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    The Washington Redskins held a minicamp for their rookies and undrafted free agents in the practice bubble at Redskins Park, May 13. Jonathan Allen, Ryan Anderson and the rest of the team's draft picks, as well as eight college free agents, seven first-year veterans and 37 others on a tryout basis were all doing their best to make a strong first impression with the coaching staff. Here's a gallery of my favorite images I was able to capture during the day's festivities. Take a look and let me know how I did.
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    Some thoughts on Anderson: - He was Alabama's best player in the Clemson game and he was playing hurt. - He was that defense's spiritual leader. Not Reuben Foster. Not Minkah Fitzpatrick. He is the one who held everybody accountable and helped push them to greatness. For any NBA fans, he was the Draymond Green of that team. - He has way better instincts than Foster. Foster was a heat seeking missile against the run, but he wasn't a very situationally aware player. He didn't generate big plays and turnovers--literally never forced a single turnover or recovered a fumble in his college career. Ryan Anderson has a much better football IQ and he did make big plays despite not being nearly as fast as Foster. - Anderson is a bit of a Johnny Try Hard with a very deliberate, technical style, but the guy can fly downhill when it's time to rush. He has a very fast first few steps. The knocks about him being somewhat stiff hipped and lacking long speed and range are fair. But he is a very twitchy and explosive athlete. Fitzpatrick, Humphrey, Foster, and Tim Williams might have been the most talented players on that Alabama defense. Burners and five star recruits. But between Allen and Anderson, we got their leaders. We got the guys with the special intangibles and the plug and play technical mastery that can come in and immediately start changing the culture of our D. We're building a Seattle-style defense that is going to have a ton of IQ, physicality, and swagger. Josh Norman has to be a kid in a candy shop right now. He took a major leap of faith in signing with this soft ass group of ****ing losers last year. But we're getting him some other winners and rude dudes to play with. Between him and Brown and Allen and Anderson, he might actually get to play some defense this year. Still could use some more help on the line and in the secondary.
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    This dude has no wiggle. In Madden, if you try to juke stick with him, the game will stop, he'll walk as close to the screen as he can get. He'll remove his helmet and stare you dead in your little gaming eyes and tell you, "the **** is wrong with you?" He seems to have just one direction after hitting the hole. Forward. I have to go take a cold shower.
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    Revis Island......Island of Dr. Moreau?
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    I can't believe this. I really can't. I got home 2 days early from the hospital, so I could actually watch the draft from home. As he kept dropping, I had my fingers crossed. Then the Ravens are on the Clock. "Please, don' take Allen" I said, my wife sitting there watching to make sure I don't rip the stitches out of the back of my neck. I don't even know who the Ratbirds took, nor do I care, I just know just know it was not Jonathan Allen. Then, we're on the clock, and my thoughts are "For the love of everything that is holy in the world Bruce Allen if you **** this up I WILL KILL YOU!" And there it was. Jonathan Allen. Ok. How did a top 4 pick make it to us? I don't know. How did a top 4 pick make it to us, in a position of absolute need make it to us? I don't care anymore. I could not be happier. I could not have dreamed a better outcome to the first round of the draft. We stole him. My god. WE HAVE JONATHAN ALLEN! WE HAVE JONATHAN ALLEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    It happens, and it really is a serious business, certainly even more so now than when I went. One in which you are completely disposable and as a 18 year old kid, completely unprepared for. I was at a D1 school as a walk on (no scholarship) in a high level conference and and a big time school at the time, but I was making some waves. My dad had gotten his PhD there and as it turned out, had tutored the then OC in Math (he would later go one to become the HC and win the first BCS National Championship that was designed to pit #1 vs #2, so he had some pull), I wasn't big (5'11, 185) but had good speed for a white boy (4.4 40 on grass) and had really good hands and ran routes well. Typical white