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  2. They just tore the one in keene nh to the ground with excavators. So not all of them are doing that well. And there's a chili's and a longhorn steakhouse in the same parking lot doing fine.
  3. This, I think, is the biggest reason for keeping the insurance companies around. There will be a flood of unemployed people, raising that demographic, and where will jobs come from in other sectors?
  4. Tucker also said on Sheehan's show that same day, he's cool with how they handled it thus far providing they ultimately get it done on July 17th and if they don't its an abject failure by this FO that will likely set the franchise back for years. That's exactly my take on this, too. But playing to this point, I am betting if a deal doesn't happen its much more likely its because the team doesn't offer a market deal as opposed to them offering one and Kirk turns it down. So I am betting the PR fall out would squarely be directed at the FO. Hopefully, though none of that happens. Chris Russell said a source told him that this Spring the team has struggled to sell their premium seats. His source attributes it to the bad PR streak going on relating to the FO. This is another reason why I think the Kirk deal gets done. Bruce IMO likely understands the PR side of the business well -- I bet he gets it big time that there will be fall out if this doesn't happen. It's one of the reasons why I'd be stunned if it doesn't get done.
  5. Don't know if this has ever been posted here, but.....
  6. Who doesn't love a great insalata caprese with fresh sliced tomatoes and mozzarella bufala....sheesh.
  7. Bravo to Bravo with the 3 deflections in the penalty shootout !
  8. For anyone who loved the Game of Thrones series I highly suggest Malazan Book of the fallen. It's twice as big as GOT and on a much grander level. I'm only on book 8 of 10 right now but I already prefer it over GRRM the series is currently 4.7/5 on goodreads
  9. the fact they're just tendencies is the problem our fanbase is terrible to QBs I want Cousins here, but I don't think this team has done anything to merit any negative opinions. I want a guy who wants to be here, but also wants a ring, so he should know he can't take a huge chunk of the cap
  10. Way to take those PKs Portugal
  11. He was young and dumb, admittedly. However the NFLPA had these guys as trusted advisors.
  12. I have to try and restore that confidence. I am a book snob and a voracious reader (usually around 30k words per day). The Dresden Files is one of the best series I have ever read. Theres a catch, though. They were Butcher's first attempts at writing, and even he admits he sucked in the beginning. Power through the first 3 books (which aren't bad stories, just not well-written) and things get insane. They're light, short books, so it shoudnt be a slog. The series is exceptionally plotted. The books, after the third, are also exceptionally plotted. Changes is the most "hooollllllyyyyy %]€{" book I've read in fiction. And yes, I'm including GRRM. It took me days to unblow my mind after finishing it. I have made this same recommendation to several people, always with the stipulation that the first 3 books are just the price of admission to the biggest, best urban fantasy party imaginable. Butcher's rabid fans are the way we are because he really is *that* good. Just not for about 200k words or so. (and re: Codex, I agree - same with his steampunk. He's only cut out for first-person page turners.)
  13. Out of curiosity, whats the plan for all the people that would lose their jobs if you got rid of the health insurance industry?
  14. The true tragedy here is no one is commending the monument for stopping the car from running over a mother duck and her adorable ducklings that were crossing the road behind it. Or.. it could be argued that since it doesn't say "thou shalt not runneth over mine stone with thine automobile" then all is clear. thanks. i'll be here all week folks. Be sure and take care of those bartenders and waitresses. ~Bong
  15. Doc one of the most overrated championship coaches in the history of the league.
  16. He just saved the tax payer a lot of money by removing the need for a court case from FFRF.
  17. Yeah, that's not going to happen. As long as he gets it done on the field the fans will support him. Now, if he wins a couple Super Bowls for the 49ers, yeah he might get some boos when they visit us in DC in 2025.
  18. So, it wasn't reaching for something in the shower?
  19. Me neither. Where did we get better (outside of QB) on offense once Cousins took over? I am not the best with keeping track of exactly what and when players move around the NFL, but I am pretty sure that KC and RG3 had pretty similar people around them, and look at the difference in production outside of RG3's fluke rookie season.
  20. I'm not sure I trust what his words right now. Yeah...get better. No idea how this escalated to what it is now.
  21. every year we see the same item online that is basically "Blake Griffin - Overrated". Isn't he a FA? So.... why would they need to trade for him? Oh...sign/trade Otto and sign Griffin.
  22. Adam Schefter‏Verified account @AdamSchefter 41s42 seconds ago A loss Dallas expected: Cowboys DE David Irving suspended first four games for violating NFL policy on performance enhancing substances. Charean Williams‏Verified account @NFLCharean 2m2 minutes ago Appeals of NFL drug suspensions, as we know, rarely get a reduced sentence. Cowboys had planned on four games for David Irving.
  23. I've heard so many different things about Mosby, opinions ranging from she intentionally overcharged the officers so they could get off or she was biased and did too much trying to find them guilty. But universally, the consensus is she ran a subpar investigation. There were witnesses who weren't spoken to, evidence not used, and she was a disaster in court. It's unfortunate that Gray won't get any justice because she was out of her depth and rushed to charge the officers without getting all the facts first.
  24. I don't know, man, part of me says he'd be an upgrade over Morris, but Griffin is always hurt when you need him most. We don't need another Mahinmi.
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