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    I have been married for 20 years and I still don't know what the **** my wife thinks/wants and you as a fan who doesn't even live with Dan knows exactly what he thinks....lol
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    So as you all know, one of the biggest arguments that the anti-Kirk crowd tries to make is the "Kirk can't win big games!" argument. Unfortunately in today's era of fake news, this just goes unchecked as if its actually a stone cold fact, but it actually couldn't be further from the truth. Lets take a journey through Kirk's career, starting from the beginning... Okay, so we begin with 2012. In Cousins's first ever regular season game action, he comes in with the team trailing against the then undefeated Falcons after RG3 gets hurt. Trailing, he immediately throws a TD pass to Santana Moss. Unfortunately, he also throws two picks later. So yes, perhaps you can say he did choke this game away. BUT, he also got the team the lead in the 4th quarter, but the D couldn't hold it(hmm sound familiar?). And putting the pressure on a rookie 4th round QB to win the game against an undefeated team is a little unrealistic. Still, he gave us a shot. Move ahead a few weeks, and once again Cousins is tasked with coming in late to save the team. This time down 8 against an elite Ravens team(that went on to win the whole thing that year). Cousins completes two passes, including a clutch 4th down, and a TD pass to Garcon. For the 2 point conversion he takes the ball himself and runs it in to tie the game. Pretty clutch performance if I must say so myself. In OT he didn't have to do much, PR and run game set up the winning score. But, if not for Cousins's clutch play on the final drive, the game is over. Fast forward one week, and Cousins is now making his first ever start, on the road against a Cleveland Browns team that had won three in a row. Another big game, considering the team was in a win out or go home situation. After an early pick, Cousins plays brilliantly, putting up over 300 yards and 2 TDs to lead us to a blowout 17 point win. Cousins's 2012 ended in relief duty against the Seahawks. I'm going to throw this one out, the game was basically over when he got in the game. In totality, Cousins had two good clutch performances in 2012, and one bad one(the bad one being literally his first ever NFL game but, whatever I'll give the anti Kirk people that one). Now, onto 2013...Cousins's first two games this season were in mop up duty in blowouts against the Broncos and Chiefs. These games serve no purpose, both games were over when he got in, so just throw those out. His first start of that season was on the road against the Falcons. In that game Cousins threw for over 350 yards and 3 TDs, and down a TD he led a TD drive to get within 1. Unfortunately Shanahan decided to go for 2 and we didn't convert, but in normal game situation we would have tied the game and gone to OT. The very next week, we play the Cowboys in a game they need for their playoff hopes. Statistically, Cousins didn't have a big game, but he does lead two 3rd quarter scoring drives to give us a 23-14 lead in the 4th quarter. Unfortunately as has been the case his entire career the D gags it away and the Cowboys rally to win 24-23. Not really a clutch performance either way since it was a meaningless game, but Cousins put us in a position to win with 23 points scored and a double digit lead in the 4th. Cousins's season ends the next week in the Meadowlands. Meaningless game and it shows, nobody played well. Throw this one out, it means nothing to the argument one way or another. Entire team knew Shanahan was getting fired and no showed. So as far as the clutch count goes, well in fairness Cousins didn't play much in 2013. No real bad clutch performances really, and I give him credit for having a good clutch performance in Atlanta(all around he played well in his first start of the season, a big spot for him personally even if for the team it didn't mean anything). Overall still: 3 good clutch, 1 bad clutch. Now its 2014...not gonna lie, a rocky season for Cousins. He starts off well though. After coming in in relief for RG3 in Week 2, Cousins lights up the Jags for 250 and 2 scores. Considering we were 0-1, you could argue this was a big spot for us. I won't count it as clutch though. The next week in Philly Cousins continues his hot play, putting up a whooping 400+ yards and 3 TDs and leading the team to 34 points and at one point a double digit lead. Unfortunately the D and ST suck and we lose, but in a big game spot Cousins came up big. Sure would be nice if the guy had a D right? The rest of 2014 is rocky for Cousins. He plays awfully against the Giants at home on TNF, then actually puts up a decent statistical performance on MNF against the defending champion Seahawks(283 yards, 2 TDs, 0 INTs)but we were never really a threat to win that game. He puts up 354 and 2 TDs in Arizona the next week, but also has 3 picks, then gets benched the next week against the Titans. I don't know if any of these are really considered clutch moments, considering we had 1 win going into the Cardinal/Titan games. Going back to the clutch count, I'm going to give Cousins a clutch point for the Eagles game, and give him an anti clutch point for the Giants game. So far the count is: 4 good clutch, 2 bad clutch. Finally time for some good stuff...2015. Unfortunately it doesn't start off great, as Cousins plays poorly in the first national TV big game spot of the season, Week 3 at the Giants. But after that it gets pretty good. He leads a game winning TD drive to beat the Eagles the very next week. The week after in Atlanta is a very up and down game however. Against an undefeated Falcons team, Cousins doesn't light it up statistically, but does get us a