receiver, other than the speed and a little shake and bake. As a freshman that had not been recruited, I knew I had a lot to learn, and had to show the coaches very quickly what I could do or I would not even be on the depth chart. And had been showing that I could be a guy that would catch anything close to me, would block, and could do more than be a possession receiver. I then dislocated my ankle badly near the end of spring ball after getting rolled up by a safety. I was cut from the program that day. it was Incredibly hearbreaking, as I had been born in the city the school is in, my Dad got his PhD from there, and I spent my first several years of my life basically living on the campus (Dad was a grad student, and I went a lot of places with him there). It was my dream to play there, to go back the field I once stood on as a 5 year old. I still have those old pics of me and my little brother on the track. It was really my first home. I played with several future NFL players while I was there, one of them even won a SB with a hated rival, but then played a couple years with the Redskins. But being just completely discarded like a worthless commodity was completely devastating for a 18 year old kid, especially one so emotionally involved with the program and I was not prepared for it. I spiraled out of control. Drank myself out of the University and had to transfer out. Never played ball again, could not stay away from booze enough nor could I keep my class attendence remotely high enough. Went through a very dark time. Finally got sober though. But I'm still paying for my reactions from that happened 30 years ago. I'm back in school this year, with the support of my wife, and feel like I'm actually doing it for me for once. But it was tough to get in, because my what I did 30 years ago still follows me, and most schools won't give me a shot. As it was, I was taking on as a probationary student at a University in which she is a Professor. This was really hard to write. I don't even know why I did. Maybe all the painkillers I'm doped up on, who knows. As it was, 2 paragraphs took over 2 hours. As for who it was, I'd rather not say. Some, that know my posting history may have already figured it out. But to mention them means that I have to tell people that team that meant everything to mean crushed my dreams like they were nothing. Like I was nothing. And that is not a easy thing to deal with. Even 30 years later.
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    As a MSU alum and someone who watched every down of MN play the last few years I would like to give some insight. Out of the gate he is a player that has every physical tool you would want in a safety Size, Speed, Hands (originally thought about using him as a WR, till a couple stepped up in camp). His Freshman year was by far his best year he came into MSU with an attitude and played and hit hard. The "softness" that many here are referencing starting happening as the he got further along in his career and actually I think is more attributed to having to play on his back foot much more often. MSU asks quite a bit of there safeties, 1) Play the run above all else 2) but also don't get beat deep because you are the last line of defense and and our corners all play press man. This worked out great when we had 1st round corners, but when that spot got soft it made the Safeties job 1000x harder and made them basically play in no mans land. 3) They were also asked to cover slot recievers but always shaded inside of them to guard against the run so they could routinely get beat outside. Needless to say all of this lead to Montae playing on the back foot quite a bit and when you are thinking to much you are playing slower, and a lot of times slower can equate to softer. I believe there is a very good football player inside Montae, there is also toughness, as I have seen both, he just needs to be put in positions to succeed.
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    Hm. Brandon Banks put some weight since the last time he was here.
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    As long as he can run without falling down he's an upgrade over Ryan Grant
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    I had a similar dream where someone actually said his upside was that of Chris Baker
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    Ok... now that I've calmed down a little from that total troll ahole piece of **** move that little garbage can of a poster pulled.... YESSSSSSS!!!!!! IMPACT DLINEMAN FOR THE WIN, HE FRIGGIN FELL TO US!!!!!!!!
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    The 2017 draft has been a series of terrible picks. It can't get any worse. Bruce Allen: "Hold my beer".
