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    I haven't felt this way very often at all since before I could drive a car. For the record, I just turned 40, so this statement dates me back to 1991-1992. At no point over these past 25 years have I ever wavered on my passion for the Redskins. At no point have not been able to find the joy in following the team. Even through the painful games/seasons, I have always found it worth my time. But one thing I had more or less forgotten is how different it is to watch the Redskins while simultaneously being hopeful AND confident. Sometimes they haven't really allowed for either. Most of the time, I can conjure the hope. Rarely have I been able to say the same about the confidence. And that is what changed for me on Monday Night. First of all, I don't come from this at the same angle as many of you do. My stance stayed firm all off-season: This is the best roster from a pure talent standpoint the Redskins have had since 1991. I felt that strongly. I still do. This roster is more or less stacked with quality players. Now, that doesn't always equal big success. Lots of things can deter that-- organizational chaos, coaching, injuries, luck, etc... But speaking strictly on talent I entered the season fairly confident that we had the ability to be a good team. Week one shook the confidence in that, no doubt. We didn't looked terrible, but we certainly looked shaky. But over these past three weeks, the Redskins have begun to appear as I envisioned them over the summer. The thing about confidence is that you can't fake it. It is either there or it isn't. You can lie about it of course (to others or yourself) but deep down you know the truth. Since 1992 (when I still had strong faith that that 9-7 team could get back to the Super Bowl) my moments of true confidence have been fleeting. Towards the end of 2005 was likely my most confident. During that three game run against the other East teams to end the season, I felt great about the team. Felt we could beat anyone. Had strong confidence we would beat Tampa in the wild card game. I knew Seattle was tough, but I felt we were right there with them. Came up short that day, but going in I felt good-- and sort of subconsciously that made it more enjoyable. 2012 would be the other example. But that happens REALLY late for me. It was until we were up 14-0 on Seattle that I started to get a swagger. Prior to that I felt we were just on a hot streak and I was waiting for it to implode. Of course, it DID implode like three minutes later, but that is neither here nor there. Those were the two teams in 25 years I truly and honestly felt CONFIDENT that the Redskins could go to a Super Bowl. Hopeful a few other teams here and there? Sure, but hope is where it ended. This team feels so incredibly different to me. I don't think they've arrived yet and we are relying on a lot of youth (especially on D) which could equal a few more bumps in road. But through four games, I LOVE watching this team. First of all, the defense is LAYING PEOPLE OUT. We are absolutely destroying people physically out there. Our interior DL has been stellar -- Allen and Ioannadis are a menace. And we are popping people all over the field on all levels. The scheme also appears to be sound. Chiefs are as frustrating to stop as it gets- I credit them for finding little gaps against us to keep drives alive-- and for sure the injuries hurt us Monday-- I definitely think it contributed to a partial wear down. But we have ballers everywhere. Offensively, we are still very good. And you can just see greatness there as soon as Pryor and Doc settle in and become a bit more reliable and efficient. But we are close. During that final drive, I felt supremely confident. We already saw a drive like that once in Los Angeles and I felt it was coming again. The timeout by Jay was a mistake, no doubt. That frustrated me when it happened and it still bugs me. Mistake on his part. But the next play was right there. I don't think it was a choke-- it was a near miss. It is certainly a play you need to make if you want to be a Super Bowl caliber team-- but it's OK to miss that play in week 4 and use it as a tool and motivation to get better. We had em. We went toe to toe with arguably the best team in the league in their house on Monday Night. And it didn't come off as fluky or lucky. If anything, Lady Luck worked against a bit-- the up for grabs ball on the Chiefs second to last drive, and a few of the more iffy penalties come to mind. Glass is half empty person might say, "yeah, same old story-- Skins close but no cigar, find a way to lose." But the thing is, this ISN'T the same old story. We HAVEN'T shown up in games of that caliber to that level all that often. For three straight weeks now, we have played VERY VERY well overall. That ISN'T something we've been able to say a whole lot. You can sense it too. They were mad after the game. I think they felt they should have won because they think they are better than the Chiefs. That may or may not be true, but it's nice that it's debatable at least. I am a huge Gruden fan. Like all fans, I have some minutia issues with him that bother me, but big picture stuff with him-- I think he's a winner. I think he's changed the culture within the organization-- or at least on the sidelines. He needed more talent and a better scheme on defense in order to take another step. He got it. That's clear as day. I could still be wrong of course and/or injures could derail things. But it appears as if we've dodged any major issues in that regard despite all the hobbled dudes. And yes, if we go out and lay an egg against the Niners and fall to 2-3, then yeah, we undo a whole bunch, if not all, of the good we've shown thus far. But I don't think that's going to happen. I have confidence this team will be ready to play and ready to respond. Read to take on the rest of the season and make a real run at the division and perhaps beyond. It's really nice to feel this way. I have zero dread of the remainder of the season. Only excitement.
