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    People need to start asking themselves are they supporters of the United States of America or Donald Trump. Because it’s getting increasingly difficult to be both. Impossible in fact.
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    Just admiring: 1) Barack Obama saw a hostile foreign government engages in a long-running, covert, operation to harm our country. The information was obtained by some of the most covert and sophisticated intelligence tools in our nation's arsenal. (And revealing that he has said information might threaten said tools.) His assessment of the situation tells him that the attack will not succeed in harming the country (at least, not in any directly attributable way). He attempts to make a neutral, bipartisan, message, promoting American solidarity, while revealing very little of the actual intelligence (including not revealing which political Party the Russians are helping), and is rejected (by the senior member of the Party which the Russians are helping). Obama weighs the projected harm of allowing the attack to continue (which is estimated to be low, if any), against the harm of revealing the fact that we are aware of the Russian attack, and chooses not to reveal the fact that we know. 2) Skippy the Turtle, the ranking member of the political Party whom the Russian espionage agencies are attempting to aid, was approached by the current (and about to retire) President, and asked to make a joint public service announcement, making vague (and thus not classified-information-revealing) generic slogans asking the American people to stand together, and to not allow propaganda being sent to our country by enemies of our country, to affect their decision in the upcoming election. And refuses to do so. I can see two possible reasons for doing so. One is because Skippy knows damned well which Party the Russians are helping, and he wants all the Russian help his side can get. The other is that he simply will not permit the appearance of bipartisanship, even on a matter as simple and pro-country as a call to reject foreign propaganda. In short, in either case, he chose Party over Country, at the very least. 3) The Donald Trump campaign, when told that the Russian espionage agencies wants to help him win, drops what they have scheduled and clears room to meet with the Russian representative, to discuss/negotiate/coordinate said aid. (And then follows through, after the meeting, with giving Russia something they want, and receives said aid.) Guess which decision of the above three our resident Trump supporters think we should be looking at, as a shameful example of placing politics above doing the Right Thing.
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    Title changed. Too much happens with the orange man to change the title to something he's currently screwing up, so I figured that would cover all the bases.
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    Went back and re-watched highlights from every game this season on youtube. If you get a chance, i highly recommend doing so. 9 months of no film and only message board material definitely gives a revisionist view of things. I had not seen any game film since the season ended. Here are some knee jerk reactions of things that I think shaped the season and stuck out to me on second viewing. The Good - Wow, Chris Thompson really was everywhere, but almost every highlight looked like the same screen playcall. If it ain't broke don't fix it I guess, but hopefully he gets some different looks this season. - Doctson made more "difficult" catches than i remembered. Unfortunately, most of them came during points of the game that made them largely irrelevant to the final score. Much more excited to see him next season after re-watching these games than I was before. - Vernon Davis is fast as hell, but loves to run in any direction except the endzone. He's a huge asset, but I think were on borrowed time with him. - Swearinger was by far the biggest impact player on the field on defense. Numerous times he looked like the only one with any situational awareness and who wasn't just "going through the motions." - Defense had alot more turnovers and picks than I remembered. - That Swearinger hit on Marshawn Lynch was glorious. - The Maurice Harris catch in Minnesota and the Doctson catch in Seattle were so refreshing to see. Hope our new QB is willing to air it out down the field more than our old one was. - Lots of WIDE OPEN receivers make me optimistic about our offensive potential next year. - Healthy d-line is gonna make our CBs look so much better next season. The Bad - That fumble call against the Eagles in week 1 still pisses me off - Josh Norman was basically invisible - Jordan Reed was a complete non-factor - Crowder caused more fumbles on special teams and cost us more games than i remembered. Almost every game had a "shoot ourselves in the foot moment", and whether it was a fumble or an interception that was supposed to be caught by him, he was almost always involved in them to some degree. - I think were gonna miss Ryan Grant more than originally anticipated. - Cousins took alot of unnecessary sacks - Our ability to finish drives was atrocious. so many instances of a big play down to the goal line, only to cut to the next drive and show that we got no points out of it. Similarly, our number of points scored off of turnovers was really bad too. - Pryor obviously. - Alot of running backs missing holes and being chased down from behind. - Our run defense was still the most painful thing I've ever seen. Inability to stop the run cost us so much wasted effort and inability to get the defense off the field. - Tight end across the middle continues to be this team's Achilles heel on 3rd and long - I still don't know how they managed to lose that Saints game
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    I'm not tempering ****. I'm excited to have a running back who's legit. I want to smash people in the mouth in the 4rth.
