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    Last night, I (along with a number of other season ticket holders) had a chance to attend a tour of Redskins Park, followed by a Q&A session where we were able to ask a multitude of questions to Coach Gruden. I wanted to share an overview of that discussion here, as Jay was extremely candid, and addressed many of the issues which we are currently debating here. I'll just bullet point the summary below, but I want to preface that by sharing how impressed I was by Coach Gruden's participation in the event. To the degree that discretion allowed, he was open, honest, accessible, and exuded a narrowly focused passion to build upon the foundation of the past two years, as well as a confidence in their approach/system to do so. Jay had already won me over prior to last night, despite my initial misgivings about his hiring. However, last night's exchange only made me feel even more comfortable with him at the helm. So, onto the points of interest which he discussed... • He plans to do 100% of the offensive play calling, while relying heavily upon Coach Cav (as well as Bill, Randy, Ike, Wes for the weekly game planning). • I asked him about the potential advantages of the size and skill sets of Pryor and Doctson to his offensive sets, given the departures of Desean and Pierre. He praised his departed players, but said he anticipated improved run blocking on the perimeter sans DJax, and a greater ability to prolong drives and convert in the red zone with the improved size on the outside. Also said he anticipated much more diverse use of Crowder, on the outside as well as the slot. He said it 'killed him' not to have Crowder on the field last year when in 2WR sets. • When asked what to expect for the remainder of free agency, he said mostly 'depth signings' unless something fell in their lap, and even mentioned adding a vet WR for depth (which already has happened today). Got the impression that they have no plans to add any impact DL/ILB unless something unforeseen happens. • My other question to him was how they anticipated improving Run D issues, and getting off the field on 3rd Downs, given that there hasn't been a quantifiable upgrade to the DL/LB corp this offseason. He agreed that both were major issues, going so far as to say that the very first thing they plan to address when the team hits the practice fields this spring is the 3rd down defense. He candidly said that there were major schematic defects in last year's coordination. He said that there were unacceptable lapses in communication, alluding to former DC and DB coach in particular (and Jay is not one to throw a coach under the bus lightly). He said this was bad to the point that they weren't even getting defensive signals in on time with great frequency. He thinks that Manusky will fix the schematic, execution and energy flaws, while playing a much more aggressive style in coverage and blitz packages. On the personnel side he indicated that some DL were low in giving consistent energy, and inconsistent in their assignments. He likes McClain's motor and penetration skills and think McGee will help bolster against the run, while giving some push from DE spot. Hopes to see promise from a return to health for Phil Taylor, and a step forward by AJ Francis. Over the moon high on Lanier's development and potential. Otherwise, noted it's a great draft for D help at DL and ILB early and among DBs throughout. • He was asked numerous questions about the draft which he obviously couldn't answer. The interesting aspects which he did address, in addition to the D focus were as follows... - Asked about taking an RB early: He loves Fat Rob and would only consider taking an early RB that is a big game changer. Doesn't expect Fournette to fall to their spot. - When asked about OL, said he liked their unit as much as any in the NFL, only saw a need for depth. - When asked about areas of need to be addressed early in the draft, he mentioned every unit except TE/OL. Thought it an interesting omission for those who love the idea of Howard or Lamp. • Lastly, as for the Front Office. Declined to speak poorly of anyone on either side of Scot's departure. Said that since he has been here, every draft and roster construction move has been a group collaboration. Implied that with very few exceptions there has been no such thing as a purely Scot pick/Jay pick/Campbell pick etc... extremely confident that the people who have built the current foundation are still in place to do just that. Just wanted to share this info with the forum, for whatever it's worth. I was very pleased with his areas of focus and with his approach. I miss Scot, but have hope with Jay at the coaching helm. My only concern, aside from my disagreement with ideas like we don't need FA help at DT/ILB - we do - is the increased frequency with which Coach alluded to the numerous roles and involvment of Bruce Allen in the personnel side. Otherwise a great message and a great time. If I recollect any more details, I'll post them later.
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    Join me in congratulating Haphazard on a big milestone. His work on here should be commended and he provides a service that all of us on here should appreciate. Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Hap on their 50th Wedding Anniversary!