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    Sunday was an eye-opener. The defense beat the crap out of one of the best offenses in the league. Nothing fancy going on, just straight up rush four and drop everyone else into zones. We crushed them on talent. It was a similar performance to the one the Broncos had against Dallas, and Denver has a truly dominant defense. Are we in that class? Obviously we have a lot of questions left to answer before we really know: Can we do this consistently? Can we win with blitzes and man coverage if we need to? Can we do this on the road? But this is something we need to talk about now. Either we're going to suck and lose the chance to speculate about how good we can be in the glow of dominant performance, or we're going to be good again and the whole sports world will reach the conclusion before us. I think we do have a dominant defense. I was optimistic about the defense heading into the season, but I didn't expect to see a performance like last Sunday's. Yet in hindsight, maybe we should have seen this coming: I think the best way to project what a player/unit/team will do is to define what they can do. In the effort to define what this team can do, it becomes clear that the defense is loaded. 1 - We have a stable of excellent edge rushers that's five players deep. Probably five guys who could get double digit sacks as starters. 2 - We have depth in quality interior defensive linemen. 3 - We have good stack linebackers and solid bench options behind them. 4 - We're stacked at corner 5 - The depth might be shaky, but our starting safeties look solid 6 - We've got a great chemical mix of personalities in the unit, and lots of quality on-field leadership. A lot of hard nosed competitors. So how the Hell did we become so talent rich on that side of the ball all of a sudden, to the point that pretty much none of us noticed it happening? The concomitance of the building process is pretty cool. A whole lot of improbable things panned out in our favor: Preston Smith - First round talent, second round gem. Flashed immediately in his first season, where he led all rookies in sacks IIRC and showed the potential to be a force against the run. Took a step back when he became a starter in his second year and the fan base totally wrote him off. We shouldn't have but we did. He's a Michael Bennett-esque talent and seeing him put it together this year feels like finding forgotten money in your pockets after taking your pants out of the dryer. Galette - Dominant edge rusher in his prime who gets cut from his old team because of legal issues. We scoop him up for cheap. He's a rah-rah team first guy who buys into the organizational culture immediately. We're all excited to think we've got Probowler for a song outside the typical free agency period. Boom, season ending injury and that's that. He'll be an expensive free agent and why would we want to pay all that money for someone who got hurt? But no, we extend him for cheap and give it another go. Boom, another season ending injury before the year begins. ****, well now it's really over. He might not even play football again. But no, we extend him for cheap again and this time he actually stays healthy. And all of a sudden we have a stable on the edge that's gotten even better this year despite losing a 9 sack rusher to suspension. Foster - outstanding college player who looked like a nice player his first two years in Tampa. But three coaching staffs in four years and he ends up in Lovie Smith's defense, where he's an awful fit. He hits the market and we pick him up as an afterthought. He ends up working his way into the starting line up last season, and he's passable, truth be told. But we suck as a whole so we're ready to move on from everyone on that side of the ball who struggled. But suddenly the defense coalesces around him and he's back to playing this role of being the prototype thumping Mike linebacker that he was at UW and he's thriving. Brown - I still don't truly understand how the **** this happened. He's a blue chip athlete on a UNC defense full of blue chippers and ends up getting picked in the second round by Tennessee. He's pretty good in three of his first four seasons with the Titans and seems like a potential building block, but you can see he fell out of favor after in his third season after he tore his pectoral and missed the whole year. They let him walk and he signs for nothing with Buffalo and becomes an All-Pro. It's a weird situation there, they want to tear everything down and start over and go with Reggie Ragland in the middle. I can kind of understand that decision. What I can't understand is how Brown was ignored for so long that we were able to sign him for cheap deep into the free agency period. Anyway, he hasn't missed a beat from his dominant season last year and he's transformed the middle of our defense. Allen - We all know about him, but it bears acknowledgement that we got a consensus top prospect at 17. That is exactly the kind of good fortune you need to build a dominant defense. We're also fortunate that Allen is precocious and coming into his rookie season fully grown and possessing his man strength. He's contributing immediately when most interior DLs can't. Ioannidis - He was a big part of an excellent Temple defense, but I think most of us wrote him off after he got cut his rookie year and ended up on the PS following the final cutdowns. That's usually not a good sign for a mid round draft pick. Well, he grew a lot as a pass rusher this spring and summer and now he's looking like the Greek God of Interior Pressure. This kid is a good rotation player. Norman - Another stroke of absurd luck. The Panthers so utterly ****ed this up. There is no getting around it. Cutting your best player in the middle of the summer just to avoid giving him a fair deal is the kind of absolutely idiotic and indefensible move that wrecks a championship caliber unit. And it did. And their loss was our massive gain. Most teams are just not that stupid, we were lucky to get him and he immediately became our best player and has been the key to the defensive transformation. His personality and competitiveness are a culture changer. Swearinger - He was such a nice player for Arizona last season. I don't get why they didn't keep him. He is exactly the box duty safety we needed to go from soft to tough. Why are all of these teams letting their good players go? As fans of a team that hasn't had a bunch of players who are actually good enough to walk and start for other teams, it's unfathomable. Breeland - OK I still don't totally trust him. But he looks like the lightbulb has turned on for the most part. And he's at that age and stage in his career when this happens. He showed us so much as a rookie, last year was a major disappointment. If he keeps this up, then he's a quality outside corner who gives us one of the most physical players at the position in the league. Fuller/Nicholson/Moreau - All of them look like gems found in the middle rounds. McCloughan can scout some DBs, we're loaded in young secondary talent. Conclusion: we have a stacked defense and it was assembled with a lot of good scouting and better luck via having a lot of mid round draft picks pan out and a lot of high quality free agents become unexpectedly available and sign here for bargains. With some good luck with injuries, the defense can be dominant this year.
