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    Go and sit in a corner and think about what you just said. Come back when you are ready to say sorry. And no iPad.
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    I thought about whether to start a thread for a milestone post number, but screw it. Close to 18 years ago I heard that a number of fans who had been active on another site had formed Extreme Skins, so thought it'd be a fun place to join. Back then the Skins had undergone a bit of a dry spell in rebuilding after a significant time of glory, but after winning a division title in '99, thought we were back on the verge of greatness. I remember a NY Times article saying that they might as well etch "Washington Redskins" on the Lombardi to be presented following the 2000 season. Well, we all know what happened that season, and 18 years later, we are all hoping for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Anyway, I wanted to use the occasion of my 10,000th post to thank the ES community for making this a special place. From Die Hard, Om, and the others who started this place, to lunatics like Zoony and RufusTFirefly.......hell, every one of you.........for the great conversations and the laughter. We've been through a lot, from the euphoria of Saint Joe returning to commiserating over the senseless murder of #21 ST, and a whole lot of stuff in between. You guys are truly a cool bunch, and the Xs and Os knowledge and everything else you have imparted have, and will continue to mean, a lot to me. Keep on making ES a great place!!
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    Alright then............... I came into this thread to see the latest free agency news. Specifically was hoping for some Hankins news. It becomes time consuming scrolling through all the non free agency arguments. It's literally transformed from Redskins free agency into are we better, or worse than the Browns this year?? Isn't there a Browns thread, or a random thought thread for that. Come on now! HTTR
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    Hard to resist with the Poston's names being brought up.. i have a story. Back 10+ years ago i used to make flash cartoons about the NFL. In 2004 Kellen Winslow Jr was a highly touted TE coming out of Miami, he had famously and intensely referred to himself as 'the soldier'... and the Poston's were his agents. They were famous for their uh.. unrealistic approach to valuing their players, and their.. uh.. gun to the head style of negotiation. The Browns drafted him, and given their reputation and his ego, i made this cartoon. Going Poston (Requires flash, and bear in mind it was 2004 and this was one of my first toons,, so the animation and art are not so hot.) the cartoon took off.. it got over half a million hits in it's first two weeks. Winslow had to address it in press conferences when reporters asked him if he would hold out..., and he laughed that he had seen the cartoon and swore it wouldn't be like that. ESPN picked up on it, and used the cartoon on "Outside the Lines" in their profile of the suddenly controversial Poston brothers.. .. they showed it to Carl Poston on the air, and his face was terrific.. he said 'that is unfortunate'.. Cleveland sports radio had me on and wanted me to 'explain myself' when it came to my characterization of the Postons. (not the only time a city got mad at me. Had a nice feud with Detroit, too but that's another story.). After his rookie year, Kellen was in a motorcycle accident, so I made this. EZ Ryder And then the Postons' appeared trying to liquidate their free agents. Carl got his license suspended while i was making this, so i threw the bit on at the end, SALE! (Charles Woodson turned out to have a lot more left in the tank, eh?) ~Bang
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    That would be an interesting game. Griffin taking sacks over and over as he's running around like a meth-addicted gazelle, and Cousins overthrowing wide open receivers and taking a knee on 4th and inches while being in field goal range.
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    @AdamSchefter Denver is swapping fourth- and fifth-round picks, and giving another 5th-round pick with Washington in exchange for safety Su’a Cravens, per source. Cravens is a Bronco.
