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    Last night, I (along with a number of other season ticket holders) had a chance to attend a tour of Redskins Park, followed by a Q&A session where we were able to ask a multitude of questions to Coach Gruden. I wanted to share an overview of that discussion here, as Jay was extremely candid, and addressed many of the issues which we are currently debating here. I'll just bullet point the summary below, but I want to preface that by sharing how impressed I was by Coach Gruden's participation in the event. To the degree that discretion allowed, he was open, honest, accessible, and exuded a narrowly focused passion to build upon the foundation of the past two years, as well as a confidence in their approach/system to do so. Jay had already won me over prior to last night, despite my initial misgivings about his hiring. However, last night's exchange only made me feel even more comfortable with him at the helm. So, onto the points of interest which he discussed... • He plans to do 100% of the offensive play calling, while relying heavily upon Coach Cav (as well as Bill, Randy, Ike, Wes for the weekly game planning). • I asked him about the potential advantages of the size and skill sets of Pryor and Doctson to his offensive sets, given the departures of Desean and Pierre. He praised his departed players, but said he anticipated improved run blocking on the perimeter sans DJax, and a greater ability to prolong drives and convert in the red zone with the improved size on the outside. Also said he anticipated much more diverse use of Crowder, on the outside as well as the slot. He said it 'killed him' not to have Crowder on the field last year when in 2WR sets. • When asked what to expect for the remainder of free agency, he said mostly 'depth signings' unless something fell in their lap, and even mentioned adding a vet WR for depth (which already has happened today). Got the impression that they have no plans to add any impact DL/ILB unless something unforeseen happens. • My other question to him was how they anticipated improving Run D issues, and getting off the field on 3rd Downs, given that there hasn't been a quantifiable upgrade to the DL/LB corp this offseason. He agreed that both were major issues, going so far as to say that the very first thing they plan to address when the team hits the practice fields this spring is the 3rd down defense. He candidly said that there were major schematic defects in last year's coordination. He said that there were unacceptable lapses in communication, alluding to former DC and DB coach in particular (and Jay is not one to throw a coach under the bus lightly). He said this was bad to the point that they weren't even getting defensive signals in on time with great frequency. He thinks that Manusky will fix the schematic, execution and energy flaws, while playing a much more aggressive style in coverage and blitz packages. On the personnel side he indicated that some DL were low in giving consistent energy, and inconsistent in their assignments. He likes McClain's motor and penetration skills and think McGee will help bolster against the run, while giving some push from DE spot. Hopes to see promise from a return to health for Phil Taylor, and a step forward by AJ Francis. Over the moon high on Lanier's development and potential. Otherwise, noted it's a great draft for D help at DL and ILB early and among DBs throughout. • He was asked numerous questions about the draft which he obviously couldn't answer. The interesting aspects which he did address, in addition to the D focus were as follows... - Asked about taking an RB early: He loves Fat Rob and would only consider taking an early RB that is a big game changer. Doesn't expect Fournette to fall to their spot. - When asked about OL, said he liked their unit as much as any in the NFL, only saw a need for depth. - When asked about areas of need to be addressed early in the draft, he mentioned every unit except TE/OL. Thought it an interesting omission for those who love the idea of Howard or Lamp. • Lastly, as for the Front Office. Declined to speak poorly of anyone on either side of Scot's departure. Said that since he has been here, every draft and roster construction move has been a group collaboration. Implied that with very few exceptions there has been no such thing as a purely Scot pick/Jay pick/Campbell pick etc... extremely confident that the people who have built the current foundation are still in place to do just that. Just wanted to share this info with the forum, for whatever it's worth. I was very pleased with his areas of focus and with his approach. I miss Scot, but have hope with Jay at the coaching helm. My only concern, aside from my disagreement with ideas like we don't need FA help at DT/ILB - we do - is the increased frequency with which Coach alluded to the numerous roles and involvment of Bruce Allen in the personnel side. Otherwise a great message and a great time. If I recollect any more details, I'll post them later.
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    This type of stuff just blows my mind in its stupidity. You miss two seasons due to injury and constantly tweet about how badly you're dying to play again... then you put yourself into a situation like this that could end in a suspension. Well done.
