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    The Browns have had the courage to defer a total rebuild to one draft. Something several of us have been begging for for years and years on this forum. (Instead of a first round pick in 2009, 2010, 2011.... go for 3 first round picks in 2012 and an additional 3 2nd round picks that you got in a trade., e.g.) 1. The Browns have 12 picks in this years draft. 5 in the first 2 rounds. 1 and 4, overall 2. The Browns hired a non football guy to run their operations. In this case, Paul DePodesta who you all know from Jonah Hills character in Moneyball 3. The Browns invested in the best GM they could find in John Dorsey, who in turn is investing in more front office talent, poaching Alonzo Highsmith from the Packers 4. Projected $118 million in cap space The Browns have the best upcoming draft position in the history of the league, the most talented front office in the league, and a non football ivy league economist running the show and looking for value in systems that by and large are being built by aging ex jocks and assorted dumbos. He wont have a hard time, especially with $118 million in cap space What a time to be a Browns fan. I would take 1-31 in a second to be where they are. After all, they have as much to show for it as we do. This is what the Redskins have needed since 2006. Two straight years of SUCK with a front office smart enough to leverage that suckage into future value. Instead, we are on the perpetual 7-9 merry go round, always with limited cap space, always putting another band aid on the terminal patient.
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    Thanks for posting that link to a Rams podcast. I have been searching far and wide for some in depth football discussion about a team I don't give a **** about. Good luck in the playoffs. Enjoy your loss to Minnesota.
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    Lets maybe wait until next season to give him a nickname. This was his rookie season, he had 500 yards, 6 TDs, and created 2-3 others due to pass interference penalties at the 1. Rod Gardner was thrown over 100 balls in every season here. Statistically the only season of his that Doctson hasnt ALREADY eclipsed was his 2nd season, where he had 141 targets. Doctson only got 78 targets, and got almost 1/3rd of those in just the last 2 weeks of the season. If he had 141 targets like Rod did his stat line would have been 903 yards,11 TDs. Statistically this year was also better than 2 out of Garcons last 3 years here. Maybe give him a sophomore year?
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    I hope you all are blessed with a joyous Christmas! God bless you, your family and friends!
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    This is what’s missing from this entire conversation far too often. It’s not just about Kirk. This is as bad of an organizational failure as it gets. There are aspects of it that will linger no matter what happens, but if Kirk ends up elsewhere the damage is even greater. I believe it was @Tsailand, last year, who even posted a compilation of posters saying the same thing right after the 2015 season. There was a bunch of us. That’s not to say we’re some geniuses with impeccable foresight, it’s quite the opposite. There were a bunch of us because it was friggin easy to see! My view at the time was simple. Kirk was doing things at the QB position we hadn’t seen as Skins’ fans in a long, long time. It wasn’t gimmicky. There wasn’t any crazy athletic plays or much in the way of off schedule stuff, where you could question its sustainability. It was mostly on schedule, operating within the scheme (one that is tried and true at the pro level, wasn’t suddenly going to be “figured out”, and has concepts that apply to every offense ran in the NFL), and he was deciphering defense’s properly the vast majority of the time which then enabled him to nullify the pass rush since he’d get the ball out quickly. To assume he’d fall off at that point and regress to bad enough levels not to warrant a long term deal was silly. There was enough tape on him. He didn’t come out of nowhere and teams had already went through a phase of figuring out what he likes to do, punishing him for it, and then he was able to overcome. The likeliest outcome was that he might regress a little bit (which wasn’t a slight, had he kept pace with those numbers the last month of 2015 it’d be Hall of Fame worthy), he might not, but there was an obvious floor you could see at that point. It didn’t take much foresight to recognize that. But even IF you were legitimately worried he would severely regress, it wouldn’t change a thing because, to put it simply, the team’s two best shots at contention at that point, if that’s the goal, were: 1) Build a team around Kirk, who doesn’t regress and continues to improve as he had shown to that point, through the draft. Trust the coaches you hired who felt the same about him. Yes, it’s harder with an expensive QB contract on the books, but that’s why you hired Scot and finally recognized how important having top personnel guys running that side of things is. If he does regress... 2) Draft a QB (or two). Heck, do that with late round picks even if Kirk doesn’t regress. Continue to build through the draft. You could do this even with an expensive QB contract on the books since it’s likely the young QB will take time to develop anyway. If he doesn’t take time, great. Seahawks signed Matt Flynn to an expensive deal and then drafted Wilson. Cowboys had Romo’s expensive contract on the books when they hit on Prescott. A QB on a rookie deal emerging mitigates the other expensive contract. To think that the potential cap space saved by not spending it on Kirk at the time (remember, that’s whatever money subtracted from the tag itself, so not much, maybe about 7-12 million a year in cap space) would be used on FAs of whom would be enough to put the team over the top was laughable. Especially knowing where our roster was. Furthermore, the people within the building get to see him everyday and should have a handle on whether or not he’d continue on the trajectory he was on. By all indications, his coaches felt he would. So it was obvious to me that the worst possible outcome was to let him play on the tag. This isn’t hindsight. I just didn’t