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    Nope,. i don't buy any of it. To me they are myths meant to answer questions that folks asked when they didn't understand their world. Organized religion was/is a tool to keep people in line. It comforts the old, scares the young, and in between gives answers to things that don't seem to have answers. All you have to do is have faith that this totally implausible answer IS the answer. Since Christianity is most prevalent here and the religion to which i have most been exposed, my opinions stem from that. Life sucks. It's hard. Bad things happen all the time. It gives comfort to believe that there is some sort of benevolent master plan to answer the unanswerable. Why did this baby have to die? Why are kids murdered? Why did this terrible catastrophe happen? Well, God has a plan, and you just have to trust it. What is it? Well, that isn't for us to know, but everything that happens is part of it. So take comfort that your child died of cancer at the age of 4. God has a plan. This I cannot accept. there is no reason behind it, no logic, no thought, And the faithful would say that that's right, that is because we don't / can't know the plan. Again, i can't accept that. In the past a largely ignorant and barbaric population was given morals, and something of an education via religion. As a group people don't respond to "do this because it is the right thing to do." Human beings by and large don't give a **** what the right thing to do is, because the less we know, the more we are guided by instinct, and instinct leads animals to do things that are violent or otherwise anti-social in the name of survival. In the animal world, even social animals are social only in small groups and for the most part, VERY anti-social to outsiders. As are we. Territorial, and wary of those outside our clan (country, town, race, gender,, any number of ways to split the community. Right now in the world, most conflicts are occurring over religious differences. Clan vs Clan. ) Like most animals, to learn something big on a species-wide scale, we must be threatened. Threats force behavior change and are one of the primary reasons for any evolution. But threatening humans? Good luck. They've already seen it... as we climbed down from the trees and spread out across the earth humans saw death and horrors like being hunted, captured and eaten by other animals, all manner of hardship. As we began to band together for protection and became 'civilized' we brought war after war.. human history is extremely violent, and we are very creative in the ways we can inflict horror onto others,, often for no other reason than to do it., or to steal, or to conquer.. so as far as threats go, what can you threaten ancient humans with that they aren't already experiencing? well, you need something that no one understands, and can't be proven in any way.. like, what happens after you die? Now you can control people. Behave, and you get a reward that answers the most frightening and unknowable question of all. You live in the most wonderful paradise forever, surrounded by all those you love who passed before you. Conversely, if you don't get in line, you go to a place that is the worst thing that can be imagined. Now in those days, what was more frightening than fire? Fire destroyed everything, could not be contained. It killed horribly, and those who survived could look like monsters to the eyes that saw their scars. It was used as a weapon but also occurred naturally without warning. So hell is the most frightening thing, forever. (If we invented hell now, i don't know that it would be so elemental. we've conquered fire, we've conquered cold.) No matter what the overall impression may be, as written, Hell can be interpreted to be the worst thing any person can imagine. So this threat starts to civilize people, get them to behave somewhat, brings about morality. Then of course it is abused, and that is a whole other kettle of fish. the whole thing seems very predictable, completely implausible. So, I don't buy it. Life is a natural phenomenon, where that 'spark of life' comes from, I don't know. But, "I don't know" does not mean there must be a God. It just means we haven't learned it yet. Human beings have a desperate need to "mean something". As above, Life sucks.. it is hard to find purpose in many things that happen. To be meaningless, for none of it to be anything at all on a grand scale,, it's hard to comprehend. Your life and my life are a speck, a flash of an instant, on a little dot of rock and water that is inconsequential. that is hard for people to swallow. Vanity says we MUST mean something somewhere.. LIFE itself must mean something.. and in a way it does, but only to ourselves. But people need deeper meaning, because the thought of this life this entirety of being just IS and nothing else.. it's too much o bear. I MUST mean something. I am SO IMPORTANT to myself, that i must have importance beyond myself. (Think of life before you were born. It didn't exist for you. Literal oblivion. You only know it through stories. Now that you are alive, the thought of returning to that oblivion is VERY hard to accept. Life will go on, and you will miss it. In fact "YOU" won't exist at all. So we invent a soul, which is all of that which makes us an individual in a nice little package... and it won't have to go back to that oblivion. Very comforting. We no longer have to be frightened of non-existence. Religion provides that for them. We're only children, after all, and because we don't understand the answers to life's great question "Why are we here".. we take faith and gain solace in the belief that the powerful being who guides all DOES have the answer. I have to go to work.. may add on later. ~Bang
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    So this is the contract people were losing their **** over. The guy is almost free. If nothing else shows the importance of waiting for details this should - but it will not. The other thing this tells me is this guy just wants to play. If he is truly over his injury, he can help. If not, he is a smart veteran that has played at a high level at one time that can really help the young guys. Is it a big splash signing? Of course not. But it is solid depth signing. I hope we get something done with Hankins. But if wants huge money, move on. Let someone else pay it. Overpay a little? Absolutely. Overpay a lot? No way. I am starting to hear Logan's name. I much prefer Hankins. Something just seems off to me on Logan. Same could probably be said for Hankins - both signed prove it deals last year and are looking for a new team. However, Hankins was clearly more productive.
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    Nick Ashooh 🤧 Retweeted Albert Breer‏Verified account @AlbertBreer 3m3 minutes ago More Per source, the Redskins have exercised the fifth-year option on two-time Pro Bowl G Brandon Schreff. He's now under contract through 2019.
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    Frankly, I think people have built up Hankins into some kind of Superman that he can never live up to. The way he's talked about makes me think he's Warren Sapp plus Reggie White mixed with Andre, the Giant.
