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    Well I'm not impressed with their phones, but their bigger screen 4K TVs look really nice. Though I'm still sticking with Samsung for my TVs. So as far as what to do with LG, maybe just get them to drop their line up of phones & really focus on the TVs.
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    Got to go to Guice and Payne's First Press Conference at Fedex field during the draft day party thanks to the Redskins Rewards program. He was very nice to meet in person. At one point he picked up my daughter, totally didn't get my camera out quick enough.
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    You don't convert the first team All Pro LT to guard just because you have a hole at guard. Our back up tackles are good, but far lesser players. If any tackle is to make the switch to guard, it should be one of them.
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    I have an idea. get rid of cheerleaders. Who needs them? They don't lead cheers, they barely know what is going on in the game. They aren't supposed to follow the game, they are there to titillate, and that's it. So, i am sure i am going to get soundly scolded, but honestly, they are hired to be tits and ass. This incident crossed the line, but the fact is, they didn't have to go very far to get to the line in the first place. Yes, they should not be expected to be topless in front of people paying for the privilege, they are expected to wear small strips of team colored cloth on their tops and do it for people paying for the show in the stadium. Their entire job is to dance extremely provocatively in tiny little outfits during timeouts. Bent over shoving their asses around, cleavage on full display. Their job is to be objectified. This site has featured more than enough of those artsy taint photos of them during warmups, you know,, the square up the ass shot so prized by the folks hollering foul today. (I'd say "bonus for camel-toe" but most of them wear shorts that accent it.,, so no skill in getting that in a photo.) Thanks to lots of Redskins fans on twitter, we got a lot of photos and videos of the recent competitions to make the 2018 squad. Basically, wear as little as possible, and dance stripper dances without actually stripping and touching themselves. i have never liked the cheerleaders. They don't do a cheerleader's job. If i had a dollar for every time i saw a replay of a guy scoring on the Redskins while the cheerleader behinds him grins and jumps around in slow motion like a bubblehead that isn't paying attention, I'd be able to buy a stake in the team. I don't need sex with my football, and i always get a totally involuntary look of WTF on my face when people do. Get rid of them. And there's no more chance for softcore prostituting of the cheerleaders by the scumbags who run the team. that said, these women should sue the **** out of the Redskins, and if the NFL made Dan Snyder sell the team for acting like a pimp, i would be very very happy, and i would wish for all those dollars I'd have collected when ditzy cheerleaders cheered while some WR scored on us with 3 seconds left to win the game. ~Bang
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    I know nothing about this guy, I’m just happy that Snyder actually sought someone out that comes with no attachment to him or the team. I guess you could call that progress.
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    Dad needs to refer to landmark legal case of Foot vs Ass. Save money on a lawyer that way
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    SI is relevant one issue a year in February.
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    Payne, Allen and Ioannidis.....I can live with that.
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    Surprised it took this long considering he essentially got demoted last offseason when Kyle was promoted. Never know how to feel about these things because our structure is so damn convoluted it’s hard to tell who does what and, even if we go according to their title, it often comes out that they were undermined/overruled consistently enough to be unable to really assess their work with any level of confidence. Never mind the limited info we’re privy to just by our disposition as fans, especially when it comes to something as “behind the scenes” as scouting. Hopefully someone capable or more capable takes his role. I was pleased when we added more scouts last year and bolstered our personnel department, something that was long overdue. Don’t want us falling behind there again. That being said, one of the other legitimate criticisms with our personnel department had been that we were too “top heavy”. Basically, too many executives and not enough scouts on the ground. His most recent title just added to that, uhm, top heaviness. “Senior Personnel Executive” just sounded like a title given to him so it doesn’t look like he was demoted or removed from his role. Who knows, but I won’t complain about removing what I think has been an over saturated role. I’ll change the thread title here since it’s official.