late 4th quarter lead. Unfortunately once again the D can't hold and gives it up, Falcons take a 3 point lead with less then 30 seconds left. BUT Cousins once again steps up big in the clutch, leading an excellent last second drive to send the game to OT. Then in OT garbage ass Ryan Grant falls down, leading to a Cousins pick 6. The anti Kirk people will scream "CHOKER" but it was obviously not his fault in that spot. The up and down-ness of 2015 continues. Cousins doesn't play great the next week at the Jets, but in fairness, we had NO D Jax, NO Reed, and NO Trent Williams, against a good Jets team(they finished 10-6)on the road coming off a bye. But after this one is the BIG one, the Buccaneer come back. In a game the coach himself said was a code red game, Cousins rallies us from 24-0 down to lead the biggest comeback win in franchise history. Lets fast forward a few weeks(the next few weeks aren't really eventful: we blow out the Saints, get crushed on the road by elite teams like the Pats and Panthers, nothing really worth discussing). We get the Giants at home in a big game spot(FOX 4:30 primetime slot). Revenge game against a team that has tormented Cousins. Big game too, as losing would basically end our hopes of a division title. Cousins plays really well, throwing for over 300 yards and a TD. This game would begin a trend of Cousins playing really well in the clutch down the stretch to win this team games. Having to win four in a row to end the season to win the division, Cousins plays at his absolute best. He eviscerates the Bills, leads a 4th quarter go ahead scoring drive to win at the Bears(Bears weren't great that year but they had won a few in a row and Cousins had a good statistical game, 300 yards and a TD), and then of course in the absolute biggest game of the season and of his career, Cousins goes into Philly and absolutely destroys the Eagles, winning us the NFC East. Unfortunately he doesn't end the season well, playing poorly in the playoff game against the Packers(in fairness, the entire team played poorly, we had no answer for Rodgers and the run game). So lets go back to the clutch count: going into 2015 it was 4 good clutch to 2 bad clutch. But in 2015 I'll give him two negatives in the clutch(Week 3 at the Giants and the Packer playoff game). As far as good clutch/big game moments: Eagles at home, Buc rally, Giants at home, Bears on the road, and Eagles on the road were all good clutch for sure. That makes the count a whooping 9-4! In 13 big games/clutch moments, Cousins came through 9 times. That's a pretty damn good %. But we still have one more season to go... So 2016. This one is still fresh in our minds so I won't really give the same types of summaries I did for the previous seasons. Instead I'll just go game by game and state which games Cousins played well in what I consider to be big game or clutch spots. Looking at 2016, its kind of tough to truly evaluate, because the 0-2 start kinda made every game almost a big game, and we played so many good teams/defenses(more on this later). Steelers-big game(MNF at home). Cousins plays poorly. Bad. Cowboys-big game(home vs. a rival.) Statistically Cousins was good, until that last pick in the end zone. Still, we have the lead in the 4th. D can't hold. No good or bad. @Giants-big game(rival, 0-2, on the road, Cousins has never won here). After falling behind 14-0, Cousins rallies us to a win. He puts up nearly 300 yards and 2 TDs. Good. Browns-not really a big game but with a chance to get back to .500 it kinda sorta is. Cousins plays very well, we beat a terrible Browns team. Whatever. @Ravens-big game(on the road, good team, really good D). Not a great statistical game but down 10-6 in the 2nd half he does rally us to the lead. Good. Eagles-big game(rival who started the year hot). Cousins lights up the Eagles to win our 4th in a row. Good. @Lions-Not really sure if I'd classify this as big game but in the clutch we were down 10 in the 4th and Cousins rallied us to take the lead with around a minute left. Can't say he wasn't great in the clutch here. Unfortunately the D can't hold(recurring theme). Good clutch performance? I think so. Too bad the team lost. @Bengals-Pretty much mirror image of Lions game for the most part. Down 10 in the 4th, Cousins rallies us, but the D can't hold and in OT the K misses a chip shot. Once again Cousins is actually very good in the clutch, but other guys let us down. Not sure if this is a big game but it was a nationally televised game in London. Vikings-Semi big game. Vikings had a winning record and a really good D, but Cousins torches them for over 250 and 2 TDs. Good. Packers-Huge game. Primetime at home against the team that KO'd us from the playoffs last year. Cousins absolutely destroys them for 375 and 3 TDs. Biggest game of the season to date and Cousins comes through. Good. @Cowboys-obviously big game. Cousins plays great but unfortunately the D can't make a stop. Red zone issues plagued us here. I won't give him a good but he certainly was anything but bad. @Cardinals-not really sure if big game. Cousins plays well enough to win, until the final drive over 250 yards and a TD, and rallies us to a lead in the 4th quarter. Unfortunately the D once again can't get a stop, and Cousins throws a pick on the final drive. Don't think its fair to say he "choked" here considering he put up a damn good game against I believe the top ranked D in the NFL on the road and generated 23 points of offense. @Eagles-big game considering its a rival and were coming off two losses. Cousins plays very well, 234 yards and 2 TDs against a good statistical D, and we get a win. Good. Panthers-MNF and playoffs are in play so big game in that respect. Cousins plays terribly. Bad. @Bears-big game because were in the playoff hunt. Cousins lights them up. Good. vs.Giants-obviously