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    "Where the hell is that Kirk Cousins' thread?..."
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    http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/06/19/supreme-court-rules-trademark-law-banning-offensive-names-is-unconstitutional.html The US Supreme Court ruled 8-0 that the Trademark Office cannot deny a trademark because a name is considered offensive. Although this case involved an Asian American Band called the Slants, this will force the Appeals Court hearing the Redskins Trademark case to rule in favor of the Redskins. So anyone who doesn't like the name, go pound sand. Hail to the Redskins! This was a whopping unanimous decision.
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    I've got one question for you: Have you ever ****ing buried a child? No? Well I have. You don't react in a normal, rational manner. Your heart has been ripped out, your will to live sapped. So much so, that you might quit your previous life and advocate against something THAT TOOK YOUR CHILD AWAY FROM YOU IN AN UNNATURAL WAY. So do I think a large proportion of Sandy Hook parents becoming advocates for gun control to be strange? No ****ing way. Each and every parent of that tragedy that gets out of bed in the morning and accomplishes anything is ****ing spectacular. Because I know how hard that is to do. Please, take your ****ing truther ass out of this thread. You are lowering the level of conversation and not contributing anything.
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    I said back in early February that I thought there was an 85% chance a LTD gets done by July 15th. I restated that in March and said I was gonna stick to that. Gonna do the same thing here...85% chance a LTD for Cousins gets done by July 15th. Unless it doesn't...in which case I will ask the mods to quietly delete this post.
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    Here are my favorite photos I was able to capture during today's minicamp at Redskins Park.
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    Umm Yeah. It's so freakin in vogue to spit in the face of the country that gives you the freedom to do so. Give me a few more Pat Tillmans and a few less super cool Kaepernicks. Can we make a thread about temper tantrums and holding your breath if you disagree about a call?
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    1. Link to Redskins "glory" years: check 2. Link to Allen: check 3. Move that pulls at fans heartstrings so they won't boo strongly: check sounds about right
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    Don't let them distract you. That's all the republicans tried to do. Shift focus away from the FACT that an enemy attacked us in 2016 and will do so again. This nonsense and red herrings about Hillary and the "tarmac" crap is just a lame and pathetic attempt to distract those who are looking to be distracted. Stay on target. The Russians attacked us. It's vitally important to find out who aided them, who benefited from it and at what price.
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    Even though I am a Libertarian and as such am skeptical of most government outlays, one huge exception is research. It was government, or more specifically DARPA, that provided us with the internet and GPS - technologies that have thrust the US back into the economic forefront. Our information age relies on the application of modern physics theories developed in the 1920s which were considered just an intellectual exercise for decades, with no practical applications. Where I might differ from say, Obama's approach, is I want funds for partnerships between government and higher education for research, with private companies then able to use whatever technologies they deem worthy. Obama's stimulus was aimed at providing capital to companies the government approved as worthy in the development of green tech. In fairness, despite Solyndra, overall his success rate was reasonably good (especially compared to the billions he pissed away on high speed rail that never materialized), but I prefer the government not pick winners, particularly in any area where technologies change almost overnight. Trump's disdain for research is painfully shortsighted, even excruciatingly so. Still, a brief look at his upbringing explains his contempt. Trump grew up in an era where real estate was king, especially in NYC. As the son of a real estate mogul, it looked inevitable that he would reign as one of the wealthiest men in America. Now, the information revolution has made dozens of billionaires of young upstarts. Parvenus have amassed fortunes that make Trump's net worth paltry in comparison. No doubt the wealth of guys like Zuckerberg, Bloomerg, Gates, Musk, et al drives him nuts, and has left him hopelessly nostalgic for an era when Texas Instruments made headlines for selling a desk calculator. He is essentially a disenfranchised nobleman in a post-revolutionary world, obsessed with restoring aristocratic supremacy.
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    Parents in town for a week, haven't seen them in 20 months. Ribeyes, ribs, chicken, asparagus, corn on the grill. Mac in the oven. Smoking joints and watching TCM all day with my dad. Mom and wife on the floor playing with dogs. Feeling nostalgic and sentimental af right now.
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    Actually that would turn out to be a $36.8 million. Allow me to explain.: 30millionx 5years =150. Now add in the rising cost of childcare vs that of 1987. Subtract the number of black voters in Calis post. Multiply by the square root of Jenny phone number 867-5309 and you get a real world salary of 36.824 /year. If you don't follow this math, there's no hope for you.
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    We're gonna build a wall and the Sun will pay for it.
