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  2. 42 times to one of his golf course, which of course bills the taxpayers for every friggin' dime it can. Oh, but he doesn't take a salary...but i bet one or two trips to his golf course and hotel costs us more than the president's salary... which he collects. whenever i hear that one I am reminded of honest businessman and upstanding pillar of honesty and virtue Don King when he said that the best way to cheat a ... out of a million dollars he can earn is to drop 10,000 in cash on the bed. ~Bang
  3. Stras looks like he flexing his forearm after some of these pitches..
  4. Where's the freaking strike zone? Those first two to Peralta looked like strikes. Pretty sure that's why lobey came out and talked to Strasburg
  5. I'm not a big NBA fan but this is honestly the first time I can say in about 10 years I'm really excited for NBA basketball to come back, because I want to see how Lonzo Ball tears up the league. I was watching his summer league highlights just mesmerized. And that was summer league! That kid can ****ing play, without a doubt. Lonzo Ball singlehandedly made the NBA watchable again.
  6. It's not what I want. I want him locked up. The FO handling of this has been stupid for awhile, so I'm not sure why we should give them the benefit of the doubt that they won't make the stupid move next offseason. It would make much more sense to get a deal done, which means Allen probably will tag him.
  7. why not put Lind or Zimmerman in LF over Difo?
  8. Because it keeps the circle of insanity going, he will again play on the FT and not sign a LTD and we will be right back where we are now. Bruce saying the FT is a possibility is no guarantee, I think they would be stupid to franchise him again. Best to get that deal done during that month of exclusivity or say goodbye, unless you guys want Kirk playing on 1-year deals forever.
  9. So Republicans are supposed yo protect the President? Wow, Trump you are a tool of epic proportions. He still thinks that people owe him everything just because he's sitting innthe White House.
  10. Pro sports fandom is kind of odd in that fans make such a great emotional investment in something they have so very little control over. It's also strange to me individual owners were able to establish teams (in the early days for example) marketed as somehow intrinsically owned by a city or locality. More logically we should be following the Snyder Redskins, the Kraft Patriots, the Jones Cowboys, etc. Fans are simply beholden to the whims and caprice of these autocratic ownerships anyway; they can even move the team elsewhere with impunity. It would be nice if fandom had more of a sharehoder (if not democratic) structure, where owners could simply be voted out by fans. Such teams would be more of a true expression of their fans. Apologies for the digression. I am one who more or less puts faith in Cousins as a straight-talker, so I really believe his first choice is to stay, but I think he also wants to be a winner, so if we have a great season things will go nicely.
  11. it was passed by a black person
  12. Because as long as articles of impeachment aren't being pursued by the majority then the WILL continue to advance their agenda because they know that the Manchurian Candidate will do what they want to buy them off.
  13. Lat me see if I can more clearly state @skinsfan_1215 's argument. (Or what I think it is.) Contemplate the health care situation in BFE. One of those places with only one (or no) insurers. Limited providers, limited insureers, low population. (In short, contemplate one of the places where critics of Obamacare are trying to claim that Obamacare sucks, because it failed to fix a problem which Obamacare did not cause, and which the critics have absolutely no proposal how to fix, themselves, either.) I guarantee you that every provider in BFE takes Medicare and Medicaid. Medicare and Medicaid probably account for more than half of those provider's business. (And, if you make Medicare and Medicaid available to all, then they will account for more like 90% of the provider's business.) So please, people attacking Obamacare. Feel free to keep trying to pretend that your problem with Obamacare is that it fails to fix a problem which is actually caused by the market, Because what you're doing is pointing out a problem for which there is exactly one solution. And it's a solution which the Dems are perfectly cool with, and which you folks will not permit if your mother's lives depended on it.
  14. The Wire is the gold standard for TV dramas.
  15. The second was also from a guy with minimal power. One of their studs takes you deep and you understand. Nori Aoki? Gross.
