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  2. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Really bro?
  3. Damn...RIP Toys R Us. I remember buying Playstation 1 and 2 there.
  4. Also Kirk was gone as soon as the last play of the last game this year, not a Redskin anymore fans. Kirk wanted out and he and his agent used the system to get that. Smith was a decent pick up he is signed for 4 years and we know who are QB is going to be. Time to move on for me. We signed Brown who I think was one player we could not lose. Players are going to get cut later, after the draft.
  5. Random Thought Thread

    About to play in a charity poker tournament. I haven't played in so long, I'll probably bust out early.
  6. The Official "Marvel" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    I just saw Spiderman and really enjoyed it. The best part about it is that they don't take an hour+ to go through the whole origin of him being bit by the spider, Uncle Ben dying, etc. It kinda just takes place right after Civil War. I still need to see Ant Man and Doctor Strange. I haven't seen Thor 2-3 or Iron Man 3 yet either.
  7. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Right there with you, and yes, having 3 picks in the first 3 rounds to address the spots you mention is a big part of it. Waiting till rd 4 for a G, DL or back is risky. 13 also isn’t a great spot for G or RB, and likely leaves us choosing between Vea and Payne - neither of which is a no brainer at that point. Taking Guice (if he lasts) in the 20s may lead to a run on backs, which could push other talent (DL/oline) down to #44. Could also have the added benefit of denying the Giants a top back (not that we should focus on that). Three picks (for 3 potential starters) would also somewhat alleviate a fairly lackluster free agency. There’s a bit of a nightmare scenario of staying pat at 13 causing us to miss on one of the top 5-6 backs, then we force a rb pick at 44, and our lack of a 3rd causes us to miss on help for the trenches. On the bright side, we’ve addressed the receiver spot (added speed), and if we get Vea/Payne, we’re likely much improved (especially in our base D) vs the run. Take a good G in the 2nd and we’ve at least seriously addressed our 3 biggest weaknesses. Means we miss out on a top back (again), and that would seriously suck, but I’d at least be a bit optimistic that our ground game could still improve significantly with better blocking. Puts the onus on Perine/Kelley/Bibbs, but we haven’t seen those guys play with good run blocking.
  8. I think people around here need to understand football is a game of absolute patience. frustrated that the team has been a sideshow for years? No one can blame you. Frustrated with how the FO has been run? Preach. But a lot of this stuff doesnt get sorted over night. It’s all a process. Negativity permeates. Agents are aware of social media, as are teams. If you think players and agents aren’t aware of things that are said on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and even ES itself you’re fooling yourselves. There is certainly room for some negativity as it pertains to this team. Things haven’t been functioning as needed for a very long period of time. But we help perpetuate the negativity surrounding the franchise. ”Then fix it”. Agreed. But if people are reading these forums to get a general feel (they are) then players and agents see the dysfunction from a mile away. Even the thread welcoming Alex Smith turned into a negative side show. People are 100% aware of this stuff. And the thought is, “damn, this team’s fans hate this team.” And then we sign players... because of the money we offer primarily. Im not saying be in love with everything, or not to voice concerns. I’d be hypocritical in saying that. But what we CAN do is be a bit more open minded with some moves and a little less, uhhh, dramatic with some of the moves. Granted, it’s an extremely SMALL part and not what will ultimately drive a franchise turnaround. We all know that. But we can do our part simply by not being rage filled schmucks (obviously this doesn’t apply to a lot of the posters here... but it does apply to a decent number)
  9. 2017-2018 NCAA Men's Basketball

    That McDonald's BBall stat you're quoting is irrelevant. There are so many McDonald's AA selections that the majority don't even end up being good college players. Being picked in the lottery is a far better measure of blue chip talent.
  10. "Brilliant and courageous example"? Jail for life is too good for these traitorous ****s but I suppose it'll have to do. Unless any of them dealt drugs at any point. Then, y'know, Trump has a solution. Also:
  11. 2017-2018 NCAA Men's Basketball

    Everyone in Kentucky is all excited that Virginia and Arizona got beat, but I’m sitting here remembering that both Buffalo and UNBC are in OUR bracket and we’ve been inconsistent ALL YEAR!
  12. 2017-2018 NCAA Men's Basketball