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    Photo by TK The GM & the Team President are in a power struggle. False. It's long been established that both the GM & the Head Coach answer to the Team President. The President not only hired the GM but also used his scouting service before hiring him. In fact, the Team President was the one sending him the teams original scouting work ups, so it's not like wasn't already familiar with their work. And here's a quote from the GM the day he had his hiring press conference that negates any sense of a "me" type ego: But what about Chris Russell & 106.7 saying the GM was sent home Well for starters, Scot's agent said it wasn't true & Scot's wife started a new Twitter account to shoot that down. But the last time she was on Twitter... Yeah & if you think she started this one up without the team's PR Department okaying it, you should think again. Her tweet has been there for about two days now & not deleted. Nor has her new Twitter account been shut down. If you want to dig a little more, go check out Chris Russell's Twitter to see how far away from this he has went since she shot it down. But the GM has to be at the Combine to do his job. No, not really. In the year that Scot was out on a farm running Instinctive Scouting, it was said by Seth Wickersham in his ESPN ARTICLE that the only flights Scot boarded were to watch his son play football in Northern California. So he was able to scouting reports for several teams, not just one single team. But he can't talk to the players if he's not at the Combine. So. He didn't talk to his first pick for the Redskins at the Combine either. The team can still bring potential draft picks in for a face to face. They can still go to a player's Pro Day as well. Or they may have someone in mind and not talk to them simply to not tip their hat to the other 31 teams. Brandon Scherff is on the record the day he was drafted saying he didn't really talk to the Redskins after the Combine. Romo in a three way tra... Stop. Just stop. This is beyond stupid. Two words should make anyone with a brain realize this is just dumb. "Donovan McNabb". The Redskins are a team that are getting younger, not older. Besides, on what planet is an old, broken down Romo (who has played five games in the last two years) worth the second pick overall in the Draft? C'mon man!
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    As some of you know I was married for 10 years. We struggled for 6 to have a child. When he finally came, his mother changed. When he was 2, his mom left. I have raised him on my own for the past 9 years. As some of you know, his mother filed in court for 6 weeks in the summer. My son was devastated. He did not want to visit her at all, let alone 6 weeks. I had to hire a lawyer. I'm just a teacher, I'm not rich. Before I hired a lawyer, I talked to my son about visiting his mother. How he felt, what he wanted. He wanted no part. At that point, I couldn't hire a crappy lawyer, I had to go with the best, even though I couldn't really afford it. As things went along, we won each small battle. I'm not going to get into all the details because it's a lot of stuff, but it has been an extremely hard 4 months. Finally. Yesterday. She gave up. She is withdrawing her court case and said that she can't afford to proceed and that she will honor my son's wishes. If he wants to visit her, she will do what she can. If he doesn't want to, he doesn't have to visit her at all. (I just have to give up the Child Support). No brainer. I told my lawyer. Its over. My son cried for a long time. He was so happy. He has been so stressed out and worried over the past 4 months. I'm so happy. Thanks for listening and for all the good wishes.
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    Murphys Law (apologies everyone, that was awful)
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    I take my fandom where i want... Not where some dickhead at a newspaper tells me too. Out of bounds imo
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    I wish Snyder was legitimately fascinated with the idea of selling the team.