see how that was in the best interests of the FO. Since I believed the likeliest outcome was that he’d play at a similar level to 2015, then all it meant was that his cost would only shoot up. The risk of that was far greater than the risk of him severely regressing. Not to mention letting him flirt with the tempting idea of Unrestricted Free Agency. When it actually happened, I was stunned. Shocked. Dismayed. But I went along with many here who argued it wasn’t that crazy. I allowed myself to accept it with the one caveat that they’d better get it done the next offseason were it to make any sense (basically, be 100% sure Kirk’s 2015 wasn’t a fluke - as silly as I thought that was - at the cost of maybe $3-5 million more per year). Fine. I let my homerism take over. Then we did the unimaginable, tagged him again, and let him play on it. Unbelievable. That’s $44 million now spent, money that could’ve been rolled over and/or used on our own soon to be FAs and/or other FAs, on a guy WE DEVELOPED for some other team to benefit from at the most important position in the NFL. It’s simply maddening. It makes no sense. It’s so stupid, so damaging on an organizational level it’s mind numbing to think about. It goes against so many sound philosophies regarding football team building, like developing your own and building through the draft and having stability at QB, that it’s astounding. IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT KIRK. Look around the league, do you see players getting tagged because their respective FO “needs to see more”? That is utterly moronic! You use the tag on your best players. Guys you simply don’t want to even see getting near FA while you hopefully work out a deal. Not someone you’re unsure about. It is insanity to pay the average of the top 5 positional contracts to someone you’re “unsure” about, let alone at the most expensive position. And what the hell are you getting paid to do in the personnel department? Disgusting. Just because it was a “unique situation”, which I’m not sure I buy considering these people had him in their building for years, doesn’t justify being indecisive to the detriment of the entire team. They wanted their cake and to eat it, too. Cowardly stuff. If you don’t believe in the guy enough to sign him long term, let him go. Trust your assessment. But they were scared he’d succeed and they’d look like idiots. So, really, deep down, they actually DID believe in him long term. It would’ve taken two seconds of self-reflection to recognize that the reason you feared he’d go elsewhere and succeed is because you actually recognize his skill. So they tag him to keep him from doing that. Not to win. Not to build a contender around him. But to keep him, in the moment, so that he wouldn’t make them look bad just in case. That’s their priority, and I don’t see how any other explanation makes sense. They were indecisive because they believe they’re not good at what they’re doing. Scot had a little bit of foresight initially and they ignored him, because that’s what the top brass does. They undermine their own hires at the very thing they hired them to do. At least Scot recognizes they made a big mistake (notice how he makes sure to say “organizationally” every time) that offseason, whether it’s easy for him to say now or not since he’s not a part of it. On a side note, I don’t know why we keep bringing up Scot now and how it was handled after that, because there’s so much we don’t know. There’s certainly plenty of evidence to suggest he was undermined pretty quickly, and likely more and more as time went on. It’s not as simple as “he wanted to trade Kirk in 2017”, because it could’ve been as a result of understanding that Bruce wouldn’t pay what it took and that the tag was idiocy in that case. There’s a lot of context missing here. Same is happening to Jay now. When you’ve got people above you making mistakes behind the scenes, while you operate on the surface, surprise surprise, you look like the mistake-prone fool. Guess who eats **** in the return department when the boss decides to change the policy to two weeks instead of a month? And you’ll likely make mistakes trying to mitigate those other mistakes. Especially if they then make you take on other roles you don’t or can’t excel at. Anyone who’s worked for bad people before will attest to this. But I digress. The reason you don’t see franchises applying the tag on QBs is because it’s super expensive and that’s the one position on the field you want to have stability at. It is the least “plug and play” position on the field, and is pretty much on the same level as coaching since it requires so much understanding of scheme and implementation of scheme, which takes time. It’s simply the antithesis to the idea of franchise tags, hence why you almost never see it applied to QBs. You use tags to bide time while you do everything you possibly can to sign him and/or ensure your stud player never hits FA. Not to “see more”. And not on the most expensive position in the friggin NFL. ABSOLUTE CRAZY SAUCE. The moment you felt like you weren’t going to sign him to whatever amount you thought he was worth (they were wrong), you let him go and begin to develop someone else. People say, “it’s just a one year deal, one year cap hit”, but that’s ignoring basic economic principles. The cap can roll over. It can be used elsewhere. To spend that much money on an asset, invest time in developing that asset, drive up its market, and then get nothing in return for it because you were just renting the entire time? Lol. You could’ve saved that money and used it on something that would benefit you long term when the opportunity arose, whether it did sooner or later. I wonder if anyone here who’s okay with how the FO has handled this rents an apartment or whatever on a yearly lease. They should spend a ton of money remodeling and renovating that apartment while they’re in it. Fix everything at your own expense, too. Heck, don’t even let your renter’s insurance help if something goes wrong. Pay it right out of your own pocket. Same logic. Landlord will be happy, at least, when your lease expires and you go elsewhere. So what do we do now? It boils down to two things, and one of them doesn’t make much sense as it stands: 1) Do whatever it takes to sign Kirk. Yes, it’ll probably take too much. Yes, it’ll likely hamper the team in terms of FA and retaining who they want. But you’ve already spent a crazy amount of money developing him and he’s good enough, and has shown that he keeps improving, to negate the fallacy of sunken cost. You hope that you hit on a draft just like the Saints did while Kirk continues to improve, making you an immediate contender. 