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    So Saturday was a big day. At 3:00 in the afternoon, this happened: Then the Caps took a lead in the Stanley Cup Final.
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    I've never regretted learning how to read. Until now.
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    With every day that passes and the likelihood of what many have said all along about all the Guice “issues” (that it was just a shunned ex-agent causing him problems as well as other inconsequential factors) increases... this pick just looks better and better. Now, before anyone accuses me of redundancy because pretty much all of us agree with the above already and have stated as much, I wanted to take the opportunity to point out how this is the type of resource management that we’ve been clamoring for. We cannot simultaneously recognize just how brilliant the pick seems to be in terms of basic economic principles while ignoring how rarely we get to see such brilliance. And, make no mistake, it was brilliant. It’s everything you want to see from a Front Office. Patience, strategy, trust in the scouting process, etc... Patience? Heck yeah! They could’ve drafted him at 44 knowing how desperate they were for a RB, but instead traded down, picked up an extra 3rd, and waited patiently to see how the draft fell instead. Strategy? Yup. As mentioned above when exemplifying their patience, there had to be a strategy in place with numerous players they were satisfied with falling to the 59th pick they acquired instead. Trust in the scouting process? Absolutely. Again, this is exemplified in the strategy involved as mentioned above, but furthermore they would not have ever been comfortable enough, as many teams weren’t, in drafting Guice had they not had the info on him necessary to overcome the fear of the potential truth of the rumors that were being circulated at the time. That is scouting. So the FO got a player easily justifiable in spending a late-1st, early 2nd on in Guice AND a 3rd rounder to go with him. They took advantage of a situation where other teams were wrongly overcome with fear and were able to do so with sound intelligence gathering. They capitalize on an opportunity presented and acted with conviction. Just excellent all-around in terms of resource management. This is what we’d love to see more of. Proactive versus reactive. Trust versus mistrust. Asset acquisition versus wasteful spending. Patience versus desperation. Foresight versus short-sightedness. All of the above was in play here and it’s a thing of beauty when you see it work out, right? Now, all of this could end up failing if Guice does become the guy those rumors suggest he is, but I’d posit that it doesn’t change the positives here of it all in terms of resource management. At least that’ll be the case if it’s something else versus the rumors actually having been true, which would mean it was a failure on the scouting level and/or organizational hierarchy not listening to the scouts. But, yeah. Awesome. My main point here is, when some of us read the criticisms directed at the top brass and automatically have their defense mechanisms activated to the fullest degree, just remind yourself about the process in which Guice ended up drafted and ask yourself if you’d like to see that more often versus not. And, no, it doesn’t have to be a rarity, as flukey as this particular opportunity seems to be on the surface. This can be the norm. Every offseason presents a myriad of opportunities for the aforementioned positive aspects of an FO to be applied, and every decision within the building can be made in this way, big and small.
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    My preference is still for him to sell the team.