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    Cousins wants guaranteed money because he doesn't want the team to be able to get out of his contract early. He likely wants them to simply show that they have no intention of doing so for at least three years and are completely behind him. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that and, in fact, I'd say he's doing us all a favor knowing just how unstable this organization is. He's essentially forcing stability at the most important position in football. And that's absolutely his right considering the team continues to pay him elite money every year with the tag because they're scared ****less to lose him. The irony of that if these idiots "aren't convinced" is too thick for even their foolishness. I've maintained since day one that as long as they reach a deal with him for 2-3 million more per year than what they could've done last year, the move to stick with the tag in 2016 was fine. Now it looks like it'll be a bit more than that after hearing what Kirk's side offered last year and what they'll likely be asking for this year based on market. And, you know what? I'm still fine with that. I remember my initial shock and disappointment last offseason when a deal wasn't reached by the deadline, and I'm pretty sure now that my initial feelings were spot on... but I'll still be willing to accept the rationale. If they don't come to a LTD, I don't care what anyone says... hard for me not to see how that is anything but a joke move by a joke organization. Like I'm going to believe the Redskins did something no other NFL organization in its history did with a franchise QB and they're the smart ones while everyone else is stupid. Lol. Just lol. Lol all over your face. Nitpick Kirk's game and try to thrust the blame onto him all you want if this doesn't get done. I'm sure the team will provide you with enough to smear him like they do with everyone they part with. You're just an enabler of a moronic franchise in that case with little to no ability to evaluate anything football in my book. Harsh, I know. But whatevs, it's earned. I don't doubt this for one second because we've got people totally blaming Scot for everything in another episode of "Titles are meaningless and getting undermined is right around the corner at Redskins Park", stay tuned for more! Sure, he was likely drunk out of his mind and it affected everything... but he's went through this twice and NEVER was it a war like it was here. Where his wife is tweeting ****, he or his camp are leaking **** detailing the undermining of his title, and he's wearing Redskins pj's all over town. And, yes, our toxic media plays a significant role in that, I'm not denying that. But that's awesome in its ridiculousness. They engender ZERO loyalty from their employees, or even amongst the media, and we think that's a coincidence? It's too easy for anyone to go nuclear on them. To think that's an accident that continuously occurs and not indicative of terrible management on a daily basis? Oh, they just handled the PR poorly, that's all, lulz. Another appointed savior by this franchise destroyed in a battle that plays out publicly... I just refuse to buy it hook, line and sinker. As much as I want to and, believe me, I do. I really do. :/ But I digress. I've stayed away from here because I'm not the type to obsess about these negatives and spread misery. I'd rather keep it to myself and I sincerely apologize for taking a dump here like this. You won't hear much more on this from me if I can help it. But for God's sake... if this doesn't get done. First franchise QB in decades at a time where the league is so heavily imbalanced towards that position and we screw it up. Empty stats or "it's the system", lol. So empty not a single QB out of the millions we've brought here in desperation could do it and none of the other guys came close operating the same system as well. A franchise guy we developed ourselves for the first time in ages. No one EVER lets these guys go. It would be the ultimate proof that we're being ran by one of the worst owners with one of the worst hiring processes in sports history. I'm almost at a point where I hope it happens so I can once and for all be relieved from ever expecting anything remotely resembling success from this organization. Just watch the games with little vested interest or care like I did mid-2013 through 2014. Much less stressful. God willing they get it done. And they actually hire someone legit at GM again, though I doubt that's even possible. But Kirk signing here would mean some semblance of competitiveness, though his and Jay's ceilings would likely forever be limited by their FO.
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    Just listened to Mike McCartney, Kirk's agent on Sirrius. Highlights: Kirk likes playing for the Redskins and McCartney said something to the effect of ideally he wants to stay in Washington Redskins sending a message by giving him the exclusive tag -- shows they think he's a franchise guy The 24 million tag sets his value He has had exchanges with the Redskins, negotiations have been going on back and forth and its been positive He is going to meet with Eric Schaffer this week to talk some more He was asked if they are thinking about trade -- he said not at all, and ditto when he and Kirk talk, being traded not part of conversation Edit: I see Tandler's post above about talking to Schaffer next week, thought he said this week but maybe misheard it. We've had conversations here about guessing the mood of Kirk and his agent. Listening to McCartney talk -- the vibe he gives off is they will get this done, he seemed upbeat about it. Throwing some love at the Redskins -- implying the process has been smooth, he likes dealing with Schaffer, Kirk likes being a Redskins, etc. I still think though they need to hit at least that 24 million mark. McCartney more or less said that the 24 million sets his value, they asked him about Luck's contract and McCartney said its relevant to today's QB market along with the cap rising. If I had to pull one definitive point about that interview is the idea that Kirk can't wait to get out of town is utter nonsense.
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    Cleveland Browns: "People around the league are going to consider us the face of dysfunction for the next 5 years." Dan Snyder: "Hold my beer"
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    Well, now we got the Rams' second-round 2012 pick. We at least won 1/4 of the trade now!
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    I have never, ever been this unexcited/unenthusiastic leading up to a draft. Ever. And this is after two winning seasons in a row for the first time under Snyder and a HC extension for the first time under Snyder. That's how bad this offseason has been. Scot/FO drama...lackluster FA period we were all hyped for, because it seemed like we'd been planning for a jump forward this offseason for a long time...Cousins not signed to LTD. These three things are killing my buzz and I'm less interested now than I ever was during the spectacular ****shows of any of the Vinny/Zorn/Shanahan/Griffin drama/etc. offseasons. This is apathy and its infecting this fanbase more than ever before, you can see it all over this board. We're basically all here arguing out of habit at this point, its all going downhill right now. If this splashes over into ticket sales and leads to the empty stadiums that marked the end of the Zorn and Shanahan eras, it might actually be our best chance to end the Allen era. But I doubt it.
