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  2. The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    No, because in a school shooting, people won't be shooting people inside the school from a skyscraper at night. If we're going to be asking teachers to be heroes, they're going to try to be. Again, my concern about the teacher being the shooter hasn't been addressed, and saying "its hasn't happened yet" is not a good one, either.
  3. The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    Well then I would say it is an example that shows even in mass confusion, it doesnt become a wild west style shoot out.
  4. Election 2018 Thread

  5. Old School What-ifs

    My "recent" what-if (other than Aaron Rodgers) is signing Drew Brees instead of the trade for Mark Brunnell. The man is still lighting it up. The Rook
  6. The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    You're right once people realized it was coming from that far up, hopeless, but when shots first started it wasn't immediately clear where it was coming from and it was nighttime. I hope ya'll get my point instead of trying to find technicalities to negate it. "It hasn't happened yet" is not a valid argument, sorry, not when my point is it eventually will if you add even more guns to the equation. Up to this point, we probably don't have solid stats on how many teachers are packing. If we do this we will and it will undoubtedly be more. We increase the odds, there's no other way around it. Not all these mass shooters it was obvious they were going to be mass shooters, either. so "only certain ones" doesn't comfort me, either.
  7. Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Are you guys on holidays or something? Many sites are not publishing much right now... That feels weird. I thought OTAs would have gotten me a little bit more of work...
  8. Just following orders has never been a good excuse for committing monstrosities. The United States under Trump is becoming a monstrous country. Deeply saddened by this use of separation of parents and their children as well as the subsequent alleged torture of said children.
  9. All Things Star Wars Thread

    Yes, I've accepted I can only get so upset when I suspend my disbelief to enjoy something and then something hard to believe happens : ) i've never watched Rebel's (I've heard ya'll speak well of it, guess that a good sign) but I always find it interesting when it comes across like it in some way counts as cannon. Is Rebel's on the same level as the books and the books being setup to be or help explain current or future live action movies, or am I just not getting this? I'm down with an Obi Won movie, but if there's anything l like about TLJ is it sets up for a universe beyond the characters we see all the time (maybe more from the books?).
  10. ES Soccer Thread

    Could they have bought a quality keeper for half of the Keita money and still bought Keita this summer?
  11. ES Soccer Thread

    Game would have been 10x better with Salah out there on the pitch.... I mean 2nd half was crazy exciting but man... let's just injure probably one of the Top 5 players in the World, the only player for his country 18 days before the World Cup. I hate Ramos... completely dirty player... let me pin my arm against yours and yank you down by the arm to make it look like you just tripped....
  12. Election 2018 Thread

  13. Hasn't happened yet and some teachers here(and elsewhere) have been carrying since I was a kid. I certainly think only certain ones should be armed.
  14. What to do with LG

    I would have drafted a center and a guard with the first two picks to fix the interior of the OL and addressed other needs with later picks or another year. That is what I wanted them to do and said so prior to the draft, I said it last year also. Which guard I don't know, but I would have picked two guys, maybe 2 guards or maybe a guard and a center and fixed the OL.
  15. Who at the Vegas shooting had a gun capable of hitting someone 12 stories up in a window? I don’t even believe police tried. They went into the hotel if I remember correctly
  16. I'd prefer free training,cert ect
  17. Random Tech/IT Thread

    When I finally get my apartment, I am going to check the cable companies, definitely need internet. Also considering Hulu because they have cloud services to record programs. I normally record the soaps I watch so I can speed through the commercials.
  18. All Things Star Wars Thread

    I remember when TFA came out & @codeorama & I were discussing the novelizations of the films & everyone else here acted like they'd never heard of such a thing. Nice try but your midichlorian count is to low.
  19. All Things Star Wars Thread

    And continue to live only to keep getting their ass handed to them until they finally die for good and no hate or robot spider legs can bring them back i hate everything The revenge of the sith novel?
  20. Random Thought Thread

    Yay! The Expanse found a new home on Amazon Prime. Very excited because this is a really good show.
  21. All Things Star Wars Thread

    Leia's Marry Poppins scene was actually first done by Kanan on Rebels. So it was at least established though it was & still is part of the problem with TLJ. Also, Obi Won is such as badass that he kills Sith Lords & they're so pissed off about it they refuse to die.
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  23. ES Soccer Thread

    Well that makes the decision on Karius.
  24. All Things Star Wars Thread

    You can only explain so much in a movie..and to be fair, I also read the novel (which I highly recommend).
  25. All Things Star Wars Thread

    Where is that ever explained? That dumb
  26. All Things Star Wars Thread

    Maul is such a badass that I'm going to allow it. This franchise keeps making "that doesn't make sense" mistakes (like Leia using the force in space) that at least they did something stupid to save a character they shouldn't of killed off to begin with.
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