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  2. Sacha Baron Cohen Dupes Political Leaders

    Holy ****. It's worse than I imagined. I especially love the part where he says it's only ok to **** on the first amendment if the religion you are legislating against is Islam.
  3. Wow, Trump is so tough. I'm already forgiving him for Helsinki.
  4. Hey, at least unlike NK, they don't have nukes a few hundred miles from Japan.
  5. SDCC- San Diego Comic Con 2018

    Comic-Con 2018: Stream The Big Bang Theory Panel Marvel's Iron Fist FULL Panel at San Diego Comic Con 2018
  6. We've beat the Bills, we've beat the Dolphins. Gimme either the Pats or the Jets, I want to get started on the second half of the East Side Sweep. Or the Raiders. Sure, it would mean Jon Gruden makes the Super Bowl, but I'd love to wipe that smug look off his face even more for it. And do it with someone, ANYONE, from South Dakota. SoUtH DaKoTa StRoNg.
  7. SDCC- San Diego Comic Con 2018

    SUPERGIRL Full Panel San Diego Comic Con 2018
  9. Music Engineering Thread

    Yeah you should be fine then with either of the interfaces you mentioned. The stock PT plugins should be fine as well since you'll mostly be using reverb, delay, compression, ect on vocal tracks. Only other thing would be investing in a variety of mics and that can easily be done over time.
  10. It's nights like tonight that I like to sit in my rocking chair* on my porch* and ruminate about how all the bad things Trump does and will do and could do in a 2nd term, in addition to the 2nd term itself, will be purely the fault of the Democrats, and their inability to just abandon their principles and support Republican positions.* *I do not own a rocking chair *My apartment has a balcony, not a porch, and don't really use it *I do not actually do any of that But war with Iran, damn, helluva thing, eh? Can Kelly tell us whether the President was attempting to just emulate this:
  11. Sacha Baron Cohen Dupes Political Leaders

    Polling tonight amongst likely Georgia voters show that Jason Spencer now has a 95% approval rating... #realmurica
  12. SDCC- San Diego Comic Con 2018

    FX's Legion Season 3 Comic Con Panel The Orville Panel Comic Con 2018 Part One The Orville Panel Comic Con 2018 Part Two
  13. I'd bet SCROTUS still thinks he's in the WWE.
  14. Gruden brothers matchup, almost forgot about that
  15. Sacha Baron Cohen Dupes Political Leaders

    Ted Koppel was right on.
  16. I don't really care who they play if the Skins are in the Super Bowl, that would be pretty amazing. But if you're asking me to chose, I'll take some scrubby team like the NY Jets
  17. Sacha Baron Cohen Dupes Political Leaders

    I’m watching it now. Holy **** they got that racist ass rep. Jesus.
  18. Election 2018 Thread

    Gee, who saw that coming? Suppression of vote is one of the mainstays of the GOP attempting to stay in power.
  19. Random Thought Thread

    Why anyone would choose to live in Florida (if they taxed income) is beyond me. It's just a miserable place with terrible weather.
  20. The raiders would be prettt interesting
  21. Alex Smith has certainly beat Brady in his career 😂 or were you talking about specifically in the playoffs? Then yes, he’d get that monkey off his back. For me, I’d love to play the ravens. the reason: it would add even more excitement to the battle of the beltways.
  22. Music Engineering Thread

    My focus is more along the lines of recording vocals, and mixing them. I definitely want to get back into making beats eventually though..when i was 16 i was pretty nice with FL amd fl was garbage but i made it work lol.
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