  16. This is a pretty interesting answer I hadmt thought of. And i could see you being right. I like it
  17. Yeah you got national reporters saying Bruce might tag him again. JP Finlay has been on this pont for awhile saying he has talked to Bruce about it and he thinks he is dead serious as to considering doing it. Finlay thinks he will do it. I think he will tag him, too. Yeah its nuts to tag him for an outrageous sum but it flows with Bruce's I'll pay any price to rent but will only buy the house if i can get a deal. The irony would be he would have paid about 80 in fully guaranteed over 3 years which would have easily locked in Kirk long term last year by a mile and if the beat reporters are on the money, it would have locked him in this time, too. If this goes down, I think it would be one heck of a 30-30 special on weird contract approaches, especially if the end game is Kirk playing elsewhere in 2019.
  18. Interesting choice of words
  19. I have a question... why are they still trying to repeal the ACA right now?
  20. Allen has said more than once that the FT is in play for next year if a deal isn't reach prior to the deadline come March. Kirk has made it clear that he has no problem signing/playing on the FT, so what makes you think they won't franchise him if they haven't banged out a LTD prior to the start of the 2018 NFL year? Especially if Kirk balls out this season??? I see @purbeast beat me to it. What he said!
  21. Scot and the reports about him related to Kirk are somewhat all over the place but in my view more positive than negative related to Kirk. Here are some of the positive ones I recall along with the sources. A. It took him to later in training camp of 2015 but at that point he told Dan that you could win with him, said he's another Matt Hasselbeck. (Paulsen) B. He was the key guy who spent hours to convince both Bruce and Dan to start Kirk in 2015 (everyone) C. Tried to talk Bruce and Dan into signing Kirk long term in 2015. (Jones) D. Said he understood (in 2016) that letting Kirk play on the tag in 2016 means he needs to "overpay" in 2017 to wait for the larger sample, and he said he was cool with that (Bleacher Report) E. Mentioned Kirk as one of the teams few select great players (on Kevin and Cooley) F. He told me personally he agrees with my statement that Colt wont match Kirk's numbers and he is not the answer. G. Grant Paulsen who said he has spoken to Kirk off the record muliple times said a week ago that Kirk had a great relationship with Scot and at the same time he suspects he has doubts about the current FO. H. I agree that this source is questionable but a guy ran into Scot at a gas station months ago and blogs covered their exchange among what was said was Scot saying there is no chance Kirk signs now that he is gone and something to the effect of Kirk saw him as the guy in the FO who he trusted. I. He said you can't win in this league without a QB (dont recall but think it was with Cole) As for the negative stuff. They center on whether Kirk has peaked and Scot's approach to building a roster where he doesnt want to go nuts in paying a qb. I disagree with him on both points but even if i thought Kirk peaked, i could live with a 5000 yard, 67 % completion rate passer. I'd summarize that Scot seemed pretty positive as to the ride with Kirk. But he is irrelevant to the bottom line now. He is'nt driving this ship.
  22. Because Bruce Allen has already said it is in play as a possibility for next season.
  23. Pretty straightforward y'all. Which teams do you got around The League being the "surprise" clubs this season? Basically, whats teams (one in each Conference) are gonna jump into the Playoff/Division title mix that weren't in that position last year? Here's who I got: NFC - Tampa Bay Buccaneers I expect them to step up and be a force in the *always wacky* NFC South. Bold prediction here, but they leapfrog Atlanta in the standings and challenge for a Wildcard. I don't believe they Win their Division. Not yet anyhow. But they will be damn good. AFC - Tennessee Titans I confess that I don't know too much about these guys (a dude I used to work with was from Memphis & used to always talk 'em up last year), but I do know that they're up-and-comers. If the ball bounces their way this season, they could be Division Champs. (And yes, this is me not having much confidence in Houston.) Who you got?
  24. Today
  25. If you quoting movies. I have no idea what movie.
  26. Someone once said that "Bundy is untouchable." LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. TWO 3 run HR's after getting a 3 run lead. PATHETIC!!!
  27. RVA is my town. Hit me with your itinerary and I'll do my best to catch up with ya.
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