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    This type of stuff just blows my mind in its stupidity. You miss two seasons due to injury and constantly tweet about how badly you're dying to play again... then you put yourself into a situation like this that could end in a suspension. Well done.
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    Some thoughts on Anderson: - He was Alabama's best player in the Clemson game and he was playing hurt. - He was that defense's spiritual leader. Not Reuben Foster. Not Minkah Fitzpatrick. He is the one who held everybody accountable and helped push them to greatness. For any NBA fans, he was the Draymond Green of that team. - He has way better instincts than Foster. Foster was a heat seeking missile against the run, but he wasn't a very situationally aware player. He didn't generate big plays and turnovers--literally never forced a single turnover or recovered a fumble in his college career. Ryan Anderson has a much better football IQ and he did make big plays despite not being nearly as fast as Foster. - Anderson is a bit of a Johnny Try Hard with a very deliberate, technical style, but the guy can fly downhill when it's time to rush. He has a very fast first few steps. The knocks about him being somewhat stiff hipped and lacking long speed and range are fair. But he is a very twitchy and explosive athlete. Fitzpatrick, Humphrey, Foster, and Tim Williams might have been the most talented players on that Alabama defense. Burners and five star recruits. But between Allen and Anderson, we got their leaders. We got the guys with the special intangibles and the plug and play technical mastery that can come in and immediately start changing the culture of our D. We're building a Seattle-style defense that is going to have a ton of IQ, physicality, and swagger. Josh Norman has to be a kid in a candy shop right now. He took a major leap of faith in signing with this soft ass group of ****ing losers last year. But we're getting him some other winners and rude dudes to play with. Between him and Brown and Allen and Anderson, he might actually get to play some defense this year. Still could use some more help on the line and in the secondary.
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    I can't believe this. I really can't. I got home 2 days early from the hospital, so I could actually watch the draft from home. As he kept dropping, I had my fingers crossed. Then the Ravens are on the Clock. "Please, don' take Allen" I said, my wife sitting there watching to make sure I don't rip the stitches out of the back of my neck. I don't even know who the Ratbirds took, nor do I care, I just know just know it was not Jonathan Allen. Then, we're on the clock, and my thoughts are "For the love of everything that is holy in the world Bruce Allen if you **** this up I WILL KILL YOU!" And there it was. Jonathan Allen. Ok. How did a top 4 pick make it to us? I don't know. How did a top 4 pick make it to us, in a position of absolute need make it to us? I don't care anymore. I could not be happier. I could not have dreamed a better outcome to the first round of the draft. We stole him. My god. WE HAVE JONATHAN ALLEN! WE HAVE JONATHAN ALLEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Your treachery in the 1970s will not be so easily forgiven. You're like the man who dumps his loving wife for a younger, more exciting model, only to find, when the floozy bolts one day and leaves town with no explanation or apologies, that you never knew how good you had it. And then you come back groveling. And now you think you can just pick up where you left off? After the wife has endured years of hardship? The Norv era ... the Spurrier experiment ... the one year of Marty Ball ... the Zorn Invasion ... she endured all of it. Where were you? Sitting in the sun somewhere watching your franchise QB while she went from man to man, always hoping she'd find true love again, but always falling short. Friez ... Frerotte ... Ramsey ... Banks ... TONY FREAKIN' BANKS! ... Grossman ... Beck ... George ... JEFF FREAKING GEORGE ... Wuerfell ... Matthews ... they all failed her. She finally thought she found someone she could count on a few years ago, but turned out he was batting for the other team. Metaphorically speaking. And now you want back in? Now? After all you've done and all you left her to deal with on her own? OK. Welcome back!
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    https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/dc-sports-bog/wp/2017/04/19/kirk-cousins-if-redskins-are-committed-then-why-would-i-want-to-be-anywhere-else/?utm_term=.54f203574878 Kirk Cousins: If Redskins are committed, ‘then why would I want to be anywhere else?’ Some Redskins fans this offseason have worried that Kirk Cousins has no interest in signing a long-term deal with the Redskins. They’ve studied his words for any clue that he’d like to spend the bulk of his career in this town, and they’ve criticized him for his indifference. Still, Cousins — who has admitted that he attempts to be bland and noncontroversial in his media appearances — has seemed to remain noncommittal, stressing that the decision about his future is not his, and that every NFL player is essentially on a year-to-year deal. Well, if Redskins fans wanted more, they finally got it, via a lengthy interview with MMQB’s Peter King. In a podcast posted this week, King flat-out asked Cousins whether he wants to stay in Washington. And while Cousins repeated many of his typical talking points, he also tossed a juicy bone to frustrated Redskins fans. “I want to be where I’m wanted, and that’s what I’ve said all along,” Cousins told King. “When a team is willing to step up and commit to me fully for the long haul, then why would I want to be anywhere else? I mean, this is an incredible fan base. It’s one of the top five fan bases in the history of the NFL. It goes all the way back to the early 1930s. There’s three Super Bowl trophies, there’s multiple Hall of Famers, there’s high character players still living in the area — Darrell Green, Art Monk, guys that we can learn from. “I love this organization and want to see us get back to those glory days that they had with Coach [Joe] Gibbs in the ‘80s and early ‘90s. And I want to add to that great history. There’s really no reason to want to look elsewhere. It’s a matter of wanting to be where you’re wanted, and I think that’s what all of us want — not just in football but in any walk of life.”
