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  2. Its probably injury related but this goes back to 2016. Since he’s been out the coverage busts have gone way down. Almost everytime that guy has made a pre-snap check this season I see another guy throw his hands in the air like “wtf, why?” and then sure enough, there is a gap exposed or area of the field left uncovered. He did do good against Seattle, you’re right, but I’m not sure what that even proves. At some point I don’t see how bringing in a younger guy off the PS isn’t the better option. We could use the speed. I mean what are we even afraid of: the kid not knowing the calls? coverage busts? Well...
  3. More specificall, he knows exactly how to appeal to racial resentment among his base Nothing chaps their hide more than a loud mouthed, ungrateful, uppity n****r. Nothing.
  4. I was one of 3 KirkHive members way back in 2014 so like.......yeah lol
  5. Random Thought Thread

    I'm thinking about becoming rich.
  6. Record: 4-10-1 Home: 3-3-1 Away: 1-7 A date that has not been kind to the Redskins... --Redskins are on a one game losing streak on 11-23 (2014) and haven't won on this date since 2008 (at Seattle) --The Redskins have played the Giants four times on 11-23 (0-3-1). Thursday will mark the fifth meeting --The Redskins have played the Cowboys three times on 11-23 and those games all came in succession between 1978-1986 (1-2) --The Redskins have never played the Eagles on 11-23 --The Redskins haven't played at home on 11-23 since 1997 (tie) --The Redskins haven't won at home on 11-23 since 1986 (Cowboys) --Prior to their win in Seattle in 2008, the Redskins were 0-5 all time on the road on 11-23 1941: Loss at New York Giants 20-13 1947: Win vs Chicago Cardinals 45-21 1952: Loss vs New York Giants 14-10 1958: Loss at New York Giants 30-0: A couple of future broadcasting legends had big days for the Giants. Pat Summerall kicked three FGs and added three XP's while Fran Gifford found the end zone as well. 1969: Win vs Atlanta Falcons 27-20: Lombardi's lone year as Redskins coach. The team hadn't had a winning season in the previous 13 years prior to his arrival in 1969. This game put them two games over .500 and then clinched a winning record (missed playoffs) later that year. Have to wonder what the future of the franchise would have been had Lombardi not fallen ill. 1975: Loss vs Oakland Raiders 26-23 (OT): Two years before I was born, but gotta figure this was a classic game. We missed the playoffs in 1975, but were still a very good team under Allen. The Raiders were at the height in the mid 70's; Ken Stabler and Fred Bilitnekof had big games for the Raiders in this back and forth affair. George Blanda won it with a kick in overtime-- this was the second week in a row the Redskins lost in OT--- my goodness I hope that doesn't happen again this year. 1978: Loss at Dallas Cowboys 37-10: Both teams came in at 8-4 on Thanksgiving. Dallas blew our doors off that day--- this was the second in a series of losses that ended a once promising season. 1980: Loss at Dallas Cowboys 14-10: 1980 was sort of a weird/lost year for the Redskins. Pardee probably sealed his fate with late collapses in 1978 and 1979 but he hung on one more year-- and it wasn't a good year. 1986: Win vs Dallas Cowboys 41-14: And the score wasn't even that close.... I remember this well. Back in the days when I was bound to whatever games were on local TV. Grew up (and still live) in a Cowboys home market so this one was on. Late afternoon game at RFK. We were 9-2 or thereabouts coming in. Dallas wasn't that good, but they were above .500. And we smashed them to pieces in the first half. 34-0 at the break. Clearly remember a deep sideline TD pass from Schroeder to Clint Didier. Also remember this game was prominently highlighted on our 1986 team highlight reel that I wore out on VHS. 1987: Loss vs Los Angles Rams 30-26: Kind of weird; this was a Monday Night game and I normally remember those games from that era very well, but this one is hazy. Also strange because the Rams came in with a lousy record-- but this was of course the years of the replacement players, so there were good teams in 1987 that were doomed by bad results from the guys that took their place. We were of course fortunate that our replacements went 3-0. This game was probably more evenly matched than it looked like considering the records at the time (the Rams were good in the late 80's-- we beat them in 1986 in the playoffs). I still think the 1986 team was superior to the 1987 team despite the Super Bowl victory. 1992: Loss at New Orleans Saints 20-3: I remember this one very clearly. Loved MNF back in the day and I'd get so jacked up for those games. I was pumped for this one as always. We held a 3-0 after the first quarter and then the Saints just clamped down on us and we couldn't do anything against them the rest of the night. Their offense took advantage with some methodical drives and this was a rare game during the Gibbs I era where it was really over midway through the third quarter. Rarely did I watch our team back then and have zero confidence we could come back and win a game, but this was one of those nights. 