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    Seems like the Sensitive Generation needs to come to grips with the fact that not everything they do will be 'understood' or meet with approval. i don't have to "understand him" or even care if he gets whatever it is he thinks he needs. In fact, as callous as it may sound, the only thing i care he does is play for the Redskins and make plays. It's the only reason i even know who he is. I'm a fan of the team. He quit on the team. Actions = consequence.. Su'a seems like a guy who fails to grasp this. Saying we showed 'true colors' by getting upset that he has quit on the team at the eleventh hour shows remarkable immaturity and a complete lack of understanding how the world works. You don't get a trophy for everything, and not everything you do is to be praised or even supported, iand in fact, some things you do will adversely affect you because people don't like it and deem it the wrong thing to do. How McCloughan whiffed on such obvious character flaws is a mystery to me. They supposedly have a ton of chances to interview these players prior to drafting them.. how do they not have a questioning system designed to find out if a player really wants to play? It is pathetic he seems to feel he needs validation by his social following. It's even more pathetic in knowing that as soon as he's a UPS delivery man or a Subway sandwich artist or whatever it is he does, his following will drop like a stone, because no one really CARES who the 'real him' is. What is interesting to people? Making tackles, or Big Macs? He's in for a hard fall, and he'll find out just how much life LOVES to smack someone right in the mouth. I guess as a person I hope he's going to be able to deal with the absolute fact that once he's not an NFL football player, he becomes as invisible and anonymous as all of us. But i doubt it. Hope the next man up can play, because after a month i don't think he'll be welcome back. ~Bang
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    If the dude doesn't want to play, he doesn't want to play. I don't understand the issue here or why he should be raked over the coals. The NFL is a job for some of these guys at the end of the day. Like anyone else, they might want to change direction in their lives. Just because they're in the NFL doesn't make them different...you might have different expectations of them but that's your problem. Everyone LOVED this guy last year, now all of a sudden he's a pretty boy who's more concerned about his Instagram following. All of a sudden everyone's an expert and knew he "really didn't love the game, I could tell from the start." Oh really? Enlighten us, tell us what magical insight you have that others don't considering we all watch the same games that you do? The dude had a concussion last year and was worried about his vision. Sure there are some guys out there that don't give a **** and will deal with the consequences later. But there are some that actually want to have a life after football. They're human. Some of the replies in here are pretty sad.
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    I think he's an above-average starting NFL QB who you can win with if the roster is good enough. I think it will be really hard to find someone who is definitely better. Despite those things I'm pretty much done waiting for him to take that next step. Rooting for Kirk is just not a fun experience as a fan, and I'm almost ready for a fresh cheap rookie to place all my hopes into, to break down their every flash and bump in the road. I know it's irrational but I'm almost ready to give up on being average with Kirk and embrace the boom/bust of a future 1st round rookie with potential.
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    Stunning flip from him but also some of you fans. It's his life - if he wants to walk away from football, either for his health or other reasons, that's 100% his decision to make and we should respect it. Knowing what we do about CTE already, if he is thinking of retiring for his health and future self, I totally respect that and he has my full support. I would never ask someone to sacrifice their cognitive abilities and physical mobility strictly for my entertainment value.
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    Meanwhile, somewhere behind a 7-11 dumpster in Tennessee, a disheveled Jeff Fisher sits in his own filth while holding up a sign that says, "Mustache Rides - $2."
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    Nate Sudfeld Eagles PS QB Benedict Arnold Eagles Emergency QB
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    Just got word today that a piece of mine has been accepted into an anthology. It's my first time being in a bound collection. Kind of fun. It's a very short piece about two explorers in search of the greatest magic sword of all time. The sword that smites all enemies and breaks all other swords. When they find it they discover that it isn't magic at all. It was the first iron sword produced in a bronze age. Unfortunately, they now live in the steel age and the "magic" sword has become about as useful as the swords that failed against it.
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    Every year I care less and less about this team! They have done nothing to play basic fundemental football. They don't have one aspect they are good at. I used to get mad now I expect to lose..