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    Well, now we got the Rams' second-round 2012 pick. We at least won 1/4 of the trade now!
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    https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/dc-sports-bog/wp/2017/04/19/kirk-cousins-if-redskins-are-committed-then-why-would-i-want-to-be-anywhere-else/?utm_term=.54f203574878 Kirk Cousins: If Redskins are committed, ‘then why would I want to be anywhere else?’ Some Redskins fans this offseason have worried that Kirk Cousins has no interest in signing a long-term deal with the Redskins. They’ve studied his words for any clue that he’d like to spend the bulk of his career in this town, and they’ve criticized him for his indifference. Still, Cousins — who has admitted that he attempts to be bland and noncontroversial in his media appearances — has seemed to remain noncommittal, stressing that the decision about his future is not his, and that every NFL player is essentially on a year-to-year deal. Well, if Redskins fans wanted more, they finally got it, via a lengthy interview with MMQB’s Peter King. In a podcast posted this week, King flat-out asked Cousins whether he wants to stay in Washington. And while Cousins repeated many of his typical talking points, he also tossed a juicy bone to frustrated Redskins fans. “I want to be where I’m wanted, and that’s what I’ve said all along,” Cousins told King. “When a team is willing to step up and commit to me fully for the long haul, then why would I want to be anywhere else? I mean, this is an incredible fan base. It’s one of the top five fan bases in the history of the NFL. It goes all the way back to the early 1930s. There’s three Super Bowl trophies, there’s multiple Hall of Famers, there’s high character players still living in the area — Darrell Green, Art Monk, guys that we can learn from. “I love this organization and want to see us get back to those glory days that they had with Coach [Joe] Gibbs in the ‘80s and early ‘90s. And I want to add to that great history. There’s really no reason to want to look elsewhere. It’s a matter of wanting to be where you’re wanted, and I think that’s what all of us want — not just in football but in any walk of life.”
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    I have never, ever been this unexcited/unenthusiastic leading up to a draft. Ever. And this is after two winning seasons in a row for the first time under Snyder and a HC extension for the first time under Snyder. That's how bad this offseason has been. Scot/FO drama...lackluster FA period we were all hyped for, because it seemed like we'd been planning for a jump forward this offseason for a long time...Cousins not signed to LTD. These three things are killing my buzz and I'm less interested now than I ever was during the spectacular ****shows of any of the Vinny/Zorn/Shanahan/Griffin drama/etc. offseasons. This is apathy and its infecting this fanbase more than ever before, you can see it all over this board. We're basically all here arguing out of habit at this point, its all going downhill right now. If this splashes over into ticket sales and leads to the empty stadiums that marked the end of the Zorn and Shanahan eras, it might actually be our best chance to end the Allen era. But I doubt it.
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    1 player We trade every pick we have in the draft to move up one spot in the 1st round We pick a center--Justin Patton We are told he's not in the NFL draft because he's a college basketball center We start frantically looking through McCloughan's player notes...realize his entire draft board is comprised of players from other sports McCloughan props his feet up on the coffee table and smokes a cigar, smiling at the chaos unfolding in the Skins draft room on live TV Our time on the clock is seconds away from expiring Snyder is seen running to the Skins draft room, yelling "PICK SOMEONE, DAMMIT!!" Allen scribbles a name on a Post-It, and hands it to Goodell Goodell hesitates, then reads the name out loud...it says "Schmorky" Fat guy in the audience with a Browns jersey on stands up and says "YES!!" He runs down to the stage...the back of his jersey has his childhood nickname on it...it says "Schmorky" Schmorky makes the team, mainly due to Allen wanting it to appear that his draft was a success Schmorky goes on IR 12 seconds after the first stretching exercises of the offseason
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    Ian RapoportVerified account @RapSheet Source: The #Redskins have agreed to terms with FA LB Zach Brown, pending a physical. Big-name free agent off the market. 0 replies0 retweets0 likes
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    Some of the key players so far: Boris Badinov Rocky Squirrel Bullwinkle Moose Natasha Fatale
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    Ran away, but got caught.... hopefully he has not lost a step from the injuries.
