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    Love it. With all the energy I put into this thread pumping Richardson up and defending him. I got to get that dude's jersey now.
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    This thread is getting off topic..... For those of us that use this thread to get updated on the free agency news, sifting through all the random thoughts makes it difficult. Can we please keep it to FA news. Random thoughts, and temper tantrums about our FO have their own threads. Thanks HTTR!
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    This is difficult for me to write. Back in 2003, my best friend told me about a website where Redskins fans went to talk about the team and about other stuff. I didn't know a damned thing about message boards, but I took his advice and went to this place called Extremeskins. I haven't left. Jkam was Jack's screen name. He didn't post a whole lot, but he was a Redskins fan to his core. He was a season ticket holder, and had been going to games since he was a kid. His dad had season tickets all the way back to ****ing Griffith Stadium. Jack and his wife and kids welcomed us to our new neighborhood when our young family moved in, and we've been friends ever since, for more than 25 years. And he introduced me to this virtual neighborhood called Extremeskins. He was a kind soul, a damned good lawyer, a lifelong DC area-sports fan, and was always even-keeled even as he fought a 6 year battle against a ****ed up disease that ultimately took his life one week ago. I never heard a word of despair or bitterness from him even though he was dealt a crappy hand that ended his life too soon. Even at the end, his focus was on his family and his friends, not himself. Do me a favor. Take stock of your life this weekend. Take a moment to enjoy that beer you are drinking, and feel lucky you have the life you do. Don't take anything for granted. And even though you didn't know him, raise a toast for my friend.
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    I've generally stayed away from the FO bashing, can't be bothered with it really. But that will change if Hankins gets away. He is exactly what we need, we get him through the door first. We simply have to sign him, and there are no excuses.
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    For Immediate Release March 7, 2018 REDSKINS TO HONOR 1987 REPLACEMENT PLAYERS WITH SUPER BOWL RINGS LOUDOUN COUNTY, Va. – The Washington Redskins announced today that the organization will honor replacement players from the team’s 1987 squad with Super Bowl rings. An exact date for the celebration of their contributions will be announced at a later time. The contributions of the replacement players were recently highlighted in the documentary Year of the Scab, produced by TEN100 in association with Leftfield Pictures (an ITV America company). The film, directed by John Dorsey, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in the spring of 2017 and aired as part of ESPN’s “30 for 30” series in September. To properly honor the players for their role in the team’s 1987 championship season, the Redskins have worked closely with the documentary’s director, Dorsey, and a number of key partners throughout the last several months to make the rings a reality. Baron Rings will furnish each of the players’ rings, while diamonds will be provided by Uptown Diamond. “The 3-0 record of the Redskins replacement players was part of the remarkable success of the 1987 Washington Redskins,” Owner Dan Snyder said. “Their contributions are part of Redskins history and represent an integral reason why a Lombardi Trophy from the 1987 campaign resides in our facility today. Thanks in part to the generosity of our partners on this project, we are happy to honor these players for their role in that World Championship.” On Tuesday, the Virginia General Assembly officially commended the replacement members of the 1987 team with House Joint Resolution No. 151, expressing “the General Assembly’s admiration for their determination, hard work, and incredible achievements.” Quarterback Tony Robinson and defensive lineman Anthony Sagnella represented the replacement players during the passing of the resolution in Richmond on Tuesday. In Washington’s first game with replacement players, the Redskins defeated the St. Louis Cardinals, 28-21, as wide receiver Anthony Allen finished the day with seven catches and a single-game franchise record 225 yards. The next week, the Redskins defeated the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants, 38-12. Despite the strike ending four days later on Oct. 15, 1987, the Redskins’ replacement players played and defeated the Dallas Cowboys, 13-7, in a Monday Night Football matchup despite the return of multiple starters for Dallas. The three victories earned by the replacement players helped propel the Redskins to an 11-4 regular season record and an NFC East title. The Redskins would go on to defeat the Denver Broncos, 42-10, in Super Bowl XXII to earn the team’s second Super Bowl title and fourth World Championship. -REDSKINS-
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    Don't get me wrong, I am all aboard bringing Murphy and/or Galette back. But the consensus that Preston disappears or that people don't see anything special of him is just wrong. I presume because his sack numbers are down to mediocre, it seems people are down on him. Numerous reports/reviews suggest otherwise. Here are just a couple: From bleacher report via NFL1000 Scout: And from NFL.com: Preston is underrated. Some of our fans just don't see it either because they all want 15+ sacks.