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    After much thought and deliberation, it's time to admit that that under Bruce Allen, we have developed and deployed the Flex Tape Team Building Strategy. Every offseason, the front office realizes we need to acquire new pieces in order to theoretically become a 'better' team. While some roster turnover is inevitable, Bruce inexplicably weakens the team further by letting go of players he doesn't need to. In doing this, he creates a new weakness and haphazardly 'patches' it. In the end, we end up in a similar situation to what we were the year prior...only slightly worse. We've all argued ad nauseum the individual circumstances for each player...but the overall trend is troubling. A few examples: RB: Let A. Morris go in free agency after the 2015 season. He signed a very affordable 2 year, $3.5 million contract with the Cowboys and became a third down back. Ironically, he had enough left in the tank to absolutely gash us last season as a primary back (in case our continued struggles in the run game weren't punishment enough). WR: Okay, I could understand the logic that Bruce didn't want to keep both Jackson and Garçon at a cost in excess of $10 million/year each...but the idea of being fine with both of them walking and replacing them with QB turned WR Pryor? QB: Goes without saying. Where ever you stand on the spectrum of whether we should've/could've kept Cousins...going from a 29 year old QB to a 35 year old, on a five year contract, when we are nowhere close to fielding a Super Bowl quality roster... CB: Let two young contributors go...counting on unknowns to 'step up'. Hope's not a strategy, fellas...Orlando Scandrick as a backup plan... Future position for Bruce to mess up: TE. Super excited to see how we're going to potentially go from Reed and Davis to relying on Sprinkle and God-knows-who else in 2019. Bonus Feature: Bruce Allen's Flex Seal Free Agency deals...one year offers to good players (i.e. Brown, Hankins, McPhee). Keeps the boat afloat...but probably isn't going to take you new places. We're hoping they play good, but not great...because otherwise we probably won't be able to re-sign them. And then we'd have to find a cheaper alternative in free agency next offseason...rinse & repeat. Can anyone discern a long term strategy of any sort being utilized in our roster management? It seems like the moves we make are to ensure Bruce's continued employment, and prevent a full bottoming out versus building a perennial playoff team.
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    RE: HOGAN I actually love this move. (I love it more than usual because I predicted it to my buddies a few weeks back) My cousin is VERY close to this kid (as they were in high school at the same time together) so I will transcribe to you the text message convo he just screen-shotted to me word-for-word.... My Cuz: Skinsssss!!!! LFG Congrats legend! Hogan: Let's goooo My Cuz: How pumped are you!? Hogan: So ****ing pumped Then my cousin kinda rambles on about how many jerseys he's going to sell in some non-sensical millennial-jabber... Either way, not too often guys are "SO ****ING PUMPED" to play for the Skins! Welcome aboard, Kev!
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    http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000924046/article/trade-odell-beckham-plus-draft-fits-for-qb-prospects-and-more THREE AND OUT: Quick takes on big developments across the league 1) Why the Redskins did indeed upgrade at quarterback. Shots fired??! That's the sentiment from Kirk Cousins supporters after hearing Jay Gruden suggest Washington has improved at quarterback following the Alex Smith trade that allowed the Redskins to move on from their former QB1. "Yeah, without a doubt," Gruden said when asked if the 'Skins are better off at the position during the Annual League Meeting in Orlando, Florida. "I don't want to compare two players, but we're always trying to be better at every position. We got better. Alex's experience is well-noted, and his record the last five years is what it is. You could argue that all day, but we feel very good." To that point, there's no disputing Smith's experience and production as a winning quarterback. The three-time Pro Bowler compiled a 50-26 record as the starter in Kansas City, posting a 65.1 percent completion rate and a 102:33 TD-to-INT ratio with the Chiefs. He compiled a 94.8 passer rating during that span, while averaging 7.2 yards per attempt. Granted, Smith only topped the 4,000-yard mark once during his time in K.C., but he is coming off an MVP-caliber season where he posted a 26:5 TD-to-INT ratio and a league-best 104.7 passer rating while directing an offense that featured more vertical throws. Cousins, on the other hand, just recorded three straight 4,000-yard seasons as Washington's full-time starter, posting a 24-23-1 record during that span. He tallied an 81:36 TD-to-INT ratio over the past three