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    The attempt by some to blame this all in Scot has made me think a little deeper on the subject and I don't mean this sarcastically but if this is Scot's rodeo it really absolves Scot in my book and puts its all on Bruce. The two players that were telegraphed that the Redskins wanted the most on D line BEFORE FA even started was Bennie Logan and Calais Campbell. Bruce actually considered both players with Logan actually spending two days at Redskins Park. Bruce didn't sign either one. So if its all about Scot. Scot had both guys on the shopping list and by some indications, the top of his list. Keim suggested as much on Campbell. It's like giving an order pick up request for Bruce at a pizzeria and you put on the list, pizza, garlic rolls and salad. Bruce comes back from the pizzeria with the salad and garlic rolls but no pizza. He goes well the pizza price was too steep for me. If so I am not blaming the person who created the order list, pizza was on it. But yeah I do think its silly to blame anything someone doesn't like about FA on Scot, he's gone. When I met with Scot in November he had one theme with me as to the team's needs and it was D line, D line, D line. By indications here, he had some big time D lineman on the shopping list. No way I buy that Scot said lets sign McGee and McClain and then lets call it a day. I buy what Keim said which was Calais Campbell was #1 on the list, and i buy the report that Logan was on that list too -- likely the #2 target. Looks like Bruce went shopping and got the #3 and #4 target and now might be calling it a day for the D line. If so, and it doesn't work out its 100% on Bruce IMO.
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    Coach Brooks and most of the team came up to our offices at lunch today and got everyone some Dunkin' Donuts, a few of them even hopped on some sales calls to close a couple deals! AWESOME! Marcin was feeling it today lol. Jogging around giving donuts away, then at one point looked down to my 4'10'' co-worker and just said "WHOA". Dude is hilarious They really appreciate the home crowds they've had at VC this year. Hopefully when we play someone like the Cavs we can maintain even 75% Wizards fans.
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    Let's take a moment to appreciate Albert Burneko at Deadspin.com for this gem of a blog post. There's one more paragraph to this and it's just as wonderful as the first. Click to show your appreciation.
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    Zach Brown visiting tomorrow per John Keim. John Keim‏Verified account @john_keim Following More Free agent linebacker Zach Brown will visit the Redskins Monday, sources said.
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    People keep saying "there's no way he falls to 17" about various players. There's only 16 guys that can go before us, people. SOMEONE you don't expect is going to fall. Let's start by saying 2 QBs and 2 RBs go before we pick. Maybe that's optimistic, but I think it happens. That leaves 12. We know Garrett isn't making it past 1. We can feel pretty confident Solomon Thomas and Jamal Adams go as well. That leaves 9. How many CBs go? It's a deep class, which theoretically could push them down, but it doesn't change how talented the top guys are and the needs of those teams. Gotta guess at LEAST 2 CBs go. I think that's conservative. That leaves 7. I know it's a weak class but do we really think zero OL go before we pick? Need forces picks every year, you gotta think at least one team reaches. Let's say 1 OL to be safe. Down to 6. Let's say only Howard goes at TE. I really think someone falls in love with him and he goes top-16. We're down to 5. How about WR? At least one of Davis/Williams/Ross have to go, right? Even if we're conservative here, one has to go. We're down to 4. That means, assuming there are no surprise players we don't expect, no extra QBs or RBs past the two each I've accounted for, no more TEs, WRs, etc. we're already down to just FOUR picks to "worry" about in terms of teams taking guys we could realistically covet and "expect" to be there. And I haven't even hit EDGE guys yet! Or any of the arguably 3 ILB who could go that high. Or any DL aside from Garrett and Thomas. Any way you slice it, as long as the QBs and RBs don't slide, we're looking at a brilliant DL, EDGE, ILB, CB, or S available for us at 17. Whatever position has a run before we pick, the other positions are just stronger for us to choose from. The more offensive players that go, the better. Imagine how great a position we're in if somehow 2 QBs, 2 WRs, a TE, and 2 RBs go? That could happen. As long as we don't **** this up royally, we are getting an impact defender in the 1st. It's not even inconceivable, looking at what I've laid out above, that a complete stud we would never think we'd have a shot at drops to us. Hooker, Foster, Reddick, McDowell or whoever your top interior DL or EDGE is...it's totally possible.