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    Worst. Hiring process. In the NFL. Bar none. It's incredible. Can any of you defending this restructure point to a single organization that did something similar after firing their GM and ended up successful? I'll wait, but I won't hold my breath. I just hope that by some divine miracle this works out and everyone involved ends up fulfilling their roles perfectly... but that won't change just how much of a clown show this entire ordeal is/was. That is NOT how you structure an FO and that is NOT how you go about making hires at the highest levels organizationally. How anyone can hear Bruce say Doug "didn't want a GM" and "final say isn't important", then proceed to not pulling their hair out at the gross disrespect that entails of all legitimate understandings of the importance of organizational heirarchy... well, I wish I could go back to the days I had such naïveté, and I mean that sincerely. :/ I'll root, as always, for that view to be right no matter how ridiculous I know it is.
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    I proposed to my girl yesterday... She didn't say yes. She said "Of course!". For me, if marriage is a football game, getting an "Of course!" instead of a "yes" feels like getting a kickoff return for a TD on the opening kick.
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    Rove stopped short of apologizing for his significant role in destroying our political system and setting the stage for this moron to become president. ~Bang
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    You gotta stop looking at it like this. He's an employee trying to get paid market value just like you or I, for himself and his family. Just because you are in a different, lower tax bracket doesn't make it fair to say "well once you're making above X million what's the difference, be a team player". That's bull**** and it's hypocritical unless you're willing to do that for your company. If you're not (hint: no one is) then drop this line of criticism. And I'm not even going to get into the religion thing. And frankly neither should you--it has nothing to do with wanting to be paid what he's worth. Think about the fact that because you're a fan, instead of seeing it from the POV of the employee, you're siding with a multi-billion dollar tax-exempt corporation. Contract negotiations/disputes are basically the only time you ever see people side with the billionaires over the employees. And it's because fandom makes people feel entitled. It's crazy. The dude is going to have a short career, in the grand scheme of his life. He should squeeze out every penny that he can, for his family, before his primary earning window slams shut. Anyone without bias would say this.
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    You keep pointing this out and it never does any good. You know what Einstein said about doing the same thing over and over again, don't you?
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    So, for the last fifteen or twenty years, the right has rabidly attacked anything on the left, pushed the notion that liberal thought is a mental disorder, enjoyed the works of hate queens like Anne Coulter while she hit the bestseller lists with books specifically targeting the left with titles like "Godless", "Treason", and the oh-so condescending "How To Talk To a Liberal".. these ideas were applauded and her guest shots were endless, just to use one example. You call anyone who doesn't like the bully tactics a "snowflake" while getting offended over every perceived slight, real or imagined. And now you want to point a finger when these people you attacked for the better part of two decades don't want to have anything to do with you? Quit pretending there's some sort of difference between how people behave in public and how they behave online. let's face it,, with what the Republican party has boiled itself down to, a rabid, fact-denying stone wall of ignorance, racism, xenophobia, religious fervor and ultra nationlism.. if you still identify with that, then those are who you identify with, and that is who you are. Guilt by association gets quite hard to ignore when those associating with the same schools of thought are as reprehensible as they are. the party is overtaken with the fringes, hate and anger rule the thinking. And if you don't think so, well, open your eyes and smell the ****ers who stood next to you at the Trump rallies and turned and screamed at the media on cue, just like you did. You stood lineed up with the "build the wall" morons, and the "lock her up" morons, and were manipulated right along with them. And if you want to claim you didn't, you stood by like a pansy while these factions overtook the republican party, and elected a disaster who has damaged our long standing alliances, and has removed us from our position as the leaders of the free world, and any respect that went with it. So own it, and quit crying when people don't like you because of >gasp< your own actions. Or, do the smart thing and purge this garbage from the party, relegate the fascists back to the sewers, demand the president at least denounce a supremacist who knifes two Americans to death while trying to attack two women and screaming for a revolution.. or at the very least, tells the turks they can't just come over here and rough up our citizens and our cops. til then, accept what you are and why people are getting sick of you. ~Bang
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    Here are my favorite photos I was able to capture during today's OTAs at Redskins Park.
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    At this point, we need a thorough investigation of Trump and his administration to see if they have any ties to the United States. [Stolen from a Yahoo comments section, but too good not to share. Credit and salute to "Dong Hang-Lo," wherever you are.]
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    I don't see why he didn't just stab Comey in the face and then pardon himself. It's his right and all the same people would be defending him.