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    Its extremely rare that I venture into the Tailgate here on ES, because while I suspect the vast majority of people here are good, frankly I don't like to put myself in a situation where I might become disgusted by the worldview of people who I will never meet--I think to myself, lets just keep it on the topic of football and then I don't need to dismiss someone's ideas about football because I think they are a piece of **** for other reasons. Its selfish in a way, but I curate my internet activity so that when I want to be exposed to politics and ethics and real world issues, including people ignorant about such issues, I go and confront that. And when I "just" want to talk sports, or tv shows, or whatever, I can choose to do that as well. Extremeskins falls into the latter category. I think some posters here are stupid, but its just football stuff. I don't expose myself to their real world opinions enough to judge, so generally I respect everyone regardless of their Redskins opinions. We're all just dumb fans here in the Stadium. You, bh32, have for the moment ruined that. You looked at a tough topic, entered a thread where gobs of hardcore fans of a sports team were offering unbiased thoughts on the obvious moral side of the issue...and you revealed the thoughts of a championship-level ****head. I don't know you, I'm only commenting on the posts you've made here. Personal attacks are against the rules here. Attacking the content of someone's posts is not against the rules. Your posts in this thread are ignorant, misogynistic, backwards, embarrassing, shameful, and dangerous. Are you? That's a determination I can't make, because that would be against the rules, which I have never been disciplined for breaking, in my memory. I can only comment on your posts, which suck.
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    This is amazing. I can already see my marriage falling apart...
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    On the eve of their first appearance in a Redskins uniform, seven of the team’s eight draft picks have signed their NFL contracts. The team announced that every draft pick except for third-round pick Deron Christian has signed. https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/redskins/redskins-wasting-little-time-signing-seven-draft-picks-nfl-contracts -This just after the reshuffling of the Front office. Seems things are getting done and the team is ready to prepare for camp ahead of schedule.
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    There is no justification for confiscating passports. The excuse given is straight garbage. This is literally how human trafficking rings operate. What the **** is wrong with this organization.
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    I don’t have a board. I’m some dude on the internet.
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    Someone crowdfunded a mariachi band, piñatas, and a taco truck to show up outside Schlossberg's offices at a time to be determined. https://www.gofundme.com/Mariachisforaaron
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    I understand that people get more excited about sacks. Sacks are sexy. Who wants broccoli when you can go straight to the Make Your Own Sundae Bar. Me? I'm stoked about getting a guy who forces the other team to punt after a 3rd and one or makes sure we get the ball back on 4th and one. We've been a sieve that no offense respects. Even the worst rushing team in the NFL felt perfectly comfortable going for it on 4th and two and running straight up the gut. We've been that way for nearly ten years. If you try to tell me that fixing a ten year long problem is easy or not worth a first round pick; I'll tell you that you are wrong. If this guy becomes Dave Butz and controls the middle, making the center of the offense a no man's land and pushes the offensive line backwards even if he doesn't get a ton of sacks or even pressures... it will make a world of difference. If he can do that, he'll be an invisible MVP while all the other players get gobs of credit and pro bowls because of what Payne makes happen. I'm more than okay with that.
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    If we have a dominant run game and can also stop the run next year, I'm gonna be so ****ing stoked. Really happy with his personality too. Makes it so much easier to route for him too.
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    I'm hearing now that the rumors are basically being started by Guice's ex agent trying to sabotage him for retaliation for firing him. We should all thank said ex agent for letting a stud fall to our laps in round 2.
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    Good luck to you, DeAngelo. Enjoy your retirement.
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    I really don't know how to feel about this given I really don't know much about Scott Campbell, other than he's made it through a record amount of episodes of Survivor: Ashburn. I've always been curious about the guy as in "What does he have on these guys that keeps him employed so long?". Perhaps now we'll find out.
