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  2. My thoughts and prayers are with you and hopefully we get the NT you are looking for, that will put a smile on your face and help with the recovery!!
  3. No ... its what is expected of a "franchise QB" ... and that hasn't changed. Kirk just does not measure up as a winner ... based upon actual accomplishments thus far in the recent past looking back ... his giddy yardage and meaningless stats notwithstanding. Skins do not want an "overpaid" Alex Smith.
  4. Unemployment would increase as some industries would lose companies that struggle to find American workers. While I'm sure there are some people that hire illegal immigrants to save money, that's not the case across the board. I would primarily focus on companies cheating the IRS and paying below minimum wage when it comes to hiring illegally.
  5. Rounded his Tag off ... don't quibble ... My plan is elegantly simple ... Trade up ... Draft Mahomes ... let him sit behind Kirk this year! Skins get their BigBen/Rodgers!! Can you imagine how that would rock the planet on Thursday night!!
  6. This would be so frickin ideal. Doubt Davis gets to 25 but even getting Harris while picking up an extra 2nd would just be fantastic
  7. Really can't decide what the best outcome would be Thursday night. I guess a City win or a draw. But you could make a case for any result. Hopefully Leicester and Palace do us a favour against Arsenal and 'Spurs tomorrow. Which is a double edged sword as a 'Spurs slip up would take Chelsea one step nearer the title. One thing is for damn sure. We can't afford ANT more games like Sunday. L'pool need to win out. NO exceptions. Or else not only does this year turn into an even bigger disappointment than it currently is (which is ridiculous to say as it's still a massive leap forward from last year's 8th place. But it sure feels like it given the league was there for the taking); but the summer transfer plans and much-needed strengthening will be up in the air with no Champions League carrot to offer. Hail.
  8. It interesting to observe on how some keep moving the goalposts on what is expected of Cousins. First it was .... "Kurt's unnecessary (or a turnover machine) so let's waive him to signal to Griffin he's our franchise QB." Then it was ...."Okay, he had a few wins and has game experience, perhaps we can trade him for a 4th round pick (or lower!)." Then it was, ...."Okay, he might be okay as a back up.... but certainly not a starting QB." Then it was ...."Okay, he might be a starting QB... But he hasn't beat a winning team, or can't win the big games". He's probably not a franchise QB and so we should hold off on any long term deal, until he proves himself." Then it was, .....Okay, he's had two good seasons statistically... So, m-a-y-b-e, we should consider him as our franchise QB -- after all we've franchise-tagged him!" Now, it's ...."OMG, look at what "franchise" QBs are going for these days!!! Well, Cousins better give us a discount on a long term deal, because while he possibly could be our franchise QB for the next 5 years.... he's still not an "elite" QB like Brady or Brees." In short, NFL free agent economics is now influencing ES poster's demands that Cousins be now be a guaranteed "elite" QB -- when what the Skins had been looking for was someone who could run the Skins offense well enough that the passing game could win games for the Skins, despite their deficiencies in the running game and defense. Frankly, now I'd settle for simply paying Cousin the market price for a long-term deal, despite the fact that the Skins FO blundered by waiting too long and are now trying to sign Cousins in a "sellers' market". It won't be the first time they've overpaid, and I really don't want to go back to the drab 3-&-out offenses of the McNabb era, or wait through yet another rookie QB's development period.
  9. Well the Redskins think he's worth $24 million per year. Not sure where the $25 million number you made up came from anyways. Move on to who exactly? What is your plan?
  10. Davis is still my top backer. Some injury concerns, but everything else is perfect for what we really need. If we could move back a little or move up with our second, I'd be happy.
  11. The NFL is not a coddling school for wanabees ...Kirk played under the Tag last year ... he took responsibility for "owning it" ... yet the FACT is he lost huge key crucial games against Detroit, Cincinnati, Dallas, Carolina and New York. He took the test and got an "F." What makes you think things will miraculously be different this year? Wishful thinking? I've seen enough ... time to move on. I think Kirk in his mind already has.
  12. When I left, he gave me more than I was owed...he wrote checks for my vacation days not taken, two weeks' salary, and my $400 expense money for the month for health insurance and car. And every gigantic tip he leaves now is reassurance that he'll always have my back.
