in the league during that time frame. Is that not enough of a sample size at this point to know what he's capable of? In a league in which quarterbacks get big contracts based on the potential they flash in a game or two, the Redskins "need to see what Cousins does down the stretch" before they decide whether to franchise him or offer him a top of the market deal this offseason? Don't make me laugh. In fact, if I'm Cousins, that notion is yet another example of what has been a number of instances in which the organization has shown a lack of appreciation for what he's done under some adverse circumstances the past few years, especially this year with a patchwork offense around him both up front and at the skill positions. Frankly, it'd be enough for me to strongly consider declining any long-term offer so that I can go to a franchise that truly appreciates what I bring to the table, either this offseason or next if the Skins slap him with a third and final franchise tag at $34 million for 2018. Which leads me to point No. 2. What exactly do the Redskins think happens if Cousins doesn't lead a flawed and beat up team to some victories down the stretch? In that scenario, do the Redskins let Cousins walk? If they did, Cousins would have many suitors desperate for the stability and competency he would bring to their teams willing to make him the highest paid player in NFL history at over $30 million per year because, even at that dollar amount, he would be well worth it. And the Redskins would have lost the best quarterback the franchise has had in at least 25 years without getting anything other than a measly third-round compensatory pick in 2019 in return. Oh, and the Redskins also wouldn't have a capable starting quarterback, which would also seem to be problematic, as well. That's why Washington thinking, according to the NFL Network report, doesn't make sense. That's not a knock on the reporter, by the way; I believe he was told that by someone in the Redskins organization. I just don't understand the logic of whoever it is that told him that. Probably because it's … wait for it … illogical. Then again, the Redskins have done a lot of things that aren't logical the past few years as it relates to Cousins, and leaking more criticism of their quarterback is just the latest example of that.
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    Another pic from my trip. Manarola, Italy (Cinque Terre).
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    It's because too many people believe that wins and losses are a QB stat. It doesn't matter how blatantly obvious it is that the rest of the team matters in a sport where the QB isn't even on the field half the time. They cling to this belief religiously.
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    I don't think you're viewing this right. He is the same player. The same player who has done nothing but improve at every aspect of his game while many claimed to know his ceiling, limit him in one thing or another, downplay his skill set, or judge him with finality after a bad stretch of play. It comes as no surprise that he has improved there, and that isn't some kind of "change". It should've been expected at this point, it's all he's done. In fact, that's where the arguments have mainly been had... there are those who've recognized that and there are those who haven't. That might sound like semantics, but it's not, especially when the focus is about the respect he's garnered from teammates and coaches. I can safely say that he will continue to improve and is unlikely to regress, and that'd make him the same type of guy he has been, as has been stated by his peers and coaches seemingly hundreds of times.
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    https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/fancy-stats/wp/2017/11/28/kirk-cousins-has-a-case-to-be-the-highest-paid-quarterback-in-the-nfl/?utm_term=.fba44652b462 Kirk Cousins’s gamble on himself is about to pay off. Willing to ride out the franchise tag as the starting quarterback of the Washington Redskins, Cousins is set to hit free agency behind a three-year body of work that should make him one of the highest paid players in the NFL. Since becoming Washington’s starting quarterback in 2015, Cousins has completed 1,034 of 1,525 attempts (67.8 percent) for 12,121 yards, 73 touchdowns and 29 interceptions. His passer rating of 99.7 over that span ranks him fifth among 22 quarterbacks with at least 1,000 pass attempts. Only two future Hall of Famers, Tom Brady and Drew Brees, and the 2016 MVP, Matt Ryan, have a higher total passer rating since 2015. The order changes slightly — Brady, Ryan, Brees, Cousins — if you use adjusted net yards per pass, an updated version of passer rating that has a slightly higher correlation to team wins. Player (2015 to 2017) Passer rating Adjusted net yards per pass Tom Brady 107.8 8.1 Drew Brees 102.0 7.4 Matt Ryan 100.9 7.5 Kirk Cousins 99.7 7.3 Aaron Rodgers 99.3 6.7 Russell Wilson 99.2 7.0 Andy Dalton 96.4 6.9 Alex Smith 96.4 6.7 Matthew Stafford 95.7 6.6 Sam Bradford 94.2 6.2 The offensive line, held together with duct tape and glue, ranks 29th this season for pass-blocking ability per Pro Football Focus and sees Cousins pressured on 36.6 percent of his drop backs in 2017, the highest rate during his three-year run. Yet his passer rating under pressure this season is 81.6, a career high and the sixth-highest in 2017. Kirk Cousins Passer rating with no pressure Passer rating under pressure 2015 114.7 72.3 2016 107.2 72.9 2017 110.1 81.6 And that is despite the Redskins facing the fifth-toughest pass defenses through the first 11 weeks of the season per Sharp Football Stats.
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    Yes, this! "Not worth the money when we could get someone better for more money who's in the twilight of his career" was the early 2000's Redskins. I don't know why some in the fanbase want that back or don't realize that anyone who's available who is better than Cousins is going to cost more than Cousins. Colt? Oh please. If he were better than Kirk or even in the same ballpark, then he'd be starting and Kirk would be a 49er. There is no good alternative. We're not bad enough to get a top pick for a top quarterback, and we're not good enough to put a Dilfer under center and let the rest of the team win the Super Bowl. Re-sign the man and stop being petty high school ****es in the FO. This was ridiculous in 2016; it's beyond stupid now.