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    I think people around here need to understand football is a game of absolute patience. frustrated that the team has been a sideshow for years? No one can blame you. Frustrated with how the FO has been run? Preach. But a lot of this stuff doesnt get sorted over night. It’s all a process. Negativity permeates. Agents are aware of social media, as are teams. If you think players and agents aren’t aware of things that are said on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and even ES itself you’re fooling yourselves. There is certainly room for some negativity as it pertains to this team. Things haven’t been functioning as needed for a very long period of time. But we help perpetuate the negativity surrounding the franchise. ”Then fix it”. Agreed. But if people are reading these forums to get a general feel (they are) then players and agents see the dysfunction from a mile away. Even the thread welcoming Alex Smith turned into a negative side show. People are 100% aware of this stuff. And the thought is, “damn, this team’s fans hate this team.” And then we sign players... because of the money we offer primarily. Im not saying be in love with everything, or not to voice concerns. I’d be hypocritical in saying that. But what we CAN do is be a bit more open minded with some moves and a little less, uhhh, dramatic with some of the moves. Granted, it’s an extremely SMALL part and not what will ultimately drive a franchise turnaround. We all know that. But we can do our part simply by not being rage filled schmucks (obviously this doesn’t apply to a lot of the posters here... but it does apply to a decent number)
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    Agreeing with me is wise. Without going into too many details, though, my wife and I had a long talk with gbear and I think he made the correct decision. That's pretty close to what she's getting. My wife and I have had three previous rescue retreivers so we know how to deal with the inevitable issues that crop up, and we have no kids or small dogs. She and Bean met, and they got along great. There were a few normal behaviors that always happen when dogs are attempting to work out the pecking order, but we know how to manage them, and the only alphas in this house are humans. Also, Bean outweighs her by 30 pounds so again, I'm not worried. It was our pleasure. You do so much for so many needy kids I'm glad we can help you out in some small way, and really, it was time for another dog. We just got back from a walk where she did great, and we already love her. So the rest of you stop trying to give our dog to a rescue, please.
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    100.000 articles posted in BHRBN. 99% of them have been posted by Bubba9497 and HapHaszard and their dedication to this website... This section wouldn't be what it is today without both of them, so achieving this milestone I feel like I had to post about them and thanks them once again. Sadly, I wish I wasn't the one posting this article, but that's how it is. Hope you're still enjoying reading it. Hail.
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    These guys aren’t expected to be practicing until mid April. Games not until August. What the Ravens did was bull**** and hurt the Redskins and Ryan Grant and is a horrible look for them. If the Redskins did that the world takes a dump on them but you seriously celebrate this? It’s beyond slimy this is bad business Grant wasn’t injured. That’s the point. They saw a better player for that price and made up the excuse to not honor the deal they made with Grant. How is that something good you want the Skins to do? I usually agree with you but this is too much
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    A few things I'm hearing- There's discussions on bringing Grant back They won't offer Logan more then they did last year though it still may come together They can't find anyone to trade for Cravens, but they also do not want him back in the building either With the Guard market going nuts they're ****ting their pants at what Scherff might cost them now. They want to get that done before they have to pick up his 5 th year option of around 15 mil Ty could get moved to LG with an entire offseason to make the switch though he is coming off a surgery
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    Was just watching an ESPN segment on the trade (on youtube - no idea what time it aired). Available here: They were basically saying that we'd made a really smart move, to get the best available QB locked up early before everybody started scrambling and paying crazy money. They pretty much unanimously thought Smith is an upgrade over Kirk - basically saying that Smith is smarter, and you can rely on him a lot more than Cousins to not screw up mentally. Think he's a better leader too. To cut a long story short, they really like Smith and think our FO did a good job to get him in the building early. Whatever your take on the whole KC/AS conundrum, I think it's time that the cult of Kirk either fall into line and get behind our new QB, or go and follow Minnesota. I like Smith, I like the contract, I don't like losing Fuller, but it is what it is. Welcome Alex. HTTR
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    4 or 5 starters with no backup plan? Really? Long was not going to be the starting C(Roullier) or LG (hasn't played there in 2 years). They may have the backup G already on the roster or my need FA/draft. Murphy is not a starter and R Anderson is the plan. Breeland = the "plan" (that you don't think they have) is to start Moreau (most likely) or Dunbar (less likely). Grant is not a starter...and if he was he was replaced by P.Richardson. Cousins is replaced by Smith. Lauvao isn't gone yet (but he will be and I hope soon) and his position needs to be replaced at starter caliber via FA or draft. Brown isn't gone yet. Galette isn't a starter or gone yet. That's 2 starters (KC & Bree) both replaced by another player/plan. I get that you might not like the plan but try not to exaggerate stuff...it makes it hard to take people (not just you) seriously when that's going on.