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    Fist I'll say this: y'all should be proud of your team overall. Seriously, y'all fought tooth and nail to the finish and that was impressive. Offense: So a big deal is this, y'all were very good and very consistent up front. And yes, Cousins made some plays with his legs when the play called for it, but the offensive line did really well from what I could tell. Sucks that Kelly went out with an ankle because he started pretty strong when given the chance. Sure, there were a couple of plays where he was stopped, but he was finding room to run early. I didn't check up on it, but hopefully his ribs didn't play a factor in his departure. To me, it looks like Kelly is the better option at this point than Perine (that fumble was costly). I don't dislike Perine, but he showed that we was a "rookie" last night, and until he shows more consistency, he will continue to be used as such. Really like what the TEs did. Kinda would have liked to see them a touch more involved in the gameplan because they were getting open a lot. Even on the play to Doctson, Reed had a couple steps on the corner on the fly route. Pryor continues to show the explosive plays, but also the lack of execution at times. Talk about a guy who doesn't use his frame to make plays... gosh. Simple slant route where the ball is delivered a little in front of him, but very catchable, and the guy just sticks an arm out there. Dude needs to "go get" the dang ball yo; however that happens. It would have been a big play given the field position if that third down was converted, but more importantly it would have moved the chains. Again, overall the receiver group performed well enough to win IMO. I just want to say a few words about the Doctson ordeal. Should the guy have made the play? As a professional, yes. But I don't think it's fair to run the guy in the ground over it. A young guy in a big moment, and he fails to convert. It was a huge opportunity; not just for him, for for the team. I'm not giving him a pass, but he knows he screwed up, he knows the circumstances that he botched. I don't think it's fair, or right to place blame on him for the loss. No, that blame goes to the Defense, which leads me to my next observation. Wanna know why the Skins lost? Mental mistakes on the defensive side of the ball. Not just one, multiple. This wasn't about the defense failing to make plays, because they made plays, and laid the wood on a lot of em. That bunch played physical football, and I gaurentee the Chiefs are loaded up in the training room in the ice baths. No, tackling and making plays wasn't the problem. The "lined up in the neutral zone" and "hands to the face" and "defensive holding" and so on.... this is why the loss occurred. Y'all beat yourselves; period. Sure the Chiefs made some plays, they are a good team, that's what good teams do. But y'all made just as many if not more. There is no doubt that this is a painful loss. Cousins played well, and is making a strong case to be retained. Heck, everyone played well if you really look at it. But the mental aspect of sports is just as important as the physical aspect, sometimes more. At the end of the day, as I said, y'all should be proud of your team. * hopefully ALL the injuries y'all had (wow it was a lot); turn out positive. Norman wasn't a huge loss in this game IMO, but he'd be huge is it's for an extended amount of time.
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    A Breakdown for the KC game is up! http://fightforolddc.com/ I ramble about fatigue and mental errors from the comfort of my air conditioned room. -------- Also: Raiders Rams Eagles Questions? Suggestions? I hope these are quick and easy to digest, let me know!