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    As a Skins fan since the 1970's (Northern VA boy), I moved to San Diego in 1976, and after a few years became a Chargers fan (this was before one had the ability to follow a team via TV, Internet etc...) Pretty exciting times with Coryell, Fouts (and Joe Gibbs :-). I still followed my Skins when possible, especially the Gibbs era of the 80's......Well now the Chargers are gone and it's taken me a few months of grief to even figure out what to do, but I love football, always have and always will and it seemed natural to return to my old Skins and get my head back into new team. Sooooo I got Dish network so I can watch the Skins every Sunday, and am gonna look for a bar where Skins fans hang out. I look forward to socializing here and learning what the skins need to make it to the top of the NFC East again. By the way.... if you ever wondered what its like to lose your team after 40 years of devoted following...it sucks. I hate Spanos...it's all greed, greed, greed with these guys. Feels like someone died.... I loved Rivers and will miss him, but most of the other guys are gone now anyway so screw the Chargers, never thought I'd say that but this became personal...... Anyway, hope an old fan is welcome back to the fold.....
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    Ok... now that I've calmed down a little from that total troll ahole piece of **** move that little garbage can of a poster pulled.... YESSSSSSS!!!!!! IMPACT DLINEMAN FOR THE WIN, HE FRIGGIN FELL TO US!!!!!!!!
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    The 2017 draft has been a series of terrible picks. It can't get any worse. Bruce Allen: "Hold my beer".
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    Titans at 200 had a private workout for him. The moment we drafted him, Titans traded back. lol
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    OH OH OH! I got a write up on thi sguy! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Hang on! I shall get it! Hail.
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    I had a similar dream where someone actually said his upside was that of Chris Baker
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    1 player We trade every pick we have in the draft to move up one spot in the 1st round We pick a center--Justin Patton We are told he's not in the NFL draft because he's a college basketball center We start frantically looking through McCloughan's player notes...realize his entire draft board is comprised of players from other sports McCloughan props his feet up on the coffee table and smokes a cigar, smiling at the chaos unfolding in the Skins draft room on live TV Our time on the clock is seconds away from expiring Snyder is seen running to the Skins draft room, yelling "PICK SOMEONE, DAMMIT!!" Allen scribbles a name on a Post-It, and hands it to Goodell Goodell hesitates, then reads the name out loud...it says "Schmorky" Fat guy in the audience with a Browns jersey on stands up and says "YES!!" He runs down to the stage...the back of his jersey has his childhood nickname on it...it says "Schmorky" Schmorky makes the team, mainly due to Allen wanting it to appear that his draft was a success Schmorky goes on IR 12 seconds after the first stretching exercises of the offseason
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    Ian RapoportVerified account @RapSheet Source: The #Redskins have agreed to terms with FA LB Zach Brown, pending a physical. Big-name free agent off the market. 0 replies0 retweets0 likes
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    Some of the key players so far: Boris Badinov Rocky Squirrel Bullwinkle Moose Natasha Fatale
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    This dude has no wiggle. In Madden, if you try to juke stick with him, the game will stop, he'll walk as close to the screen as he can get. He'll remove his helmet and stare you dead in your little gaming eyes and tell you, "the **** is wrong with you?" He seems to have just one direction after hitting the hole. Forward. I have to go take a cold shower.
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    Heading out for several days, so I'll miss the rest of the draft talks, and some of the draft. Go in tomorrow at 5:30 am at Anne Arundle Medical Center in Annapolis (90 mile drive for me or so). Getting a double fusion done, again. Went in from the front 13 months ago and the bone grafts were rejected, and completely reabsorbed. So now, we go in through the back. I hope to get home sometime Friday evening, if there are no complications. The last one was pretty easy, but this is supposed to hurt for a while. I've already had lumbar surgery, so I know what to expect, but not really looking forward to it. Wife says I can have puddin' whenever I want, so that helps. PUDDIN'! Any suggestions for movies? I have the recliner and the 55' plasma, which I'll basically live in for a while. Mods, if you don't want this here, that's cool. I know it's not the "proper" place for it, I'm just never really in other parts of the forums, so no one really knows me there. Ok, I'm outta here in a few. HTTR!!