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    Again, free agency starts tomorrow. The only guys off the board are the #1 LG, an upside but oft-injured Center ... #1 and #2 WR, and a couple QBs. And for everyone clamoring for Haloti Ngata signing with Philly ... NO ONE here wanted that. And no one was talking about Star Loutolelei either. Jeez, Ngata hasn't even been a name I've heard in a few years. Relax. Also, these early signings are the big ones that usually never pay off ... there's hundreds of guys out there to be had. And remember ... our first two signings last year were McClain and McGee and our last two were Swearinger and Zach Brown. People on here seriously yearn for the days of old when we were the ones making the splashy day 1 moves but they never panned out. So relax.
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    Kirk owes a lot to the Redskins. First off, the 'skins are the team that drafted him. 31 other teams said, no to him at least three times before the Redskins said, "We want you." Second off, they made him their primary back up and gave him chances to start immediately. That doesn't happen often. Usually, you have a gray beard backing up a rookie pick. A normal team makes Kirk their third stringer. Third off, Kirk got a boatload of second, third, and fourth chances.When Kirk first subbed for RGIII he flashed, but he was an interception machine. He looked frankly awful. In fact, over multiple seasons, he had to be benched for bad play. RGIII and Colt got benched for injury. Cousins got benched repeatedly because he kept throwing multiple pick games and often on consecutive drives. The team, however, kept coming back to him and kept giving him opportunities. How often does a fourth rounder get five, six, seven chances to fail? Fourth off, Jay Gruden and McCloughan went to the mat for him and even though he was pretty bad the first half off his first season as a starter they stuck with him. I suspect there are a lot of QBs if given the number of opportunities that Kirk has gotten would improve. Kirk, to his credit, took advantage and kept working at his craft. He improved a lot and proved worthy of those second, third, and ninth chances. So, while we talk about everything the Redskins did wrong to Kirk both we and he should keep in mind that Cousins received more benefit of the doubt than most fourth rounders ever would. When Kirk sucked in 2013 and then again in 2014 not a lot of teams would have stuck with him. Yes, he was better than Griffin, but he was also bad enough that the team was forced to bench him. I don't begrudge Kirk disliking Allen, but he was the recipient of a lot during his time here. Eventually, in 2016 that paid off for the 'skins, but it's pretty damn rare that a non first rounder gets as many goes as Kirk did. He was not a victim. He was a beneficiary. I'm okay with Kirk ultimately being a selfish, greedy player, but he ought to be a selfish, greedy, grateful player.
