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    @thesubmittedoneis the best smelling person ES has covering games. He jumped a high schooler on the way over here and stole his bottle of Hollister cologne.
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    Long term deal for Cousins. Duh. Thought he was returning punts up in Canada...
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    Training camp emergency rain procedure: If you need it and, like me, are a cheapskate and don't want to pay for rain-gear, find a stash of the big black trash bags near one of the garbage cans. In the past, they've kept a few rolled up, and close by, for when they empty the trash. Fashion yourself a stylish emergency poncho out of one. You'll stun, dazzle, and amaze the paparazzi as you hit the green carpet in your custom, cutting-edge, hand-made polyethylene poncho, and be the envy of all the soaking wet people around you.
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