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  2. it's going to be nice to have something on tv to watch every night. I can't wait to see them in spring training either!
  3. sarah hyland is my new crush. did you see her on lip sync battle?
  4. I'm with you 100% SIP, I think both parties want a mutually beneficial deal to get done, but your KC quotes were only partially rewarding. He often used the phrase "..under the right circumstances" when referring to his desire to be here. What do you think (I realize that I'm asking for your opinion here, but I highly respect it) he means by that phrase? What qualifies to him being the right set of circumstances?
  5. it's in the 80s in my apartment. Windows open and fans blowing.
  6. why don't we trade Cousins and our draft for Cleveland's draft. I had my dog do a draft on this highly scientific site and this is what our draft would look like: Nfl Draft Game 2017 Logged in as: Trackerdog Your Team: Washington Redskins GAME OVER! Your score is: 17035 (GRADE: A+) Your Picks: Round 2 Pick 9 (CINN): DeShone Kizer, QB, Notre Dame (A+) Round 2 Pick 26 (SEA): Deshaun Watson, QB, Clemson (A+) Round 3 Pick 20 (T.B.): Tyler Orlosky, C, West Virginia (A+) Round 5 Pick 38 (SEA): Stacy Coley, WR, Miami (Fla.) (A+) Round 6 Pick 4 (HOU): James Conner, RB, Pittsburgh (A+) Round 6 Pick 13 (ARI): Carlos Henderson, WR, Louisiana Tech (A+) Round 6 Pick 19 (DEN): Ryan Switzer, WR, North Carolina (A+) Round 6 Pick 24 (OAK): Jamaal Williams, RB, Brigham Young (A+) Round 6 Pick 32 (K.C.): Kenny Golladay, WR, Northern Illinois (A+) Round 7 Pick 7 (LAC): Jake Elliott, K, Memphis (A+) Round 7 Pick 25 (HOU): KD Cannon, WR, Baylor (A+) Round 7 Pick 27 (K.C.): Ishmael Zamora, WR, Baylor (A+) Round 7 Pick 29 (G.B.): Travin Dural, WR, LSU (A+) Round 7 Pick 32 (N.E.): Nate Iese, FB, UCLA (A+) Your Future Picks: 2018 Round 1 Pick 2018 Round 1 Pick (JAX) 2018 Round 1 Pick (MINN) 2018 Round 1 Pick (N.E.) 2018 Round 1 Pick (T.B.) 2019 Round 1 Pick 2019 Round 1 Pick (MINN) 2019 Round 1 Pick (N.E.) 2019 Round 1 Pick (T.B.) We Could deal with defense in the following years
  7. The signature number is now 1,047,860
  8. I don't want Markeef's brother. Its going to disrupt our team chemistry which might be the best thing we have going for us. I don't like giving up a 1st round pick. We aren't going to win a title this year anyway. I want to make a trade but I don't want to sacrifice the future more than we already have in the past.
  9. ^^^ Two reactions... 1. OMFG. 2. Trump supporter? Figures.
  10. I can't believe people are advocating Colt McCoy. He's a nothing QB. You're going 5-11 at best if he's your starter.
  11. It's obviously a tough decision between 1 and 2, but did vote for 2 mainly for the intertwining of the storylines. On 3, it's not as bad a movie as it reputation gets. When compared to the first two, it's not quite on par. However, it's a very good movie and enjoyable. I'm open to a fourth Godfather, but maybe too much time has passed.
  12. Just because I was looking at him today and with the recent RB talk ..... Has anyone discussed in here playing the Peppers guy from Michigan at RB? Hail.
  13. Thank you global warming for this weekend.
  14. Werth's in the last year of his contract. Would be a storybook ending for him to win a ring here and then retire on top(actually I think he'll end up going to an AL team where he can finish his career as a DH).
  15. Seriously? And how many games will Colt play before he gets hurt? How will the team stretch the field with Colt's average arm? I wonder if you have given any thought to this?
  16. I'm disappointed in how many Redskin's fans think the team will get something in return if they franchise Kirk. What team will trade those picks to the Redskins without first making sure that Kirk will indeed sign with him? Why would Kirk go to Cleveland? (Where all QB's go to die). Kirk is better at playing chicken than the Redskins. He will play out the franchise tag and dare them to tag him next year for $34 Mil and some change. Which they won't. He will then gladly join McVay in LA or Kyle in 49ers in 2018 with all of their draft picks intact. We sign Kirk to a long term deal or we hope and pray that we can rebuild the defense with 3 to 4 players and maybe a couple more in the draft. Then wait (how many years?) for a similar QB who can throw for over 4,000 yards while trying to win games 20-17. Being just good enough to get close to the playoffs but not bad enough to get a high draft pick for a QB. Yay mediocrity!
  17. Me love RTT. Me love buttcheeks.
  18. Great point! Not to mention that Dalton had one of the best #1 receivers in the league; Norman had a tough time with him. Who was the number 1 for the Redskins this year? Yeah...a TE that can't stay healthy.
  19. They hiring?
  20. Today
  21. Godfather III should have been made in 1979, the year it takes place. I had read that Tom Hagen was supposed to have a major role in Godfather III, but by the time 1990 roles around, Duvall was a bigger star and wanted more money and was dropped. Plus, by the time Godfather III was released, Al Pacino was a totally different actor.
  22. of course showtime has a free preview weekend on a nice weekend like this. I'm inside watching and catching up to homeland
  23. My buddy works for spaceX. Such an inspiration
  24. I'm complaining, you wretch. The Seas will boil. The skies will burn
  25. Yeah exactly. "love to be back" = love and hate can be a fine line so maybe he got confused? "definitely want to be back" = that's about as lukewarm and wishy and washy as it gets. When I am not sure if I want something and I start waffling -- the word "definitely" is my go to word to express that ambiguity. "I am hoping to be the guy here for a long time" = that screams what people are suggesting that he sees it here as a short term fix at best, he prefers a one year rental and then he can't wait to bolt elsewhere If only he said something about wanting or not wanting to be here long term?
  26. You can't give up fried dough. You'll be back. Also nobodyy's complaining about 70 in February. **** winter. This is good weather. Only problem is all the birds already coming back up now so I can't sleep in as long as I would when they headed south.
  27. This is how I feel. The original Godfather was fantastic, but Godfather II was where we got to see Michael get revenge on his enemies. There was a certain satisfaction in that. Godfather Part III gets due criticism for a lot of reasons, but I actually have a unique perspective on it because I saw it before I saw the first two Godfather films. As a standalone movie, Godfather III was actually a pretty solid gangster film. In the context of the other two films it sucked because Robert Duvall was absent and Al Pacino acted like Al Pacino instead of Michael Corleone. As far as a part IV goes, I would be on board if it was done right. It might make up for Part III.
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