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    TO FANS OF OPPOSING TEAMS This is a website owned by the Washington Redskins, maintained by Redskins fans, and primarily devoted to Washington Redskins football. While we enjoy visitors, we did not leave the door open hoping to have people drop by intent on changing our way of thinking. We are quite happy (some might argue "miserable" at times) being Redskins fans. We continue to believe that each Sunday marks a new beginning and that eventually we will return to our days of greatness. You, of course, can laugh at that notion, but if you do it here, it probably won't be taken too kindly. If you're a fan of a rival team, please don't make the mistake of thinking this is an always-friendly environment. When you are here, your screen is burgundy and gold for a reason. We’re ExtremeSkins. Nothing about this site should suggest to you that we are interested in being all things to all football fans. We have many knowledgeable fans here who know quite a bit about Washington Redskins football in particular and the NFL in general. We allow a certain amount of Redskins machismo here, because that is part of the Redskins experience. So be advised you will likely encounter critical and disparaging statements related to your chosen football team from time to time. As with all issues, moderators will determine what is or isn't allowable independent of anyone's team affiliation. We welcome well-behaved rival fans and enjoy other perspectives in the form of solid football discussion, along with the typical banter expected in such venues as long as it is within our Forum Rules. Do enjoy your time here, but don't let your activities interfere with our ability to enjoy your time here.
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    You must be new to watching the Redskins ...
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    If the Nats can break the DC curse tomorrow my daughter can take credit. Left for the hospital about 30min after the game ended on Tuesday and she was born at 2:16am that night. DC sports teams are 1-0 in the playoffs in her life. Not too shabby.
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    KB did post on Facebook he was ok as were all the pups
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    I don't care who wrings their hands over how fans react to this clown. Somehow, newer generations have this notion that everything they do must be accepted and supported or someone's just 'hating". Clue: not everything you do deserves respect. In fact, some things you do may cause people to lose any and all respect they may have had for you. Like quitting on people who are counting on you at the very last minute. Can't respect it, won't respect it, nothing about it deserves any respect at all. if he's ot propblems, ok, guarantee they didn't just pop up on curt day. Plenty of time to leave with your head up and with the respect of people who may not like it, but can accept it. But how and when? Not acceptable, and completely undeserving of respect, at least from me. It's how a spoiled brat would handle it, and his public proclamations since make it clear to me that is what he is. ~Bbang
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    I’m just going to drop this here because I think Jay said it best:
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    Dear Mr. Cravens: I think we are good at the safety position. Enjoy your retirement. Sincerely, The Redskins
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    Thats great, but why don't the stats support the critics? When someone says he's very inaccurate, the stats should support that statement. Unless of course their definition for "very inaccurate" is "he missed a few passes that I remember" in which case they're talking nonsense. When someone says he's turnover prone, the stats have to support that or it's false. When someone says he's not clutch and he delivers late in the 4th more often than not, they're simply wrong. Stats aren't everything, but when the directly contradict what you think your special eyes are seeing, consider that you might simply be wrong.
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    I think some of you guys are too hard on Doctson. Sure I'm disappointed but I'm not putting this loss on him. He will be a great Wr for us going forward.
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    You know what I’ve absolutely loved seeing from Kirk thus far this season? I’m surprised it’s not talked about more, but the whole “field general” stuff has me giddy. He’s done this before, but not to the degree it’s happening now. He’s draining out the game clock, forcing the defense to identify itself, adjusting protection at the last second, and hitting the hot read based on that. For all the talk of Thompson exploding right now, people are missing one of the biggest reasons for that. And that’s Kirk’s command of the offense. None of that is more encapsulated than in the first TD pass Kirk had to Thompson against the Raiders. Couldn’t find the video of it, so I went ahead and recorded it myself. Look at what happens right around 6 seconds left on the play clock. This is just one example among many. I loved seeing him kill the run play and hit Pryor fast when they were in heavy formations and Pryor had his guy playing off. It’s stuff like that, that goes largely unnoticed... but it’s huge. This is what Brady/Manning mastered. And while I enjoy seeing him improve upon using his legs and improvising, I enjoy seeing the improvements regarding the “field general” aspect of QBing more. I feel like that is where he’s already good but can become great.
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    Congratulatuions to the Cousins family! Hope he can give the young'n a nice birthday gift of a win over KC! Aside,, it blows me away how many people look at last week and say "well, yeah, BUT. NFC offensive player of the week.. near flawless game passing.. and yet somehow folks find faults. Y'all remember being losers who would be laughed out of a game like Sunday, right? You should,, no one gave us a chance heading into it. 25 years searching for a QB, decades of trying to put together success. Choice seems to me to be that you can accept it and be happy with it, or pine for the days of Gus Frerotte or Danny Wuerffel being our best chance to win. Critiquing performance is fine, and yes, the defense balled out the other night.. but the man made some nice throws, set the team up with nice drives, is finding the open receivers, and is no longer sailing the ball. Kirk always seems to need a couple games to settle in,, it makes me wonder how fast we could start if they practiced like a football team in training camp or played in preseason games instead of treating everyone like a fragile princess. ~Bang
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    for the 2nd week in a row, suck it.