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    michael phillips‏ @michaelpRTD 6m6 minutes ago More Replying to @michaelpRTD Ryan Anderson: "...I'm not a combine warrior. I'm a football player. See the ball. Get the ball. Strike." "It's about to get real."
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    You guys who are upset with the pick, obviously haven't done your homework on Anderson other than what you read from the draft "experts" The guy is a beast, can play inside or out, hard worker, wants to kill opponents on game day. Can rush and blitz, hits with authority, locker room leader, etc. The guy is a monster, trust me by the end of the year you won't be moaning about picking him.
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    I'm good with it. I will never be mad at drafting a talented player at one of the positions we've completely neglected, oh and by the way it's one of the most important positions on the entire football field.
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    Number 3 player on my board. And we just got him at 17! Top 5 talent. Home run pick. Man has fortune smiled on the Redskins! Hail.
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    Welcome back. However, if you ever ever leave us again you will suffer the consequences. Like, we'll totally forget about you and stuff. Maybe even snicker at you. It will be terrible.
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    Ran away, but got caught.... hopefully he has not lost a step from the injuries.
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    Phil Chenier will call no more Wizards games. Thank you Phil, for being the color commentator my entire conscious life of some really miserable Bullets teams. Class man, GREAT color analyst, and a big part of my childhood on WDCA and HTS. You will be missed!
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    I long for the day that Chris Russell no longer finds work in this town
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    Coach Brooks and most of the team came up to our offices at lunch today and got everyone some Dunkin' Donuts, a few of them even hopped on some sales calls to close a couple deals! AWESOME! Marcin was feeling it today lol. Jogging around giving donuts away, then at one point looked down to my 4'10'' co-worker and just said "WHOA". Dude is hilarious They really appreciate the home crowds they've had at VC this year. Hopefully when we play someone like the Cavs we can maintain even 75% Wizards fans.
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    Let's take a moment to appreciate Albert Burneko at Deadspin.com for this gem of a blog post. There's one more paragraph to this and it's just as wonderful as the first. Click to show your appreciation.
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    Zach Brown visiting tomorrow per John Keim. John Keim‏Verified account @john_keim Following More Free agent linebacker Zach Brown will visit the Redskins Monday, sources said.
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    Hey, I just realized that I just passed Ten Thousand posts. Took forever to get there.
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    People keep saying "there's no way he falls to 17" about various players. There's only 16 guys that can go before us, people. SOMEONE you don't expect is going to fall. Let's start by saying 2 QBs and 2 RBs go before we pick. Maybe that's optimistic, but I think it happens. That leaves 12. We know Garrett isn't making it past 1. We can feel pretty confident Solomon Thomas and Jamal Adams go as well. That leaves 9. How many CBs go? It's a deep class, which theoretically could push them down, but it doesn't change how talented the top guys are and the needs of those teams. Gotta guess at LEAST 2 CBs go. I think that's conservative. That leaves 7. I know it's a weak class but do we really think zero OL go before we pick? Need forces picks every year, you gotta think at least one team reaches. Let's say 1 OL to be safe. Down to 6. Let's say only Howard goes at TE. I really think someone falls in love with him and he goes top-16. We're down to 5. How about WR? At least one of Davis/Williams/Ross have to go, right? Even if we're conservative here, one has to go. We're down to 4. That means, assuming there are no surprise players we don't expect, no extra QBs or RBs past the two each I've accounted for, no more TEs, WRs, etc. we're already down to just FOUR picks to "worry" about in terms of teams taking guys we could realistically covet and "expect" to be there. And I haven't even hit EDGE guys yet! Or any of the arguably 3 ILB who could go that high. Or any DL aside from Garrett and Thomas. Any way you slice it, as long as the QBs and RBs don't slide, we're looking at a brilliant DL, EDGE, ILB, CB, or S available for us at 17. Whatever position has a run before we pick, the other positions are just stronger for us to choose from. The more offensive players that go, the better. Imagine how great a position we're in if somehow 2 QBs, 2 WRs, a TE, and 2 RBs go? That could happen. As long as we don't **** this up royally, we are getting an impact defender in the 1st. It's not even inconceivable, looking at what I've laid out above, that a complete stud we would never think we'd have a shot at drops to us. Hooker, Foster, Reddick, McDowell or whoever your top interior DL or EDGE is...it's totally possible.