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    I was wondering if this would ever make it on to ES. This whole thing started with our insurance. It’s important to note that the 1990 teachers strike resulted in a really good state sponsored insurance plan in lieu of more raises. (They also got a 5k raise, which in today’s money is about 4.5x what we’re fighting for now.). The insurance for teachers in WV was always a selling point to somewhat offset the abysmal pay. Since that time it has slowly been chipped away. Keep in mind, we have no real collective bargaining In our state. Our legislature controls our salaries and also the amount that they’ll fund for our insurance each year. After 28 years, our legislature has yet to find a committed funding source. We have not had a raise in a decade. In that time our insurance kept rising. Just in the last 3 years our deductibles quadrupled. Out of pocket max went up by 40%. Premiums have went up a lot but I don’t want to give a number because I’m not sure. So this year our legislature touted a 5% pay raise spread out over 5 years. But it’s not really 5% , it’s 5% of aggregate teacher salary (42,400,so we aren’t even using the mysterious 45k-49k that keeps getting floated around. And that equates to 404$ per year). In the meantime, they proposed crazy PEIA increases, changing how they figure premiums, changing from 80/20 to 70/30, limiting out of state coverage (which is huge for us in border areas) among other things that would have cost us from 5-7k more out of pocket. They were going to require us to use fitbits and report data regularly or face even bigger hikes. So so they control the insurance and the slalries. Move money around tell us we are getting a raise. I won’t compare us to the miners plight but it’s almost like script. So we fight the insurance and they don’t really move on it for the first few weeks of the 60 day legislative session. Then we start to protest. Walk ins. People going to capitol. Start to plan a strike and suddenly they start trying to do run game with PEIA. But they also introduce bills clearly designed to undermine teachers. Dropping requirements to teach, strengthening laws against right to assemble, bills clearly aimed at weakening unions. And no REAL movement on PEIA. Eventually they propose and pass a 2%/1%1% pay raise. By this time teachers are ready to walk. They announce a 2 day walk out for 2/22 and 2/23. All 55 counties call off school 2 days. No movement. Counties then call off school next two days. Our governor on 2/27 goes on a magic carpet ride around the state hosting town halls. He manages to tell one woman that “I can play the town redneck too!” , ask the crowd “You’re not gonna shoot me are you?” He gets back to Charleston that night, meets with a group of legislators, budget advisors and union reps. Holds a press conference and announced we are giving 5% raises to all education employees and we would be back to work Thursday, citing Wednesday as a cooling off period. Senate Republicans hinted they might not pass it but we wouldn’t know before Wednesday so we bucked union advice and stayed out. And we were vindicated when the House passed it 98-1, the Senate let it sit all day Friday and most of the day Saturday. And after 5 hours or so voted to amend the bill and lower the raise to 4%. So thats where we are at. Teachers here have been packing and delivering food bags around the countybto needy families. I spearheaded a volunteer effort to assist at the various places that are providing low cost child care options. Our community and board of ed have stood behind us. But we’re tired.
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    Jesus. We gave up a 3rd rounder AND a player for an annoyingly long URL? WE GOT ROBBED AGAIN.
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    BedlamVR -- you can defend the quality and integrity of Skins FO, if you want. And it's your right to view Cousins as "sour grapes" (i.e., he was never really that good, not a leader, mercenary, never willing to bargain in good faith, etc, etc,) apparently in line with the themes of messagings coming out of sources the FO tends to use. ...But I won't. I won't allow the FO to make me deny all the quality of many of Cousins' performances on the field that I'd observed (and later replayed many times to gain full context). No QB is perfect, especially with a team still struggling to rebuild -- but Cousins showed me that he was worth being the Skins QB of the future. And I won't allow the FO sources to make me forget the quality of CousIns --as a person. I observed many good things of Cousins in his college career --as well as his thoughtful speeches to civic groups;, his candid pressers; his tact and politeness in dealing with difficult questions in the media; on how he never threw anyone under the bus; on his modest, yet respectful way of living his life as an NFL quarterback; on the manyb hints of his strong devotion to God, marriage, and family; on his fierce competiveness to win, in all venues; and on being true to the virtues instilled in him by his parents (who were also virtuous people). .. And somehow we're being asked by "friendly" FO sources, to believe that Cousins is this grasping, greedy Scrooge --who only cares about money? Apparently, the "Skins" cannot just let any decent quality personnel just leave, the FO prefers that these "deserters" must also be ridden out on a rail, tarred and feathered. I contrast my observations of Cousins versus what I've observed from years' worth of charges, innuendos, etc. being laid at the feet of the Skins FO -- from many players, coaches, a GM and even the NFL -- during Snyder and recently Allen's reign. And frankly, I've grown disgusted with FO's sleazy, demeaning, devaluing tactics used on those who didn't surrender to their demands. Lastly, I've seen enough video of Bruce Allen to convince me of the power and perhaps even the willingness of his role for for having the FO engage in these tactics. Bottom lines: Cousins is not to blame for years of Skins dysfunction. (Oddly, his loyalty to his coaches and teammates probably made his leaving the franchise a harder decision than you'd think.) Look elsewhere ...towards the skybox! Alex Smith --another good guy-- will probably serve well enough as a substitute, until his injury-prone supporting cast start winding up on IR. The sad thing is that he represents the feeling of the FO that you can get by with a standard-to- good QB, even though Skins have no running game, no passing game, and no healthy shutdown defense. One can always point to how the Skins FO management and scouting have somewhat improved ... because when they're near the bottom-level performers, there's nowhere to go except upward. But don't fool yourself into believing that "GM" Allen who developed his style under Al Davis, and the Glazers, that you'll get a prime-level organization. (For example, what Allen lacks in negotiating relations he makes up for in post-negotiating spite!) Lastly, a quick gut check: If you were to look back at the ferocity and pride with which you used to declare out loud ..I am a Redskins fan! ...from the times before Snyder's ownership versus today and what Snyder's FO has done to the current status of Skins... have you noticed it's become a little harder to be so proud, and forceful? It's almost been reduced to becoming more of statement of fact, rather than of pride. BTW, I still declare publicly I'm a Skins fan, but, when I think of Redskins pride --- the last thing that comes to mind is Bruce Allen. I'm ashamed of him, his tactics, and the fact that he wants to field a team that wins profit margins, rather than division championships. Skins fans deserve more!