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    I have been perplexed by many things over the years regarding what I read on ES. Perhaps some of you feel the same about things I've written... But for the life of me, I can't quite figure this Ryan Grant thing out. Lots of talk about how our WRs are hurting the offense right now. And then you look up and we really aren't having any trouble moving the ball through the air. We aren't having trouble converting 3rd downs. We aren't having trouble making big plays. It's not who we thought would be doing it before the year, but for the most part, the passing game is working quite nicely. The Raiders game we didn't need it-- but in our other three most recent games the offense was called upon for game-winning drive in the 4th quarter-- the offense came through each time (although in the Chiefs game resulting in a tie and not a go ahead TD). So while I would certainly love to see more production from the WRs, I honestly don't really care as long as the job is getting done. Which brings me to Grant. It's like Redskins fans watch the games and if there's a big 3rd down catch, they go "Yes!" and when they realize it's Grant it's like a letdown and they go "Oh, it was Grant, blech." The guy has been a valuable player for us this year-- he has made some really key/clutch catches. And he plays WR you know. So that's a WR making plays. It's as if some have pre-ordained that he isn't good, so therefore when he does good things it almost doesn't count. It's baffling. Maybe Kirk throws him the ball because...he gets open? Which means maybe he DOESN'T suck like so many have decided? Maybe he should even play a little more than he does? Currently, we have the following realistic options to catch passes: Grant, Crowder, Pryor, Doctson, Reed, Davis, Thompson. In that case, it's really hard to fully involve 7 guys each week. Kirk is spreading the ball around. At some point you'd like to see a little more production from your top 3 WRs, but again, if other guys like Davis and Thompson are making big plays while the defense still has to account for the others, then it's really the same (positive) result. And then maybe if a defense determines that they are NOT going to let Davis and Thompson beat that might be precisely when things open up for the others. I think we'd be better of worrying about what's worth worrying about on offense (getting the running game untracked) because pass catchers really aren't a concern to me at this point. Has the NFL gone back yet and rescinded the third down conversions Grant made yet?
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    Checking to see if the playbook is on Ebay... I am bidding against some clown named Jeff Fisher.
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    So let me get this straight, he leaps for a ball and gets two hands on it (That you admit he only gets to because of his height and leaping ability), gets horribly face masked on the way down (please see @Stugein post with picture), and it's a huge "mistake"??? Sorry, but that's a bit ridiculous. It would have been a really nice catch had he made it. But that he didn't come down with it, while unfortunate is not a "mistake". He tried but when you have a guy pulling your head back by your helmet and facemask on the way to hit the ground from that high a leap, him not holding onto the ball is not a "mistake". The vitriol sent Doctson's way has been over the top. I saw things like "He is bum!" "I hate him" "He is a bust" and more. Not to mention the idea that he is directly responsible for the loss. The guy is in essentially his 4th gm of his NFL career, on a huge stage in a hostile environment, with the other team apparently allowed to cheat - at least on that play. And people want to trash the guy? Just makes no sense. And then you finish with the WRs need to help Kirk out more. How about those passes be a little more accurate? I love me some Kirk, but he is not perfect. Not by any means. They need to help each other out.
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    watching him jerk himself off and ask all his cohorts to "testify" and praise/congratulate him and his admin's response as the prime focus for his first in-person comments to a devastated puerto rico...the president of the united states is a mindless foul pig bigot idiot among other ugly things...
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    As far as moral victories go, I'll take it. There is no doubt we're going in the right direction, it's obvious to the naked eye. This is going to be a fun year!
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    Seeing Manusky stand on the sidlines with that evil look, jacked shoulder and tight shirt. While the defense dominates...... Yeah ill have some more.....
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    It occurred to me watching the game last night that I was actually having fun watching us play again. I haven't felt like that watching a Redskins team in a long long long time. We were imposing our will. It was a fundamentally different experience I haven't felt since the glory years. Who knows were it will ultimately lead, but it felt amazing to dominate...again. I had nearly forgotten what that felt like. THAT tasted delicious and I want some more. Hail
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    Somewhere McCloughan is drunk muttering something about Nicholson and football player
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    Cousins threw for 330 yards, 2 TDs, and ran for a TD today. Yet he "wasn't very good". Some of you people simply have no idea what to look for. I'm tired of hearing "HE'S INCONSISTENT." Guess what, no QB is perfect. Show me a QB that throws TDs on every drive. Yeah, you can't. Show me a QB that never misses a throw, never takes a sack, never makes a mistake etc. etc. Yeah, you can't. I'm convinced now that the Cousins haters simply do not watch any football AT ALL. In five games, Cousins has now delivered the game winning scoring drive in the 4th quarter twice, and would be three times if not for Doctson's drop in KC. So yeah, he's clutch too. He's easily a top 10 QB, maybe bottom of the top 10 but still top 10. But yeah, he's "just average." I hope you guys are happy when he's leading the 9ers to a division title next year while we struggle to 5-11 with Colt effing McCoy.