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    which is exactly the problem. People like you can stand back like Pontius Pilate and say to yourself, I have stated that i don't like Trump... what more can I do? and then, with your hands suitably washed, you can look down your nose at the people in the mud that are writhing in anger at the turd-nugget in office... and go about your day. The people that are required to bring down this abomination are not the Mark Warners, Al Frankens or Chuch Schumers ... you are right, they remain in the same partisan yard they have always remained in, and by definition their voice is muted when it comes to affecting people on the other side of the partisan fence. Their words hold no power to a red-blooded, red-ticket-voter, that has been instinctively ignoring those voices for years. You, Tshile, and Zoony (and other Republicans or independents or whatever) claim to really dislike the Grand Poopah Oompah Loompah ...but are tired of hearing the incessant droning whine from limp wristed lefties about Trump...? really?? REALLY!??? god damned ****ing really??? THAT is your story???? What the **** are YOU doing about this rat **** that is ruining YOUR country just as much as he is ruining MINE? Where the **** are the Marco Rubios? the Susan Collins? Lindsey Grahms? Barbara Comstocks ? John McCains ? Richard Burrs?? Mitt Romneys? George W Bushs? Bob Doles? THESE are the names that could, and should, tip the boat on this steaming turd. Republicans that are privately ... or maybe in public VERY quietly... unsettled by this President could cause REAL motion, could cause real action, and could make things happen. Now is the time for conservatives that believe that brand still means something, but are bothered by Breitbart/Alex Jones/Trump nation ... or AT LEAST ARE BOTHERED BY TRUMP HIMSELF to actually do something. These are the people that could actually start dominoes tumbling. But it is easy for a Chuck Schumer to call for serious action against a GOP President ... It takes no courage, and is unlikely to cause any motion, positive or negative. ....... but...... it would take real deep strong courage and conviction for Dole/Bush/Rubio/Collins/etc... to do the same. Do any of them have the cajones? This one is important. and this is the time.
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    Kilmer joked but here we go. All this thread was missing was the InfoWars crowd. This country is so doomed.
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    Son, I have seen Redskin starting qbs since Joe Theismann at his height. I own every Redskins game since 1982 and a good number before that. I was a rg3 believer and made every excuse for him in 2013-2014. I was disappointed and critical of Cousins for coming up small against Carolina and New York last year. I say all this for one reason. For this declaration. Kirk Cousins, without any doubt or arguement is the best Redskins QB since Joe Theismann and I could see and make a case that he's the best since Sonny. Last year we were not a playoff team. Period. We did not have playoff caliber running game, defense or special teams. The only aspect of our team that was playoff caliber was the passing game. To continue to blame this teams failure last year solely on Cousins is simply foolish.
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    Titans at 200 had a private workout for him. The moment we drafted him, Titans traded back. lol
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    OH OH OH! I got a write up on thi sguy! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Hang on! I shall get it! Hail.
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    Your treachery in the 1970s will not be so easily forgiven. You're like the man who dumps his loving wife for a younger, more exciting model, only to find, when the floozy bolts one day and leaves town with no explanation or apologies, that you never knew how good you had it. And then you come back groveling. And now you think you can just pick up where you left off? After the wife has endured years of hardship? The Norv era ... the Spurrier experiment ... the one year of Marty Ball ... the Zorn Invasion ... she endured all of it. Where were you? Sitting in the sun somewhere watching your franchise QB while she went from man to man, always hoping she'd find true love again, but always falling short. Friez ... Frerotte ... Ramsey ... Banks ... TONY FREAKIN' BANKS! ... Grossman ... Beck ... George ... JEFF FREAKING GEORGE ... Wuerfell ... Matthews ... they all failed her. She finally thought she found someone she could count on a few years ago, but turned out he was batting for the other team. Metaphorically speaking. And now you want back in? Now? After all you've done and all you left her to deal with on her own? OK. Welcome back!