2) You let him go and you go nuts in FA, building up a defense and stout running game that mitigates any likely issues at QB. You draft QBs when you can, don’t reach or trade up. If you’re stuck with one that sucks, oh well. Hope your team is strong enough to overcome it. The problem with pulling off the second option? You want a great personnel department lead by someone who’s unquestionably qualified and has the authority to shape the roster as he’d like without unwarranted interference. Which we don’t have. The other problem is we’ve got a Head Coach whose main strength is the passing game. Might as well save him the embarrassment and let him go if that’s the idea because he’s being set up to fail. Putting the position most vital to said strength in flux going into his fifth year is just a wonderful recipe for disaster. He might not think so himself, as he should be confident in his abilities, but he’ll be wrong while he should never be placed in a position like this. He’ll end up the target of enraged fans who continue to misplace their anger. And that’s just it, isn’t it? Nothing we do is with rhyme and reason. With foresight. They set up those they hire to fail, minimizing their strengths and highlighting their weaknesses. There is no balancing act, no ability to provide support as necessary, ensure everyone is suited for their supporting roles and are enabled to excel at them. The bigger issue? The rest of the league knows this. The only people who will come here are those who will demand major dollars, so their priorities will be off. The entire league is laughing at us about the Kirk situation, and it’ll only get louder if he goes elsewhere and we get nothing for it. That’s why I don’t think number 2 should be on the table. It’s not just about Kirk. If we go with it then the likeliest outcome, in my mind, is that Jay will crash and burn to the delight of the idiots (and Jay has a ton of connections and respect around the league, so that’s another ding on Dan’s resumé). And you know how we do it as Redskins when our coaches crash and burn. It’s epic baby. Dan will pacify said idiots with a new and exciting HC who’s mainly in it for the money. Maybe we’ll be fortunate and Dan will finally structure the FO properly, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Even if he does, it’s unlikely we’ll get anyone truly qualified here. It’s going to take a while to overcome the perception around the league, if we ever do, something I thought was happening when we hired Scot two years ago. :/
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    7-8 with our schedule, injuries, and who we lost to? I'm not sad. But we need to stay the course. Lock up Cousins and Brown. Draft well. Sign 1 or 2 starters in FA.
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    What anyone believes Darnold or any college player can or can do is worth all the air in your hat. With the building aspect, its a balancing act. You have to have core players to build around, and the QB has to be one, because players come and go so fast.. this guy's contract is up in a year, that guy in two, .. Football is a team sport, and unless you have a Hall of Fame QB like Brady or Brees or Roethlisberger, then you have to mix it all so it comes together at the same time to win. We have prime positions covered. We have a QB in house. We have a left tackle, a damn good right tackle, and a right guard, and personally, i like roullier at center.. he could be better, but not an emergency there. We have pass rushers. We have a stout interior Dl with Allen healthy. We have secondary. What's missing? 1. health. 2. A playmaker or two on offense. 3. Various tweaks. Resign Zach Brown. A piece or two,, linebacker.. left guard.. we are not in need of massive player overhaul, we are not in need of totally changing out many positions. We can use some upgrades, some patches. Nothing major, no need for a big splash... except maybe for a solid playmaker WR or RB if one is worthwhile. (haven't looked at who is due to be a free agent yet.) We have neglected the RB position to the point where it's a hindrance. 28th in the league. Pathetic. Granted, line injuries,, but we have no speed other than Thompson. Fat Rob plods right into the pile. Perine needs work to be able to be effective, but I do like his proclivity to get better in the second half. Thompson's role as 3rd down back should stay,, he is not an every down guy,, the way he was used prior to injuries forcing him into the backfield for more carries was perfect, and he flourished. If we drop Cousins,, all of those other positions of strength potentially could be wasted while we blow Gruden's final season with Colt McCoy (which will MAKE it Gruden's final season... Quick trivia question.. how many former Browns QBs ever have success? It's a miracle there's even any of them still in the league,, but McCoy is one.).. then bring in a new coach with a new scheme and a new QB to either groom from the draft (Nevermind that is what we have done with Cousins.. he's not the bestest of the best so he's gotta go so we can repeat mistakes.), or we bring in a tired old vet .. or one of the multitude of bums that are out there. More Danny Weurffel Rob Johnson Rex Grossman John Beck shenanigans. Meanwhile all those pieces start to dissolve. and we are in the constant juggle that teams with no consistency are always in, always causing them to have 6-10 and 5-11 seasons. Because they're always in need of that next piece, and they are constantly chasing it. Next year it'll be another piece they will be missing. with the QB, everything else gets easier. If a coach and a QB develop together and are on the same page, it bodes better for success than continually trying again. Teams that do manage to pull off instant success throw a Baby Ruth in the pool because dopey fans think it's a much larger possibility than it is. Philly's success with Wentz and Pedersen is the outlier. Finding a QB like that in the draft is VERY difficult, and it doesn't happen very often. MOST quarterbacks bust like rotten eggs, and the "can't miss" guys are no exception,, they bust regularly. Which brings me back to the point at the top.. Darnold.. Rosen.. Mayfield.. These are the birds in the bush. We have one in our hand. Which is better? ~Bang