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    I'm so tired of Kirk Cousins. I can't wait for his new team to overpay for him and have buyers remorse after the first year.
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    I dunno man, he's been squirrelly on Russia of late... But the unfortunate reality is that we are not a parliamentary system. Voting for a 3rd party won't be a worthwhile endeavor 99% of the time. The one exception is basically where a 3rd party candidate is polling above 5% in a Presidential election. However, if the Libertarians couldn't do it in 2016, I have my doubts about anyone being successful going forward. I used to say "just vote, regardless of for whom" but this administration has changed my thinking and frankly should be a wake up call for us all. Clinton, for all her warts, would basically be a 3rd term of Obama. We presently lack a functioning government. State dept is dead. Corruption is rampant. The majority in Congress has totally abdicated their responsibility to investigate and protect the public from what essentially is a foreign attack. It is absolutely imperative that everyone associated with Trump be expelled as quickly as possible from government. We likely have a small window to retake and hold onto the mantle of global leader, and we need to act on it. Trump is actively destroying it. Even in the face of a chemical weapons attack in the UK, out closest ally, he wavers and waffles. Republicans in Congress aid him in this. Indeed, I fear it may be too late, but if 2018 and 2020 swing hard enough, we can perhaps fix the errors. Voting for 3rd parties or write-ins will not save America from the cancer of Trump and his GOP conspirators. We live in a first past the pole system. Polls demonstrate Trump's base is mostly holding. It's less than 40% of the countrt but its holding fast. They must be overwhelmed at the ballot box, for they will not vote 3rd party like others will. There is a time and a place for 3rd party votes. This isn't it. The Republic needs us.
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    In a normal race, I can see going third party. If the choice is between Romney and Obama or McCain and Obama then third party is a perfectly reasonable stance because while you may like one guy less than the other or like one guy more than the other... neither are catastrophically bad options. Trump was a catastrophically bad candidate. That throws all the rules out the book. If you are facing a nuclear explosion and your only chance to get out of town is to get in a smoker's car I don't care how much you detest cigarettes. Hop in and hold your breath. There are times to make a moral stand and a time where acting for the public good is more important.
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    I don't want to jinx it but I'll just say if they sign Hankins, I don't care what else they do in FA.
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    Sh'yeah, right lol... ES would be ****ing to high heaven about the crappy 3-13 season ahead with McCoy behind center, letting Cousins go without getting anything in return OR having a viable backup plan, how none of the QBs in the draft are all that great and the one or two that could be good won't be there at #13 anyway, that the way the FO botched Scot and Kirk means they'll botch the comp pics as well next year so who cares if they get any, on how all the players being signed elsewhere shows that Allen systematically dismantled the team Scot put together out of ego/pride/whatever...etc, yadda, blah blah. Still having fuller and that 3rd round pick would barely make a dent, nonetheless have ES members pumped.