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    I disagree with the notion that the left media has made a living by trumping up Trump nonsense. It isn't necessary to make any of it up to garner ratings. I think at first they covered it like a joke, and then as he gained steam, the alarm bells started to be sounded. Alarm bells that tolled warnings of exactly what we're seeing right now. (It would be one thing if the mess wasn't like it is now, but it is. We're 5 months in and treason is on the table, being investigated by the people charged with doing so. (And they ain't the media.) If Trump had turned out to be at least competent thus far, I wouldn't disagree.. but the utter insanity, the very real possibility of collusion, of our nation having been subverted.. this is what we were warned against by that left media making a buck. The utter distrust of anything except people's chosen sources of propaganda insulates these people.. as it is, the warnings that are being played out right now in real living color fell on purposefully deaf ears. And now, as we see it happen, it is cynically shrugged off as feeding the beast so as to make an easy buck. And much of this IS media's fault, and it's because the right media in particular have convinced their followers that they are the sole and only source of any truth, and not only is everyone else lying to you, they are lying to you for sinister reasons. 'course, a history student could tell you that in Goebbell's Propaganda 101, you discredit all forms of media other than your own, and blame all others for the exact stuff you are doing yourself. And it has worked again. We the People have given over our minds and power to those who dictate to us what we should think. We fight each other tooth and nail for thoughts and principles planted in our heads. As i said yesterday in a big ramble of a post.. those left on the right,, this admin is doing all of the same exact things your tea Party movement rose up to combat, and you're cheering right along. How's that fly, and how do you think that looks to people who can remember all the way back to 2009? You name it, if you ****ed about it then, he's doing it now, to raucous cheers from you same tri-corner hat wearing mother****ers who swore up and down your principles were founded in economics, and anti-corruption. Lying sacks of ****. Expenses? through the roof. On HIMSELF... the answer from the right.. "OBAMA.." never spent like this except on the right, where people will accept 3+3 equaling 17 if told that is what it was. Transparency? Uh, yeah,, about that. There isn't any. It is more opaque than ever. (Literally has put cardboard on windows to prevent press from seeing him golf, and TASS in the ****ing Oval Office. TASS! The only things that have actually come out have been leaked or forced out amid constant lies and contradictions. And what do the right yell? "Leave him alone!". Show me different. Oh it's all the media's fault, say the people who won't accept responsibility for their own ****ing actions, for their own weakness that allowed themselves to be manipulated so badly. ~Bang
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    To be honest, I don't know why anyone really cares about the reasons Scot was fired or whatever at this point. It was important at first while the media was circling like vultures, speculation was rampant, and we had no idea what was happening... but now? What does it really matter? It's over, he got fired. That isn't changing. What matters is we fired our GM quite a while ago and, by all accounts, haven't interviewed anyone else while a team like the Bills were pulling qualified candidates out from the Panthers and Packers immediately after firing theirs (after the draft, which is how it normally goes). "Normal", heheh, what an abnormal concept. That's all that matters right now. What is our organizational structure going to look like and who has what titles? Why is our hiring process different than virtually every other team in the league? I'm sure there simply isn't a single person out there more qualified than those we have in the building already, yup. Oh, and the title of GM itself, and its accompanying roles/responsibilities, isn't really THAT important. You know, except for 90% of the successful organizations around the league. But, hey, the Pats! Or the Cowboys who haven't won a playoff game in God knows how long! Mmhhhmmmm. Yeeessss, wonnnnnderfuuuulll.
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    Heading out for several days, so I'll miss the rest of the draft talks, and some of the draft. Go in tomorrow at 5:30 am at Anne Arundle Medical Center in Annapolis (90 mile drive for me or so). Getting a double fusion done, again. Went in from the front 13 months ago and the bone grafts were rejected, and completely reabsorbed. So now, we go in through the back. I hope to get home sometime Friday evening, if there are no complications. The last one was pretty easy, but this is supposed to hurt for a while. I've already had lumbar surgery, so I know what to expect, but not really looking forward to it. Wife says I can have puddin' whenever I want, so that helps. PUDDIN'! Any suggestions for movies? I have the recliner and the 55' plasma, which I'll basically live in for a while. Mods, if you don't want this here, that's cool. I know it's not the "proper" place for it, I'm just never really in other parts of the forums, so no one really knows me there. Ok, I'm outta here in a few. HTTR!!
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    I am now officially a Redskin fan. The two young men that was drafted from Alabama are the best of the best. Y'all are going to absolutely love them. No doubt! Allen is a leader (class). And Anderson is just MEAN!
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    Depends. For Brian Orakpo, about 6 years.
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    michael phillips‏ @michaelpRTD 6m6 minutes ago More Replying to @michaelpRTD Ryan Anderson: "...I'm not a combine warrior. I'm a football player. See the ball. Get the ball. Strike." "It's about to get real."
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    You guys who are upset with the pick, obviously haven't done your homework on Anderson other than what you read from the draft "experts" The guy is a beast, can play inside or out, hard worker, wants to kill opponents on game day. Can rush and blitz, hits with authority, locker room leader, etc. The guy is a monster, trust me by the end of the year you won't be moaning about picking him.
