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    This is not hard, people. The question is WHY was the monument erected, and what does it stand for? Thomas Jefferson has monuments because he was one of the primary Fathers of the Country. He has monuments because of the Declaration of Independence. He does not have monuments BECAUSE he was a slaveholder, or because he took advantage of Sally Heming. We honor his accomplishments in creating this country, while hopefully not forgetting his flaws as a human being. Same with George Washington, and FDR, and all of the rest of the red herringse that people are throwing in here. They all have monuments because their accomplishments on behalf of this country were notable and positive, even though they were flawed as individuals. Now ask yourself - WHY is there a monument to Robert E. Lee anywhere? Was it because of his impeccable beard? Was it because his horse won the Kentucky Derby? Or, just perhaps, was it because Robert E Lee was the primary military leader for the Confederacy, a bunch of traitors who attempted to tear the country apart in order to protect slavery, and whose very constitution was based on the principle of white supremacy? Was it because he is the symbol of the Confederacy, and are the statues a means to try and whitewash the absolute indefensible horror that the Confederacy really represents? You all know the answer already. Lee has statutes because people want to continue to glorify and mythologize that bullcrap. If you can't grasp that distinction, screw you. And if you try to weasel around that distinction, screw you. And if you keep playing "whatabboutism" and "slippery slope" baloney with this stuff, screw you. This stuff is important. This goes to the core of what we aspire to be as a country. Some of you are better than that. Maybe some of you aren't.
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    I watched the walk through and practice today, tough though to see everything, so i zoned in on some specifics. I watched tomsula and his unit from like 15 feet away so got a good view of it. Phil Taylor moves well for a big guy. Tomsula was really riding Lanier. Pretty much only riding Lanier among the players. Getting on him about staying low, moving quicker, on his hand usage, on and on. Towards the end of the practice session, Tomsula complemented Lanier saying he was doing better. Then Tomsula play fights with Lanier and Lainer knocks Tomsula to the floor and the unit cracks up. Tomsula's obsession is staying low. He has an exercise where the d lineman squat under what looked like a trampoline. On some of the exercises he had the players feet tied together. I focused some on Allen. Tough for me to guage but Tomsula wasnt riding him so i assume thats a good sign. Allen seems like a quiet dude in general. I watched the linebackers some. Galette seems quick compared to the others. Anderson seems more social than Allen with his fellow players at least he did when I was paying attention. I couldnt hear specifically what Kirk was saying but he was vocal and goofing on the field. Maybe it was because he didnt have his usual weapons today but he seemed to really love throwing to Chris Thompson. After watching Colt today. I dont buy for a second the WP article from months back about how Colt increased his arm strength. His throws float a lot. Same old same old to me. The difference between Kirk and Colt is big IMO. Kirk's throws have good zip to them. Colt's do not. Ive been obnoxious on the Colt is no Kirk before today. I am really going to be doubily obnoxious on it now. Its not that Colt was bad but watching him, i dont buy he's capable of being more than a dink or dunk guy. All the running backs looked sharp. Robert Kelley looks faster than last year. Perine looked really good, ditto Brown and Thompson. I wasnt always looking but when I did Compton seemed to play the most with the starters, followed by Foster, then it was Zach. Marley played a bunch, too. Marley looks like a midget next to most players. Swearinger plays with a major bounce in his step, you can see the defense feeds off of him. He is the leader. Galette was talking with Manusky for a long time it seemed. Moreau and Nicholson were partcipating in the walk throughs. Pryor was praciting acrobatic catches feet away from where I was positioned during the walk throughs. He looked really good. My kids were shooting for autographs so it was hard not to notice who were engaging with the fans. On that front, Norman was tops. He signed autographs in both sessions, took photos, and spent a lot of time with fans. Others who were cool were Breeland, Kerrigan, Kelley, Hopkins, Niles Paul, Murphy. I was hanging in the lobby with my kids and Kirk sees my kids, he noticed they recognized him but were too shy to say anything to him, so he approaches them and asked them if they want an autograph. Cool dude.
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    Nazis: We want genocide Antifa: What the? We will oppose you. BLM: Please stop killing us. White Suburban Centrist Voters: I cannot see any difference between these scary groups.
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    Here's some other photos of counter-protesters being violent against these people. Here's the leader of the counter demonstrators instigating his followers to violence against these people and what they believe. Here we see an armed African American threatening obviously peaceful demonstrators. This photo clearly shows that the counter protesters came agitated and spoiling for trouble. Here one of the counter protesters has injured himself by attacking what had been a peaceful Atlantic wall And here are a bunch of counter protesters who liked the French oceanside so much they never left. ~Bang
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    Maybe the 10.6% attendance change has to to with us removing 10.6% of the seats in that ten year span.
