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  2. Like I said he wasn't in the running - Trump 34.7, Rubio 31.9. So when you say you voted Trump over Cruz that just doesn't cut the mustard. You voted for him because you knew Trump was the weakest candidate Hillary could face (you were right about that though).
  3. You all didn’t take the advice in 2016 why start now
  4. Haven't been paying attention I see. Of the four possible votes he could get from you and I he got one and that was an enthusiastic vote at that (because you just knew he couldn't win and it was him or Rubio in VA - Cruz wasn't in the running there).
  5. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    Before reading that article I had only the vaguest of ideas what Smith looked like.
  6. Try - I'm a neo-con I've stated that for years - neo-cons are Never-Trumpers some of us dislike Trump more than the Dems and others dislike the Dems more (I'm in the later category). Oh and correction you voted Trump over Rubio (who came in 2d in VA one of the last chances to stop Trump -a longshot admittedly). And you did it because you knew Trump was the weakest opponent Hillary could face.
  7. Lulz. I voted Trump over Cruz in the VA GOP primary. I voted Hillary in the general. And you absolutely voted for Trump for Prez and continue to lick his boots on a daily basis.
  8. Wow, I'd forgotten that. Crap goalie, but he had a good right punch.
  9. There are only 2 Trump voters (That I know of) that regularly post here and I'm not one of them - TWA reluctantly voted for him and Try the Beal enthusiastically voted for him (or so they say),
  10. He's been doing this crap all along, but in the context of the past week this has to be one of his worst tweets. Full of internal contradictions to boot. Is he nuts, compromised, or both? (It's both)
  11. 2018 Washington Nationals - Weak Cheese

    Is the game supposed to resume at all tonight?
  12. ES Soccer Thread

    Over a penalty in a friendly game really? Don't do this to yourself it's bad for ya.
  13. Was that the elections were a big hoax, not the Russian meddling?
  14. Election 2018 Thread

  15. NFL Top Jersey Sales: No Redskin In The Top 50

    If we took Guice with full confidence in the 1st, I'd be willing to say he could've made the cut on that list. Expectations are low for this team this year (which is a good thing), We just got out of a really strange relationship with Kirk Cousins, in which we saw this team decline in wins each year. We had an awkward breakup and picked up a (for the most part) non exciting QB. That being said with some better luck in the health department, I think we can be a really competitive team this season and I'm excited for the uprising. More concerned for Smith and this offense in years 2 and 3 of that contract but this year we could be a sneaky 9-7.
  16. He's saying don't do the same stuff that got Trump elected in the first place.
  17. The Brexit Thread

    at Italy being the base of your revolutionary political project.
  18. Wonder if all those Republicans who took Trump on his word back on Tuesday will take him on his word today.
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