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  2. And he didn't have Sean Payton calling 50 pass plays a game.
  3. And he wasn't paid as a top 5 QB with his first team.
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  5. Brees wasn't Brees for his first team.
  6. Yeah I don't know the ultimate reason for it getting done. But this is my fall back reason. Even if there is some internal debate about Colt versus Kirk or whatever is going on behind the scenes, I think they are savvy enough to see the fan backlash if they blow it. Chris Russell said recently on air that his source with the team said they are having a hard time selling their higher end tickets-suites this off season and think it has to do with all the backlash from what went down with Scot. And they want to get momentum back. A deal with Kirk I think would be their best shot at it.
  7. Me too, if only for the fact that I think Bruce and Dan fear the fan backlash and potential revenge for Kirk when he lands elsewhere. I can't say I'd blame them. Basically, I see Bruce begrudgingly succumbing to The agents demands at the last minute.
  8. Thanks. Yeah I've discovered its not easy to have a nuanced conversation about Bruce or Dan. So I am entering dangerous territory here. But for anyone who wants to debate me on this. It's not the GM debate. This is apples to oranges to that. I got no idea what's going on here or feel strongly about anything. I'll I could do is piece together theories. On the contract, I've been one of the optimists and I have had the FO's back for the most part. I need this to play out before complaining. But to give a little nod to the pessimists on this, I've been paying attention to that narrative in case it plays out. Its not hard to get a picture painted about how Bruce is as a negotiator. Cooley painted it the best IMO where he went through how Bruce negotiated his contract. And he talked about his style. The picture i have in my mind is he's a tough negotiator. He's nice and cute about it. But he low balls as a tactic and stays hard on that number for as long as possible and hope the other side eventually breaks. I've not heard if he justifies the low ball offers but I know from others who talk about negotiations in sports -- usually a low ball offer is accompanied with an explanation in the hope they convince the player to take the deal. All of that I think helps some negotiations and maybe even most of them. Bruce pulled off some really good low ball deals. The Zach Brown and Terrell Pryor deals were brilliant. He's gotten some good extensions done too with players in house. But on the chance that's how he approached Kirk, I could see it backfiring in a big way. And its the vibe that Mike Jones gave. Kirk has water under the bridge as to being undervalued. Bruce isn't the guy associated to being in Kirk's corner. So the guys leading the contract for the team are offering arguably low offers which Kirk sees as them undervaluing him-- and they happen to be the same guys whose roots run a little deep on that front. With the whole Bruce-Scot squabble that leaked to the press. Bruce's side: Scot was a drunk. Scot's side: Bruce shot down Scot's idea of signing Kirk in 2015. It was clearly important for Scot's camp to get that out there. I would gather that could be because Scot's camp already knew there might be some tension with Kirk's camp and Bruce. And that was the best way for them to strike back. So you got the Raiders and Lions fawning all over their QBs. You got Papa Shanny talking about Kirk being the next Joe Montana. You got McVay joking to a reporter that he can't keep praising Kirk to reporters because as a Ram HC he could get accused of tampering but you guys know how he feels about him. Lots of Love. While back at Redskins Park, Kirk is negotiating with the same guy who didn't initially believe in him as a starter, didn't agree with the GM to resign him in 2015 (if true) and is perhaps explaining to Kirk's agent why he doesn't deserve a market value deal for the 2nd year in a row (or at the very least doesn't offer him one). But now out of the blue, he gets showered with we love you Kirk but without the deal to match. And he's thinking screw this, I am not doing this low ball negotiation game any longer. I'll have multiple teams fawning over me as a FA and get the market deal and even likely more than that. He's got guys like Dan Graziano saying on air that he could be NFL's first 30 million a year QB. Some say that Bruce getting Jordan Reed, Moses extended is proof that Bruce isn't necessarily always cheap. Yeah I agree. But that actually might hurt the sentiment with Kirk versus help it. Reed and Moses were paid as among the elite at their positions. So Kirk might be thinking where's my deal? Is this all so? I don't know but that's my best shot at running the narrative of the too little too late/too much water under the bridge idea that multiple reporters espouse. And with all of this, I still think a deal gets done. I am not even wavering. But I accede there aren't many people on that hill with me.