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    Spencer, to my shame, has a degree from my alma mater, the University of Chicago. When the University of Chicago recently released a statement indicating that free speech was its central value, that it would not permit censorship or have "safe spaces" etc., it got a lot of publicity. Spencer immediately wrote the University asking to speak there. The response: "we believe in free speech, but we only invite speakers with something useful to say, who add value to serious and reasoned discourse. You aren't one of them."
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    Trump: Muslims are bad Trump: Mexicans are bad Trump: Liberals are bad Trump: The Media is bad The Public: What about Nazis? Trump: Well, let's not rush to judgment here
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    He's 6'2" with a 41" vertical, so I assume his ceilings have to be pretty high.
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    The fact the Jacoby isn't in the HOF shows it is a joke.
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    I'd have to see his rap sheet to know for sure
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    I was able to go to camp this afternoon, and have a few observations. To give full disclosure, I am no expert. The most coaching experience I have had is at the Middle School level 20 years ago... I am, however, a huge fan. First of all, Pryor is an absolute beast. He is such a smooth runner. It doesn't look like he is running fast, but nobody can keep up with him. He does not run the crispest of routes (probably since his legs are so long), but he is able to get his body between the defender and the ball, and with those long arms, I don't know who can truly cover him. I was also impressed that he, on a number of occasions, went up to Gruden and seemed to be talking about routes (from watching their hand gestures and such). Secondly, I watched d-line versus o-line one on one blocking, and it seemed the d-line was angry. I'm not sure if the o-line was talking trash or what, but they practiced with attitude. Speaking of attitude, I was very impressed with Swearinger. He seems to know the defensive scheme pretty well. He was all over the place and had two possible int's. (I couldn't tell if he was in bounds or not). He definitely has swagger, and I think he and Norman will get along well. As pleased as I was with him, I left practice a little concerned about Cravens. He seemed a step slow on most plays. I am hoping he is just learning the ropes and that will improve, but it is a bit worrisome. Lastly, no matter what we think of Kirk, there was defiitely a BIG drop-off from his throws and those of Colt and Suds. For those who are able, I would definitely recommend going. I took my daughter, and we had a great time.
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    My politics should be obvious at this point. However, for reasons I can't explain, my favorite political writers are almost always on the Right. I've become a particular fan of Kevin Williamson lately (who is probably more libertarian than Conservative). He's probably the best pure writer working in this field right now. His article today is pretty spectacular. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/450501/white-nationalists-alt-right-vague-grievances-what-do-they-want
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    ^^ Holy **** Will Compton still sucks
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    Meh. I'm retired. For now.....
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    I dunno, I think Garrett sent the perfect message. "If you're going to play for the Dallas ****ing Cowboys, you'd better be a criminal." Whitehead wasn't, so he had to go.
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    I'm not advocating violence, but the "ignoring them and they will go away" strategy is a huge mistake. The reason you confront this stuff head on, over and over, is to bring the issue out into the open and force millions of people in the middle (or just not paying attention) to take sides. To force them to start to feel the uncomfortable truth about what lies at the core of Trump's appeal. Who cares if the actual neo-Nazis recruit a handful of additional members? That's not the real concern. Larry had it right. The problem we face is not an ever growing army of Nazis taking over the country. It is the fact that a large part of the country has been manipulated into being sympathetic to many of the underlying emotions and ideas that motivate these turds. Fox News viewers like your uncle Fred do not think of themselves as Nazis or even racists, but they bitterly resent immigrants, and hate liberals, and feel like white people are being oppressed, and all the rest. Well, neo-nazis are the end game of that point of view. The entire country should have their noses rubbed in the fact that Richard Spencer advocates 95% of the same things as Steve Bannon does, as Sean Hannity does, as Steve King does, as Donald Trump does. Make them have to think about it, and have to talk about it with people, and in the process, millions will find it uncomfortable to learn that they share so many views with actual Nazis. They need to see these neo-Nazis with clubs waving Dixie flags and wearing their MAGA hats. You need to make as many as possible have have to choose if they want to be associated with that. What turned the tide for the civil rights movement in the early 1960s was not ignoring the problems, but confronting the problems. It was the TV coverage of marchers being set upon with attack dogs and fire hoses that finally shook middle America out of its stupor. Not completely, not permanently, but there was a significant shift nonetheless. The Right has been riding an emotional wave of cultural backlash for years. Events like this one are how the wave can start to turn back the other way.