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    You know what sucks about this mentality presently? And, before I say it, I want to make sure everyone understands that I absolutely agree with you here - they should be aggressive due to the situation they’re in (that’s roster-wise, but unfortunately because of multiple FO screw ups they will be for reasons that aren’t good and can have a negative impact long term, some of which you listed above). But it sucks because this should’ve been done last year with a much better FA crop by all accounts. What if they were the ones aggressive in landing Alshon Jeffrey and Calais Campbell as well as Zach Brown, for instance? They probably could’ve still fit in one of Djax or Garçon, as well, though granted it would’ve been on the edge. Imagine that, though? The roster was in good shape last offseason. Many of us here saw it. I know both you and I were clamoring for them to be aggressive, that the window was open for them to really take the next step. I believe the 2017 season proved they were close, too, by ending up 7-9 with that difficult of a schedule and that many injuries. Instead, we’ve got the majority of media insiders around the NFL saying scouts and team sources in general view this Free Agent group as the worst in years. The large amount of trades we’ve already seen is evidence of this as teams are choosing to get their guys via that route instead. Not only that, but we had an exorbitant amount of players on one year deals, so it was obvious then the time to strike was immediate as it’d be tough to maintain the next offseason. So NOW we decide to be aggressive? That just bothers me. I don’t know, I hate how negative I’ve become about everything regarding this FO, but it just strikes me as another example of utterly poor resource management. Where was this urgency last offseason? Situational context is everything. We don’t believe in losing your mind in FA all the time and we certainly believe that the draft is the most important resource an NFL organization has. But when you do a good enough job there and you’ve got some level of stability throughout upper management, the coaching staff, and personnel... it’s not only okay to get aggressive it’s arguably demanded. Finish the job! If all the beat writers are right and they want to be aggressive now, I’m like you, I think it’s a good thing. But deep down inside it absolutely kills me that it’s something they want to do now versus last offseason. It feels like they never arrive to the right decision by being wise. It’s for bad reasons. So now you want to get aggressive because you want to prove you were right about Kirk? What!? What does that imply about what you were doing previously? Did you not want to win before if you feel like getting aggressive now is necessary or the right thing to do? What changed your philosophy? And now you change when it’s a tougher environment to do so and the market is more restricted? My God, it’s maddening really to think about. In the end, if they hit on the players they target it won’t matter. Bad FA crop or not. So, God willing, they do. I don’t want anyone to think I’m saying it’s hopeless. It isn’t, they can pull this off if things go their way and they let the right voices within the organization win out in whatever convoluted process they have. It’s just they rarely make it easy and once again I’m stuck questioning their foresight.
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    With you following him out the door, I agree completely.
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    It's somewhat comforting to hear Doug acknowledge just about every deficiency we have, I like what he said, hopefully we can execute.
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    I think that there is an element of "if you can't say anything good, just don't say anything" going on. I personally think that Graham did a horrible disservice to this country, because the rise of charismatic mass-market evangelical Christian conservative political tribalism can be attributed in large part directly to him. I don't think he intended anything evil of course, and I have nothing against him personally, but I have nothing to say about him that isn't colored by my underlying feelings about his legacy. So I kept quiet (until now). Plus he produced Franklin and got him his current platform, and that's awfully hard to forgive. *goes back to lurking*
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    He's getting $4.5 million a year more than the $23.5 extension AAV for Smith. We lose a 3rd rounder and Fuller and we get a late 3rd (maybe). Everything about this is a complete failure. We would have been better off just signing Keenum.
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    Of course If he doesn't get enough, he's a **** who screwed the Redskins. If he does get enough, then he's greedy and cares only about money. You can blame him either way. Isn't that convenient? How about this- when he gets significantly more that the Redskins best offer of another 4 years, 86 mil with 29 guaranteed, then that's proof that the Redskins' offer was a joke and he was smart to scoff at it? Because that's the truth.
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    I can only assume youre including the preseason
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    7. An unknown rich relative bequeaths me $997,000. I become a millionaire.
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    Preach. I'm amazed at how quick fans have bought the Bruce Allen/team narrative that Kirk is just a greedy, sub-par QB and now the Skins are poised for success because he's walking out the door. Uh...where the hell have these fans been since 1999? This team is never poised for success, and when it is, it always finds a way to shoot itself in the foot.
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    The President of the United ****ing States had a two year long affair with a porn star while his wife was pregnant, paid her off to buy her silence right before the election, and it’s not even worth its own thread on ES because Trump has done a dozen other worse things this week and it’s only ****ing Tuesday.
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    Just what we need - even more overrepresentation of rural conservatives in Congress. We already have to deal with the fact that a voter in Wyoming or Alaska has literally 50 times as much polical power in the Senate as a voter in California, and get to suck at the federal revenue teat twice as hard. Lets give them a few more Senators to make that even worse.
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    Trump is obviously the coconut radio. Same hairstyle, same annoying habit of blurting out random bits of information with no context that he picked up from the local news airwaves
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