  13. I go back and forth on Otto's worth...but I have to agree with you. He's been a turd since the All-Star break. I thought game 3 was an anomaly, but man...I was wrong. There are some real troubling signs going forward. Hawks are flat out eating in the paint. Wizards need Mahinmi back in the worst way. There is no reason why a partially-washed Dwight Howard should be turning back the clock right now. Brooks has to make some adjustments. Need the bench and 3/5 starters to show a pulse.
  14. Not much besides having a Breton father, if you see the map (up west) they are like Asterix vs the Romans (most famous french comic) they are resisting her. Nah ! Vladimir said he had an affair with Mathieu Gallet. Oh wait he's a switch hitter ! I'm wondering if Putin and Wikileaks will pull a ?
  15. He is the absolute WORST to listen to when it comes to hockey. He casually watches the games, but yet has the gall to call out longtime caps fans about their fandom. It's baffling to me why CSN has him on the panel for the pre/post game shows. He's very good w/ baseball/football like you said, but this was a bottom of the barrel hire for hockey. Reading his tweets are infuriating. He really is clueless. Talking about (in the 2nd period of game 6) how the Caps were doing all the right things and playing well. No, Grant. That was not the case as the ice was HEAVILY titled in the Leafs' favor. There are countless other examples of him not knowing what he's talking about...
  16. It doesn't say what kind of cancer...CNN at its best.
  17. Yeah I have a hard time getting into Charles Harris. I like Jarrad Davis, I had a phase where he was among my top favorite picks probably about 10 weeks ago or so. The signing of Zach Brown made him less interesting to me. But if there is anything to the smoke that Compton is still the guy at Mike. Davis becomes more intriguing to me because the dude played Mike. Davis IMO likely spells doom for Compton. He brings sideline to sideline speed and is a thumper. Reputation wise, Davis is a smart player -- and he's a London Fletcher type, a leader who fires up the troops. And as I said then, IMO we need guys like that on this defense. It's IMO sad that even till this day we got Jay talking up how we need D. Hall back because of his leadership. D. Hall is a leader but at this point in his career, he's just a backup safety. Other than Hall, who is the guy? It's funny to me to see Spaight do the pep talks. Again, a backup. The pep-talk motivational stuff isn't the be all and end all but I think it adds an element to an emotional game like football. Reading the clippings before the Giants games last season, it came off that the Giants were more excited to knock the Redskins out of the playoffs than the Redskins seemed to get into the playoffs. I recall among other things reading about how Casillas rallied the team in practice with a big talk about how important the game was and the Giants were fired up. I recall whining about it on the game thread the week leading up to the game. Saying the Giants seem really really really into winning the game. And, you didn't hear the same type of spark coming from the Redskins practices. And heck maybe it was happening but it just wasn't reported. But seeing some of the personalities on this team -- they are a relatively laid back bunch. I'd like some guys with some fire especially on defense. Jarrad Davis is that kind of guy. DJ Swearinger who they signed seems to be that kind of guy, too.
  18. It's gonna be a shame next season when he can't depend on superlative finishing to hide his overrated tactics or prevent his team from backstabbing him. #justsaying
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  20. Too true. Big business Republicans have been living the high life for years. Hire illegals (also tap into that sweet sweet totally not racist prison labor) and then send money to candidates who rail against illegal immigration, which plays great to the base, only for those people to do absolutely nothing about illegal immigration that would impact businesses (but who pass tons of legislation favoring you).
  21. He comes into my new place to eat (asks for me, of course). I have to thank him for a lot, he put me primarily in our TV commercial back in the day, people still remember it. He's also the most solid reference I'll ever have. He did me wrong, and hasn't forgotten. Even when I moved to Savannah in '06 and started applying, I constantly heard, "Your references are awesome. Everyone who ever hired you would do it again." Back to topic: no one would hire Trump to do anything now, except buy something and sell it for a profit. He's a salesman, nothing more. P.S. That's what servers do. The more you sell, you hope your tip is comparable.
  23. My apologies for holding this thing up. Sleep is at a premium at my house right now with two young kids... And a big thank you to GHH and everyone else who helped with the mock draft. i enjoyed it as always. The Cincinnati Bengals select: LaQuan Lambert, Safety-Lehigh University. Enjoy the real draft people. Hope we kill it this year.
  24. Was going to post something similar. The Caps should be plenty "warmed up" for the Pens by now right?
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