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    I would not mind the gold on gold as much if they went burgundy socks and black cleats so they didn't look like the San Diego Chicken.
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    An answer to why the skins continue to lose and almost every season perform below expectations is the culture of the franchise. This begins with this totally clueless owner Daniel Synder. Just compare the skins under Jack Kent Cooke and this current bozo. Yes we fans have gotten use to how our 1st round drafts picks turn into busts, how the front office signs high priced free agents who are in the twilight of their careers, how they go thru so many head coaches and coordinators and blah blah. Its just so incredulous to me that it still continues to go on. I think Josh Norman is overrated and overpaid, he is more trouble than he is worth, the so called stud receiver Terell Pryor is a bust. I think this team has a lot of talent but are not coached up properly. I think DJ Swearinger summed the season perfectly. The practices are blah, no sense of urgency, just going thru the motions. Jay Gruden openly admits that he failed to get his team ready to play against the chargers. When a team deals with so many injuries and woes that means that they lack proper conditioning and mental focus. These players need to take care of their bodies and self motivate themselves. This all goes back to the culture of the organization, which is bad and nonconductive to winning. What kills me the most is how we always lose to our prime arch rival, the Cowboys. This aint no rivalry anymore. I just wish Dan Synder would disappear because I do not foresee this franchise turning itself around anytime soon.
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    Thoughts? There’s 4 games left & you now focus on the Chargers. You’ve got 2 guys on Offense that have played every game this season. Kirk Cousins & Vernon Davis. You've got an OL that’s made up of practice squad players. The fact that they managed to be competitive the 3 games prior, THAT also has to fall on coaching. But after an embarrassing loss, no one wants to see anything minutely positive about the coaching. It’s all torches & pitchforks due to time management.
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    How well does the gold on gold work, in Madden?
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    I assume whichever option is the ugliest, that will be our selection. But I voted.
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    Swear to God...reading this, we have everything for the paloffs except the "WINS" column. C'mon guys...let's finish the job. *My grandfather said this, but it was meant as a "**** or get off the pot", because they had no indoor plumbing.* WE GOTTA WIN GAMES. Hail, y'all.
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