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    I used to have a Cousins jersey, but it tended to unravel during high pressure situations.
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    Are you ready for some football mockery? First up in 2018 - the Arizona Cardinals. Let's start off with an old favorite:: QB Sam Bradford
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    Checked The Tape‏ @Bucket_HTTR How Twitter GM's see Adrian Peterson #Redskins
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    Figure having 1 place to report cuts would be a good idea. I will do my best to keep a running list of REDSKINS cuts here to keep track. I am at work so please bear with me. Shout out to SemperFi for this link in case you want to see what other teams are doing http://nfltraderumors.co/2018-nfl-roster-cuts-tracker/ 34,846 posts Report post Posted 26 minutes ago For Immediate Release September 1, 2018 REDSKINS MAKE ROSTER MOVES LOUDOUN COUNTY, Va. – The Washington Redskins announced today that they have made the following roster moves: The Redskins released the following players: RB Kapri Bibbs DL Phil Taylor, Sr. WR Brian Quick C Demetrius Rhaney The Redskins waived the following players: DB Fish Smithson DB Kenny Ladler DB Prince Charles Iworah DB Quin Blanding DB Ranthony Texada T John Kling T Kendall Calhoun T Timon Parris T T.J. Clemmings WR Daniel Williams III WR Darvin Kidsey WR Simmie Cobbs, Jr. WR Shay Fields LB Cassanova McKinzy LB Dadi Nicolas LB Jerod Fernandez LB Martrell Spaight LB Pete Robertson LB Vontae Diggs QB Connor Jessop QB Kevin Hogan TE J.P. Holtz TE Garrett Hudson TE Matt Flanagan G Isaiah Williams G Kyle Kalis NT Ondre Pipkins DE Dante Sawyer RB De'Veon Smith DT JoJo Wicker The Redskins placed the following player on their Reserve/Injured list: G Tyler Catalina` The Redskins placed the following player on the Active/Physically Unable to Perform list: DE Stacy McGee The Redskins placed the following player on the Active/Non-Football Injury list: DB Joshua Holsey With the moves, the Redskins’ active roster now stands at 53 players.
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    I am as critical of this FO as anyone, bit not sure why anyone would be against this signing. We gave up nothing for him and he is a 1 year rental at vet min. Zero downside. Offering a high draft pick for system players like Mcnabb or Jason Taylor, or entering Cap Jail to sign Haynesworth, or trading picks to sign RFAs like Coles... these were all bad deals because we gave too much in return. Here we are giving nothing. What am i missing?
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    So... I got married yesterday. It was a "pop-up wedding". Would have told y'all, but I'm almost sure I have family who roams ES sometimes, couldn't take any risks. It was disguised as my wife's birthday party, but it was planned to be a wedding the whole time. Don't remember if y'all remembered, but I think I mentioned her mom passed away back in February... So I didn't know when we'd actually get married because her psyche was shot. So she asked me about six weeks ago how'd I feel about doing the pop-up wedding. I didn't hesitate to answer. I know people rag on marriage at times, but this is something that I needed in my life right now. She really makes me want to be better.
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    Giants released aj Francis. I wonder if he has ripped the team on Twitter yet. He probably thinks their team name is prejudiced towards small people.
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    University of Phoenix Stadium Home of the Cardinals Roomba [Cuz the Cardinals r gonna get swept, amirite?]
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    I think a lot of people are missing the important parts of the AP signing--first of all, the intangible--it shows that regardless of what Gruden says to the media that his current RBs will see, he's not content with what we have and not blindly trusting in Rob Kelley. That's good on multiple levels but mostly its a relief that he's not content to let his job ride on a bad RB. His ego isn't that big or blinding. Now for the tangibles--we don't really need 1,000 yards and a dozen TDs from AP for this to be a successful signing. Like all Gruden teams this will be a pass heavy and probably pass first offense. To get teams to respect your run game even when you don't, you need to at least be able to threaten on the ground in important situational football--3rd or 4th and short, and the GL. I don't care how washed he is, I'll take AP's vision, old man strength, and veteran awareness in those obvious run situations over Kelley.
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    QB Coach Bryon Leftwich Idi Amin
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    Translation... we don’t want to play Smith or Colt on Thursday and this way if Hogan gets hurt we don’t have to insert Tress Way at QB. I hope Connor enjoys his next five days.
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    https://twitter.com/natalieweiner/status/1034533245839450113 The replies from others in the same predicament are pretty funny too.
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    Kinda random, but I was just reminded of this incident, and shows what a humble guy he is.
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    I'm not trying to be a party pooper but I think it's important to recognize what the real problem is. A lot of people think it's Trump. It's not. It's not the GOP either. The root of the problem is that we live in the wealthiest nation in the history of the world, have the easiest access to the greatest amount of information (and misinformation) in the history of the world, have more tools at our disposal to influence people than ever before and a better understanding of how to do it, and have created a system where money can be used to influence our political leaders and voters practically unchecked. The reason the GOP is where it is today is because a bunch of greedy mother****ers recognized that they could infiltrate the party, mislead people, and then game the system to their benefit. If the GOP gets crushed and democrats look like they are going to have power for the foreseeable future, don't think for one second that those same people wouldn't start figuring out how to manipulate the left and that the whole thing couldn't be flipped in 20 years. Really, really rich people are very good at using their resources to buy influence and they don't give a **** about donkeys or elephants. Politicians are humans who are easily manipulated for power. Both of them will do whatever suits their needs. Case in point... And voters... well we're all people and we're all capable of being manipulated. While we all sit here and squabble about which party we hate more, that actually makes it easier for us to be manipulated and for the people who are pulling the strings to continue along on this same path.
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    It's so sad that this is where we are... the guy brought up his child the same way that he was and was taught a serious lesson that it's no longer acceptable. He was a young parent, he apologized, never did it again, can we please for the love of god move on. This is a football thread.
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    Quite frankly, the more I think about it, I'm gonna be pissed if tomorrow passes and AP isn't a Redskin. Not that I think we're getting 2010 AP or something, he's old and there's a lot of mileage on him but I like his chances better than anything we have to offer right now. I've made it to the bathroom faster at a Taco Bell than Kelley can hit the line. Perine fumbles way too often (I know Peterson does too, shut up) and I don't see him having the vision or anything to offset that. I can't take anyone named Kapri seriously unless she's a stripper. I like AP's chances to turn back time and have one more glorious season rather than having Kelley, Perine and Bibbs do anything significant. I'll take that gamble any day over the other three. We can't roll into a season expecting to win with this current crop.
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    Personally, I think Peterson STILL offers better speed and vision than Kelley at this point. And because its clearly not a long term solution, I don't think it will lead to any issues with Guice getting his touches next season.
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