seasons, with a 67 percent completion rate (including a league-best 69.8 percent rate in 2015). While the numbers suggest Smith and Cousins are nearly identical, their playing styles are quite dissimilar -- and that makes a huge difference to the play caller. "It's not one thing, it's everything. It's the entire body of work," Gruden said of Smith in Orlando."He's very good at the intermediate ball. He's good with the quick game. He can run zone reads, the [run-pass options]. Very exciting. ... The ability to ad-lib, make plays that aren't there and keep plays alive. Coaching him for the first time will be exciting because I don't think there's a limit on what he can do. He has all the things you want a quarterback to be able to do." When I heard Gruden go to the mat for Smith, I thought it was another example of a head coach endorsing his current QB1. I thought the tape and data would show that these quarterbacks were similar, but to my surprise, Smith is indeed the far superior player. Of the 11 Next Gen Stats passing categories, Smith had a better passer rating in seven last season: Short (from behind line of scrimmage up to 10 air yards): Smith (97.2), Cousins (92.0). Intermediate (10 to 19 air yards): Cousins (90.8), Smith (90.1). Deep (20-plus air yards): Smith (134.7), Cousins (93.8). Middle third: Smith (103.6), Cousins (81.8). Outside the numbers: Smith (105.1), Cousins (101.2). Against blitz: Cousins (98.6), Smith (94.9). Against pressure: Smith (97.0), Cousins (59.1). Tight windows: Smith (67.6), Cousins (53.4). Outside the tackle box: Cousins (118.6), Smith (71.4). Less than 2.50 seconds: Cousins (104.7), Smith (86.4). 2.50 seconds-plus: Smith (111.2), Cousins (85.9). Despite being labeled a "dink and dunk" quarterback for most of his career, Smith is an outstanding passer when targeting every area of the field. From "catch, rock and fire" throws near the line of scrimmage to pushing the ball down the field on vertical throws, Smith was more effective than his predecessor. When you dig a little deeper into the shot chart, you also discover that Smith is not only more effective between the hashes, but he is also more efficient hitting receivers outside the numbers. Although target areas reveal a lot about a passer's game, defensive coaches will quickly tell you that the best quarterbacks are capable of delivering accurate throws into tight windows under duress. Smith not only ranked as arguably the best passer in the NFL against pressure, but he was an exceptional tight-window thrower in 2017. Given his effectiveness working the middle of the field and hitting tight windows, the questions regarding his timing and anticipation are well off the mark. In fact, looking at the All-22 Coaches Film after studying the numbers, I believe Smith doesn't get enough credit for his brilliance as a play-action passer in the game. He is a clever ball handler in the backfield with a number of deceptive tactics that lure linebackers and defensive backs to the line, which is why he was the NFL's most effective passer on long-developing plays (passes released after 2.50 seconds) last season. Looking at all of data and tape, I can see why Gruden is excited to work with his new QB1 in Washington. Smith is not only a more effective passer in nearly all areas, but he is also a superior athlete and runner, which makes him more of a dual-threat than Cousins. Now, that's certainly not a surprise, based on their NFL Scouting Combine results. Take a look: Smith's 2005 combine results: 4.78-second 40-yard dash, 32-inch vertical jump, 113-inch broad jump, 6.82-second three-cone drill, 3.96-second 20-yard shuttle. Cousins' 2012 combine results: 4.93-seconds 40-yard dash, 28.5-inch vertical jump, 109-inch broad jump, 7.05-second three-cone drill, 4.50-second 20-yard shuttle. Although Smith is no longer that explosive as a 33-year-old quarterback, he remains a B+ athlete based on how he runs away from defenders on tape. He is a viable option as a runner, and that impromptu playmaking ability makes him a more dangerous weapon under center. Most importantly, it adds another layer to the Redskins' playbook and gives Gruden more options when it comes to attacking defenses on game day. Like him or not, Smith is a better player than Cousins -- and Gruden isn't wrong for saying so.
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    Before J. Allen went on IR, the Skins ranked #13 in yards per rush attempt allowed. They were allowing 3.9 ypa. That was against teams who ended up ranking #1, #3, #7 and #11 in terms of rushing yards per attempt. After J. Allen went on IR, The Skins ranked #30 in yards per rush attempt allowed. They were allowing 4.7 ypa. That was against teams who ranked #1, #3 (two teams), #14, #19, #22 (two teams), #25, and #31 EDIT: I didn't count the 49ers on either side of J. Allen's injury because I believe Allen played the first half and then left in the 2nd half injured. If I got that wrong let me know.
