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  2. Well I'm glad you got home ok you little ahole.
  3. It didn't just "decrease" his "level of effectiveness". It was real bad. Which is ok, because he's arguably the greatest of all time at avoiding that in the first place and he's spot on with his first or second read a ridiculous amount of the time. Point is, that stat makes it hard for me to buy your assertion that he "makes plays outside the system". It's definitely a rarity. It's not just the stat, it's what I noticed myself watching him. It's just rare to see him HAVE to improvise because he's so damn good at recognizing where to go with the ball at all times but, when he does, it doesn't look good. That stat verifies it. So, yeah, I'm hoping that's where Kirk elevates his game more than anything else.
  4. Not at all. And don't ask me again in this setting. We've got a feedback forum and I've already told you not to hijack any threads with this, you can PM me if you'd like to discuss it further.
  5. You are wrong. He's not a human being.
  6. Too soon for a joke, too soon for a critical point. Ehh. RIP. He tried for quite a while.
  7. In most of our work places, people who some some competence and work ethic, then you often have a chance to move up with seniority when there is an opening. In truth, managers, assistant managers, team leaders, whatever, can be done by plenty of people. Just knowing the basic ins and outs and being willing and able to put in the work is enough. People often think of things thru the lens of their own experiences. This, I imagine, might be why people always seem to be talking about pro sports jobs in these terms. Being a good GM, like being a coach, or player, is about being better at it than almost everyone else in the world. So, 'having the resume' to be worthy of the job means showing the talent or aptitude for being exceptional at it. But, every time the word "resume" is used int his context, it seems people want to list job histories as if that means anything. It doesn't. Not a thing. There is nothing to show that Doug Williams can be good at it. And, if managed to be an NFL front office exec for another 50 years, that still wouldn't mean he has the resume for the job.
  8. If you look back at my post, I did not wish for his death. I would read his obituary with glee. But I would not wish for his death. And I've said before that it's not because of his policies that I can't stomach the man. That's just icing on the Trump **** cake. It is because he is a despicable human being.
  9. P4P lists are so subjective. Atlas had Loma at #1, even though he's 9-1. Here is his top 5: Loma, Ward, Crawford, Thurman, Spence Loma can be in my top 10, but no way is he top 5 to me.
  10. I came up with a pretty good analogy the other day comparing Trump to a small child in a fancy restaurant. Have been getting lots of compliments on it.
  11. I believe in his talent and have for many years. But I am not putting anyone as #2 p4p when he hasn't fought anyone would be rated top 10 or even 15. If they can get a fight between he and Mikey Garcia, then I'm willing to get that convo going.
  12. After a jittery debut in Baltimore, running back Samaje Perine took some major strides and showed off his physicality against the Packers Saturday night at FedExField. View the full article
  13. Well had a draft tonight thought it went well, not great but well. WRs are below average but other positions are strong. Thoughts? PPR Superflex format can start 1 QBs, 1 RBs, 3WRs, 1 TE, 1 Flex QB/RB, 1 Flex RB/WR/TE, K, D (Will pick up a K before week 1). Starting line up bolded Cousins, Kirk QB WAS 5 2.12 Prescott, Dak QB DAL 6 4.12 Palmer, Carson QB ARI 8 9.1 Hoyer, Brian QB SFO 11 16.12 Savage, Tom QB HOU 7 17.1 Johnson, David RB ARI 8 1.1 Murray, Demarco RB TEN 8 3.1 Hunt, Kareem RB KCC 10 11.1 Hill, Jeremy RB CIN 6 15.1 Mack, Marlon RB IND 11 18.12 Diggs, Stefon WR MIN 9 6.12 Benjamin, Kelvin WR CAR 11 7.1 Garcon, Pierre WR SFO 11 8.12 Wallace, Mike WR BAL 10 10.12 Coleman, Corey WR CLE 9 12.12 Doctson, Josh WR WAS 5 14.12 Kelce, Travis TE KCC 10 5.1 SEA Seahawks K TBD
  14. Balance in what way exactly? He's probably waiting for Taylor to get hurt to chime in and say I told you so. He was convinced that hell would freeze over before Tomsula could "make" a Nose tackle from our scrap heap of terrible big men. You think so? I agree on Taylor and Allen but I think McGee has shown more than Ziggy thus far
  15. RIP Dick Gregory. Great man.
  16. RIP
  17. He's definitely moving up. Bud's the real deal. Can't wait to see him and Spence. Definitely nothing wrong with being #2 behind Ward.
  18. Has he not shown improvement every year? Save for a half game worse record last season I think Jay has shown considerable growth as a HC every season here. Considering the absolute dumpster fire of a roster he inherited and the RG3 fiasco he had to navigate upon arrival, where we are as a team is pretty impressive if you ask me. Jay isn't without his flaws, as I mentioned with his defensive coordinator hiring mistakes. I agree that this year is huge for Jay. He has the roster now on both sides of the ball where using talent as a scapegoat won't really work. He's had 3 chances to select a supporting cast of coaches on defense, so any blame for the defensive coaching will be as much on Gruden as it is the assistants. He also is taking on the responsibility of play calling away from an OC and onto his plate to boot. We really are living and dying with Jay Gruden. I will say it again, we will either look back on this season as the turning, or breaking point for this franchise. Thankfully, Jay Gruden is an easy guy to get behind.
  19. No, the Dems will right their wrongs of 2016 and go with a Sanders/Warren ticket.
  20. You right about that! Heck you even denied being a Republican once! Most of mine have gone pretty quiet as well, but what I see picking up are the "ya'll screamed about Russians, then ya'll screamed about North Korea, then about Nazis, just turn off the tv." I sooooo badly just want to reply, "Ignorance would truly be blissful wouldn't it?" But I like some of these people.
  21. Idk 140 is a weak division. He has to move to 147 now. He got the undisputed 140 crown but he been the best in that division for a while. He gotta move up now.
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