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    I refuse to blame any of our edge guys for whatever lack of production they have. Not until they get any semblance of a consistent interior push from the Dline. The amount of times the opposing QB had a wonderfully clean pocket inside to step up into during obvious passing situations was simply disgusting last year. Couple that with a secondary that couldn't communicate or work together right and you get a near impossible situation for edge guys to thrive in. 3rd downs were maddening because it was the same thing every time. QB drops back deep, slides up inside (totally nullifying any rush we got from Kerrigan/Smith/Murphy), takes his sweet time until at least one of his pass catchers beat one of our LBers/Safeties in the intermediate area between the numbers... boom, easy completion. And if that didn't work because we overcompensated for it and dropped everyone and their mother back there, just hit a back or TE on a delay/leak route. He'll surely have 800 miles of space to work with. They're victims of a front seven that hasn't seen much in the way of resources invested in it as far as I'm concerned. Do we have a Von Miller or a Khalil Mack? I don't think so, but neither do most teams. Kerrigan is right in the next tier of guys like that, and he can be way more productive if the Dline improves alone. If that happens and they're still not producing, I'll be the first to say we don't have the players there that we need.
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    (A creepy favorite...): Center Jason Kelce
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    This shows Compton's value as a leader, by the way...why coaches found a value in him that fans never cared about.
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    seriously ? People are getting upset at this ? We we are short of bodies at C for camp ... as good as chase might be he cannot take all 1st 2nd 3rd team snaps... we could go out and pick up an udfa who has been sitting on his hands all summer or trade a guy for someone been in camp . There is no way Philips makes the team it's unlikely Crowley makes the team - he's a body ... just swapping jags to help out in practice
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    You see, I disagree with you. I've been a boss and people have left me in the lurch in the real world. It's crappy. I've been a worker and I stayed in a terrible position despite the stress in order to mentor the next guy and get them ready despite my own problems that made me really want to get out. Su'a has every right to quit. There's a good way and a bad way to do it. There's a responsible and a selfish way to do it. He certainly has the right to look out for number one. He should. That said, there's no reason to screw the company while doing so. When you do that whether you are a teacher, a cop, or even a sandwich maker at Subway, you cause chaos. If you walk out on the job without notice and you have a particular role in the organization and a particular skill set that people count on then you are being a rat. I agree with you that it happens all the time. It shouldn't. There are exceptions. There are family emergencies. There are medical emergencies. There are dire situations that cause you to need to change your life NOW and there's no time to soften the blow or the landing or to think of anyone else. If that's the case here, then Cravens is fine. He certainly has the right to leave the Redskins. There's just a right way and a wrong way to do things in life. He chose a wrong way. He chose a selfish way. He chose an unprofessional way. Even if he's right about leaving and I'll assume he is... how he left was irresponsible.
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    cant sing his praises enough today. what heart. no Foster slander shall prosper tonight -
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    Sheep suck, LA doesnt deserve a team. McVey looks like a 10 year old with a fake mustache Redskins 49 Rams 3
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    We lost the game today because our QB stunk. Period. Some will read that and assume that I think all other aspects of the team were great. Absolutely not. The OL was shaky, the starting RB was meh, the D gave up too many third downs, a key player muffed a punt that led to an Eagles TD. There were plenty of guys that deserve criticism. That said, the game was still there to be won and the QB failed. That INT in the 4th was just killer. It can't happen. E was under pressure, but it was blitz pressure and the call was right-- we had a WR flash wide open-- and the QB air-mailed it. He was high on throws all day and didn't give his WRs a chance on some deep balls. The D looked better. Not great, but better. They got to the ball faster and when the Eagles made positive plays it was often due to their players making a good play as opposed to ours making a bad one. Had the offense been a little more effecient the D may have been even a little better. We weren't in shambles today. As a matter of fact I thought we looked pretty well prepared from a coaching perspective. We had open plays we failed to execute and I didn't feel like the Eagles offense was fooling our D or had them on their heels like the last two years. The offense was just disjointed. Most of it stemming from poor execution from the QB; some of which was brought on by excess pressure yielded by the OL. I tbink the Eagles are very much a middling team. And we just lost to them at home. So in no way, shape, or form is there any sort of morale victory here and I am not blowing the loss off as insignificant. As a matter of fact, it could very well come back to haunt us if we do manage to make ourselves relevant this year. I also dont think this loss is necessarily an anchor for the season. I say that not from homerism, it from history. 1. We have experience the last two years looking bad in week one. It wasn't a death knell for our season. 2. Our biggest problem today (QB/OL) have history of being much better than they were today. It is a reasonable argument based on history to believe that KC and the passing game will improve moving forward. 3. I love the spot we catch the Rams. Love it. The Colts are the worst team in the NFL. Yes, worse than the Jets. I took the Rams in my Survivor Pool this week because Indy is beyond horrendous. Luck carries the like no other QB carries his team. That's a 1-15 type of team without him. Rams rolled them and now everyone will overreact to their win and our loss. People will tout Goff as being "fixed" and Kirk as being broken. The results of today could not have worked out better for us in terms of how the week 2 game sets up. I don't think the Rams are good-- I think they are worse than the Eagles and Goff is not as polished as Wentz. Sure, if this is who Kirk is now, then we will likely lose again. And again and again. We will probably go 4-12 and be awful. But I find it more reasonable that he will even out. We saw today that if he can play better he might get more help from his D this year. It is weird but we only play 4 more games until we play the Eagles again. Split those four and you enter Philly 2-3 and then you can measure your progress in what would likely be a massive game for us. I like the way this game lines up for us this week in LA and I like that Oakland will be an easy 2-0 when they come to D.C. after they crush the Jets next week. I don't like the KC game at all. And if we can't handle SF then this is all moot. Right now, you just move on to the Rams-- it will be a game where the public will jump all over the Rams. I am waiting to see that spread by the way. Guy taught me a long time ago that week 2 in the NFL is a money spot-- "watch the line over-corrections." If you think we just stink or if you think the Rams are really good, then none of this matters. But if you think it's reasonable to assume we can improve upon our effort today, then this isn't a bad spot for us next week.