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    Q&A with Mile Detillier, Part 1: LSU in the NFL Draft Scott: When it comes to LSU and the draft, the hot topic is the slide of Derrius Guice late in the second round. What’s your take on the way this all played out? Mike: I have done this 33 years and I see this virtually every year. A prominent agent puts out info (true or not) on a player when he has a client at the same spot. He wants to upgrade the status of his client and lower a player at his position and he doesn’t care if it is true. It’s the ugly part of this process. What is disturbing is the national guys who repeated this and had no proof. No proof. At first, it was off the field issues and then when they were put on notice he had no arrest, no suspensions or any other matters, then it turned to a TMZ video. TMZ’s executives denied they had anything on Guice. Then it turned into a confrontation between him and a coach. Then, when both sides denied it, it became, “Well he didn’t interview well and spoke about video games and bowling instead of watching film.” Look, I deal with agents daily and I know exactly how it works for them. Some are really good people and don’t play this game, but there are always a few who will do or say whatever they can to upgrade their client. It’s draft gossip and some run with it as fact. My deal is prove what you are saying. Prove it. If you can’t, then you can’t go with it. But we live in the social media world of getting clicks and folks making up a story to make their own agenda sound better. Interviews are a personal opinion, and not fact. Guice got caught up with it and he also called out the NFL for their line of questioning in interviews. You think the NFL wants that out? No way, and he is not the first one to say that the line of questioning centered around someone’s mom or their sexuality. We live in that world. It used to be about someone’s health or an injury, but now it’s about their character. Again, prove it, but at this stage it’s old news and the agent did his job of getting his guy picked higher and put Guice in a bit of a free-fall. Teams pick players with criminal histories and admitted issues with drugs and alcohol and those same guys know it, but they don’t say it. It’s the ugly side of the draft world and I get that same sort of information quite a bit. But Guice will do great in Washington. He’s come from a tough background and he is a top competitor and player. Coaches Miles and Orgeron have spoken about him at the highest level. No one is perfect in this world, but this made-up information on him shows just how far some will go to upgrade their own guy. We have all heard about the really good things he has done in the community, but that’s local, not national news. He was targeted and for the agent or agents involved it got their own player picked higher and those guys walk away in the snow with no footprints. http://www.dandydon.com/Mike_Detillier_LSU_Spring_2018_1.php
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    If Guice's slide is purely the result of his ex-agent trying to sabotage him, I think ES should take up a collection to send his ex-agent a fruit basket.
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    Nobody is running on us and nobody is stopping ours. Out ****ing standing. Payne, Settle, Iaon and Allen are a ****ing wall to run into. That was a ballsy pick up.
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    OMG, Payne was not a reach, at all.
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    Big uglies win championships. Needed to shore up the run D. We now have a decent interior rotation with Allen, Payne and Ionnaidas. We’re one guy short of making it a stellar rotation. If Taylor pans out we’ll be MUCH improved against the run. Need ILB help and a RB still and I’ll feel much better about our run O/D.
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    LOL! The meltdown is fun. This is the Brandon Scherff pick all over again. It was a great pick.
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    Same way it's working for you. The deficit's tripled. We're closer to war (and nuclear war, at that) in multiple foreign theaters. We're starting, and escalating, a trade war. We have Nazis openly marching in the streets, and engaging in terrorist attacks, and our President is defending them. The US, the most reliable ally the world has seen for my entire lifetime, is actively throwing away all of the international capital it's built up over that time. Our foreign policy is being run like a banana republic dictatorship. ("You want us to follow our own treaties? Talk to President's nephew about that real estate deal he wants in your country. And stay in his hotel.') And you are actively working to support all of that, because for now, it allows your team to accomplish their goals. (Which, it turns out, is to promote all of the above.)