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    Sometimes the only PR boost required is being yourself. Redskins rookie Derrius Guice arrived in the city known for spin lugging a tarnished reputation. Rumors and reports focusing primarily on supposed immature actions popped around the time of, if not during, April’s NFL Draft. The running back slipped from a potential first-round pick to No. 57 overall where Washington stopped the slide. Since then, the runner known for elusive moves that corkscrew defenders turned negative perception upside down. He did so with enthusiasm on the practice field, activity in the community and an infectious smile that travels. That grin is with Guice on the field despite the pressure that comes with a second-round selection, transitioning from the college ranks to the pro game, and learning a thick playbook loaded with new terminology. It’s front and center on social media; the two pictures connected on his main page show a smiling Guice rather than a too-cool-for-school version. It’s authentic when he invites fans to watch the latest “Avengers” movie in the theater on his dime or meet him up at a bowling alley. It shines through even when clowning with a hot dog jammed in his mouth at a recent Washington Mystics home game. “That’s the person I am,” Guice said during an exclusive interview with The Sports Capitol following Wednesday’s Organized Team Activities (OTA) session. “I’m not one of those players who gets drafted and forgets where I come from. I’m very active on social media. I like interacting with the fans. I like showing them that I do care that they’re supportive and that they are fans. I like doing stuff like going to the movies in my free time, so I thought why not invite a few fans to come chill with me. I just thought it would be something cool to do.” Kissing babies may win votes, but ultimately constituents must believe the act is genuine. All of the interactions with players, coaches and fans come across as sincere. By all accounts, this is no con. “I’m not doing it for any special reason. I’m just being me,” Guice said. “Now everybody is seeing who I really am. I’m not the person everybody portrayed me to be at the draft. That was off the edge. I don’t know why it happened, but it happened. It’s over with. Now people are really starting to see who I am.” Fans love the idea of interacting with their players from their favorite teams. Common guidelines suggest an autograph, perhaps a photograph and if the timing/mood stars align, maybe a chat the length of a two-minute drill. Hanging out with one of the players? Stop it. “Every event that I’ve been to (the fans have said) they appreciate what I’m doing and how I’ve been active with them,” Guice said. “I just like that as a player that they come to the games. They want to know who you really are outside of football, or at least some of them do. … Some of them think it’s really cool to hang out with a Derrius Guice on a day-to-day basis during my free time to get to know who I am besides football. I think it’s really cool to really give them some of that at times and treat them sometimes. They give a lot of money to us and put a lot of money into the sport, so it’s not a bad idea to give some back every now and then.” https://thesportscapitol.com/2018/06/07/redskins-rookie-derrius-guice-shows-the-power-of-the-authentic-self/
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    So I'm keeping this as a link because there is nudity, but some lady flashed the Caps as they were doing their lap with the Cup. So yes, NSFW https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=17&v=mUd3T3uw9L0 Bura's reaction is priceless.
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    So the number of kids who are drinking, doing drugs, and having sex has gone down but the number of kids who are unhappy has gone up. Hmm...
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    After last night, we can put the best D.C. athlete ever conversation to bed. It's Ovechkin. Nobody has been more dominant at a time when there was actually legitimate talent in their respective league (sorry Walter Johnson and Sammy Baugh). With a championship and playoff MVP to go along with 3 season MVPs, 7 goal scoring titles, 3 most outdistancing player awards, get ready for a statue outside of MCI Center. Also unlike other contemporary stars, Ovechkin has never threatened to leave or held that over the franchise, never thrown teammates under the bus to the media, and has taken the brunt of criticism and quite frankly xenophobia from the Canadian hockey media. Last night just cemented his amazing legacy in this town.
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    My buddy I work with does wood working on the side. He has a CNC router in his garage. He knows what a big Caps fan I am. I went to his house today and he had made this. I was commenting on how awesome it was and he just gave it to me. It’s going right in the man cave.
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    Tom Wilson just poured champagne on me i feel like a **** but it’s ok lol
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    Title changed. Too much happens with the orange man to change the title to something he's currently screwing up, so I figured that would cover all the bases.
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    Damn those other coaches for not telling the Redskins what play they were gonna run ahead of time!!
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    "Among the new enhancements for Season Ticket Members in 2018 is preferred concession pricing for all food items throughout the stadium on gameday, allowing Members to pay up to 50 percent less for certain items than non-Members." (guy hanging out near concession stand): "Hey, bro...you a season ticket member? Cool...would you mind buying me some hotdogs, man?"
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    So I just had dinner with LSF and Dancer.