biggest game of the season. Cousins chokes. Such a shame. Bad. So, the clutch/big game count going into 2016 is 9-4(9 good 4 bad). For 2016 I'll give Cousins a bad score for Steelers, Panthers, and Giants. He gets a good score for @Giants, @Ravens, Eagles, Vikings, Packers, and @Eagles. Truth be told he SHOULD get good grades for the @Lions, @Bengals, @Cowboys, and @Cardinals also but because the team lost I won't. Still, for 2016 thats 6-3, and his overall count is: 15-7. Yes that's right, in 22 big game/clutch moments, Cousins has come through 15 times. And now for some advanced stats(from Al Galdi's article http://www.espn980.com/2017/01/27/the-truth-about-kirk-cousins-2016-season/) Total EPA – This is Total Clutch-Weighted Expected Points Added, which is essentially a measure of how much a player contributes to winning. EPA is the measure of a play’s impact on the score of the game. Kirk was fifth among NFL quarterbacks with a Total EPA of 97.9 during the 2016 regular season. He was seventh among NFL quarterbacks with a Total EPA of 82.6 in 2015. DYAR (Defense-adjusted Yards Above Replacement) – This is a Football Outsiders metric that gives the value of a player’s performance compared to replacement level, adjusted for situation and opponent and then translated into yardage. This is essentially to football what Wins Above Replacement (WAR) is to baseball. Kirk was third among NFL quarterbacks with 1,342 DYAR during the 2016 regular season. He was seventh among NFL quarterbacks with 1,023 DYAR in 2015. Kirk did all of this while facing the toughest schedule of opposing defenses that any quarterback faced during the 2016 regular season. Yes, you read that right. Kirk did what he did this past regular season despite facing the hardest schedule of opposing defenses per Football Outsiders’ DVOA metric. Nine of the Redskins’ 16 games were against teams that finished the season in the top 11 of the NFL in total defense: Pittsburgh (no. 11), the Giants twice (no. 2), Baltimore (no. 6), Philadelphia twice (no. 4), Minnesota (no. 9), Arizona (no. 3) and Carolina (no. 10). Kirk Cousins is a damn good QB, top 10 in the NFL, and guess what? He's a CLUTCH QB. Pay him and lets win games.
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    It's weird that people are still calling liberals "snow flakes" who need their "safe spaces" when Trump's entire press team seems tasked with their #1 mission being to build a sound proof bubble around Trump that only allows positive things to filter into it. He is the epitome of everything Trump supporters and the alt-right claim progressives/liberals to be.
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    We have all been pretty hard on Kory in terms of performance. But you can't question his heart and dedication. He suffered some pretty bad injuries and did all he could to return and try to help the team. Glad the team worked with him in a professional manner. Good to get some actual football news! On a side note, this gives the Redskins another $3.5M in CAP space! Too soon?
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    I'll be honest,, i am a pro-Kirk guy who doesn't bother to look at it from a different perspective because we've been seeing that perspective for 25 years now, and especially in the Snyder era.. constantly chasing the next bauble, never developing anything, and much because we never had anything worth developing. Now we do. And we're seeing him develop right in front of us into a promising young passer. We've seen the others. we've seen high draft picks fail to become anything,, and not RG3 and injury,, but Jason Campbell and his mayonnaise career,, Patrick Ramseyand his destruction.. Hell all the way back to Heath Shuler,, all shiny and full of promise, and busted like an egg. The downside of Kirk does not outweigh the upside. In fact it is continually crushed. The downsides keep getting smaller as he gains experience. He keeps decreasing his errors and building up his positives. So, to ask me to see that there is validity in thinking we should move on from a guy who, in my opinion hasn't peaked yet but still is setting records., .. well.. that ain't gonna happen. This is a guy we can win with. It's been demonstrated. To try to see it from another perspective would be to analyze whether or not he can.. and i keep coming up with "yes, he can". ~Bang
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    PC is basically a term invented by people who didn't like to be called racist or sexist because they were actually racist or sexist. Seemingly when I was a kid it was fine to call someone who is racist, racist. Now its just "PC"
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    You'd think Scot WANTS to talk to the media or something judging by Mike Jones's article. Dude is probably thanking Bruce for that. Let's be clear here. Mike Jones doesn't even say the usual "according to anonymous sources" when he claims that Allen is "breathing down" Scot's "neck". It's straight up speculation. I think it's safe to assume that everyone in Redskins Park is unhappy about how they finished and want to knock this offseason out of the park. Making it like there's some war going on just sounds like the media grasping for straws because it's been super quiet and they're probably pissed it's going to remain so with Scot not being available either.
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    Knew this was going to be interpreted in all sorts of click-baity ways by the media. The explanation seems pretty simple to me: McCloughan is way too honest about our plans when a mic's on him. He's a straight shooter and there's some subtle **** going on right now. Can't think of another reason, Snyder and Allen being pissed the defense was allowed to be so untalented isn't a reason to keep Scot away from the media.