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    For those having existential angst over their fanhood,, figure this. You cheer for the players, the coaches, and if you cheer for anything FO, it is limited to what they do with players and coaches. I am a Penn state football fan. When the crimes of the staff came out, i had a really hard time with whether or not i could continue to be a fan. I had been a fan since i was a kid,.. i never went there, i just liked the way they played and it stuck. So someone told me it's not the players, and that is who you support when you watch the game and cheer. And i continued to support the players when they came back the next season. And I am glad I did. Just as none of those players had anything to do with those crimes, none of the Redskins players you cheer for had anything to do with this. So the FO are pigs. But they aren't, and never have been why you are a fan in the first place. Enjoy the games (such as that may be anyway). They don't reflect any of this scandal. ~Bang
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    I'm going to disagree with you in a very old school way. Dave Butz was a game changer. He wasn't Mann or Manley who were credited as being the game changers and made the huge play, but in a very real way Dave Butz changed every game he played in. Why? Because he changed how the opponents played the run. They knew the middle of the defense was a brick wall and you weren't going to get very far attacking it. Would teams go for it on 4th and one against Dave Butz? Very, very rarely. Last year, did teams go for 4th and 1 against Hood? Hell, would they go for 4th and 2 against Hood and our D Line? Way, way, way too often. Our D Line was disrespected. I bet teams went on fourth down more often against the 'skins (especially in early quarters) more than against any other team. Would that happen with Dave Butz or Darryl Grant manning the middle? No way! So, if Payne is a GREAT run stopper then he is a game changer.
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    Redskins signing a fullback? What?
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    Good Morning. Well here we are again. For some of you,it's been,like,forever since we did this. For others,holy **** does time fly. Allllllllllllrighty then. Here we go. Most of you know the drill,but let's cover it for anyone who forgot or the newbs. This is an info thread only. A reference if you will,to information about the Draft Picks the Redskins make over the next few days as well as links to discussions on those picks. Let's keep this one for info only and leave the discussions to the threads where folks will be...er...... commenting on said picks,(and front office). A always,help is always welcome. Got some info or even a pick to include,(I may miss a few because of work ),go ahead and post it in here and it will be edited in later. Couple of quick links for things going on right now. Redskins Draft Pick Order as of right now: 2018 NFL Draft order: Here's a team-by-team look at all 256 picks in the draft Total picks: Eight -------- 2018 Draft Day Thread 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread The Bruce Allen/GM Thread The Picks: (1) 1-13 Da'Ron Payne DT Alabama Height: 6' 3" Weight: 311 lbs Arm Length: 33” Hands 9 3/8” https://www.nfl.com/prospects/da'ron-payne?id=32462018-0002-5600-68ba-6b48873dba9b *Click Link For More* Welcome to the Washington Redskins Da'Ron Payne DT Alabama Press Release: #REDSKINS DRAFT DL DA’RON PAYNE WITH NO. 13 OVERALL PICK Press Release: #REDSKINS Quotes - Gruden, Payne ---------------------------------------- (2) 2-59 DERRIUS GUICE RB LSU HEIGHT 5' 11" WEIGHT 224 lbs ARMS 30 3/4” HANDS 9 3/4 Prospect Grade 6.14 SHOULD BECOME INSTANT STARTER 40 Yard Dash 4.49 