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    Soooooo they’re all gonna die from alcohol poisoning but it’ll still be beautiful
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    Reflecting on this season past, it’s truly remarkable. The Caps weren’t anything special in the regular season. They won the division but were the lowest totaling division winner (off the top of my head). Oshie suffered an injury that kept him out for a period of time. Holtby looked very shaky, so much so that Grubauer too the reigns down the stretch and into the playoffs. Ovie was Ovie. Its really an exercise is playing your best hockey at the right time. Fine tuning the team to be most effective. You could start to tell that this was something special down the stretch of the regular season. Holtby looks pedestrian and Grubauer looked great. The defense and the team in front of the goal really put it together at this point. The breakout became incredible, opponent puck time in our defensive zone was cut to a minimum. They started to control games in the same fashion that they would in the playoffs. Grubauer starting games 1 and 2 was a must. Sadly for him, it didn’t work out. It looked desperate and Holtby stepped in. Resfreshed, mentally sharp and resilient, he took the reigns and let us to the Cup. He faltered sparingly, most goals against were of no fault of his own. Then, “the save”. The save will go down in Washington sports lore as one of the most pivotal moments ever. The team was hot. Resilient is a word I keep coming back to. They couldn’t be put down. If they were punched, they punched back twice as hard. Once they had a lead in a game, it was almost certain to be over. The defense and forechecking was oppressive. The contributions from 3rd and 4th liners was incredible. Guys like Lars Ellet, Devonte Smith Pelly, Andre Burakovsky, Jay Beagle provided a huge effort that made the Cup win possible. The stars played like stars. Kuznetsov had what could be argued to be a Conn Smythe performance if not for his valiant leader Ovechkin, who deserved it if not for his play for his lifelong achievement. Wilson. If not for him, the team lacks much of the tenacity that it brought. Wilson’s speed, power and play with the puck really provided the spark that the first line had been missing with guys like Knuble or any of the other guys of the past whose names escape me. Backstrom looked no worse for wear after his hand injury and Oshie played like the warrior that he is. It’s refreshing to see a player of his size play with speed and control, but also grit and physicality. Jakub Vrana’s speed was a huge compliment on the second line and showed the ability to blow past the opponents defense. Those first two lines were unstoppable. Lastly, the defense. It looked shaky to start the year. Man it turned into something special. Brooks Orpik guys. Brooks Orpik was incredible. I don’t know what they gave that guy, must have been the Djoos he was drinking. He was a force. Carlson played incredibly responsible with a knack for offense as well. Here or not, he deserves to get paid this offseason. Orlov, Niskinen both played exceptionally well. No mistake, that’s the name of the game. Not in the least, Kempny was a masterful TDL add. Somehow he provided the glue that this team needed on defense to hold it all together. Trotz. Can’t give enough credit to the man behind the bench. The guy got us there and through all the years both here and in Nashville, I can’t think of a man more deserving of a Stanley Cup than Barry Trotz (save Ovechkin). From a coach whose job could have been in jeopardy after this season, he proved the doubters wrong. This wasn’t the best Caps team, but this was the right Caps team. So happy that the fans in DC last night were not left disappointed. The Caps gave the fans exactly what they wanted. For once, a DC sports team came through as promised.
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    A guy's sitting alone at the Stanley Cup playoff game 5 with an empty seat next to him. The person on the other side asks him why he's alone. He responds that it was alwasy his and his wifes dream to watch the Caps win the Cup together, but sadly she had passed away. The person asks "none of your friends could take her place"? He responds "no, they're all at the funeral."
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    Best Washington Post cover in a LONG time.