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    Remember that there were "many sides" involved in the fight on D-Day
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    To all the men and women who make this website possible my hat goes off to you as well as my heart goes out to you for the dedication and work you put in for me to enjoy this website year in year out. I am not a tech savvy person and dont get into all the hoopla on the phones or Internet but I sure do take this extreme skins website serious. It has everything for me..old videos,news as it happens in training camp with clips, I mean the list goes on..so thank you so very much again and HTTR!!..Go Redskins, and I am extremely pumped for the 2017 season.
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    Who gives a flying **** about Tim Williams? Crossing my fingers for Galette. A 15 sack season would be a small gesture of good faith to those of us who have suffered through his tweets for the past two years.
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    Just want to thank everybody who puts work into these threads. Having a one stop shop for all tweets is extremely convenient, and saves me a lot of time when looking for skins news and updates. You guys have done a great job.
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    It's been a good run but... We'll be down for short period of time. Hopefully not longer than hour, maybe two. It won't be a major overhaul like the last time. We're upgrading from v4.1.19.4 to v4.2.2 Most of it will be under the hood type stuff that you won't notice, though there will be a few new features. Here's a peek at Reactions, an upgrade to the "Like" button: Reactions offer more fine-grained sentiments towards content than a simple up/down or 'like'. They are now in common usage on social networks, and so users expect to be able to be more nuanced in their response to something they see. Once we're back up, use this thread to post any questions, bugs, glitches, etc that you may have.
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    Just remember. BLM came into being because young black men were repeatedly dying in police custody under - let's say - curious circumstances. The Alt Right came into being because girls started playing video games.
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    How nice of Lee to treat *his slaves well* and fight for an army that wanted to continue the enslavement of black Americans and split the union. Its 2017 and people still want to sanitize confederates. Losers.
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    Yeah, he's going to have to prove it to me. It's very very easy to call out nazis. the entire world agrees that they are evil. The entire world worked very hard to stamp them out. His refusal to do so means either he's in agreement, or a coward beyond measure. They look at him as a leader, they look at him as the permission. They took his words as encouragement. They are happy with what he said in "condemning" them yesterday, because they firmly believe he did not condemn them, rather their enemies. And what do you know, he didn't condemn them. He didnt call out nazis.. he did not specifically notice that the people who's beliefs have started wars that have spilled American blood all around the world.. were HAILING him. He does nothing to dissuade them. Nothing to distance himself from them. At some point that ceases to be a self involved manipulation and becomes approval. and when ****ing NAZIS are rampaging through the streets of an American city and a person has to use the term "both sides"... it's because he wants to deflect blame off the ONE side he believes in... and is clearly at fault. He's a ****ing disgrace. ~Bang
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    I'll just throw this here. Tons of talk this offseason about the Nose... looks like someone is finally emerging. Wouldn't it be awesome if we get anything remotely close to the player the Browns drafted in the first round in 2011? From @HapHaszard in the BRBN forum: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/football-insider/wp/2017/08/07/finally-healthy-nose-tackle-phil-taylor-positioned-to-land-starting-job-with-the-redskins/?utm_term=.a44326905783 Click on the link for a lot more (it's a pretty big article)
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    This is the guy they call in for no reason whenever they haven't found anything, right?
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    I tend to differentiate between injury-prone and soft. It's hard for me to call a guy like Reed soft. Especially after games like the one on Thanksgiving against the Cowboys last season. Not sure anyone who is soft does that. But, yeah. Dude is definitely injury-prone at this point. Hopefully they're just putting him in bubble wrap like you say. If any player fits the criteria to do that with, it's him. Absolute stud, works like crazy, is always in top shape, knows the offense, and injury-prone. Wrap him up good right now!
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    I really hope to see this happen. . . . we're talking Bruce Allen, right?
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    Yeah. Nothing is changing. All the assholes can resign or be fired. The giant tweeting mcnugget snowflake is the same.
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    Violence was the fuel that drove Nazism and fascism. Fighting leftists in the beer halls and at their clubs was their lifeblood for a decade plus. And we all know where such a vile, deplorable creature ultimately took us. And it all had to start somewhere. Thankfully instead of decorated, battle-hardened WWI veterans, our Nazi movement is filled with basement-dwelling, spectrum-residing, dry-dicked, waifu pillow ****ers with CoD platinum trophies. This is still going to be very ugly though. Lots of uncomfortable, frustrating things we need to confront to tackle this. From online culture to failures in the white family to the limitations of free speech, just to name a few. This is a war (W-A-R) that's just getting started and that's going to just get uglier. And some of you go-medium, don't rock the boat, stuck at midfield ****ers need to hurry up and find your balls.
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    I'm so pissed. Once this game is done, I'm not watching another Skins game till next Thursday.
