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  2. Robert Kelley vs. Samaje Perine, Preseason Week 2

    I'd like to see Perine start in the 3rd pre season game. Physically he is just a lot more talented then Kelley.
  3. Game of Thrones Season 7

    Great news Dany can have kids now I'd go with the alt theory she can only have them with the dead guy
  4. Nationwide Removal of Confederate Statues

    ESPN is good for a few stupid things a year. Yall remember when they had 'A Chink in the armor' for Lin a few years ago? ESPN totally has zero regard for this kind of stuff. I actually think they enjoy the controversy.
  5. Nationwide Removal of Confederate Statues

    That's the dumbest **** I've seen in a long time. Way to go, ESPN. A new level of stupid.
  6. Nationwide Removal of Confederate Statues

    That IS pretty stupid.
  7. The Defensive Line Thread - Who makes the cut?

    Yeah you can see Allen break off and hit another gear but it looked like it was an example of how the pass rushed worked, and it was designed screen... just mentioning that it might not be the best example of how Ioan got the QB, when it clearly was designed he would be released. Not an implication, just wasnt sure it was the best example.
  8. Nationwide Removal of Confederate Statues

    A new level of stupid. ESPN removes Robert Lee from calling U-Va. game in Charlottesville because of his name. Picture of Robert Lee
  9. Game of Thrones Season 7

    Stop watching?
  10. The Defensive Line Thread - Who makes the cut?

    That's one of the best plays I've seen our defense make in a very long time. Allen breaking off to catch the back was a thing of beauty. Full play was in the twitter thread. No, they're not good and that is the problem. They have a lot more competition than they thought they would have and they can't hang. That's very disappointing. We tried to get some talent in there, bidding on Campbell, but nope, we went with two bargains and it's going to bite us. It's the same way we've tried addressing safety for years. By plugging back ups in and hoping they blossom. It's dumb.
  11. Game of Thrones Season 7

    Stop watching?
  12. Washington Redskins Morning Clips: 8/23

    A morning roundup of what the local and national media have to say about the Washington Redskins on Wednesday, August 23, 2017, delivered by FedEx Ground. View the full article
  13. Robert Kelley vs. Samaje Perine, Preseason Week 2

    Yes I have shiny new toy disease, but I am thinking that a pass catching Perine may eat into some of CTs targets if he keeps making catches like he made last week. We all know CTs only draw back is his size, and thus needs to have his snaps managed somewhat. My thinking, what if Jay really wants to go pass happy (hardly a stretch), or we are losing big etc it sure would be nice to not burn out CT because we are getting blown out. Or wave the white flag to save him for another day. The era of passing is well upon us, and it seems archaic to have a lead back with no hands, or only have one hands back on the entire roster. Kirk can audible to a power run up the gut with a Perine in the game, but not so much CT. Shhh. I think Perine super secretly has great hands. The only reason he probably didn't get more press about it is the sheer lack of targets, and losing his job to a better back. Why pass to him when he can run through gaping holes? His college coach Riley said he has a good amount of versatility... and cited Perine's improvement as a receiver and in pass protection. He did tear up his ankle in the orange bowl which may have led to Mixon challenging him more. I often look at NE for guidance. Belly had White and Lewis. 2 hands are better than 1. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
  14. I have never wanted to deny anyone the freedom to speak nor thought anyone should be prevented from speaking. That said, there are plenty of people whom I wish would shut up (Richard Spencer, Ann Coulter, etc.).
  15. Seems to be a common part of political thinking these days. Things are always worse/better depending on whether we somehow identify/align with them. simply not defending a person is adequate for not supporting a position/action/etc for the side you usually like, but the people for the other wise will crucify you if you don't stand on your desk and loudly denounce their action/position/etc. to me, it's just a fundamental lack of honesty
  16. Parking options: 2017 games

    Where should I park for a Redskins game at Fedex Field? I've never gone before, but I'm going to the opener against the Eagles this year. Which parking lot (Redzone -- Belle Haven Drive, D & E -- Redskins Road, F & G -- Arena Drive, A & H -- Garrett Morgan Boulevard) would have the fastest departure time heading North towards BWI after a Redskins game? And how much time should I allow if I stay to the end of a close game? How early do the cash lots (Jericho City of Praise Church lot, Arena Plaza Shopping Center on Brightseat Road, other) fill up? When should I get there? Are there other lots? How fast do the cash lots empty vs. the official FedEx Field lots? HTTR & Thanks!
  17. The Official 2017 Training Camp & Preseason Twitter Thread

    NFL Update‏ @MySportsUpdate 9h9 hours ago Odell Beckham Jr.’s ankle injury could potentially keep him out of season opener vs. Cowboys, per @JordanRaanan and @DanGrazianoESPN.
  18. It will be funny if it comes out but it won't actually change anything. He's been embraced even after acknowledging he sexually assaulted women, is racist, and has shown to be totally mentally unfit to actually be POTUS while espousing anti-American values. A pee tape won't make a dent at all.
  19. The Defensive Line Thread - Who makes the cut?