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    If you have spent a significant amount of time, money and effort on the Redskins over the years.... ...if you have spent money on tickets to the dull, lifeless stadium experience that is Fed-Ex field ...if you've paid for the overpriced parking that goes along with those overpriced tickets ...if you've bought a jersey, hat, tshirt, hoodie, poster, bumper sticker ...if you ever paid to get into training camp ...if you have dedicated time to watching weeks 1-17 no matter what the odds are ...if you have spent a stupid amount of time on Extremeskins arguing about something as insignificant as a 7th round pick ...if you think Reggie Roby is the greatest punter that has ever lived, and have a Shar Pourdanesh Logo Athletic jersey in your closet ...if you have ever tuned into Sonny, Sam and Frank (or Larry, I guess) on a long car ride ...if you know John Riggins is out of his mind but you love him anyway and still listen to him ...if you spend an inordinate amount of time wondering how this team would have been for the past 10 years if Sean Taylor was alive ...if some of your fondest memories as a kid (for those of us old enough to remember) are watching games in the 80s with your dad ....if you can remember the feeling and energy that this town has when the Skins are GOOD ...if you still cling to a little bit of hope You are a true fan. I've always likened this to an abusive relationship. Not to make light of something as serious as domestic abuse, but that's really what we, as a fanbase, have endured since Snyder has taken over. Constant abuse from a myriad of angles, most significantly making everything as expensive as can be with offering little to no substance in return. Crappy on-field product, average (at best) stadium experience and nothing to get excited about. Yet, we as fans, are told that we are loved, that we are valued, that we matter. Bruce trots out the alumni every year. You can't go anywhere without franchise reminding you HOW GOOD IT USED TO BE in the 80s and early 90s. Every year, those players look a little older, every year the dust gathers on those Superbowl trophies. Every year, there's a little less people in the stadium. Every year, there's a little less excitement about the team. "But hey baby. Remember when you and I were good together? Remember those times we used to hang out and stay up all night and get a little wild? Remember how good that felt? Remember that time I brought you flowers at your work and surprised you? Remember that time you introduced me to your parents and they told you after how much they loved me?" "Baby, I'm sorry I got drunk and hit you. I'm sorry you had to cover up that black eye. I won't do it again. I promise. I know I said that the last time I got a little rough with you but this time I really, really mean it. I only get that way because i love you SO MUCH and I just get a little outta control. I'm sorry baby..." Some people stay. Some people leave. And while I understand people who stay...I sure as **** don't fault anyone for leaving.
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    It's not even 2pm Bruce, lay off the Coors Light.
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    Last two week assessment: As long as we play the worst QBs in the NFL we can struggle to meaningless victories. Yay.
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    There are 50 million pages on the Kirk threads that address these points and I recall you've visited these pages because I recall this isn't your first rodeo on the topic. So I am gathering I am likely wasting my time to refresh those points. But what the heck, got some energy this morning. A. Kirk leads (or at least did as of a couple of weeks ago don't feel like checking again) the league in 4th quarter comebacks this year B. The offense was putting up good numbers with one hand behind their back this season and just one dangerous weapon -- Chris Thompson. Now they don't have a single weapon and have struggled in the last few weeks. C. Maybe there is 2 QBs in the league that can thrive without any run game D. Kirk has won the division already. This is his third year as a starter not his 13th. E. A bad defense, bad running game, bad passing weapons, bad blocking, bad special teams = a bad team. That's not on the QB. You take out the franchise QB out of that equation then you got the Cleveland Browns. Some people clamor to test that theory. But I am with Loverro's article, that's insane. You were talking Steelers and Patriots in a previous post. Steelers have arguably the best weapons in the league. L. Bell is probably the best running back in the league and leads the league in rushing. For Kirk we are just clamoring for a passable running game that's not pathetic. Steelers also have the best receiver in the league. Their #2 WR would be our #1. Patriots had Gronk take over in the 4th quarter for their win last Sunday. Who is our Gronk? Vernon Davis? Who is our Brandon Cooks who is poised to break 1000 yards? Ryan Grant? Yeah Kirk was better with Garcon and D. Jax but some act like those guys were elite. They weren't elite. Neither guy even sniffs the pro-bowl-all pro team. They are really good receivers. But they aren't even in the conversation as to the better receivers in the league. Bring back Kirk. Get the O line healthy. Just add one good receiver. One good running back. Some act like that's asking for the moon. How luxurious it is to give him a running back an average running game -- not a great one -- but average. And wow a receiver that you can rely on to catch the ball, no one special, but just one good one. But yeah that's not about pampering Kirk with weapons like Big Ben has. It's giving him something to work with. You can get your way and dump Kirk and we can go fishing in the draft and go get our own Blaine Gabbert type in FA. Still, these guys need something to work with. Even Aaron Rodgers has multiple weapons. Anyone of their top three receivers would arguably be our #1.