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    I'm good with it. I will never be mad at drafting a talented player at one of the positions we've completely neglected, oh and by the way it's one of the most important positions on the entire football field.
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    Number 3 player on my board. And we just got him at 17! Top 5 talent. Home run pick. Man has fortune smiled on the Redskins! Hail.
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    Tillerson: "He didn't do it." McMasters: "He didn't do it." Dina Powell: "He didn't do it." Trump: "I did it." Fox News: "Who told the Post?" Is this pretty much where we're at?
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    To anyone left thinking drafting a Nose in this years draft would have produced our starter this year, or think we failed at addressing the position this offseason, consider the following: LA Chargers DEPTH CHART: NT 1) Brandon Mebane, a 31 y/o NT from a 4-3 defense signed in 2016. Mebane was drafted in the 3rd round and didn't start until his 3rd season for the Seahawks. 2) Damion Square - UDFA signed by Philly in 2013, cut the following year. Signed and released by the Chiefs in 2014. Finally claimed by Chargers and still spent time on their PS. HT: 6'2" / WT: 293 (not exactly prototypical) 3) Ryan Carrethers - a prototypical NT (6'1" / 340) drafted in the 4th round back in 2014 who still finds himself sitting behind an undrafted player on the depth chart currently. Required time on the practice squad himself. Green Bay Packers DEPTH CHART: NT 1) Letroy Guion - 5th round pick of the Vikings back in 2008 (projected as late as 7th round), didnt start regularly in games until 2012 (15 starts, after only a handful in years prior), Started less games in 2013 (13) and then he became the starter for Green Bay after signing only a 1 year deal for 730k in 2014. HT: 6'4" / WT: 322 2) Christian Ringo - Not a prototypical NT (6' 1" / 298), 6th rounder in 2015 before being cut and placed on their PS. 2 tackles for his career. Arizona Cardinals DEPTH CHART: NT 1) Corey Peters - 8 year vet, 3rd rounder for ATL in 2010. Started as a rookie, but at DT in a 4-3. HT: 6' 3" / WT: 305 (prototypical 3 tech size, not nose). Remains atop the NT depth chart for the Cards despite missing entire 2015 season due to achilles injury. 2) Xavier Williams - UDFA for Cards in 2015. 6'2" / 309lbs. 8 Career tackles. 3) Olsen Pierre - UDFA for bears in 2015, released that august, signed directly to Cards PS that october. HT: 6'4" / WT: 293lbs (far from prototypical) NOTEWORTHY: The player all three of the above players replaced? A 4th round pick, Almeda Ta'amu with prototypical size for NT (6'3", 350lbs) whos bounced around 4 teams with the most recent as a practice squad only player after leaving the Cards. But I guess the Cardinals defense sucks because of their Nose Tackle depth chart, right? Right. Kansas City Chiefs DEPTH CHART: NT 1) Bennie Logan - 3rd round pick of the Eagles in 2013, didnt start until halfway through his rookie season, and at DT in a 4-3 not NT. Signed only to a 1 year deal for the Chiefs this offseason. Not prototypical in size for a nose. 2) Montori Hughes - Prototype NT size. 6'4", 330lbs. 5th round pick for the colts in 2013, still signed directly to Giants PS years later in 2015. Futures contract this year with the Chiefs. Journeyman with 23 career tackles. I mentioned the Rams depth chart briefly in my last post on the subject, and I could go on with the remaining 3-4 teams left in the league, but I think I've made my point by now. Draft round matters little in regards to Nose Tackle. Tons of UDFAs sit higher on depth charts than drafted players on numerous teams. Tons of teams are comfortable starting players coming off injuries or starting run stopping cast-offs from 4-3 teams at Nose Tackle. Prevailing theme is the majority of NTs require major development before starting at the NFL level, often bouncing around multiple teams rosters/practice squads. The amount of money devoted by these teams to the NT position is laughable in comparison to the rest of their defense. Biggest theme? Fans think NT is more important than it actually is in the modern NFL. How does ANY of the teams I mentioned above NT situation differ DRASTICALLY from the Redskins situation at NT? Hint: it doesn't. We have a high round prototype nose coming off injury competing with a handful of young veterans who could easily be better than players drafted this year at the position. Just because your personal opinion leads you to believe one position was solely responsible for the Redskins terrible defense, there is plenty of evidence to the contrary. Its a team sport and just because a NT might be the size of 2 players doesn't mean he's more important than 2 NFL starters at more IMPORTANT positions on defense. Maybe the Skins are smart to invest their resources on positions that will actually be atop the snap counts list by the end of the year. But nah, Dan Snyder/we still suck/sky