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    Post game assessment - Zach brown must be re-signed, most important signing of the next off season
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    I have no idea why people STILL don't get this. The highest paid is simply the last good one to sign. When i hear posters use the "he doesn't deserve to be the highest paid player in the league" I dismiss them because they obviously don't know what they are talking about.
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    Several of the plays in which Wentz distanced himself from Cousins this year are on broken plays that should have been sacks. In the first game he broke FOUR tackles if i remember right, and threw a 58 yard TD. that is partly lucky, and partly his being HUGE. He's like Roethlisbeerger big, and Roethlisberger often reminds me of those nature videos where there's that one water buffalo who just doesn't give a flying **** that there's lions hanging all over it,, it just keeps going. Last night, he's DOWN, dead to rights, but he escapes because physically he is HUGE, and his blockers didn't stop in that pileup and didn't let Brown and the DT get a hold of him. He did that twice last night,, broke through sacks and tackles and made a play.. he's been killing us with it this year. Do they keep a QB stat for plays made after contact? I bet he's on or near the top. Kirk's not going to be that big no matter how many glasses of milk he drinks. If he gets in those situations he can't break those tackles. And make no mistake, they are not escapes, they are BROKEN tackles, with broken tacklers left behind. Wentz's deep shots last night were on a mismatch TD in which he got Swearinger single up on a speedy rookie who dusted him, and Wentz knew it from the get go. if anyone beloieves Cousins can't or won't make a similar read in a similar situation, i'm all ears. He did it with DJax on the regular. right now he hasn't got those matchups presenting themselves. Last night he got one open look at a WR and hit Doctson up the sideline in a BIG fat hole in the Eagles zone. Someone said earlier that the throw Wentz made to Agholor on the sideline in the second half, with the nice over the shoulder catch.. "that's not a throw Cousins makes. he's too scared".. Yeah? we've seen that play too.. in fact last year against the Giants he threw the death pick because he thought he had it up the left sideline. .. and didn't.. but he threw a nice TD to Doctson on a similar play vs the Raiders,, single coverage and up he went for the score. People think they can just look at QBs as apples to apples and make comparisons and they mean something. They don't. The Redskins secondary is beat up heading into the game. Wentz already has that in his favor, and facing youth in the secondary leads him to get mismatches, or flat out blown assignments as we saw on their final TD. Ertz is a mismatch problem for everyone this year, and apparently especially for Swearinger who had his worst game as a Redskin last night. But we know Ertz is a problem. It's no surprise he got his last night, is it? Cousins has receivers he can't count on, and i don't care who wants to compare them to the Eagles receivers, The fact is Torrey Smith by himself is a better player at the position than both our WR1 and WR2, and he isn't even a factor. Agholor was a 1st round draft pick and he's seeing the lights come on pretty much right on schedule. Last year they had him in the slot something like 15% of the time.. this year it's over 80% and he's showing up. Gee.. i wonder if that is the REDSKINS or maybe they found the position he could excel in? Give Wentz a receiver that drops 3 out of four passes that hit him square in BOTH hands, and lets see how he reacts? I don't know what else Cousins can do, other than maybe put the ball on a silver ****ing platter and walk out there with white gloves on and hand it to Pryor. This is supposed to be his big weapon. Reed had a solid game catching the ball. (Other than the 3rd and 2 he ****ed up) Davis had a solid game receiving. Crodwer has pulled the ol' "I'm goin out fr a pack of smokes" and disappear trick. Who knows where he is.. If he's open and Cousins has somehow decided to ignore one of his most productive players.. i'd need to be explained. I know Gruden said that he wants to see Kirk throw into some tight windows.. ok, like he did to Pryor? Be nice if Mr Workout Video could catch one. Also, if the OL is giving up pressure, those tight windows are harder to find and hit. .. so while i trust what the coach says, i don't know how much of it is on the QB. More than any other sport, football players are reliant on one another, and the QB is no different. But Wentz had plenty of passes knocked down last night. Breeland had a great game swatting passes.. and one bad holding on the other side of the field. (Hochuli's mental clock went off and told him he needed camera time, i guess. ticky tack call 30 yards away.) Dunbar knocked a few passes down. Wentz had a nice night statistically. about 65% completion rate.. . helped out considerably by some really EASY scrambles that made him their top rusher, gave them first downs and extended the defense's time on thje field. .. and of course, the water buffalo play in which he should have been down and gets a ridiculous first down on 3rd and long... (AND shows the main difference between he and Cousins .. he's big.) Scramble prolongs a drive. Another scramble prolongs another drive. the Water buffalo play prolongs a drive, followed up by a holding call that prolongs a drive.. and it's no wonder they're scoring TDs.. these plays make the difference. They give him these mismatches that allow a receiver to dust the safety, the TE to trample into the end zone. Wentz is a good young QB, and Cousins is a good QB. They are in different situations and have different physical attributes that affect their skill sets differently. Making straight comparisons is just straight pointless. ~Bang
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    That is not an reasonable thought, but you're not a mod, and coming from you it reminds me that I am frequently wondering if we need you. If a mod wants to close it , they will. Personally, I'd leave it open just for you, but not let you post in it.