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    Apparently that awful white nationalist worm Stephen Miller was in the room when Trump said it. I predict at that moment he popped the most amazing 2 inch boner the world has ever known.
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    Well, Apparently we just dropped a deuce.... Strength and Conditioning coach Deuce Gruden will be leaving to join his father in Oakland.
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    Such nobility. You want to lose because you don't want your fan feelings to be hurt. It's ridiculous. Professional means they play for money, period. Loyalty and feelings are for sale. He doesn't "want to be here" is bull****. Money makes a professional feel wanted. And, if he has a professional attitude, which he does, he will be loyal to who signs his check. You know why Colt "wants to be here "? Because he is not good enough to be wanted elsewhere. No offers coming in for him, no platitudes being made by anyone. No one else in the NFL wastes time considering him as a starter and they haven't since he showed everyone why he's not. If Colt had the ability to be even a marginal starter, he would be. Talent at the QB is scarce, rarest in pro sports. No one who can play at a starting NFL level sits at #2 for as long as he has, especially given that he was drafted to be an NFL starter. There is meaningful film on him and every single team in the league who has needed a QB have removed him from their list of candidates. No trade offers, no wooing from anyone. QB is not only the hardest position to fill, it is also the one teams will reach for the most, the one they will overspend for. So to point out the obvious, Kirk has a line of suitors in front of him getting ready to make him their franchise. .. and Colt has nobody calling his name except fans. We can do the smart thing, or we can worry about our feelings and practically guarantee staying losers who will once again blow it all up and start over in another year. ~Bang
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    January 1, 2019 statement from the Washington Redskins- "After the team showed so much progress in improving to an 8-8 record this season, we are going to stay the course and retain Jay Gruden for the 2019 season."
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    Thank you redskins for a Christmas win!!
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    As opposed to "rebuilding" for 26 years and counting. You've "seen enough" but want more. ~Bang
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    The guy who has projected images onto the entrance to the Trump International Hotel in DC was at it again last night: https://www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/local/twitter-shows-****hole-projected-on-trump-hotel-here/2018/01/13/9f73fb3a-f8d4-11e7-a9e3-ab18ce41436a_story.html The poop emojis were a nice added touch.
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    Hard to know whats true but Breer obviously has ties with Kirks agent. So lets assume thats all true just for a moment. Two things 1. Kirk is 100 percent gone, gone, gone. No chance he comes back. Zero. Those comments are just him being diplomatic 2. Kirks head is pretty damn big and his loyalty is pretty damn low. Gotta say that is dissapointing to some extent in Kirk the human being. Sure the skins FO has handled this badly, but lets not forget it was the Redskins who drafted him, it was the redskins who gave him a shot (he sucked TOTAL ass), and then it was the redskins who gave him a shot again. The redskins have also paid him $45 million over the past two seasons. And now hes oyt shopping around to play for a winner? Seriously, that is some pretty disgusting, gutless, asshole behavior. So i hope Breer is misinformed, or that this is all part of his agents negotiation
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    I really don't understand people's definition of "****ty person to vote for." NOBODY doubts that Hillary is competent as ****, understands policy minutiae like very few other people in government, has been an active player in the White House for 8 years, Senator from a major state, SecState (where she became Putin's #1 enemy, which is a good thing), and basically checks every single box from a qualifications, competence and ability standpoint. But OMG she isn't huggable. SHE SUCKS. **** you. Grow up.
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    Not to be outdone, danny set up an analytics team at redskins park
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    if Kirk is truly open to staying in Washington I really wish he'd at least reach out to the team behind closed doors and tell them his agent will listen to offers before March. They can keep it private and not in the public. If staying on this team is his preferred outcome, I don't like the fact that he doesn't seem open to talks prior to March.
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    Came upstairs during halftime of the Jags game, there was a wicker basket in the kitchen with several "what to expect as a new dad" books in it and 3 positive pregnancy tests. God help us all, I'm gonna be a father.
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    Judging players based on one game is idiotic. And this fan base does it on the regular. No context to the rest of the situation, Kirk is on an island. This fan base has been so long in seeing anything they don't know what they have, ignorantly holding out for this notion of perfect that will never come.. ever. Because no matter how good it is, it's never good enough. ~Bang
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    One season actually starting and this thread pops up. Give the kid some time. Damn. He's got stuff to work on but the potential is clearly there. What the hell happened to the days of rooting for our players to succeed and develop? All it is now is player x sucks if they aren't an immediate all-pro. Makes our fan base look bad.