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    It feels like forever since Griffin was here starting...I love that we have pretty much put that brief era behind us both in terms of draft picks and finding his replacement.
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    Doctson is a frisbee catching dog. Can't wait for his first highlight catch. So glad he's healthy. In my opinion, he's taken a lot of unnecessary heat from the fanbase.
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    Silly me...I thought the "Dan hates to trade down" part would make people here feel a little better. From that part it's clear that Allen was saying Snyder is NOT part of the drafting decision making process: "Interesting that when talking about having 10 picks he said "Dan hates to trade down". He said he gets geared up to see who we get and then has to wait again." Um...if Snyder is helping call the shots, why would he have to see who we pick when we're on the clock? He would already know. Allen's comments make it sound like Snyder watches the draft just like the rest of us fans...not like he's making decisions.
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    Just to piggy back off of this thread. I posted the following in the Doc Walker Chalk Talk thread I went to the Bruce Allen and Larry Michael Chalk Talk tonight. There was a tour of Redskins Park followed by dinner in the "players club" aka cafeteria and then talking with Larry and Bruce. A great night. I liked it more than last weeks Doc, Niles Paul and Mo Harris event. Larry did some small talk until Bruce was ready. The main thing he said was regarding Scot there were things he couldn't address that are personal just like we all have things we cant discuss at our jobs. Bruce then came in and he said he was going to start with 4 topics that many of the questions would be about before opening it up to questions. He addressed Cousins, Scot, the draft and I think free agency was the 4th. -Cousins-Bruce said they have offered a lucrative contract to his agent but there hasn't been an answer. He and Larry addressed the rumor that Cousins wouldn't sign with the Skins if Bruce was the President. Larry said the guy that tweeted it out has since deleted the tweet and Larry actually called the guy since he knew him. He called it fake news. -Scot- Bruce mentioned a few times his relationship with Scot's dad and brother and that he has talked to them since the firing. He mentioned that Scot is free to sign with any team right now. I didn't sense any hostility towards Scot in Bruce's words or his body language. He said he will talk with the media about Scot next week at owner's meeting. -Free Agency-Bruce said that he loves Swearinger and he's much needed help in the secondary. He said they lost Baker and they've signed 2 DL. He said they lost 2000 yards receiving. They signed 1000 yards in Pryor so they need other receivers to help replace the other 1000. He specifically mentioned Docston. Bruce said we are at 71 players right now and need to be at 90 for camp. We have 10 picks right now and would like to sign 10 undrafted FA's so they don't have much room for anymore FA's. He mentioned Hightower visited today and another FA is coming in tomorrow but didn't mention who. -Draft-not too much sticks out here. He naturally didn't mention any players or positions. Just that we have holes to fill. Interesting that when talking about having 10 picks he said "Dan hates to trade down". He said he gets geared up to see who we get and then has to wait again. a few other notes: a question was asked about player development and if there are any players that haven't played a ton that he thinks can take the next step. He mentioned Quinton Dunbar right away. How he was a quiet WR and then we had some CB's go down 1 practice so Gruden said to try him at CB. Now he is trash talking CB. He mentioned Mack Brown and how he kills our defense in practice. Bruce said Jay would be calling plays this year Bruce said the winner of the NFC East runs the ball well and stops the run. He thought the lack of running game was why we lost the Giants game. Bruce said Gruden actually signed his extension a week before it was announced. He said they got a good laugh out of the rumors that he signed or agreed to his extension at a restaurant in Indy.
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    I'm so sick of drafting average athletes on defense. Please draft some freaks. If we draft another slow try-hard EDGE player I'm going to lose it.
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    I'm not terribly concerned whether or not fanatics who strap bombs to themselves and walk into markets full of innocent women, or drive trucks through crowds consider our methods of destroying them cowardly. ~Bang
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    You guys are crazy if you think having the #1 or #2 pick is more important than having a franchise quarterback after not having one for 25 years.