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    LSU alum here. Guice is the real deal and I was just as impressed by him as I was by Fournette. I’ll say it again but he is a future All Pro in this league and will be one of if not the top 3 backs in this league in 2-3 years. He is going to be an absolute animal for us. We got a gem and this along what we’re trying to build on the front 7 of our D has me the most excited for this team in a long time. Still can’t believe we got him, especially at where we got him. I was good with us using our first rounder on him, he is that good. He’ll be better than Barkley.
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    The real issue with the country right now isn’t the Dems inability to carry rural districts. The big problem is the inability of rational, moderate conservatives to win a GOP primary.
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    I'm going to work tomorrow. My colleagues are going to work tomorrow. And we're gonna keep doing what we've been tasked to do: keeping the public informed and making the world a better place. Come and take it you reactionary mother****ers.
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    Okay boys and girls, I have an apartment in Cedar Park TX. That's great! Unfortunately, my POD won't be delivered until July 9th. I can empty my car, camper, and storage unit here, so all isn't lost. Yay, Dancer and I have a home!!!!!
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    Black people are lazy. Asians are sneaky and can't drive. See how ugly that is?
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    “Man, he’s been everything you could ask for,” Thompson said. Thompson has had a close-up view of Payne and has had the chance to really watch the tackle’s approach since he is still rehabbing from a leg injury he sustained last year. “Watching him and Brandon [Scherff] go at it is a beautiful thing to behold and we’re talking about Daron going up against one of the best guards in the league,” Thompson said. Other veterans have mentioned the strength that Payne possesses is off the charts. The rookie has also shown great technique in his hand placement and movement. Another veteran player mentioned that Payne even looks to be a few weeks ahead of where last years first-round selection, Jonathan Allen, was heading into training camp. Allen went on to have a strong rookie outing before his season was cut short due to a Lisfranc (foot) injury.
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    So the number of kids who are drinking, doing drugs, and having sex has gone down but the number of kids who are unhappy has gone up. Hmm...
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    Obama had a failed presidency despite: Saving both the American auto industry and the American economy pulling us out of the greatest recession since the Great Depressiom and by extension saved the world from a potential global economic crisis Changed health care in this country forever and brought affordable healthcare to 20+ million additional people captured and killed Bin Laden Pioneered America’s global leadership in renewable energy sources and climate change initiatives to save the planet Helped push same sex marriage rights into law and allowed gays to openly serve in military improved Americans image, standing and relationships across the world Passed a ridiculous number of consumer protections laws and programs such a net neutrality, Wall Street reform, housing market/financing reform etc I could keep going. And he all did all that despite having a Congress actively working against him and refusing everything he tried to do for 6 of his 8 years. Imagine what he could have done with any normal congress that actually wanted to help Americans instead of the BS Republicans he was stuck with Despite that, despite the fact that he dealt daily with racism against him and had his legitimacy as an american, much less a president called into question for years, he never acted as anything less that grace and class. Never had any scandals (real not Fox News scandals like tan suits) and was by all accounts a loving and devoted father and husband. He was an inspiring and unifying global leader not just an American one. easily the best president of my lifetime (born in 86) and most people’s lifetime on here as well. Second best would easily be Bill Pullman from Independence Day.
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    For the record, Bill Kristol is largely responsible for the theocratic neo-Nixonian ideology that gave birth to Trump. This is the douchebag who pushed for screwing over fiscal conservatives/libertarian republicans in favor of evangelicals/ social conservatives. This is the guy who told McCain making Lieberman his VP pick would lead to a revolt at the convention, and championed Sarah ****ing Palin instead. This is the guy who wanted W over McCain in 2000, who called W one of the greatest Presidents and Rumsfeld the best Sec of Defense ever. This is the asshole who got financing for Evan McMullin to get on the ballot to try and prevent the Libertarian Party from reaching 5% and qualifying for federal funds. He is not principled. He is the Dr. Frankenstein and Trump is the monster he created but can't control. **** Bill Kristol. It's jerkoffs like him that made me abandon the GOP even before the rancid pumpkin took over.