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    Too bad. I'm extremely over Gruden and this whole regime under Allen. Our ceiling with Gruden and Cousins and a healthy team is 9-7 or so, maybe 10-6 if things break right and we have good offseasons. With Gruden and no Cousins, unless we luck into a rookie QB phenom, I shudder to think what our floor is. Most importantly, this team and rooting for it under Gruden just isn't fun. They're streaky in execution and effort. They are under-prepared and sloppy and undisciplined. 4 years in even with the same QB and offense we're pretty middle of the road. We flash and have hot streaks and great halves but that's about it. Numbers without wins to show for it.
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    Cigarette smokers are the greatest patriots. They pay very high levels of tax, and then die before they get to use social security.
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    Now pull drew brees 2014 thru 2016. Put those numbers up and tell everyone youre also indifferent about him. And dont forget phillip rivers. Pull 2014 thru 2016 for him, too. Guess youre indifferent about great QBs
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    @Burgold I think Vigil is worth keeping around for camp. Was saying the same thing on twitter. If I have my way he'll be competing with Zach Brown and the kid from UGA for snaps, but he's a decent player. Martrell Spaight was absolutely awful today. Didn't cover the flat route on the FB twice, was the reason the touchdown happened as he was awful in coverage on the pass, then run over on the run. Not to be outdone by Alex Ovechkin, he completed the hattrick by failing to cover his man on the 2 point conversion. 3 plays, 3 times his fault, cost the team a TD. He doesn't need to be on this team next year barring a MAJOR overhaul in his skillset. Thought Cousins was fantastic other than the bone head pick, but that wasn't an easy defense and he got zero help from his WRs early on. Whether it was route depth or drops. I thought Roullier looks like he's pushing Long to LG, which would make for a pretty competent to very good o-line. I would say coaching has to be an A, I'm partial to Jay but anytime you get that kind of effort out of your team with nothing on the line but pride, you get an A from me. Hopefully the men will be ready to go next weekend as well. .500 with this many injuries is just a phenominal record.
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    I think Dan really wants to win and really wants fans to like him and his operation. But has an odd blindspot to the most obvious way to do it or is determined to convince himself that the best thing is for him to have his hand in shopping for the groceries and a big time executive would spoil that fun. We can nitpick through the litany of things that have happened under his watch but if we go pure big picture there is one King Kong level item that he either doesn't seem to think is important and or thinks the fans care about. And IMO he's dead wrong on it. That is,: A. Hire a stud to buy the groceries and stay out of the way. It's not: B. The personnel guy doesn't have to be anyone special. It's more important to hire someone he's friends with and close with and what happens happens. C. Hire someone that is a big name but not really a big name in personnel -- fans won't know the difference. It could be Gibbs or Shanny or Doug playing GM. IMO if he just understood this one thing it would over time make the team a winner or at the very least would earn fan trust. When you got an operation fans don't trust than you are going to be skeptical of everything you don't like on the surface versus trusting the process. When it comes to defending Dan and Bruce whether its here, on twitter, call in radio -- you name it -- they have very few backers. Most fans seem to be detractors. And considering the team hasn't won more than 10 games since Dan has owned the team -- he obviously hasn't learned that most people don't buy into his approach. The biggest thing that Bruce IMO missed when Scot was canned was that for many of us it wasn't per se about losing Scot specifically -- it was abandoning the winning formula that most franchises adopt. Bruce/Dan following up with Scot's departure with the Doug hire IMO was a smack to the face of anybody within the fanbase who buys into the Steelers, Packers, Seahawks model, etc. It was sort of an arrogant loud statement that hey we are back on the train of who gives a hoot who picks the groceries -- hey do you all love the 1987 Superbowl? Lets bask in that nostalgia and greet Doug. To me all of that was a cringe worthy vintage example of why the Redskins have been mostly a losing franchise for decades.
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    This is another article where they refer to Cousins as an elite QB. It's amusing to me how it seems the only people who don't think he is elite (or at least capable of taking a team to the SB) are Redskins fans. It's because some Redskins fans believe in some unicorn QB that will play 100% mistake free that we're waiting out on, and they think we'll be able to just draft it easily. Completely mind boggling.