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    Maybe I'm in the minority but since I found out he REQUESTED a trade, I'm glad he's gone.
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    Either way, this is Snyder's/Allen's fault. Both of whom have already proven that they can't capably run a professional football team.
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    Here are the facts: The Washington Redskins have had two winning seasons since he became GM. He stated we would be ready to compete in year 3. Drinking isn't against the law. A death in his family has been verified. Nobody on this message board is qualified to run an NFL team in ANY aspect, but please, keep pretending you are. The team really would not be so "dramatic" in most of your eyes, if you didn't participate in the drama. Instead of accusing him of drinking again, you might as well accuse him of being the zodiac killer. I mean, you have the exact same amount of evidence of both, and that's ZERO.
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    Really shows how utterly inept, pathetic, and generally useless DC Media is. Focused completely on rumors and drama, they had no idea this was in the works.
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    20 mil was 4 weeks ago. They discussed 23 last night.
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    The attempt by some to blame this all in Scot has made me think a little deeper on the subject and I don't mean this sarcastically but if this is Scot's rodeo it really absolves Scot in my book and puts its all on Bruce. The two players that were telegraphed that the Redskins wanted the most on D line BEFORE FA even started was Bennie Logan and Calais Campbell. Bruce actually considered both players with Logan actually spending two days at Redskins Park. Bruce didn't sign either one. So if its all about Scot. Scot had both guys on the shopping list and by some indications, the top of his list. Keim suggested as much on Campbell. It's like giving an order pick up request for Bruce at a pizzeria and you put on the list, pizza, garlic rolls and salad. Bruce comes back from the pizzeria with the salad and garlic rolls but no pizza. He goes well the pizza price was too steep for me. If so I am not blaming the person who created the order list, pizza was on it. But yeah I do think its silly to blame anything someone doesn't like about FA on Scot, he's gone. When I met with Scot in November he had one theme with me as to the team's needs and it was D line, D line, D line. By indications here, he had some big time D lineman on the shopping list. No way I buy that Scot said lets sign McGee and McClain and then lets call it a day. I buy what Keim said which was Calais Campbell was #1 on the list, and i buy the report that Logan was on that list too -- likely the #2 target. Looks like Bruce went shopping and got the #3 and #4 target and now might be calling it a day for the D line. If so, and it doesn't work out its 100% on Bruce IMO.
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    Crazy how just a LTD for Kirk at this point would COMPLETELY change the outlook on this franchise. I would actually be excited for the future (like I was before the last week happened).
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    I'll put it to you like this, there is only so much the fans are going to put up with. He was losing them when he decided to bring in Scot and that rejuvenated us and gave the fans something to really be proud of. Now he's killed all of that goodwill. Dan may not really realize it but this is the real crossroads. This is the real defining moment for him as an owner. The fans have been beaten down before but I've never seen them like this. He's very close to losing one of the leagues most loyal fanbases. He needs to understand this is it. We're about done.
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    The Washington post and Yahoo sports and whomever the hell else wants to write articles about how dysfunctional this franchise is can go to hell. We've seen dysfunction, this situation has absolutely nothing to do with that. We have 10 draft choices, young talent, loads of cap space and no terrible contracts on the books. A young headcoach who's built one of the leagues best offenses and a GM who is far from a clown. Boswell can call this dysfunction all he wants but this all could've been avoided had Kirk not played poorly in the last three games of the year. Kirk is far from innocent in this situation. He's being painted the victim but he's just as much at fault as the team is. He's been far too up and down for the team to feel comfortable enough to make him the highest paid player in the league. At least in my opinion that's what's going on.