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    Update: First, thank you. Seriously, Thank You. You are the best bunch of people. Just typing out my thoughts helped me to calm down and focus this morning. So, all your Karma worked. It's not over but I'm very happy. The judge would not allow the opposition to the GAL. We go back to court in 3 months. The GAL was assigned and my son will get to advocate for himself. His mothers lawyer screwed up big time. She honestly thought that splitting the summer was a given and my ex thought that this was just a quick thing and that would be that. My lawyer even told her lawyer that in my city, it didn't work that way. The child's schedule of activities heavily weigh in. They were stunned. Thank you guys. It means a lot and I think it helped. Expect another thread in 3 months. Guys, today is literally the most important day of my life since the birth of my son. Some of you may be aware of the situation that I have been involved in. Today I have court because my son's mother, my ex wife, filed to have visitation for 6 weeks in the summer. For the past 8 years, she has seen my son for no more than 12 days each year. When she lived in the same city the first 3 years after we divorced, she barely saw my son. I never filed for child support because I told her I'd feel better if she contributed what she wanted rather than just giving money. She has averaged 100 dollars per year by buying my son's school supplies or every now and then a few cheap clothes. Basically, she has done nothing to help support my son for the past 8 years. Over the summer, she complained that it was too expensive for her to buy plane tickets for just 12 days and she wanted him longer. I told her to talk to my son about it and if he agreed, I didn't have a problem. She never did. She just made the flight arrangements and it conflicted with a travel baseball tournament. I told her he needed to be back 3 days sooner. She went nuts because of the cost of the flight. I reminder her that I had not filed for child support and she had 3 thousand dollars or more that she didn't have to pay that should easily cover the travel. She went nuts, threatened etc... she had a lawyer draft a letter for 2 weeks in the summer, alternate Christmas and alternate spring break. I agreed but noted that spring break was an issue because of baseball (once he starts high school baseball, spring break will be something she can't touch because it's part of the HS season and the courts will not take high school sports from kids). So, after the letter, I took it to a lawyer and he told me I didn't need to hire him yet, but I needed to file for child support right away. I did. After that, she filed for 6 weeks in the summer and the alternating Christmas and Spring Break. There are so many other things I could write about that are so wrong, but I just don't have time right now. My son is literally devastated. Before I hired the lawyer, I asked him if he wanted to spend that about of time with his mom. He became angry then upset. He would basically be forced to quit either his high level baseball travel team or quit football. He loves both and doesn't understand why his mom would do this. He ended up deleting her from his phone and did not respond to a couple of her messages. (she rarely contacts him, probably averages 1 time per month, but he got his own phone for Christmas and she began texting him about once every week or two since then). I din't know he had done that, but last week, she text me and asked what he was doing and I had him call her. He refused and broke down and told me about deleting her and he hated her and so on. I made him call her and he was not happy. He has cried more in the past few weeks then ever in his life. He is mad and scared and doesn't understand. He barely knows his mom and the big thing: in his words, he hates how she makes him feel. He said that she makes him feel like a bad person because he needs to visit her more. Her husband doesn't say much to my son, but he said when he does, it's always something along those lines. The final straw was that we were going to have a GAL to allow my son to testify. He wanted this. He wanted his voice to be heard in court. She and her lawyer filed a letter of opposition, meaning, they don't want the court to hear what he has to say. He is hurt so bad. His mom has literally said on multiple occasions that she does not care what he wants or thinks. As I mentioned in another thread, I'm struggling with anxiety. Yesterday, I felt as if my throat was closing and had to focus on my breathing to calm down. I'm a mess, but not for me, but because my son is upset. Today is the day. At 9:30 am, the court session will start. I have a great lawyer. My son's baseball coach, football coach and his best friend's dad are all coming to court to testify for him. I do believe that prayer/positive thought works. If you are so inclined, please send some positive vibes my way today. I need it so bad. My son needs it. He is the world to me and nothing is more important than his happiness. Thanks for listening.
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    Update: First, thank you. Seriously, Thank You. You are the best bunch of people. Just typing out my thoughts helped me to calm down and focus this morning. So, all your Karma worked. It's not over but I'm very happy. The judge would not allow the opposition to the GAL. We go back to court in 3 months. The GAL was assigned and my son will get to advocate for himself. His mothers lawyer screwed up big time. She honestly thought that splitting the summer was a given and my ex thought that this was just a quick thing and that would be that. My lawyer even told her lawyer that in my city, it didn't work that way. The child's schedule of activities heavily weigh in. They were stunned. Thank you guys. It means a lot and I think it helped. Expect another thread in 3 months.
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    I'm still pissed at him for dropping that pass around Seattle's seven yard line in the playoffs.
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    So, I had flashbacks of McVay and Kyle Shanahan both while watching the second half. The first time I sensed they were in deep trouble was when they lined up in shotgun in a third and one. They wound up getting sacked (I think). The second time was even more obvious. They get to the 20's and a field goal basically seals the game. 1st down run is basically stuffed. So, they line up in shotgun and get sacked, then they line up in shotgun again and get a holding call. If they simply run the ball three times they would have bled the the clock, stayed in field goal range, and won the Superbowl. I have seen Redskins OCs do this so often. They forget about the running game. The Falcons had a 25 point 2nd half lead. They never tried to burn the clock. That's something which has killed us so many times with Kyle Shannahan and with McVay too. It's easy to blame the DC and the defense, but when you have that kind of lead... how do you abandon the run entirely. On that last drive most of all. The game was theirs and they stupided it away. Sure, the passing game is what got them there, but the running game is what wins you the game. Cavanaugh. Gruden. Learn from this. Learn from our own mistakes (even though we rarely built that big a lead) RUN THE BALL! RUN THE BALL! RUN THE BALL!