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    Hell, I've wanted out of here since Cousins was playing high school football. There is no end to the idiocy of a Daniel Snyder ran football team. I knew what Allen was going to turn out to be and spelled it out here almost a decade ago in 2009. It wasn't me going out on a limb. Bruce Allen continuing to be Bruce Allen under Dan Snyder was too predictable. When you are a Redskins fan you should have an innate ability to smell out a dumpster fire as it's being stoked up. Cousins just gives some of us a reason to go to another team and he makes the reality of this dumpster fire more clear to people like myself. Hell, for years and years we've all said "just get us a franchise QB and it'll make up for the rest of the idiocy and we'd compete every year at least." (And I know for a fact that Cousins is just as good as 7-9 x3 Brees on a bad team) But see we underestimated the power of Doofus Dan and his idiot machine. We had no idea that they'd actually sabotage Cousins by removing the liittle bit of offensive talent we had and that his Tampa Bay crew were going to be Spurrier level dumb ****s who actually believe that their offense can win by itself with no talents such as Grant, Kelly, Perrine, and 15 other guys that can't stay on the field. Hell, our two best offensive weapons, Davis and Thompson, no other team in the league even signed when they were available. We have a running game that put up 1269 yards and 6 TDs. Tom Brady would look like Kirk Cousins without his annual 1800-2100 rushing yards and 19 rushing tds and 2 or 3 clutch receivers. Hell, Gronk misses 1 game and they lose it almost every time it happens. http://www.weei.com/blogs/ryan-hannable/patriots-offense-missed-rob-gronkowski-badly-vs-dolphins 0-11 on 3rd down. Receivers couldn't get open without Gronk? But they have Cooks, a guy that they traded a first rounder for. Oh, and Brady tossed up 2 dumb ass picks. Gruden and Allen both actually believe that the Redskins will not miss a beat with McCoy at QB? I really want to see this next year because it's going to be hilarious. Just because the Eagles have built a team that can still win playoff games without their franchise QB does not mean that the Redskins can still win anything at all without theirs. Because the team and coaches suck, just look at the end of halves for evidence of the hilariously bad coaching. I really hope that Cousins signs with Jax. I always thought that the Redskins should have grabbed up Coughlin but then they pulled Gibbs out of retirement instead which looked like the smart move at the time, but Coughlin was available again 2 years ago, same with Wade Phillips who has been available repeatedly while we're going with bums like Haslett and Berry and Gruden and Allen signing off on all of this buffoonery. It's kinda hilarious. It's never ever going to stop being a dumpster fire, which apparently many Redskins fans have grown to have a particular fondness for. They reminisce of the days of Spurrier announcing to the world that Danny Weurfel and Trung Candidate are core guys on his Redskins football team. I won't begrudge them that and when Cousins is gone you can try to convince yourself that Alex Smith or Bortles or Dalton or Bradford or even McCoy or some mythical Snyder draft wonder Qb is going to be enough but no franchise QB will be enough. This team is no better than 8-8 or 7-9 or 9-7 with Tom Brady and in the very unlikely occurrence of a 0 injury year they might just compete but that'll never ever ever happen. This team exisits only to make you scratch your head and laugh out loud at the dumb **** that they do to themselves so I'll be doing that. Like a wise man once said years ago on ES, "they should play Benny Hill music in the background while showing Redskins games"
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    While I know every team has fans that are nimrods, only the Redskins seem to have fans that literally want to part with the most pivotal position in the game. It's mind blowing. I get that some folks don't think Kirk is worth the money that he's reported to be worth. That it makes it more difficult to build a team around. But this bring in a guy for a little bit less mess is the most absolute ridiculous bunch of hogwash I've ever laid eyes on. Its real simple, you either sign Kirk or blow the entire thing up and start from scratch.
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    Watching the titans game tonight... mariota getting all that praise... cousins played circles around the guy Mariota with a defense that stepped up and a strong running game. Skins with a pile of ****
  39. 10 points
    Money talks. Bull**** walks. I like Kirk. I like him a lot, both as a football player and a guy. That said, he knows how to toe the line and speak in milquetoast cliches that are saying a lot without saying anything at all. There's no way he'd have said anything controversial at that town hall meeting thingy because he, by nature, is not a controversial guy. We'll see what happens. I am not getting my hopes up that he's staying.
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    We are talking about a battle of wits between Depodesta and types like Bruce/Dan. There are really only a handful of smart front offices in the league, im convinced of that. Year in and year out its the same ****. 28 dumbasses trying to figure out why the other 4 have won fairly consistently since 1996. We all know which camp Dans in.
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    Y'all wouldn't give two ****s about yawning if the team had a winning record and was playing a game this weekend. My advice to Jay: Don't listen to anyone on social media or team message boards. We have no idea what we're talking about.
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    Well you're in a thread about something she tweeted so....
  44. 10 points
    You go Dirty Di. "Breaking" the same story that blind squirrel Rappaport finally got right days ago. Anyone with a clue would have already known that Jay was never even on a hot seat after signing a 2 year extension before this season started.
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    Now would be a great time for snyder to exhibit REAL leadership for a change. Call Gruden into your office, thank him profusely for the work he has done and talk to him about his future. If he wants to be the coach again, publically endorse him for next season, or have BA do it. Ditto Cousins. Or, if there is a reason to fire or let go either, do that too. Snyder doesnt want to publically endorse either because he is a little boy and afraid how it will look if they leave. His ego couldnt handle that because he is a fragile and weak person. Leadership means putting yourswlf out there and putting your trust in others. Snyder cant do that, and never will Right now i just read a quote from gruden saying he was unsure of his future. Been reading the same from cousins. What a joke.