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    Nope. I'll proceed. In many other countries, you stand for an anthem because you do as you're told. Here, it is subjective, dependent on the situation. Sometimes it's to honor fallen soldiers. Sometimes it's because you want to honor civil rights leaders. Sometimes you want to honor victims of tragedies. Many times it's because you are being asked to honor a country that does not honor its own values and declarations, and on a daily basis, shows that despite whatever "Pride" people have, this country is not proud of us, as a whole. I love this country. Because of that, I want it to he better. I want to to uphold it's values, and purge itself of an infestation that has corrupted it at every level. These players want to do the same. They respect what this country is SUPPOSED to stand for. They respect what that flag is SUPPOSED to stand for. And they know that neither is is happening right now, and they want to bring attention to that. Has nothing to do with anything BUT that. And it's a further testament to the work that needs to be done that...... Some, simply are incapable, or do not want to understand, and therefore do not want this country to move forward and realize its true potential. Now, fulfill my expectation
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    This and this. I'm way more annoyed with the no-call on the hands to the face than I am about the drop. That should've extended the drive.
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    This was buried in another thread, but this needs to be widely seen. Someone wrote racist slurs on public message boards at the Air Force Academy Prep School. General Jay B. Silveria, Academy superintendent, called for an immediate assembly and addressed the students and faculty. Note to people in leadership positions. Here is how you respond to racist events. This man did himself, the Air Force, and the nation proud
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    Josh Norman is quickly becoming one of my all time favorites. Not only does he produce on the field but he comes up with some crazy, lol pronunciations. And what's funny is they kinda make sense and I find myself wanting to use some of those Normanisms myself. The latest being copa-steady instead of copacetic in his rant against the Raiders receivers. Hopefully the mods will indulge us a little light-hearted humor to sweeten the endless debates about our QB's market value. What are some of your favorite Normanism's?
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    Yea... Lock Z. Brown up tomorrow, period. Pay that man his money
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    This is absolutely the best defensive performance I've seen out of this defense since Gregg Williams was DC. This was awesome.
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    You see, I disagree with you. I've been a boss and people have left me in the lurch in the real world. It's crappy. I've been a worker and I stayed in a terrible position despite the stress in order to mentor the next guy and get them ready despite my own problems that made me really want to get out. Su'a has every right to quit. There's a good way and a bad way to do it. There's a responsible and a selfish way to do it. He certainly has the right to look out for number one. He should. That said, there's no reason to screw the company while doing so. When you do that whether you are a teacher, a cop, or even a sandwich maker at Subway, you cause chaos. If you walk out on the job without notice and you have a particular role in the organization and a particular skill set that people count on then you are being a rat. I agree with you that it happens all the time. It shouldn't. There are exceptions. There are family emergencies. There are medical emergencies. There are dire situations that cause you to need to change your life NOW and there's no time to soften the blow or the landing or to think of anyone else. If that's the case here, then Cravens is fine. He certainly has the right to leave the Redskins. There's just a right way and a wrong way to do things in life. He chose a wrong way. He chose a selfish way. He chose an unprofessional way. Even if he's right about leaving and I'll assume he is... how he left was irresponsible.
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    I've been debating posting this for a while because I thought this might be over the top, but I've told you guys and gals some of my highest high's and lowest moments (mostly this) within the last however years I've been posting here, so why not This? Bottom line, I'm a little over 18k in debt from helping my ex-girlfriend over the past 3 years. I don't think it's necessary to get into specifics, but long story short I pretty much bought a false relationship. Yes, I'm very embarrassed about this but I've concluded I'm never going to meet you wonderful people in person so why not be honest about things? The reason I'm making this thread is because I want to hold myself accountable so that I won't slip up again. After paying all of my bills every month I should have roughly 11-1400 leftover that I'm going to throw into a savings account and since I pretty much live paycheck to paycheck I'm going to throw it at one of my 4 companies that I owe money to every three months. Eventually I'll add screen caps so that you'll see that I'm actually doing this instead of blowing money on useless ****. Where does ES come in? If by next December I'm not within 2k of paying this mess off, I'll request a permanent ban from this site. I just don't trust myself, so I have to take away something that I really enjoy. To be extra honest, my mother is talking about giving me a large sum of cash within the next few months but this is no guarantee. If I do get this cash my goal will shift to instead save a certain amount towards retirement and/or living expenses, not sure how to handle that one just yet. Now I don't want to be selfish so if anyone would like to throw their own personal goal into this thread, feel free Time to do this!