is falling themes are more fun for people to harp on. Once and for all, how about we let things play out at a position and see what Tomsula can make out of the SAME EXACT strategy tons of other NFL franchises are using to fill their needs at Nose Tackle. If you want to paint the entire offseason as a failure because we didnt grab a Vince Wilfork or Dontari Poe or improperly allocate money/draft picks to a position the majority of the league doesn't, thats fine. You're entitled to your opinion. Just don't ram it down everyone elses throat that can see the picture differently. My opinion? A player like Ryan Anderson that can infect/influence an entire defense and spark a culture change on that side of the ball is just as, if not more important than your personal favorite position of Nose Tackle.
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    As a Skins fan since the 1970's (Northern VA boy), I moved to San Diego in 1976, and after a few years became a Chargers fan (this was before one had the ability to follow a team via TV, Internet etc...) Pretty exciting times with Coryell, Fouts (and Joe Gibbs :-). I still followed my Skins when possible, especially the Gibbs era of the 80's......Well now the Chargers are gone and it's taken me a few months of grief to even figure out what to do, but I love football, always have and always will and it seemed natural to return to my old Skins and get my head back into new team. Sooooo I got Dish network so I can watch the Skins every Sunday, and am gonna look for a bar where Skins fans hang out. I look forward to socializing here and learning what the skins need to make it to the top of the NFC East again. By the way.... if you ever wondered what its like to lose your team after 40 years of devoted following...it sucks. I hate Spanos...it's all greed, greed, greed with these guys. Feels like someone died.... I loved Rivers and will miss him, but most of the other guys are gone now anyway so screw the Chargers, never thought I'd say that but this became personal...... Anyway, hope an old fan is welcome back to the fold.....
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    Phil Chenier will call no more Wizards games. Thank you Phil, for being the color commentator my entire conscious life of some really miserable Bullets teams. Class man, GREAT color analyst, and a big part of my childhood on WDCA and HTS. You will be missed!
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    I long for the day that Chris Russell no longer finds work in this town
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    Finally getting into watching the games from start to finish, chronologically. I like to do that to get a feel for things you just don't get otherwise when watching clips or highlights. Things like crucial moments during games, how the season is going and the various types of pressure that can create, the general emotions involved, the game within the game, matchups, etc... Anyway, I started with Fabian. Not sure why, probably because I just haven't heard much about him except that he's an exciting prospect. Wanted to see for myself. So far, I've watched the first four games of their season. Texas A&M, UNLV, BYU, and then Stanford. I simply couldn't find the full second game against UNLV anywhere, it just doesn't exist as far as I can tell. Best I could do was a lengthy reel of highlights that did a good job in showing every play that was made by UCLA. So what I've seen so far? This kid is truly an exceptional athlete. You'd never know it watching him because he's so ridiculously fluid and smooth that it doesn't even look like he's trying sometimes. He doesn't have any wasted movement. He's extremely patient, which ties into his athleticism since he totally trusts his legs, so he allows the receivers to state their intentions before really running with them. He does that and still manages to stay on their hips the entire time. It's to the point where he almost looks disinterested, lol. It's pretty neat. That's further highlighted by the fact that he's not a big celebrator or someone who gets easily hyped. His teammates will be jumping around in excitement after a big play and he's just real chill. One might even question his love of the game because of it, but I won't standing where I am. That's the place for the scouts who have access to his background, family nembers, coaches, etc... I really don't have any negatives. He gave up a garbage time TD right at the end of the BYU game that his team already had in the bag, but it's obvious he slacked off. It was a fade from far out and he just sort of let the receiver drift into the end zone towards the end of the route without contesting it. He was clearly mad at himself, as he should be, because it was just a stupid thing to do and unnecessarily went against him. Would've had a near perfect game had he just finished. But, yeah, that's literally the only negative so far. Guy is a shutdown corner thus far from what I've seen. He's got the length and size you love in a press