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    So who are we going to showcase at WR this Sunday? Off the top of my head, there's Terrelle PryorRyan Grant, Josh DoctsonRyan Grant, James Quick, and Ryan Grant. Really going to be interesting to see how they spread the ball around to all the different receiversRyan Grant.
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    Dude, just stop posting for the night and let everyone enjoy this win.
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    May Kushner continue to receive many more backdoor overtures for years to come.
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    @Skinsinparadise I think your observation is a microcosm of the season for Cousins. He's had a grittier and tougher run in 2017. The sense in 2015 and 2016 is that he was doing what he was doing in large part to the supporting cast and system. In 2017, he hasn't had a steady, sterile environment...instead he's had to elevate the players around him and continue to produce. It's less tangible and more anecdotal, but I'm more impressed with him this year than I was last year.
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    Terrible? Nope. In a t-shirt and shorts on a nice warm day when your feeling great with nothing on the line MAYBE it was an average throw - tad long but not bad, gave my man a chance. With a game on the line in cold wintery weather, with a bad head cold and with not one but TWO Seattle defensive lineman beating their man right off the snap and right in your face that was CLUTCH. I'm not a Kirk homer either.
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    I’ve got over 2,000 photos from yesterday to still go though on the flight back to the East Coast today, but this one might just be favorite.
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    haven't seen anyone backpedal like that since Darrell Green
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    oops, wrong thread but **** roy moore and all his supporters in the face with a rake while i'm here
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    There are the premier Peters in the NFL, like Jason Peters and Marcus Peters. And then after them, there's the otha Peters.
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    To chime in, I don't get how that question is even remotely relevant. I'd rather have Von Miller over Preston Smith -- doesn't mean when Preston's contract is up, its adios Preston. And how weird is it that you give Wentz some weapons and one of the top running games in the league and he's made a major climb? I like Wentz and even if I felt he was the next John Elway, I wouldn't find the question relevant to Kirk. IMO you can win with Kirk. The most anyone scored against the Vikings all year was 26 points. We put up 30. I am pretty sure Kirk is the first QB to put up 300 yards against the Vikings. It's not some disaster performance. The defense was awful. They lost the game. Forget about Kirk for a second and lets zone in on the team. We've been under-dogs in every game but one this season. Toughest schedule with epic injuries. Yet, they are still hanging in there and are competitive right till the end in every game against Power 10 type teams every week. Espn ranked the Vikings #4 before today's game. On Fox, they just flashed the top 4 teams in the NFC and they are all teams we've played or about to play. Is the 2017 Redskins better than the division winning 2015 Redskins? And the 2016 version. IMO heck yeah. Context counts. This is a good team that has had brutally bad luck. Skip Bayless who hates the Redskins said they played the best football in the NFL thus far after the Chiefs game (first 4 games). I agree with that. Why would we want to reboot the whole thing? The thing about bad luck is the law of averages tends to kick in and even it out eventually or close enough -- maybe it won't even out this season but IMO worse case this is a team to be reckoned with next season.
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    Interesting what DJ said post-game...
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    Just a big thank you to Josh Doctson..way to keep the heart pounding!!