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    I can't believe anyone is treating Kirk like a victim in all of this. I simply cannot believe people believe Kirk has been given a bum deal since he got here. He was NEVER going to take RG3's spot in 2012 and 2013 simply because the team invested heavily in RG3. It would have been absolutely ridiculous to pull the plug, even at the beginning of the year when RG3 was still recovering. This was Robert's team, like or not, he earned the right to start in 2013 with what he did in his rookie season. Even still. when the season was essentially done in '13, Cousins got an opportunity to prove himself and he failed. Not only did he look bad, he got progressively worse with each passing game. The last game of the season he had an astounding 31.8 QBR against the Giants. Still, 2014 he was still a part of the team and again he had an opportunity to start when Griffin went down and while he looked better, the same thing happened. He got progressively worse the more teams figured him out and ended up getting benched. He went 2-4 in his starts, not exceeding 20 points in his last 4 games before getting benched for Colt McCoy. Again, he was given yet ANOTHER opportunity to show and, for the most part, he faltered. Many of us were still surprised he was still a Redskin going into 2015, but still managed to win the starting job after being given the opportunity. Still in his first 6 games of the 2015 season he was below average having a 6/8 TD/INT ratio. Out of those 6 teams, only one finished above .500. Yet still the team continued to ride with him even though for the most part he had shown very little that he was the guy. He goes on a good run to end the year and because they don't reward him with eleventy-billion dollars after getting hot for a few games, he's been ****ed over??? Give me a break. The dude had been given as many chances as excuses you guys seem to have made for his poor play. The more I think about it, the more i'm ready to move on. To me he's acting like a spoiled child who thinks he deserves more than he does. To me that doesn't sound like a leader to me. But that's just how I see it.
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    73 and a couple months The congratulations should be going to "MissHap" she has put up with this grumpy old man for the 50 years, while I've been blessed. Thanks everyone for the well wishes.
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    As we see clearly on display here, one of the first tenets of major propaganda, and right down the Goebblel's playbook, is to convince your target that the ONLY source of information that can be trusted is from them, and all others have an agenda... (which is to destroy the country, subvert the president. etc .etc.) And this entire "MSM" thing is this in bright living color. Your typical victim of propaganda will shove it out front nearly immediately because they can only trust the source that has convinced them the others lie. (MSM somehow ignores the fact that their chosen sources are highly rated, and as such "mainstream".) In this propaganda, the side that employs it is 100% correct ALL of the time, and this is what the right wing media has done. The fault of EVERYTHING is the single group enemy that has a big umbrella target.. and if you actually paid attention to history, and substitute the word "jew" with the word "liberal", you'd find out exactly HOW close it is to the old playbook. The fault of everything is the liberal. Everything. Including, and especially things that the regime or previous holders of the desired past have done themselves. Jews were at fault for Germany's problems. Not the war they started that ended up in such destruction. The Allies put the squeeze on them, and folks can argue if they want that post WW1 punishments were too harsh.. but the fact is they brought them on themselves not only through WW1, but countless little wars for decades and decades. (Granted, the old Prussian wars and Napoleonic wars were a bit different in their scale and effect, simply because the nature of warfare changed SO much with World War 1.) But the fact is, the Nazis managed to erase any feelings of any responsibility for their own actions by the German people, and convinced them that all of their problems were by and large the fault of one group. (A Mexican stole your job! No, he didn't. Your boss ****ed you over and gave it to him, but hey, Pablo, it's your fault!) In modern right wing thinking, ALL of the problems in this country stem from liberals and their policies. ALL of them. You aren't out of work because you have no skills and work in a dying industry .. you're out of work because of liberal policies. You're poor because of them. Your kids aren't educated, not because you've politicized education, but because liberals aren't teaching anything right. Fear is easy to instill in people so willing to not accept any responsibility or truth. And because they so desperately want to believe that their problems are not their fault, hate can also be easily instilled. Inist you have a mandate when they truth is entirely different. deflect every criticism towards your enemy, and the indoctrinated will back it up. People always wonder how an entire nation could be convinced to do the despicable things they did.. and they also like to comfort themselves that it couldn't happen again, and in fact we are too smart for that. Especially if we keep the liberals from getting any control over anything, because every problem is their fault, right? That's how it happens. Shut down all other dissension, clear the media. In Germany, it used an anti-semitic rag called "Dur Sturmer" to whip up their message before they managed to gain enough power to establish media from their state source only, and all other was banned and dismantled. Foreign journalists stayed, but they attempted to control the message. Now we have Breitbart, who's reputation should be known to all by now, and yet here they are, right hand of the President, and he is repeating their lies to the point that it wraps up congress and law enforcement trying to prove fallacies (wiretaps!).. distracting them time and again, all that is needed to run them around is another tweet. Media who refuse to cow down and just go along with the administration are attacked. Judges who refuse to allow illegal activity are attacked. If one can't see the correlations, it means either they are propagandized to the point where they believe it, or they don't know history. ~Bang
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    Can you blame him? The conversation was probably: SKINS: We'd love to do a 3 year deal PRYOR: Who is throwing me the ball in years 2 and 3? SKINS: 1 year deal it is!