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    Honestly, the first thing i thought of when i saw they were going to make a Spiderman musical was "Jesus,, this is like another holocaust". I think this article is an example of "non white privilege".. meaning you can say whatever stupid ****ing racist thing you want, and so long as it's about over generalized and broadly painted "white people" someone will publish it and lend it credence. ~Bang
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    Not to stir the pot here but @carex has not been insulting. He just is trying to see the positive in a team he loves. Nothing wrong with being a realist or a "homer". Both sides are valid here I think. I have noticed about 3 or 4 of the "realist" types banging the drum about how the team has declined with the occasional optimist popping up only to be overwhelmed by pessimism. In response these optimists create an argument for why the team is better and then have to defend themselves from the group of "realist" who have repeated why they think this team is worse off. At this point we have lost a couple key players, our talented, super-scout gm and have yet to lock up our franchise qb. That is enough to be upset about. But lets not act like the front office is sleeping at the wheel. We have added some good pieces and some questionable. We got younger on both fronts and we still have 10 draft picks in a deep draft to fill some holes with. I think being optimistic is relevant here. We as fans have been through hell and back these past 25 years, leading to constant skepticism. So I'm not blaming anyone for having those familiar feelings of failure and disappointment set in. But lets not destroy faith, hope and optimism for a team we love. After the dust has settled and the 53 has been set, all 32 teams are 0-0. Let's continue to let this thing play out. Let us also continue to have an open mind to both sides of the mental state of Redskins fandom. HTTR
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    I have two guys who contributed a fair amount to defenses that were pretty good. You have two guys who contributed alot to defenses that did nothing I am a homer, that's why I come to fan boards, and I am sick of the constant expectation of failure from people who supposedly like this team.
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    Thanks for the replies. It was definitely a great outing, filled with encouraging signs that there is an intentional plan to continue in the path they started the past 2 years. There actually was some information on Cousins. First, Jay was overwhelming in the position that he wants Kirk here, not just next year, but for years to come... which isn't really news. What was news, to me at least, was that Jay said the Redskins have a new offer on the table to Kirk right now in terms of a LTD. I got the feeling he was talking about a new, latest offer that had taken place just recently. Maybe that is common knowledge, or maybe it's just part of the ongoing process, but it was news to me.
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    For me nothing new about Kirk wanting to be here. I posted on this using previous Kirk I want to be here type quotes months ago. I think there is plenty of evidence that the media is off on Kirk not wanting to be here. To me this issue is still just what it looks like: A. Kirk and his agent thinks the tag sets market value and wants X. B. Bruce so far isn't willing to pay X C. Either Bruce is playing tough in negotiations and intends to pay Kirk X but wants to play out the negotiations before relenting or maybe succeeds in getting Kirk to relent or they hit an impasse because they disagree on money. In fairness, Chris Cooley is especially insistent that Kirk wants to be here and would happily sign here at the right price. Laconfora ditto as for the national media. I generally like Grant Paulsen but the dude has practically lobbied Kirk on air not to take a LTD here and keeps spreading pessimism. Edit: I think these quotes if anything put Bruce further on the spot -- just on one front which is there isn't the excuse of we wanted the dude but he just didn't want to be here, nothing we could do about it. Having said that, I am not going to give Bruce a hard time unless its July 15th and they don't get a deal done. If a deal doesn't get done then -- I think attacking Bruce is more than fair game.
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    It does? Why? Because we are giving prove-it deals that have no long-term impact on the salary cap space one way or another? We have a QB and we're competitive almost every week, do you believe that because we're not a top-5 team we should fill out the rest of the roster with cheap UDFA's? Why? We aren't drafting at the top with a QB in the fold anyways, we're too competitive week to week. Why in the world wouldn't you want to...idk, win games? It's not like we're giving out enormous contracts to go "all-in", so I have a really hard time understanding the point you're trying to make. We have a QB. We're going into our HC's 4th season. We've had the same FO (minus McCloughan) in place for half a decade and more. Again, we have a QB and we're competitive. At what point is the "rebuild" (that we never really embarked on) done and we can just shoot for the playoffs every year without you feeling like we're wasting our time not being an elite team?