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    For those of us in New England, the rest of you have NO IDEA the amount of perfect season talk we've been dealing with. Having it blow up in the first game of the entire season is sweet. Oh, so so sweet.
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    I don't know where else to put this but I cannot explain how honored I was this afternoon... About an hour ago I had a Lieutenant Colonel from the Army dressed in full regalia knock on my door. He saluted me and handed me two boxes. He told me thank you for your service and the service of your grandfather. He made a quick right face and left. I closed the door in bewilderment wondering what the hell is this? I opened the first box and inside was a formal certificate signed by the Architect of the Capitol with my grandfather's name on it honoring his service (at Pointe du Hoc, etc.) in the 2/75th Ranger Battalion. Underneath that was a flag that was flown over the US Capitol on the 75th anniversary of the 75th Ranger regiment. I literally started to cry. The second box was exactly the same but with my name on it (3/75). I quickly went back out to thank him and he was gone. This is the greatest honor I've ever received in my life, except for the birth of my children. I'm giving my grandfather's box to my son who never met him. I'm overwhelmed with pride and honor. I do not know who initiated this but I had to tell everyone thank you for the opportunity to serve our country.
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    OK... so after some deliberation I decided to put this in The Stadium versus the ES Coverage Blog, hopefully we'll generate more discussion here on it. This is part 2 of what will likely be a 3 part series where we focus on the play of all Dlinemen throughout the preseason games, accounting for their impactful snaps along the way. Here's part 1 for those who missed it: So, first, just a quick reminder as to how I've approached this. The videos I took are essentially snaps that I thought either had a clear win or a clear loss by any single Dlineman or more. I judged wins/losses more (but not totally) off of the initial movement generated, or ground given up, from the player so as to keep it as basic as possible and avoid schematic context. The snaps that occurred where neither a win nor a loss necessarily occurred on the entire Line (player did nothing impactful either way) were omitted in this count. However, that only happened on a few occasions, the majority of snaps held some intrigue for us. At the end of this, I compiled the number of wins and losses for each player, and then I'll continue to do this through the next preseason game. This one will have 2 charts, one showing the stats for this particular game and one showing a total throughout the first two preseason games. Click on the videos to see the line of text detailing said wins/losses. This time around, I color coded wins/losses/neither to make it easier while viewing. Shall we begin? (Apologies for the small text size of the following charts, wanted it to fit properly in a mobile format, as well) Stats against Packers Player Wins Losses Snaps Accounted For* 63 Brandon Banks 2 4 6 69 AJ Francis 5 3 10 72 Anthony Lanier 4 4 13 73 Ondre Pipkins 1 2 6 78 Joey Mbu 6 4 11 90 Ziggy Hood 3 3 8 92 Stacy McGee 3 0 6 95 Jonathan Allen 4 2 7 97 Terrell McClain 4 2 8 98 Matt Ioannidis 7 2 9 99 Phil Taylor 3 0 4 Totals through both Preseason Games Player Wins Losses Snaps Accounted For* 63 Brandon Banks 3 5 8 69 AJ Francis 12 4 18 72 Anthony Lanier 12 5 24 73 Ondre Pipkins 2 3 8 78 Joey Mbu 6 12 22 90 Ziggy Hood 3 6 14 92 Stacy McGee 8 2 13 95 Jonathan Allen 6 2 12 97 Terrell McClain 6 2 10 98 Matt Ioannidis 10 3 13 99 Phil Taylor 8 0 9 *Total snaps accounted for is just a tally of snaps where a win/loss occurred on the Dline, and not a total snap count. That being said, the number somewhat reflects total snap counts since the majority of snaps had a win/loss occur. So what did I learn this time around? Let's go down the list. -Brandon Banks, similar to last week, didn't play many snaps, only coming in towards the end of the game (along with Pipkins). So his competition was weak, as well. 2 wins, 4 losses. Not a very good game, and you can see why he's on the bottom of the depth chart for now. So far he's been the same guy throughout both games; a developmental prospect who has quite a ways to go. -AJ Francis didn't have as good a game as he had last week when he tallied 7 wins to only 1 loss. Again, he mostly played against second-stringers and tallied 5 wins to 3 losses out of the 10 snaps accounted for. Interestingly, when he first came into the game he was at his usual NT spot. Later on when he got some more snaps they had him playing in the nickel a bunch of times. He had his best series where most of his wins came doing that early in the 4th quarter. So far he's been one of the better