1997: Tie vs New York Giants 7-7: The 1997 season is BY FAR my most tortured personal season in my life as a Redkin fan. Not the worst per se, but without question, the most maddening/frustrating. I broke more stuff in 1997 than all other years combined I think. Amazing to believe it was 20 years ago now. I was a sophomore in college, living in an apt. with three roommates. Other than the Redskins that year, life was pretty dang good. I watched that game with said roommates coming and going at our apartment that evening. Never would have guessed it would win up being arguably the most memorably game played at FedEx even 20 years later. Things were totally fine early. We looked good. TD drive capped by a run by Gus-- of course this is when the madness started with the now infamous "wall head butt." Mark Sanchez has nothing on Gus-- at least Sanchez ran into another accident.... and not a brick wall....on purpose. The lasting image for me is of Gus's eyes rolling back as he turned from the wall.... total look of "uh oh" on his face. Like I said, could be here all night with this game, but let's skip to OT... after the Gus-butt the game devolved into a comedy of errors on both sides. Jeff Hostetler vs. Danny Kanell. Brutal. So here is what goes down in OT: We get the ball and on third down, Hostetler throws an INT, ball winds up around the Giants 40 Giants go backwards, punt.... we actually get good field position We drive, on third and 2 from the Giants 40, Hostetler is sacked...and fumbles Giants go nowhere...punt We drive again...right to the Giants 40. Scott Blanton has a weak leg so on 4th and 1 we give it to Terry Allen....stuffed Now the Giants drive....but stall around our 35....Giants miss a 54 yard field goal First play after that, Hostetler is intercepted. Giants ball at the 50 Giants wind up with a first and 10 at our 37, but go nowhere and wind up punting again We drive again....down to the Giants 38....again....1st and 10... On second and 10 pass incomplete to Westbrook, he thinks he had it. Gets mad, takes off helmet, throws it....15 yard penalty....On third and very long we get a few yards.....but it's a 54 yard field goal now and everyone knows Blanton can't make it....Norv tried it misses One Hail Mary left for Giants, we pick it off and try the lateral thing, but it dies. Game over, final score 7-7 Just look at that... it's baffling....Essentially three straight turnovers on three straight drives almost exactly in the same spot on the field to start OT. Then, after all that, we STILL have a great chance with first and 10 at the 38 and Westbrook loses his mind. I have never, and will never see anything quite like that again. It most definitely felt like a loss. 2003: Loss at Miami Dolphins 24-23: You know this one sticks out pretty clearly for being a relatively meaningless season/game. This was that game that happens about every game for me-- I was still interested going into this one. They hadn't totally lost me yet. I still wanted to win and we still had JUST enough time to make the season interesting if we could have won. This was a Sunday Night game. I watched at home with my wife in our first home. House was brand new to us-- just moved in a few weeks earlier. I had a "sports room" back then-- this was over 5 years before we had our first kid (that sports room is long gone now). So I watched by myself while my wife sort of came and went. Patrick Ramsey got hurt early; replaced by Tim Hasslebeck who wasn't good, but wasn't awful either. We played really well that night for the most part. Held a 23-10 lead in the 4th. Brian Griese started for Miami but was benched late for Jay Fiedler. He came in and gave them a jolt. The trimmed it to 23-17 and you could just see what was coming next. Ricky Williams hurt us that night and he scored the go ahead TD. We did have a couple of chances at the end-- one drive ended in a INT in the end zone. Then, we muffed a punt (Patrick Johnson-- who the heck is that?) that would have given us the ball with over 2:00 to go. We had no timeouts left, so Miami just kneeled it out. Another season over and thus more or less officially ended the Spurrier era. 2008: Win at Seattle Seahawks: 20-17: This game and the 2011 win in Seattle sort of run together for me. But in 2008, this was the game that looked like we might get things together. We had the good 6-2 start followed by two losses. We really need a win in Northwest and we got it-- Seahawks had a down year in 2008, so they weren't any good. Kind of an ugly game and the details are hazy to me. At 7-4 afterwards had to feel pretty good. It was short lived. 2014: Loss at San Francisco 49ers 17-13: This is one of those "habit" games for me. I'd pretty much lost all hope in that season a couple of weeks earlier when we lost to the Vikings. So I wasn't excited for this game at all. We were 3-7 going in. Ho hum. I watched out of habit. Just a little too early in football season to cash in-- still desire to keep the routine and enjoy Sundays. So I watch sort of because that's just what I do. I think this was the last game in 2014 I watched every snap though. Maybe one more. We actually did OK that day-- a fairly valiant effort. Had a 13-10 lead in the 4th but couldn't hold it. One thing I do remember is that the spread was around NIners -9 or something like that. I had taken the Redskins and the points and our last play of the game, RG3 was sucked and fumbled near our goal line and it was ALMOST a TD for the Niners that would have pushed the number over to a loss. A small saving grace.
  7. Malcolm Young of AC/DC dead.