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    Alan Dershowitz is a crisis actor. But seriously, this is the most ridiculous non-victim thing I've ever read. "OOooohhhhh my friends at Maaaaarthaaaa's Viiiiiineyeeeeerd won't associate with me! They've SHUNNED me! SHUNNED, I say! I daresay they shan't invite me to the Summer Ball! I'll simply DIE of embaaaaarrrrrrrassment!"
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    Remember when it never occurred to you that Colt McCoy would be the only guy in this photo still here?
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    Today was last day at second longest job I've ever worked for. Gave it everything I had to help as much as I could and enjoyed doing it, but it was time to go. My original request was for it not to be announced until my last day; I didn't want people to think I was checking out or panic because they knew my department was already understaffed and everyone hated my counter-part. I just wanted to keep helping without a whole lot of attention thrown my way, but they had to announce the job was open and managers were asking why. Anyway, I've never felt so appreciated as I did today. There were customers that were sad I was leaving, one even offered me contract work on the side, but I turned it down because I knew it was out of frustration with the remaining staff (couldn't tell them homeboy was possibly in for rude awakening when more people brought on, but I already knew). Pretty much every employee in the company came to my desk to wish me good luck and that they were happy for me, many of them trying not to comment on their concern which I had as well. So I thought everything was cool, but they weren't done. They threw a surprise potluck for me out of nowhere, I got a card signed by everyone in the company, a picture to hang up, a pen made from scratch by the former CTO in Redskins colors (wore my Sean Taylor today, btw), and $220 in cash pooled by those who worked in the office. It's not like when I left my last job where on last day my manager and some co-workers got me so drunk they helped me to my couch and I walked several miles in the AM to go get my car. I remember hitting a strip club in between with them, but this... this was different. My last job knew they were going to have a hard time replacing me (latter admitted that they gave up and one of the owners just started doing my job himself), but wanted me to leave anyway. This one they all expected me to give up, throw in the towel years ago, the red tape, the BS, the nepotism, but I didn't. One of the first ones in, usually the last one out everyday, even after I put in my notice. This one, people were basically telling me that out of serious concern for the effect on the company and their own jobs they didn't want me to go, but was happy I was able to get out into a better situation. They were tired of telling me I work too hard and to go home, they did what they could to show how much they appreciated that, they knew I was non-exempt and deserved more if I was going to work like that. I'll tell anyone that character is what you're doing while no one is looking, and if you stick with it, people will eventually notice. And I expect better stories then mine (this is pretty tame, leaving last job was ratchet but prototypically for this type of thread)...I gave three weeks notice, but I'm sure some of you gave less then that in your own special way : )
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    I think the relationship between Gruden-Smith is actually setup perfect for success. Gruden is on in the hot seat. This team needs to win now. He’s not tied to a young developmental QB. He’s going to open up the playbook and call aggressively because he has nothing to lose. He’s going to leave it all out on the field this year. He doesn’t have a QB situation with uncertainty, playing for a contract and not taking risks (throwing to covered receivers). Smith is going to his last destination. He’s going to a franchise that wanted him, traded for him. Gave him a big extension. And a veteran team. He’s been given the green light to throw deep and into coverage. He has the full support of his head coach. He doesn’t have a young highly drafted QB in waiting trying to take his place. There’s no pressure. He’s the man. He’s going into a situation of the last few seasons of his career, he just wants to win. So he’s goIng to be aggressive. As Gruden has said, he needs to win in week 1. This should be an exciting season for us all. It might go down in a ball of flames... but I don’t care as long as they start being aggressive and playing to win.
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    It's not about us needing to have listened to Will. It's about Will suddenly realizing maybe he should have listened to us.
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    I hate that man. Truly. I have little to no respect for ANYONE who still supports him. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. There are only two types of Trump supporters: Millionaires and Morons Check your bank account to see which you are.