players on the Dline throughout the preseason tallying 12 wins to 4 losses, though he hasn't played against first-stringers at all. -Anthony Lanier didn't have nearly as good a game as he did last week when he tallied 8 wins and only 1 loss. He played mostly against second-stringers and finished with 4 wins to 4 losses. That was on 13 snaps accounted for, so he had quite amount where he wasn't positively or negatively impactful either way. He was off the field for some time, but then came back in towards the end of the game, interestingly enough. Seemed to not be into it, though, and most of his inconsequential snaps were at that point. Like Francis, Lanier has been one of the better players on the line, and has shown his increased strength, as well. He remains inconsistent to a degree, but he's an improved player overall. Mostly has played against second-stringers, though. -Ondre Pipkins, similar to the game before, came into the game late with Banks and didn't have many snaps overall. He didn't do too well, finishing with 1 win and 2 losses on 6 snaps accounted for. So far he's flashed some potential as a Nose, but it's easy to see why he's at the bottom of the depth chart. Has a long way to go. - Joey Mbu came back with a vengeance and totally outperformed what he did last week, when he ended up with 8 losses and 0 wins. Played mostly against second and third stringers, but had some of the nicer wins of the night. He finished with 6 wins and 4 losses, so it wasn't some wonderful game or anything... but, still, much better than last week. So far, he's shown himself to be an intriguing prospect in that he's proven he can step up his game after a bad performance. He's got some good athleticism for a Nose Tackle, had a sick spin move on a pass rush, but also has the propensity to get pushed off the LOS. - Ziggy Hood improved a little bit on his game last week, where he tallied 3 losses to 0 wins. He started the game alongside McGee and McClain, playing mostly against the first team of the Packers. He finished with 3 wins and 3 losses on 8 snaps accounted for. So far, I view him as the weakest link on the line when it comes to the starters or heavy rotation guys. His totals are 3 wins to 6 losses on 14 snaps accounted for. It's just not promising. The biggest frustration is that he'll be the only guy getting pushed back on the entire Dline in too many instances. He remains the locker room leader on the line, so hopefully he can take another step this Sunday and show his value on the field. - Stacy McGee added another solid outing to the one he had last week when he won 5 snaps and lost on 2. As mentioned above, he started alongside Hood and McClain. Similar to last week, his wins weren't necessarily big time ones, but he was a net positive overall. So far McGee seems like a solid starter. He might not be an impact guy, but he doesn't get moved easily and can get up the field pretty quickly for a man his size. He's got a good feel for pass rushing, as well, and can disengage in multiple ways. - Jonathan Allen had a good game, maybe even better than last week where he finished with 2 wins and 0 losses, with quite a few inconsequential snaps. This time, he finished with 4 wins and 2 losses, but he played a good amount against the first team since he and Ioannidis immediately came in as the nickel linemen. I mentioned last game that shows great awareness for a rookie. This time his best play arguably came when he sniffed out a screen, ran the RB down, and made the tackle. He's got 6 wins to 2 losses so far, but a bunch of inconsequential snaps. He's absolutely flashed his talent, and there's no doubt he can be an absolute monster, but he still has a ways to go in order to reach his great potential. Hopefully it all clicks fast, and I wouldn't bet against just that. - Terrell McClain added another solid outing to the one last week, where he tallied 2 wins to 0 losses. However, unlike last week, he started this game and played mostly against the first team of the Packers, finishing with 4 wins and 2 losses. So far, I'm not as down on McClain as many seem to be. He's definitely not flashing stud potential or anything, but he's also not a liability out there. He seems to be finding his way and is hesitant in what he's doing, but he's a strong guy and doesn't get moved easily. I think as time goes on we'll see a better player. - Matt Ioaniddis had another good outing, probably even better than last week's where he finished with 3 wins and 1. He got a significant amount of reps against the first team, this time in the nickel with Allen mostly, and finished with 7 wins and 2 losses. Ioannidis has looked like one of the best players on the line this preseason. He's consistently beating his man, shedding his blocker, and has shown great power in whatever he does. I'm surprised at just how effective he's been at pass rushing. He's got a total of 10 wins to only 3 losses thus