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    This guy used to be my favorite player. Had his jersey, loved his clutch ability on the field, seemed to always put the Skins first and was great with the fans. After retirement his attempts to stay in the spotlight have gone from amusing, to outlandish, to downright cringeworthy. I appreciate the fact that he wants to stay local and stay connected to the team, and his analysis of game film does offer a unique perspective. But seriously, this latest article is the breaking point for me. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/dc-sports-bog/wp/2017/02/15/chris-cooley-speculates-on-air-about-scot-mccloughan-is-he-drinking/?utm_term=.8d2b58c90842 As someone who lived through the impossibility of trying to focus on football in the era of media leaks and front office dysfunction, you think he would have better sense. He has to know how stupid and counterproductive it is for the health of the team to allow this kind of stuff back into the news with zero facts to back it up. He has to know that saying something like this hurts the team and undoes everything the current staff has tried to clean out the last 3 years. He has been doing PR long enough to know that this headline will spread like wildfire regardless of the fine print he puts in after it. I absolutely believe that this stems back to a personal issue that Cooley has with our GM when he wasn't given the chance to return to our roster. http://www.csnmidatlantic.com/washington-redskins/4-reasons-chris-cooleys-comeback-attempt-over-redskins I think Cooley dislikes Scott M. and is trying to discredit him for what he feels was a personal embarrassment. I've cooled on Cooley more and more since that story broke in August 2015, and more and more I'm starting to remember him not as an awesome player, which he was, but as a symbol for what this team USED to be, and how they USED to conduct business. And as times go on I keep finding myself wanting to leave that old, underperforming, overentitled, Redskins team in the past where it belongs. If he wants to stay involved with the team, he has the ability to do alot of good, both with the fanbase and with the frnachise itself. But quite frankly, I think he needs to recognize that the team has grown up and moved on. If he wants to stay relevant, he should too.
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    I'm going to take an alternative stance here. I love listening to Cooley. I think he's an incredibly unique radio talent, and I think he's pretty much the only compelling reason to listen to 980 talk radio. And it's not because he's a "circus" and you simply can't stop watching. Although there's admittedly some element of that in his presentation, that kind of thing would wear thin after awhile if there was no substance beneath it. I think he's a fantastic addition to local Redskins talk because his knowledge of football is light years beyond anyone else on that station, his film breakdowns are must-listens and, I'm guessing, like nothing else anywhere on local sports radio, and (this is the most important thing for me) he's not a shill for Snyder. His livelihood does not depend on his radio career. He's doing it because he enjoys it, and he will literally say anything with little fear of career reprisals. In short, his brutal honesty is absolutely refreshing to me, and it's very rare. I totally get those who think he crossed the line with the drinking comments, but I listened to that segment live, and when he said it, I was shocked that he had the balls to say it, but I also thought, "Yep, that's exactly what I've been afraid of." And let's be clear, he listed it as one of many possibilities as to why SM has been muzzled. It's not like he did a 30-minute segment of "Scott is on the sauce again." He just threw it out there, and it's totally in line with what any knowledgable fan might wonder about considering SM's history. Like Cooley said, the guy was fired from two teams for this reason. He's admitted to the problem. It's absolutely not a stretch to at least wonder about it resurfacing when weird things are happening behind the scenes. Again, I totally get the argument that it was insensitive to Scott and the serious issue he's going to have to keep in check for the rest of his life, but I don't have a real problem with Cooley throwing it out there, because it's a legitimate thing to wonder about. Him having no qualms about saying that is why I enjoy him on the radio so much. The bigger issue to me is the Redskins FO once again making the ground fertile for these types of things to bloom. I said in another thread about the team needing to have more transparency, and this is exactly the kind of thing I was talking about. You can't expect to do something seemingly odd like muzzle your GM and then say NOTHING about why without speculation arising, especially when that GM has a sketchy history of personal issues that have bitten him badly in the past. It shows how inept this FO is at dealing with these types of things. A simple comment from Allen, for example, could've prevented all of this. Cooley's paid to express his opinions to the fan base, and I think he does a fantastic, compelling job at doing just that. From what I've seen, most of his comments are fact-based and not designed specifically to serve as baseless click-bait sound bites, even if that's how they sometimes end up. But that's on the TRUE media "windbags" and click-bait vultures like Steinberg and others who clearly are driven solely by sensationalism 24/7. Cooley is utterly unique on the radio. I'd hate to see this drive him out in favor of yet another vanilla, know-nothing, cookie-cutter "analyst."