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    Just because SM skipped the combine and isn't at Redskins Park for the start of free agency, and just because Cooley is accusing him of drinking and Russell and Jones are saying he is gone, and just because the Redskins have "no comment" on any of this doesn't mean something is actually happening personally I blame the media for fabricating this stuff. I mean let's face it the GM doesn't need to actually be present for all of these key off-season dates. He can just text **** to Bruce and stuff
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    At the ultrasound... we are having another girl and everything is looking healthy and developing normally!
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    http://www.espn.com/espn/now?nowId=21-0629897698970964893-4 Great news to me, very pleased!
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    One losing season in his entire coaching career. One. The 2014 Redskins when he was thrust into a total train wreck. Guy is a winner. God willing he becomes a champion here.
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    That was it. The Exclusive Tag sends the message that they see him as a Franchise QB.
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    Found out I passed the CPA exam!!! Finally done after 14 months of straight study!!! FREEEEEEDOM!!
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    The obsession over 2 average DL players on an atrocious defense is mind blowing. the guys we got might be better. Might not be. But the guys we had didn't get it done. time to try something else. Btw, Manusky was im SF when they drafted. RJF. And had him in Indy, believe. He didn't seem all that devestatesd by his release. This tells me he was expendable to the current coaches. baker was a great quote, had a good nickname, a good dance, and was an average player.
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    It's so damn obvious I can't believe every single Skins fan doesn't see it clearly. I mean even if you still consider Allen and Snyder 100% in the wrong you still see how the narrative of Scot's drinking keeps getting distorted to place blame on the Redskins. I recall one tweet that basically said while all front offices have some sort of alcohol in them, a source told them that it was "so much worse" at Redskins park than at other team facilities around the league. And that's it. No explanation needed or given. No example of what makes it so much worse. Just that it is. The implication being that the horrible alcohol culture at Redskins Park is to blame for Scot's drinking, which we still don't think played any roll in his firing, but if it did, blame Redskins Park, not him. In all of this, people want their biases confirmed and their anger and frustrations validated. Even if it's done with speculations rooted in flawed logic.
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    Garçon requested a trade last year and laughed at the Gruden extension via Twitter prior to the opening of free agency. Give me Terrelle Pryor.
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    Danny boy is still pretty young. I'm sure theres going to be all sorts of new and exciting ways to screw up.
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    If you hire a known alcoholic who says he's not an alcoholic and insists that he's resolved past problems by drinking beer... well, you deserve whatever you get. If this were another team in the division, we'd be laughing our collective asses off at their abject stupidity.
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    More attractive: the coach who stood on the table for him and demanded he be his starter, and who's offense has allowed him to set most meaningful team passing records, and has guided the team to consecutive winning seasons, and chances at the postseason.. or a bunch of free agents, an inexperienced head coach, an owner who has done his best to outperform Dan Snyder's record of stupidity in his first few years, and a GM with no experience that just got his GM name tag in the mail yesterday. A horrible offensive line that won't allow much time to throw to those free agents, and a defense that was actually worse than ours. Stability, or a messy model of what the Redskins used to be. Money will be the same... so which seems more attractive? Seems obvious to me. ~Bang
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    This is really simple to me: If A. GMSM had a relapse or B. GMSM is legitimately dealing with essential family issues Then, this is a signal to me that the organization is actually MORE umified than before. If they are willing to take the PR hit and stay quiet to help protect their GM then that is quite commendable on their part and shows that they either have compassion for him or want him back on board soon, or both. If it is C. Anything else Then what's going on is pretty absurd and it's amateur hour at Redskins Park again and we are likely headed straight back to where we were. I've read everything everyone else has read and I really can't tell if its A, B, or C so I a withholding judgment.
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