    Ah. Salty Maryland fan.
  13. Per Schefter: Su'a Cravens Considering Retirement

    Yeah... That post is pretty mind-boggling. In many ways, coaching requies a higher level of dedication than playing. He's shown that he doesn't have the same level of passion for the game as many of his peers. People like that don't make good coaches...
  14. Meet The Hogs
  15. Very happy with the way FA has gone except the 2 failed FA signings, and those may turn out okay. who knows, we may be the team re signing 1 or both at decent contracts. No reasons to make a big splash , there is not much that would help us anyway right now and only target cut players, Sue would be the pickup at DL that we need and would not effect comp picks. It would allow us to take a top RB and Guard with the first 2 picks. Teams like the Patriots get multiple comp extra picks each year it seems never over pay, it helps to bring in new blood every year. look at last year offseason, we have nothing this year to show for after we lost Jackson and Garcon, as a example. Wait to see who gets the ax and if it is a need then go for it. Stay a way from all free agents if we can unless we lose more than 4 and only sign equal value if there is a player that fits it. I am hoping that's what's going on and it continues.
  16. 2017-2018 NCAA Men's Basketball

    Yeah dawg, I don’t care about their efficiency when their pace of play was like 320 in division one. You can keep pretending their offense was good, but everyone knows it wasn’t. If you have a good offense, you do not have to play that slow. And you can also pretend that having top 25 prospects mean nothing, but only one school has won a national title without having a Mickey Ds player. When a game is tight and it’s hard to score, those players make the difference. And I have zero idea why you mentioning lottery picks, UVa had no NBA player on the court last night. That Lyles kid looks more of an NBA prospect than any UVA player did and he was the one who eviscerated their “all time great defense.” I am baffled that anyone is making excuses or trying to explain away or pretending that UVA’s style of play is fine and they had an off night. They were the #1 team in America and lost to a 16 seed. Stop excusing it. also, Maryland>Virginia UMBC lost by 50 points to effing Albany this year.
  17. I'm actually fine with the FA moves. There really wasn't 'high value targets' that we had to have. We executed with P. Richardson, see how that goes but feel worth the price based on valuations. Resigning Brown was very good.I get the knock on him, I don't care, one of the best tacklers in the game and thats big. Finally, just would like to add DL depth because alot of proven talent there. Bennie Logan is a nice piece. Guy can play and I feel given our depth can be used effectively in the right spots with solid rotation pieces in Ionidis, Lanier and Mc's
  18. Election 2020 Thread

  19. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    me too! Haha that night was a trip.
  20. The Official "Marvel" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    Avengers Infinity War or one of the earlier ones? Personally, I'd watch all four. Ant Man is good. Doctor Strange is competent but forgettable. Some meaningful stuff happens in it though. Homecoming and Black Panther are good, you'll enjoy them.
  21. 2017-2018 NCAA Men's Basketball UVA had the best efficiency score this season as calculated by subtracting their defensive points per 100 possessions allowed from their offensive points per 100 possessions scored and weighting it against their strength of schedule. UVA's offense was middling, ranked at 21. But their defense was so good that their efficiency was still outstanding. I'm not sure I'd use McDonald's All Americans as the bar for being a blue chipper because a ton of scrubs play in that game. Lottery selections is a better bar IMO. The only champions in the last ten years that were led by lottery picks were the 2015 Duke and 2012 Kentucky teams, as well as Uconn in 2011 and UNC in 2009 and Kansas in 2008. And Cole Aldrich and Tyler Hansbrough were barely lottery guys who were just role players at the next level. That 2015 Duke roster looks less and less blue chip every year too. Blue chippers aren't the key to winning a title. What you really need is a deep and experienced roster with one or preferably two guards who are great college players paired with either a couple of forwards who can defend and shoot or bigs who can control the paint with their size.
  22. 2017-2018 NCAA Men's Basketball

    Wanna bet?
  23. 2017-2018 NCAA Men's Basketball

    What’s your point? They played like **** last night. They also dominated the ACC for four months. You don’t have to diminish their accomplishments because they got their asses kicked by an inferior team. One game doesn’t define a program.
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