SECONDS Bench Press 15 REPS Vertical Jump 31.5 INCHES https://www.nfl.com/prospects/derrius-guice?id=32462018-0002-5601-017c-b2cb76f248b4 *Click Link For More* Welcome to the Redskins Derrius Guice RB LSU ******************************************** (3) 3-74 GERON CHRISTIAN LOUISVILLE OT HEIGHT WEIGHT ARMS 6' 5" 298 lbs 35” HANDS 10 3/4” Prospect Grade 5.61 CHANCE TO BECOME NFL STARTER 40 Yard Dash 5.33 SECONDS Bench Press 19 REPS https://www.nfl.com/prospects/geron-christian?id=32462018-0002-5601-5322-e972be96c146 *Click Link For More* Welcome to the Washington Redskins Geron Christian OT Louisville Press Release: #REDSKINS DRAFT RB DERRIUS GUICE, T GERON CHRISTIAN ON DAY 2 OF 2018 NFL DRAFT Press Release: #REDSKINS Quotes - Gruden, Guice. Christian Press Release: #REDSKINS Introductory Press Conference: DL Da’Ron Payne and RB Derrius Guice **************** 4) 4-109 TROY APKE S Penn State Height: 6'1" Weight: 200 lbs. Arms: 32'3/8" Hands: 8' 3/8" Prospect Grade: 5.14 Better-than-Average Chance to Make NFL Roster 40 Yard Dash 4.34 Seconds Bench Press 16 Reps Vertical Jump 41.0 INCHES Broad Jump 131.0 INCHES 3 Cone Drill 6.56 Seconds 20 Yd Shuttle 4.03 Seconds https://www.nfl.com/prospects/troy-apke?id=32462018-0002-5601-23df-c332e0865a01 *Click Link For More* Welcome to the Washington Redskins Troy Apke S Penn St ************** 5) 5-163 TIM SETTLE DT Virginia Tech Height: 6' 3" Weight: 329 lbs Arms: 33” Hands: 9 1/8” Prospect Grade 5.86 Chance to Become NFL Starter 40 Yard Dash 5.37 Seconds Vertical Jump 23.5 INCHES Broad Jump 96.0 INCHES 3 Cone Drill 7.95 Seconds 20 Yd Shuttle 4.83 Seconds https://www.nfl.com/prospects/tim-settle?id=32462018-0002-5601-905d-2aba6fe19f35 *Click Link for More* Welcome to the Washington Redskins Tim Settle DT Virginia Tech ********************** 6) 6-197 SHAUN DION HAMILTON ILB Alabama Height: 6' 0" Weight: 228 lbs Arms: 31" Hands: 10 1/4" Prospect Grade 5.04 Better-than-Average Chance to Make NFL Roster Bench Press 20 Reps https://www.nfl.com/prospects/shaun dion-hamilton?id=32462018-0002-5600-07bf-34f3d8e28f9c *Click Link For More* Welcome to the Washington Redskins Shaun Dion Hamilton ILB Alabama ******************* 7) 7-241 Greg Stroman CB Virginia Tech HEIGHT WEIGHT ARMS 5' 11" 182 lbs 29 7/8” HANDS 8 3/4” Prospect Grade 5.25 NFL BACKUP OR SPECIAL TEAMS POTENTIAL Combine Results 40 Yard Dash 4.48 SECONDS Bench Press 16 REPS Vertical Jump 33.5 INCHES Broad Jump 113.0 INCHES 20 Yd Shuttle 4.45 SECONDS https://www.nfl.com/draft/tracker/picks?pick=23 *Click Link for More* Welcome to the Washington Redskins Greg Stroman CB Virginia Tech ****************** 8) 7-256 TREY QUINN WR SMU Height: 6' 0" Weight: 203 lbs Arms: 30 3/4” Hands: 10 1/8” Prospect Grade 5.25 NFL Backup or Special Teams Potential 40 Yard Dash 4.55 Seconds Bench Press 17 Reps Vertical Jump 33.5 INCHES Broad Jump 116.0 INCHES 3 Cone Drill 6.91 Seconds 20 Yd Shuttle 4.19 Seconds 60 Yd Shuttle 11.4 Seconds https://www.nfl.com/prospects/trey-quinn?id=32462018-0002-5601-808c-2275391f0ccd *Click Link For More* Welcome to the Washington Redskins Trey Quinn WR SMU Press Release: #REDSKINS Quotes - Gruden, Apke, Settle, Hamilton, Stroman, Quinn Press Release: #REDSKINS SELECT EIGHT PLAYERS IN 2018 NFL DRAFT 2018 UDFA Thread Press Release: #Redskins Quotes - Senior VP of Player Personnel Doug Williams
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    2nd best back in the draft at the end of the 2nd round. A+ pick.
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    Who gives a darn what Cooley thinks. Folks act like what he says is gospel. He is a ****ing prick. I don't care what he thinks about anything.
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    Kirk graduated in 10 minutes
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