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    Agree. I'd extend this point to the team and Jay. It's a fun team to root for -- these guys are gritty and over-achievers. They've had arguably the two worst variables of bad luck you can get in a season. A. Tough schedule. B. Massive injuries. The injuries are even part of the national narrative now, can you believe the Redskins are playing without.....Shannon Sharpe had some good lines yesterday about what Kirk and this team has overcome in spite of the obstacles. Think of it this way, if people said this before the season, most of us would likely panic and expect they were 2-6 at this point A. Schedule even harder than it looked. Rams, Saints, Vikings much tougher looking now than before B. Jordan Reed, Crowder would be just about non-factors all season C. The top passing targets are Davis and Thompson D. Pryor for the most part a non-factor E. The O line would get ravaged by injuries right before the meat of the schedule. F. The running game would be even worse than last season And with all of this: they beat some of the best teams this year in the NFL and were competitive for most of every game. Impressive, I think. Then we got some of Kirk's detractors who ignore all of this because it just gets in the way of their negative narrative about Kirk and their points by extension act like the team (of course it being Kirk's fault) is actually under-achieving this season and every loss is unacceptable. This team is more or less right now -- where its been the last two seasons. They are competitive and a real playoff threat -- even though the obstacles are much more significant than the prior two seasons. I agree with Snider's take here -- Snider knows a thing or two about the history with QBs and this team. He's been around forever. http://washington.cbslocal.com/2017/11/05/snider-cousins-debate-now-over-period/ SNIDER: Cousins Debate Now Over – Period by Rick Snider The Washington Redskins shouldn’t hesitate come season’s end. Have a new contract in Kirk Cousins’ locker after the season’s final game with so many zeroes the passer will grab a pen. Cousins already earned a long-term mega-contract over the last 2.5 years. But for the many haters who just can’t accept Cousins or always want someone new, it’s time to stop. Credit for the Redskins’ 17-14 victory over the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday mostly lies with the defense. Just a flat-out balling kind of effort. But after finally relinquishing the lead, the team turned to Cousins with 1:34 remaining to produce just the second touchdown of the afternoon. He needed only 35 seconds. After a tipped opening incompletion, Cousins hit Brian Quick for 34 yards and Josh Doctson for 38 before Robert Kelley scored on a one-yard run. Now Quick has barely played this season and Doctson is still earning trust after dropping a late game-winning at Kansas City. Yet, Cousins avoided some of his typical throws and went for the win to the pair of unlikely playmakers. Cousins now has 11 fourth-quarter comeback wins, which is supposedly the benchmark of greatness. This time Cousins played like some of the Redskins passers of the 1970s – Sonny Jurgensen, Billy Kilmer and Joe Theismann. Those guys never flinched at the end. Cousins didn’t blink either despite missing four – that’s one sure of everyone – offensive linemen and was hit hard too often amid bad weather more reminiscent of late December.
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    Can we please give Lanier some love. Dude was in Wilson's face for much of first half.
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    Frankly I can't believe any Redskins fan is able to justify moving on from this guy. And I'm not sure you guys that are OK with that have a very good perspective on QB play around the NFL. Or if you do you simply won't accept anything less than a top three QB in the league. For TWO AND A HALF SEASONS he has proven he is clearly a top 10 QB in the league. All of these negatives you harp on could be said about many other top flight QB's in the league. As far as the money goes? It is what it is. If you have a top tier QB and it's his time to get paid he's going to get TOP DOLLAR. That's just the way it works in this league. He's not perfect by any means, but a QB of Kirk's caliber does not simply go on trees. Go ahead, let him walk. And risk another decade or more in finding even an adequate NFL QB.
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    LOL. So when KC gets stats and loses they are meaningless stats, but when Wilson does it, it's okay and the loss is not on him. Man we have such delusional fans in the DC area. People love to cherry pick things for their arguments.
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    By the way props to Brian Quick. After being cold and inactive most of the season he makes a huge play on the final drive.
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    FYI the loss isn’t necessarily on Kirk. The point has been, throughout this thread, that Kirk is consistently inconsistent and while a good QB isn’t worth the big money contract that he demands. Others believe he is. Thats the argument. Not the Kirk single handedly has lost games. Only a fool would believe that. The point is, he hasn’t won them. He’s a good, solid starting NFL QB. I’m not sure that makes him worth over $25M and pinning your hopes on.