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    Using the word "excuses" indicates that just like everyone with injuries, the Redskins should be able to count on 3rd string guys and truckloads of mid-season emergency signings to carry on without much change. That's just moronic. Oh, we've only lost a lineman here or there, right? Right,, so like during the second Eagles game when we had Morgan Moses sprain BOTH ankles, Roullier go out (while covering for long), Scherff getting hurt and missing that game and the next, are you saying that did not affect that game? During that game alone we trotted out 3 or 4 different line configurations to try to patch it up. Looking at the injury problem purely as 'games missed" takes absolutely nothing into account as to what happens from game to game to game. Mason foster was leading the league in tackles, and in the 1st quarter of the season the Redskins were performing MUCH better on 3rd down. Now, they're as bad as they ever were. RBs have been gashing this defense for a month, but yeah, these linebackers have been adequately 'replaced'. Vigil is playing OK, but consider the last few games in which he's been starting. Since Foster went to IR on Oct. 28 the Cardinals ran for 120 yards.. 30th ranked rushing team.. the Broncos mediocre run game piled up 159.. the Chargers ran for 174 ... Dallas ran for 182,... The pathetic Giants ran for 85. The Saints ran for 160 The Vikings ran for 103 Seattle ran for 148 Dallas ran for 169. "Replaced"... Prior to Foster going out, only 2 teams gained 100 on the ground, the Chiefs and Eagles in the second game. Foster is not much.. JAG isn't far off,, but the difference between JAG Foster being in and not being in is showing pretty clearly in the rushing stats. What it says is if Foster is JAG, then his replacement isn't getting the job done. (BUT.. saying Vigil is Foster's replacement is inaccurate.. he is Compton's replacement, who was Foster's replacement, and is also now on IR.. now perhaps you can see why the injury problem is not an 'excuse". Spaight is the 4th string guy. Now starting. Vigil was a practice squad guy in Buffalo in November,, now he starts here. When you're down to that, the word "excuse" when describing WHY play has fallen off is just dumb, and ignorant of the magnitude of injuries. Teams that overcome injuries do so with a few here and there, even if one or two are for difference-maker players.) Allen was the biggest loss.. but for four weeks Ionnaidis missed time due to a broken hand and then played with a club, and his effectiveness was severely hampered. (but if all you see are games missed.. it's only one, so no big deal, right?) We've lost key player after key player.. and then their backups, too. You bring up TE<, and yes, Jordan is always out.. but for 3 weeks right after Davis was totally ineffective due to injured hands. So, while Davis didn't miss any games, his injury removed the best pass catching TE from the roster and hampered his blocking .. but he hAD to go out there because there's no one left. Jeremy Sprinkle and Niles Paul are all that are left on the roster, and that is because the Redskins are signing RBs and DTs and OL off the streets to compensate for injury after injury after injury. Hell, Niles Paul has had to act as one of our primary receivers over the last month, and he shouldn't be doing anything but special teams. Chris Thompson .. HUGE blow. Complete change of speed for the entire offense. No shange of pace back, no 3rd down back,, no one who can fly.. we're reduced to Rob Kelley and samaje Perine with no other option. We had to cut Mack Brown to sign another offensive lineman due to the injuries, and as soon as we did, Kelley got hurt. Our entire RB corps consists of a rookie and a guy we signed off the street less than a month ago. Result: we don't run the ball for ****. Consequence is.. Cousins has to pass... and his OL can't protect him due to all the injuries. Under-estimating the scope of what the injuries have done to this team is foolish, short sighted, and ignorant of everything they've had to do to even field a full roster each week. Just how much playbook change there has to be to accommodate new players having to rush right into the lineup is enough to trip up any team. ~Bang
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    If the Redskins don't sign Cousins to a fair market LTD, I think it's going to have really long term effects on the franchise. It basically shows everyone in the NFL that the Redskins simply don't take care of their own.
  48. 10 points
    I thought someone else was going to do it, but here's the short, oversimplified version. Two groups that have traditionally supported Republicans are Orthodox Jews and Fundamentalist Christians. Jews believe that Israel (including Jerusalem) was given to them by God. Fundamentalist Christians want Israel (and Jerusalem) in the hands of the Jews because they believe it's part of the End Times in Revelation. Republicans (and Democrats, to be fair... the initial bill to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel passed in 1995 with overwhelming majorities on both sides, but then Presidents of both parties wisely waived it until now) pander to these groups. Jerusalem, though, is also VERY important religiously and culturally to the Palestinians, who lived there a very long time before the current situation unfolded. Both sides want Jerusalem as their capital. This is a hypercomplicated mess with no good (or even bad, really) solution, but the U.S. has traditionally been considered a neutral party in attempting to help broker a peace, and possibly even a permanent solution. Trump is basically tossing this out the window and taking a side, scoring some cheap political points with part of the base, while simultaneously angering literally everyone else in the world (except Israeli Zionists... I'd imagine even most Israelis aren't thrilled at the escalation in tensions this is causing), and ending the U.S. ability to act as a broker.
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    The worst generation history will judge the boomers harshly
  50. 9 points
    Over the next 3 years we are spending over $25M per year on Norman/Reed combined. If we had a playoff game tomorrow are we more likely to win with Norman/Reed playing and Colt at QB or are we better off with Cousins at QB and Norman/Reed out? That's a rhetorical question, which I have to mention because the anti-Kirk takes are approaching satire. Blake Bortles sucks, guys. Are there going to be any anti-Kirk posts that actually get specific? Anything beyond arbitrary feelings like "I feel like this will destroy our cap" without actually proving it?
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