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    A man wakes up in the hospital bandaged from head to foot. The doctor comes in and says, "Ah, I see you've regained consciousness. Now, you probably won't remember, but you were in a huge pile-up on the freeway. You're going to be okay, you'll walk again and everything, however, your penis was severed in the accident and we couldn't find it." The man groans, but the doctor goes on, "You have $9000 in insurance compensation coming and we now have the technology to build a new penis They work great but they don't come cheap. It's roughly $1000 an inch." The man perks up. So, the doctor says, "You must decide how many inches you want. But understand that you have been married for over thirty years and this is something you should discuss with your wife. If you had a five incher before and get a nine inches now she might be a bit put out. If you had a nine incher before and you decide to only invest in a five incher now, she might be disappointed. It's important that she plays a role in helping you make a decision." The man agrees to talk it over with his wife. The doctor comes back the next day, "So, have you spoken with your wife?" "Yes I have," says the man. "And has she helped you make a decision?" "Yes" says the man. "What is your decision?" asks the doctor. "We're getting granite counter tops.
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    It would be great if someone can define "everyday American's". Is the white working class, and white voters without college degrees, the only part of "everyday America"? Are the young, minority groups, educated Americans, "fake America"? It's too bad that the Dems have a geographic disadvantage with concentration around parts of the country that are actually doing well and sustaining our economy. If only they were marketing themselves to "everyday America" that thinks the wage gap is a myth, listens to InfoWars and believes John Podesta runs a pedo ring out of a DC pizza shop. All snark aside, Zoony this is pretty typical of you now to paint the left in that image. I think many people have asked you to put out solutions YOU think that everyday American's will respond to. In reality, the left has given "everyday America" easier access to healthcare, has actively tried to do infrastructure and retraining programs in rural America and campaigned this year on easier access to education so "everyday America" can perhaps enter the present day economy. I think that some of you are uncomfortable with the reality of "everyday America" and instead want to paint the Dems as "out of touch". If that were the case, you wouldn't see the parts of the country that are doing well and have a concentration of well educated and informed citizens, increasingly shifting to the left.
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    Trump has never been a competent businessman...ever. He is a gifted salesman, the world's best carnival barker, but NEVER a capable administrator. He has been able to leverage his father's name and reputation into sales, but has done nothing else. He has far more in common with Kim Kardashian than Bill Gates or Warren Buffett. Good businessmen don't go into chapter 11 six freaking times or get enmeshed in over 3500 lawsuits. Someone who understands how markets operate doesn't start a mortgage company at the height of a bubble just months before it crashes.
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    Here are some examples of the ability Mcclain brings. He is very good at getting inside pressure and splitting double teams. And the guy is relentless. You will not see him taking plays off like Baker. I know I have been getting blasted for liking his signing. But the guy can play. His only knock has been his injury history.
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    I know this isn't the most popular opinion but I want to see how McClain and McGee look when they are on the field for us before I make a judgement on them.
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    "Due to inclement weather, teleworking is authorized for all employees." Telework? You mean move the mouse with my big toe every 10 minutes while I play video games all day?
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    Simpsons did it. Prophetic troll level == Supreme.
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    In "Rear Window", Jimmy Stewart is dating Grace Kelly but still chooses to spend time looking out the damn window................
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    People underestimate how much players like Gruden. In the wake of losing the very player-friendly McCloughan in such embarrassing fashion, it's a big deal for us that we still have someone likeable for players to latch onto in FA.
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    Great leaders accentuate the strengths of those around them while minimizing their weaknesses. They create an environment where those within it accomplish more than they ever have. Which then creates a type of loyalty that is near impossible to break. If anyone accepts that core principle about leadership, I'm not sure how they can then not acknowledge that Dan has been a terrible leader here. Has there been anyone who has come here under him and actually exceeded or surpassed what they've accomplished before? How many didn't even do something comparable to their past? How many did the total opposite, where they fail miserably? I just want that to change. Gruden has, amazingly, navigated these treacherous waters unlike anyone before him. It's unbelievable when you look at it and how it started so disastrously with the position he was put in. Just hope he's given the utmost support in terms of minimizing his weaknesses regarding defense, because he's managed to apply his strength here with the offense.
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    Compton still has not signed his tender. I really hope we sign Brown, "Coach Up" either he or Foster to be our playcaller. I can live with Will Compton being on our team as a backup/ST player but I do not want him starting. Period.
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