far. Impressive. - Finally, Phil Taylor came in with another excellent performance. Unlike last week, when he tallied 5 wins to 0 losses against the first team Ravens, he mostly played against the second team of the Packers and finished with 3 wins and 0 losses. Thus far, he has not only proven to be a good Nose Tackle, he has been the best Dlineman on the field! Granted, it's only been two preseason games and things can change fast, that's pretty exciting to think about considering our woes at the position. Guy simply hasn't lost, and has had a positive impact on nearly every snap he's been in on. And he's not just this run-stopping, plodding Nose Tackle. He's extremely athletic and can rush the passer as good as anyone else on the line so far this preseason. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alright, so a quick summary of what I'm sensing thus far this preseason. Ioannidis and Taylor are head and shoulders above everyone else. Allen is flashing what he can be, but he's showing he's a rookie, too. McGee seems like a solid, not spectacular, starter. McClain can be a good piece, but he's inconsistent and doesn't seem comfortable too often. He's also looked slow at times, but he's definitely strong, so his athleticism is a mixed bag. Lanier is a bit too up and down since he followed up his great game against the Ravens with an inconsistent one against the Packers, but he's definitely flashing his abilities. Hood has, unfortunately, been a liability. Mbu is a bit of a quandary because he was absolutely terrible against the Ravens, but initially showed up well against the Packers, before tailing off a little bit again. Francis has done well, and is an intriguing young prospect at the Nose position. Finally, both Pipkins and Banks are nothing more than developmental prospects and have a long ways to go, though I think Pipkins has flashed more. Alrighty, guys and gals... hope you enjoyed. I, for one, can't wait to see what happens next in the culmination of this series!
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    ^^ Rumor has it he was the 15.67th Center on Scot's list this offseason.
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    Kirk had every opportunity to win today. He truly did. Yet again, he came up lacking. There are many that say "Kirk is our Guy.". Hats off to you, I guess. I am not that guy. Do you, seriously, want the guy we saw today, and for most of last year, to be the highest paid quarterback in NFL history? Seriously,do you? It is beyond ridiculous. Kirk is not good, or at best, ok, Do you see how he deserves to be the highest paid QB, ever, in any possible way? I'm sure there will be excuses galore; I've heard it all before. Kirk just doesn't have "it". It makes me sad. I am so tired of the same thing....Groundhog day(s) by KC, and I am just being honest. Kirk is beyond "meh: for me....just not good. I want to win and Kirk is not the guy. He falters in every single significant moment. Every single one. He is constant, I agree with that; however the consistency is just bad. I am curious how this will be twisted into KC's favor this time. His excuses, or anyone else's are done to me now. Hail
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    Well, it was a good game. We obviously couldn't stop the run if the first half, but we shut it down in the second half. As a Rams fan, you guys don't know how refreshing it is to see in game adjustments. If this was last years team, you guys would have blown us out for sure. Todd Gurley took over this game against yalls defense, that was also good to see for us. Our OL also did a good job for the most part as well. Didn't hear about Kerrigan or any DLmen for that matter. But I thought yalls secondary played really well today. Y'all played a very "safe" game, and IMO, I think that was due to the run game and the ability to go up early. It's clear that Pryor is still not clicking with Cousins, but Crowder is for sure. Anyways, good work and to the best of health to yalls team; cheers. I may pop in from time to time to check in, but take care fellas.
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    Ahhhh I'm leaving the stadium and getting on the train. Such a fun game, and my first live. I had fantastic seats and some great pics from the day. I don't live in the area anymore, so it was a thrill to watch Cousins, Kerrigan and co. warming up. Small pleasures. The visitor's section was a sea of red. It felt like a neutral stadium. Great fan presence, great OL performance and Kirk came through. Defense was strong too. No complaints. It felt like a mirror image of last week in many ways, right down to the way we took care of the ball. Really fun day. Great game.
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    Got accepted for Marietta Square Art Walk for October - my first chance to display a significant number of my paintings. Just finished this extra large 36 x 48 for the show.