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    For Immediate Release February 10, 2017 KORY LICHTENSTEIGER ANNOUNCES RETIREMENT LOUDOUN COUNTY, Va. – The Washington Redskins announced today that offensive lineman Kory Lichtensteiger will retire from the National Football League following a career that spanned across the 2008-16 seasons. “After much thought and consideration, I have decided to retire from the National Football League,” Lichtensteiger said. “I am grateful beyond words to the Washington Redskins organization.” The full text of Lichtensteiger’s statement is included below. Lichtensteiger appeared in 93 career regular season games with 75 starts while also starting both postseason contests in which he appeared. He originally entered the NFL as a fourth-round pick (No. 108 overall) of the Denver Broncos in the 2008 NFL Draft. Lichtensteiger joined the Redskins as a free agent on Jan. 11, 2010, after spending the 2008 season with the Broncos and a portion of the 2009 season with the Minnesota Vikings. Entering Week 1 of the 2016 season, Lichtensteiger was the third-longest-tenured member of the Redskins, trailing only defensive lineman Kedric Golston and safety DeAngelo Hall. From 2010-16, Lichtensteiger appeared in 77 games with the Redskins, starting all but his first two contests with the team. From 2011-13, he started all 37 regular season games in which he appeared at left guard before transitioning and starting 24 regular season games at center across the 2014-16 seasons. At one point, he made 53 consecutive starts across the two positions from the start of the 2012 season through Week 5 of the 2015 season. “We want to congratulate Kory on a very successful career,” Redskins Head Coach Jay Gruden said. “Kory has been a class act both on and off the field and worked tirelessly on becoming the best player he could possibly be. Kory defied the odds of being undersized because of his competitive spirit, accountability and attention to detail. It also helps to be tough as hell. We want to thank Kory for his relentless effort and leadership and wish him all the best in his future endeavors.” During the Redskins’ NFC East Championship campaign in 2012, Lichtensteiger’s teammates honored him with the team’s Ed Block Courage Award. That year, he returned to start all 16 games at left guard less than a year removed from a multi-ligament knee injury that ended his 2011 season after only five games. Lichtensteiger played collegiately at Bowling Green State University, where he earned All-MAC honors during each of his four seasons from 2003-07. As a senior, he was named a finalist for the Rimington Trophy, awarded annually to the nation’s best center. A native of Van Wert, Ohio, Lichtensteiger attended Crestview H.S. in nearby Convoy, Ohio, where he was named All-Northwest Conference Lineman of the Year in addition to earning all-state honors during his junior and senior seasons. He has remained active in his home area, returning in recent years to host youth football camps in the offseason. FULL STATEMENT FROM KORY LICHTENSTEIGER: “After much thought and consideration, I have decided to retire from the National Football League. I am grateful beyond words to the Washington Redskins organization. I would like to thank the ownership as a whole and specifically Dan Snyder and his family for the opportunity to play the bulk of my career here in Washington. “I have had many great coaches and teammates and I owe a great deal to many people for helping me make a career in this league. For any newcomer or unestablished player to hang around, he has to have people who believe in him. I will forever be grateful to Mike Shanahan and Jay Gruden for giving me that trust. “I want to say thank you to the wonderful fans of the Washington Redskins. My chapter is ending, but there are great things happening in the organization! There is a lot to be excited for and I am ready to join the already great fan base in cheering for this team! “I want to thank the entirety of my family for all their unwavering support and love. Surely, none of this would have been possible without them. Thank you to my agent, who has been with me through good times and bad. “Finally, I would like to thank Bruce Allen and Scot McCloughan. When I came to them after the season and shared my thoughts, they were extremely gracious and agreed to let me to ‘retire a Redskin.’ This is a great business, but it is indeed a business. And for that reason, I am thankful to be treated as family in the final hour of my playing career. Hail to the Redskins!”
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    I remember when we were considered a very knowledgeable fanbase. I honestly can't tell the difference anymore between trolling and absolute stupidity.
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    Desean is one of the best deep threats in league history. Those guys aren't in the same stratosphere as DJax. Stop it.
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    Whose the one whining like a ****? Maybe the issue is that the right has cultivated a voter base who would rather spend 8 years whining about Obama, all the while also whining about how the left is a bunch of whiney little ****es who need to shut the **** up, that they would then feel compelled to elect the whiniest candidate in the history of politics and after all that, spend the duration of his term whining about how it's the left's fault that they elected him.
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    Talking tough on the Internet is the true measure of manhood. Except that the idea that we're going to elect a complete moron, devoid of ethics and substance, to be president just to piss off the whiny libtards is the biggest collective hissy fit in the history of mankind.
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    When Scot was hired, it was Bruce who told Snyder he had to be patient if this was going to work... Yet the story now is that Bruce is "jealous" that the guy he wanted for months and hired to turn things around is getting credit for--wait for it--starting to turn things around? lol....Not to mention that Scot M is starting to get some criticism for his draft classes not panning out yet (duh...it's only been 2 years) and that his free agent signings have largely been busts. So what exactly is there for Allen to be jealous over? lol..."The press isn't criticizing me as much as they are Scot!...I wanna be criticized, too, dammit. I'm as much a part in our late-season collapse as anyone else in this building!...I know...I'll ban Scot from doing any interviews. That'll learn 'im!" This reminds me of the story that Jason Cole (I think) said that Cousins wasn't talking to RG3 and couldn't even be in the same room as Griffin, that's how stressful and terrible their relationship had become. But then something like a week later, the WPost does a story on Cousins being named starter and in it the writer mentions that Cousins and Griffin attend Bible Study together, and that when Kirk found out his father had cancer, Griffin and McCoy were the first players he talked to about it. But to a lot of fans and even writers it didn't matter...Cole's article confirmed people's biases so it got tossed around as fact and truth. (Edit: I think I got the timing of the articles wrong...the article talking about the bible study and Cousins' father's health came out 2 months or so after Cole's article...however, the bible study session and talk about his father occurred right around the time of Cole's "They aren't speaking/can't be in the same room together" stuff, so the overall point still remains in tact) Or the time where, after we found out that Scot was being hired as the new GM, Rick Snider claimed that it was "fan backlash" over A.J. Smith's increased role in things that made the Skins go out and hire a real GM...said something like "See? Fan outrage can and does effect things."...Of course when other writers waited to get facts to write their stories on the hire later, we found out that Allen and Snyder had been in contact with Scot about a possible hire as GM while the 2014 season was still going on...and months earlier than any "fan backlash" over A.J. Smith ever took place. But yanno, no real reason to hold back on anything as a journalist when your gut feeling can serve as an 'insider source'. Or--speaking of Cole again lol--how Jason Cole came out with the story that Scot M had to "stand on the table" for 5 hours to convince Snyder to let Gruden start Cousins. But that was a year after the ESPN story from Russini and Schefter that made the claim that the meeting was 2 hours, not 5...and that story was refuted by other stories, most notably from the WPost and PFT, with PFT saying that the majority of the 2 hour meeting dealt with Snyder and Scot talking about what exactly happened to cause Griffin to be cleared to play after going through concussion protocol and then having it rescinded a day or two later....not about Snyder needing 2 hours to be convinced to let Gruden start Cousins. So not only was Cole a year late in his "scoop", but he more than doubled the alleged "Convince Snyder to let Cousins start" timespan from 2 hours to 5 hours. But damn if there weren't some fans here parroting Cole's "5-hour meeting" comments as something that had just now come to light, and that proved their suspicions about Snyder were correct.