  9. Add: a pro men's player has been playing against men their whole life, and has worked their way to the pros A pro woman's player has been playing against women their whole life That's an immeasurable difference. A lifetime of work against a different level of opponents adds up.
  10. @Spearfeather Agreed, if Cousins accepts an LTD for less than 25M per, than I'll believe his sources are garbage.
  11. Gruden said this: and got an extension. Cousins says he wants to be here, and there's little to no reason to believe otherwise. Allen said he wants Cousins here. We'll find out by the 17th how honest he was being.
  12. ABCDQ has been flipping between blaming lefties for this investigation and praising Drumpf and Republicans for allowing it to happen. The GOP-bot malfunctioned and couldn't decide between praising team R and blaming LEFTIES.
  13. One more to go!
  14. As much as I want to point out that it's crazy to think the Left has any say in how long and where the Special Investigation goes, maybe you can tell me why you believe this? As to the other investigations - the FBI investigation, the Senate Intelligence investigation, and the House Intelligence investigation - what do you mean by "I do not know when they started so I can't say they were one side or the other?"
  15. We'll see. He has a Republican governor who is providing him cover.
  16. And here's where "facts of life" is against Cousins: Most QBs who are looking for a deal worth $24 mil/year have more than 2 years of starting experience. Cousins sat behind Griffin for his first 2 years (essentially), and then had a fill-in opportunity. Now he's had 2 good years (though not GREAT years, at least not in terms of wins), but he's looking to get paid like a top 5 QB. Which he isn't. At least not yet. He might be down the road, but he's not that guy yet. And yes, I understand that the team gave him the leverage by tagging him in 2015. I get that. I actually don't think that Hopkins and defense would have changed anything IF the last 6 games still ended up the same way. It's possible that they 'Skins would have made the playoffs, but losing 4 of 6 (and playing average at best) and then losing a playoff game would not have helped Kirk. It really was the losing 4 of 6 with average/bad performances that doomed him.
  17. I have been on both sides of Airbnb. I had rented out a cheap studio right next to the White House that was basically an Airbnb side hustle and extra income for me. I didn't live there but furnished it for a modest cost and had a cleaning service that took care of everything else. I have also used it extensively all over the world. After three years on the platform, I don't use it anymore. Reasons: 1. Cities and localities are beginning to crack down on it. Getting very aggressive at going after people who host in condos and apartments. 2. It is about as expensive as hotels in a lot of places. 3. You are ****ed if you get cancelled on or if your unit turns out to be junk. I have had this experience twice now. Once, I got to the place and found out the host wasn't allowed to put it on Airbnb so the condo blocked my stay. I eventually got Airbnb to pay for my hotel stay AND issue a refund but it took me ~6 hours to sort this out because they don't have good dedicated customer service. The last time I used it, the host cancelled two days prior to my arrival and when I contacted Airbnb they sent me listings for a camp site 20 miles out of the city because that's all that fit the initial cost I had paid ahead of time. There is a lot of risk involved with Airbnb because they are skirting around regulations that hotels have to abide by. If something goes south, they will not have your back.
  18. It's pretty wild how they bullied this dude into cooperating
  19. Because the only things that can be said that really matter are that a deal has been struck or not. A beat reporter with sources weighs heavier to me than PR speak by folks who have every reason to say the right things. Its not like what Jones is saying is some crazy talk. It makes sense. It's sucks and I hope it's not true, but it's not way out of left field.
  20. I agree, probably doesn't care for large groups or the hassles of different sets of folk at one time....especially bargain hunters aside from the fact cleaning and such is not really cheaper in such a small setting if you have multiple rooms. I know how I respond when people suggest how I run my business You know you could......, if I desire your opinion I will let you know.
  21. ... while some others completely ignore it.
  22. @Skinsinparadise All of that makes sense unfortunately. Thanks for taking the time to write it up. Some here only want to take what both sides are saying publicly as gospel. It's very naive to think that way. Unless Jones is just making stuff up to talk about, which I seriously doubt, his take aligns with what I've been saying about how timing does matter and the FO should have made this happen long ago by just sucking it up and cutting the fat check prior to the tag.
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