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    Just saw the picture below on twitter. Guice comes off as a cool dude. I said this on the draft thread months back multiple times -- I think the dude would bring needed personality to the team. Then, I didn't even know about the off field personality as for him being that cool/interactive. But the on field personality was easy to spot -- feisty, energetic, enthusiastic, emotional. The team on the offensive side of the ball have so many quiet guys -- I recall Jay joking about it last year on Doc's show about have you ever seen such a quiet groups of receivers on one team? I think we missed Garcon's personality. I'll never forget when the Giants were handing it to the Redskins at the end of the 2016 season to knock them out of the playoffs. Finally, the guy that got angry was Garcon and just mowed down some defenders on a play and it seemed to energize the team late in that game. IMO, we need a guy like that. Guice to me is likely that guy. The stars on our team are relatively boring. I'd rather win than be interesting. But I missed having some characters on the team -- Portis, Cooley, style. So I think if Guice is who we think he is playing wise -- he's going to be a mega star here. I think he will be the hot jersey seller. More Be you and the real love will come
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    Ok. Details it was my friend’s girlfriend’s birthday. She knows ppl that own this club St Yves in DuPont. She had a whole section for us. When we get there, my friend tells me the Caps are coming. I’m the only hockey fan in my group so i assume he’s just messing with me. Sure enough, 5 minutes later, they are there. Burakovsky, Wilson, Eller, Grubi, DSP, Oshie, Carlson, Backstrom, Vrana, ****ing Orpik, Bowey, Connolly, and a few more. Unfortunately they didn’t have the Cup but they were cool as ****. We took a bunch of videos. Oshie was ****ED UP lol. That **** was crazy as **** lol.
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    Brother. What team have you been watching for the past TWO DECADES?
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    ExtremeSkins was there as the Washington Redskins held their first week of organized team activities of the 2018 season at Redskins Park, May 23. (Photos by Brian Murphy)
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    I hate that man. Truly. I have little to no respect for ANYONE who still supports him. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. There are only two types of Trump supporters: Millionaires and Morons Check your bank account to see which you are.
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    “Man, he’s been everything you could ask for,” Thompson said. Thompson has had a close-up view of Payne and has had the chance to really watch the tackle’s approach since he is still rehabbing from a leg injury he sustained last year. “Watching him and Brandon [Scherff] go at it is a beautiful thing to behold and we’re talking about Daron going up against one of the best guards in the league,” Thompson said. Other veterans have mentioned the strength that Payne possesses is off the charts. The rookie has also shown great technique in his hand placement and movement. Another veteran player mentioned that Payne even looks to be a few weeks ahead of where last years first-round selection, Jonathan Allen, was heading into training camp. Allen went on to have a strong rookie outing before his season was cut short due to a Lisfranc (foot) injury.
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    Found out the sex of my baby today. My daughter Stephanie will be born the first week of December.
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    Going through the FSU game now. Get off is special First off again - Payne pushes the line back giving FSU no cut back which forces a big loss: Sometimes we need the stills & the gif. Payne first off the ball again & ..well.. you dont see many 300lb men do this -- the Payne cutback at the 12 yardline shows some rare agility. Why he gets drafted in the top 15 Explosive up the field on 3rd down, unbelievable power he nearly knocks the OL on his ass with. The plays above are each from the 1st Q.
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    May 23, 2018 Head Coach Jay Gruden On his early impressions of QB Alex Smith: “He’s been good. He’s got good command of the offense already. Great command in the huddle. He’s just getting a feel for the receivers, the players around him, how we call things, but overall, the first two days, I would say I’m very pleased with his quick progression and learning. I knew that wouldn’t be an issue with as much as he’s played in a similar-style system. So now it’s just a matter of him getting used to the players around him.” On the offensive line: “They were all here, pretty much, other than Trent [Williams]. Trent is rehabbing back home and Morgan [Moses] is still rehabbing. Ty Nsekhe is still rehabbing. T.J. Clemmings is still rehabbing. [Tyler] Catalina had a little tweak yesterday, so he’s out. I think everybody