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  2. No. Among the best. not the GOAT.
  3. Is this Arenas 2.0 ? Geez, Curry is better. I have no idea why some of you can even try to debate that. Stop being silly here. Wall is in the top ten of players in the game right now. I will give you that. He is NOT a top 5 player in the game...yet.
  4. Man enough to slap her. Should be man enough to sit there and take the heat. I personally think she was under the influence of something... not an excuse for her behavior. He seemed not to be, no excuse. She was out of line as much as he was. Both of them are idiots. Personally, I am not a fan of violence. I certainly know how to protect myself from the teachings and training over the years. She deserved it...he was just the wrong person to try and deliver the message. Should have been a Caucasian female.
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  6. Yes right after the monkey draft incident I told you guys that if we want Mike. This is the moment to strike. NFL Netwerk has become a too much entertainment thing for him. He is just a old skool football guy. I remember a quote in offseason from a GM who said something like: I don't know how he does it. But he is at every pro day. He is grinding hard. Thats why I always talk to him. He puts in the work.
  7. ^^This. **** had it coming. Is that a hard enough yes for you?
  8. Beverly Hills Cop! I have seen that movie so many times and even though 80s humor isn't so funny anymore, Murphy still kills me. His facial expressions, body language, the supercops thing...everything kills me here. This one, the whole tirade and then when the hotel manager quotes the rate...his facial expression at 1:27: Even when Serge is the focus of the scene, Murphy does a great job of letting him have his moment: Followed by Terminator, Indy, Karate Kid, The Natural, Red Dawn...1984 was awesome.
  9. Nothing new to talk about and the only place this is inevitably going to go (after our initial collective preponderance of whether or not this thread should exist in the first place) will be a regurgitation of every point that's already been made a million times while each of us making it believes we're incredibly clever in the process. So @Jumbo's original reasoning for closing the other thread still stands and this is getting closed. Posters have found some legitimate outlets for QB talk within the existing threads here, as is. If you feel that's too limited, well, that's the point. The info out there itself is limited and has been overly discussed to the detriment of all mankind.
  10. d'Abo
  11. Purple Rain was that moment when a formerly marginal but growing presence in the rock/pop scene totally blew up. For those of us who identified with him and followed Prince from the beginning, or in my case, as close to the beginning as you could get in a small town in Florida, it was total nirvana. I had never previously watched any movie more than once. I saw Purple Rain 11 or 12 times.
  12. Two things I always notice about this scene. 1) They use the wrong sound effects for the guns between 1:10 and 1:15. And then AGAIN, at 1:21. 2) Reese knocks the guy out cold...with a knee to the 2:12. Otherwise, it's such a poignant scene. Seems like a mindless robot, programmed to do one thing. Yet, you see clever, analytic thinking here. Trying the passive approach first - then looking down the hall to plan his path, sizing up the frame of the front desk area to see if a car can knock it down, determining that a car CAN knock it down. Then putting the plan in to motion.
  13. Words often provoke violence. However in this case. He should not have dared her, she should not have dared him. I can think of a few choice words...that would lead to this type of thing. I would have handled it differently. Very rarely would I get into to a violent level...over words.
  14. Amadeus was SO boring back then. I have not watched it since and was shocked when it won so many awards. I think for my favorite I'll go with Karate Kid and Purple Rain for a tie.
  15. Since we have a Kirk thread i'll say this..... If he and the Skins can ink a LTD before July 15th, I would bet there will be a huge amount of Kirk jerseys sold. He could be one of the highest Jerseys sells in the league for this year. I wanted to get a #8 jersey last year, but didn't because of the one year deal. I would really like to get one for this season, but again if it's a one year deal I will not. If a LTD happens I would guess a lot of our fan base would get a Kirk jersey knowing we would have the player for multiple years. Not to mention we should be seeing 85th anniversary jerseys this season, even more incentive to get a jersey this year. Come on Dan, think about all the money in jerseys you will lose if a LTD doesn't happen. Get er done, I want my #8 jersey!
  16. Lady I work with thinks his eyes are too close together and it hurts his vision, leading to interceptions.... I wish I was kidding...
  17. Reminder that the people who like Sean Hannity are the GOP voting base. Another factor I've considered when creating my proposed energy budget (how much of your energy you should use on the GOP) Attempting conversation: 0% Reasoning: 0% Debate: 0% Cooperation: 0% Destruction: 100%
  18. This was a great year. I voted for Amadeus but I love a lot of the movies on the list. Two others that I love that aren't on the list: Blood Simple and This is Spinal Tap. Both are classics.
  19. Saw this story written by Jermichael Finley about what he went through after head and neck injuries forced his early retirement from the NFL. <click the link for more>
  20. If the mods want to close it. I understand and apoligize for it, but i think it is logical for us to have a thread for the starting qb. I do think though that comparisons to past qbs and contract debates are likely not needed.
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