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    If Norman and Breeland play: Redskins 74, Eagles 3. If Norman and Breeland are out: Redskins 74, Eagles 3.
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    At what point does a symbol become more important than the values it is supposed to represent? And is that point a failure in the larger scheme of things? If so, how do we redeem that failure? The flag, the anthem, even the construct that is this idea of the united states of America, don't they exist and especially derive meaning based upon how well they represent certain values? It never fails to boggle my mind how people get so out of touch with actual values and their practice in the face of pedestalization of symbols and constructs. Blind allegiance and blind tribalism creating this behavior and response that is such a failure of the standards these values normally would be requiring us to uphold. I guess you have to actually live by those standards in order to be the type of person who also holds the symbols and constructs of our nation to the same values they claim to represent. When you got a group of people who rarely if ever practice self-reflection, nor challenge their flaws and limitations, and have no concept of self-redemption, they become perfectly incapable of critically thinking in this respect.
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    Always like seeing the Redskins do well. Hope you guys go to the playoffs and win the East this season. It's always great beating Dallas especially down there. I hate those guys. Lots of love for the Skins. You should have a W against SF next week easy.
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    Always with the comparisons of 'gimme a guy like...". Fact.. "great" is rare. "Good" is rare. "Competent" is also rare. Josh McCown? He's not. the league is more than half full of guys like him. there's a reason guys like Ryan Fitzpatrick travel around the league for years.. why McCowns and Glennons keep ending up as starters. And it's because a QB is the single most important position in sports, and the fact is there are fewer than 20 of them on the entire planet that can play at a high level in the NFL. So lets just throw ours away now that we've totally screwed the pooch, and blame it on him wanting too much money. when you **** things up, it's on you to fix them, right? The team ****ed this up, and their fix is going to be to bring us in one of the many clowns that float around the league because the real talent at the position is so scarce. Right now we've got that talent. Any other point is moot. Fact: to win, you need talent at the QB position. Period. Fact: there is not enough talent to go around, no matter how much you convince yourself that you can just grab it off a passing turnip truck. ~Bang
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    I honestly think everyone has gone mad. Ask yourself if that happens on the first drive of a game versus the last how you're responding? On a scale of 1-10, that catch would have been a 10. He's the only WR we've had with the potential to make that play... maybe ever. It wasn't a "drop" or a "bad play," as Keim said it could have been a "great play." In this thread and the GD thread I've seen "he should have landed on his back," he probably lands out of bounds if he doesn't turn the way he does. I've read the defender "didn't do anything," when he actually clocked Josh in the face mask. It was so close, the booth was wondering if replay was going to have another look... it was very comparible to Dez in GB controversy a few years ago, I don't recall a person in America saying Dez should have controlled it (it was about whether or not it was a catch). Two weeks ago Josh couldn't get on the field and when he did Kirk wouldn't trust him... now he's getting the ball thrown up for grabs to him with the game on the line and trusted to make a play that maybe 3 WRs in the game can make (Julio Jones, Beckham and Brown)... I'd call that progress. Bree had four penalties (one phantom) and Smith three (the goal line was BS call). Perine had a huge muff when we were rolling. Kirk was very good, but missed Reed to extend a drive and Grant for a TD. Jay called a terrible timeout and gave the Chiefs almost a minute of clock. Said he thought Kirk would take the check down option but he didn't (what the hell did you discuss during the stupid timeout???). We had more injuries in one game since MNF 1990. We didn't deserve to pull off the upset and almost did... in my mind we're the actually better physically talented/deeper team who let one get away and that is supposed to be the best team in football. I felt the same way against Philly. We deserve 2-2 at this point, but everything indicates we have a higher ceiling than we've had in years... I was pissed about the early bye, now I'm thankful... not only do we get healthy but the coaches will spend two weeks breaking down mistakes that cost us this game. I doubt they spend two seconds analyzing this near catch because he didn't do anything wrong... he just didn't finish the highlight reel catch. Note to the crazies, if it is going to be shown on multiple angles on Sportscenters Plays of the Day... it's not a drop.
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    So ES is still hobbled even though we got a win (shocker, I know), but this day is the twelfth anniversary of the Monday Night Miracle. I figured this would bring a smile to any fan's face. The very first shot of Parcells's 77-0 win streak when leading by 13+ points in the fourth quarter is fantastic.