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    The excitement's been building, but the time is finally here. Let the games begin. The look-a-like games, that is. First up, the always ugly Philadelphia Eagles. Have fun this week, boys and girls... Quarterback Carson Wentz Price Harry
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    I said last year that he was getting bailed out by his receivers. Got laughed at. Said he stunk when it was crunch time. Got blasted for that. Almost dropped dead at the contract he turned down and got hammered for that. Well let's see we had a few new toys on the field today. They did not do so hot did they? And what happened? Sputter sputter sputter. Ended the game the same way he ended the season last year. Front office do the right thing? Yup. I know its a small sample size but this guy is not the guy no matter how people might try to spin it.
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    I made it up ATL in 16 hours and now headed to western Tennessee. Huge thanks and appreciation to skinsmarydu and Riggo-Toni for being simply amazing and thoughtful in these difficult times of need. When we meet at a Skins game, your tabs are on me! We are blessed. Stay safe everyone and I'm praying I have a house to go back to.
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    I'm alive y'all. STX faired better than most. It turned north at the last second for us.
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    Carson Wentz. Kid with Chocolate on his face
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    My Ture colors say that i don't wait until the last minute to completely throw over my teammates and adversely affect everyone around me. He can make all the personal decisions he wants. What it's done to his team tells me all i need to know.. he thought about nothing but himself. these aren't new thoughts, plenty of time to have done this and given everyone,, his coaches, his teammates,, time to prepare for life without him. They drafted him to use him, have planned their build with him as part of it. He has said 'hey, i gotta do what i gotta do for me." and then threw a grenade into the barracks. Escort him off the property. Insure he doesn't play for anyone else. go find a job, Su'a. ~Bang
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    Bird photography is one of my main hobbies...
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    This is from my hike up old Rag Mountain in the Shenandoahs with Gbear about 2 weeks ago.
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    So ES is still hobbled even though we got a win (shocker, I know), but this day is the twelfth anniversary of the Monday Night Miracle. I figured this would bring a smile to any fan's face. The very first shot of Parcells's 77-0 win streak when leading by 13+ points in the fourth quarter is fantastic.
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    I swear, people have no problem creating completely baseless, speculative storylines about situations involving the team so long as it paints a picture of organizational dysfunction and "same old redskins"... Be it with the Scot McCloughan firing, grading draft classes, harvest fest, etc. Its the cool thing to do. But people are connecting far more legitimate dots on this Su'a Cravens situation and its overreaction and insensitive? Kirk's wife is due any day now. He's still here. Players put their lives on hold every year during the season and rarely miss time. If they do its typically a day or two from practice. Those players also stay in close communication with the team about those instances. Su'a Cravens quit on his teammates in college. Some close to the situation cited immaturity. Su'a Cravens went AWOL last season after his bicep injury for a day. Red flag that the behavior was rearing its ugly head yet again. This year he waits until roster cut down day, when he OBVIOUSLY was mulling this decision weeks earlier in training camp (evident in the candid video of his sideline conversation with Will Compton) . The way he decides to inform his teammates was in a group chat, texting them "peace out" and exited the group. I wouldnt be as harsh if this was the first time he pulled something like this. He WOULD be getting the benefit of the doubt from me and I'd take the claims of him potentially dealing with issues a lot more seriously. Besides, if he really was dealing with serious personal/family issues... The team wouldnt have been so firm in their actions towards him. They'd risk huge backlash if they closed the door on a person dealing with a serious issue that required his undivided attention away from football. Then in his insulting social media posts he stated that he "didnt feel like he needs to explain himself". Proceeds to spend his time away from the team fraternizing on the sidelines at USC (mind you, all he did was exchange pleasantries with the VP of his professional team that was also in attendance). Honestly the kid is so delusional I could've seen him asking Doug something like who he thought would win the USC game as if what he had done wasn't serious whatsoever. Then he doesn't even show up to support his teammates playing on the SAME FIELD...the. next. Day. Oh, and during all this he also had his agent inform the team that he would be returning to the team the upcoming week, casually of course. Ian Rappoport is a highly respected NFL insider who is paid handsomely to be accurate in his reporting. He likely broke the news knowing what his agent relayed to the team. Because its spectacularly odd for anyone in his situation to have done so while having made ZERO contact with ANYONE within the organization about these plans. After QUITTING on his team and causing a huge stir of unwanted attention, he honestly thought he was just gonna stroll back into Redskins park. No big deal, nothing to see here. The team laughed at the audacity of this smug little prick, and after his actions over the