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    Payne, I agree with. He is a day 1 starter. No doubt. He fills a huge need and is a physical freak and should change the run D immediately. As for Settle, you keep talking about his "physical issues". I have posted several times what he has already done and is doing in terms of conditioning including already losing close to 50 lbs over the last 18 months, and now working directly with a conditioning coach that his agent got for him, and continuing his regimen even after the season was over and has lost an additional 13 lbs. He went from a playing weight in 2016 of over 360 (about 365 I believe) to a playing weight of 335 last season, to 329 at the combine to 323 at his pro day. Not sure what he has to "fix". His teammates like Zach Brown are already talking about - don't forget about big Tim, he is looking good out there. So yes, I will take that challenge. I believe he will get some meaningful playing time this season. As for the next few seasons, he may be out of football just because that happens in the league - but not because of "weight issues?"
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    Sometimes I think people around here actually enjoy being sad.
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    He plays video games. Repeatedly. *Shudder* Also his brother was charged with second degree murder, which totally means that Derrius is a ticking time bomb who will explode violently. Probably because of video games.
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    This conversation is getting off-seasony.
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    That hearing was an embarrassment and a disgrace. The GOP is treasonous. And don't give me any of that "Oooooh, the left is losing it!!!" **** that I've been seeing on here lately. First, I'm not part of the left. Second, what else am I supposed to call it? How many of the top intelligence experts do we need to hear say it? Russia attacked our country. Many people from Trump's campaign were involved with Russia and a whole lot of other shady ****. There has been a coordinated effort from the GOP to obstruct the investigation with a campaign of lies and idiotic conspiracy theories that are effortlessly swatted down in every instance whenever they are unable to keep us from hearing from the top men and women in that field. Every day they tell Americans that the free press is their enemy and that the FBI is not to be trusted. **** these mother****ers. Now I'm going to go pop into the other thread where some our resident pawns defend the monstrous policy of unnecessarily taking children from their parents because their party's idiot base will let them get away with treason, pedophilia, and making super rich people a little more rich at the expense of everyone else as long as they get to see some brown people suffer. The GOP is the ****ing worst. Sometimes I just can't believe how many people are so brainless and/or unprincipled to still support this garbage.
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    Thanks, I got Romeo 2 years before I met my wife so he was the first piece to the family. Somehow my children leveraged the passing of my dog to break down my wife into getting a new puppy. So now we have Leo.
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    Just admiring the 172nd iteration of "this disaster isn't the fault of us people who knowingly voted for it. It's the fault of you people not overruling us."
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    A couple late Father's Day gifts arrived today from the wifey. These are going to be hung up in the man cave.
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    Most Republicans are just mad that Hilldog has a bigger dick than they do.
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    I called a 5th grader a racist because I was uninformed about ski dialect and didn't understand what he was saying about there being too many blacks on a particular mountain for him to ever go back. I can never teach again.
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    Congress should pass a bill with funding for a wall provided it is paid for by Mexico. Anything else would be undermining the President and his campaign promise.
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    I say Cube, because there's a whole song about how people forgot about Dre.
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    I was going to post something similar (but using way too many words) to this in response to Mommy's question, but that's basically it in a nutshell. She went so high he just walked right under her. She played chess and he pissed on the board. She expected knowledge and common sense to prevail, but he seized control of the dumbest of the dumb, and the most gullible people imaginable, and beat her, and managed to turn many people off of both of them (which was a win for him ultimately) Nah... They go low, you kick them in the face.
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    Payne will be the best interior DL for Washington in 2018 imo. He will prove he should have been taken in the top 5, at minimum. After watching each snap of his, I cant believe anyone thinks hes just a run stuffing NT, thats not even what hes going to be best at, much less will it be all be can do. On a front of freak athletes, he was almost always the first player off the ball & he can get through the line when he pleases. Imo, hes better than our very good DLs, Ion & Allen, today. He wont line up at NT as frequently as most anticipate, he can do too much to behind the los. We should go add Hankins & take things to a level not seen in DC in decades. Payne is going to put Travis Frederick on his ass, more than once. Mark it down. No more Zeke spoon feeding himself in Washington.
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