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    The dude's face flashes in almost in every NFL show when they show top QB stats. Among the best in QBR. Most 300 yard, 3 TD games. Among most yards. Among best completion rates. Most air yards. It's Kirk, Kirk, Kirk. Last season according to Football Outsiders he faced the toughest defensive schedule in the league, He made the pro bowl. First QB here to have two winning back to back seasons in eons. And to some that's not enough lets go back to square one. I predict Kirk is going to have more bad games. I also predict he's going to have many more good games. He's human. I predict he will have another really good season. And I predict some people won't be satisfied, regardless.
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    Without two really weird gaffes this is a shut out, of the best offense in football... let that sink in.
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    Montae Nicholson also deserves a special nod. He and Chris Thompson played their butts off.
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    Sign Zach Brown long term immediately!
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    My god does context matter on this one . . .
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    I swear, people have no problem creating completely baseless, speculative storylines about situations involving the team so long as it paints a picture of organizational dysfunction and "same old redskins"... Be it with the Scot McCloughan firing, grading draft classes, harvest fest, etc. Its the cool thing to do. But people are connecting far more legitimate dots on this Su'a Cravens situation and its overreaction and insensitive? Kirk's wife is due any day now. He's still here. Players put their lives on hold every year during the season and rarely miss time. If they do its typically a day or two from practice. Those players also stay in close communication with the team about those instances. Su'a Cravens quit on his teammates in college. Some close to the situation cited immaturity. Su'a Cravens went AWOL last season after his bicep injury for a day. Red flag that the behavior was rearing its ugly head yet again. This year he waits until roster cut down day, when he OBVIOUSLY was mulling this decision weeks earlier in training camp (evident in the candid video of his sideline conversation with Will Compton) . The way he decides to inform his teammates was in a group chat, texting them "peace out" and exited the group. I wouldnt be as harsh if this was the first time he pulled something like this. He WOULD be getting the benefit of the doubt from me and I'd take the claims of him potentially dealing with issues a lot more seriously. Besides, if he really was dealing with serious personal/family issues... The team wouldnt have been so firm in their actions towards him. They'd risk huge backlash if they closed the door on a person dealing with a serious issue that required his undivided attention away from football. Then in his insulting social media posts he stated that he "didnt feel like he needs to explain himself". Proceeds to spend his time away from the team fraternizing on the sidelines at USC (mind you, all he did was exchange pleasantries with the VP of his professional team that was also in attendance). Honestly the kid is so delusional I could've seen him asking Doug something like who he thought would win the USC game as if what he had done wasn't serious whatsoever. Then he doesn't even show up to support his teammates playing on the SAME FIELD...the. next. Day. Oh, and during all this he also had his agent inform the team that he would be returning to the team the upcoming week, casually of course. Ian Rappoport is a highly respected NFL insider who is paid handsomely to be accurate in his reporting. He likely broke the news knowing what his agent relayed to the team. Because its spectacularly odd for anyone in his situation to have done so while having made ZERO contact with ANYONE within the organization about these plans. After QUITTING on his team and causing a huge stir of unwanted attention, he honestly thought he was just gonna stroll back into Redskins park. No big deal, nothing to see here. The team laughed at the audacity of this smug little prick, and after his actions over the weekend, decided to shut him down. You dont let someone like that who thinks they are above the rules, above the team, and above his teammates to dictate terms or force your hand. Again, if it was a serious personal or family matter, would the team really have included the bit about self reflection and passion for the game or whatever the exact words were in the press release? Think about it people. If it walks like an ass, talks like an ass, what is Su'a Cravens most likely? Or do we want to keep ignoring the facts surrounding all this, give him the benefit of the doubt, and attack others for having strong feelings about such disgusting, disrespectful behavior? While I respect the idea of giving someone the benefit of the doubt, this isnt a court of law... Its the court of opinion of a FANbase of a sports team. This fanbase has never had a problem spitting venom and vitriol about Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen without having all the facts on a situation before doing so. And you wanna know what people cite as their reasoning when I try proposing a contradicting theory that doesnt paint Dan and Bruce as incompetent, evil morons? PAST BEHAVIOR. So funny that past behavior doesn't apply here. Better yet, I have seen worse words tossed around to describe innocent, hard working players like Ryan Grant just because they are popular amongst the fanbase to bash on. But Su'a Cravens? Nah, theres gotta be more to the story here, hold your tongue until we know 110% guys. What an absolute crock. The ONLY chance at salvaging our investment was by playing it exactly the way the Redskins did. Shut him down, hope that being forced to watch the game he loves so dearly from his couch gives him a much needed reality check, and hope that he returns to the team in the offseason humbled and willing to earn back the trust of his coaches and teammates all the way from the bottom of the depth chart.
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