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    There's a difference between being negative and being critical. Sometimes, when I come to the stadium it feels like I am reading negativity for negativity's sake. I get that. Occasionally, venting's healthy. Mind you, too much of it will make you sick. We're nearing that point in the offseason where I start to drift more and more to the Tailgate because there is no Redskins news and when there's no news things get depressing. Mind you, given the state of the world, I might need refuge from the Tailgate too because it's pretty easy to get negative there too. At any rate, if all you feel is negativity and all you see are storm clouds... maybe you should take a walk in a park, buy an ice cream cone, or play catch for a bit. There's really not going to be any new Redskins' news until the Draft. Give your mind some time to heal.
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    To be fair, most of those 250,000 views were from twa. They will... but only when the political winds dictate it. The GOP's leadership is pure ****. There are good Republican candidates at the state and local level. At the Federal level, they are the worst.
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    Oops. 😂 Fox news mistakenly posts graphic showing it lags in trust. https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/fox-news-mistakenly-posts-graphic-showing-it-lags-in-trust/2018/04/09/42f66b02-3be8-11e8-955b-7d2e19b79966_story.html?utm_term=.6efe51b8bbd7
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    Just letting everyone know that the first guy to post that we signed Hankins on Sunday should be suspended by the moderators until the draft.
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    So people get upset when we DON'T trade a player that clearly has no future here and call it ego... Then they get mad when we DO trade a player and get additional draft picks as well as position in a very tepid market... for a player who clearly has no future here.
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    Someone on Reddit made a comment about who would miss Allen Hurns more. Blake Bortles or Dak Prescott
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    People do not trust the process. Trent Murphy year one was being called a bust. He developed into a good enough backup that even after missing all of last season he got overpaid in Buffalo. Matt Ioannidis developed into a guy who paired well with Allen along the line. We just drafted Ryan Anderson. If he continues to develop he can be a big piece this year. I just want fans to stop looking always to FA to fill every hole. Player development! When teams start to overpay for your backups (Murphy/Grant) , that’s a great thing! Compensatory picks. Not sexy. But the great organizations consistently have them.
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    I get the crying over Fuller, but lets move on. The deal for ASmith wouldn't have gotten done without him. It's not like they offered us ASmith straight up and we said "why don't you take Fuller too, just for good measure!?". Would be nice to keep the Fuller and McVay slurping in the Around the NFL thread. They ain't here no more. Just my two cents. I expect us to sign Hankins any day. I've been sending Bruce two "packages" a week for the past two months. My brother own's a horse farm. You're welcome.
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    Not sure how anyone's performance last year was worse than that Nathan Peterman guy on the Bills who threw 5 INTs in the first half.
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    You're becoming annoying, if you want to rant about Bruce then why don't you Bob and Weave your ass over to the Bruce thread?
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    I give Josh a pass for last year. People remember that big drop against KC, but I see a lot of people fail to acknowledge the huge catch against Seattle. He had what amounted to a normal rookie season: plenty of frustration, but plenty of glimpses of potential and hope for the future. Also:
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    If you survived the swinging gate nothing can do you in.
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    They just ask you lots of questions and sell that data to whoever wants it. Also, your drunk ex girlfriend randomly stops by like "heeyyyyyy"
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    A gamble means we would be losing something by bringing him to camp, there's nothing but upside here. I would bring Phil into camp for the next couple years (he's 29), if he makes it to the season healthy he will have an impact, if he doesn't then no big deal, we don't lose anything.
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    He was the first known person to detect something wasn't quite right with Cravens.Remember that video ? He's gonna a make a good coach someday.
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    Meh, this time last year the Eagles were the worst team in the East and the Giants were SB bound.
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    Kap has donated and raised millions of $ to impoverished communities, for you to say he's done nothing is foolish. He will be remembered more for his selfless acts than sitting while the NFL collected checks for patriotism. Whole lot of dog whistling going on but I digress. Back to FA... Reid might be exactly what we need on our team - versatile depth. The ability to play both safety spots and a bit of LB in a pinch would be clutch
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    So, do we consider bringing in Eric Reid? I know we hope Nicholson is our safety of the future, but at this point it looks like Reid could be had for cheap, and would really strengthen that safety core.