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    It feels like forever since Griffin was here starting...I love that we have pretty much put that brief era behind us both in terms of draft picks and finding his replacement.
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    Well, that was a hell of a couple rounds. I'm higher on Anderson than some. I don't think he's a great pass rusher, but man, does he set an edge in run defense and makes a lot of tackles there. And he is just ****ing nasty. I don't think we have enough of that one defense right now. A tone setter. And he is all that. I don't know if we plan to move him inside or not, but if he stays outside I don't really care. He's nasty. He's physical. He's the kind of guy that takes your lunch money, He's an enforcer. And, he's not out of control or a dirty player. He just wants to beat you into oblivion. I really like the pick. Jonathan Allen. I don't think anything more needs to be said about him. A top 4 guy going to as @17, in one of our biggest positions of need? Yeah, I love that, and I also love that he's a guy that can really get after the QB, and is also stout against the run. Between he and Anderson, we just go a lot harder to run against. And that is going to make everyone's job that much easier. Fabian Moreau Is a big corner that can fly. I know that GHH is really high on him, so he much be through the moon right now. We've had some issues there, and if he comes back from his pec injury 100% (and he should, it's not one of the injuries that really effects speed) this could be another steal. He's still a little raw, but we look to have one of the better DB coaches in all the NFL. He could flourish and become another lockdown corner. He still needs some time making the conversion from RB, but physically he has all the tools you could ask for. And we have a great teacher for him.Bree better get his head in the game, he's going to be pushed bigtime by this kid. So far, we've had 3 picks, and I think all 3 have been at worst, really solid. At best, we've hit the ball out of the park twice, and hit on a guy that is going to set the tone for the entire defense and make it just freakin' nasty. No more 5 YPC on first down. No more getting pushed around in D. We're going to be hitting people in the mouth. Hard. and it's not going to be easy to throw against us either. Between FA and what we have done in the draft, this is a completely different defense. And with the improved coaching, I can see us going top 15. Maybe not top 10, but I think we're going to be much better, and more physical. teams are not going to like playing us. Now, all that being said, we still need a NT. I expect we take on in round 4, the vast majority of them are still left and we need one. Then, who knows. but so far, I'm really happy with how the draft has gone so far. I don't think we reached for anyone, and we got a couple guys much later than they should have gone. I'm shocked, in a good way. It's been great to watch the draft, but I'm still cant get up and down that well, so I basically only get a chance to post when I'm done watching for the night. It has been fun going through this thread and reading the comments though.
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    I have never seen ES so positive about a draft. Should I be scared?
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    Look at that stoic Redskin fan representing in Philly. We salute you sir.
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    I'm back home, I actually got out the day after the surgery (was supposed to come home on Friday) but didn't feel well enough to get back on ES until today. Surgery went really well! But the first 36 hours after the local wore off was really rough. Then I ripped my IV out accedentally (it got caught in the frame while I was sleeping)and had blood spurting all over the place, and of course the nurse station call button decided not to work. So I had to get myself out of bed (which ended up really hurting my neck) and get help. So, that was a interesting evening. My first night back home was also just flat out agonizing, and I questioned my decision to go home as early as I did, even though I passed everything. Now, after figuring out a couple ways to do things like get out of a chair and move around in a bed that doesn't kill me, I feel MUCH better. Actually got some sleep the last 2 nights and feel pretty good. I still can't do much by myself (heck, I can't even dress myself) but I can move around much better and the pain level has dropped significantly. I was actually able to watch the draft last night in relative comfort, and saw the biggest STEAL IN THE DRAFT GO TO THE WASHINGTON REDSKINS!!! And lastly, thank you all for all the kind words. I was a bit worried about the recovery honestly, but I could not let that on because I had to keep my wife upbeat, because she was really worried. I could not let on that I was worried too, or that would have just added to her doubts. So, I thank each and every one of you for your support. I needed it.
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    This is where we get all excited that the guys we all want are dropping and then we draft Charles Harris.
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    I'm so sick of drafting average athletes on defense. Please draft some freaks. If we draft another slow try-hard EDGE player I'm going to lose it.
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    I'm not terribly concerned whether or not fanatics who strap bombs to themselves and walk into markets full of innocent women, or drive trucks through crowds consider our methods of destroying them cowardly. ~Bang
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    You guys are crazy if you think having the #1 or #2 pick is more important than having a franchise quarterback after not having one for 25 years.
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    Honestly, the first thing i thought of when i saw they were going to make a Spiderman musical was "Jesus,, this is like another holocaust". I think this article is an example of "non white privilege".. meaning you can say whatever stupid ****ing racist thing you want, and so long as it's about over generalized and broadly painted "white people" someone will publish it and lend it credence. ~Bang
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