else should be here.” On if he is concerned about the offensive line: “No, not at all. The big thing is getting them healthy. And there’s nothing they can do about it. I mean, they’re still rehabbing from surgeries. It’s not like they’re taking time off and fishing, you know? They’re rehabbing and I have total faith in those guys and what they’re doing – the guys that are here. And I have no problem with Trent. I saw Trent squatting five- or six-hundred pounds the other day, so I think Trent is well on his way to being in good shape. So I think once camp rolls around, I think they’ll be ready to roll.” On if G Tyler Catalina suffered a long-term injury: “No, I don’t think so. He just got his feet tangled up in the turf a little bit.” On if he can envision CB Orlando Scandrick starting opposite of CB Josh Norman: “Yeah, we’re trying him out there. Without a doubt, he’s got experience there. He’s got experience at nickel. You see him at nickel. Having him here is a great benefit, not just for our defense but for Jamison [Crowder] and all out slot receivers working against a nickel with great experience. He brings great experience to the defensive back room, but he also helps the offense in the way he sees things and communicates with us, maybe things we can do better as far as attacking certain coverages.” On CB Quinton Dunbar: “When you talk about corners, you talk about measurables. He’s got the measurables. He’s got the length, he’s got the speed, now it’s just a matter of him getting comfortable with his coverages and obviously his techniques. And he’s doing a better job with that. I think James [Rowe] and Torrian [Gray] have done a great job with him, and Dunny has done a good job of really studying the game, not just bump-and-run man-to-man, but different coverages, squat techniques and deep-third techniques. All that stuff, he’s doing a much better job, more comfortable in the system.” On if there were any unexpected absences today: “I don’t know. I didn’t take roll call today… Zach Brown is moving into the area and I think he was transitioning in that.” On WR Robert Davis: “He hurt his toe yesterday. He got tangled up in the turf. Again, we want to be outside, but the outside fields don’t handle water too well, so we had to go on the turf, and turf always, for whatever reason, results in a couple tweaks here and there with toes and ankles or what have you.” On if he watched Norman on Dancing With The Stars: “I watched every episode of that, and the more I watched, the more impressed I was with his ability to learn that stuff because I know I have zero rhythm. I would be voted off the first episode. So I think the work ethic he put in, the work he put in to get ready for that show and then also fly back on redeyes and get here for practice or OTAs, I just really have a lot of admiration for what he did and what he accomplished, man, because that’s not easy. I thought he should have won the dang thing. I think he got ripped off, to be honest with you.” On if he would complain to officials about Norman finishing as a runner-up: “Yeah, I should call up there. I didn’t have a red flag. I would have thrown it. No, I just think that’s a great tribute… I think that just shows what type of competitor he is. Everything he does he tries to be successful at and that showed it on that show.” On how much he has focused on new rules regarding kickoffs and lowering the helmet: “Yeah, our special teams coach went up there with a couple other special teams coaches and they talked about possible rule changes. I don’t know what’s been officially set yet, so we’ve kind of talked about it and tinkered around with it at rookie OTAs – what the rule might possibly be – but I’ll wait and see what the official wording is of the rule. We’ll adjust. And the lowering of the helmet, I don’t know which ones they decided to go with, so we’ll see. I know there’s been a lot of talk about bull rushes and they’re trying to obviously protect the players, but we’ve just got to be careful.” On if he thinks kick returns might become more prevalent: “I don’t know. That’s a good question. I think without the guys getting a running start, number one, it could be. I think it’s just something… I have to see it before I can really make any judgments on it. Until I actually see it, I think the type of player on kickoff might change a little bit. You might need more speed obviously if you’re going to start from a standing start, but I don’t know. The same with kickoff returns. You’ve got to get back there. I think you’ll see less… There won’t be any offensive linemen out there. Sometimes you’ll have an offensive lineman to help the wedge, but I think for the most part, you’re going to see more speed guys. But I’ve got to wait and see how that impacts. The good thing about our kickoff team, I think having Hop [Dustin Hopkins] here, our kicker, he can do a lot of different things. He can high-hop, I mean, he can kick it high, he can pin you in a corner, he can kick it out of the end zone, so either way, we’ll be good.” On if the team will experiment with the new kickoff rules before training camp: “Yeah, we’ll do it out here first, and then we’ll work it against the Jets when they come to training camp. Then we have four preseason games to get a look at it and go from there.” On Josh Doctson and the progress of the wide receivers: “Josh has done great, man. He’s been available for us and he’s just getting that work with Alex, but he’s done a good job. He looks good. He looks more comfortable as far as his stems and routes and understanding out breaking the huddle, just like that, knowing what to do. He’s really never had a problem with that, but he just looks more comfortable. He’s got a good feel. Paul [Richardson Jr.] has done an excellent job. You could see his speed out there today. Obviously Jamison had another big day today. He’s been outstanding. Rob Davis, until his injury yesterday, had a big-time day. Mo Harris has stepped up still. He’s lining up all over the place, doing a great job. We got some young guys stepping up. So it’s fun to watch these guys compete. We’ve got a lot of good guys to choose from.” On the inside linebackers: “Our depth chart is in flux right now. We’re just going to look at guys in different spots, try to get guys reps and get the defense taught, and then we’ll start to have the competitions once we get the pads on. The big thing is just to get them taught, lined up, and Josh Harvey [-Clemons] will play in there, Shaun Dion [Hamilton], get him up to speed, [Jerod] Fernandez, free agent from NC State, we’ll get him up to speed. Obviously [Zach] Vigil is back, so we’ve got a lot of guys to choose from. Sometimes when a guy’s not here, it opens the door for other guys to get their quality reps and their quality work and we can see what they can do.” On if he’s been pleased with DL Jonathan Allen’s progress: “Yeah, we limited his reps today, and yesterday he got very little reps. He’s just slowly working back into it, but just watching him in Phase 2, watching him in individual, he looks good. He’s 100 percent, but we’re still going to try to take care of his reps and monitor how much he’s doing to make sure he’s full-go for training camp. But I’m very pleased and anxious to see him get more work.” On his assessment of the running backs: “I’ll tell you what, just today in general, you could see the competition. You could see Rob Kelley step up. Samaje Perine’s had a couple big days. Byron Marshall, I mean, he had a couple great routes today. He’s running the ball between the tackles. [Kapri] Bibbs had some big runs yesterday. Obviously, Derrius Guice has come in here and fueled the fire a little bit. He’s done an excellent job picking up what we’re trying to do, and Chris Thompson is standing back here with a hat on backwards watching. I feel really good about where our running backs are right now. Competition’s great, and it’s going to continue to be so. I think that position will be one of strength this year.” QB Alex Smith On what he looks for in OTAs: “I think for one, the one thing with this new break, you know an extended time after the season, I think it does really make you appreciate the time together, right, the time back practicing because we’re so limited now in practices. So I think every guy these last two days has enjoyed just getting back out there and losing yourself in the game, right? To be limited, it does make you miss it, and I think it makes you appreciate it, so that’s been nice. You know, we had two good days of work. You’ve got to make the most of every day. With that being said, limited time together, so you’ve got to take a step with condensed time every day. It’s been nice. Obviously no pads on, so the premium is on the skilled guys this time of year, which is fine with me as a quarterback.” On the competitiveness of S D.J. Swearinger Sr.: “I think competition this time of year is the only way… I mean, everybody is doing their own thing, right? You’ve got 32 teams all on their own with the schedule out, all trying to work towards their goals, and I think competition is the only way you’re going to get better this time of year, so you have to have that competitiveness back and forth. I think you’ve got to make each other better. You’ve got to slug it out this time of year. I mean, that’s what it’s all about.” On his development with the wide receivers: “I think it’s been really good. We’ve had great work. I think we’re ready for this. We were ready for OTAs. We got a lot in, Phase 1 and Phase 2, we got a lot of reps in, QBs and receivers working on timing, so I think we were ready to kind of introduce the defense, and this is the next step in our progression. Talking, communicating as we see things together, reacting, thinking the same way, seeing the same thing, so this certainly is the next step for us in that progression.” On if there are certain measuring points he looks for in his offseason transition to a new team: “No, I don’t think you can rely on the fact that, ‘Oh, it’s the first year here.’ Nobody cares. It’s not like in the fall, you guys are going to be like, ‘Ah, well, this is his first year here. We’ll give him a break.’ It just doesn’t work that way. Executing is executing. Good ball is good ball. I think you know the difference. Playing this long, you feel like you’ve got a good grasp on it. We’ve got to go. There has to be a sense of urgency… When we get out there and line up and play, no one’s taking it easy on you because you’ve got some new faces. It’s just not how it works, so we’ve got to get up to speed.” On being in a leadership role: “I think a lot gets made up of leadership in this league, especially with quarterbacks, and I think leadership isn’t just giving speeches and being loud and talking a lot. That’s not my definition of a leader. And, you know what, I think everybody has got it in them and everybody has a different style. I’m not just talking about quarterbacks, every guy in that huddle and I think it’s really just being yourself. I know guys respect work ethic and they respect the guys that are invested and committed, and for me, it’s really just doing that, right? Putting in the time, being myself, getting to know these guys. I think everybody is doing that. That’s the same around the league. There’s so much turnover year-to-year. Really this time of year, you have got to break those things down, get to know each other.” On the transition to a new team both on and off the field and how new players handle the transition: “I don’t know about anybody else. I can’t speak for anybody else, but for me, ball is ball. It’s fluid, right? I’m focused on football when I’m out on the football field, there’s your release. Ball is ball. I’m going out there and trying to play, trying to execute, and that hasn’t changed at all. Certainly there are some moving parts off the field, but I think any good pro can compartmentalize that stuff. It’s certainly our job. That’s what we’re getting paid to do.” On similarities in the offenses he’s run: “It’s tough to compare. I don’t totally want to get into that. Both from West Coast worlds, so it’s kind of like they are all Latin-based languages, you know, but they are not the same. There are some similarities, structure of the playbook, of how we call things, things like that. There are a lot of similarities but it’s not the same language. I guess that’s the best analogy I can make.” On the new league policy governing the National Anthem: “It’s my first time hearing of it right there out of your mouth. I have no idea. I know it’s getting a lot of attention. I’ve got nothing for you. It would be tough for me to respond at this point.” On if it is difficult having so many offensive tackles missing: “Can’t worry about it. This time of year especially, like I said, this is kind of geared toward the skilled guys on both sides of the ball and so we definitely need to take advantage of this time because we do have the advantage. I mean, this is a next-man-up game. That’s the deal, right? These guys have got to get ready in a hurry. You never know. You can’t just rely on, ‘Oh, when we just get these guys back.’ We have got to get these guys up to speed. Next man up and they have to get ready to play.” On what he has done to get on the same page as RB Chris Thompson: “I’ve watched a lot of film. Other than that, like I said, we take advantage of these reps with the guys that are out here, right? The schemes don’t change. Certainly Chris is a special player. When he gets back, we’ll have a chance to kind of dial that in. But conceptually for me, I’m just trying to go out there and execute regardless. The next-guy-in has to go win if coverage dictates that and the concept dictates that, then those guys have got to win and we have got to take advantage of that time right now.” On if he will take chances in practices to get a better feel for what his teammates are capable of: “I think most of the time you’re just trying to be the point guard out there based on the play call and the defense that you’re getting, that really dictates where the football goes. Matchups play into that, but certainly this time of year, I think there’s something to be said about pushing it a little bit. When we get to camp and real ball, you can kind of rein that in a little. I think this time of year there’s something to be said about taking some chances down the field and taking some opportunities.”
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    We ****ing deserve this this thread has been hell in May the last 10 or so years **** yeah!!!
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    Nobody cares about hockey. Even if they win, the curse is still alive for 85% of people that watch sports. (Runs)
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    I just defeated 26 straight players (we ran out of medals) in Destiny 2 crucible (just came back after the recent DLC) last night and it was the highlight of my year. I am almost 40. Guice comes off as the kind of kid who buys movie tickets for 50 fans and their kids on a whim because he knows how much it meant to him when someone gave him something without asking for anything in return. I would have slept very well draft night if we had drafted him at) 13. It is destiny. So psyched for our picks this year.
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