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    Suggested motto for the Mueller investigation: Grab them by the perjury
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    First of all, my experience here this weekend was a little different. I was with my eight year daughter here in NOLA since Friday morning so my overall experience here will go down as a memorable and extremely positive one. I loved the city and the history and culture it offers and I would highly recommend coming here to anyone. I was a tad apprehensive coming with my kid given the reputation of the city, but there is plenty of stuff to do with kids and the atmosphere, while loud and boisterous, wasn’t intimidating or inappropriate. Also kind of cool to get inside the Superdome after a lifetime of watching events at this iconic venue. Also baffling to realize the horror that went on inside that building or five days in August 2005. What a resurrection they have had here. Great spirit, great fans, and we ran across zero idiots or people being jerks. What really stinks is that it will forever be impossible to totally distance his trip from the results of that game. My God, talk about your ultimate kick to the crotch. In many ways it was a microcosm of this season: I came away thinking we were really good, yet we lost. I came away thinking we did so many things right, yet we are 4-6. This season has been the absolute ultimate in terms of tough luck. I’m not saying we lost today because of luck, you will have to hear me out on that. But just in general, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the universe work against a team the way it has worked against us this year. It’s completely mind boggling. Our game plan today wasn’t good. It was PERFECT. They did exactly what I wanted them to do. We ran the ball effectively. We controlled the ball. Kirk was on point. Gruden made bold and creative calls/decisions. The defense wasn’t great, but they didn’t get gashed. They held steady enough to force three field goals. We had it. 31-16 with just over 5:00 to go. Up to that point it truly was a great, gutsy performance by the Redskins. And honestly it didn’t seem fluky. Kinda felt like the better team was winning. And yet the hits kept coming. Nicholson went out early (which I believe proved costly) and then of course, Thompson. The last 5+ minutes were so brutal. No words really. I wasn’t TOO mad about the first TD. Hard to keep Brees off the board that long. It did bother me that they did it as quickly as they did. Like I’m sure every other Redskins fan in the world, I felt like we needed to get that first down. Knew it was gonna be trouble if Brees got another shot. And our first two plays were great. Half a yard from victory. Half a yard. That is the play that will likely haunt me forever. Just sneak it. Just sneak it. Odd are in your favor. It’s a tad long for your typical sneak, but it’s still the odds play. And if you are going to give it to Perine, don’t stretch. Either blast it up the gut or get creative. Fake and toss or run a boot. I hated that call. Puts the OL in a bad spot when NO is selling out for that very play. From there it felt like such impending doom. I saw the flag fly pretty much right as Fuller got the INT so I never got excited there. After that the drive was easy as was the conversion. The next stanza that will stick with me is what happened after the very positive first three plays on that last drive. We were already in long FG range; and that’s where some bad luck comes in. I don’t think I would have run the ball there either, and a short/screen type pass made sense to me— but it was a miscommunication and resulted in the grounding/ten second run off. After that, I think I WOULD have run the ball and then clocked it. Let Rose try a long one. But dang, we had a great opportunity there and it slipped away. Those sort of clock/down bungles have been an issue for Gruden and you can’t gloss over it. My daughter isn’t a huge fan or anything. She roots for them because I do. But she started bawling when the Saints tied it and remained upset the rest of the game. I think the noise and the Saints fans got to her and overwhelmed her. I kept my composure but I am sure she sensed my disappointment too. Our only prayer in OT was to get a god start going— had the chance and Davis dropped it. Hard to rip him after the game he had though. After the sack/punt we all knew it was over. Tank was empty. Walking out was kind of a blur. My daughter was despondent. No one gave us crap but their fans were obviously jazzed up. It was an awful, awful way to lose and I am semi-amazed at my (bad) luck getting to see that in person. This will be remembered by both sides, well, forever. And that’s what hurts the most. Like any other crushing loss, I will NEVER get over it. Twenty years from now I’ll write my “on this date” post and it will STILL sting. I get it if this game was the “check out” game for the season for some fans. It’s been so frustrating. Look at our last five games: Eagles Cowboys Seahawks Vikings Saints It’s the top five teams in the NFC IMO, three on road. One big win. Good chance to win the others. All the while battling an stupid number of injuries all over the roster. There is blame to go around for sure. I am not solely blaming this all on luck and circumstance. But damn if luck and circumstance haven’t been against us in a major way this year. My Goodness. I think what hurts is that I LIKE this team. I like Jay and Kirk. I like the way the roster is being formed. I like a lot of the young players. I think the team plays hard and is gutsy. They don’t quit. I see so many improvements. Yet, 4-6 is 4-6 and I’m not going to lose my voice arguing with anyone who wants to draw a line at 4-6 and say that’s all the matters. I get it. So where to go from here? Well, like I said, I think this was a “check please” game for many fans. It’s possible it will be the same for the players. I wouldn’t be shocked at all if they lose Thursday. I said several weeks ago I wanted 6-6. That is still possible. Technically at least. No doubt it is borderline impossible to envision them getting there now. It is really hard to see them bouncing back from this. And if any fan is disinterested Thursday I can’t blame them. But ft me, the team has played hard in the face of big odds this year so I will stick it out with them. Best case is to just win Thursday. By any means. Win 6-3 for all I care. Just win. Then maybe they can exhale. They will be 5-6 and they’d likely have one more real chance to make a season out of it when they go to Dallas. Might be a real long shot to win that game but at least they’d get that shot. That’s about where I am. Extremely frustrated, a little bit sad. Not really angry. I won’t be “pumped” for Thursday by any stretch, but I will want them to win. Kinda feel like they deserve it— they certainly deserve to play a softer opponent for the first time in forever. But yeah, my main emotion right now is.... Sigh.
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    Everyone has plausible deniability for mistakss Zero accountability as per usual. Snyder, the master at organizational effectiveness
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