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    13. Please refrain from including overly explicit material in posts. This includes, but is not limited to, overly violent, obscene, or sexual content
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    This has got to be the silliest thing ever and just shows that you are purely buying into the overall perception of Kirk and not the reality Let's go through this... Game 4 2015 vs Philadelphia Eagles - trailing 20 - 16, Kirk Cousins engineers a drive that ends with a Pierre Garcon TD - final score Redskins 23 - 20 Game 5 2015 at Atlanta Falcons - Falcons kick a field goal with 24 seconds left in the game to go up 19 - 16, yes, you read that correctly 24 seconds left, and then Kirk leads us into field goal range to kick a game tying field goal, then of course Ryan Grant slips in OT, but without a bad ass 24 second field goal drive we aren't even in the position Game 7 2015 vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers - trailing 30 - 24 with 24 seconds left Kirk Cousins throws a touchdown to Jordan Reed - final score Redskins 31 - 30 - you like that?? Game 15 2015 at Philadelphia Eagles - division on the line - this one didn't require a last minute drive - but he did go into Philly with the division on the line and won the game Game 3 2016 at New York Giants - Kirk leads a field goal drive to score in the last 2 minutes and Su'a Cravens seals the game with an interception to highlight his one year NFL career Game 7 2016 at Detroit Lions - trailing 13 - 10, Kirk scores a touchdown with 1:05 left to go up 17 - 13 and then defense can't keep a team out of the freaking end zone Game 8 2016 in London vs Bengals - trailing 27 - 24, Kirk leads a field goal drive in the final two minutes to send the game into overtime - in overtime Kirk leads the team into a normally easy field goal to win the game, but alas it was missed Actually, I'm done, it gets frustrating Obviously, he doesn't have a 100% record in the clutch, no one does, but I just don't get how so many of you can't see what he does
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    Blaming the QB is the easiest thing to do, and requires absolutely no knowledge of anything. So far this morning i have seen folks complaining he threw it away on their last play, and while it looks bad to the rubes, they need a TD, and then a miracle.. but to get the TD they need receivers to get down to the end zone, and with 2 backups on the OL and a RT with a bad ankle, there just isn't time for them to get there. Protection breaks down, he has to roll out, Moses only has TWO sprained ankles and can't keep pressure from following him out.. no one is deep enough the game is over, and nothing can change that. His worst play was taking a sack down in the Red Zone after escaping pressure, and if early morning memory serves, we converted the drive for a TD.. but the sack cost us about 30 valuable seconds of game clock. He threw for 300 yards, 3 TD and the pick was a result of his arm being hit because again his walking wounded OL let the Eagles put consistent pressure on him throughout the second half. Kirk doesn't drop passes, Terrelle ****ing Pryor does. Regularly. Kirk puts the ball in his hands.. not on his fingertips,, in his ****ing HANDS, and what is the rule for a receiver if the ball hits their hands? CATCH THE ****ING THING. Kirk isn't calling shallow out routes on key third downs in which the receivers fail him. Jordan reed misses on 3rd and short because he gets no vertical push and actually gives ground to catch the ball.. he doesn't give Kirk any other place to throw that ball. He has no Separation, and if the ball is thrown any more upfield it's a pick six. Jamison Crowder did much the same thing.. he runs straight across the field. He gives no indication he is going anywhere else.. Cooley described it on the radio during the broadcast,,, one stutter step, one step vertically creates enough separation to make that first down catch.. but he did nothing but run a straight line and let the defender stay right on his hip. Kirk doesn't fail to put an arm around Carson Wentz and let him escape a sure sack and run for a mil. That's a play that could have changed momentum. Kirk doesn't block and neither do ANY of our TEs, and for some reason we keep trying to run the ball behind them. They are TERRIBLE blockers, across the board. Kirk doesn't decide to stop running the ball, and even though i am a know nothing couch bound fan, i think that if you have backup linemen in the game, you run it.. you let them go FORWARD. Let them be physical and punch forward. asking backups that are moving all around the line to pass block is a taller order. Kirk isn't trying to cover Zach Ertz (who false started twice.. and frankly, i see this a LOT in the NFL: this year.. guys who go in motion USED to not be able to keep moving UNLESS they were facing sideways.. now it seems they are allowed to turn to the LOS and hop step forward until the snap. That's a false start. On the Eagles last TD he does it clearly. Even LEANING forward is a false start.. I don't understand why this has been relaxed. Kirk isn't getting toasted all night, DJ Swearinger is. Big gigantic plays. Kirk isn't leaving yards on the field after a big play, Vernon Davis does that.. great! you got the ball and it's a big play,, but damn, he leaves a TON of yardage out there.. On his first big play if her just keeps his speed he splits the two