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    Today there wasnt as much going on, just one practice and the starters didnt play much. Defense seemed to handcuff both Colt and Kirk today for the most part. Jay at one point yelled at Sudfeld for holding the ball too long, actually screamed at him, the only part that i could hear in the rant was what the heck are you waiting for. Matt Ionnadis played mostly with the starters, both today and yesterday. Ditto Phil Taylor. Ditto McGee. I noticed Lanier played a little with the 1s. I didnt see Allen play with the 1s but might have missed it. McClain and Allen were playing with the 2s. Ditto Anderson. Blackmon and Everett were playing safety with the 2s and both were active and looked good. Compton as far as i can tell was always with the 1s. Zach and Foster rotated. Chris Carter played with the 2s. The 2s played the most today and watching them, both Robert Davis and Brian Quick looked good, good hands. I know Quick doesnt have the rep for having great hands but he looked good today, Davis too. Perine, Brown and Kelley all looked quick and good. They were practing the hurry up offense and some red zone. Both Kirk and Colt and Sudfeld struggled some in the red zone. Sudfeld, in my view, throws with good velocity but doesnt have much touch to his throws. I didnt need to hear Jay yell at him to see he holds on to the ball too long. Though once Jay screamed at him, he quickened his pace. Zach Brown would have gotten a sack, Foster too if it was a real game. They were blitzing up the middle on some plays. I saw them move Kerrigan some to the right versus his usual left. I saw Sprinkle play some with the 3s. They were running some from a 3 TE set. 13 personnel. I didnt have a real good look at the front 7 play this time but noticed Murphy looked active. The secondary looked sharp. Kirk and Colt didnt really have guys open much. Though Kirk didnt play much. Crowder looked good in warm up, caught some balls and looked spry but i didn't see him play beyond that unless i missed him. Fuller fielding punts, the dude has good hands. Blackmon, too. It was kids day there and again Josh Norman to me is the most engaging guy with the fans, was giving out ices along with Dale Earnhart to kids. Jay was signing a lot for fans. Id say Breeland is really cool with the fans too, signed and took pictures forever yesterday. Ditto today.
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    I thought he was great. I stand behind everything he said.
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    There may not be any actual nazi sympathizers in this thread or in your neighborhood. But I guarantee there are plenty of "It's Heritage Not Hate" types, and plenty of "the North wasn't perfect and I think there are more racists in Boston" deflectors, and "complaining about racism makes it worse" knuckleheads, and "BLM is just as bad and racist, condemn both sides equally" equivocation spinners. My patience for all of them is at an extremely low ebb right now. If they were smart they would shut up for a while, because at times like these, most people can see right through their nonsense as the sophistry that it really is.
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    He always has as far as we know. The problem is his Achilles' tendons are made out of ritz crackers.
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    Check the serial number on this urinal:
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    I made it to practice yesterday. I have to disagree with Cooley when it comes to R. Anderson. I think he will bring a "nastiness" to our defense. He is an effort guy, but I saw him in the backfield on quite a few plays. He did look confused on pass coverage, but most rookies do. I see him helping our run defense quite a bit. He will set an edge. He is a strong kid. I did watch Chase Roullier on the 1 on 1's, and he looked like he was holding his own. I think he will be a good center, eventually. Not sure he will be able to unseat Long this year. There was some discussion on Nico Marley earlier also. He is so small, but he is flying around everywhere. He seemed to make a big mistake in coverage on the goal line allowing a TD reception, but the next play, came flying through on a blitz and would have been there to pressure Colt had it been live action . He was getting some reps with the 2nd team defense yesterday. I would love to see him be successful, just because he is such an underdog, but I just can't see him being able to cover anyone with his size. He did seem to have good instincts on a few running plays I saw him plug the hole. Question is, will he be able to tackle a 220 pound back coming at him. It will be fun to watch him in a real game. Best 2 pass rushers yesterday, in my opinion, were Murphy and Gallette. Iaonnidis did look like he has improved. He looked stronger and quicker. J. Allen seems to be the real deal. He was is the backfield constantly. Defense seemed to get the better of the offense most of the day. Again, I am no expert. Just my observations.
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    Last year was one of the most frustrating Teams to watch in memory. They could move the ball at will, but couldnt score. They could pass block like the 91 Hogs, but couldnt run the ball. They could stop any offense on first and second down, but third down was a disaster. I wouldnt say they sucked, but they did find new and creative ways to not win games that was impressive in hindsight
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    Credit should go to Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski.
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    Why would this warrant a press release? What brand of urinal cakes are used? Is that exclusive? Also, what brand of paper cup is used? Dixie? Solo? I must know. Press release please
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