corner and uses it. He mostly played at the left side of the defense, but he lined up on the right side from time to time. Mora, his HC there, basically left him on an island close to every snap and usually against the opponent's best receiver. Also, the knock on him about a lack of INTs isn't fair... at least not in these four games. QBs simply don't throw to his side. He's getting very few targets a game and only one or two of them are balls he can barely get his hands on, so they end up in pass breakups. Most of the times he's targeted come off of the most basic, 3-5 yard routes like quick slants and drags. All of which are contested, many ending in pass breakups because he almost always gets his arms in there. It's a joke, he's simply not attacked in any way. Another knock on him, this one from Cooley, was that he's not a willing tackler or necessarily physical against the run/against blocks from receivers. I'd have to disagree to a degree because he's certainly willing when it's obvious run situations or the opponents line up in jumbo formations. He sets the edge extremely well and can get in the backfield in a hurry. Now, does he lay out and throw his body around? No, but I don't think he was being coached to do so. He held his own when it came to getting off of blocks overall, though there were more than a few times he did get stuck. I don't think it's a legit concern as I'm inclined to believe it was more about what he was told to do (shut this guy down in coverage) than anything else. He had no fear when it came to approaching the LOS or setting the edge among a group of big bodies when necessary. Suffice to say, I'm extremely impressed. The best thing for me is I could swear he looks bored at times out there, like it's too easy for him. Will dig in some more and see how the rest of his season went.
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    If it was fiction or maybe if the person writing it didn't have a hand in what transpired I'd say this was a great read. It's certainly wonderfully written, that much I'll give it. The problem is that the author was involved and so here I found myself reading the warm memories this man had about the family slave. "Horrifying" is a better fit. Reading this I couldn't help but wonder how many of the qualities he remembers so fondly of Lola were simply defense mechanisms built up over years of abuse. Was she sincerely this person he remembered or was he describing pleasant masks worn for the masters? Is a grown women marveling over produce on trips to the farmers market a good thing or is it another defense mechanism? I certainly can't see his parents as anything other than monsters that deserved far worse than they got. All the perfectly human interactions his mother had with friends or the struggles she faced at home are as meaningless as hearing that murderer occasionally walked the neighbors dog and enjoyed baseball. Monsters are people too, and slavery is unequivocally monstrous. His efforts to make her more comfortable in her later years were beautiful. The part where she is seated comfortably with a tea cup stands out. The problem is that despite his attempts at doing right (and no doubt, redemption) his caring for this woman that raised him, only extended as far as not getting anyone else he cared about in trouble. The limits of his objections to slavery were to have a few arguments and maybe visit his mother less often during and after college. That's essentially nothing. He never acted to put an end to it, it was cancer that finally freed Lola from subjugation.
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    Depends on how you define racist. I'd say nearly everyone in the world has a bit of racism, sexism, agism in them.
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    You think I didn't know that's why no one wanted to start this thing? Aholes.
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    Did the point of the post really go that far over your head?
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    Welcome. It's HTTR, Burgundy and Gold are the colors, Joe Gibbs is the greatest coach to have ever coached, and the Hogs are the greatest Oline to have ever been assembled.
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    Hey, I just realized that I just passed Ten Thousand posts. Took forever to get there.
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    Welcome back. However, if you ever ever leave us again you will suffer the consequences. Like, we'll totally forget about you and stuff. Maybe even snicker at you. It will be terrible.
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    Thats how I read it. I've got a friend who was a tackle in a Div 2 school. He blew out his ACL his junior year and would not have been able to play his senior year. He was asked by a coach to quit school (and therefore not graduate) so they could get his scholarship back. It's a crappy business. He told them to eff off.
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