weekend, decided to shut him down. You dont let someone like that who thinks they are above the rules, above the team, and above his teammates to dictate terms or force your hand. Again, if it was a serious personal or family matter, would the team really have included the bit about self reflection and passion for the game or whatever the exact words were in the press release? Think about it people. If it walks like an ass, talks like an ass, what is Su'a Cravens most likely? Or do we want to keep ignoring the facts surrounding all this, give him the benefit of the doubt, and attack others for having strong feelings about such disgusting, disrespectful behavior? While I respect the idea of giving someone the benefit of the doubt, this isnt a court of law... Its the court of opinion of a FANbase of a sports team. This fanbase has never had a problem spitting venom and vitriol about Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen without having all the facts on a situation before doing so. And you wanna know what people cite as their reasoning when I try proposing a contradicting theory that doesnt paint Dan and Bruce as incompetent, evil morons? PAST BEHAVIOR. So funny that past behavior doesn't apply here. Better yet, I have seen worse words tossed around to describe innocent, hard working players like Ryan Grant just because they are popular amongst the fanbase to bash on. But Su'a Cravens? Nah, theres gotta be more to the story here, hold your tongue until we know 110% guys. What an absolute crock. The ONLY chance at salvaging our investment was by playing it exactly the way the Redskins did. Shut him down, hope that being forced to watch the game he loves so dearly from his couch gives him a much needed reality check, and hope that he returns to the team in the offseason humbled and willing to earn back the trust of his coaches and teammates all the way from the bottom of the depth chart.
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    Skins win. Your boy guessed correctly in the prediction thread, Admin is sending me a hat. Dallas got humiliated on national television. Not a bad Sunday.
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    Man people are a lot more negative than I thought they would be.. all it seemed to be leading up to this game is we'd be lucky to finish the season 6 and 10, and we'd be even luckier to do anything against that amazing Rams defense - they blew out the colts!!!!!!! Then we play a really solid game where we looked amazing at times... Our quarterback leads a great drive to win the game ... Our defense seals the win ... Our running game actually looked competent for the first time in two years, but you would think that we just won a 12 to 9 game like the Seahawks did today Pretty disappointing
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    Good game guys, best of luck the rest of the season.
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    God told him to suck today... don't question a mans conversation with HIM.
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    This thread really captures ExtremeSkins in a nutshell haha. Lets see: Shocking news about a player causes uproar. Overall sentiment about said player was previously overwhelmingly positive but now the responses make it sound like he was god awful last season. Everyone is pretending like Su'a wasn't a fan favorite out of the draft class, didn't show promise last season and want him cut before even letting the situation play out. Oh, and everyone who questioned the pick or thought he was a "reach" on draft night make sure to pop in and tell everyone I told ya so. Its just bizarre to me that this situation is the one that has the fanbase/ES turning on Scot now. Crazy how quickly the groupthink can shift around here. THEN the PC Police quickly come in to reprimand anyone who makes slightly reactionary posts in a thread created primarily for reactions to breaking news, throwing around accusations of immaturity stating how heartless everyone is for not taking his mental health seriously. Sprinkle in a few people arguing and drumming up evidence about Snyder from 17 years ago as if he has anything to do with this. I may have missed it but im sure someone also tried to say this was proof of organizational incompetence, Snyder is still meddling, because thats attempted in most threads. Yep, sounds like ES. My take on Su'a: I liked the draft pick and liked Cravens as a PLAYER at USC and last year for the Skins, and every draft pick gets the benefit of the doubt from me until they give me a reason not to like them. With Cravens, ever since following him on Snapchat since he was drafted... as much as I wanted to love the kid because of how much I liked him as a player, I couldn't help but get rubbed the wrong way eventually with the way he carried himself and the posts he would make. But if I would want to drink a beer or hang out with a player is about the least important of traits to me for players on the Skins, and honestly I never really cared much because he made up for any of that with his play, and at the end of the day that can cure a lot for me. Hes not forcing me to follow him on snapchat and could care less about my opinion anyway. Simple fix: unfollow, forget about it and enjoy him as a player. But this news makes a lot of sense to me given the impression I got of him... He always seemed to care most about his fame level, fashion, and just came off as a bull****ter to me but couldn't prove that obviously. But Will Comptons conversation makes me feel like my intuition about him may not have been very far off. And before I get destroyed by the insensitivity police, I'm the last person in the world who disrespects mental health as depression runs in my family. Su'a will get the benefit of the doubt to prove me wrong as he is valuable to this team despite how quickly others are ready to write him off. He very well could be suffering from depression or going through a rough