tacklers and probably goes another 10-15 yards,, maybe even scores. On his second big play, he stops. Last week he runs across the field for 20 yards while gaining five YAC vertically. Am I the only one who seems to see this? Am I wrong? Kirk doesn't get called for a cheap ass hold from the entire other side of the field to prolong an Eagles drive, Bashaud Breeland does,, but that is more of an indicator of how bad the application of the rule is than anything. (Nevermind 2 straight plays with facemask calls.. I love me some Quinton Dunbar, but damn, that was a ridiculous facemask he committed. Dude! You have a BIG YELLOW glove,, they are going to see it when you stick it up and grab a facemask.) Kirk probably had a few he could have thrown better, but so does every QB. Lots of blame to go around, and lots of it is circumstantial.. the team is beat up. But sitting back and yapping about how it's Cousins fault.. frankly, if that is all you can see when watching a full football game, you don't really know what you're looking at. ~Bang
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    I'm going to put this one on important individual players getting beat today. Defensively, Norman and Breeland got lit up by Diggs and Thelen. We got no pass rush at all. LBs did nothing. People wanna blame coaching but I'm not sure what could have been done when their guys just straight up beat our guys. We really felt the impact of no Allen or Ion today. Offensively, we didn't do too poorly. Unfortunately Cousins threw a bad pick right before half to give them 7 and missed Doc on a deep bomb to prevent 7. But beyond that, I thought he played well. We also had Doc falling down in the EZ wide open and Crowder dropping two balls. The OL got destroyed all day. Despite all that, the offense engineered 23 points(I'm giving the other 7 to the Defense since Swearinger's pick got us the ball inside the 5, they get credit for that). If you were to tell me that the offense would put up ~400 yards and 23 point and as a team we'd score 30, I thought we'd win by double digits.
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    Anyone who thinks a 14 year old can consent to anything needs to be forcibly removed from society What the **** is wrong with you
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    Is Matt Stafford top 5? No, but he got paid that much. Thats just how it works. The last guy to sign gets more than the previous guy. And so on and so forth. Cousins's contract will look like peanuts when guys like Mariotta, Wentz, Prescott, etc. sign new deals in the coming years. You also have to factor in that guys like Brady, Brees, Roethlisberger, Rivers and even Rodgers are hitting the decline soon. Cousins may not be top 5 right now, but he's top 10, and could very well be top 5 once the current 35+ year old crop of QBs call it quits.
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    By just about every metric, a top 10 QB. Imagine if he actual had a run game and professional NFL WRs. And an OL not ravaged by injuries.
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    It's amazing he was able to reach that ball with those short arms and legs.
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    The way you guys completely disregard the opposing defense is hilarious. Redskins went into Seattle and got a win today despite having one starting offensive lineman. The fact that they were able to march all the way down the field and win the game is damn near miraculous.
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    Christ, here we go again with "the sky is falling, fire everyone and rebuild" nonsense just like after every loss. This is a quality team, but unfortunately 9 out of our 22 starters are injured (not including Murphy, Niles, Taylor, Su'a (who's dead to me)). They played in an effing monsoon, and surprise surprise, the run-game based team was the more successful. We were sloppier, we were more injured, we lost. If you tuned into any pre-game show, the Cowboys were picked to win by almost everyone due to those reasons. I struggle to comprehend how people actually believe in the next man up concept; that's just not how this sport works, especially when we're talking about half the damn team. There's a reason why starters play more instead of backups, it's because they have a greater positive impact on the game. For anyone who doesn't get it, I suggest reading the post-game review thread by @FFODC where you'll clearly see the dropoff in production from say Jonathan Allen to Ziggy Hood. I'm just so sick of everyone disregarding clear factors in our losses that are out of Gruden's/Cousins' control. Blocked FG, fumbled kick return (by mr. reliable), how can you blame anyone other than the players who are actually taking part in the play? We're not a super bowl caliber team at the moment, which should be a surprise to no one. There is far too much quality on this team to seriously want to blow it up. Do you really want to be categorized with the Browns' again? It's sad how many get bitter about a loss and lose complete vision of the long-term. Let me put it this way- we all agree that the problem starts at the top. Well, the top, Snyder, isn't going anywhere any time soon. So please review how we've performed during his tenure, on the field and off, and tell me that you seriously believe we could be in a better place with an overhaul. Just relax. Enough with this bipolar range of emotions.