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    Matt Ioannidis (5th) Kirk Cousins (4th) Bashaud Breeland (4th) Kendall Fuller (3rd) Chris Thompson (5th)
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    So where does it start? I've never said our FO doesn't have it's demons, but this is a rebuilding process. We have to do it via the draft. We're doing that. They screwed up on Cousins... that's been established, but insinuate that we're just letting our best players walk is incorrect. Trent Williams, Ryan Kerrigan, Morgan Moses, Jordan Reed, Chris Thompson... top end players drafted by us, re-signed by us. Zack Brown, Mason Foster, Vernon Davis, key guys signed by us via FA at reasonable rates... resigned for a 2nd contract at reasonable rates. Brandon Sherff, Chase Roullier, Matt Ioannidis, Jonathan Allen, Fabian Moreau, Preston Smith, Jameson Crowder, Josh Doctson, Montae Nicholson... All guys expected to be starters or key contributors still playing under a rookie contract. Look man, the FO has it's fair share of mess ups, but they also at least look like they're going about it the right way... Fair deals, drafting players and developing. And just for the record, I don't like Allen... I don't like Snyder. I think their business ethics and character regarding people are in great question, and I have serious doubts about whether they can ever be a winner, but I also will try to call things the way I see them.
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    Bank officer: So Mr. Cohen, what will this home equity loan be used for? Home improvements or repairs? Education expenses? Debt consolidation? Michael Cohen: It's hush money so a porn star and a Playboy bunny keep their mouths shut about banging Donald Trump. Bank officer: Oh. Well then. Um, I'll have my assistant draw up the papers for you to sign. Cohen: [Pulls cell phone from ear] Oh, and we might need to jack up that cash amount. Don Jr. is banging an Apprentice contestant. Bank officer: Well. Pending the home inspection, I think we can accommodate an increase. Cohen: Hang on. I got another call. [Listens, hangs up.] Hey, how much does an abortion cost? I got an RNC guy in a bit of hot water. Bank officer: Maybe you should try Wells Fargo across the street.
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    I think you definitely got to fix the run defense. We can talk about hey they are only in base a fraction of the time, etc. I get it. But two points on that. A. You can't be 2nd 5 all the time without it hurting the bottom line. It just makes it easy for the opposing offense to stay flexible. B. You sometimes have to stop teams in obvious run downs and these can be game changing moments. I was rewatching the Redskins-Giants game #1 from last year with coaches tape. I posted on this in another thread. First drive for both teams. Redskins 3rd and 1. They hand the ball to Perine. "Snacks" Harrison, a real NT, pushes Perine back like he's a rag doll. Stopped in his tracks. And it comes off with attitude too -- like no way, no how. I rewatched a year back the coaches tape from the Giants-Redskins infamous closing 2016 game. Same drill. The Giants were shutting down the Redskins game and doing it with attitude. Conversely, the Giants the next drive had a 3rd and short. The Redskins see the Giants fullback in. They know its a run. Hood is lined squarely at 0 technique. McGee is playing 2. Ionnaidis is playing 2. in other words the Redskins aren't even relying there on Hood to 2 gap but are squeezing the middle with multiple guys. Nonetheless, the Giants RB (I think it was Darkwa) just bounces right off of the block and gets 3 yards, first down. Wow. I was at the NO game. When Perine got stopped at 3rd and 1 -- the crowd reaction was insane. As Finlay said you can feel the vibe in that building change and the momentum just disappear in an instant. Then of course the Saints ran the ball down the Redskins throats when they needed to culminating in the Kamara play. I can see how that could be frustrating for a dude like Swearinger. Though I disagree with his point because heck yeah I'd draft a guy like Fitzpatrick if he falls to 13 over Payne or Vea. My point is this is it has to change IMO for the team to become really good. I know it perhaps simplistic to say but IMO they need that RB who can get that 3rd and 1 on the ground. And they need to be able to stop opponents on obvious run downs. I forgot which game it was but there was one where the opponent didn't even flinch about going for it on 4 and 3 when they didn't really even have to go for it at that time in the game. And got it easily. I just can't see how our defense is going to scare anyone if they relax about getting short distance yardage whenever they want and guys like Darkwa look like Barry Sanders against the D. So for me its not just about stopping the opponent in base defense but also those obvious game changing moments when the opponent has to get a 3rd or 4th and short. I am not saying we got to take a nose in the first. I actually don't want to. Heck I am ok with another run stuffing 3-5 technique type who can also rush the passer. And it can be in the 2nd round or wherever. But I think its folly to rely on a rotational based position (famous for big guys getting injuries) like the D line that it will be better purely based on better health. And moving back to RB, part of the reason why I love Guice is I don't think you are stopping that dude much on 3rd and 1.
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    When your boss needs proof that you are too sick to come to work.
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