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    There's a difference between: 1. minority students voluntarily leaving campus to demonstrate what the school is missing without them and 2. insisting that whites leave, and if you don't you'll be harassed and threatened. In some circles, we're at a point where people can say they have PTSD from hearing an opposing opinion and nobody blinks an eye. Infantilization is an accurate description of what's happening. As someone who leans left on most issues I don't know why we have to be in denial about this. I think it falls under the Great PC Umbrella and is the kind of thing that ensures that reasonable conservatives will never vote D.
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    If you can't get along with someone because they are liberal or conservative, then you are the problem. People are so much more than their political leanings.
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    Should he face CHARGES?!?! If the story checks out, they should give him a medal.
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    They're both dumbasses, let 'em fight to the death
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    If there is anything about our roster to worry less about, its the WR group.
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    You know what else matters? Gold Bond on high humidity days
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    Really guys, this is the worst negotiation ever? Please. Stop acting like Kirk isn't a unique situation. When's the last time a back up QB turned into a top 10 QB later in his career and was then up for a big contract? When's the last time a player was due a big, big money contract with such a short resume of success? These things are important to the decision-making process and you all are ignoring it. I get it, we're all frustrated and want Kirk signed. Doesn't mean we need to twist the reality of the situation. Hindsight certainly is a benefit. But actually put yourselves in the shoes of the decision makers. They just had to move on from a bust in RG3 and lost major onvestments in draft picks as well as millions on the extension. They even saw division rival QB Nick Foles literally be a 1 year wonder. Kirk himself had half a season of great play. Yet some of you still want to pretend that no LTD for Kirk after '15 had no merits at all, that it was an irrational decision. Sorry to burst your narrative, but it was a reasonable decision given the short resume and what the team had literally just gone through with the prior QB. Now if we don't get the LTD done by July 15th this year it is a massive fail, definitely. But as of right now the process is following the same as it does with big nae players looking for a big deal. Von Miller was far more uncertain situtation and tons of reports came out about animosity with the FO during the negotiations. Look what is going on with Leveon Bell right now. Hasn't even signed his tender and can't do OTAs, and people are concerned he may holdout. Their have been players who have sat out games. Heck, back in '97 we had Sean Gilbert sit out the entire season. Emmit SMith missed 2 games holding out. http://www.foxsports.com/nfl/gallery/joey-bosa-holdout-chargers-nfl-contract-dispute-list-revis-chancellor-emmitt-smith-jamarcus-081516
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    Congrats Doug. Prove your doubters wrong, do a great job, and help restore pride to the Washington Redskins.
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    Awesome! We have a little too much freedom here. Russia knows what's best for us.
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    Loretta Lynch meets Bill Clinton at the airport for 30 minutes (it was stupid to do)..."SCANDAL! WATERGATE! OBSTRUCTION!" President Donald Trump tries to push the FBI director to drop an investigation into people with deep ties to himself, then asks the head of the NSA and the DNI to try and get the director of the FBI to drop it, then fires the FBI director because he wouldn't do it while lying about the reason, then later admits that he fired him because of the investigation..."meh....nothingburger"
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    The fact that Trump specifically brought up the hookers and recording means that there is a 100% chance he was recording having Russian hookers piss on him.
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    She crossed the line (with both feet) and she needs to own that. Recreating ISIS imagery targeting the President while working for CNN is obviously unacceptable. This isn't something that should even need to be said. Blaming sexism is a transparent effort at deflection and she should be ashamed for having attempted it.
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    I think playing the AFC West and NFC West instead of the AFC North and NFC North is bringing down all NFC East teams by 1.5-2 games. That's half the schedule with only two easy games and 5 very tough games. All of the NFC East games should be competitive. It will be hard for anyone in the division to win more than 10 games.
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    Is someone going to post a "Fixing The Independents" thread next?
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    Tolerance is tough. You can't be tolerant of everything. You have different views or different behaviors from me? That's cool. But as soon as you start acting like a jerk or hurting people then my tolerance wanes.
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    if it's my 3 year old son i expect him to disarm her the way i showed him. we don't waste a lot of time where i'm from. winter's right around the corner.
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    Everything Asbury said, but also, quit being such whiny *******.
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    An underrated aspect of having McCoy on the roster is that he allows you to properly evaluate your depth in preseason. He gets a lot of time with guys who may one day get a lot of time with Kirk, and he may be physically limited but he knows the offense and he knows where the ball should be going on any given play. That's valuable when you don't want to risk your starter out there.
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