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    From meeting Bruce and Scot. It's easy to see the same on TV. Scot is a straight shooter, brutally honest. Bruce is a nice guy but the ultimate smooth politician. With sensitive negotiations going on or about to go on, I gather Bruce wants a politician out there spinning things and I don't think that's Scot's style. I think the most silly part of that article is the Aubrey Pleasant part as if him not being back is a disaster. I think Galdi's tweet sums it up well for me. I generally like Mike Jones but him going on and on about Pleasant being lost to the Rams was the kicker to me that he just wanted to write a doom and gloom article -- hey what if everything goes bad? Kirk's gone. Every major FA is gone. The defensive coach fails, etc. Yeah agree with Jones if every major decision fails in the off season and it all goes wrong, things would be bad at Redskins Park and there will be consequences. But I don't see how that's a revelation outside of Jones laying that out as a viable possibility. Al Galdi ‏@AlGaldi 24m24 minutes ago More Nothing against Aubrey Pleasant, but when exactly did he become #Belichick? Reminiscent of over-reaction to #Redskins losing Morocco Brown.
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    ^^ The best thing that came out of the above link was another link to this: I don't know how I just saw this, it was tweeted last month.
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    I'm currently a 4th year Podiatry student preparing to graduate in May and have been interested in his case for a while. To throw actual numbers into the discussion based on studies, 10% of patients who sustain an Achilles tendon rupture had a pre-existing Achilles issue. In my opinion, that does not lead to a bleak outlook for Doctson. Based on competitive athletes throughout all of sports, not just football, Achilles tendinopathy occurs in 24% with 18% in younger athletes. Tendon rupture occurs in 8.3% watering down the number more so. These numbers are taken from UpToDate which is a resource most medical professionals use. I think he has a chance to return fine if he has the proper approach. I refer to the issue as Achilles tendinosis instead of tendinitis because the Achilles tendon is not like other tendons as it does not have a synovial sheath which is a lubricating cover over most tendons that can get inflamed causing the tendinitis. Without any history or information on his case but since reports are most of Doctson's studies are unremarkable, the problem he could be having is biomechanical. He could have Equinus which is a limitation in the ankle to bend upwards or dorsiflex. Due to this, he would have pain and discomfort. Yes, rest and stretching will help with his discomfort, but it is not addressing the anatomical issue. He would need support and orthotics which I would hope the team has recognized by now. Again, I know nothing about the case, but something like this gets missed a lot.
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    Really is coming together impressively. Almost like we had a plan. Bunch of hot young guys. Oh wait..... Crap.
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    I'm a physician. I get job offers nearly every week to at least double my salary to move to a small town and be a generalist. Not tempting (I like my current job and location) but medical talent is definitely not distributed evenly across this country. There are federal programs that will repay med school debts to new grads who will go to underserved areas. Those tend to be tough jobs - lots of sick patients, minimal back up, minimal access to specialists, etc. Even with those programs, there are many gaps. Foreign-born docs fill a lot of those gaps - usually very well. There are a huge number of excellent foreign-born doctors here. I work at the Mayo Clinic, and I have colleagues from all over the planet (including quite a few from the 7 countries in the EO). Many of them are amongst the finest physicians in their field. We are lucky to have them.
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    Not a Dak/Cowboys fan, but this thread is stupid and reeks of salt.