    We know free agents are often bad investments (or simply overpaid), and that throwing money at long standing problems is but a punchers chance of fixing all that ails us (No proper Nose. very few DL picks over the years, and all DL now expected to excel in all positions / techniques across the line). Remember that when investing money in 3-4 ends, there is really nothing exciting we should be seeing out of them. If we do, an OL missed an assignment, or that they are closer to being FA steals. Of all the positions on the field, I am thinking non pass rushing DL is the hardest to grade as fans. Dave Butz types. I still laugh remembering St Louis after losing him, running right at him on 4th and 1s. Multiple times. Otherwise, we didn't really notice him, but he did yeomans work inside. It would be a first if 2 FA's we targeted at the same position are bubble players. But no one predicted any 1 of the 4 dominating for us, let alone all 4 of them. A pleasant surprise. Let's not worry about dead money / cap space. We have always found away around these petty issues. Restructure one contract and all problems are solved.
  20. Robert Kelley vs. Samaje Perine, Preseason Week 2

    I think most of us on draft day saw Perine as the back who hopefully will win the job. It was kind of hard to get a total feel for him, I mean the highlights we see often have him running into gaping holes. But we know what Rob Kelley is and that is a backup. Perine is smaller and faster than I thought, I saw another Marion Barber but clearly he has more speed and less power than that dude. The quick move to the right on the guy who had jumped into the hole sold me on the guy, I hope he is the starter from week one.
  21. Game of Thrones Season 7

    that's probably the best version of that theory that I've seen. But I still don't really like it. But i I do like the time loop aspect of it and that was once a theory I had before the show just ran out of time.
  22. Whether the people who were under Bruce with the Bucs who made the personnel decisions or ditto the Redskins were good or not -- that's really IMO the discussion at hand since they are the ones making the recommendations and IMO its an odd discussion versus a normal one and the oddness of it is the crux of my point. When you talk for example Seattle, the question is how good is John Schneider at his job. He's not a figurehead where the point about him is how good are the people he hires and stays out of their way or not or how does he pull his favorite opinion from people in the building who know much more about football than he does. That same discussion pertains to most of the rest of the NFL's FOs. Schneider, the guy actually making the call has the rep in that building to be the smartest football guy. That's how it generally works. It would be like my neighbor asking me, hey who do you like as an electrician. And I tell him, I don't really have one directly but I hire this guy who comes to my house, we talk and have coffee and he brings another dude with him and he does the work. It's just odd. And in Bruce's case judging by what we've heard about the Kirk contract, he referees between multiple opinions so he does have some say in that regard. You can talk up Jay's power. But the bottom line is if you buy into Mike Jones' narrative on Kirk, Jay's take wasn't heeded to from Bruce. We read multiple accounts of the building being divided on Kirk -- Jay supposedly was the guy on the lets get the deal done. Jay didn't win that argument. So if Bruce isn't running with Jay's take on QB (his speciality), not sure where the confidence is that Jay's say will be the overriding one on other spots. Getting into the discussion as for how good Bruce is at hiring people or working with them and supposedly getting out of the way. Really is off topic, but the idea that the dude is really really good GM is questionable at best at least reputation wise. Buc fans didn't seem to love the dude when he ultimately got canned there. In his defense though, I don't think he was making the calls. But again that's a running theme with him. The GM who isn't a personnel guy. Nothing personal with me against Bruce. I just don't want ANY guy that fits that profile. In another post you seemed to imply that people forget all the glow about what we felt about Bruce before the Scot hire. That is, if I understood your point right. If so, I think you are forgetting what people felt after 2014. Any afterglow of hey Vinny is gone was over at least in terms of fans fist pumping that we got Bruce in the fold. Grant Paulsen questioned Bruce in that infamous post season press conference, with something to the effect of hey why not a traditional GM for once? Bruce goes well we had Casserly years back. Paulsen said something to the effect that yeah Bruce but that was long ago. The sentiment for a chunk of fans then, as I recall it, (I was among those fans) at the time was lets get a real traditional GM for a change. Then it happened with Scot! It was great. It wasn't that Scot just joined an operation that we already liked a lot and now we are forgetting about -- where Scot just added to the good feelings that already existed. Far from it. The feeling was the ship was sinking. As for Bruce versus Vinny, its irrelevant to the point. But I'll humor it for entertainment reasons. Both of them were here while really dumb trades happened that involved giving up high draft picks. Both of them had a bunch of FA lemon signings. Though who doesn't? So no biggie there. Both has up and down drafts, some good, some bad. Yes, Bruce is by a mile the smarter fiscal guy and I'd love it if he just stayed in that lane but that doesn't seem to be what he wants to do at least in the moment. I'd take Bruce over Vinny. However, If Bruce is the guy who can't lock in his franchise QB (unlike every other team on the planet) he in my book would be easily worse than Vinny. It really to me comes down at this point to Kirk to me. And I think I'm far from alone in that take. As Ross Tucker said months back (in his optimsm that a Kirk contract would happen), Bruce doesn't want his legacy to be losing the only franchise QB this team has developed in decades, so he won't. I guess that remains to be seen.
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