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    I have mentioned it before, and I will say it again. People do not understand what we are fighting against. This has nothing to do with whether Trump did or didn't collude. It has nothing to do with how many are indicted, jailed, or ultimately impeached. Trump supporters are engaged in an all out war against liberalism and what it represents. To that end, they would rather have Russia run our elections than to have true equality for minorities, gays, women, etc. It's a push back against science. It's an all out assault on the legacy of a black president. People continue to think there will be an "Aha!" moment for Trump voters and they will understand that they made a mistake. That moment is not coming. It is never gonna come. Because this has nothing to do with Trump or Russia in the first place.
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    OK ... I think Roy Moore is trolling us all. His latest tweet to McConnell: He's gotta have taken some of his high school dates to this movie, right?
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    Same here, brother. Throwing with anticipation, deciphering defense’s with consistency, mastering the offense, quick decision making, accuracy, etc... isn’t really sexy. On top of that, it’s hard to judge. So it’s ignored or omitted. Guy walks up to the LOS, immediately identifies the defense is in a cover 3 shell, knows that the deep IN has the best chance to work against it, but then sees an extra man potentially blitzing, so he knows the drag route ran by the slot receiver underneath that deep IN will be available fast and with room to run since it runs into the area vacated by said blitzer, SET HIKE! Hits the top of his drop, throws a catchable ball to the drag route with accuracy allowing slot guy to gain 15 additional yards in YAC as zone coverage backpedals too deep. Fan sees that and calls it a checkdown or easy completion. Lame! Boring! System Guy! Now, the other guy who misses that same play more often than not, failing to operate within the scheme due to lack of understanding of the defense or the play itself... but wait! He just made two guys miss behind the LOS, scrambled outside the pocket with his eyes downfield and threw a dart using only his arm while in an awkward position 15 yards down the field to a receiver who adjusts to the ball and gets smashed in the process. Ooooooo, now THAT guy is a playmaker! Elevates his team! Guy is awesome, makes things happen! Weeeeee!
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    Impression? An impression is something that carries more weight when there is little or no alternative reference point When you specifically come out and say exactly what you are protesting against (not the flag, not the military), and people change the subject to the flag, and the military, all while many players have supported and spent time with vets (and will continue to do so), you really think impressions mean anything to these people you are talking about? They know what they are doing Those are not the hearts and minds that need to be won. They do not want to listen. They clearly want the players to shut up and give them their football back (honestly, buying one themselves, and shoving it up their asses would give them all the football they'd ever need). They'd rather see this country destroyed, taking you and me down with it, than do anything remotely resembling critical thinking, self evaluation, or compromise. Today was in observation of Veteran's day, recognizing the people who fight for American values and principles (which are currently under siege), and honoring them, and the sacrifices they make. And it was to reiterate that this was never about them. I have given up understanding what is sloshing around inside certain peoples heads when they hear stuff, but i heard the players loud and clear when they said it, and understood. The military is not all the flag stands for. It is not all this country stands for. It is not the only branch of our government. It is not the only thing that won us independence from the British Empire. It is not the only thing we celebrate. It is not the answer to all of our problems. It is not to be used as a shield when we do not want to confront the uncomfortable issues within our own borders. It is a pathetic insult to every soldier that has ever given their lives for this country, to be reduced to a political weapon in a propaganda war, instigated by an administration that is bereft of anything resembling the America that I know and love (the one they fight for), and a fake president that didn't mind insulting them when he felt like it. It is a further insult for people to stand behind this administration and be complicit in this blatant disrespect, masquerading as patriotism. So after tomorrow, when players continue to honor veterans across the country, I expect the protests to continue. Right now though, this is their moment
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    Trent Williams **** slapping Richard Sherman
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    Why is this in the Russia thread? We have no idea what they want with Manafort. We should be focusing on the continuing lies of the Clinton administration even though there never was a Clinton administration. She's sticking uranium up kids' butts in a pizza parlor and you want to speculate on Fake Mueller's Fake indictment of a guy that Trump barely even knew. He walked by him in a hall one time or something.
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    Strength and Conditioning Coach Mike Woicik Springfield bar owner Moe Szyslak
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    I have to say I’m very confused by the sentiment that some are laying forward... SOME are blaming the receivers and surrounding cast and want to pay Cousins 1/5 of the cap. You do realize that our receivers and support cast won’t get better by paying Kirk 1/5 of our available money, right? And if we pay Kirk, how do we pay Norman? In my opinion, this team has ONE game changer and he wears number 24.
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    I’m wearing all black to this funeral cause we gonna bury these mofuggahs
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