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    it shows a pattern of extreme psycho-sexual sadism mixed in with a narcissistic personality that could lead him to murder someone on the field, or maybe even several someones. We should pass on this guy before someone gets hurt. ~Bong
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    RE: "system QB".. They are ALL system QBs. Tom Brady runs a system, a structured offense. He just knows it like the back of his hand. Aaaron Rodgers.. system.. he makes it work with his guile and arm, but it's still a coordinated attack. (Even his miracle pass against the Cowboys,, I know I heard in a postgame interview with McCarthy that they had practiced that play, and had gotten on the TE because he wasn't able to get his feet down in practice. They may have "drawn that play up in the dirt" like the pundits say, but they drew it up earlier in the week.) Know who isn't a system QB? Johnny Manziell.. he plays sandlot football. How's he doin'? RG3.. he has never been anything but an athlete expected to go out and make it happen. when he has to stay on system.. he stinks out loud. Cleveland is looking to replace him already. System QB is a cliché that really doesn't have any meaning anymore. All QBs get plays from the booth, and the booth is now allowed to talk to the QB up until 15 seconds left on the playclock. They diagnose defenses for the QB and relay it down pre-snap. The good news is we have a good system that runs receivers open all over the field. Our QB is pretty good at running that system, and getting better. ~Bang
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    FAKE NEWS reporter Dan T. of failed Extremeskins.com won't cover Crooked Hillary petitions. Very dishonest!
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    I definitely think he's earned it. 1. His numbers are outstanding. Can't be argued. He is rewriting records on a team with QBs in the Hall. 2.His leadership is outstanding, at least by how much i can see as a fan. He is constantly deflecting praise to his teammates, constantly exhorting them as a team. His teammates have responded. I have not heard a single bad word about him from any teammates or team sources, and given how leaky this place is and how our media loves to stir controversy, that says a lot. 3. The more he plays, the more his negatives decrease, and his positives increase. 4. He doesn't take big hits because he gets the ball out quickly. This makes everyone on the offense better, and means he can likely play for a long time at a high level. When he has been hit, he is durable, gets right up. I can't recall having seen Kirk have to get up slow, or even need to be looked by a trainer during the game. 5. ALL TALK of controversy is GONE. (other than the 'will they sign him' talk.) But all of the divisive media talk is gone. This team is actually functional for the first time in forever. I put no small amount of credit on Kirk for that. He handles every opportunity with the press perfectly, never makes waves, gives the jackals nothing to chew on. Hell, the most controversial thing he's done is shove that ref in the pro bowl charity game, and who cares? He's the All American boy, and that attitude buys a lot of latitude from press and others that can try to make waves. 6. Anything else you can think of. The negatives are miniscule. Kirk has done all this team has asked of him. Reward him, and he will reward us. I'm certain of it. As to whether he "wants to be here"... money buys loyalty. Show him the money he's earned, and he'll want to be here. ~Bang
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    If the Skins are playing well next season and start off 3-0, every single one of your mf'ers will be back in a nanosecond lol... "Real" fans want wins...that's it. It won't matter what the process was to get them or who was traded/cut/signed/re-signed, who was fired/hired/promoted...if the team wins all of that stuff is pushed way down the list. You think your disillusionment with the "decision making process" is gonna trump the euphoric high of seeing Doctson making some insane TD catch against the Cowboys? Please. Until the games are played all of this is just posturing.
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    Wow, that's impressively bad. He even states a few times that he has no facts and is making it up.
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    I need to see you in my office. And bring your Playbook.
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    Anyone remember when we had a Republican president who was a highly decorated aviator in World War II, former director of the CIA, and graduate of Yale, and the biggest complaint people had about him was he didn't know the price of milk at a grocery store and agreed to raise taxes after he said he wouldn't because the situation changed?
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    Heres how i see our draft going by round Round 1: Redskins draft the kid with completely unrealistic expectations heaped upon him by fanbase Round 2: The "steal of the draft!!!" 47 players taken ahead of him? Who cares! All those teams are dumb! I want his jersey! Round 3: "He was the best player in the country before he got injured!" "What was his injury?" "He lost a leg to gangrene but it should grow back by next year's OTAs" "Sweet!" Round 4: Whitey Whiterson, QB, University of Eastern Iowa. This kid has an arm! He should be ready to start if he can learn to throw a football accurately. Hes never completed a forward pass but wow does he throw hard!. Round 5: trade back with seattle for this years sixth and next years first udfa Round 6: "This guy runs a 4.3 40! What a steal!" Can he catch? No. Can he run a route? Not exactly. Can he break a tackle? Definitely no. But hes fast! Round 7: Quequeg Alijandro, defensive tackle, university of zimbabwe
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    God I just can't get over it. I hate the Vikings for giving the Eagles a first rounder back after they wouldn't have had one this year from the Wentz trade. So damn frustrating a team was that stupid and desperate for Bradford. Bradford! Argggggh. The Eagles got rewarded for being stupid by another stupid team. Stupid stupid stupid.
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    This just occurred to me: there's a huge population of Sudanese refugees in a certain area of town here...I worked with a girl years ago who was a volunteer for one of the advocacy groups that helps them assimilate. Despite being a part of town that is less than desirable, they've kind of turned it around, for the better. (I had to drive through there a bunch when I was getting porch kitties fixed at a clinic nearby this past summer. It was actually a nice experience, seeing folks out on the lawn of a mosque for prayers because the building was full.) Police were directing traffic for parishoners to cross the street, and no motorists were losing their minds. Awesome.
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    Just about every Redskin has had to wait an abnormal amount of time. Jason Tayor getting in on the 1st ballot is complete horse****.
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    I hereby donate 1 million alternative dollars.
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    Got a meeting with a recruiter tomorrow morning and he's presenting my resume to some companies today. One that is interested is in NW DC, which would be an ideal commute for me. Fingers crossed! Also, my federal tax refund hit my account today. BOOM!
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