patch. But with his history on social media and what ive learned about him doesn't make a great case that he is deserving of all this unconditional support acting like fans arent allowed to form an opinion based on the evidence we have thus far, which honestly isnt very flattering. This is purely speculative but the vibe I'm getting is that this sounds like a situation where an emotionally sensitive player got his feelings hurt from coaches and/or players and has fell into a depressive episode/is homesick/unhappy... Some people can't handle playing the role of an outcast, and instead of fighting against the grain to prove himself to doubters, its certainly possible that instead he has become a recluse, combative, and has an "F-You" attitude about it all. It just doesnt look good to have a respected veteran team captain on video seemingly trying to push an unmotivated Cravens. To players who have worked their tails off to be in the NFL that were blessed with less than cravens, its easy to see how it would rub the locker room the wrong way. Its EERILY similar to the Ritchie Incognito situation in Miami a few years back, without the racism and bullying. It might be a simple case of Cravens not fitting with all the Alpha personalities, just like that article came out about the Seahawks locker room culture and team scouts having to pay special attention to any prospects who may not possess the mental makeup to be successful in that type of environment. Its more likely to me we see him go to another team than be out of football for good because of fear for his health or anything like that. And before anyone says "he almost lost his vision from a concussion, he has every reason to be scared".... I'm sorry but I dont buy that for a second. That whole drama STUNK of a person who needs attention and I lost respect for how he handled it, and lost even more after this news and the Compton clip. Like I said, I'd much rather be wrong about all this, and would happily eat crow, but not a single bit of this makes Su'a look very good right now.
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    Wait a sec, you want a guy that tweeted a pic of his junk to do the filtering???
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    Frankly, I'm embarrassed by some of the responses in this thread. One of the reasons I post much less frequently is because of this hive mentality. Do any of you think a 22 year old kid would throw away millions, and his best chance to set up his kids and his kid's kid's families by playing in the NFL for no reason? hes clearly going through something. Who knows if it's injuries, or something in his head in regards to continuing to play football... but there is something there. The media doesn't and will never get all of answers. As a fan of this franchise it's embarrassing to see some of the responses. As a human it's quite sad. i love this game. But it's a game. And if Su'a Cravens really doesn't want to play who are any of us to question him?
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    I agree with his premise, and my concern is the same as his... the desire will be to blow everything up if that's the case and it'd end up a majorly wrong move to do so. It'd be so Redskins, though, as much as I hate that phrase. That being said, I'm trying to retain a bit more optimism about our prospects this season than that. If we come out looking bad against the Eagles I'll change my tune, but for now I still think the talent on this roster is better than an average finish, and the coaches we've got can get it out of them. I do believe in stability, probably more so than most here. For me, the significance of stability goes, in order: 1) Head of Personnel Department 2) HC 3) QB 4) Rest of player personnel 5) Rest of coaching staff If you have stability at 1 you can overcome most changes to what's below it, and even improve there. An overriding philosophy is applied to the roster and you can find people who fit that philosophy as necessary. If you don't, you'd better have stability at 2 because then at least you have a chance to benefit from a standardized system of development in terms of scheme. If you don't, stability at 3 will still give you a chance, though you can easily put his career in jeopardy by not being stable with the above two. If you don't, stability at 4 won't matter much and 5 even less so. So we're at 2 and 3 right now, in my mind. We lost 1 this offseason, obviously. We have significant change at 4 and 5. It's not ideal, but I feel like they've proven enough to continue building around them for at least the immediate future (2-3 years minimum). And not because they've been awesome and have left no questions in terms of their abilities, though I personally rate them higher than many do on that front, but because destabilizing either of those two spots will more likely end in failure than trying to make it work with them. Suffice to say, I don't trust our hiring process nor scouting process enough to believe they can replace either of those two with people who give us a better chance.
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    I'll never understand the focus on sexual sin over other, far more destructive sins. Where is the Nashville Statement on greed? I'm sick of reading the words of religious leaders focused tirelessly on sins that don't threaten them. Men in big houses driving fancy cars talking about gays and women. How about speaking on pride, greed, and wrath? Some might argue it's wise to stick to what you know best.
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    just wanted to add this on the first Gurley fumble.. Look at my man Mr. Anderson.. THIS is how you set an edge. Recognizes run coming his way and fires upfield, keeps his outside shoulder free and stones the pulling T, causing the G and RB behind him to get hung up/funneled back inside... at all times kept his outside shoulder free. Great Job
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