    Well, he was good but he was no Laurie Partridge. i'm sorry RIP sir and thanks for the kicking riffs
  8. Redskins vs Giants Prediction Thread: Thanksgiving Special Disappointment Spectacular

    I’m too lazy to look it up but I’m sure we have the least (or damn close) amount of two score victories in the league since the millennium we dont blow anyone out or ever win comfortably. If we win, it’ll be a struggle per usual
  9. Redskins vs Giants Prediction Thread: Thanksgiving Special Disappointment Spectacular

    If we lose, or struggle with THIS Giants team in a close win... I dont wanna go to the playoffs. We wouldnt do anything but embarrass ourselves again nationally. We better blow the doors off of the Giants, period!!!
  10. 2017 NCAA Football Thread

    Heard he (Chip) reached a deal with Florida but can still back out.
  11. My 2 cents, 95% or so of your points dovetail with the Cousins Fan Club. So I'll appoint you a member. Can someone here make T-shirts for the club? Veryoldschool? I don't want to derail this on RG3. But Shanny whose offensive mind I trust a lot and it was part of the reason why I was sold on Kirk -- agrees that they gave up too much for RG3. But he thought he'd pan out as a player. Several really smart evaluators including Bill Polian thought so, too. Moving on from that. I tend to be optimistic and give a long leash to EVERY young QB we start with. I am just a big believer in giving them all a decent sample size before throwing in the towel. As for Kirk, I liked the pick when they took him. I was up and down about him during his spot starts 2012-2014. More up then down. And I'd say when he became the starter in 2015, I was pretty hardcore pro Kirk. I liked what I saw. Not at your level hardcore but plenty hardcore enough.
  12. David Cassidy, gone too soon at 67

    for the record .... i think she still looks pretty damned good
  13. Net Neutrality 2017

    What happens when states implement net neutrality on their own? Will GOP heads explode from the confusion of states rights vs lining their checkbooks? Edit..or when Comcast gets sued in a few months because terrorists used their internet service to coordinate an attack? Since they won't be a common carrier anymore, they could be liable right?
  14. David Cassidy, gone too soon at 67

    To reiterate. Intended Thread: Actual Thread
  15. David Cassidy, gone too soon at 67

    Oh shut it, ever heard of a GILF? Yeah, it's a thing.
  16. David Cassidy, gone too soon at 67

    I'm not sure exactly where you are going here.... ? (but it seems like a detour into dissing a 65 year old woman for how she looks in an unflattering snapshot... which would be dickish, at the very least)
  17. You know what would happen though if you cut Reed. He signs with another team and plays stellar and stays healthy... But I understand the frustration.
  18. The Politics Sexual Assault Thread

    It would only show the missionary position. And he would send her a nice thank you note after.
  19. Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Bungie can always come back and make more amazing Halo games. 343 does an admirable job but it’s not the same. M I loved 4’s story and 5’s multiplayer once all the modes were added. Hopefully 6 puts them both together.
  20. David Cassidy, gone too soon at 67

  21. Jay Gruden: Buy or Sell 2017 edition

    With regards to the playcall on 3rd and 1... I’m almost entirely convinced it was Kirk’s decision and not Jay’s. Skins had just successfully run the ball to the left on two consecutive plays (thanks to Perine’s extra efforts) and looked as if they were coming out in strong-left formation before Kirk calls timeout. Kirk has a short discussion with Jay on the sidelines and then points to a play on the play sheet. Jay says something in agreement and points to what looks like the same play. They run to the right (new formation) and get stuffed badly. Did Jay take a page out of McVay’s book last year and ask Kirk “well what do you think we should do?” OR did Jay say “we’re gonna run this one” and Kirk was just confirming by pointing at the play on the sheet? I can’t say for 100% certainty that I know it was Kirk’s decision, but it sure looked that way to me on Sunday and again just now while re-watching.
  22. I'm not done with Reed, but I am done with him getting the majority of the snaps. He needs a timeshare approach more than what we've been doing. Maybe he could last more than a few games.
  23. All Things Star Wars Thread

    I think it’ll be much darker like ESB. I don’t think they will follow ESB as closely as TFA followed ANH. This is the moment when the new trilogy has to stake its claim as it’s own fully realized story. There will be a turn. Whether it’s kylo -> good or Rey -> bad I am not sure. I’ve always wanted to see them flip. And I’m not sure where Luke plays into it. Still think he he might become the villain
  24. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Smart money will be on us taking an Alabama defensive player in the first.
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